Read between the lines Astrology

There are a couple of major major planetary aspects today an inconjunct and a conjunction. Plus two major planetary conjunctions on the 19th. Sorry i was late with this computers been acting up.

Today August 18

Moon enters CAPRICORN August 18 until August 20. Wherever the moon is it’s what everyone is feeling. Earth sign Capricorn is grounded, responsible, mature, long-term goal focussed, career-oriented and not expressing too much emotion.


is a double whammy of energy, passion, drive and Intellect trying to avoid the spiritual woundedness and vulnerability. Avoiding those punches. Watch what you deflect from.

MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS IN VIRGO at 12+ degrees at 8:28 pm PDT/11:28 pm EDT

Mercury in Virgo is in his element, Mars in Virgo is not so strong but not undignified. This is a razor sharp wit and criticism,

August 19 at 3:28 am GMT

It’s not hard to read between the lines today.

October 9: Mercury-Mars conjunction in Libra

Where you can talk about your relationships and all the sex forever. Mars is weak in Libra.

November 10: Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio

Where you can have incredible sexting and heady intellectual sexual encounters too.

Angry, irritable, impatient, perfectionism, nitpicky, nothing is good enough, and very bad tummy and digestive issues. I SURE FELT THAT.

It’s good energy to use to go over anything with a fine tooth comb. Accountants, editors, health professionals, dieticians, pharmaceuticals, all benefit from this energy.

MERCURY and MARS have two more conjunctions

October 9 With Mercury RETROGRADE in Libra at 16 degrees where Mars is weaker

November 10: Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio at 7 degrees and Mars rules Scorpio

A passionate idea or new work project started now will be back at the drawing board in October and more fully fleshed out in November ready to move forwards again in 3 months.

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Thinking about freedom and revolution

Mercury at 28 degrees Leo, the most critical of Leo’s sovereign degrees, Position of “Fixed Star” Regulus, archangel Rachael’s star now at 0 Virgo is Opposite Jupiter Rx in Aquarius. This aspect has us thinking and talking about our collective freedoms.

Freedom is a basic right for all. We must look around and see tyranny as our freedom to travel, go where we want and do what we want when we want have being taken away suddenly. We are left on a place of unknowing if not being able to plan or to live our lives freely. This is an unprecedented attack on humanity collectively, never before possible because of our one world hi-tech linked internet. Totalitarian regimes have used propaganda before but they never had the tools and hi tech resources to collectively knee-cap everyone at once. I don’t care what “the cause” is or the price. Everyone has to die at one time or another. Elderly people have always been more likely to die of the flu. Western American culture does not respect or care for the elderly anyways. Nor do they truly care for children either and most especially America’s health care is non-existent. The Jupitarian joke in this is that the CDC in US cares for its citizens. It’s not just in the US. Australia continues to have the worst lockdowns. They’re already telling you about some new strain you know there will be continuous lockdowns. Once freedom is restricted you aren’t likely to get it back

Mercury will enter Virgo later on the 11th, it’s home sign, where the revolutionary plans, details budget and laying out of all the hard work Co-ordination, community efforts focussed discipline and determination, co-ordinated through selective social media with a expansive Jupiter freedom Lover and truth seeker leads the way.

Venus in Virgo sharpens our minds, our strategies, we are focussed on getting the job done. Jupiter opposition on Aquarius brings optimism trust and hope. Even if things look dire Jupiter’s jovial rebound energy will kick in. Enjoy this aspect, let it sharpen your wit, a much needed thing these days.

If you have planets at the 28-29/30 degrees of Virgo and Aquarius you’ll feel this strongest.

Planets/ points at latter degrees of Pisces and Leo also get the opposition.

Latter degrees Sagittarius and Taurus are squared by this.

Take note literally. Journaling reflecting and harvesting are all

Mercury in Virgo passions. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. Http://Tara Greene Tarot Astrology Psychic Consultant

Rare Venus Mars Leo Royal Wedding and Soul Mate attraction time

Solstice, Summer season ahead Astrology

Summer solstice 2021 Astrology Tara Greene

Summer Solstice 2021 Astrology

Watch summer solstice astrology reading 


I have a northern hemisphere bias but the energies of the planets ring true no matter if you are North or South.


promising a deeply emotional soul searching and transformative quarter year ahead. The moon trines Jupiter earlier in the day so stay aware of your psychic impressions.

