Venus in Scorpio sexy love transformations

Venus enters Scorpio November 21-December 15th

Time for sex magic and killer love potions. Scorpios love to be in control of love and sex.Time for sex magic and killer love potions. Scorpios love to be in control of love and sex.

Ancient Greeks ground up orchids, which they regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac into a powder and added it to wine. They believed that this concoction could inspire passionate love in whoever drank it. It was such a popular potion that the orchid plant actually went temporarily extinct. Another popular aphrodisiac incorporated into love potions during that time was the Spanish Fly, also known as the Blister Beetle.


Prepare a cake dough and after rubbing the dough into your armpits, genitals, and breasts where most of your pheromones are emitted to absorb your sweat, you baked the cake in the nude. This was an ancient have your cake and eat it to recipe.

DON’T waste time on phony hoaxes with say they will reunite lovers etc.

Scammers claim to be able to force people to do what you the customer wants routinely. I believe that all those phony hoax claims of reuniting lovers etc. are all black negative magic intentions and will just leave you poorer and lonelier. Ultimately to attract the love you want and desire you first need to love yourself and be able to feel worthy of being loved, of being loveable. You should never try to force or manipulate anyone else to love you or anyone else as it is supreme bullying and threatens an individual’s romantic and sexual autonomy. People are not puppets for your ego’s bidding. To try to manipulate through a spell, candle burnings or whatever is not love but a form of slavery.

Yes this is going to throw the sexual energy into high gear, Scorpio is secretive, sensual, FIXED, undercover, super sexy, emotionally at 200%, obsessive, controlling, dark, into the goth, S & M. 

Venus is not in her glory in Scorpio though, she is in detriment in Mars’s home where he dominates her. Yes it is BDSM time. 

VENUS IN SCORPIO is EROTIC Fixed energy, purpose, power. Gives staying power. 

Venus in Scorpio dressed in a Dominatrix outfit, cracks her whips.

Venus helps you to address your fears of intimacy while she is in Scorpio.

All religions have sought to control women’s sexuality as it is the direct line to ecstasy to God/Goddess source. I always liked the  teachings that the SHIVA/SHAKTI  Masculine Feminine force are always in union always lovemaking, constantly co-creating the Universe. The nature of the Universe is erotic, magnetic.

Imagine a world where the erotic is celebrated and worshipped instead of reviled. It is returning.

SCORPIO territory  is  soul-ville, the depths, it’s what matters. It’s all that matters.

Wherever Venus is, is where the feminine receptive energy is. it’s where values are, it’s where the MONEY is. Put your money/values where your sex/soul is.  Bringing soul into your love life.

Scorpio is the underworld, the place of death and rebirth. It’s the place of garbage, refuse, recycling.  Scorpio territory is the wasteland, the refuse. It’s sexual shame, the baggage, garbage, the neglected stuff which is transformed through Venus’s love into the soul’s worth.

This is a great time to  open those old sexual wounds and to heal them. There are tons of that out there. 

Go deep, go down, go within, go into your deepest darkest sexual shame and focus your love onto it.  

Yes its time to OBSESS over everything. Deep, deep, transformation time. 

Venus rules your love life, your values, art, relationships, women.

SCORPIO is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Old love affairs that have died may be rekindled now.. 

VENUS in Scorpio is The Empress and Death combined.

Empress #3                                               Death #13

The Goddess of BIRTH and the Death Bringer, the HAG or Crone. Nature, the Goddess is both, in every birth there is a death,

Scorpio Venus babes are vixen’s, the devil’s bride. All that projection of men’s fear of women’s sexuality. 


Hilary Clinton,! Kris Jenner, Sarah Silverman, Ann Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, Mila Jovovich, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Naomi Watts, Condoleeza Rice, Serena Williams, Avril Lavigne, Twiggy, Grace Slick, Ava Gardner,   


Leonardo DiCaprio, Vladimir Putin, Jay-Z, Tiger Woods, Zac Efron, Drake,  Hugh Jackman, Bill Gates, Matt Damon, Keith Richards, Denzel Washington,  Joaquin Phoenix, Charles Manson, Stephen Speilberg, Iam Somerhalder, Louis Thomlinson, Snoop Dog,Jim Morrison, Bruce Lee,  Mahatma Ghandi

SCORPIO is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Old love affairs that have died may be rekindled now.. 

