Hugh Hefner Playboy founder life and death

The Old Playboy passed away September 27 @ 8:25 pm PDT ay 91 at his home in L.A. of natural causes. The millionaire founder of the magazine and Brand empire was considered a libertarian of sexual mores by making a philosophy of turning women into complete sexual objects for macho consumption more than ever before on a mass level. Sex sells and Hef sold it big time. What was considered indecent in the 50’s; naked pictures of women with their pubic hair showing and later full frontal vulvas on display became socially acceptable.  

I do not consider that liberation at all from a feminist standpoint. Yes old Puritanical mores were dropped and that is liberating. But it’s merely objectification and not worshipping the Feminine as Goddess who the male serves and honors for her beauty. Women are not empowered by being sex toys for men to consume at their will. Heff was part of the entire 60’s sexual liberation made possible by Birth Control pills which Heff exploited.This liberation was created by URANUS and PLUTO in the 60’s. 

Who was Hugh Hefner?

Hugh Hefner astrology Tara Greene

PLayboy was first published in December 1953 Hefner was 27 newly married and a father. His editorial in Playboy’s first issue: “We enjoy mixing up cocktails and an hors-d’oeuvre or two, putting a little mood music on the phonograph and inviting in a female acquaintance for a quiet discussion on Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex.” 

“The Playboy Philosophy,” a mix of libertarian arguments that Mr. Hefner wrote in 25 installments starting in 1962 was simple: Society was to blame. His causes —abortion rights, decriminalization of marijuana and, most important, the repeal of 19th-century sex laws — were daring at the time. Ten years later, they would be unexceptional.”-N.Y Times Obituary 

Hefner’s philosophy is hedonistic consumerist and an advocate of Freedom of speech. Hefner won civil liberties awards. His magazine became famous for its serious interviews.  Hefner published sci-Fi writer Ray Bradbury’s work in the early years and Playboy bought the classic Fahrenheit 451 for $400.

Hefner was born into a very repressive Methodist family. His father was a descendant of the Puritan Governor of Plymouth.  

WHO WAS HUGH HEFNER?Hefner was an entrepreneurial energetic ambitious competitive macho ARIES ruled by God of sex MARS.  

An entrepreneurial energetic ambitious competitive macho fiery ARIES ruled by God of sex MARS.  

MARS his Sun’s ruling planet is in AQUARIUS, of course, the sign of liberation freedom higher consciousness and revolution- the SEXUAL REVOLUTION of course. This symbolizes ideas invention pioneering and equality in the 5th house of love affairs creativity and leadership natch

His MARS is conjunct the Lucky optimistic expansive planet JUPITER in the 5th which rules publishing teaching PHILOSOPHY and International affairs. JUNO Goddess of the perfect trophy wife is conjunct JUPITER. 

JUPITER and MARS in AQUARIUS in the 5th form a T- square with NEPTUNE in LEO in the 11th house conjunct LILITH.

Neptune in LEO is a fantasy ideal and an addiction an escape mechanism of the male as King of his own domain which becomes a shared AQUARIAN ideology. This ideal affects mass consciousness and brings freedom and change to society and to the masses.  

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT LILITH indicates Hef’s Karma was to bring LILITH’S forbidden fruit sexuality out into the open although there is still a huge double-standard operating. JUNO is opposite LILITH. That is a wife-whore split energy which Hef exploited.

His Part of Fortune is conjunct Neptune and LILITH opposite JUPITER conjunct JUNO in AQUARIUS which is the symbol of ZEUS and JUNO the DIVINE COUPLE who Zeus always cheated on. This aspect makes the fantasy of the forbidden sexuality of woman that it is OK to cheat on your wife or to have affairs a norm. 

This is literally the symbol of ZEUS and JUNO the DIVINE COUPLE. Zeus always famously cheated on JUNO/Hera. This makes it OK to cheat on your wife or to have affairs a norm. 


Hef’s chart is totally KARMIC! It is like reading a recipe for the planets. Saturn in SCORPIO is intensely sexual and deals with psychology the soul and what is hidden and taboo. Saturn represents Hef ‘s father Puritan ethic which Hef rejected and which changed cultural mores. 

