October Astrology, Tarot horoscopes


Watch October Astrology and Tarot card preview video for all signs, moon and Rising signs on my YOUTUBE channel https://youtu.be/P3CtaRLy9tU

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New Moon magic Astrology workshop

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Cancer Moon-take me home

Moon is in Cancer September 28 its all about home, food, cuddling, feelings, comfort, nurturing, nourishment, your tummy, water, long baths, moms and nurturing figures, children, roots, foundation, the womb, the unconscious, fertility, and the ancestors.

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Aquarius Full Moon, Free Astrology Magic Workshop

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Aquarius Full Moon July Astrology Magic Workshop Tara Greene
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An AQUARIUS Full MOON is radical and we reset ourselves to December 21,2020.

This lunation called us to work with our dreams and shadows. There will be a Guided Meditation

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Here are the aspects.

All 4 Major Archangel Stars are aspected plus the Moon is conjunct Altair the Flying Eagle.

There is a Grand Air Trine, Venus and Jupiter the two beneficial stars balances each other out and call us to work with dreams in a practical way.



Things are looking up

I’m still recovering from the Scorpio Super Full Moon and Pluto turning Retrograde too at 26 degrees Capricorn and i don’t have any planets that late in Cardinal signs. Aries Cancer Libra or Capricorn. But the Full Moon was in my 12th house super activating my dreams and channeling. I am working with earth dragons these days.

How was that old devil moon for you?

The Moon shifts from Scorpio on Wednesday Mercury’s day and things look up as the Moon enters SAGITTARIUS at 11:42 am EDT no the 28th which is Jupiter’s day.

You will feel the mood shift to more optimistic active inspired and good humored.The Centaurian archer aims higher to inspire.

The moon continues its travelling man honest journey on the 29th.

The only planetary aspect is MERCURY in TAURUS where our minds and our bodies are connected as one a good thing and

MERCURY sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES april 29 at 10:27 pm EDT

a very dreamy sensuous, poetic, idealistic, but practical dreaming aspect. Think about what it would feel like to live your dreams. This is how you attract when you want.



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March 22 Weekly Horoscopes

March 22-28 Horoscopes

“All the odds are in your favor something’s about to begin.” with SUN and Venus in your sign it will. Mars your sign ruler in Gemini brings two times the opportunities to change your mind, partners and flirt like mad. Get two new jobs. Vulnerability is a key lesson on the 28th. Libra Full Moon points to relationships imbalances


VENUS, your chart rules is conjoining with the SUN on the 25/26 this is a fabulous dripping in golden light energy. An alchemical “sacred Marriage” purification ritual. Put on your bling, seduce and sizzle. Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries on the 28th. After that big golden heartwarming starring role you also have to take the armour off and tear down the walls. Libra Full Moon in your 6th House. Balance health and work.


Mars is in your sign and you’ve got energy and ideas galore. Go get all the opportunities now while they’re hot. The 23rd gives you an opportunity to wax poetic. Get back to thinktank mode and reflect. Sun and Venus in Aries and new love sparks will fly. LIBRA Full Moon shows the need to open up and share.


Moon is in your sign until Tuesday get cooking and hugs while you can. Sun Venus conjunction on 25/26 is in your 10th Solar house means a Career peaking time. Do you love your job? Golden opportunities present themselves. Libra Full Moon on 28th in your 4th house highlights family, mothers, home, delights and imbalances.


SUN and VENUS in ARIES unite at 5+ Aries on the 25/26 brings you new passion and golden opportunities to publish, teach, or plan travels. You will be feeling charismatic passionate loving and joyous. Be the leader you are meant to. Give generously. Libra Full Moon pulls out the need to be open and talk about commitment issues.


MERCURY in PISCES opposite your sign allows you to get fluid and dig into dreaming and spiritual learning. Libra Full Moon brings daydreamy believer energies with a new balanced outlook. SUN VENUS conjunct in 8th Solar house brings riches.  Know you deserve the rewards for all your hard work especially frontline workers.


SUN and VENUS in ARIES your ruler are highlighting positive relationships issues by knowing what you want, and what YOU choose, to balance out any imbalances. LIBRA Full Moon on the 28th will help to smooth all that out. Take a bite of the golden goddess of love and know your intrinsic worth. You already have all the gold.


