Galactic sex and rekindling the Eclipse energy


Mars trines Uranus Tara Greene astrology

Yeah I know what you’re thinking.  Yes please send your most creative puns.

The planet of MACHO testosterone action desire SEX energy initiation and “ME FIRST” ruler of ARIES and SCORPIO trines URANUS the planet of the weirdo’s and freethinkers. 

This positive green light from the red planet kicks in revolutionary actions for freedom liberation rebellion thinking out of the box; no pun intended. 

MARS is of course on the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE degree reactivating the energy unleashed on August 21. The awakening that the New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE created will kick into high gear fast forward actions now in very unexpected ways. BIG BREAKTHROUGHS are to be expected in totally unusual ways. Fast acceleration of cha-cha- cha- changes. 

The double waves glyph of the sign of AQUARIUS ruled by URANUS is waves of electricity or two lightning bolts atop each other. 

Uranus is the sign of genius or higher consciousness hi-tech big inventions pioneering energies and completely originality.  it’s like The big LIGHTNING BOLT like big lightbulb going off. This is like the Tarot card of THE TOWER #16 in the which is the planet MARS.

The Tower 9/11 tarot tara greene


Mars is the war god and URANUS is URANIUM and CHAOS and unpredictability This is a very grave indication of a nuclear bomb an explosion or accident with chemicals. Also strong indications of a terrorist attack which is not very unexpected these days, unfortunately. Fires will be burning out of control as is already happening in Burbank California as there are emergency evacuation. 

North Korea’s astrology chart born on September 10, 1948, @ 12:01 am in Pyongyang North Korea has SATURN at 28 degrees of LEO! I pray that this does not happen but this is a trigger happy aspect as well. Trump’s MARS and Ascendant at 28 Leo too. There’s a very powerful karma there.

Especially if you have planets at 28 degrees LEO/ ARIES and SAGITTARIUS you will be feeling the kick in the ass to MOVE it and change it up. Look at where MARS in LEO is in your natal chart and where URANUS in ARIES is. Also, mark where the Galactic Center is at 28 degrees SAGITTARIUS.  

WORKING MAGIC with the planets

Sit and look at this fiery triangle as a magical talisman. Visualize the fire and the energies of these three powerful planets and energies. Ask what it is you are being called to do to act to help change the world to reach higher consciousness.

The CAPRICORN MOON squares Jupiter in LIBRA and Uranus and inconjuncts MARS and MERCURY in LEO

The mood is grounded but is irritated by the high energy and assumed kingship of Mars and Mercury Retro in LEO. DOn’t start debating history or talk about your career ambitions.

The MOON enters URANUS’S sign of AQUARIUS in the afternoon leading us through Labor day. The MOON enters PISCES on Sept 4 in PDT @ 10:28 pm

Have a very happy healthy long weekend. I need a break myself so will post September horoscopes tomorrow. Please read through my extensive archives 2400 articles.

Many Blessings TARA

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Grande Earth Trines, by Tara Greene Astrology

May 15 a triple planet VIRGO LUNA Grand EARTH TRINE @ 17 degrees on the material plane.

PLUS Virgo grounding Moon opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES and then conjuncts JUPITER in VIRGO. 

VENUS herself trines the NORTH NODE at 19+ degrees Taurus/ VIRGO today exact.  

This symbolizes following the North- the highest spiritual  SGS point- bringing love forth on the physical plain, knowing that your body is sacred, that this earth is the Garden of Eden and seeing beauty everywhere, all around you. 

W are experiencing  such great big beautiful earthy trines to manifest our dreams lately. It is wonderful.Are you feeling it?

When Mercury Goes direct  May 22 we will see the action fall in to place. Earth is patient. 

Mercury Retrograde Tara Greene astrology spiritual

  Mercury by Hendrick Goltzius 1611

Mercury was patron of the arts and god of eloquence and communications. Mercury is recognized by his winged helmet, the snake entwined caduceus and a rooster. At Mercury’s feet lie drawing instruments, a carpenter’s square, a compass, a drawing and a book with model drawings. Behind him stands a girl sticking out her tongue and holding a rattle and a magpie. This painting also unites his intelligence and stupidity: the girl symbolizes foolish babbling. Mercury is also connected to Merlin, Trickster energy and commerce. Mercantile, Mercenary are words etymologically connected to Mercury. Called Hermes by the Romans he is connected to the Ancient Egyptian God of knowledge Hermes Trismegistus. 

The Moon does Square Saturn in Sagittarius which can be used to get more serious and strong.

It takes a lot of muscle to shoot lead arrows. 

VIRGIN Moon trines Retro Mercury in Taurus, 

Virgin Moon trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN

PLUS Virgo Moon trines VENUS in TAURUS 

Grand Earth Trine horoscopes Tara Greene


this is very good grounding energy 

Visualize your dreams for work, health, harvesting, accountability, organization and being of service to the highest degree manifesting. 

There is an inconvenient Inconjunct to Uranus late in the day 

go to bed early if you can and avoid the chaos. 

Moon opposes CHIRON in PISCES at days end PDT

your body may be feeling some pain, and this is good as it is part of the healing. 

