Get A Reading

I have natural inborn intuitive gifts and 25 years of professional experience to every reading I do. I have consulted for over 28,000 individuals world-wide .

Read more about me on my websiteTara Greene, Tarot, Astrology, Psychic Consultant

I offer in-depth, accurate, practical, psychological, spiritual, intuitive, advice on any matter. My metaphysical tools are Astrology Tarot cards Numerology my spirit guides and angels.


Buy a private reading-Phone or in person in Toronto

Pendulum readings with my Herkimer diamond crystal for yes or no and % of answers.

I am 90% acurate, my predictions are published in newspapers Nationally and Internationally and on the web and TV.

Love  Family  Career  Timing  Health  Financial Romance

I assure absolute confidentiality.

Tara new from EPL

I do not make others come back or send negative energy whatsoever. I consider that to be the lowest form of manipulation and Black Magic. 

I AM NOT Tara-Medium who I often get confused with- a total phishing rip off computer programme.


I am a High Priestess and have been dedicated to doing metaphysical work for many lifetimes at the Delphic Oracle in Greece, in Egypt, Atlantis and on other star systems.

I’m devoted to helping assist you to grow and expand to your highest potential, to understand your karma, who you are, what your higher purpose is, and to help you to navigate the specific cycles that each individual must go through.

“KNOW THYSELF” was the ancient maxim.

It is my true honor and blessings to use my gifts to serve you and all of humanity in this way.



read much more about me  SITE IS BEING REBUILT

14 thoughts on “Get A Reading

    • Hi Tara, I am a Montreal friend of Le’ema Graham who speaks very highly of you. I would like to have an astrology reading as concerns what spiritual path I need to commit to at this time. I find I have been taking so many on-line courses leading down this path and that, that I have become quite confused. I need to find my grounding and focus again. One thing I feel is that whatever practice I undertake there has to be a dance component, or allowance for dancing as part of all of it. That’s all I can ascertain. I am free this weekend and on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the week. Cheers, Charlotte


      • If you are what you say. Then why do you charge money for the gifts of knowledge that are free you
        should not have a price tag. Osho


      • It’s funny that you should quote OSHO, whose teachings I genuinely like. He owned 22 Rolls-Royce’s and thousands of acres of land many years ago when he had his ashram in America. He made lots of money and used his spiritual knowledge to become rich even if it was through donations. I never said I was whatever you are projecting onto me which isn’t exactly clear to me. I am a spiritual counselor who uses metaphysical tools, my innate psychic abilities and trusts my intuition in my work with clients. I have 26 years of professional experience. I’ve studied astrology, tarot, transformational psychotherapy, Wicca, numerology, feminist studies, art, shamanism, Tibetan Buddhist teachings and received many initiations. You get paid to do your work don’t you? This culture money is an exchange of spiritual energy. We are living in the 3rd dimension and the material world everything circulates through money. Only gurus who have taken vows of poverty who do not partake in the exchanges in the material world do not touch money.Blessings to you


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