Practical Love, Venus square Mars,Sun opposes Neptune worshipping False idols

Venus square Mars

September 16 VENUS square MARS again in a battle of the sexes

and that’s sexual tension, Which could be good or bad or both its sexual tension. some people love that court and spark energy. At 14+ degrees VENUS IN frugal VIRGO and MARS in Chatty Gemini

Speaking of Venus A European Sun Probe found venus exhaling carbon dioxide after some racy sex with Mars



VENUS in VIRGO is pretty straight laced but also loves nature, she is grounded earthy practical no nonsense a perfectionist humble likes to be of service budget conscious intelligent. MARS IN GEMINI is the charming Peur who never wants to grow up. He is a social butterfly who can never make up his mind who is charming as hell and can sell anything to anyone a fun guy who everyone likes but can be too superficial. Both of these signs are governed by MERCURY. GEMINI is the curiosity person and Virgo organizes the ideas.

Mercury is of course RETROGRADE right now in Venus’s sign of LIBRA for now the sign of relationships.

Sparring with words and ideas can be exciting and texts sexting and connecting on dating apps can be very fast fun and flirty right now.

But there can be a lot of fighting words right now so tread lightly.

Later in the day the Virgo SUN OPPOSES NEPTUNE at 24 degrees

When major planets especially the Great Luminary the SUN connects with any planet it is the most powerful.

SUN opposing NEPTUNE is a challenge to work with in the pragmatic VIRGO SUN way and accept the brilliant spiritual Light.

NEPTUNE is the “higher octave” of VENUS it is “soul mates” and “twin flames” words which have been made virtually consumerized fakery by newbie spiritual and hoax candle burning rip off psychics.

Very literally Sun opposing Neptune is worshipping false idols.

There’s a lot of that going on these days.

No matter how dark, gloomy, dismal, or down we may think the world is, this conjunction helps us go through the financial and health fears prevalent right now and connect on a spiritual level with our Guardian Angels and have faith that all will be alright.

Neptune is the fake dreams wishes false gurus, glamour worship, projections, Hollywood stars yes I know TIFF and Venice Film Festival are going on right now.

Yes the STARS of HOLLYWOOD on the world’s stage right now

Neptune in PISCES is addictions mental illness delusion illusions dreams anything unreal, fear, death traditionally, endings communion with all that is, angels and demons, cloistiers, jails oil, and creativity channeling spirituality escapism.

So the very tangible inventory budget conscious sun wants you to take stock of what you have sown right now.

In the TAROT  


The Sun #19 The Muse Tarot
#19 The SUN in the MUSE TAROT

The MOON is #18 in the Tarot and the Astrology sign of PISCES

Neptune is the veil which covers and protects our eyes from gazing directly at the Light. These two energies are compatible. Use this time for spiritual work, meditating on the Divine Light within every atom of existence. Write a poem of gratitude for your life, say prayers, do a dance for Spirit, make an imperfect offering to the light. sit quietly in prayer and receive before setting new intentions. There may be some rude or hard realizations but this is a wake u p call from the Universe to be frugal to tighten your belt to let go of illusions and false hopes but to have faith.

The Moon #18 The Muse tarot

Neptune is the veil which covers and protects our eyes from gazing directly at the Light. These two energies are compatible. Use this time for spiritual work, meditating on the Divine Light within every atom of existence. Write a poem of gratitude for your life, say prayers, do a dance for Spirit, make an imperfect offering to the light. We are still in New Moon effluence, sit quietly in prayer and receive before setting new intentions.

USE SUN opposite NEPTUNE to balance out the real with the false. Its a good day to meditate and be very creative. You can be feeling a bit lost so ask your higher self to lead the way.

Have Faith that the light is always there but it is in the GREAT MYSTERY that the light emanates from its own darkness.

IF you have planets close to these degrees of Virgo Pisces and GEMINI SAGITTARIUS you will feel the pull of the opposites more strongly.