We are 6 days away from a powerful Sagittarius FULL MOON will write about that soon

Gotta go, love you all.

am going to make a bunch of video while I am in Sedona


Perfect lovers, Venus and Mars in Virgo

November 2 is a big day. This is the third and final lust match for Venus and Mars in 2015.

They are in VIRGO 24+ degrees to be precise and opposite CHIRON the Wounded Healer in Pisces. That means trouble in the city of the heart, in the passion pits of intimacy. There is a lot of heart healing to do and practical hard work to get there. 

This is also close to the Solar Eclipse degree of September 13th.  Solar Eclipses change the basis identity of Venus and Mars the he and she factors. 

Lets look back over Venus and Mars previous rendezvous this year. Think back on what has been going on, or not in your love life these past 10 months. 

1st. On 2/22 a magical number February 22 @   1° + Aries

This was a new fiery beginning for love in Aries. Mars was in his own sign. Aries women may have taken command. Cardinal signs, Cardinal, Libra and Capricorn were affected the most. This degree was also just eclipsed on the blood Moon of  September 27, indicating that there may still be a lot of emotional clearing to do.

2nd. September 1   14°  Leo

This was a very passionate affair with Venus RETROGRADE. This was a lover come back to me energy. Many relationships also broke up during this time period. The Fires signs felt it the most, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Aquarius was affected by opposition. The down side of Leo is pride, arrogance, vanity, too much show, too much drama. The Retrograde could have brought this out. Sounds familiar?

3rd. Third time should be lucky. November 2.    24° + Virgo. 

This event marks their last conjunction until October 5, 2017. 


Mars rules fire and water signs of Aries and Scorpio. Venus rules Taurus and Libra so she is more familiar with this very  humble hard-working perfectionist sign of Virgo than Mars is. 

VIRGO is the sign of perfection. The cultural fairy tale is seeking that “perfect lover.”

The Truth is there is no perfection, there is reality, there is working on it. Addiction to perfection is a serious psychological problem. We are bombarded with our cultures ideas of what perfection is, movie stars, money, lifestyles, perfect fitness. 

Virgos are not status seekers but do care about doing it right. The downside of Mars and Venus in Virgo is criticism. No one will ever measure up least of all yourself. So finding how to love and accept yourself or maybe just like  and accept yourself is a huge task. The Hermit is the sign associated with Virgo. This is  a good thing because you must learn to like your own company first before you can be comfortable and intimate with another. 

Mars is sex and so is Venus, In Virgo sex is work, and the work hard at it. 

VIRGO Love is very much about devoting yourselves to the other, to the Beloved. A Mars in Virgo man or woman may works with his/her hands,make something functional, be an accountant, writer, a doctor, chiropractor, midwife, professional organizer, or pharmacist. They can be nature lovers, working with the environment. Love is always demonstrated through something practical to show they love you.

VIRGO LOVERS  work together, communicate, are responsible, and serve the community. Love serves a purpose, it isn’t about flashy anything. It is conservative, natural and simple. Venus & Mars lovers share the same love of health, of taking care of their bodies, eating right, exercising.  They like to have practical tools and results.  They love to bike, run or be near nature. They love to camp.  Venus and Mars need to be intellectually compatible. They like stimulating conversations, books, reading and analyzing situations. They know they can count on each other. 

I know it doesn’t sound romantic, it isn’t about drama and ego-gooey stuff. It is clean, lean and efficient in all things. No wasting, very grounded. Virgo is the land’s harvest, food, it tends to wiccan, pagan and old-fashioned back-to-the-land philosophy. As lovers they remember what each other wants,and serves the others needs. 


You need to find out where this lovers conjunction is happening in your own natal chart. It will have a different effect in different houses. You need to know how it affects your natal Venus and Mars placements. And your Moon, and t your Natal Nodes and your Sun sign and your 5th, 7th and 8th houses.. Consult the Astrologer -see link below


This is a very diverse group. As Venus represents the anima, or inner muse of a man you would look to see if the nature of the creativity bears similar Virgoan attributes. Mars is the energy passion and drive. 

BRUNO MARS – the popular, talented singer, seems to embody this, he is a hard-working, old-fashioned perfectionist..

AMMA- the hugging saint. 

Julia Child- famous chef 

Magic Johnson- Basketball star

Wiz Khalifa- rapper 

Kevin Spacey- Academy Award winning actor and stage director

Shelley Von Strunckel – Astrologer 

Evan Rachel Wood- actress 

Gene Kelly- dancer, director, singer 

Emily Bronte- Wuthering Heights writer 

Rosanna Arquette-actress 

Marina and the Diamonds- pop singer and song writter

Guillaume Apollinaire- French poet,playwright, novelist, early Surrealist, coined the term Cubism for art 

Pierre Elliot Trudeau-former Prime Minster of Canada for 16 years and father of  the designate Prime Minister of Canada in 2015. 

Hank Williams -country singer

Cheech Marin-comedian

John Mellencamp-singer songwriter, 

Peter Weir- Australian film maker- Dead Poet’s Society, The Truman Show, Picnic at Hanging Rock,

Dorris Lessing, British writer, Nobel Prize winner, The Four Gated City, the Canopus in Argos Science Fiction series

Guy Laliberte- C0-Founder of Cirque du Soleil, poker player, space tourist.

