Monday astrology February 27

Feb. 27 todays astrology

Under a quicksilver Gemini moon, perfect for merchants, sales, advertising, fast talking, fast moving info, and quick changes of mind, there’s three sweet sextiles as the Moon kisses Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron after squaring the Pisces Sun- were half way to another lunation cycle.

Moon conjunct Gemini Mars late in the day in PST and EST making our minds and emotions restless. This is hood for debating all kinds of subjects and generating fun flirty conversations.

Practice meditation and deep breathing-Gemini rules the lungs, to combat that Gemini restlessness mind syndrome.

Big day March 1st/2nd

Venus and Jupiter conjunct at 12° Aries!

March 1 at 9:36 pm PST and March 2 at 12:36 am EST and 5:36 am GMT

This is super beautiful and lucky expansive opportunities for Aries and all Cardinal signs. If you have any planets, angles or nodes at 11-13° Aries you get the big jackpot, or should I say jillpot.

It’s a powerful degree for me . I have Saturn at 12° Libra, my husbands AC is 12 Aries and my sons AC is also 12° Libra. I will be doing ceremony from San Miguel de Allende. This is potent love and luck talisman and love potion time. I will do a live broadcast. Stay tuned

I’ll write Separate horoscopes for each sign.

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Prince Harry’s book ‘Spare’ goes on sale early in Spain “by accident” = Mercury and Mars Retrograde

Prince Harry’s explosive new memoir has accidentally gone on sale in Spain, five days ahead of its official launch date – and people have been snatching up copies of the salacious tome.
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January 7 SUN Mercury conjunct on Howling Wolf Moon

The SUN and Retrograde Mercury come together today at 7:57 am EST at 16 CAPRICORN TODAY is a magical time to recollect, to reconsider, to rework ideas, review ideas, conversations and communication. Make some mind magic. Put out your intention on the energies of the Full WOLF Howling Moon.

Cancer Moon trines NEPTUNE at 7:30 am

you may way up feeling groggy, sleepy, dreamy, and very intuitive.

Moon inconjuncts SATURN in Aquarius 7:42 am EST

Strugges with rebelling against accepted norms is in the airwaves. Note Prince Harry’s shocking revelations in his book SPARE about to be released. I will write an in-depth article about whats up with Prince Harry.

Moon also conjuncts PLUTO at 5:23 pm EST it is a big power opposition, expect struggles with controlling people.

MOON goes Void-of-Course at 5:23 pm EST

MOON enters firey ROYAL LEO at 9:40 pm EST

Are you ready to party? express your heart and creative willpower? Get ready for DRAMA and big hair, role playing and upstaging when the Moon is in Heart centered, childlike LEO signs of Kings and Queens.

MOON TRINES JUPITER at 11:00 pm PST/ Jan 8 2:00 am EST

A very expansive energized restless energy. Jupiter always ads expansive optimistic fun energy. Big party time. excessive emotional drama.

The Astrology of 2023 at Staarcon January 22.

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Positive astrology for Christmas

The energy for December 24/25 is very supportive easy and lovely.

December 24 moon in Capricorn along with 5 other planets is traditional, conservative. Late on the 24th the moon shift signs as Santa rides in PST into revolutionary freedom inventive Aquarius. Christamas Day is airy lite, freeing, less constructing , a higher ideal of humanity. Watch the video exploding the details. Happy Christmas.

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Sam Bankman-Fried’s Astrology Fate

SBF was arrested in the Bahamas on December 12 and was remanded into custody December 13 and was refused bail. He whined that he needs to be able to regularly take medication, including Zyrtec, an over-the-counter allergy medication, and to keep to his vegan diet. Bankman-Fried testified on Tuesday that he uses Emsam patches for depression, as well as 10 mg of Adderall every four hours. The judge thought he was so ready to fly she denied him bail.

Magistrate Judge Joyann Ferguson-Pratt ordered that there be an extradition hearing next year, on Feb. 8, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. Until that time, Bankman-Fried will be held at Bahamas’ notorious Fox Hill prison, where conditions are known to be dangerous and overcrowded, with as many as six people in a cell, and often has issues with potable water. Being in jail is a 12th House matter and also relates to Saturn.

Here’s the NATAL chart with that transit. Im sorry if it looks blurry

Sam Bankman_Friedastrology chart and arrest
Sam Bankman_Friedastrology chart and arrest

I’ve included a bunch of dark heavy malefic reputation stars in his natal chart.

24°12 Taurus – Capulus: Primitive male sexual energy; penetrating; ruthless; adventurous; dishonesty; mass effects, esp. meteorological. Unfortunate; Mars/ Mercury

20°14 Cancer – *Castor: Sudden fame or loss, distinction, keen mind, violence, mischief; “The Mortal Twin”. Unfortunate; Saturn/ Mars/ Venus.