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Major Positive Astrology Aspects this week

The planets are busy this week making some long needed nice aspects.
Are you ready to own your own power?
say YES  April 10 as SUN SQUARES PLUTO in Capricorn
April 10/11 -Venus in Taurus trines MARS in CAPRICORN = beautiful business deals. the lovers get it on very easily now in nature in high end tony corporate business resto’s and on very sensuous concrete and maybe discreet terms. 
Venus in Taurus trine Mars Tara Greene
Venus in Taurus trines Mars watercolor by Napoleon Brousseau
APRIL 10 JUPITER trines JUNO in PISCES @ 21 Scorpio Retro/ Pisces
This would be a great day to get married as Jupiter and his Consort Juno in such a lovely energy. JUNO is the feminine form of Genius so ladies get those 8 armed multi-tasking thinking caps on. 
This one may have you redoing financials or going over something you completely glossed over. 
April 12 VENUS SEXTILES NEPTUNE under a PISCES Moon @ 13 degrees 
Ah life is just a dream sometimes. And we need some sexy sensuous REAL DREAMING. The Goddess of love beauty sex and tangible and the higher spiritual unconditional soul mate love planets come together. yah. Good energy for meditation visualization intention setting about love and higher spiritual goals to ascend to.GIve of your time or money to charity. Help someone who can use your spiritual strength.  Work with your dreams cosmically tonight. Everyone will be wearing rose pink colored glasses. 
ERIS the outsider archetype who is jealous and manipulative and likes to stir up trouble- she inadvertently started the Trojan War. This may be a day to watch out for. It’s unpredictable rash spontaneous angry energy. Eris energy can be used to creatively strategize how to get out of a stuck situation. 
All sextiles are Nice n easy. This one is between the great benefactor JUPITER and PLUTO the Lord or wealth rebirth and soul riches. If you are getting clear about what your soul purpose is then to stay in tune with this powerful good luck and soul powered energies blending nicely. This is powerful rebirth energy to a project that may have died or been still-born or never managed to be conceived even. This is a good day to get back to the drawing or imagination board and tune into your soul purpose. Jupiter and Pluto together can bring immense wealth and power. Use it very wisely.
April 14 MARS in CAPRICORN sextiles NEPTUNE @ 15 degrees 
Continuing the love sexy dreamy romantic idealistic energy from the 11th/12th.  This is really nice lovey-dovey romantic and the balance to Venus’s sextiling Neptune. Many people may suddenly find what they think are their soul mates. You may need much stronger cosmic glue than sextiles to make it last though.
YAY a rather annoying Mercury Retro in Aries is over but it’s not over until its over if you know what i mean. The NEW MOON at 26+ ARIES is conjunct URANUS so get ready to leap into the unknown zone. There’ll be 5 planets in ARIES so it’s hot hot hot. 
Chiron at the very last degree of the zodiac can bring intense feeings of vulnerability and woundedness which is also where the greatets healing energies are into the mix. Jupiter inconjuncts the Sun and Moon. Pluto is squaring this New Moon.
Mars in Capricorn is sextiling Neptune in PISCES and inconjunct to the North Node in LEO
set your sites on following your heart with great courage. Venus is in her own sign opposite JUPITER bringing on some very sexy intense obsessive energy. This can be really steamy. Beneficial for women wealth and self-worth. 
LILITH And MARS are hooking up
Looks like a corporate warrior at the head of the power table game could be seduced by a very powerful woman. Watch for this to come up in the news. Its also about LILITH’s archetypal energy refusing to compromise to any patriarchal bullying.
I’ll write more later.
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April Fool,Numerology, the Tarot’s wisest card

 April 1st is April Fool’s day.  The FOOL is the most powerful card in the Tarot!

The Fool, Tarot, April 1, Tara Greene

Rider-Waite Fool #0 / #22

The Fool or Jester, is number 0 and also #22. It is the beginning and end of everything. The Fool is the symbol of the Divine Child, the idiot savant, the foolish one, unafraid to take risks. 


On a spiritual level the Fool symbolizes the soul itself, and the traditional Tarot Fool young boy with a little bundle over his shoulder ready to step off the cliff into the unknown symbolizes our souls after drinking the “cup of forgetfulness ready to come back to earth to reincarnate again. The Fool is simply here to experiences. The Fool is enlightened and already knows everything.

The Fool Thoth, Tara Greene

The Fool, in the Thoth Tarot deck


If you are born with your birthday adding up to #22/4 Then you are naturally enlightened and the FOOL.  How do you figure this out?

If you are born December 31, 1950, for example. You add up 12 + 31 + 1950 vertically.

it adds up to 1993 And if you add each number individually it is 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 22.

Numerology of the number 22, it is considered to be the most powerful of all numbers, the Master Builder. Number 22 people can turn their most ambitious dreams into reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers.Sir Richard Branson is a #22. 

Have a great April Fool’s Day the moon is appropriately in GEMINI a young foolish energy, a Gemini is always ready for a new adventure. 

