May 21 Gemini Season, double trouble, words have power

May 21, Sun enters Gemini @ 12:09 am PDT/ 3:09 am EDT/ 7:09 pm GMT. You love to hate Gemini’s these days but love their Music. So many famous Gemini musicians. Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Prince, Kanye West and more.

Sidney Hall / Public domain

Sidney Hall / Public domain

Public Domain Mark

Ruled by the fancy fleet-footed, hatted and sandaled messenger of the Gods – MERCURY, known as HERMES to the Greeks and THOTH to the Egyptians. 

Things get Mercurial while the Sun is in Gemini. Mercury, its’ ruling planet enters Gemini on June 11 until June 28. With the Sun and Mercury overlapping until the Summer Solstice on June 21, it’s an excellent time to do big promotions, advertise, pitch new ideas, flirt,be sociable and connect with partnerships.

May 21 Gemini Sun-Pluto Rx Trine today brings new insights into undercover dealings-money, power, secrets. New communication in revolutionary ways- ChatGPT. Meeting mysterious, sexy people or bots on dating apps. Your words have immense power.

MERCURY used to be in thermometers, whose properties made it hard to pin down, describe Gemini’s energies perfectly. Quicksilver is also a toxic poison and a well-known Alchemical metal as well. Mercury’s metal is Mercury or QUICKSILVER like Gemini energies. The Quicksilver Messanger Service were a band in the 60’s. Mercury is a PSYCHOPOMP. I love that word able to enter and leave the Land of the Dead, Hades or the Underworld. Few had this power.

Note that Mercury’s 3rd retrograde of 2023 is August 23 at 21 degrees 49 ‘ VIRGO until September 15 at 8 degrees 04’ Virgo. Just in time for vacays and school starts and Mercury Retrogrades in its own sign of Virgo are far worse. Expect major communication snafus.

JUNE 4 Mercury in Taurus conjunct URANUS can be a crazy information stock market tech announcement.

June 15 Mercury in Gemini Sqares Saturn in Pisces

Some romantic bubble may get burst, watch out for debts and texts messages that seem too good to be true and end up gaslighting you.

Mercury’s symbol is the caduceus. Not just an FTD Florist symbol, every MD in the world uses the caduceus to signify the healing profession of MEDICINE. The caduceus was originally employed by Chiron and Asclepius as snakes were used to help heal people in Ancient Greece and Snakes were used in the Oracles at DELPHI. Considered to be magical animals of the Goddess since always, two snakes entwined around the central staff or spine is KUNDALINI sexual energy.  The caduceus is an ancient symbol of DNA; it symbolizes the twin poles of consciousness, balance and the combining of opposites as in ALCHEMY to produce something entirely new. This is a deep psychological image associated with GEMINI and mental health. not usually associated with this sign.

Gemini is a dual AIR sign, and they never get old as long as their minds are stimulated.  Mercury is the frequent flyer and chief communicator between Mount Olympus, the above, the Conscious and the below.

Unconscious, Mercury/Hermes is a mediator, a listener, an eavesdropper, a go-between. In modern days, a MERCURY-ruled person, and we all are, is a compulsive Twitterer or FB junkie whose iPhone never leaves their body.

Mercury in the TAROT  is  the # 1 symbol, THE MAGICIAN /TRICKSTER

magician #1 The Muse Tarot #1 The Magian from The Muse Tarot

Famous as COYOTE wisdom in Native American legends.

When your mind plays tricks on you…guess who is to blame?

HERMES is a hermaphrodite; His name means HERMES & APHRODITE Mercury is both male HERMES and a female VENUS/APHRODITE. 


Peter Pan is a symbol of what Psychologists called PEUR mentality. A childlike, fun time, curious and non-committal.  There may be much mental Ado about not much during Gemini times. Gemini loves to play devils’ advocate.

But ya gotta love ’em, they are very charming and move too fast for you to pin them down. Yes, social butterflies those Gemini’s are…

Their main thrust during GEMINI season is to gather information, move like the wind, gather info, be mentally stimulated, ever young, upbeat, charming as hell.

