Venus sexy’s Jupiter July 22 One of the very best aspects

7/22 There are two major highlights today.

Venus Jupiter Mercury This file is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Venus in her dove-drawn chariot complaining to Jupiter, who is accompanied by Mercury and an eagle, at left Mercury has descended to earth, from the Story of Cupid and Psyche as told by Apuleius Creator:Antonio SalamancaCreator:Master of the DieCreator:Michiel Coxie (I) This file is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Venus in her dove-drawn chariot complaining to Jupiter, who is accompanied by Mercury and an eagle, at left Mercury has descended to earth, from the Story of Cupid and Psyche as told by Apuleius

This is one of the best aspects from the two benefics. VENUS who brings love beauty and wealth and Jupiter who expands all of that.

Venus in Virgo sexy’s it up with Jupiter in sexy Scorpio. Venus the planet of women and beauty love romance and art in Virgo is a nature girl who is very health conscious and loves yoga, and practical things, budgets, order, accountability, work, humility and being of service to others. Jupiter expands her horizons taking her deep into her soul to learn to worship her own shadow. This is positive fertile creative Phoenix rising from the ashes turf.

With Jupiter, in Scorpio, the frivolity may be black humor. Have you seen Ricky Gervais’ latest on Netflix’s-called Humanity. It’s very dark bold and spot on. 

Moon enters Sagittarius for more upbeat positive energy.

Sun enters Leo. Leo is governed by the Sun.

Have a wonderful day with these beautiful upbeat expansive aspects. 

A day to live love laugh learn and grow. 

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Mars will be 1.8 times brighter than Jupiter at end of July

Mars will be 1.8 times brighter than Jupiter by the end of July. The Super Moon Lunar Eclipse July 27 would be the best time to see Mars glow big and red as the Full Moon will be darkened for the longest eclipse of this century. The second total lunar eclipse of 2018 will be visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Totality will last for 103 minutes, over an hour and a half-making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century.

They should rename it the Martian Lunar eclipse.

Here’s a stunning photo of a Mars light reflection on the ocean! 

Mars reflects off the ocean 2018 1.8 times brighter Tara Greene

Stunning moment glow Mars bounces sea

Mars is Retrograde closest to the earth and is appearing larger than normal. Larger than its been in 15 years.  How is Mars Retro affecting you?

The Warrior planet turned Retro June 26/27 @ 9 degrees 13 minutes of AQUARIUS.

Mars re-enters Capricorn August 12 and turns Direct August 27.

Mars will take until October 7/8 for it to clear its’ Retrograde station. It will  be a long time for things to be really up and moving forwards. Patience is not something Mars is good with although it is a virtue.

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Crazy frenetic energy betwixt eclipses

Have you been having as crazy a week as I’ve had? There’s been upsetting emotional family issues, frustrating institutional stuff, and a family funeral. We’re all feeling exhausted. Plus my daughter is getting ready to go to University in Vancouver so there’s all that to pull together before the end of August for September.

I am feeling the strong pull to re-orient myself my energy and my work. So bear with me as I go through this change. I’ve been feeling off balance but new energies are also starting to emerge. Please stay with me and your loyalty is appreciated. You can always recycle through the thousands of pages of articles I’ve written here.

It’s July 20th already, Scorpio Moon time is the most intensely emotional and cathartic. Mars conjuncts the South Node today @ 5 degrees Aquarius. This is a powerful day to let go of the past. The perfect time for releasing, releasing, releasing on the deepest levels, letting go and renewing. Go deep into your Unconscious shadows and emotions and bring in the higher consciousness of Aquarius to build a bridge to a new plane on a higher level. The Moon’s intersection with the planets supports all of this. Dive deep dive in swim free.

August 21 2017 Solar Eclipse

 We are in a triple eclipse portal. The Solar Eclipse of July 20 in Cancer opposed by Pluto they affect the electromagnetic energy fields on the earth and in our bodies. Watch your pets they are very sensitive to these energies they feel them more than we do. The effects of all eclipses last 9 months each. Next week’s eclipse July 27 is a supermoon- Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse-which will be the longest eclipse of this Century and then two weeks later another Solar eclipse August 11 in LEO. Each of these eclipses bring their own signature which re-occurs every 18+ years. Plus with Mars Retrograde on the South Node in Aquarius and Mercury about to go Retrograde on the 25/26th and Saturn Neptune Pluto all Retrograde…. you know.