SCORPIO MOON squares Mars in LEO

SCORPIO MOON squares Mars in LEO summer astrology. An obsessive dramatic time of emotional battles and fights to the death on many levels. Scorpio LEO is very dramatic, strong-willed, a Lionhearted King, warrior, someone who defends their turf and passion


We are doing the backstroke from 2 degrees Cancer back into  Aquarius July 28 until October16 where Jupiter stations at 22 degrees 20′ Aquarius which is where it was on March 26/27. That’s a rewind of over 6 months. Both the Summer and Autumn Equinox has Jupiter Retrograde we will feel like we may be spinning our wheels. We will have to pick up our stitches from there before moving on to 2 degrees Pisces in January 9/10 2022. Addictions, debt, inflation, deflated expectations, projections, rehab and VIRUSES are all part of Jupiter in PISCES. 

JUPITER Retrograde in  AQUARIUS IS a RE-revolution 

NEPTUNE is virtually standstill turning Retrograde June 25, a power point at 23 degrees 12′. We will rehash our dreams until December 1 when Neptune station at 20 degrees 24′ PISCES. Look at where this is in your natal chart. Rehab, redream, redirect, revisit, reflect, reinvent all your dreams. 

Here is the Sabian Symbol of the Sun at 1 degree Cancer on the solstice, we always round up to the next degree.

Cancer 1. Rainbows slowly moving across a white wall. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Dialing God, Expansive Intelligence/Fruition)

You have the ability to block out everything you don’t want to look at, and then project onto your reality your own conceptions. When these conceptions are spiritually inspired, you are able to shift reality into a higher vibration. You need to beware, though, of being too much in denial of the challenges and discords of life.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A potter at work.” The white wall is the perfect background on which to clearly see the colors of the rainbows, and likewise the potter is creating vessels which can hold whatever needs to be saved, contained, or protected. This degree seeks to apply itself to tasks that require concentration and focus and also to create environments which can hold and nurture whatever it finds to be of ultimate value. The contrast between the etherial qualties of the colors on the wall versus the tangible and highly physical forming of clay signifies the meeting of both spiritual and physical in this degree’s impulse to protect and support.

Pleiadian Symbol: On a passing boat a flag continually changing its colors and patterns.

Azoth Symbol: Words seen for an instant on a leaf that suddenly blows away.

Seed degree: 4 Aries. A man destroying a wall as he attempts to eradicate black mold from a house. (Omega Symbol). Breaking down barriers and clearing away the detritus of the past leaves the consciousness free to experience imaginative possibilities.

A cup overflowing with clear water. (Chandra Symbol). Experiencing the gushing of feeling, we seek to form vessels to give it form and store it.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 8. A rare type of honey imbued with magical healing powers. (Omega Symbol). To be receptive to all the colors of the spiritul light is to find a food that can restore harmony.

A vast junkyard. (Chandra Symbol). To fashion vessels to hold what is valuable leaves us with what is left over – life’s trash – which we seek to collect together so that it is out of our way.


The smoothness of a white wall invites illusion. Unmarred, it holds shadows up, so that we may see them more clearly, and allow them to live out their lives as they wax, wane, and change shape in the changing light. Or rainbows may appear and slowly stretch out, as they move over the white, becoming long, like the tails of comets. The light gives us time to take in its colors, to see the seamless, imperceptible way they are born of each other, each one a fire, whose delight is to travel, searching for eyes.

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Jupiter in Pisces Horoscopes Good Luck cycles

Have you ever had a period or stretch of good luck where everything seemed to flow? In astrology that streak of luck comes from the Benefic planet Jupiter.

Every 11 to 12 years Jupiter travels through a sign bringing benefits to that particular sign and also to everyone as it passes through that sign in the natal chart. This will be different for each person Depending on where Pisces is in your natal chart.

Jupiter is now in Pisces May 13/14 to July 28 and December 28/29 for most of 2022. Jupiter brings spiritual blessings and creativity, compassion, angelic encounters, telepathic merging with the all, lucid dreams and positive spiritual connections.

Track when Jupiter travelled through Pisces in the past to Look back at what was happening in your life.

Last times Jupiter was in Pisces .

January 17 to June 6, 2010, September 9, 2010 to January 22, 2011.

February 4,1998 to February 12,1999.

February 20, 1986 to March 2, 1987.

March 8, 1974 to March 18 1975.

March 25, 1962 to April 3, 1963.

April 15, 1950 to sept 14, 1950, December 1, 1950 -April 21, 1951.

May 14, 1938 to July 29, 1938. December 29, 1938 to May 11, 1939.

If you were born during these times you are having a Jupiter return year.

So enjoy this time and make the most of it.

Jupiter in Pisces has a different meaning for each sign. Based on sun signs and solar whole houses.

If you know your Moon and rising sign look these up too.