A bit of everything lunar wise.  A sextile to the sun in the early morning is cheery. A square to Neptune may make it feel like your beloved wants to go their own way, or one dream just split into two, 


In the evening. This is a fun socializing energy. A gab fest, it’s very flirty. Good for speed dating and comedy club dates. Jupiter is JOVIAL.


The lightweight Gemini Moon is weighed down by the PLUTOCRATS demands and attempts to control them. The Gemini emotion is straight out the door infuriating any power monger anywhere. A slippery wicket, news dodgers, deferers, excuse makers and such.

You can tell tall tails and stories today to your hearts content. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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History of April Fool’s day

Fool Songs 

Robert Pattinson,FKA Twigs real love astrology

Was it an April Fool’s joke or for real? People magazine say yes it’s for real. R-Patz  and FKA Twigs are engaged. One way or the other lets look at what makes their relationship REAL LOVE. I had planned on looking at the their synastry astrology charts for awhile, so here goes. 

Robert Pattinson the famous Twilight vampire star is a TAURUS born May 13 1986 in London U.K. at 8:32 a.m. He was famously in a long-term relationship with actress Kristen Stewart until she cheated on him with her older movie director and they had an off and on again relationship until finally breaking up in 2013.  He has been seen publicly dating FKA Twigs since September 2014. 

Tahliah Debrett Barnett -FKA TWIGS her stage name, is an earthy CAPRICORN born January 16, 1988 in Gloucestershire England. I have no exact birth time so use noon for a public figure. She is a singer, dancer, songwriter, producer and quite an original pop artist. Her father is Jamaican and her mother Spanish English.

Lets look at why their relationship works, and the map to the stars of their love connection.

Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs relationship astrology Tara Greene

The synastry chart shows Robert Pattinson’s planets in Blue on the inner wheel and FKA’s planets in red on the outer wheel. 

ELEMENT connections

Both are earth sign SUN’s so have a basic down to earth practical nature about them. Robert has MERCURY, MARS and NEPTUNE in earth signs. Robert’s pragmatic thinking, desire, sexuality and his romantic ideals are compatible with FKA’s Capricorn Sun. These are all very strong placements. 


THE MOON, feelings VENUS, love and values and MARS, sexual desire and drive are very important.

Robert has his Moon in CANCER, he is very nurturing, emotional, sensitive, shy and protective person, very sympathetic with women and close to his family. His MOON is opposite to her Neptune, {as well as his own} they have similar -Romantic ideals and SOUL MATES images. Her EROS and ATHENA are also opposite to his Moon. She is a very erotic strong woman to him. There can be a great deal of projection onto the other. It can feel like they are addicted to one another and each other’s saviours. That can be dangerous. They have a very strong attraction but are emotionally very different.  But opposites do attract. She needs freedom, space and independence, but they complete each others’ ideals. 

Robert’s VENUS, CHIRON AND LILITH in GEMINI are opposite to her MOON. He is fatally attracted to her as a a mother figure but also as a dangerous woman, she symbolizes a very erotic temptation. She could want to mother and heal him as she sees her own split personality in him. This combination also brings in his Uranus in Sagittarius, she is an exotic foreigner, she spices up and liberates his life and outlook. These planets have their outlet and salvation in Robert’s Jupiter in PISCES which is conjunct to her NORTH NODE and her JUNO, her unique Feminine genius. He sees her as a spiritual guide, a compassionate, brilliant woman, almost a saviour. He could be projecting soul mate, perfect life mate onto her.  She is like a drug to him. Didn’t he say that in Twilight about Kristen Stewart? He brings success, opportunities, creativity and expansion into her life.


Robert’s SATURN is RETROGRADE in Sagittarius, a very karmic placement. FKA’s MARS is conjunct his Saturn This is considered a difficult placement as the two planets are heavies but it indicates that they have been together in a past life. Probably in a teacher student relationship. But FKA’s VENUS in early PISCES is square to that. This means they are soul mates and are meant to forgive their past life karma and come together in absolute unconditional love and compassionate forgiveness in this lifetime. 

Her VENUS is in Pisces opposite his CERES in Virgo conjunct his Part of Fortune. She is the Goddess of love and beauty and creativity to him and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the Mother Goddess as well. 


His Mercury in Taurus is opposite to her Pluto and Psyche, They are very synched in sexually and soulfully. He is very sensuous and they do have a very deep soul connection which they must have recognized right away. Her MERCURY in AQUARIUS conjunct to CERES is the apex of this opposition. FKA’s unique way of thinking, her higher conscious way of communicating lifts him out of his earthy stability and his moody obsessiveness and this is exactly what he needs. It feels like unconditional love to him. 