Mercury is the God of merchants, the word Mercury is contained in that word, Thieves, pirates, travelling and snake-oil salesman,  Gemini’s are actors,  open, changeable, quick-witted, exciting, philanderers, shysters,

VENUS is, of course, Retrograde in Gemini

so, can’t make up your mind between Frank, Harry, or Justin?   or which job to take? or which school to go to or which….or that old friend/ lover enemy, frenemy just re-entered your life again, what to do about that? or what to do…

 If only they/we can get over the tendency to do one or the other ANGEL or DEVIL  DUALITY is their thing, But the TWINS are not opposites but complementary pairs. 

In the TAROT the symbol of GEMINI is associated with THE LOVERS

and the opposite sign of GEMINI is SAGITTARIUS which is associated with ALCHEMY again back to HERMES/ MERCURY

There are many famous geminis

Many famous singers-communicators like Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Prince, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Tom Jones, Lionel Richie, Lenny Kravitz, Barry Manilow, Dean Martin


Thomas Hardy, Walt Whitman, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, writer and artist Maurice Sendak, William Butler Yeats, Ian Fleming, Salman Rushdie

ARTISTS: M.C. Escher, Mary Cassatt, Paul Gauguin


Mary Kate and Sheley Olsen real twins, Natalie Portman, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox, Octavia Spencer, Isabella Rossellini, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter, Brooke Shields, Annette Benning, Lucy Hale, Zoe Saldana, Kate Upton. 

Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg,  Morgan Freeman, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Ian McKellan, Shia Leboeuf, Neil Patrick Harris, Michael J. Fox, John Goodman, Liam Nelson, Colin Farrel, Mark Wahlberg, Tony Curtis, Christopher Lee, Russel Brand, Errol Flynn, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood, Vincent Price,  Sir Laurence Olivier, Jay SIlverheels, 


Peggy Lee, Nancy Sinatra, Miles Davis,  Judy Garland, Idina Menzel, Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morisette, Kylie Minogue, 

COMPOSERS: Richard Wagner, Igor Stravinsky,

COMEDIANS:  Mike Meyers, Bob Hope, Gene Wilder, Billy Wilder, Animator of Looney TUNES  Mel Blanc, Joan Rivers, Amy Schumer, 


John F Kennedy, Donald Trump, Harvey Milk, Newt Gingrich, Henry Kissinger, George Bush Sr. Benazir Bhutto, Muammar Qaddafi, Peter the Great, Che Guevara, Wallis Simpson, Rudy Giuliani, Pancho Villa.

ROYALTY: Queen Victoria, Prince Philip,

DANCERS: Isadora Duncan,  Josephine Baker 

PHILOSOPHERS: Jean-Paul Sartre, Blaise Pascal

and a few more-  Venus Williams, Jackie Collins, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Dr. Ruth, Naomi Campbell:

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Eclipse season 2023 begins, Mercury and Venus both change Signs entering Taurus and Gemini, making a mutual reception with Venus in Mercury rules sign and Mercury in Venus’s ruled sign. Mars is in detriment in CANCER, Taurus season begins, Mercury goes Retrograde in Taurus

By the end of the month Sun, North Node, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus Neptune are all in feminine earth and water signs. Venus, Jupiter is nearing its Aries tour, Pluto in Aquarius are in Fire and Air signs.

April 3: Mercury enters TAURUS  at 9:22 am EDT/12:22 pm EDT/ and squares PLUTO.

April 5 Sun CHIRON conjunction/Cazimi at 15+ ARIES at 3:18 pm PDT/6:18 pm EDT

April 5 Full Moon in LIBRA, 9:34 pm PDT at 16° 07′ Libra

April 6 LIBRA FULL MOON at 12:34 am EDT is Passover

April 5 MERCURY sextile Saturn in PISCES


April 7MERCURY enters its SHADOW RETROGRADE PHASE at 5 degrees + TAURUS


April 10 VENUS  enters GEMINI AT 9:47 PM PDT/11TH at 12:47 am EDT.

April 11 VENUS trine PLUTO in AQUARIUS  -Big wealth break out energy.

APRIL 11 SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER AT  3:07 pm EDT/6:07 pm PDT/ 11:07 pm GMT at 21+ ARIES is  one Of THE BEST DAYS OF THE YEARS


KEYNOTE:ABUNDANCE MADE POSSIBLE BY HUMAN TOGETHERNESS AND CO-OPERATION-A PERFECT AQUARIUS SYMBOL, A SYMBOL OF APPARENT WIDE OPEN AND EFFORTLESS FULFILLMENT, can be erotic symbolizing woman or the divine feminine, the goal of happiness dominates the consciousness. The more modest the desires the more authentic. The New Age has glamourized this into an avid Cosmic optimism and a cult of success.