Jupiter in Pisces horoscopes

ARIES ♈️ Jupiter in your 12th house

This is Pisces ♓️ naturally sign and related house placement it naturally strengthens Jupiter’s angel on your shoulder luck. You are prone to take risks and like to live dangerously and Jupiter will protect you, just don’t take it for granted. Your dreams and inner imagination are activated. You will he happy bring more reclusive and working behind the scenes as you are incubating stuff for 2022-2023 when Jupiter transits Aries. Consider this a creative dress rehearsal of dreams.

TAURUS ♉️ Jupiter in 11th House

Expand your network, networking and tech skills. This house was traditional the house of wishes hopes and dreams. I just synched in and watched Field of Dreams. Build it and they will come. Watch the film if you haven’t seen it or it’s been a long time. Pay attention to dreams and hunches. Humanitarian and working with non-profits is beneficial. Reinvent your spiritual side.

Gemini ♊️ Jupiter in 10th House

This is expansive for your career and public reputation. What is your dream job? Visualize, map it out. What tools do you need to get there? Jupiter opens doors, bring financial backing, and attracts powerful people who are spiritual teachers and mentors. Seek these out. Improve your educational skills. Jupiter is the spiritual teacher and preacher you may be preaching a brand. Study and practice a spiritual and physically beneficial practice. Yoga, or Chi Kung , or anything “exotic.” Non profit jobs and being transparent honest and giving back us the way to go. Rely on your Intuition not just your logic. Bring near water is good.

Cancer ♋️ Jupiter in your 9th House

Jupiter blesses you with a trine. Teaching, publishing, speaking out for civic justice, or for any political cause is what’s drawing you during this time. Put your energy into protecting children, women, supporting homeless shelters, and food banks. If you want to return to university or take courses this is the time to do it. Travel is beckoning you. A good time to Adopt or foster pets or get one. You will be feeling more optimistic.

Leo ♌️ Jupiter in your 8th House

Jupiter will take you into financial wealth through investing in creative, imaginative, things that benefit everyone. Be a philanthropist and help in the ways you can. This is the house of death and rebirth there may be spiritual ego deaths and rebirths. Pay attention to your dreams. Be more conscious of what is motivating you. Inheritance and big gifts can come. Buy lottery tickets but beware of being overinflated. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Deep sexual and spiritually transformative experiences are to be had.

Virgo ♍️ Jupiter in your 7th house

Be prepared for lots of love and relationships. Are you ready for it? Your rational side will be balanced our with a curiosity to learn about “the other side.” You may feel disoriented and a Bit lost by the new feelings of psychic awareness. This transit will double up your desire to work hard in service to others. Watch your immune system as Pisces is the sign of viruses.

To be continued with Libra ♎️ to Pisces ♓️

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May The 4th Be With You

 Moon enters Pisces

Things are relatively simple today.
It’s Mars ruled Tuesday.
The detached Aquarius moon square Venus in stubborn, sensual Taurus, which may rub her the wrong way. Don’t do that always rub Venus the right way.
Moon conjunct Jupiter moving into latter degrees.
You will feel that nerdy Star Trek meme today for sure.
Moon is Void of Course at 8:05 pm EDT.
There’s a couple of hours in the void between signs. A good time to meditate.
Moon sails into Pisces at 10:08 pm
Until the 7th we are inundated with spirituality, sensitivity, Psychic energy, dreams, overcome by our unconscious, compassion, our addictions, escapism, creativity and imagination. Get into the zone.
The Pisces Moon squares off with Mercury in Gemini
This aspect In PDT is good for debating, writing, pitching a dream, being Empathic with others.
The 5th us also relatively quiet.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.
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Weekly Tarot cards April 12-18

Tarot Card Horoscopes for April 12-18 THE MUSE TAROT DECK

Please read the card for your Sign. If you know your MOON and Rising sign you can use the card for those that apply too.




With the ARIES overload going on right now the Number four tells you to stay grounded. This is a new foundation that you are building and its crucial to get it right. As you build later everything depends on this foundation now. Remember to use the 4 elements in everything you do to stay balanced. Fire, Earth, Aire Water.Our bodies are made up of the 4 elements too.


TAURUS rules the throat and the body and our senses. This is a new Beginning an idea, a spark from the Aries Overload at the NEW MOON, What new thoughts, ideas, communincations do you wish to start. Humm like a bee. Do sounding and vibrationg and toning. Write down new inspirations and mull over them.


This is perfectly in synch because the MAGICIAN is the planet MERCURY your Ruling planet. SO much to talk think about to do, to initiate with all this Aries energy supporting you. Work your Magic Gemini. Your mind and intention creates everything. What new magic tricks do you have up your sleeve. Be careful not to let your mind trick you.


This card CANCER is like 10 flames to keep the homes fires burning. Your imagination and inspiration may have peaked or be exhausted by all that ARIES energy pressuring you. The 10’s symbolize ending and fullfiment. Be careful not to get too fired up.



