Thinking about freedom and revolution

Mercury at 28 degrees Leo, the most critical of Leo’s sovereign degrees, Position of “Fixed Star” Regulus, archangel Rachael’s star now at 0 Virgo is Opposite Jupiter Rx in Aquarius. This aspect has us thinking and talking about our collective freedoms.

Freedom is a basic right for all. We must look around and see tyranny as our freedom to travel, go where we want and do what we want when we want have being taken away suddenly. We are left on a place of unknowing if not being able to plan or to live our lives freely. This is an unprecedented attack on humanity collectively, never before possible because of our one world hi-tech linked internet. Totalitarian regimes have used propaganda before but they never had the tools and hi tech resources to collectively knee-cap everyone at once. I don’t care what “the cause” is or the price. Everyone has to die at one time or another. Elderly people have always been more likely to die of the flu. Western American culture does not respect or care for the elderly anyways. Nor do they truly care for children either and most especially America’s health care is non-existent. The Jupitarian joke in this is that the CDC in US cares for its citizens. It’s not just in the US. Australia continues to have the worst lockdowns. They’re already telling you about some new strain you know there will be continuous lockdowns. Once freedom is restricted you aren’t likely to get it back

Mercury will enter Virgo later on the 11th, it’s home sign, where the revolutionary plans, details budget and laying out of all the hard work Co-ordination, community efforts focussed discipline and determination, co-ordinated through selective social media with a expansive Jupiter freedom Lover and truth seeker leads the way.

Venus in Virgo sharpens our minds, our strategies, we are focussed on getting the job done. Jupiter opposition on Aquarius brings optimism trust and hope. Even if things look dire Jupiter’s jovial rebound energy will kick in. Enjoy this aspect, let it sharpen your wit, a much needed thing these days.

If you have planets at the 28-29/30 degrees of Virgo and Aquarius you’ll feel this strongest.

Planets/ points at latter degrees of Pisces and Leo also get the opposition.

Latter degrees Sagittarius and Taurus are squared by this.

Take note literally. Journaling reflecting and harvesting are all

Mercury in Virgo passions. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. Http://Tara Greene Tarot Astrology Psychic Consultant

Rare Venus Mars Leo Royal Wedding and Soul Mate attraction time

Green tech revolution astrology

CERES conjunct URANUS in TAURUS at 12 degrees 

Ceres, dwarf planet, Great Mother, Demeter to the Greeks, Mother Earth personified, conjoins Planet Uranus at 12 degrees Taurus. Uranus is the planet of hi-tech, AI, robots, Microchips, GMO, cryptocurrency, cloned meat, radical changes, chaos, inventions. This is literally Necessity is the Mother of Invention. This is a herbalist versus modern medicine Green Witch, kitchen witch revolution.

I was initiated a green witch by Susun Weed at her Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, NY in 2987. This can be a high tech green energy revolutionary marriage union.

this is A good omen and augurs Revolutionary green Bitcoin, earth renewal, and freedom for mothers, and caregivers of children, and back to nature organic food. Ceres rules the harvest. Taurus is beef, its Time to change your diet to plant based and to feed cows naturally to avoid mad cow disease.

The flipside is of course danger of buying into the Monsanto, Cloned meat, AI robotic, microchipped, transhumanist world. There are some people who want this and want to believe they can be immortal and upload their consciousness to a computer. GREAT MOTHER CERES not growing any more food. Cancel culture on Mother Nature.

Another way of looking at this is what the beef with bitcoin? I’m taking the high road with this one. Beware hi-tech raping the earth and your body too.

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Tarot Card of the day June 8

June 5 Mars Pluto opposition Red Alert

Things are looking up

I’m still recovering from the Scorpio Super Full Moon and Pluto turning Retrograde too at 26 degrees Capricorn and i don’t have any planets that late in Cardinal signs. Aries Cancer Libra or Capricorn. But the Full Moon was in my 12th house super activating my dreams and channeling. I am working with earth dragons these days.

How was that old devil moon for you?