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Venus and Mars,lovers reunite, drama


This is the second meeting of Venus and Mars this year. Venus and Mars usually meet only once around every two years. But every 18 years Venus and Mars meet and conjoin three times a year and this year is one of those auspicious years.  

Feb 22 @ 1+ degrees ARIES fire element- beginnings

Aug 31/Sept. 1 @ 14 + LEO – Fire element with Venus Retrograde in the Underworld -re-evaluating

@ 10:04 pm PDT/ Sept. 1 @ 1:04 a.m. 

November 3 @ 14 + degrees Virgo – Earth element 

Venus is spending a hell of a long time in Leo this year from June 5 until July 18.  July 31 she re-entered Leo Retrograde and stays in Leo until October 9. That’s four months of pride, passion, who is the boss struggles and HIGH DRAMA. “You’re fired” may be the most oft heard comment.

Many relationships are going through great ordeals and turmoil, choices, recalls and recalibrations now with Venus Retrograde from July 25 at zero degrees Virgo until September 6 at 14 degrees Leo. 

Venus in Leo is definitely Venus as the Queen Bee, in furs, The Golden Goddess of passion, leadership, wealth, and power, the heart and strength of will. Mars joins her now and she is symbolically in another place they are like ships passing in the night on the great ocean of pride, love, unconsciousness, beauty, money, luxury, excess, vanity, gluttony, courage. 

Mars is also the King Bee and ditto for all those attributes. He is testosterone, drive, anger, defensive, sex and passion and he rules signs Aries and Scorpio. Venus is love and relationship and she rules sign s Taurus and Libra.  Note the pair rules opposite signs in both their feminine and masculine ruler ships. 

But Venus is also sexual and erotic. Known as Aphrodite to the Greeks, the word Aphrodisiac comes from Venus’s root. Traditionally Men are from Mars and women from Venus and while those gender stereotypes do have their validity, each one of us has both Mars and Venus within us whether we are genetically Male or Female. 

It will definitely be a hot passionate erotic day. August 31 under a fiery Aries Moon on new beginnings. A very spiritual soul mate connecting Sun Neptune Opposition! Moon square Pluto on the 31st- how do we spell INTENSE?  

Be careful of falling in love with love instantly on this energy. 

September 1. Moon trines Venus and Mars and the love In continues. 

Moon conjoins Uranus at days end to keep it spontaneous. 

Venus just recently conjoined with the Sun on August 15 during her Retrograde where she was engulfed by the Light of Source, her ego has been burned up and purified while she is symbolically in the Underworld. Venus was invisible to us until the last week.  How are you to know what you really want now? With Venus in Leo, the issue of ego immolation is the NUMERU UNO mantra. Is my ego in the way of me being able to give and receive love? What heart defences to I have which keep me from loving freely? 

Venus has been making her regular sojourn into the Underworld where she embodied one of the oldest myths of the world that of Inanna, Great Mother, Goddess of All. The myth symbolically represents Venus moving from an Evening Star to a Morning Star. Inanna/Venus goes into the Underworld to help her sister, on the way,  she is stripped of all her royal accoutrements, seven vestments of power, { the 7 chakras and planets} and left to die and rot like a piece of meat on a hook. Her helpers come to rescue her and after 40 days she returns to the upper world restored. She had left her paramour Dumuzi on the throne and he had taken over in her absence. She sends the arrogant bastard on his way and once again ascends the Throne as the Morning Star Venus. 

Mars joins her now and she is symbolically in another place they are like ships passing in the night. Wait until Venus is over her Retrograde and into Virgo until you can sense things from a more grounded practical place in Virgo. 


It is important to find what house in your natal chart the conjunction occurs and the aspects 15 degrees Leo makes to any other planets in your chart.  Here’s a quickie diagnostic using solar natural houses with Aries as the 1st sign.


Venus and Mars canoodle in your 5th house of Love affairs, passion, the creative self- expression will power, sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, the natural Leo house. Show off your love. Have a happening and make love on stage! Paint your lover a painting, write a poem, and make a public declaration of your love. What does your heart really want? Having a family is also part of this equation if you unconsciously want a child it can happen now. 


Venus Mars do the beast with two-backs in your 4th house, at home, privately, sensually, very tenderly. Cook your lover a wonderful sensuous erotic meal. Build her something beautiful like Vulcan, not like Mr. Spock, Venus’s husband, he was lame and ugly but made such beautiful things he won her heart, for a while. Make lots of money and buy her lavish diamond rings and golden faucets. Make her/him feel safe that’s the most important thing. Love is the best and safest resource. 


Venus Mars are in your 3rd house of communications of course. So tell her/him/them how much you love them. Talk about it, discuss, dissect, write it, debate it, and rap it. Of course there is a million questions in your mind and heart to figure out. This may not be the best time for you with Venus Retrograde because it delays making decisions which you already are terrified to commit to anyways. Wait. Something else you are not naturally inclined to do. 


Venus Mars make a love shack up in your 2nd house of resources. How much do you value your relationship and yourself? Is your relationship in the black or in the red? For you love means emotional security and safety. Grandstanding and power shows don’t work for you. You need the real open hearted merge. You need a commitment. You want a family. If they don’t want the same things then set them free.


