Green tech revolution astrology

CERES conjunct URANUS in TAURUS at 12 degrees 

Ceres, dwarf planet, Great Mother, Demeter to the Greeks, Mother Earth personified, conjoins Planet Uranus at 12 degrees Taurus. Uranus is the planet of hi-tech, AI, robots, Microchips, GMO, cryptocurrency, cloned meat, radical changes, chaos, inventions. This is literally Necessity is the Mother of Invention. This is a herbalist versus modern medicine Green Witch, kitchen witch revolution.

I was initiated a green witch by Susun Weed at her Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, NY in 2987. This can be a high tech green energy revolutionary marriage union.

this is A good omen and augurs Revolutionary green Bitcoin, earth renewal, and freedom for mothers, and caregivers of children, and back to nature organic food. Ceres rules the harvest. Taurus is beef, its Time to change your diet to plant based and to feed cows naturally to avoid mad cow disease.

The flipside is of course danger of buying into the Monsanto, Cloned meat, AI robotic, microchipped, transhumanist world. There are some people who want this and want to believe they can be immortal and upload their consciousness to a computer. GREAT MOTHER CERES not growing any more food. Cancel culture on Mother Nature.

Another way of looking at this is what the beef with bitcoin? I’m taking the high road with this one. Beware hi-tech raping the earth and your body too.

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Sex, beauty and soul

MARS in GEMINI square NEPTUNE in PISCES. This is a spiritual warrior aspect. Fight for your spirt, protect your soul. The Spiritual warrior is also a passionate lover of beauty and a man of peace who protects the feminine, love and  beauty. He is like a chivalrous knight in shining armour.

This is a hard, passionate aggressive pursuit of sex, love, poetry, illusions, projections, spirituality, visions, and dreams, and sex and love addictions, denial, fake news, and choices.

All planets have dual positive and negative aspects, like life itself. Mars rules the Zero Aries point of the Zodiac and Aries the 1st sign. Aries/Mars the warrior is like the Big Bang. Mars in his positive aspect is the initiating fire of spirit and life.  God of MALE SEX, Mars symbolizes the sperm and orgasm which ignites life- he is SHIVA in the Hindu pantheon, the lingham, ignition, inspiration. In his other aspect he is known as the God of war, aggression, defenses, destruction, and death. We have focused Mars in his negative death dealing aspect ruling Scorpio traditionally.

Neptune in PISCES-

Neptune is the Higher Octave of VENUS, Goddess of Women, human, personal, down to earth love, and everything Feminine. Neptune symbolizes SHAKTI, the Feminine Goddess essence in the Universe as YONI, cosmic vagina, nurturer, Mother, lover, the void, womb, nourishment, source.  

Neptune in Pisces, the last sign symbolizes the end of the journey, our spiritual origin, the soul mate, dream lover, cosmic lover, twin flame, the ONE, Bliss, ANANDA,  divine union, compassion and forgiveness, martyrdom and mental illness and institutions like prisons.

All that is, is symbolized as SHIVA and SHAKTI entwined like the twin snakes of the Kundalini energy in an eternal UNION, coitus, lovemaking, unending orgasmic bliss which constantly and for ever creates the Universes and all that is. The Buddhists call it YAB YUM. Tune into that energy consciously and you will know what this feels like.

We project the ideal lover onto another only to get caught in the smoke and mirrors and become entwined in addictions to  co-dependent relationship, often with  anger and rejection projected back to ourselves.  This is a sign we are at war within ourselves, wounded and needing spiritual divine healing first. Aries New Moon overload ASTROLOGY MAGIC WORKSHIP will help us burn through these old karmic contracts.

Yes MEDITATE, dream work and envision

This is daydreaming and nightdreaming time. It will be a challenge to meditate with Mars in Gemini amping up the monkey mind. But you can do it.

MEN and the Masculine need to tune into being the spiritual warrior and protector of the Divine Feminine energy to heal the angry defensive toxic masculine now. Men are addicted to war and power over, and that Patriarchal model is at its end now.

Women also need to activate their own inner Masculine as it is his action which does their Intuitive feminine bidding and protects the Goddess, the Holy Grail within.

Find the beloved within first that is what Mars in Gemini is all about. GEMINI is the sign of the Lovers and then you will find them embodied in the flesh. This is the solution to all wars, dissonance, arguments and blame, denial, and projection. Know in your consciousness that we are all ONE.

RUMI’s poem sums it up.

“The minute I heard my first love story.