25°47 Cancer – *Procyon: Violence, sudden success then disaster, occult, politics, dissipation. Unfortunate; Mars/ Mercury

20°42 Leo – Ras Elased Aust (Algenubi): Cruel, heartless, bold, bombastic, brutish, destructive, artistic appreciation. power of expression, spiritual gifts, leadership. Neutral; Saturn/ Mars

19°00 Scorpio – Serpentis (the “Accursed Degree”): A malefic degree, tragedy, misfortune, the “Accursed Degree”. This degree does not precess; it’s Unfortunate; Mars/Saturn nature.


JUPITER, the planet of justice, fairness, expansion, optimism, exaggeration, honesty and foreigners, is conjunct to his MOON, his mother, his home, and MERCURY, and exactly square to SBF’s his Nodes of FATE at 7 degrees ARIES and square to his South Node in CANCER on his AC and square his NN in CAPRICORN on his DC. JUPITER exactly inconjuncts his Natal JUPITER in VIRGO at 8 degrees in his #rd House of communications. This is a tense moment for Sam karmically. HIs fate is being weighed. Virgo is the sign of meticulous accounting and the statements today about Using Quicken a very simple bookkeeping tool and no real bookkeeping adequate for a billions of dollars business. FTX went from the 3rd largest crypto investment in the world, to bankrupt in a short time. Apparently there is still assets of $100 million dollar.

I checked out SAM”S astrocartography and his lucky JUPITER line runs very close to the BAHAMAS.

VENUS the planet of money, wealth, seduction, good taste and love at 14 PISCES in exactly on his MC, his MId-Heaven, his reputation and career, his High Noon position and conjuncts his PISCES SUN and Square URANUS/ NEPTUNE in CAPRICORN in his 7H.

MARS at 11 degrees GEMINI is squaring his MC and SUN in his 12th H Mars is moving forwards to recover its Retrograde territory now, Old issues, information, notes, and conversations will be gone over, Mars in GEMINI is a split in Sam’s consciousness. There will be lots of debates, meetings and discussion over what to do with SBF.

SATURN, planet of karma limitations, the Devil, testing, maturity, obstacles at 26 AQUARIUS is in SBF 9th House Conjunct his VENUS in AQUARIUS =crypto money and Square his PLUTO in SCORPIO sign of wealth, money laundering, secrets, ruthlessness and control. This is a karmic pay-up time. URANUS rules AQUARIUS and crypto which is now being designated a commodity by the US SEC.

I’m listening to the live SENATE hearings on the collapse of FTX and it’s so obvious SAM was set up to create this. Fraud and manipulation are PISCES issues and with JUPITER is at the very last karmic anaretic degrees of PISCES this is the biggest fraud so far. It’s all about projections.


SATURN is limitations, and in AQUARIUS it’s really obvious how SATURN restrictions and control will harness crypto and make these crypto orgnaizations follow traditional laws to protect the innocent public against “actors.” PISCES are actors.

SAM has LEDGER X which is secured with SEC and those who invested in that are protected.SBF had met with the SEC and he had an application with them to expand his company and he was working with them apparently.

FTX may turn out to be FED X for Sam if he ends up a Federal prisoner.

URANUS transiting his 11thg house, is the planet of sudden change, chaos, unexpected turns of events, freedom, revolution, higher consciousness invention, cool logic and cryptocurrency is in TAURUS the Bull STOCK MARKET, representing the SEC, at 15 degrees squares his Malevolent MARS SATURN conjunction in AQUARIUS. This means that things are unpredictable.

PLUTO LORD OF WEALTH, PLUTOCRATS DEATH and rebirth is opposite ot his CHIRON in LEO

In his 2nd House of tools, resources, assets, this is painful., SBF’s pride is wounded. PLUTO can demolish you but since SBF has friends in high places Sam, donated = PAID OFF $60 Million dollars to the Democratic Party, so he has friends in high places. He may get off easy with that JUPITER transit or be EPSTEINED. Everybody knows what that means. If you don’t

Does he genuinely feel sorry for what he did, ripping off thousands of people, in a blatant so badly run “corporation” or seeming like that. NAH.

I feel that Sam was a scam, SAM the SHAM. He was placed there for the U.S. government to be able to control and regulate crypto. Sam was asking for legislation before. At the hearing today in the US. the gov is trying to control and protect investors.

Any laws or regulations that will come into effect around crypto will only affect American investors. Although Canadian companies will reduce betting or hedging on crypto’s from my understanding.