Of course this is a perfect synchronicity. Own your own part in loving the drama. Are you stewing in excessive drama these days? So many of us are going through hard times, losses, grieving, loneliness. If you are, know that tears and grief wash away the soul and make things clean again.


Virgo the STRENGTH card is literal. If you’re feeling tires and burnt out by all the ARIES energies get some strength from this. Take whatever strength you need from the Lion/Lioness the most courageous, and the strongest defender of her cubs. You can extend this metaphor into all of those you serve and protect nurse and nurture. Eat what makes you feel strong, and do what you need to get your courage and passion up again.


LIBRA this is also in synch. The EMPRESS is your ruling planet VENUS. The Major Arcana of Love, The EMPRESS heightens your lover attraction, vibes, your beauty and creativity and invokes even more of it. VENUS enters TAURUS pm the 14th where she is on her other sign which benefits you too. Notice anything about this EMPRESS? Is she #2 or #3?


The water element suits your emotional deep nature perfectly. The two’s are about balance. In this deck the image is of synchronized swimmers. There can be a new coupling coming into your life and a note to synch yourself in motion and emotion with your partner or those around you. Sink or swim.



Sagittarius your firey nature is turned on by the ARIES overload. You are full of inspirations, PAy attention to the beautiful rainbow cloud in the image. A magical message is coming from spirit. Pay attention to your dreams says the black cat familiar. Spend time in nature and let your spirit free.


This Major Arcana is not associated with any planets traditionally but modern Tarologists associate PLUTO to it and that works perfectly as Pluto is in Capricorn and ripping up a lot of your values, relationships, health, families whatever it takes to make your self-identity and soul die and be reborn and awaken that’s what is going on. Keep waking up.


This is about balancing all your needs, chakras and body on the physical plane. You need to get grounded. The sevens always have to do with cycles. Tune into what your body needs when and see if you can follow your cyclical needs. Also is a victory lap in order for a financial success or windfall? Stay tuned this week for word.


The ARIES energies impact you in your 12th house of the unconscious. There are many brands in the fire so to speak. Sit with your creative and spiritual inspirations and radiact the energies out to others. Own what you know don’t be shy. Ancient Egyptian past life memories may be calling to you. Know you were a Queen in a past life and live life regally now.

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March 18 Card of the Day



there is both the astrology and a tarot card of the day from THE MUSE TAROT

Were under a TAURUS beefy sensuous moon and nice aspects and VENUS sextile PLUTO

All the planets are aligned on 1/2 of the zodiac with the NODES at 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS/ GEMINI. Things are very unbalanced.

which is a very sensuous sexual magical flirty- VENUS was the goddess of SEX and LOVE and she’s trying to seduce PLUTO LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD. He can’t resist if she wears her infamous girdle. 




Sunday socializing tea time

After the Virgo Full Moon, although energetically still in effect. The Moon/ Neptune in Pisces ♓️ opposition trine Pluto in Capricorn ♑️ should bring on very sexually intense dreams. Shadow dream figures may haunt you too. Practice being awake in lucid dreaming can make those scary wraiths disappear.

Moon trines Mars in Taurus ♉️ conjunct Algol in the morning. You may project a fearsome Medusa aspect into a woman whose power and stubbornness you fear. take note of that.

Moon enters Libra ♎️ 2:17 pm EST

We’re into sociable, nice, trying to find a balance energy. I know do many young people hate on Libra right now. But Libra ♎️ sees both sides of the equation. We need the ability to listen and interpret the way others see things too.

Relationships and conversations may be difficult as the Libra moon Quincunx 150 degree aspect- to Venus in Pisces ♓️ in the evening. Try to talk nice to psychic vampires.

Moon opposes Chiron in Aries ♈️ in PST / March 1in EST and GMT

Vulnerability is a bridge built to facilitate healing. Only the strongest can be truly vulnerable.

Moon quincunx Uranus in Taurus

Stubbornness gets you no points if you’re trying to Make relationships work. in PST/ March 1 pm EST and GMT

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Virgo Full Moon magic live Special

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We will go full-on Virgo topics. Everything that we have been concerned about for the past year since Covid-19 pertains to Virgo-health, our work, budget, pets, worry, community, services, our digestion, and being enforced, hermits. In the Tarot the Virgo Major Arcana is #9 The Hermit. This is more of an interactive circle than the last full or new moons. This is an experiential shared Magic ritual and community. Even if you are not a Virgo every one has Virgo somewhere in their astrology charts.

A guided meditation to get grounded into the powerful earth energies from Mars and Pluto and to receive messages from the Virgin Goddess of this sign Herself.

I will touch on Astrology and you can bring your astrology charts. there will be Q & A.

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