I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other all along.” – Rumi


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King or Queen for a Day today

The Moon is in proud, big-hearted childlike leadership-oriented LEO all day today and most of tomorrow too.


Leo Moon makes a lovely Trine to SUN and CHIRON waiting to meet March 29 @ 4:09 am EDT. We are wearing our wounds proudly on our sleeves.


This kinda rocks your world the financial and your body. Heart palpitations may be an issue, including blood pressure and Indigestion too.


A SERIOUS but freedom loving energy.

Moon sextiles MARS in GEMINI

Arguments can be a turn on.


It may feel frustrating to get your head wrapped around getting focussed. I am feeling it. Mercury in PISCES is BIG FOG energy. Just sing Sea shanties and drink some rum. Your mind is just high on avoiding and being awed by the miracles and the tsunami of information which are hella distracting.

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Take this rare needed golden opportunity to heal, rebalance and rejuvenate your heart as Sun conjuncts VENUS and CHIRON with Astrology Magic.

Every Full Moon sheds light on different areas of our lives. This Libra Full Moon is focused on healing our hearts, and we all need that now. Focusing Chiron’s healing energies on our heartaches, our wounds and how we can come into balance with ourselves, our relationships with others, and bring Karmic Justice into the world is the focus of the planets and this Live zoom workshop.  You will receive a guided meditation live, a PDF of how to prep and detailed information about the cosmic energies of Libra Full Moon for your personally.

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Love and fate, choices

Venus is exalted in Pisces and her square at the 15th and most powerful degree where she squares the Nodes of fate. The North Node in Gemini is future oriented and the South Node is always the past, in Sagittarius. There is pressure us to break free of all types of addictions- to love, consumption, false prophets, glamour, martyrdom, illusion, delusion, projection, Co-dependency, mental illness and self-sabotage.

You may feel the pressure of breaking away and leaving begins past Sagittarius ties of philosophy, truths and justice to pursue new ideas, questions, conversations, and debates.

Gemini is the sign of the curious child, choices, the marketer, sales person, the magician. It represents fresh open minded pursuits and debating which side is better from experience and comparison.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong>This is a very romantic idealistic week with the Sun conjunct Neptune on the 10th. Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus a more pure unconditional love. Venus and Neptune collide on the 13th in an alchemical spiritual marriage. The whole week carries big feminine Venusian Piscean energies. This is very idealistic, spiritual, romantic, optimistic, creative, resourceful energies but also full of projections, denial, self-sabotage, addictions, delusion and glamour. </strong>This is a very romantic idealistic week with the Sun conjunct Neptune on the 10th. Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus a more pure unconditional love. Venus and Neptune collide on the 13th in an alchemical spiritual marriage. The whole week carries big feminine Venusian Piscean energies. This is very idealistic, spiritual, romantic, optimistic, creative, resourceful energies but also full of projections, denial, self-sabotage, addictions, delusion and glamour.

If you have planets at 15-25 degrees of Gemini/ Sagittarius and Virgo/ Pisces you will feel the urge to leave the past behind and boldly and lightly skip into a new open bookended future in love and in all types of relationships.

Be creative, open your mind, follow the inner innocence and curiosity of the child that Gemini is beckoning you forwards with. Don’t get caught in duality of an oppositional point of view.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Magical Rare Psychic Dreamy Astrology

I’m sure you watched the Oprah Interview with Prince Harry and Meghan on March 7 on CBSSo many revelations. The fact that Harry and Meghan actually got married three days before in a private ceremony with the Archbishop of Canterbury officiating in their backyard on May 16That’s a whole different astrology chart

I was totally shocking, just how nasty and racist the Firm was to Meghan Markle. All the attacks in the press and from individuals affected her so much, she said she wanted to die, when pregnant with Archie. Poor Archie and he is so close to his Mother. The firm also stated that Archie, then of unknown sex would not be given a royal title or security and talk of how dark his skin might be was mindblowing.

Meghan said she was ashamed of feeling suicidal and reached out for mental health issues but was told to suck it up. Even HR wouldn’t help her as she wasn’t a paid employee.

Harry who is clearly PTSD from his Mother’s tragic death saw history repeating itself and had to save his wife and child by leaving. They said they never wanted to walk away from Royal life. This interview was filmed before the Queen recently stripped Harry of all his Army Titles and their patronages.