APRIL 14 Venus in GEMINI square SATURN in PISCES


April 19/20 NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 29+ ARIES square PLUTO- the effects last 6 months  at 9:13 pm PDT/

April 20 SOLAR ECLIPSE at 12:13 am EDT


April 21: MERCURY STATIONS RETROGRADE at 15 degrees 32’ TAURUS, the most powerful mid-degree until May 14 at 5 degrees 51 minutes TAURUS.

April 23 Mercury in TAURUS sextile MARS in CANCER
April 25 SUN sextile SATURN

                VENUS in GEMINI sextile CHIRON in ARIES


A day of family tensions, fights and repressed anger leading to tummy upsets.


Sorry to post this so late but Mercury Retrograde you know.

Sending you blessings. tARA

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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus April 21-May 14 The real Beef.

Mercury is NOW Retrograde at 4:35 am EDT April 21 at 15 degrees Taurus exactly conjunct the Moon Right as it does so there will be emotional blow back too especially as both are conjunct Uranus at 17 Taurus. Expect crazy emotional texts from ex’s of all kinds.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus conjunct URANUS will likely cause a downside in the crypto and stock markets. Also is literally cloned, A1, 3D printed Meat that everyone will hate and reject.

MERCURY IS RETROGRADE until MAY 14/15 AT 5 degrees 51 minutes of TAURUS>

It will take until JUNE 1st for Mercury to get past its Retrograde degree station point.

The 15th degree in Degree Theory by Nikola Stojanovic, 15 degree carries a Gemini energy even though both Mercury and Jupiter turn retrograde April 21 and September 4 at the same 15th degree of Taurus

15th degree hits. Mercury Retrograde at 15 degrees is the most powerful peak degree for all signs. Jupiter will turn Retrogade September 4, Labor Day, at the exact same degree the 15th of Taurus!

Any planets at 15th of Fixed Signs- Leo,Scorpio- May 5th Lunar Eclipse is at 15th degree, Aquarius are all affected most

All Earth Signs Virgo and Capricorn at 15 degrees will get the earthy trine.

15 Cancer,15 Pisces, get supportive sextile,

15 Libra and 15 Sagittarius get the inconjunct from Mercury will have biggest blind spot Retrogrades, and Jupiter will reap rewards and money- be careful.

15 Gemini and 15 Aries arent affected by any major aspects. Interesting because Mercury rules GEMINI and they are getting off easy, even though….

Nikola Stojanovic said the 15 degree in any sign was Gemini like and specified a danger of car accidents and scattered over thinking. So be really mindfull of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus as it rules physical tangible goods,money, wallets,computers, jewellery, keys, etc.

Venus in Gemini is ruled by Mercury now in Retrograde in Taurus. The two planets are in each other’s signs which is called mutual reception. Expect your love life to be on recall.


Venus in Gemini ruled by Mercury in Taurus. Don’t listen to your head listen to your gut instincts, get real and be stubborn. You were right to kick him out.

So dont let the Mercury retrograde stop you . DON’T FEAR THE RETROGRADE. Many good things can come out of it.

Check that 15th degree of TAURUS in your natal chart and the path back to 5 degrees.

Give your brain and social media a break, take care of old issues relatiing to banking, wealth, art, investnments, beauty, realtionships,creative projects, body care, sensuality, and expect to hear from ex friends, and the usual computer snafus and info messes. Just be mindful to double check all info.

Remember the important 15th degree.

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Weekly Astrology April 17-23

Where’s the MOON?

April 19/20 NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 29+ ARIES square PLUTO- the effects last 6 months  at 9:13 pm

April 20 SOLAR ECLIPSE at 12:13 am EDT/ 4:13 am GMT

This is an intense Hybrid Eclipse. At the very last 29th critical degree of the first sign of ARIES this is a most intensely war-like impatient, rage full, impulsive, dangerous, explosive, independent, all about me, self-identity, bold, amped up energy, ready to explode, testosterone driven to the last degree.