Listen to the live SENATE hearing on the collapse of FTX and AOC making some pointed comments about why SBF was arrested before he was supposed to testify, this is popularly called a conspiracy theory and I call it common sense. enquiry.


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STAY tuned for a JUPITER blessings send off December 18 and a SOLSTICE intention setting on DECEMBER 21 for the Cosmic INtelligence AGENCY on FACEBOOK

Bitcoin price future with Uranus Retrograde

Stock Catalog, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Bitcoin_(38461156880)_(cropped) Stock Catalog, CC BY 2.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

As Bitcoin keeps dropping below 20,000 you need to hold on for dear life. When Pluto enters AQUARIUS March 23.2023 that will amp up Bitcoin and destroy the weaker ones too. This is a general prediction, I am not referring to the Bitcoin genesis chart.

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Red Flag Astrology Mars square Saturn

Mars and Saturn Retrograde square off on August 7 a huge red flag energy. This tense dangerous energy can be used to free yourself from old patterns and limitations using the South Node in Scorpio.

From the two most malefic difficult challenging planets in a battle to the death-Saturn rules death. Mars is weak in Venus Ruled Taurus and Saturn is at home so Saturn wins.

Mars is energy action ignition ANGER, danger, passion, war, violence, guns, natural disasters, and SATURN is hard restrictions limitations testing obstacles. 

At 22 degrees note how that MASter NUmber keeps repeating, all Fixed Signs feel the hard parts more than all the other signs.

Aquarius Leo and Taurus and SCORPIO especially will feel the brunt as MARS is your ruling planet.

This is very much THE TOWER card #16 in the Tarot and it is the same as 9/11 energy.

The Tower #16 The Muse Tarot, tara Greene
The Tower #16 The Muse Tarot,

As SATURN is RETROGRADE we are having to revisit government, historical, career, innovations, inventions, organizations and BIG DADDY issues. Past life and karmic issues, hard issues, can be sexual abuse issues. 

Because Mars rules Scorpio and the SOUTH NODE is what is being released. It’s a great time to let go of a lot of toxic emotional build-up. Use Mars to flush away. Visualize all those old karmic Saturnine habits going down the toilet.

Use the anger wisely to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and the Corporate Robber Barons. Get mad at those in POWER the governments, the Aquarian Social media scams, the politics. Use these potent energies to free yourself up from old restrictive structures, beliefs.

DO BE CAREFUL around fires BBQ’S, anything potentially flammable, cars, angry people, and defensiveness.

Saturn is also senior’s. The oldsters still have lots of energy and they can kick-ass. Anger against the Government and Patriarchy, police big tech.

This is a war-starting energy. Pelosi’s recent visit to China was a smoking bomb. Be aware of Potential explosions, Fires, and restrictions on guns-Trudeau just announced restrictions on all hand guns, angry mobs attacking institutions as the Dutch farmers have been doing Mars in Taurus is defending your land, your crops, your values, your tangible assets.

Mar is impulsive and even in Taurus a fixed sign that hates change, impulsive actions have long-term consequences.

The Mars Saturn Square is in effect on the Full Moon August 11 and continues until August 20 when Mars enters GEMINI.

An old song perfectly illustrates this energy.

“When an irresistible force such as you

Meets an old immovable object like me

You can bet just as sure as you love

Something’s got to give 

Something’s got to give

Something’s got to give.”- Something’s Gotta Give by Johnny Mercer

These alignments promise lots of conflicts, wars starting, fire, unconscious triggers, shootings, terrorism, knifings, shootings, looting, sex secrets coming out and more trash. There is a good side to these energies too. Use them to do shadow work and free yourself up.

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last dates Mars square Saturn–Jan.13, 2021, Taurus & Aquarius

Super WTF Buck Moon in Capricorn July 13

July 13 Super Buck Moon is the largest of 2022 as the moon is the closest to the earth. Pluto in its 2nd Pluto Return degree of the U.S. is conjunct the Moon in Capricorn and Wow there are so many aspects going on at this lunation. The Moon is Full and huge at 11:37 am PDT/ 2:37 pm EDT/ 6:37 pm GMT

This super moon is the biggest one of 2022 symbolizing a big completion in a longer-term cycle which began on January 12, 2020. This Full Moon is the same degree-22 Capricorn as the infamous Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020, which kicked off Covid-19 and also coincided with Prince Harry and Mehan leaving the Firm as working royals.

Think back to what your life was like before January 2020. This is a sobering realistic cold hard test by Saturn ruling this Full Moon from Aquarius.