How do you plan to use Venus’s energy in Scorpio?

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Scorpio New Moon deep soul healing

New Moon in Scorpio the Darkest of the Dark Moons, the most transformative. The collective needs deep soul healing now

Scorpio New Moon November 14/15
Scorpio New Moon November 14/15

Moon Trining Neptune in Pisces at 18+

A trine is a 120-degree Positive aspect. Neptune turns on that fog machine in full force. It’s very dreamy, psychic and empowering. What’s real? what’s the truth? You will only know by tuning into yourself into the darkness of the void, in your soul. Neptune enhances your intuition and dreams. Pay close attention over this 3 day period. I may have said Neptune Square in my video, my bad, I’m feeling spaced out. LOL You may be feeling quite Not all here.

For 3 days while the moon is disappeared you need to disappear too.

Scorpio rules the Reproductive Organs.

For women on all new moons before electric lights and when they lives insmall groups, all women would be bleeding together and would retreat to their moon lodges or red tents, to honor their sacred menstrual blood. If you are bleeding during this New Moon please retreat with the Moon. Covid-19 has been a blessing in this to keep women at home. Understand and rediscover the true nature of the power of your periods and the sacred Blood of Life. There is heightened psychic energy at this very dark New Moon.

With Mars just moving directly a lot of frustrated sexual energy will come out in full force. The square to Neptune makes your judgement fogged up too. I know not many people are able to get together right now so your sex maybe more in the imaginal realm but still powerful. A good time to practice KUNDALINI energy to move through any bottled up energy.

This is very feminine energy water of Scorpio and the opposition to SEDNA

The Canadian Inuit Goddess of the Oceans and all ocean life in TAURUS. She has a tragic story her father betrayed her, his father cut off her fingers and she surrendered to being in the ocean and her fingers became all the ocean animals. The Ocean also symbolizes oceanic unconsciousness. Sedna symbolizes the rejected feminine. She must be soothed by brushing her long hair. We need to give ourselves self-care and unconditional love to heal the Broken Divine feminine image. Especially women, This New Moon brings that energy to us as long as we go deep within ourselves and our soul essence to heal the broken parts. We need to give ourselves self-care and unconditional love to heal the Broken Divine feminine image. Especially women, This New Moon brings that energy to us as long as we go deep within ourselves and our soul essence to heal the broken parts.

Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn still holds sway and empowers the NEW MOON with a supportive sextile. They hold manifesting wealth, faith and optimism. Things will be ok if we trust our own GPS.

Mars is ready to go but it will take until January 3, 2021 until Mars surpasses its Retrograde point at 28 08 ARIES.

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Tarot Reading for U.S. ELection

Watch my video of a tarot card reading about who will win the election


Its in 2 parts

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Love Languages Astrology

October 27

MERCURY Retrograde re-enters LIBRA October 27 @ 6:33 pm PDT/ 9:33 pm EDT

VENUS enters her home sign Libra 8 minutes later at 6:41 pm PDT/ 9:41 pm EDT till November 21

LOVE Languages and more relationship Communicating will be in the air. This is a good thing.

We need to communicate with each other much more and relate in more direct ways.

Mercury Retrograde takes us backtracking through old relationships, old conversations, the same old conversations, the same old thinking patterns, the same rebalancing act, the same needing to make peace, the rewriting of the mental patterns, the longing for peace.

All Retrograde are good reviews time so think back to what you were doing on September 27 when Mercury was last at the last degree of Libra. I know it’s hard to keep track of the days now. Old conversations may come up again, people you were texting or connecting up with on the net, dating sites etc may pop back up especially with Mars Retrograde in Aries.. Get ready to rethink your relating style.