Leo you are the hottest, most passionate, on stage, powerful King or Queen on the block right now. Your heart is full of strength, giving and joy. A lot depends on which sign you have given your loyalty too. Don’t ignore any doubts or shadows in your heart. It must be real and not a show. No acting or fakery no matter how good they are. Pride must go.


Venus Mars meet up in the 12th house, the most secret darkest hidden rendezvous for you. This can mean a secret affair or it can be a secret fantasy. This love affair is in your own unconscious. Is this the love that dares not speak its name or see the light of day? No one is perfect. Stop being a martyr. Stop worrying. Wait until after Venus moves out of Leo to see what is going on behind the scenes. Jupiter is in your sign this year and it’s time for you to harvest the rewards.


Venus Mars in your 11th house. New relationships may start through groups, or political or pleasure oriented organizations. You are push pulled between revealing yourself and hiding behind your oh so cool persona. Don’t deny the fire. You need it, rebellion is high, and freedom is beckoning. You need to embrace chaos and change. Love the one you’re with.


Venus Mars in your 10th Solar House. Are you in love with someone rich famous and powerful or lusting after this yourself? This aspect certainly gives your extreme charisma and puts you in the spotlight, for better or for worse. Be careful how you use power. Be an enlightened Scorpio and feel all that heat passion power control, dirty secrets and don’t let it control you. Are you doing what you love to do in your career?


Venus Mars in your solar 9th house make you want to travel, to learn, to fall in love with exotic strangers and romantic places all over the world. If you can set this in motion with your lover or to find yours it’s one of the best ways to figure out if you two can survive. You are redefining your love philosophy, your sense of right and wrong. You yearn to be with someone who gives you space while you search for teachers, gurus, the Promised Land, truth. Love is a path to enlightenment. That’s what Rumi wrote about.


Venus Mars in your solar 8th house of transformation, Scorpionic passion, the “sacred marriage” house. This is a pretty hot house for you to find yourself. You may be feeling overwhelmed, and possessive, needing to define what resources you have to give and share. Love is not like a business. It is messy, emotionally intense, spontaneous, doesn’t always pay dividend. Yes sign the pre-nup if you must but take the plunge.


Venus Mars in your 7th house of marriage and all “others.” You are definitely feeling attractive these days. Newfound passion is heating up your desire to commit. There is power in a duo besides an entire group of friends and colleagues. You need to share the same desires for reform, to create your own type of relationship, to free the world by your own example. Boundaries and limitations are meant to be broken together.


Venus Mars in your 6th house of work and service. Love is not a chore, you don’t need to work to prove you are worthy of love. Love needn’t debilitate you or make you sick. Just be the beautiful soul that you are. Love is a powerful form of spiritual service to each other and the world.  Of course there may be new relationships at work, although mixing office and love may be tricky. Your down to earth soul mate is coming, keep the faith.

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Sex, Love, Venus Retrograde conjunct Mars phase 2

Rescued rehabilitated male swan is released and returns to his mate of 10 years. So beautiful.

As Venus Retrograde and Mars conjunct August 31 in LEO, may all lost lovers reunite in bliss. May each find their “other half.”

August 31/September VENUS and MARS conjoin for the 2nd time this year in LEO with VENUS RETROGRADE at that 15th degree. In the passionate heart of the Lion, Venus is doing a re-evaluation, of all values in relationships, This is a revelation degree of the Heart. Leo is a fiery Fixed sign, so there may be anger issues. Venus and Leo are both extremely passionate, sexy and  courageous in Leo.

sorry due to Venus retrograde my entire one hour of work disappeared. So sorry

Kristen Stewart Alicia Cargile relationship dirt

I got lots of responses about the Kristen Stewart astrology article thank you. Many people are asking me if she in a love relationships with her BFF Alicia Cargile. I have done some snooping and have found a likely birth date for Alicia, born Alicia Faye CargileSeptember 3 1986 Orange County Los Angeles. That feels right. Can any one confirm this please? This is speculation until I have an accurate confirmed D.O.B. 

 SYNASTRY ASTRLOGY chart of Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile

Kristen’s planets are on the inner circle in blue. Alicia’s in red on the outer wheel.

Alicia is a VIRGO, I don’t have a time of birth but it looks like she was born on a New Moon with MOON, SUN and MERCURY in VIRGO, three strong practical, earth elements. She works in film and video as a technician. Virgo’s are very organized, intellectual, hard-working perfectionists. They are humble, nit-picky, earthy and meticulous.

Alicia’s three Virgo Planets are opposite to Kristen’s VENUS in PISCES, which is definitely romantic feelings and strong empathy between them. -GOOD MATCH.

Kristen Stewart Alicia Cargile relationship

Photo of Kristen and Alicia holding hands in Los Angeles posted April 9 2015

Alicia’s CERES, the Mother Goddess Dwarf Planet sits exactly on Kristen’s MOON opposite to her SUN. There  is a strong mother-daughter relationship here. Alicia cares for and nurtures Kristen. This works very well in a girlfriend situation.

Krsiten’s Aries is Fire and Alicia’s Sun is Virgo is earth and these elements are not necessarily compatible but we often attract people who have the elements we lack to balance ourselves out. More importantly is that these personal planets of Alicia’s identity, ego, her emotions, feelings and communication style falls in Kristen’s 4th house of home, roots, nurturing, privacy, intimacy and emotional security – GOOD MATCH.