The Moon shifts from Scorpio on Wednesday Mercury’s day and things look up as the Moon enters SAGITTARIUS at 11:42 am EDT no the 28th which is Jupiter’s day.

You will feel the mood shift to more optimistic active inspired and good humored.The Centaurian archer aims higher to inspire.

The moon continues its travelling man honest journey on the 29th.

The only planetary aspect is MERCURY in TAURUS where our minds and our bodies are connected as one a good thing and

MERCURY sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES april 29 at 10:27 pm EDT

a very dreamy sensuous, poetic, idealistic, but practical dreaming aspect. Think about what it would feel like to live your dreams. This is how you attract when you want.


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Weekly Tarot cards April 12-18

Tarot Card Horoscopes for April 12-18 THE MUSE TAROT DECK

Please read the card for your Sign. If you know your MOON and Rising sign you can use the card for those that apply too.




With the ARIES overload going on right now the Number four tells you to stay grounded. This is a new foundation that you are building and its crucial to get it right. As you build later everything depends on this foundation now. Remember to use the 4 elements in everything you do to stay balanced. Fire, Earth, Aire Water.Our bodies are made up of the 4 elements too.


TAURUS rules the throat and the body and our senses. This is a new Beginning an idea, a spark from the Aries Overload at the NEW MOON, What new thoughts, ideas, communincations do you wish to start. Humm like a bee. Do sounding and vibrationg and toning. Write down new inspirations and mull over them.


This is perfectly in synch because the MAGICIAN is the planet MERCURY your Ruling planet. SO much to talk think about to do, to initiate with all this Aries energy supporting you. Work your Magic Gemini. Your mind and intention creates everything. What new magic tricks do you have up your sleeve. Be careful not to let your mind trick you.


This card CANCER is like 10 flames to keep the homes fires burning. Your imagination and inspiration may have peaked or be exhausted by all that ARIES energy pressuring you. The 10’s symbolize ending and fullfiment. Be careful not to get too fired up.



Of course this is a perfect synchronicity. Own your own part in loving the drama. Are you stewing in excessive drama these days? So many of us are going through hard times, losses, grieving, loneliness. If you are, know that tears and grief wash away the soul and make things clean again.


Virgo the STRENGTH card is literal. If you’re feeling tires and burnt out by all the ARIES energies get some strength from this. Take whatever strength you need from the Lion/Lioness the most courageous, and the strongest defender of her cubs. You can extend this metaphor into all of those you serve and protect nurse and nurture. Eat what makes you feel strong, and do what you need to get your courage and passion up again.


LIBRA this is also in synch. The EMPRESS is your ruling planet VENUS. The Major Arcana of Love, The EMPRESS heightens your lover attraction, vibes, your beauty and creativity and invokes even more of it. VENUS enters TAURUS pm the 14th where she is on her other sign which benefits you too. Notice anything about this EMPRESS? Is she #2 or #3?


The water element suits your emotional deep nature perfectly. The two’s are about balance. In this deck the image is of synchronized swimmers. There can be a new coupling coming into your life and a note to synch yourself in motion and emotion with your partner or those around you. Sink or swim.



Sagittarius your firey nature is turned on by the ARIES overload. You are full of inspirations, PAy attention to the beautiful rainbow cloud in the image. A magical message is coming from spirit. Pay attention to your dreams says the black cat familiar. Spend time in nature and let your spirit free.


This Major Arcana is not associated with any planets traditionally but modern Tarologists associate PLUTO to it and that works perfectly as Pluto is in Capricorn and ripping up a lot of your values, relationships, health, families whatever it takes to make your self-identity and soul die and be reborn and awaken that’s what is going on. Keep waking up.


This is about balancing all your needs, chakras and body on the physical plane. You need to get grounded. The sevens always have to do with cycles. Tune into what your body needs when and see if you can follow your cyclical needs. Also is a victory lap in order for a financial success or windfall? Stay tuned this week for word.


The ARIES energies impact you in your 12th house of the unconscious. There are many brands in the fire so to speak. Sit with your creative and spiritual inspirations and radiact the energies out to others. Own what you know don’t be shy. Ancient Egyptian past life memories may be calling to you. Know you were a Queen in a past life and live life regally now.