VENUS entering her Own Sign brings graciousness, beauty, fashion, needing to relate- not necessarily in person as Libra is an Air sign, social media. Venus becomes the planetary ruler of Mercury now rather than Mars when it was in Scorpio. She tones down the intense mental-emotional agony and paranoia of Mercury in Scorpio.

Venus is in her own sign in Libra. Mars is in Aries in his own sign. Saturn is in his own sign now and will continue to be in his own traditional sign in Aquarius too from December 21 2020.

VENUS and MARS will be opposite each other on November 9th

which can be a tug of war for some and certainly I see this happening in the fallout from the U.S. Election. It can also provoke love sparks in relationships.

Practical use

It’s a good time to redecorate your home and office or redo your closet, give away things you are not wearing anymore. Yes most people are getting rid of the office outfits. Beauty makeovers, get a new hairstyle. Watch different kinds of movies, look at different types of arts and crafts. See women in new ways. Ask how you can bring more balance into your own life, family and in the world.

WOMEN’s values

Venus brings women into the forefront. Libra is the scales of Justice and women will be the ones demanding equality, justice and step into the roles of peacemakers which they traditionally did in tribal societies.

Venus in Libra is a go-between and liaison maker and counsellor. Sharpen your listening tools with Venus in Libra and lean out and help others.

Venus rules the yearning for Peace and it’s up to us to cultivate the peace by taking the middle path and not going into oppositional enemies. Be kind, rewind. That was a cute movie,

Look at where Libra is in your chart and what planets you have there and what aspects they make. Love, beauty and messages will be coming to you there. Rethink what your values are in relationships all kinds and types of realtionships. Everything is up to be re-evaluated, your job, your relationship to the world.

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Moon occult Mars magic

The Aries Moon is still FULL October 2nd Occults MARS tonight at 8:57 pm PDT/ 11:57 pm EDT/October 3rd at 3:57 am GMT. At 24 degrees + ARIES this the last occultation of MARS this year and Mars is Retrograde indicating a lessened effect. So get your occult incantations done now.

Occult means hidden or mysterious.

There are also intense LUNAR squares today with JUPITER, and PLUTO stations to turn Direct on the 4th, making its energy even more potent and then Moon squares a newly forwards moving Saturn at days end.

MARS Retrograde makes me think of a boomerang. To throw a boomerang, its the backwards motion that happens before the throw which indicates how far it will go.

Remember that when Mars turns Direct November 13th that boomerang effect will cross this exact 24 degrees 33 minutes on Christmas Eve/Day we will see the effects of this held back energy then.

Mars is a loose cannon right now. Not only being occulted, and hiddent by the Moon but he is also about to conjunct ERIS the dwarf planet Mars’s sister, Goddess of strife and chaos, Eris tomorrow-see article here, before squaring Pluto in the 9th.

This is an extremely witchy powerful energy. Be careful as any magic done can boomerang back at you. According to pagan workings any energy or intention put out negatively comes back at the sender 9x’s.

Do be careful around dangerous things, explosives, guns, fire, and angry groups of people. You may be triggered by old jealousies, repressed anger and control issues coming up to consciousness. This is good, bring the old up to feel it fully internally and let it go. You will be free.

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Trump Covid-19 Astrology and Fate

President Trump announced that he and the first lady have Covid-19 on October 1st at 9:54 pm in Washington. Because Trump is now 74 years old statistically his chances of dying from Covid-19 are supposedly considerably high. Astrology reveals all. Will Trump survive?

Trump has continuously referred to Covid-19 as “The China Virus” as it originated in Wuhan, China in late 2019. Synchronistically October 1st is the The National Day of the People’s Republic of China. You can’t make this shit up, folks. That’s karma.

October 1 The NODES OF FATE are in an exact alignment

The transiting North Node, the collective’s evolutionary “True North” which moves backwards through the Zodiac every 18.6 years and considered “Fated” are responsible for creating all eclipses. The NORTH NODE is now in GEMINI since May 5, 2020 which governs the lungs, Air sign, and communications. We can see how COVID-19 is indeed a fated world-changing event.