Capricorn Super moon July 13 2022

The Moon is conjunct Pluto making it extra intense. Pluto is in Retrograde and this Full Moon coincides with the 2nd US Pluto return of three in 2022. See my previous video on this subject. It’s a very complex lunation with Saturn the ruler in revolutionary Aquarius square the North Node and inconjunct, Venus, in Gemini square Neptune and Mercury conjunct SUN It’s sobering intense and confusing.

Venus TRINES SATURN earlier in the day, helping us to see a big long detached focus.

MERCURY SEXTILES URANUS IN TAURUS for some unexpected money market jolts.

VENUS SQUARES NEPTUNE from Gemini/PISCES at 10:24 pm PDT/ July 14 at 1:24 am EDT this is a fairly common aspect. read my article about it here.

The same aspect happened on June 24,2019

The MOON at 22 Capricorn interpreted symbols by

Omega and Chandra Symbols by John Sandbach

Capricorn 22. Sugar falling slowly through a giant hourglass. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: SITAEL (SIT-ah-EL) Eliminating Negative Thoughts, Construction of Universe/Worlds)

This degree has a great ability for not wasting time – for realizing that each moment holds possibilities and promises and has something of value to offer. This knowledge is a power antidote against focusing to much on the promises of the future, or the failures of the past. This degree knows how to delightin the present, and how to savor the moment.

Chandra Symbol is “A bare altar covered with black velvet.”

This degree is receptive to the highest and clearest energy to which it can attune. It has the ability to create empty spaces whose vacuum draws in new energy. It’s acutely aware of how basic assusmptions and things we take for granted can block the inflow of new energy and inspiration, and so is always trying to create a space that is clear – a kind of landing pad for visitants. This can require a lot of waiting and patience, but, as the corresponding Omega Symbol shows us, every moment contains sweetness to be savored.

Pleiadian Symbol: The giving up of a famous magical sword.

Azoth Symbol: The fairy court in its formal palace and dressed in all its finery.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 22.
A flamenco dancer. As he stamps his purple boots, small clouds of dust are raised. (Omega Symbol). Such passionate insinuations invite us to taste the sweetness of the moment.

Blackbirds flying out of a pie. (Chandra Symbol). Release the pent-up darkness to create a receptive space.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 25. An invisible man yearning to feel the sun on his skin. (Omega Symbol). Embracing the sweetness of each moment creates a yearning to enter fully into the reality of the now and to bask in its meaning.

A flock of penguins on an icy beach. (Chandra Symbol). To clear the channels of communication between ourselves and the spiritual light brings us into increasingly intimate kinship and support with all the life-affirming entities around us, be they in a physical body or on other planes.

Watch my video on Youtube its 22 minutes and goes into detail

You will need to take a big Moon bath after the Full Moon really sink into the bath and let go of old accumulated emotions.

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Weekly Astrology June 27-July 3

A big week ahead Neptune turns Retrograde in Pisces from June 28 to December 3

June 27th Mars sextiles Saturn at 3:29 pm PDT/ 6:29 pm EDT/ 10:29 pm GMT

an easy supporting aspect between the planet of aggression defense and anger and the planet of limitations, obstacles and old karmic axes to grind. Taking responsibility for our anger and defences is important.

June 28th  Neptune stations Retrograde at 12:55 am PDT/ 3:55 am EDT/ 7:55 am GMT until December 3 DREAM RECALL, review, redemption and deja vu time.

I will do more in-depth readings for each sign and make videos when I am feeling better.

Sun squares Jupiter at 5:59 pm PDT/ 8:59 pm EDT/ JUNE 29 at 12:59 am GMT battle of wills

New Moon in Cancer at 7:52 pm PDT/ 10:52 pm EDT/ June 29 at 2:52 am GMT

a BIG FULL MOON with Moon exalted in its own sign IT WILL BE VERY EMOTIONAL and about wombs.

Venus in GEMINI sextiles Jupiter at 8:52 pm PT sexy expansion- lots of sexy ideas

July 1st Mars in ARIES squares Pluto at 7:14 pm PT This is CANADAS birthday! this means Canada will be undergoing protests, and fights for Corporate control. After the tyrannical Trudeau illegally locked down the Frigid North for the longest time of any country in the world, and froze bank accounts of working class trucker protestors he is being shamed rightly so on the world’s stage as being a puppet of China and Big Pharma. The year ahead will be rocky as new resistance arises to topple the Plutocrats.

July 2 Mercury trines Saturn at 3:39 am PT- good for new ideas being put into form

Mercury squares Neptune at 1:53 pm PDT/ 4:53 pm EDT/ 8:53 pm GMT integrate the dream and the ideas. The romantic and the dialectic

July 3rd MERCURY inconjunct PLUTO – Beware the shadow you didn’t integrate

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