My preview of the longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century a Super Moon South Nodal Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

July 27 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse features an intense push to release past life karma, anger, the defensive, detached, unemotional scientific hi-tech mask of the drone warrior and innovate a new technology which serves the earth rejuvenates and heals Her. We are being evolutionarily pushed to the North Node In Leo and The Sun, ruler of Leo. The only true power is Love. Live courageously and passionately. Dance every day. Defend and protect the children. Create, express your feelings, be embodied.Be the Change! Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces Retro. trine Sirius the U.S. Sun’s position.delusions, fake news, false flags, secrets will out, shocking revelations, deep detectives eyes work, things are not as they seem. Much change in religion, spirituality, addictions,sacred cows,the US economy as a whole, world debt, and our understanding of the soul. Shamanism must be grounded to the ancient traditions. Juno, the feminine form of genius,in Taurus, opposes Jupiter and squares Athena in Leo conjunct the North Node and Sun. This is another powerful T-square made to be a battering ram pushing us into new growth, new feminine leadership, wisdom and power. Look at where the lunar eclipse falls in your natal chart. At 4+ degrees Aquarius with mars Retro and South Node the old Macho gravy train will be derailed. A new new world based on Aquarian equality with passionate self-expression is being born. 

Keep the faith baby. I’ll write more sooner. 
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Card of the Day. Libra to Scorpio

The Moon’s in Libra sign of the Balance the Law and Justice. The Air sign is the sign of relationships peace beauty marriage as the 7th sign/house of “others” and love ruled by the beautiful planet, Venus. 

Libran’s define themselves by others. It is a time of socializing connecting and communicating.

There’s a cardinal square to Pluto late at night which can appear as the shadows the unconscious collective energy arising in your dreams. A Lunar sextile to Mercury in Leo about to go Retrograde next week on the 25th/26th enhances communicating with pride and passion. Make sure you back up all computers and do your buying now.

Moon squares SUN we are one week until the next major Eclipse a Lunar Super Moon in Aquarius August 27th. I’ll write more about that soon.

Moon goes Void of Course @ 12:52 pm PDT/ 3:52 pm EDT/ 7:52 pm GMT

Just chill and do mundane things until the Moon enters Scorpio

We go into the most intensely emotionally cathartic times under Scorpio Moon’s.

From July 19 @ 6:13 pm PDT/ 9:13 pm EDT next day GMT until July 22 @ 3:12 am PDT/ 6:12 am EDT/ 10:12 am GMT we are under dark deep obsessive Scorpio energy.

If you are a Scorpio Sun Moon or Ascendant and have any Scorpio planets the Moon will touch them and amplify the feels over the next 2.5 days. 

Moon quincunx to Chiron in Aries in PDT/ 20th in EDT GMT

Inconjuncts or quincunx patterns creating dissonance between planets

“I can’t hear you.” is their communications. The tone-deaf aspect. Feelings can be easily and quickly hurt.

Moon opposes Uranus in TAURUS

Stubborn equals meet. The Scorpion or the Bull which one wins?

Will the deeper more intense power and control loving Scorpio energy outpower the earthy sensuous stability quaking Uranus in Taurus vibes?

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Spider Woman the South Node and Mars Retrograde

Tarantula Nebula (NGC 2070) 5 Aquarius 27, epoch 2000 Tropical Astrology

Teotihuacan Spider woman Astrology Tara Greene

This diffuse nebula, so called because of its shape, is located in the constellation Dorado the Swordfish, You need to be South of the equator, in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile or Argentina to see it and its main attraction is most of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Astrologically, the Tarantula Nebula is indicative of suffering, transformation, and endurance according to astrologer Mark Andrew Holmes. This is where Mars is Retrograding and the South Node is transitting right now at 5-6 degrees Aquarius. Mars Retrograde on the South Node in Aquarius is the old masculine angry warrior defensive archetype energy which we aggressively need to leave behind. At the same time Asteroid Juno of feminine genius is squaring the Tarantula Nebula from 7 degrees Taurus and  Ceres and Venus are inconjunct to Mars/South Node/ Tarantula from Virgo.

This symbolizes that we are being drawn into the web which Spider-woman weaves. The Greek’s called her Arachne and the Italians Tarantula. The Pre-Colombian peoples of Mexico called her Teotihuacan. The site is built in Her honor.

Spider-Woman is now thought to have been a goddess of the underworld, darkness, the earth, water, war, and possibly even creation itself. To the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, the jaguar, the owl, and especially the spider were considered creatures of darkness, often found in caves and during the night. The fact that the Teotihuacan Spider Woman is frequently depicted with all of these creatures further supports the idea of her underworld connections. The jaguar was arguably the most important animal to the Mesoamericans when it came to mythology. That Spider-Woman was associated with the jaguar suggests her greatness. We are being drawn into deep waves of old technologies in our DNA needing to be released.

I found my way through a synchronicity of these images the last day or so. In the News: Jaguar escapes a New Orleans zoo and kills 9 animals by biting its way through a steel fence. 

The Web the Maze or Labyrinth and the Matrix are the three stages of these webs of interconnectivity.

The Kiss of the Spider Woman a novel by Manuel Puig comes to mind. Spiders are weavers of fate. What seems fated to you in your life?  Mars Retrograde can bring up old anger issues. Be aware that the vibe these days can be extremely buzzy and abrasive. Be very aware of not being enticed into an old web of intrigue.

Stay chill in the peaceful eye at the center of the cyclone as things seem to be spinning further and further apart.

