Easter Weekend Astrology

The Moon enters SCORPIO on GOOD FRIDAY until April 9 morning. Perfect synchronicity with Jesus story of death and resurrection.

A lovely aspect April 7

VENUS in TAURUS sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES at 1:58 pm EDT

Both planets in their ruling signs, Neptune the higher octave of Venus this is a lovely lovely idealistic romantic aspect. It will have you sailing on the clouds and dreaming of your soul mate. Watch your intake of alcohol or any drugs, you will be high naturally on the planetary energies.

April 7/8

Mercury sextile MARS in CANCER April 7 at 11:29 pm PDT/ April 8 at 2:29 am EDT THis aspect can bring out family arguments, stubborness and upset tummies. Be careful not to get into passive agressive issues.

INCONJUNCTS ALL DAY -watch out for back handed compliments

The deep emotionally intense Scorpio Moon inconjunct CHIRON in ARIES

the SUN and JUPITER thorughout the day. This is a curve ball from left field which can have you shook. Inconjuncts are blind spots and shadow like qualities. An emotional whallop can leave us blindsded by jealousy, callousness and competitive ego trouncing. You may have to use your ARIES Armour to protect yourself.

At the end of Saturday a lovely romantic forgivng SCORPIO MOON trine NEPTUNE in SCORPIO is great for deep dreaming, psychic connecting and hatching inspirational emotional awakeneings. The aspect is also on Easter Sunday in EDT


Moon opposes VENUS in TAURUS in the wee hours. This can be very sexy sensuous dreams. You could dream of buried treasure and gifts.

MOON enters UPBEAT fiery SAGITTARIUS at 8:57 am EDT


offbeat ideas conversation and way out there humour.

Moon squares SATURN in PISCES at 3:21 pm addictons, projections, ideals, philisophiy, adventures, laughs can be sentimental on a traditional family gathering day.

Moon inconjuncts borh Mars in CANCER and MERCURY in TAURUS in PDT/ April 10 in EDT and GMT the upbeat oh so honest SAGITTARIUS NAIVE moon may unwittingly hurt a family member, a mother, or child, then gey stubborn and back themselves into a corner. Luckily sagittarius good humour can find a humours way out of the debacle.

Please have a safe holiday weekend, Spring is beginnning in the northern hemisphere.

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February Aquarius Revolutionary times

February Astrology

There will be A SUPER STELLIUM of AQUARIUS PLANETS for most of the month. AQUARIANS this is your time to shine in the sun.

SUN, Moon, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all in AQUARIUS for the early part of the Month until SUN enters PISCES on the 18th.

Bring the revolutionary ch-ch-ch-changes into the world.  Major political disruptions, and fast changes from old power structures. Look to all Cryptocurrencies, those Redditors changing up the Stock Market. POWER to the PEOPLE.

Remember Jupiter is in Aquarius for most of 2021 and SATURN continues to bring real Aquarius major tech and political revolutions into our everyday lives until 2023.

Things are very winds of change and AIRY, in our heads. Remember that all the signs except for the Moon are all in 1/2 of the Zodiac a very rare condition. The planets are imbalanced and the need to stay grounded is paramount.

The 1st of 2021’s Major Astrology aspects of SATURN in AQUARIUS squares URANUS in TAURUS occurs February 17.  Both planets rule AQUARIUS in Traditional and Modern Astrology so they are working together in the battle between the Old Saturn structure and the New innovative Aquarian energies.

ALL FIXED sign energies are featured this month. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

LOVE in the month of VALENTINE’S

VENUS In AQUARIUS and MARS in TAURUS are in a type of Mutual Reception until February 25. Mars is in Venus’ home daytime sign of Taurus and Venus in Aquarius now is governed by modern planet Uranus in Taurus so they, are in each other’s signs. Which means they get each other, they are very sympathetic, understanding and supporting each other. This is good energy for all relationships. But especially for Aquarius and Taurus and benefits Leo and Scorpio Too.


          Venus enters AQUARIUS- give those Aqua’s the love.

Feb 5/6 VENUS conjunct SATURN in AQUARIUS – serious Aquarius Love & limits

             VENUS in AQUARIUS sextile CHIRON in ARIES-someone’s hurting.

             VENUS square URANUS in TAURUS-love and $ disruptions

Feb. 8 SUN conjunct MERCURY RETROGRADE in AQUARIUS -resurrect old ideas.

Feb. 9 SATURN sextile CHIRON in ARIES-easy

Feb. 10 MERCURY RETRO square MARS in TAURUS -old lovers return?