MERCURY is RETROGRADE in ARIES in the 7th house of marriage

This indicates Hef’s communication analysis and thinking. His thinking was out of the box and initiated change in traditional male-female relationships. 


In the 6th house; WOMEN were his work and also an addiction as was alcohol drugs consumerism. He worshipped women as the Goddess unconsciously but also exploited and martyred them. Women’s beauty was a fantasy escape. The PISCES Moon symbolized his mother and she loaned him money to start Playboy. They must have had a very close bond. He was a sensitive kind compassionate and charitable man deep down which is what celebrities said about him. 

VIRGO ASCENDANT with URANUS on the Descendant squaring  GEMINI M.C/ SAGITTARIUS I.C. 

Hef was a very hard-working perfectionist. He needed to be in control of every aspect of his work. URANUS the freedom bringer innovator pioneer was his genius planet. Uranus on the 7th house of marriage in PISCES shows how Playboy broke through the old traditions and brought open sexuality into the collective unconscious. Sex became a religion and fake enlarged women’s breasts the unconscious unbonded unurtured society of men in the 60’s in America and in the world were addicted and couldn’t resist.

Hef’s M.C. Mid Heaven his highest career point is GEMINI and that was why he was such a youthful energy. The “Peur Aeternus” in psychology the boy who never wants to grow up. This is on the North Pole STAR in the sign of communications advertising media and double standards. Playboy was the leading indicator of the world a phallic symbol. His SAGITTARIUS I.C. was connected to the GALACTIC CENTER indicated Hef was channeling some wider cosmic consciousness from his root chakra. 

NORTH NODE IN CANCER in the 10th house of fame

Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon and is traditionally the sign of Mother; home; nurturing breastfeeding and emotional safety. Hef nurtured the public through putting women’s enlarged breasts signifiers of pregnant or lactating mother’s into the public. In an age when Men were not breastfed this unconscious trigger of mom’s nurturing breasts was irresistible to an infantilized fixated male public. 

Hef’s SOUTH NODE in CAPRICORN in the 4th house

The Sign of business; corporate structure and hierarchy was something Hef already knew how to do from a past life standpoint. His early childhood and his connection to his mother was the impetus for his creating his empire. 

He’s PLUTO exactly on SIRIUS @ 12 degrees CANCER the brightest star in the skies and conjunct to the U.S. SUN of Mom and apple pie a PURITANICAL based country. Hef changed all of that making America the lead in sexuality which Pluto governs. Pluto squares Hef’s Aries SUN giving him enormous reserves of willpower and a deep desire for wealth and power and being able to tap into the collective unconscious.

CHIRON in ARIES in the 8th house of sexuality and death

Hef’s role was as the wounded healer of a new freedom in sexuality. He did liberate men and women to some degree. Chiron in ARIES is selfish macho sex. It is not truly liberated spiritual sex which is what it is intended for. Sex is ultimately a soul mate connection which is a transformative mechanism which brings two individuals into one Holy egoless state. The little death as the French call orgasm. This is also what Hef was searching for his HOLY GRAIL which he commercialized and I believe failed at in a transpersonal sense. It’s up to each individual to find that sacred union within themselves first and then with a sacred partnership. 

At his death, Sept 27 PLUTO is stationary and very strong

PLUTO Lord of DEATH and REBIRTH turns direct Sept. 28 @ 16+ degrees CAPRICORN square his SUN and conjunct his SOUTH NODE. His Time was up at 91 years old. 

URANUS the planet of freedom and sudden events on his CHIRON in ARIES in the 8th house of sex and inheritance.  He died in his sleep at home of natural causes. Apparently, his widow who is 60 years his junior inherits nothing of his estate. 

Transiting SATURN on SAGITTARIUS I.C. square his VIRGO Ascendant 

The Grim Reaper brings a karmic ending and a return home.

Transitting NEPTUNE on his PISCES MOON

A beautiful dreamy very spiritual way to die. 

Transiting Chiron in PISCES on his URANUS – sudden death. 

He died peacefully in his sleep at home of natural causes. This is a peaceful and spiritual way to die to go from one dream to another. 


Traditionally this eclipse signifies the death of kings and leaders.