The Totally eclipsed Aries Sun and MOON are squaring powerful PLUTO at 0 AQUARIUS making this a focus of toxic masculinity.

Eclipse comes from a Greek word meaning “abandonment.” Literally how an eclipse was seen, devoured by dragons and rejecting the earth. Aries Total Solar Eclipse April 19/20 is about PTSD, and square Pluto, Toxic Masculinity and is wonderful for healing the abandoned inner child.

This is my focus for this intense Energy. Mars in CANCER the ruler of the Eclipse is drowning, underwater, seeking emotional security and safety, nurturing, Mom and the womb.

My feelings is to go through the Eclipse on the 19th and 20th and simply pray for peace and to hold the Inner child safe. Remember there is no MAGIC hocus pocus, intentions,sent out during any solar or lunar eclipses. As the Sun’s light is blocked everything in nature goes SILENT. We need to go inwards to.

My intuition is saying for me to do my Aries Solar Eclipse workshop on the 20th at 5 pm PDT/ 8 pm EDT and April 21 at midnight in GMT

Please join me for a live zoom guided meditation and integration of the powerful emergies.

REGISTER NOW only $22 U.S> or $28 Canadian/ or email or

Remember we are also on the verge of Mercury Retrograde.

April 21: MERCURY STATIONS RETROGRADE at 15 degrees 32’ TAURUS, the most powerful mid-degree until May 14 at 5 degrees 51 minutes TAURUS

Mercury conjuncts URANUS so expect unexpected chaos, communication snafus, and bull market crazies, crypto highs and lows too.

April 23 Mercury in TAURUS sextile MARS in CANCER

a nice soft aspect give yourself a well needed great comfort food dinner.

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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Hang onto your assets Mercury in Taurus

Mercury, the Messenger of communicating, thinking, analysis, media, the message itself, root word of merchandise, marketing, and mercantile, banks enters the Bull Market sign of Taurus April 3, 2023 until June 11th.

MERCURY turns Retrograde

April 21: MERCURY STATIONS RETROGRADE at 15 degrees 32 ‘ TAURUS the most powerful mid-degree until May 14 at 5 degrees 51 minutes TAURUS.

Mercury’s shadow period starts April 7th and it will take until JUNe 1st for Mercury to totally clear its Retrograde phase degrees.

While we’ve heard the news about bank failures, Crypto failures, attempted regulation laws, and people pulling assets out of U.S.banks and other economies not wanting to use the US as the top valued dollar in the world anymore because the US is so horrifically in debt they can’t possibly keep printing money even though they are -everything continues to be propped up artificially. In spite of all of that Mercury in Taurus can be a good thing.

Our minds and our consciousness meld into a deeply embodied, stubborn, sensuous, hands on DIY, bullish energy. There’ll be lots of market talk and speculation even if the Market does not go Bullish.

The Best things to do with Mercury in Taurus is to have an enriched luxurious mind by feeding your mind great literature, enriching Opera, learning new and erotic language, deepening your ability to think and communicate more clearly, and expand your love languages. Ground yourself in sensuous beauty, art, rich things, and enriched love and care for the temple that is your body.

Mercury in TAURUS

Is very stubborn. It will be harder to convince someone to change their minds with Mercury in Taurus. Of course, Mercury in Taurus wants solid blue-chip things, beautiful art, jewelry, money, real estate, flowers, and nature.

It’s a good time for financial planning, working on your core values, self-esteem, and loving your body and Mother Nature and being very creative and romantic in a down to earth way.

Mercury in Taurus is a very sensuous, earthy and we think of our bodily needs first. We communicate through our gut instincts. Smell the roses, take time, our minds and our words slow down. Taurus rules the throat chakra its good to do toning, singing and sound healing.Get yoru thyroid checked out. Do get or give massages. 

Taurus is creative and artistic and loves nature. Get into your gardening, get dirt under your finger nails. Take off those plastic nails, this is time to be more natural. This is hands on DIY time, make stuff, buy handmade quality things on ETSY. Taurus is ruled by Venus 

People born with Mercury in Taurus are charming, have good speaking voices, are very attractive. You know some peeps with this?


Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Russel Crowe, Jack Nicholson, Kanye West, Clint Eastwood, Bono, David Beckham, Collin Farrell, Salvador Dali, Pierce Brosnan, Trent Reznor, Sigmund Freud, Krishnamurti, 

LADIES:  Uma Thurman, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Renee Zellweger, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Clarkson,  Cher, Sarah Michelle Geller. 