MARS in GEMINI gets you out of your secret place. A good time to market, meet and flirt. Extra income comes easier as you’re feeling lighter. SUN/ VENUS in your 6th Solar house focuses energy on health, work, service, pets and community. Libra Full Moon in 12th house highlights unconscious love needs and vulnerability defenses.


SUN VENUS fires up your 5th house of Love affairs, creativity, children, willpower and leadership. Healing needs to be focused on relationship imbalances on the LIBRA FULL MOON in your 11th House, Networking, workshops, publishing articles and giving from your heart. Open up to being vulnerable heals love imbalances.


The SUN VENUS conjunction is in your 4th house of roots, home, emotional safety. Shines a light on ancestral, childhood and home improvements. All the gold is inside you already. No need to climb any mountains looking for success. Libra Full Moon in your 10th asks you to rebalance career and family big time. Heal old family wounds.


Sun Venus conjunction in your 3rd house of communicating, sibling and marketing can bring great resources and rewards. You may hold the light and the love for a sibling. It will be easy to craft your words with a gilded edge. Libra Full Moon on 28th in 9th house of honesty brings benefits by being vulnerable.and showing your wounds.


Aries SUN/ Venus conjunction in your 2nd house of income can bring rewards, a new job or a woman who may give you a golden opportunity. Know your self worth. Mercury in Pisces allows you to detach mentally. Libra Full Moon in 8th house is all about receiving help and abundance. Know your own intrinsic worth is primary. Teach others about vulnerability.

Planetary aspects

Moon moves from Cancer to VIRGO

VENUS is in ARIES and so is SUN we are ready to go with brand new love, excitement and spontaneity,

Mercury in PISCES squares MARS in GEMINI on the 23th

Our minds are spaced out with Mercury in PISCES. Mars in GEMINI cant decide on which desire to go after first.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong>The BIG ASPECT is SUN and VENUS conjunct in ARIES at 5+ degrees ARIES. This is a VENUS Cazimi AND A BEAUTIFUL AUSPICIOUS ASPECT. But the heart of the sun aspect fire blessings is very short-lived. It’s exact 11:58 pm on the 25th in PDT and March 26 at 2:58 am EDT.</strong>The BIG ASPECT is SUN and VENUS conjunct in ARIES at 5+ degrees ARIES. This is a VENUS Cazimi AND A BEAUTIFUL AUSPICIOUS ASPECT. But the heart of the sun aspect fire blessings is very short-lived. It’s exact 11:58 pm on the 25th in PDT and March 26 at 2:58 am EDT.

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Prepare for Pisces tsunami

As the moon enters Pisces March 11 prepping for the Pisces Tsunami new moon March 13 we will be feeling more internal spiritual dreamy imaginative, escapist.

How were your dreams after the SUN NEPTUNE conjunction? Did you feel old shadow material emerge as well?

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Happy Venus Day Astrology

A busy happy optimistic truth telling adventurous Sage Moon today Friday March 5 which is sacred to VENUS.

That is why Catholics eat fish on Friday to honour the ancient Goddess workshopping pagan spirituality. It has nothing to do with Christ. Christ being related to fishes is because the Age of Pisces began at the time attributed to his birth.

watch the video of all the aspects explained https://youtu.be/G0wyeT1AH3w

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October 8 Daily Tarot and astrology

Here it is just watch the video. The Tarot deck is The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

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Lost in a romance Venus square Neptune

June 24 carrying on the expanded  PISCES theme

Venus in Gemini Neptunian vibe today.

Soul mate seeking, addictions prone, romantic, idealistic, naive, projecting, illusions, losing oneself in another, split-minded, twin spirited, psychic, telepathy, visionary, creative, delusional, fake news.

Venus in Gemini is like I want you I don’t want you.

Neptune is Venus’s “higher octave” so the squared off challenge is to get beyond your ego and your mind which chooses to separate and to find divine love, soul love unconditional acceptance love for yourself and for others. 

Pay attention to your dreams as this is LUCID dream territory amped up.

PISCES moon is super dreamy you will be floating like a butterfly all day.

Moon trines Mars and Mercury in CANCER

very flowing, repressed anger or hurt may well up. find someone who truly cares and cry it all out. 