Feb. 11 VENUS conjunct JUPITER in AQUARIUS

And CHINESE NEW YEAR of OX VENUS JUPITER expand Aquarian Revolutionary fervor this is not what China wants. Millions of Chinese are leaving Hong Kong to go to the U.K.


Feb. 13 Mars in TAURUS sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES- dreamy


Feb. 17 SATURN square URANUS in TAURUS -tension this is the 1st of three major aspects this year.

Feb. 18 SUN enters PISCES Its dreamy compassionate spiritual psychic time.

Feb. 19 VENUS in AQUARIUS square MARS in TAURUS- sexual tension

February 20: Ceres into Aries a new cycle

Feb. 20/21 MERCURY turns direct at 11+ AQUARIUS-it will take time for Mercury communications to get fully functional again.


Feb.25 VENUS enters PISCES – romance for Pisces dreaming big, love addictions beware.

             SUN sextile URANUS in TAURUS- say you want a revolution?

Feb. 27 FULL MOON in VIRGO at 8 degrees gets us grounded.

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Mars in Cancer square URANUS, more than an upset tummy

It’s a fiery Sunday. The Aries Moon amps up our energy to start new things. Use the red hot spontaneous combustion energy wisely. Be careful around your home, kitchen with children, around BBQ’s, or any dangerous materials.  Especially as we are leading up to a MARS square to URANUS on the 17th @ 28 degrees.


EARTHQUAKES, fires, volcanic explosions, hurricane, tsunami’s, floods, YELLOWSTONE EXPLOSION warnings. Terrorist attacks and fights, gun battles and unexpected attacks are to be expected. The weather may see very high temperatures and humidity, with more deaths from drowning, flooding and heat spiking. 

Mars in CANCER is not the best element for the warrior God to be able to express his machismo in. He is not comfortable submerged in the traditionally, most feminine and maternal of all signs. The warrior is at home but not comfortable there. He is defending his feelings. He doesn’t want to feel dependent, sentimental or his real need to be loved and nurtured.  This type of MARS in CANCER is dominated by the mother, a mama’s boy. He is overly macho and sexist like a president we all know of. 

MARS in CANCER- pedophiles

On another level this aspect is literally about sex- that’s what Mars is, and the rape and sexual abuse of children. Cancer represents the unconscious feelings and memories that have been buried because they hurt too much. Mars in Cancer is that soldiering and stiff upper lip defending our emotions. 

Mars in CANCER square URANUS in ARIES

symbolizes even more SHOCKING and awe revelations of pedophilia, sexual abuse, kinky weird sex and torture of the innocent. Uranus is a HIGHER place, those in power are predators and they can feed on the weak and helpless. The VATICAN had to stop a gay sex orgy, you heard about that one right. Pizzagate is not a conspiracy theory. Sex trafficking and the dark web, a URANUS ruled thing, is used for precisely this kind of thing.  Expect new shockwaves to hit the news. 

There may be a RUDE AWAKENING for not only men, as this aspect triggers long repressed childhood anger and emotions. This can provoke further backlash against women.


The wild crazy planet which orbits at 90 degrees, has been pushing the hi-tech, freedom, chaotic revolutionary button since it first entered the first sign, governed by MARS from May 27, 2010-August 13, 2010 then from March 11, 2011- May 15, 2018. We have only 10 months left of the wild ride left.  The last time URANUS was in ARIES was from 1927 to 1935 when the Great Stock Market Crash happened in the U.S. and the Great Depression took place all over the world. It was also the beginnings of Fascism and Hitler’s take over of Germany. 

This square is an interesting one as Mars governs URANUS’ in Aries as the sign ruler. 

URANUS is a  sudden revelation, a shock and awe sort of planet and mentality. ” The term Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance) is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.” – from Wikipedia.


It is an AIR Sign and is related to thinking. While writing this article, I went searching for a title or an idea to tie into this Mars-Uranus energy. Through pure synchronicity I went from FB to a story about the #7 significance as we are approaching 7/17/17 on MONDAY. This led to the story of Inanna, which led me to a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm, which I’d never heard from before called The Devil’s Sooty Brother, which I thought was a great title. 

The gist of that story is relevant here. What Uranus and Mars in square means is to learn to see the world differently, and to trust your instincts.  

The soldier, macho warrior, Divine masculine energy is being coddled, soothed and cleansed in Cancer. He is being changed, revolutionized and capable of bringing in higher consciousness in its best aspects. This is what we hope for.

Mars in Cancer, tummy upsets

BEWARE of tummy upsets big time. Stock up on PEPTO BISMOL

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