Jupiter in Pisces again and whale tale stories

As Jupiter just re-entered Pisces which ruled big things and the oceans a viral video of a beluga whale playing fetch in the ocean surfaces. Let the big fish stories begin


and another here. Whales ingesting tons of microplastics daily



and another about whale adoptions being spotted. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-31/whale-southern-right-humpback-photograph-adoption-esperance-wa/101594876

and a Blue Whale movie https://globalnews.ca/event/9222360/out-of-the-depths-the-blue-whale-story/

The end of whaling is finally here? https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/has-iceland-had-its-last-whaling-season

Ive always loved whales and dolphins. Who doesn’t?

praying that we stop the use of microplastics or else those whales, the largest creatures alive on the planet and many already endangered will die. According to Maori and indigenous legends, the whales are record keepers and worshipped as the ancestors of the Maori people. Whales once walked on land during ancient dinosaur periods.

And who could forget the whale in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? I’m sending prayers to the whales.

listen to some whale songs https://youtu.be/pAYer9ZH0PY

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Rare ocean hybrids, Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces

A. Thorburn, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As Jupiter and Neptune continue to swim together in the unconscious oceans of the ephemeral worlds and our dreams and expand our knowledge of the oceans and its great mysteries in the physical world too. Here’s a news story of a rare mutation that could appear as a result of the fertilizing aspect of Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces rare conjunction on April 12 at 23 degrees PISCES look to where that degree is in your natal chart.

How is your dreaming going?

please share widely. As i mentioned yesterday the family death was of our beautiful cat Gala at 18 years old. She passed away under a Scorpio Moon, I sat with her as she passed and sang to her, she was a PIsces cat and always loved me singing to her. She went out with a loud scream which shocked us. She was a fighter at the end but an incredibly skittish cat most of her life. She’s had a stroke a week ago. I’ve had many cats in my life and so has my husband and Gala was the best, smartest, took commands, loved music, ceremony and would come when i called her telepathically and would comfort me or my daughter who she was really closest to if she was upset. She was the most sensitive and unique cat I ever had. She would appear when good people came into the house. She will be missed. eighteen years is such a long time. She had to compete with our dog Jasper for 8 years. She was receiving all the attention for the last 20 months since he passed. Gala was a reincarnation of our previous cat, who I commanded to reappear. and I commanded Gala to return again to us.

Please bare with me its been exhausting all week as we were nursing her and putting out lots of energy to help her through this. We really thought she might recover, but she had a good long and healthy life. If you’ve lost a dearly beloved pet you know it really hurts your heart. I’ve never had a pet who lived so long, it just seemed like she would be with us forever. LIfe is so precious, even animals do not want to let go and die, enjoy every precious moment.

I was watching an interesting video last night by Mateus De Stefano talking about 9 dimensions. He began to remember and fully experience emotionally all of his past lives since he was 12 years old in Argentina. His explanations of what dimensions are are very simple and easy to understand. He relates to originating in Khem which was Egypt 12,000 years ago. He talks about God as being the SUN which is totally Egyptian Ra Sun God worship. He also talks about the Photons of light which we are, it reminded me of Barabara Hand Clow an astrologer and Pleiadian channeler who i worked a bit over with 25 years ago. She wrote a book about the 9 Dimensions years ago and Chiron and the Photon Band which was a book and energy on which my husband Napoleon and I re-met on, So interesting synchronicity. check it out,I haven’t seen all of it yet its very long. https://youtu.be/XTSvCHbd3_E

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A whale of a tale,in the belly of the beast

Inside the belly of the beast a modern Jonah and the whale Story. Lobster diver Michael Packard,56, was accidentally swallowed by a humpback whale off of Provincetown an incredibly super rare occurrence and is spit out and survives with minor injuries. A whale of a tale.

More Neptune in Pisces amazing archetypal stories which mirror our collective spiritual condition. Being in the belly of the beast yah that’s exactly where we are now

Michael was born in 1965 when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo, Neptune was in Scorpio place of death and rebirth, and Saturn in Pisces sign of endings, karma. Transiting Neptune is Trine to Neptune and opposed to Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. It was inevitable that this archetypal Jonah story would happen

Astrology signs when swallowed by a whale

Aries-I’ma punch my way out

Taurus-its pretty comfy

Gemini-how can i talk to this Leviathan?

Cancer-life began in the ocean, I’m home

Leo-We’re both the biggest things around

Virgo-ooh its yucky, gotta clean up

Libra-O No I can’t text from in here

Scorpio-dark inside, my kinda place

Sagittarius-Yahoo what an adventure

Capricorn-I can carve it up and sell it

Aquarius-this is the weirdest thing I love it

Pisces-perfect place to meditate, We are all one


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Pisces Super Moon eclipse, expect miracles

March 8 Pisces Solar eclipse is also a SUPER MOON when the moon is closes to the earth.

Today we are asked to dive deep with the Dolphins,whales, Mermaids and Mermen into the oceanic waters of consciousness to dream new dreams. This is a Super NEW MOON to plant seeds of pearlescent positive, miracles. We dream it then it happens. Everything began as a dream. You are a dream which became real. On this special day-dream awake, be clear about your emotions.