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The 18th Cursed degree

The 18th cursed degree in Astrology

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Nikola Stojanovic, a famous Serbian Astrologer who just passed away two days ago from Covid-19 apparently, may he RIP said the 18th degree was the “devil or cursed degree” I’ve heard this from other sources too. Note the Sun + Ceres at 18 Aries and Lilith at 18 Taurus on April 8. To find out more about this theory watch video link below.

But in Hebrew the #18 Gematria, using a form of Jewish Numerology, means life. The Hebrew letters that spell CHAI, pronounced High, not Chai like the tea, means Living or wild adds up to 18. I don’t think Mr Stojanovic took this into his account.

Do you have any planets, or angles at 18 degrees? He used the 18 as the degree and didn’t round up as most symbol users do.

Lets see what John Sandback has to say about the 18th degree of ARIES which is read as the 19th degree. But I will include both,

Aries 18. Sitting in the Lotus posture, a monk’s deceased body is incorruptible. Manifesting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: CALIEL (KA-lee-EL) Fertility, Justice)

You are so able to concentrate on what you’re doing that you can outdo yourself, and through this can open up to new levels of being. You need to be very wary of taking in the advice of others, for something in you knows what it is doing despite your probable inability to explain or justify it. Hanging out between worlds allows you to be a free agent, a go-between, a bringer of light into the realm of darkness.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A jellyfish.” The jellyfish is delicate and vulnerable, unlike the incorruptible flesh of the monk. But what they share is a transparency – literal on the part of the jellyfish, and of a higher, vibrational sort in the monk, who has “seen through” the corruptibility of matter into the shining eternity of the soul, thereby uplifting, refining and perfecting the physical self.

This is not to say that everyone who possesses this degree can do this, but it is to say that this degree brings the awareness of this potential – the ability to know intuitively the nature of matter’s illusion.

Pleiadian Symbol:Deep in the forest Titania’s ancient stone throne covered with moss.

Azoth Symbol: Space aliens inviting some humans to come and see their world.

Seed degree: Libra 25. New words magically appearing in a dictionary. (Omega Symbol). Ever greater and clearer communication carries us into contact with the eternal.

In the midst of a forest, a great circular open area. (Chandra Symbol). A secret space is opened up in which we are protected and can therein become vulnerable and light.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 2. A table on which many healings have been performed. (Omega Symbol). The transcendence of others provide a groundwork upon which future healings can occur.

A man hanging upside down from a tree. (Chandra Symbol). Finding lightness and subtlety within, we are able to accept our karma and wait patiently for eventual liberation.


For two hundred years he’s been sitting there, on his dais, legs folded, eyes closed, a vague smile on his face. For those who need to be able to see beyond the disintegration of all things, for those who thirst to believe in that realm beyond change. One day he shall suddenly turn to dust, his clothes gently collapsing into a pile. When the legend is ready to be born.

Aries 19. A skeleton dressed in garlands of flowers. Manifesting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Dialing God, Expansive Intelligence/Fruition)

You rejoice in change and renewal. You have an immense capacity of making the best of things through your always-fresh approach to experience. You are good at taking old ideas and dressing them up in new attire, and have a refreshing effect on whatever you touch. Your ability to combine practicality with beauty helps to overcome the boredom and dreariness of the world.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Someone performing trephination.” The skull is hard because the brain needs a lot of defending, but any defense system can also become a prison – and so the hardness of the skull needs an opening through which it can connect to a greater reality. Break through the hard crystallized thought forms that we have turned into a wall to defend the brain, and see that death (the skeleton) and life (the flowers) are one, and beautiful.

Pleiadian Symbol: A rug grows larger and larger, sprouting grass, trees, and flowers as it turns into a landscape.

Azoth Symbol: The portrait of a man grows younger and younger.

Seed degree: Scorpio 7. A poem has disappeared from a sheet of paper. All that is left behind is a few iridescent stains. (Omega Symbol). The poem dematerialized reveals by its death the beautiful and refreshing nature of dying.