This is a very fated time in Trump’s life. Transiting NORTH NODE, the collective’s evolutionary “True North” direction is exactly conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22 Gemini in his10th House of fame and his Natal North Node. Transiting South Node, which is collective karma is conjunct to Trump’s South Node his own personal karma and his Moon in Sagittarius!

Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius is connected to politics, foreigners, Justice, religion, and honesty. The fated Nodes and Trump’s Sun and Moon are squared by NEPTUNE planet of virus’s, self-sabotage, and secret enemies at 19 PISCES! Yikes

Transiting South Node, which is collective karma, the past what needs to be released is conjunct to Trump’s South Node in his 4th house of endings, his own personal karma and very importantly his Moon in POLITICAL Sign of Sagittarius! The Moon is always home, women, nurturing, childhood, endings, unconscious memories.

The transiting North Node on the SUN is considered positive and amplifies anyone following their true North course and usually being in favour with the prevailing winds. The North Node is called RAHU in Traditional Indian astrology the head of the Snake, and Rahu the serpent’s tail.


Trump’s North Node is conjunct to his Natal Sun indicating someone with a very expansive fated life. North Node in GEMINI is challenged to learn to communicate with others effectively. Gemini North Node people are always like children, like a big kid, they are always asking a million questions, and can be diagnosed as ADD. They are immature and never age. They change their minds constantly. Being a Devil’s’ advocate one minute then an angel the next. They can be totally in denial or unaware of what they say.
South Node in Sagittarius, the past, they can be notoriously Know it all’s. They can also back themselves into black or white concepts. They need to learn to let go of what they think they know to grow and evolve with fresh minds in this lifetime.

Libra Sun and CHIRON the Wounded Healer at 7 degrees ARIES Retrograde are opposite each other and forming a T-square to Trump’s natal MERCURY at 5 degrees Cancer. Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini-Trump’s Sun Sign + North Node and Uranus. Gemini also governs the lungs. It was bound to happen.

The Sun in LIBRA also conjunct’s Trump’s Natal NEPTUNE at 5 LIBRA and his Natal CHIRON at 7 degrees LIBRA where he is most vulnerable. Air signs indicate an airborne virus, a hidden enemy, a self-sabotaging secret.


The LORDS OF DEATH obstacles, testing, heaviness, and seniors came together January 12 at 22+ Capricorn and have been sitting opposing Trump’s Saturn at 23 and Venus at 25 Cancer since then. SATURN is now at 25 and PLUTO at 22 Capricorn plus Jupiter at 15 Capricorn. Pluto is about to Turn Direct Oct. 4 which means that Pluto is at its strongest right now and extremely intense.

A SATURN OPPOSITION is a karmic turning point. During October Pluto, the Lord of Death and Rebirth turns Direct October 4th a powerful degree at 22+ Capricorn and stays there.

Transiting JUPITER is squaring Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17 LIBRA also exact.

JUPITER SATURN and PLUTO in CAPRICORN are the YOD point or FINGER OF GOD because they are inconjunct to Trump’s SUN, NORTH NODE AND URANUS IN GEMINI and inconjunct to Trump’s MARS and Ascendant in LEO.

URANUS, planet of chaos, revolution freedom, innovation, is at 9 TAURUS squaring TRUMP’S wealth and soul, Pluto in LEO.


MARS is RETROGRADE at 24 ARIES trines to Trump’s Natal MARS in LEO on his Ascendant and trine to his SOUTH NODE and MOON in SAGITTARIUS. That will surely put out Trump’s life force and fire.

Transiting VENUS at the 29th anaretic and extremely critical degree of LEO is conjunct to Trump’s MARS in LEO and his Royal Fixed Star Regulus the Lion-Hearted Leo Ascendant. The Kiss of death?