As for the two of them dressing alike, well they both have Gemini Ascendants only a few degrees apart, and Sagittarius, tomboyish Descendents with which they interact with the world. These two ladies walk and talk the same talk, laugh at the same jokes. They are totally in synch with each other, two peas in a pod. They are like twin sisters. GOOD MATCH.

This is definitely a very strong past life connection between the two of them. Alicia has her NORTH NODE, her highest spiritual GPS in ARIES exactly on Kristen’s SUN. They function as each other’s guiding lights.

Alicia has Goddess Asteroids Amor=love and Vesta, Goddess of Sexual tantric healing conjunct to Kristen’s Sun and Psyche, her soul. This is a very powerful archetypal symbol of deep soul love and sexual healing between the two. Yes Eris Goddess of DISCORD is there too.They may always stir up contraversy together.

Alicia’s South Node and Venus are in LIBRA opposite Kristen’s Sun. Alicia’s Venus is also conjunct to PLUTO in SCORPIO which makes her very sexual. This is another very strong past life indication, when the two Luminaries are with the nodes, its like the souls are shining bright searchlights to come and find me. Kristen’s Moon is in Libra. So they have the same taste, love  artistic things,they are seeking peace and balance. 

Alicia’s PLUTO is in early Scorpio opposite to Kristen’s Mercury in the 12th house. This produces great ability to communicate their deepest sexual and soul secrets at incredible psychological depths. Alicia’s PLUTO is also conjunct to Kristen’s vertex. Before I hear the V jokes. The vertex is an astrological  karmic intake fated spot. Ok, like a vagina. They have very strong karmic soul connections. They need each other.

KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS have strong SATURN connections

Kristen’s SATURN in CAPRICORN squares Alicia’s VENUS in LIBRA. Alicia’s SATURN  in early SAGITTARIUS squares Kristen’s VENUS. They have parallel aspects. ALicia also has JUNO feminine Goddess of genius conjunct her Saturn. She has a quality of Feminine genius about her. Kristen finds this attractive and they see this Feminine genius in each other. 

Alicia’s MARS in CAPRICORN is hard-working and career oriented, She is serious, mature, a rock, and her Mars is conjunct to Kristen’s NEPTUNE and URANUS in her 8th house of sex, secrets, transformation. Kristen projects a masculine rock of sanity onto Alicia and she may very well function as that to her, a  grounding aspect. Neptune Mars connections are based on spiritual compassion, empathy, telepathy, symbiotic relationships,where two become one. They can also  harbor elements of  escapism, illusion and  fantasy. Which if handled properly can be a good thing. Alicia’s Mars is also opposite Kristen’s Chiron in Cancer, where she is the most vulnerable. Alicia may seem like the saviour to Kristen in many ways, she gives her a sense of protection, safety where Kristen can be vulnerable and herself with her.

There is a lot of little erotic, Cupid, eros connections between the two of them.

Alicia herself has a very powerful LILITH CHIRON in GEMINI conjunction which would always make people feel very attracted but also terrified of her. Alicia also has a strong dual nature. She is an independent woman who uses the Gemini mask to hide her vulnerability. People may find her charming and easy to get along with but also sense a deep intensity about her. Alicia’s Chiron Lilith are opposed to Uranus in Sagittarius which sits on Kristen’s Descendant. This is the handle into her house of marriage traditionally. Well Alicia certainly serves as an initiator for Kristen to change her relationship from status quo to unconventional. They seek comfort in being the daring  duo. 

Well it feels to me like these ladies are in an amorous friendship. I think Kristen got fed up with dealing with men after her last two fiascoes and said screw that. What do you think?

Besides Kristen said she is not afraid to be hurt. She is a fearless independent Amazon warrioress. 

I think Ive written enough about Kristen for awhile. Thanks.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Plus Kristen is using any excuse to man up these days, Here she is spoofing Justin on Conan 

Robert Pattinson,FKA Twigs real love astrology

Was it an April Fool’s joke or for real? People magazine say yes it’s for real. R-Patz  and FKA Twigs are engaged. One way or the other lets look at what makes their relationship REAL LOVE. I had planned on looking at the their synastry astrology charts for awhile, so here goes. 

Robert Pattinson the famous Twilight vampire star is a TAURUS born May 13 1986 in London U.K. at 8:32 a.m. He was famously in a long-term relationship with actress Kristen Stewart until she cheated on him with her older movie director and they had an off and on again relationship until finally breaking up in 2013.  He has been seen publicly dating FKA Twigs since September 2014. 

Tahliah Debrett Barnett -FKA TWIGS her stage name, is an earthy CAPRICORN born January 16, 1988 in Gloucestershire England. I have no exact birth time so use noon for a public figure. She is a singer, dancer, songwriter, producer and quite an original pop artist. Her father is Jamaican and her mother Spanish English.

Lets look at why their relationship works, and the map to the stars of their love connection.

Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs relationship astrology Tara Greene

The synastry chart shows Robert Pattinson’s planets in Blue on the inner wheel and FKA’s planets in red on the outer wheel. 

ELEMENT connections

Both are earth sign SUN’s so have a basic down to earth practical nature about them. Robert has MERCURY, MARS and NEPTUNE in earth signs. Robert’s pragmatic thinking, desire, sexuality and his romantic ideals are compatible with FKA’s Capricorn Sun. These are all very strong placements. 