Use this time with Mercury in Taurus to think more concretely. VENUS enters GEMINI April 11 and the two signs will be in Mutual reception as they will be in each other’s signs until May 7th when Venus enters Cancer.  

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Bad Romance, Mercury Retrograde conjunct Venus

Mercury turns Retrograde December 29 at 4:32 m EST at 24 degrees 24′ 21′ CAPRICORN until January 18, 2023 at 8:12 am where it turns Direct at 8 degrees 09′. This is a very interesting Mercury Retrograde as MERCURY EXACTLY conjuncts the planet of love VENUS.

Our hearts and our minds rewind together. PLUTO is also conjunct Mercury and Venus at 27+ degrees on the U.S. Natal Pluto degree. Check out those degrees in your natal chart to see precisely how and where and with what aspects the Mercury Retrograde will affect your Venusian things money, earnings, self-worth, and love life,

I know all of these fakeish astrology websites and TikTok’s will tell you your ex is coming back with Mercury Retrograde to Venus, and this might be possible, but its more about reeling in fish already on the line or casting them away while Mercury is Retrograde. You will certainly be re-thinking and retesting and recontextualizing all those old romantic last-night talks with big promises of a long-term Capricorn like a rock future.

MERCURY will take until February 7th until it bypasses 24 degrees Capricorn and its really full speed ahead, Captain.

This definitely indicates a slowdown in the Venus-ruled economy or government backtracking, redoing, recounting, rescinding, reviewing etc., especially while MARS is still RETROGRADE at 9 degrees GEMINI and will remain Retro until January 12.

DO NOT WORRY ABOUT MAKING ANY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR 2023 JUST YET. ITS SIMPLY NOT IN DIVINE TIMING. Wait until after January 18 when both Mercury and Mars are moving directly.


Feel this Retrograde’s impact the most. ALL CARDINAL signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, feel it most from 22-25 degrees.

Don’t be scared of MERCURY RETROGRADE’s they are not disasters. When you know what their specific purpose is you can work with this energy for your own benefits.

Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods. The planet symbolizes our brains, the way we communicate, think, analyze and process information. Mercury governors merchants, social media and all sales. The first four letters of the word indicate the connection.

Mercury Retrogrades are welcome times for our overstimulated brains to get some much-needed R & R, just as we need to sleep at night. Think of Mercury Retrograde as a reboot for your computer, which is your mind your OS, out with the old to make space for the new. This is a good thing at the end of the year.

Review old loves won and lost, review your values, and rethink your career and long-term goals. Remember that with Mercury Retrograde is always more impactful on VIRGO and GEMINI no matter what sign Mercury Retrogrades in as that sign ruling planet. You need to heed this well. Use this time

TAKE this precious TIME out to chill and really give time to renew your mind, your love contracts conscious and unconscious. Maybe even change your love language,

Just remember to double and triple-check all information and communications while the Retrograde is on and back up your cell phone and computer as well.

Did you know that 20-30% of the world’s population was born during a Mercury Retrograde? How to find out if you were born during a Mercury Retrograde? You can go to to get your free natal chart. People born during this time are creative thinkers and can be positive influencers. If that is you then every time Mercury Retrograde is Retrograde, you feel “in the zone.”

Please contact me for readings by email at for a more in-depth look into how to use Mercury Retrograde as a powerful communications tool to your advantage.

Happy Mercury Retrograde.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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October 1 Lucky in love Venus opposite Jupiter

October starts out on a high vibe note under a Sagittarius Moon bringing optimism Fiery sage wisdom, good humor and east going energy.

Big aspect Venus opposite Jupiter at 2/3 °Libra/Aries

Even Retrograde it’s a big expansive Wheel of Fortunate benevolent aspect in balancing relationships, in grace, peacemaking, co-operation, Venus us in her prime in her element. Reviewing old relationship convos and be honest so that trust can be re-established is the modus operative of the day. Big parties are also on the menu.

If you have planets at the first 5 degrees of All Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you feel these benefits the most. I have Mars at 2° Libra and Jupiter natataly at 5 degrees Aries

The Sage moon is active, as would be expected making 6 aspects throughout the day.