There are other factors indicated here. SATURN entered AQUARIUS on MARCH 21, 2020 the Aries Ingress chart. The North Node was at 4 Cancer and the South node at 4 Capricorn Also Mars and Pluto were conjunct too. That configuration is the same signs as where Saturn and the Nodes were when President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

There were also Martin Luther King protests across the 1963 just like the Black Lives Matter protests going on now. Trump will not necessarily be assassinated but the party changes. Saturn and JUPITER planet of forward-thinking expansive, revolution equality for all, will meet December 21, 2020, at 0 Aquarius ushering in a new Aquarian age. But the real Aquarian Age which also can be totally dictatorial and dystopian will really start when PLUTO enters AQUARIUS initially on March 23, 2023 and finally on November 19/20, 2024 until January 19/20, 2044

There is so many very heavy life-threatening transits going on for Trump that he may be totally incapacitated. He is such a strong man that I do not think he will die. But his health will throw another wrench into the election.

We know that Mercury will turn Retrograde October 13 in Scorpio slowing down al debates, communications, and information. MERCURY STATIONS direct on November 3rd election day at 25 LIBRA squaring Trump’s VENUS and SATURN in CANCER. But Mercury Trump’s ruling planet also makes positive aspects to his Mars in LEO, Moon in SAGITTARIUS, and his NATAL GEMINI planets. This promises chaos, recounts, and delays anyways.

These aspects show a karmic challenge in Trump’s life and career.

BUT there is more! The final and ONLY SOLAR ECLIPSE of 2020, also certainly karmic is at 23+ SAGITTARIUS on Trump’s MOON, opposing his GEMINI SUN and the NODES OF FATE again. TRUMP was born on a LUNAR ECLIPSE and while this is opposite, a Solar Eclipse raises energy and consciousness and quite possibly resurrects Donald Trump from the dead. JUPITER and SATURN will be travelling through Trump’s 6th House of HEALTH all through 2021 and they bring benefits.

There is more than meets the eye here. Stay tuned. “May you live in interesting times”. We signed up for this.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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September 7-13 weekly Horoscopes

September 7- 13

Overview of main planetary aspects for this week and Moon’s positon


you are impacted the MOST with MARS Retrograde prepare to retreat in the battle and go inwards.


get lotsa benefits this week.


you get challenging aspects this week from Chiron the wounded Healer in ARIES on the 10th, talk about feeling vulnerable and from URANUS in TAURUS on the 12th 

CANCER  the MOON is in your sign 11th-13th enjoy it.

LEO the 9th benefits you with the physical tangible blessings

VIRGO- the trine to JUPITER  from the SUN on the 9th is especially healing, expansive and uplifting.

LIBRA- the 11th opposition from the SUN to NEPTUNE your higher octave can bring insights, health, and spiritual insights,  On the 13th It’s easy to be generous to others who are wounded.


get ready for 2 + months of interior reconnaissance. As you like to be secretive the MArs RETROGRADE Will feel more natural to you than to ARIES.


SUN trine JUPITER is beneficial and grounding. JUPITER turns DIRECT on the 12th for the first time since May 14. Your energy will perk up and travelling is on the agenda hopefully.


On the 9th Jupiter Sun trine benefits big time. 


Venus is in LEO on the 13th a trine to CHIRON can heal a broken heart,



Is extremely balancing. Pay attention to your digestion, budget, health matters and staying grounded. 

Moon is in earthy, sensuous TAURUS


-very positive benefits


MOON into Airy communicator GEMINI @2:28 pm PDT/5:28 pm EDT/ 9:28 pm GMT


-great earthy goodness  ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF THE YEAR




-defensiveness rebalance

SEPT. 11 MOON enters CANCER 4:23 am EDT

The SIGN of America’s Sun. This will be a very heartfelt emotional, sentimental, family day for the 19th Anniversary of 9/11.


A DAY OF FORGIVENESS AND COMPASSION Do be careful of taking any drugs alcohol or medication during this time. I will do a video or write more on this soon.