THE MOON, feelings VENUS, love and values and MARS, sexual desire and drive are very important.

Robert has his Moon in CANCER, he is very nurturing, emotional, sensitive, shy and protective person, very sympathetic with women and close to his family. His MOON is opposite to her Neptune, {as well as his own} they have similar -Romantic ideals and SOUL MATES images. Her EROS and ATHENA are also opposite to his Moon. She is a very erotic strong woman to him. There can be a great deal of projection onto the other. It can feel like they are addicted to one another and each other’s saviours. That can be dangerous. They have a very strong attraction but are emotionally very different.  But opposites do attract. She needs freedom, space and independence, but they complete each others’ ideals. 

Robert’s VENUS, CHIRON AND LILITH in GEMINI are opposite to her MOON. He is fatally attracted to her as a a mother figure but also as a dangerous woman, she symbolizes a very erotic temptation. She could want to mother and heal him as she sees her own split personality in him. This combination also brings in his Uranus in Sagittarius, she is an exotic foreigner, she spices up and liberates his life and outlook. These planets have their outlet and salvation in Robert’s Jupiter in PISCES which is conjunct to her NORTH NODE and her JUNO, her unique Feminine genius. He sees her as a spiritual guide, a compassionate, brilliant woman, almost a saviour. He could be projecting soul mate, perfect life mate onto her.  She is like a drug to him. Didn’t he say that in Twilight about Kristen Stewart? He brings success, opportunities, creativity and expansion into her life.


Robert’s SATURN is RETROGRADE in Sagittarius, a very karmic placement. FKA’s MARS is conjunct his Saturn This is considered a difficult placement as the two planets are heavies but it indicates that they have been together in a past life. Probably in a teacher student relationship. But FKA’s VENUS in early PISCES is square to that. This means they are soul mates and are meant to forgive their past life karma and come together in absolute unconditional love and compassionate forgiveness in this lifetime. 

Her VENUS is in Pisces opposite his CERES in Virgo conjunct his Part of Fortune. She is the Goddess of love and beauty and creativity to him and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the Mother Goddess as well. 


His Mercury in Taurus is opposite to her Pluto and Psyche, They are very synched in sexually and soulfully. He is very sensuous and they do have a very deep soul connection which they must have recognized right away. Her MERCURY in AQUARIUS conjunct to CERES is the apex of this opposition. FKA’s unique way of thinking, her higher conscious way of communicating lifts him out of his earthy stability and his moody obsessiveness and this is exactly what he needs. It feels like unconditional love to him. 


Robert’s Mars in Capricorn, his sex drive is very earthy and traditional it is squared by her Jupiter in Aries. She is a powerful, fearless independent woman and she is teaching him some new tricks. She is very fiery and strong-willed. This turns him on.

Her CHIRON is in GEMINI very close to Robert’s VENUS. I think the two of them have a dual nature, their need for love and being able to be intimate and vulnerable are part of their mutual healing. 

I could go on and on. But you get the picture. I’ll look at when they could marry in another article.


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Valentine’s Day Horoscope, Erotic Bliss

There is a RARE cosmic love download of Spiritual BLISS EROTIC love and ONENESS from Heaven this day. I swear the people behind 50 shades of Grey must have used an Astrologer’s advice to open on V Day. Yes it is a day of romance, eros, showing Love and buying out all the roses on the planet. We must also remember that the original Valentine was a Christian -no pun intended who was a martyr. 


The Lovers, art Tara Greene

EROS, PSYCHE, VENUS and MARS align in a foursome

 Valentines day will be VERY EROTIC and HEAVENLY BLISSFUL as the asteroids EROS and PSYCHE, the archetypal lovers are exactly conjunct at 21+ degrees of Pisces the most spiritual of all the signs. They are conjunct to VENUS , 1 degree and to Mars, four degrees away! 

Valentines day Horoscope Tara Greene


Also there is a GRAND FIRE TRINE in effect early in the day while the Moon is still in Sagittarius making everyone feel hot. It’s like twin flames but a threesome.

Saturn in Sagittarius is Squaring Neptune in Pisces

Yes Saturn is always a challenge but Saturn is also the laws of Manifestation and reality. These energies are about manifesting your dreams. Pisces is AGAPE, spiritual love, unconditional love, forgiveness, non-ego love, tantric love.

All of your highest spiritual longing for oneness and union are real. Feel it, know it. Inspire others with your passion.

So do celebrate with loved ones. Let those you love know it. It doesn’t have to be all commercial. 

Pisces energy is very creative and creativity is sexual and erotic. Dance, sing, play, act out. Indulge your soul and your body. 

Every sign is contacted by one or the other of the planets on Valentine’s day. No one will be left out. 

If you are solo don’t feel sad. It’s a perfect opportunity under these auspicious aspects to practice connecting to the Inner Beloved, the one who never leaves you, who can’t desert you, who has always been with you and who will always accept you and love you unconditionally. This is your Higher Self. Be good to you, give yourself a loving gift. YOU are fine, trust that love will find you as you accept yourself. Remember if you can’t love yourself and be happy with who you are when you are alone, you won’t be able to have a loving, spiritual relationship with anyone else. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene


Most romantic erotic dance 

Thinking out Loud- Ed Sheeran  

How to love a sexy freak

DECEMBER 4 Mars enters Aquarius  @ 3:37 pm PST/ 6:57 pm EST

Yes its time to get your freak on. Mars is sex, passion, action. Love your freak, his freak, her freak,everybody’s freak.