A small cave located high in the hills and filled with goat dung. (Chandra Symbol). The waste products of old cycles reemerge to fertilize new forms which contain the essence of the old combined with a new vibrancy. This releases the pressure of limited ways of living that has built up within us.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 2. A vast tract of windmills. (Omega Symbol).
To learn to love death and to be thankful for its gifts allows us to embrace and be fully empowered by the breath of life.

An a apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake (Chandra Symbol). Having made our mind more receptive to new possibilities we let down our defenses and open ourselves to the assimilation of them.


On a spring day a skeleton had become so bored sleeping in a grave that he dug himself out, and finding the cemetery filled with fresh flowers, wove them into garlands and hung them all over his bones, reveling in their beauty. As he was dancing around the cemetery he noticed some mourners who, though they looked his way, seemed not to see him. Their fear of death had made him invisible.”-

Mull these oracles over. We are also approaching a MARS in GEMINI square to NEPTUNE on the 9th at 21+ degrees. Things will be poetic. I will write a bit more about MARS GEMINI and the upcoming WILD ARIES NEW MOON APRIL 11/12


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March 18 Card of the Day



there is both the astrology and a tarot card of the day from THE MUSE TAROT

Were under a TAURUS beefy sensuous moon and nice aspects and VENUS sextile PLUTO

All the planets are aligned on 1/2 of the zodiac with the NODES at 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS/ GEMINI. Things are very unbalanced.

which is a very sensuous sexual magical flirty- VENUS was the goddess of SEX and LOVE and she’s trying to seduce PLUTO LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD. He can’t resist if she wears her infamous girdle. 




Dogecoin, Reddit, Radical Aquarius Astrology


Dogecoin and Bitcoin

Credit: mk1ne, CC BY-SA 4.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

Right on cue the JUPITER SUN January 28 conjunction at 9+ degrees AQUARIUS always makes things go over the top on the DRAMATIC FULL MOON in LEO in a big center stage way,

The radical Robin Hood AQUARIAN AGE has begun very obviously with the news of the REDDITERS driving up the prices of GAMESTOP, AMC, DOGECOIN and other stocks taking down big HEDGE FUNDS who are shorting the deal. How synchronous that the TRADING APP Robin Hood had to shut down trading. Billionaire Elon Musk and others have been supportive of the little guys getting their own back at Plutocrats who get government bailouts. The Redditers are trying to make money their way in an Aquarian internets support group. This is HUGE. 

Of course, the SEC will have to investigate because only the 1% get to play and win not the little guys. The plot is just starting.

And now the planet that governs communications and the net MERCURY turns RETROGRADE  JAN 30 at  in AQUARIUS at 26+ degrees

Well you know the drill.

I hope that you have bought everything you needed already especially computers cell phones hardware and software before Mercury puts it into reverse. Mercury in AQUARIUS has us redoing tech things, reviewing our social circles, deciding what we want to radically alter in our lives.

RETROGRADES in AQUARIUS are times to go back and complete unfinished business with 11th Sign/11th House issues, friends, organizations, wishes, hopes and dreams. Think about what you really want and get clear about your intent. Jettison old ideas, attachments and circles which are no longer serving your radical goal of freedom. When Mercury turns Stationary Direct on February 20 you will be ready to boldly go forward much lighter and clearer headed.

These times are recommending that we slow down and turn within. Retrogradation is inherently a feminine internalizing energy.


Sagittarius, the beautiful Jupiter CAZIMI in the heart of the Aquarius SUN January 28 brings great benefits. JUPITER is your Big blessings planet. Feel radically charged energy radiating off of your glowing mane. You head off to inspire others to revolutionize life. 

Pisces, the beautiful Jupiter CAZIMI in the heart of the Aquarius SUN January 28 brings benefits. JUPITER is your ruling planet. Feel radically charged energy. Jupiter enters Pisces May 13- Jul 28, 2021 Dec 28, 2021 Jupiter enters Pisces. re-enters Oct 28, 2022 -Dec 20, 2022.

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