Moon goes Void of Course @ 4:10 pm PDT/7:10 pm EDT

New cycle starts as Moon enters ARIES for a hot fiery lets jump in energy @ 7:38 pm PDT/ 10:38 pm EDT/ June 25 @ 2:38 am GMT

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Keep the faith Neptune turns Direct

The aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks captured millions of peoples’ energies,mine included,  all day. I felt drained, and sad. Thousands of messages of hope were circulated. 

We are under a Capricorn Moon so stay grounded in your here and now reality.

It was a harsh Venus in Libra inconjcunct Neptune yesterday. 

The 15th is easier cosmic energy with mild sextiles to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, we are still mourning. It is important to allow the mourning period. There were also killings in Lebanon, Baghdad and in Kenya. I send prayers to all the souls who have been senselessly killed by Terrorists whether they are real DAESH or manufactured by an ulterior motive secret government.  

A lunar Venus in Libra square helps us to remember to stay balanced in our outlooks.

Moon conjuncts Pluto tonight

There will be power struggles. 

The big news of the next few days is Neptune turning Direct Nov. 18 after Retrograding since June 12th. All of the dreams wishes and hopes which have been simmering on the back burner of your soul can begin to move forwards now.

On November 26 ,Thanksgiving in the U.S. Saturn and Neptune will have their first square in their current cycle which I am writing a longer article about now. This is the major planetary aspect of 2016. I say Hallelujah!

There is much to be grateful for. America is still the richest country in the world, for now. Yet many go hungry. The gap between the image and the reality is up for scrutiny. 

Saturn square Neptune- birth your dream, make it real. 

VIRTUAL REALITY is here and now. 


to tell the truth, to instinctively know your own truth, and in square to Neptune,the foggy veils of illusion, deception, and projection will smash with a loud crash, the house of cards, which will crumble reverberating off the very hard floors of Saturn’s house of lead. 

There will be a lot of philosophical talk about what is faith, what reality is and what we are really doing here.

This will be a huge WAKE UP CALL. It may not be pretty, it will smash a lot of people’s spiritual ideals, their faith of all types. Especially New Age Lightworkers who ignore the shadow and dark side which must be integrated or it will keep murdering innocent people in the real world. All Faiths will be tested. Saturn in Sagittarius rules International laws and certainly governs the poor refugees who are homeless in the world right now. Saturn will tighten his belt.  


Saturn is Karma and may bring your soul mate into your life. For others, their co-dependent  romantic illusions and projections will shatter.  Yoga and the commercialization, and gurus as salvation are not all they cracked up to be.  “Reality” shows, will be exposed. Saturn rules Politics, experienced mature politicians will win. 

Reality is dissolving before our eyes.

The Berlin Wall came down in 1989/90 when this cycle started.  Saturn and Neptune will highlight all the illusions and deception of the media, big banks, the current debt we’re in, the lies of BIG PHARMA,MONSANTO and the entire political system.

In ancient stories to be made into a God, { Pisces}  you would be passed through fire { Sagittarius}.

Pisces rules projection,denial and escapism.

The avoidance, the “sheeple” the unconscious ,who spend their lives in avoiding their  own very little lives into the glamour of movies, reality TV, video games, youtube, rock stars will dissolve. Pisces rules addictions, co-dependency, martyrdom, drugs, pharmaceutical, and illegal. Saturn will change the laws around these substances making them legal but this may be exactly the Pisces deception that you don’t need.

You need to get stone cold sober. That is Saturn’s wake up call. 

Better start being transparent now. The Emperor or Empress is naked. More Snowden type peeps will emerge to reveal secrets, such as the shadow government which is a Saturn/Neptune in Pisces/Sag symbol. Saturn In Sagittarius is inspiring, optimistic and fun. Both of these signs are ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Virgo, the “final dispositer”  where he is weak this year but symbolizes a GRASSROOTS network of communities aligning to create and build an entirely new culture. Food will be a huge issues. Jobs, work, career, health care, and the economy is about to crash.

The mature idealists can start to do the serious, hard,physical work of building a dream community,  based on Oneness, egalitarian laws, spiritual openness, creativity and freedom. 

Saturn square Neptune- birth your dream, make them real. 

It is possible and it will be tested. There is more…

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