Hugh Hefner will be buried in a Mausoleum drawer next to Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe in Westwood Memorial Park. He bought this for $500 and its now worth millions. He became famous from publishing Marilyn Monroe nude photographs in the 50’s.

Hefner is survived by a daughter and two sons. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Planetary U turns, Venus and Mars Horoscope from Tara Greene

I keep thinking about and riffing on Mars in Libra and Venus in Capricorn both doing U Turns soon and into 2014.

Mars in Libra  from December  7- July 25 2014. 

MARS rules ARIES. The RAM symbol. The 1st sign and house. Mars keyword is the “I AM” principle.

The Ram’s head was related to the Age of Aries when the Spring Equinox was aligned with Zero degrees of Aries,when the Jewish Patriarchal religion, whose symbol is the RAM’s horns, began 4,000 years ago. The Age of Christ, Pisces started 2,000 years ago. The Matriarchal, Goddess loving Age of Taurus, when the Bull was worshipped was 6,000 plus years ago. Everything is based on Astrology/Astronomy.

Georgia O'Keefe Aries AstrologyGeorgia O’Keefe Ram’s head

Mars is the male sex. Mars is “ACTION.”  Can’t you hear the director shouting it out as the scene begins? We are all actors on the stage.

Mars also rules Scorpio the 8th house/sign. The key word for Scorpio is “I DESIRE.” Red is his colour.

So of course ARIES and SCORPIO will feel the Retrograde more than most. Check out where those 2 signs of love and sex and relationship are in your natal chart.  If you need help schedule a reading with me.- see link below.

Mars is weakened in Libra, which is under Venus’s rulership. But Mars is “exalted” in Capricorn where Venus is now.


These are ancient terms to describe a planets DIGNITY or power.Planets can be Dignified,  in detriment, exalted or fall.

A planet is Dignified in the sign it rules, is at home, in its glory, its fullest and easiest expression. It’s in control.

Detriment means when a planet is in the sign opposite the one it rules. Mars in Libra for example.

Exalted means the planet is harmoniously expressing its powers in a sign other than the one it rules.Like being a BBF’s home.

Fallen mean a planet  is opposite to the one it is exalted in. It can’t show its true nature. It’s not comfortable.

Heck, a planet can be accidentally dignified. A great term. 

Venus rules LIBRA. Mars’ opposite Sign. Libra, The SCALES of JUSTICE. Karma,  # 8 or # 11 in the Tarot. Libra is the 7th house and sign.

Definitely some GENDER BENDER issues coming up from this. More gay rights equality in 2014.

Libra’s keyword is “I BALANCE.” but its all about “others.” “US”  coupling, togetherness, romance, relationships. Green is Venus’s colour.

Venus also rules Taurus Scorpio’s opposite Sign. Venus and Mars are always opposite each other, thus they are always locked into relationship through the opposites. Taurus keyword is “I HAVE.”

Libra has two scales.  So it occurred to me that if MARS is “I AM” then Mars in Venus for 7 months in Venus’s sign “I AM” becomes “WE ARE.”

A very spiritual scenario. Going Beyond the ego. the I-ness. Is that why everyone has I-phones, I-mac etc?

We are the world, and I do believe there is a big wake up call coming in 2014.

Venus goes RETROGRADE first  on WINTER SOLSTICE DECEMBER 21 2013 at 29 degrees Capricorn the “critical” degree.

This is where your relationship gets REVIEWED, all relationships, with OTHERS. .

Red light, green light. Remember that game from when you were a kid?Hello Goodbye? PLanetary switcheroo.

The beginning of 2014 is definitely under this kind of stop and go, driving your heart with the  brakes on.

Pay attention to timing. To being in your heart chakra. WE ARE = I AM. New equation.

Then in April all the shit hits the fan on the Lunar Eclipse of April 15.

Venus Goes Direct Feb 1 @ 13 + degrees Capricorn. Check out where the GREEN LOVE LIGHT is in your chart.

Venus will take until March 5/6 to bypass its Retro turn about.

When Mars Turns RETROGRADE on March 1st at 27+degrees LIBRA, Venus will be at 26+degrees of Capricorn.

They are in an exact square so MARK THAT DATE DOWN. – the gears will shift.

Will it be like two ships passing in the night?

What’s been happening in your relationships? New ones beginning?

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