Gotta Love those Aquarians, and all things Aquarian. freedom, rebellion, technology, the tribe, individual rights.

Aquarius rules, engineers, broadcasting, faith healers, psychologists, parliaments, communes, ether, blood disorders,  batteries, modern architectures,

Mars in Aquarius this is cyber sex, robot sex, mechanical, shiny sex toys,

It’s detached, intellectual, inventive, tuned into Higher consciousness. 

I am sure you have loved one Aquarian in your life?

NO? If not, perhaps there is something to take note of. Why not?

yes this is the dawning of the Age of  Aquarius, Age of Aquarius. 

Gay marriage, LGBT are all very Aquarian.

Love your iPhone? iPad,is all Aquarian.

Mars in Aquarius is very cool, very detached. No messy dramatic LEO type emotional stuff now.

It’s the sign opposite Leo of course.

YAY for geekdom until Jan 12/13 2015 when Mars enters Pisces.

Mars in Aquarius encourages you to do everything outside of the box , outside of your normal.

there will be mucho REVOLUTIONS protests, V for Vendetta type of energy.

Be aware and awake to inspirational insights, the blast of the Lightning bolt.

This aspect also signifies MALE LIBERATION from the old MACHO hero stance.

Men need to explore beyond their narrow bandwidth of what is acceptable and normally considered masculine.

It is very confining, it keeps men stuck in a cookie cutter way of acting, especially in the corporate world.

This is very important now as the old Patriarchal stereotype of the male predator, the soldier who rapes,uses and abuses women is being outted in the media.

This is the counterpart to the Goddess returning and a NEW EQUALITY and freedom in relationships. 

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and Uranus is about to square PLUTO on Dec 14/15 in the 6th of the 7 exact cardinal crosses. 

This ties in the revolutionary impact of these times.

There may be a shocking realization for a lot of men, a lot of the population a rippling out effect.

Check out where the 11th Fixed air sign is in your natal chart.

AQUARIUS rules: astronauts, Arabia, Congress, Lithuania, movies, paradoxes, Russia, Syria, Toronto and x-rays.

MARS is putting the passion into the outsider look.

Aquarius is the sign of managers, organizers, co-operatives and shared leadership.

The current popularity of Mockingjay the hit movie, based on the HUNGER GAMES Trilogy

about heroine Katniss Everdeen and her revolutionary role in bringing down President Snow and PANEM  to bring freedom from tyranny is totally apt for this planetary energy.

Mars in Aquarius folks march to their own drummers, are strongly unique in themselves.

In an era of many false choice where everyone follows the herd and everyone has the same culturally defined status symbols. Mars in Aquarius enables you to stop and tune into a higher vibration and learn to sense your own individual heartbeat.  

Just because Aquarius is none for being detached doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy.

Check out this LIST of Famous Mars in Aquarius types

Real Mars men first

Matthew McConaughey  astro Tara Geene


I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC was a famous Ray Bradbury Story that was a Twilight Zone 100th episode. A very Aquarian symbol.





scarlett johansson Astrology Tara Greene



All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Are friends electric? Gary Numan 1979  

Le Freak- Chic 





Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney Astrology by Tara Greene

I predicted that George would finally meet “the one” and settle down in my 2014 predictions. I did a previous article on George Clooney and why he is getting married now according to his astrology.

I now have his fiancée Amal’s birth date so lets look at who she is and the triggers in her chart.

I will also look at the synastry and composite chart of George and Amal together as a couple and their proposed wedding date of September 12 in Venice in an other article.

AMal Alamuddin Tara Greene astrology

AMAL Alamuddin   born February 3 1978 in Beirut Lebanon

Amal Alamuddin astrology Tara Greene

Amal Alamuddin astrology


Amal is of Lebanese descent, British raised barrister, who presently works at Doughty Street Chambers in London, specializing in International law, criminal, human rights and extradition. She represented Julian Assange, and has been appointed a number of United Nations commissions. Her grandmother was the first woman graduate of the American University in Beirut.  She studied at Oxford and in New York. She and George met at a charity event on September 12 2013 for a charity called Whatever it takes. LOL.- cue the synchronicity.

AMAL is an intelligent, beautiful, woman who is destined to be known on the world’s stage. With her Aquarian Sun at the 15th degree- the most potent point right on her MidHeaven or MC- the world’s stage position and conjunct VENUS- she is meant to be known for her beauty and her brains. Aquarian are very open minded individuals, who must follow their own drummers. Aquarians seek to bring freedom to individuals and think as one of the group. Amal must have always had big visions of helping the world by freeing it from old antiquated ideas which imprison the mind. 

Her MOON is in SAGITTARIUS conjunct NEPTUNE in the 7th house of marriage and all “others.”