Robert’s Mars in Capricorn, his sex drive is very earthy and traditional it is squared by her Jupiter in Aries. She is a powerful, fearless independent woman and she is teaching him some new tricks. She is very fiery and strong-willed. This turns him on.

Her CHIRON is in GEMINI very close to Robert’s VENUS. I think the two of them have a dual nature, their need for love and being able to be intimate and vulnerable are part of their mutual healing. 

I could go on and on. But you get the picture. I’ll look at when they could marry in another article.


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Planetary U turns, Venus and Mars Horoscope from Tara Greene

I keep thinking about and riffing on Mars in Libra and Venus in Capricorn both doing U Turns soon and into 2014.

Mars in Libra  from December  7- July 25 2014. 

MARS rules ARIES. The RAM symbol. The 1st sign and house. Mars keyword is the “I AM” principle.

The Ram’s head was related to the Age of Aries when the Spring Equinox was aligned with Zero degrees of Aries,when the Jewish Patriarchal religion, whose symbol is the RAM’s horns, began 4,000 years ago. The Age of Christ, Pisces started 2,000 years ago. The Matriarchal, Goddess loving Age of Taurus, when the Bull was worshipped was 6,000 plus years ago. Everything is based on Astrology/Astronomy.

Georgia O'Keefe Aries AstrologyGeorgia O’Keefe Ram’s head

Mars is the male sex. Mars is “ACTION.”  Can’t you hear the director shouting it out as the scene begins? We are all actors on the stage.

Mars also rules Scorpio the 8th house/sign. The key word for Scorpio is “I DESIRE.” Red is his colour.

So of course ARIES and SCORPIO will feel the Retrograde more than most. Check out where those 2 signs of love and sex and relationship are in your natal chart.  If you need help schedule a reading with me.- see link below.

Mars is weakened in Libra, which is under Venus’s rulership. But Mars is “exalted” in Capricorn where Venus is now.


These are ancient terms to describe a planets DIGNITY or power.Planets can be Dignified,  in detriment, exalted or fall.

A planet is Dignified in the sign it rules, is at home, in its glory, its fullest and easiest expression. It’s in control.

Detriment means when a planet is in the sign opposite the one it rules. Mars in Libra for example.

Exalted means the planet is harmoniously expressing its powers in a sign other than the one it rules.Like being a BBF’s home.

Fallen mean a planet  is opposite to the one it is exalted in. It can’t show its true nature. It’s not comfortable.

Heck, a planet can be accidentally dignified. A great term. 

Venus rules LIBRA. Mars’ opposite Sign. Libra, The SCALES of JUSTICE. Karma,  # 8 or # 11 in the Tarot. Libra is the 7th house and sign.

Definitely some GENDER BENDER issues coming up from this. More gay rights equality in 2014.

Libra’s keyword is “I BALANCE.” but its all about “others.” “US”  coupling, togetherness, romance, relationships. Green is Venus’s colour.

Venus also rules Taurus Scorpio’s opposite Sign. Venus and Mars are always opposite each other, thus they are always locked into relationship through the opposites. Taurus keyword is “I HAVE.”

Libra has two scales.  So it occurred to me that if MARS is “I AM” then Mars in Venus for 7 months in Venus’s sign “I AM” becomes “WE ARE.”

A very spiritual scenario. Going Beyond the ego. the I-ness. Is that why everyone has I-phones, I-mac etc?

We are the world, and I do believe there is a big wake up call coming in 2014.

Venus goes RETROGRADE first  on WINTER SOLSTICE DECEMBER 21 2013 at 29 degrees Capricorn the “critical” degree.

This is where your relationship gets REVIEWED, all relationships, with OTHERS. .

Red light, green light. Remember that game from when you were a kid?Hello Goodbye? PLanetary switcheroo.

The beginning of 2014 is definitely under this kind of stop and go, driving your heart with the  brakes on.

Pay attention to timing. To being in your heart chakra. WE ARE = I AM. New equation.

Then in April all the shit hits the fan on the Lunar Eclipse of April 15.

Venus Goes Direct Feb 1 @ 13 + degrees Capricorn. Check out where the GREEN LOVE LIGHT is in your chart.

Venus will take until March 5/6 to bypass its Retro turn about.

When Mars Turns RETROGRADE on March 1st at 27+degrees LIBRA, Venus will be at 26+degrees of Capricorn.

They are in an exact square so MARK THAT DATE DOWN. – the gears will shift.

Will it be like two ships passing in the night?

What’s been happening in your relationships? New ones beginning?

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