-freedom versus attachments


-abundance can start to flow

Sept. 13 Moon enters fiery proud dramatic LEO

@ 8:32 am PDT/ 11:32 am EDT/3:32 pm GMT


-love conquers all fears

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Romance and sex, Power Weekend horoscope

August 21-23

The Libra ♎️ Moon brings romance and puts socializing front and center. Everyone wants to appear nice under Libra’s umbrella. Libra is a Cardinal initiatory Air sign which is all about relationships, seeking peace, Grace, counselling, justice and communicating.

Libra desperately needs others’ opinions and seeks social status. Libra rules the fashion and beauty industries, lawyers and social media. Traditionally Libra is associated with the sign of marriage and all committed relationships and all “others.” It’s easy to get lost in a romantic haze especially with Moon squaring Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn. The way to another’s heart is through their stomach.

Libra Moon makes us feel more indecisive. You will weigh out both options endlessly and think and talk about it until the cows come home. Peacekeeping and being a go-between in the Drama should come up at this time.

Plan a gathering, a small dinner party with social distancing of course because Libra can’t stand to be alone. If that’s not possible spend Saturday on Zoom, connecting with friends and family or on dating apps to meet up with a new significant other.

Aries ♈️ Cancer♋️ and Capricorn ♑️ get the biggest social boost along with ♎️ Libra.

Sun enters earthy Virgo ♍️August 22 @ 8:45 am PDT, 11:46 am EDT, 3:46 pm GMT

Virgo ♍️ it’s your time! It’s the beginning of the harvest! Virgo is the Goddess’s great mother Demeter/Ceres. It’s time to reap what you have sown. While official autumn is still a month away, on September 22 this year. Virgo gets us to put our thinking caps on, get organized, disciplined, accountable, working diligently and watching our diets and pocketbooks.

The Libra moon is Inconjunct Neptune in Pisces ♓️ skewing our idealism and

a very hard squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn and opposing Mars in Aries ♈️ and square Saturn in Capricorn

This is one of the most difficult challenging aspects to long term goals and impulsive rash actions. Falling in love, at first sight, can lead to big problems later.

Mars and Saturn have the rep for being the heardest of planets and they are each in their own signs. Libra can play it cool so maintain grace under pressure.

ARIES, SCORPIO ruled by Mars, and CAPRICORN AQUARIUS ruled by SATURN will feel this tension like driving with the brakes on fiercely.  Watch out for long-suppressed anger which can boil over out of control in an instant.

August 23

Moon into sexy Scorpio ♏️ @ 3:16 am PDT, 6:16 am EDT, 11:16 am GMT

This is the most intensely passionate sexual, obsessive power-hungry, secretive, turned on few days of the month

Scorpio brings up the deepest darkest shadows, unconscious jealousy, the need to control, anger and vindictiveness. Watch your dreams under a Scorpio moon for spotting your own shadows and doing the work.

Moon makes lovely sextiles to the Virgo hygiene crazy Sun and Mercury in Virgo. This amps up a Virgo/ Scorpio vibe connection.

Mercury in Virgo it’s home enhances crisp concise intellectual communication. Books and info are a turn on too.

Scorpio ♏️ Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus in PDT/ aug 24 EDT and GMT

This will put some kink into your routine for sure. Scorpios is all about the latest sex toys, robotic sex or what have you now. Expect the unexpected and you won’t be caught if guard. And of course, a Scorpio never is.

Use the intense Scorpio desire energy on any way you want.

Capricorn and Virgo get East benefits from the moon.

Fixed signs Taurus, Leo Scorpio and Aquarius get pushed to act out their desires or keep them secreted away, turned on in the private phantasy world of the psyche.

Writing, doing a Marie Kondo obsessive cleaning or focusing on what your soul really wants is a good use of Scorpio energy. It’s a mop of transformation.

Arguments tend to boil over under Scorpio moon, be careful of who you trigger.

Remember that others are a mirror of your own inner self too.

Please share widely all content us copyright of Tara Greene.

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