Moon in Sagittarius means she is a fiery rather spontaneous person. Sagittarius women love learning, and are interested in politics, justice, history, speaking the truth. Sagittarius women seek adventures, love the chase, need freedom in their relationships. she works very well in a  man’s world. With NEPTUNE conjunct her Moon Amal is very spiritual, romantic  and idealistic. She can be very inspiring and persuasive. In love, she is open to all types of people and usually Moon in Sagittarius women marry men of other racial or religious backgrounds. 

I don’t have a correct birth time. This chart is set to Noon for a public person. This gives her a GEMINI Ascendant. She has a dual nature. A great communicator, a very inquiring mind. She appears young and may take her awhile to mature and settle down. She is charming and open.

Amal’s MARS is in Cancer and RETROGRADE  

This is a very karmic aspect. Mars in Cancer is very traditional, typically Feminine, all about family, home, children, cooking, nurturing. She is very emotional and sensitive,and close to her roots and traditions. But this Mars energy is held back when Retrograde so it is driven into her unconscious and she may only reveal that to those who she is closest to, her family. Mars in Cancer indicates many homes. Mars in Cancer can indicate having many children but Retrograde hampers that energy or she will have children later in life. 

Mars opposite Mercury in Capricorn

She may be attracted to older, more mature men, someone who is established and who holds worldly power and wealthy. Mercury in Capricorn is practical minded, someone who thinks things through thoroughly and patiently, she purposefully choses her words. She speaks in a way that allows her to mingle at the highest realms of traditional authority. Yet deep down she is emotionally very strongly invested in communicating in a deeply compassionate way.  She feels both the masculine career and feminine desire for children as a war inside of her. Mercury and Mars indicate a difficult choice between mothering and career as they both square her Chiron in Taurus.

SAturn in LEO

Amal wants to be the QUEEN. Her father { Saturn} probably doted on her and she may have been spoiled as a child. She is a passionate, dramatic woman, who loves to be the center of attention. She has a huge heart, is a natural leader and respects power and courage. She is strong, daring and generous. She is creative, outspoken, warm, and charming. She is destined to be treated like Royalty.


Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini as it is opposite the Sign of Sagittarius which it rules. This gives Amal the ability to see both sides of an issue. For a lawyer that is a huge asset. Amal is spontaneous, curious, a great talker, charming, open, a house divided. It could be difficult for her to make up her mind. She may have always been in relationships with others who could not be faithful or she could not commit very easily either.. 


Lilith in Cancer conjunct Jupiter  amplifies Amal’s independence. She is a very sexy, charismatic woman and knows that she can wield that power. Relationships tend to start and end very quickly. She may have difficulty with emotional intimacy and ocmpromise.

Amal’s North Node is in LIBRA at 7 degrees in a wide conjunction with PLUTO.

Her North Node, her highest spiritual goal is to find a marriage of soul mates and equals.  Also as a lawyer LIBRA  is the scales of Justice and she brings her SOUL-Pluto into the courtroom. This is a powerful conjunction as it indicates that she MUST bring her entire soul into manifestation in this lifetime. NO fooling around, no goofing off. She has always been driven by this deep unconscious desire.

Her South Node is in ARIES 

Indicating that she has been a loner, independent, strong willed, doing exactly what she wanted in past lives. Most likely a man, she was a warrior, a leader, a fighter for truth. PLUTO NORTH NODE is involved in a GRAND TRINE with her SUN and VENUS and Jupiter. A grand Air trine bestows a golden tongue, powerful desires, very strong mental control and intellectual functions and a higher vision for the world.


Everyone in Amal’s generation is here to learn soul sexuality, rebirth, huge emotional issues about dying to one’s old identity and being reborn again ,most often in deep intense relationships. ONce she decides what she wants she is obsessive about gaining that.

Uranus squares her SUN And VENUS

This is a totally liberated woman. She is the epitome of a woman with deep desires, who knows herself intimately her own, passions and needs. She can be secretive about getting what she wants and she uses her outstanding brains and beauty to get it. She is a woman who is bringing down the highest consciousness at best. She knows who she is. 

So why did she and George CLooney meet and click on September 12 2013?

They are going to marry on September 12 2014- exactly one year after they met.

The SUN is at 19 degrees Virgo in her 5th house of Love, squaring her Natal Moon/Neptune in Sagittarius. Very romantic.

PLUTO at 9 degrees Capricorn is conjunct to her NATAL JUNO- Goddess of marriage

and in square to her NORTH And SOUTH NODES.I look at the slower moving and more powerful transits first like Pluto. That’s  pretty karmic marriage wake up call. 

Uranus at 11 degrees ARIES was also involved as part of the Evolutionary change planets to her South and North nodes.

MARS at 9 degrees LEo is opposite her Sun and Venus,

literally a man waking up her self and love nature!

ECLIPSES can have a profound influence on major changes in someone’s life


has MARs at 14 degrees of Taurus Mercury at 17 Moon at 19 and Sun at 19 degrees of Taurus this eclipse was square to Amal’s SUN and VENUS in Aquarius. This eclipse set the tone  for a future change in her identity, she would meet George 4 months later.

THE FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on May 25 2013 has the Sun at 4 degrees GEMINI with Moon at 4 degrees Sagittarius. VEnus Neptune and Jupiter were in a tight conjunction between 19-22 degrees Gemini opposite Amal’s natal Moon Neptune conjunction. 

I’m going to stop there and continue in another article to look at the combined charts and their synastry and the Wedding date.

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