Mercury also goes Retrograde July 25/26 in Leo @23 degrees. Prepare for the inevitable and back up all computers. Pride will have to take a back seat.

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July 17 daily astrology and Tarot

July 17 Moon is in Virgo and is Void-Of-Course as of 3:50 am PDT/ 6:50 am EDT/ 10:50 am GMT

Moon sails into fair Libra @ 12:42 pm PDT/ 3:42 pm EDT.

Moon opposes Chiron in Aries inconjuncts Uranus in Taurus squares Saturn in Capricorn

These are painfull hard difficult annoying aspects. Emotionally the Libra Moon strives for balance it may be difficult to find the fulcrum in relationships. Show downs with dads bosses’s authority figures feature. 

and later trines Mars in Aquarius Retrograde in PDT just before the witching hour. ON the 18th in EDT and GMT.

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Reclaiming Friday the 13th Solar eclipse

Friday the 13th and a Solar Eclipse in GMT and parts East of North America

The very powerful Cancer North Node Solar eclipse also falls on Friday the 13th is many areas of the world. Take it as another sign of The Divine Feminine reclaiming the #13 as a sacred Number- the number of lunar cycles in a Year.

Most people are very superstitious

Are you superstitious? Were you born under a bad sign?  The scientific name for fear of #13 is called triskadekaphobia and the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia. Why is the #13 feared and supposed to be bad? The origin of the number 13 needs to be understood and shifted from fear and superstition.

The fear of #13 is really a misogynist brainwash which originated with the Catholic church.

 I love #13. The truth will set you free. Pet a black cat today and break a few mirrors. Breaking mirrors is a psychological metaphor for breaking free of your unconscious projections.

In the Tarot the #13 is DEATH and as the Western culture fears death and its own immortality it screwed all of this up and mad death bad and to be feared. 

Death was always presided over by The GODDESS. She who gives birth also gives Death. Again the Church’s fears of the Divine Feminine had to make everything associated with HER the Great Goddess- bad, negative, fearful, tainted. 

This year the energy is very lovely spilling over from April 12ths  beautiful energy. PISCES moon helps us tune into the psychic energy available so easily.

Moon sextiles Pluto In Capricorn trines Jupiter in SCORPIO

This is a power energy. It’s grounded and capable of transforming the most difficult obstacles.

Moon conjuncts Chiron in PISCES in the evening where we feel vulnerable but can open to our own and others woundings pain suffering and embrace them.

Moon enters ARIES half hour before the witching hour in EDT and a new cycle begins.

 Thirteen is the sacred number of the Goddess, the DIVINE FEMININE because it is the number of annual LUNAR cycles. Friday is named in honor of the Nordic Goddess Freya who is also the planet/ Goddess Venus. The Moon is one of the main embodiments of the Goddess. Women’s menstrual cycles are synchronized to the moon and women were seen to be earthly representatives of the Goddess, Her mysteries and immortality. Pagans worshipped the Goddess, the moon and Her natural cycles of death and rebirth which women partook of every month. Woman’s periods are equated with the number 13. 

To further suppress Goddess worship, the church made the number 13 into something evil, feared and superstitious as they feared women’s powers as creatresses as magical.

Friday the 13th is really an anti-pagan Goddess day and I don’t like it continuing to be portrayed that way in error. This keeps unconsciously programming fear of the feminine, intuition, magic, nature, menstrual blood, and women’s power.

Black cats are “familiars” of witches. All cats absorb negative energies and are highly sensitive to spirits and other energies which we normally can’t sense. If you’ve ever had a cat of any color you know this.

On this day, Friday the 13th I honor the Goddess, the Divine Feminine and the lunar cycles. I remember and honor myself and all women as holders of the mysteries within our bodies.

Here are 13 important facts superstitious people need to know about

Always choose LOVE over Fear.
I choose to love and honor the real positive magic of being alive; naturally intuitive and connected imminently with nature.

I do not believe in superstitious curses and their removal. Yes there are negative energies and entities. I do not ascribe to the belief in curses or blaming your life situation on that. All negative intention is black magic.  It is all about energy. Thousands of unscrupulous lying phony psychics like “Tara-Medium” who has scammed by content on YouTube and stolen my image to use associated with this fake computer programme claim to remove curses etc. but they are only manipulating naive unsuspecting powerless desperate people. I am totally against this position. Do not project your own powerlessness onto someone else as having some amazing power who claims that they can remove your troubles or provide an instant fix for thousands of dollars.  Please don’t pay phony psychics to perform rituals, light candles or pray for you for exorbitant prices. That’s all a hoax.  Yes, positive intentions work, only you can change your own life, no one can do that for you. It’s a matter of perspective and psychological shamanic awareness.  I help my clients to get empowered. Stop believing the popular myths which religions creates just to control you. That’s black magic too. They always blame their own sins onto others. 


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Here are 13 important facts superstitious people need to know about