Sage moon Trine Chiron in Aries ♈️

Is good for what ails you. Defensiveness won’t allow you to be vulnerable where the healing is.

moon Inconjunct Uranus in Taurus ♉️

A disconnect of inspiring higher sourced feelings and stubbornness. Holding one’s ground defensive doesn’t allow for more open greener pastures

Sage moon Sextile Saturn in Aquarius ♒️

Easy to take the high road

Sage moon Opposing Mars in Gemini ♊️

this can be a big debate which can be fun and meant for win-win if played correctly

Sage Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces ♓️

A dreamy aspect hood for meditating, visualizing and all creative projects.Love those mutable signs

Sage Moon squares Mercury in Virgo virtually station turning direct October 3

Thus is a challenge to say what you mean precisely in detail and to make sure that communications are honest and transparent.

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Weekly Astrology September 26- October 2

There are lots of MAJOR changes this week as we head into OCTOBER. Like a peacock displaying its beautiful colors. Venus features large this week.

Sri Shanmukaha Subramania Swami
Raja Ravi Varma Public Domain

The 26th 6 major planets connect with each other.

SEPT. 26 VENUS TRINE PLUTO AT 1:46 AM EDT- big wealth APCECT at 1:46 am EDT


Go over all the deets, ex’s owe you money- send them the bill. Go over who said what in details and don’t let anyone Gaslight you.


Another BIG WEALTH expansive, optimistic aspect. Jupiter adds humor. We’re all just mirroring each other.


Rewalking our soul talk, Financial belt tightening, Big announcements in Politics.Big Power plays. Rightwing and strong arming fear tactics, ruthlessness, Deja vu.



SEPT. 28 MARS TRINE SATURN AT 1:49 AM EDT same as above


LIBRA IT’s Your time!

A short visit home. This is good for all relationships, beauty, decorating, dating, flirting, creativity, and socializing.


VENUS OPPOSES JUPITER Retrograde a very great date party event energy.

The We versus me, Us versus Lone Wolf energy.

Because Jupiter is Retrograde yes an old flame could return. It can be time to mend a friendship that broke up. Be benevolent rather than gossipy.


MERCURY turns DIRECT! at 24 degrees 22 minutes of VIRGO. Yes information will begin to flow forwards again but remember that it takes until Mercury surpasses its Retrograde turning point before things really can advance, on October 17.

Have a great week ahead. I will be writing and there are new offerings.

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Queen Elizabeth’s funeral September 19 astrology

It’s Queen Elizabeth’s II funeral today. After many days of her lying in state when thousands of people queued up for over twelve hours and more in long lines to pay respects to Her Majesty, surrounded by her four children, and her many grandchildren. The day of the funeral is here. Let’s look at the synchronicity in the astrology.

The Moon is in Cancer ♋️, the sign of the mother which is so appropriate isn’t it? The Queen was indeed a great mother goddesss figure for over 70 years, a symbolic and real leader, mother grandmother, gracious, strong, enduring, the Taurus rock.

The Queen’s Pluto,her symbolic soul, was at 12° Cancer conjunct Sirius the brightest and most beautiful star and her North Node was at 20°. This is a karmic destiny to be the Great Mother soul as Isis was in ancient Egypt which the star was associated with thousands of years ago.

Major aspects:

The ♋️ Moon squares Chiron in ♈️ early in the day. The Moon is the mood of the people, they are feeling vulnerable, touched, wounded by the loss of the leader. The Queen was very respected. She was also commander for all the military, warriors. We got to see Prince Harry and disgraced Prince Andrew get to wear their military uniforms for the last vigil.

King Charles 3 seems to be insecure about his popularity and is changing for popular sentiment to not exclude Harry who he realizes he desperately needs to bolster popularity with the younger demographic.

Mercury Retrograde ♎️ opposes Jupiter Retrograde in Aries ♈️

The British are famous for being punctual, and at this very elaborate Royal funeral with hundreds of troops, and major security for thousands of heads of states from counties around the world,even the best laid of Scotland Yard plans may go awry. This aspect is also part of the news story that Harry & Meghan were uninvited to a reception. Which may or not have been fake news.

Saturn ♒️ square Uranus in Taurus ♉️

This heavy conflict square which was prevalent all of 2021 is back in effect again. It is indicative of the old guard of the Queen,and a transformation into something stable but streamlined and new.