Most of what the press reports about Meghan was totally the other way around. Both said the Queen had been lovely and supportive but Prince Harry has suffered so much over his father not supporting him and not even returning his calls. They were cut off financially by the Firm in the Spring of 2020 when they left and not having any security once they stepped down as Senior working Royals. Prince William and Harry are clearly not speaking. After this bombshell, I am sure they never will until a Royal Funeral forces them to be in the same space and even then I dont think they will speak again unless the Monarchy is taken down soon as a result of the obvious racism. Many Brits are from other countries and are POC.

Harry credits the $30 million Princess Diana left him as to how they got by in their move to California. “it’s as if she knew” and Harry said he felt his mother was clearly helping them but being in California was not what either of them had planned. Movie moghul Tyler Perry put them up at his home and provided security for them for a few months when they arrived in L.A. until they got settled.

Harry revealed Meghan is now pregnant with a girl which he has always said he wanted. Meghan said this pregnancy was a miracle as she had just had a miscarriage in July and the daughter is expected in the summer. I am placing bets that she will be born July 1st on Princess Diana’s birthday and will have Harry’s beloved mother’s name.

Oprah will continue on CBS Morning March 8 and the British press and Twitter will wake up to see the show and will be outraged. This incendiary interview could put a huge nail in the Crown’s coffin.

There are two VERY MAJOR aspects this week which perfect synchronize with these news items.

March 10 RARE annual SUN conjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES NEPTUNE CAZIMI at 20+

As the planet of PSYCHIC ENERGY, telepathy, magic, illusions, delusions, projections, fake news, addictions, denial, self-sabotage, hidden enemies and HOLLYWOOD joins the ROYAL SUN in PISCES. We are blinded by the Light, Neptune Cazimi is spiritual and deceptive, fake news highlights, addictions, floods, denial.


March 13 NEW MOON in PISCES – Pisces overloadI

Athena, Venus Neptune Moon and Sun in PISCES-will write about that in more depth.


SUPER ROMANTIC PSYCHIC This should be valentine’s day. Floating on a cloud, super compassionate, forgiveness.


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Sunday socializing tea time

After the Virgo Full Moon, although energetically still in effect. The Moon/ Neptune in Pisces ♓️ opposition trine Pluto in Capricorn ♑️ should bring on very sexually intense dreams. Shadow dream figures may haunt you too. Practice being awake in lucid dreaming can make those scary wraiths disappear.

Moon trines Mars in Taurus ♉️ conjunct Algol in the morning. You may project a fearsome Medusa aspect into a woman whose power and stubbornness you fear. take note of that.

Moon enters Libra ♎️ 2:17 pm EST

We’re into sociable, nice, trying to find a balance energy. I know do many young people hate on Libra right now. But Libra ♎️ sees both sides of the equation. We need the ability to listen and interpret the way others see things too.

Relationships and conversations may be difficult as the Libra moon Quincunx 150 degree aspect- to Venus in Pisces ♓️ in the evening. Try to talk nice to psychic vampires.

Moon opposes Chiron in Aries ♈️ in PST / March 1in EST and GMT

Vulnerability is a bridge built to facilitate healing. Only the strongest can be truly vulnerable.

Moon quincunx Uranus in Taurus

Stubbornness gets you no points if you’re trying to Make relationships work. in PST/ March 1 pm EST and GMT

Join me tonight February 28 at 8:00 pm EST for March astrology and tarot preview for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency on Facebook. all lower caps

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Weekend Astrology Virgo Full Moon

I’ve been super busy prepping for yesterday’s JUNO asteroid goddess workshop for the CIA. So much work to prep and do a slide presentation. I love Juno

The video today covers friday Feb 26 and the 27th FULL MOON in Virgo energies

The Virgo Full Moon is another completion and releasing cycle. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin Mother, Health, Harvesting, being of service, humility, Hard work, health, accountability, self-criticism and perfectionism. We will touch on all of these Virgo aspects which have been very front and center.

The Sign of VIRGO is associated with the #9 the HERMIT and we have all been Hermits for the last year.

Please join to experience working with ceremony, ritual, meditation and very auspicious planetary energies of MARS and PLUTO and the Karmic fated timing of this specific moon.

We will use the appropriate herbs, crystals guided meditation and magic tools to tune into this earthy practical Full Moon cycle.

If you are a Virgo or have planets in Virgo this Full Moon will impact you more powerfully.

Bring your own Astrology chart wheel which you can create FREE on

If you can’t attend at the time, the recording will be sent to you afterwards to work with at your leisure.

“I loved the workshop! I was glued to the monitor taking in all that you were sharing.” – K.

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