Mars at 15° Gemini ♊️ in a Finger of God with Chiron ♈️, the Wounded Healer and South Node in Scorpio.

This is a powerful and interesting symbol. Mars in Gemini is literally a man communicating with two faces. The sextile to Chiron in Aries shows a strong front but a vulnerable and wounded warrior. This could be Charles, or Prince Harry, the Energy!in general, the actions, desires, anger and the Military and world military.

The quincunx to the South Node in Scorpio ♏️ squares the Queen’s Mars in Aquarius ♒️ at 20 and her Saturn at 24° Scorpio. Charles’ Sun is at 22° Scorpio ♏️

Venus in Virgo trine Uranus at the end of the day

Venus is The Queen there is a freedom and a great revelation for her as she ascends from the earth plane.

A tight ship may still have some unexpected chaos later today in regards to a woman.

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Mercury Retrograde Relationship deja vu conversations

MERCURY stations and turns Retrograde September 9 at 8:38 pm PDT/ 11:38 AM EDT/ September 10 at 3:38 am am GMT until October 2 @ 2:07 am PDT/ 5:07 am EDT/ 9 0:7 am GMT moving from 8 degrees 55″ LIBRA to 24 degree 22 ‘ of VIRGO where it station ending its Retrograde back in its home rulership sign.

MERCURY will take until October 17 to by pass its initial Retrograde degree and move forwards once again.

I know people tend to catastrophize Mercury Retrogrades but they are just rest and renewal, relaxation, time outs times for your brain.

Mercury Retrogrades are times to be mindful. Mercury retrograding through different signs has different effects as it transits the signs and is also personal for each individual.

Look at where Mercury will Retrograde in your astrology chart. Get out a red pencil and circle it. This will show Where, By house, and influence of it, where communication rethinking and reviews are happening and how they are affecting you by aspects Mercury makes as it backsteps.

Look back at last years’ Mercury Retrograde in LIBRA

With MERCURY Retrograde from LIBRA, RULED BY VENUS , Love, beauty and financial issues, communications, texts, love app hook ups and messages will be coming back to haunt you there.

Rethink what your values are in relationships of every type shape and kind. Everything is up to be re-evaluated, your job, your relationship to the world.

When Mercury re-enters VIRGO on September 23 the tone changes completely to much more pragmatic, detailed, work-oriented, inventory scrutiny. Review your community, health diet and lifestyle standards.

Virgo rules pets to there may be issues with your pets that require reviewing rations their health and diet too. Its time to be taking care of the business infinitesimals.

With Mercury Retrograding back into eagle eye perfectionist detail oriented VIRGO again, You will rehash, and nitpick over every word said in conversation, text or any means of communications endlessly picking things apart. This can be good for detective, writing, editing and legal cases.

All Retrogrades are good review times, and with Mercury Retro back to VIRGO we will have a Psychopomp holding a rear view psychological mirror up for us all.

We need to communicate with each other much more and relate in more direct ways. Mercury Retrograde takes us backtracking through old relationships, the same old thinking patterns, the same rebalancing acts, and helps us to rewrite the mental patterns and habits. See Annie Hopper

Mercury aspects

September 18 Mercury opposes Jupiter

September 22/ 23 Sun conjunct Mercury at 29 Libra trine Pluto in Capricorn

September 26 Mercury conjunct Love and money Goddess planet Venus in Virgo

September 27 Mercury trine Pluto

Good for reviewing wealth, budgets, investments, assets, power and health issues

Oct 2. Mercury in Virgo ♍️ Opposes Neptune as it Stations Direct.

This can be danger point in relationships as the hard facts cannot be denied. analyze where you are addicted to love, and self-abuse, where you are self-sabotaging and shooting your self in the foot. Gaslighting, ghosting, false hopes, and bursting bubbles materialize. Neptune in Pisces is spiritual, things that aren’t tangible and verifiable like cryptocurrency too. Mercury Virgo loves the details and the reality..relationships built on projection and false hopes or for ego inflation will falter. A Mercurial Virgo loves organization, so clean out the old crap, and get down to the practical spiritual work of humbly serving the collective and your community.

Use the Mercury Retrograde wisely. Rest, review, rethink,relax.

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