Dolphin, dreams, Tara Greene

We transition from spirit into the physical realm through the water in our mother’s wombs.  We are mainly made of water. Dr. Emoto demonstrated how our thoughts affect the structure of water. So think pure positive thoughts. Send lots of positive energy to heal the Pacific ocean which has been irradiated from Fukushima every day for the last 5 years. Many dolphins whales and fish are stranding themselves from radiation poisoning and this isn’t being featured in the media. Water is our most important resource and there are many droughts worldwide. The Kogi People up in the high mountains of Columbia who work in the most spiritual realms have had drought for the last two years. Flint Michigan is the canary in the coalmine as well, as other parts of the world with bad contaminated water including the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada.

Spend some time today  chanting and doing mantras.  According to Tibetan Buddhists you can get ONE HUNDRED MILLION TIMES the Good Karma  during solar eclipses from saying specific mantras and following certain precepts. Seven million times good karma on a lunar eclipse.  

Solar elcipse astrology Tara Greene

You don’t have to be a strict Tibetan Buddhist to get 100 million times the benefits on this auspicious day.

Chant  OM MANI PADME  HUM at least 108 times will give you great blessings. Catholics also say 108 Hail Mary’s. 

My Western born {Hamilton Ontario} Tibetan Buddhist guru translated the famous mantra as  “O mama take me home.” You can say that too if it works for you. Especially on International Women’s Day. Ask to become enlightened quickly for the sake of all sentient beings. This is called taking refuge.

At the very least, do not kill, do not get angry, do no harm.

“Do what thou wilt and harm none.”   LOVE IS ALL, Love thyself without vanity or ego  attachment.

The strict rules are to take the 8 Mahayana precepts for at least 24 hours and understand why 

see http://fpmt.org/search/?cx=006666013672625551539%3Aviz2vwpxfge&cof=FORID%3A11&ie=UTF-8&q=8+mahayana+precepts&sa=

1. Not killing: human beings or others, even with the mind.
2 .Not stealing: anything of value possessed by another being, or taking anything with force; also borrowing things for a long time so that maybe the owner will forget.
3. Not having sexual intercourse: the power of the physical thing going out; any action that brings an orgasm.
4. Not telling lies.
5. Not taking intoxicants; not smoking poisonous plants.
6. Not sitting on a high and rich throne without Dharma reason, or on a high rich bed.
7. Not eating after noon until the following sunrise. This is mainly to control the negative mind of greed. Also, eating at night makes the evening meditation hard. The one meal is taken to protect the life for Dharma.
8. Not putting on perfume or jewelry with greed that is attached to temporal comfort; also no singing, dancing or playing music with samsaric desire, being attached to the temporal comfort. All of these are totally to combat greed.

These precepts have to be taken when there is just a little light, from one dawn time till the next.

– See more at: http://www.lamayeshe.com/index.php?sect=article&id=236&chid=381#sthash.zWeIEECs.dpuf


Be kind, make love, even though the Buddhist say abstain from sex. 

Listen to mantras- DEVA PREMAL sings them most beautifully and in the full devotion


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Home party time,

Moon is still in CANCER, doesn’t it seem like its been in Cancer forever? Nice trine to Mercury in Pisces shortly and a square to Mars later this evening makes for parties at home a good thing to do. Moon enters LEO later today PDT.

Home parties Tara Greene

speaking of oceans listen to the whales sing an meditate on this

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whale songs 

WORLD WATER DAY MARCH 22 join in global prayers

We are 70% water. The earth is also 70% water.

All life on earth evolved from the Oceans. All marine creatures, especially sea mammals, whales, dolphins, orcas are our literal ancestors. Even if you are a fundamentalist Christian, you still need to have fresh water to drink.

Every human started their existence inside their mother’s womb in saline amniotic fluid, a microcosm of the macrocosm. Our tears, our sweat, our blood, urine and sexual fluids are water.


world water day Tara Greene Toronto

Indigenous people’s will be gathering at various locations in the United States, Canada and other parts of the world to pray  for the precious waters that all life forms are made up of and we all need to live.

Drought in California, Africa and other parts of the world threatens our food supplies and thousands of people die every year in increasing numbers from lack of water to drink or to grow crops.

The FUKUSHIMA nuclear disaster now three years old has severely contaminated the Pacific Ocean and that contamination is reaching the Western U.S. and Canadian coast now. The Pacific Ocean is the largest in the world, and mysterious die offs of fish and whales are being recorded in higher numbers.

The World’s oceans have plastic null spots filled with refuse of modern societies plastics addictions.

Our present technological lifestyle is blindly ignorant to the negative effects it is having on the fresh water supplies of the world which are also dwindling rapidly. Pollution from the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada is creating havoc with the land and water and creating soaring cancer rates. Damming up of rivers endangers fragile ecosystems.

What happens when there is no more fresh clean life giving water to drink? We cannot survive without adequate  water to drink and adequate rain to grow food, and nourish all the plants and animals on the earth.

Our thoughts and intentions create and affect reality on a quantum level. As Dr. Emoto has demonstrated a thought of love changes the structure of water to a harmonious balanced state. As the Indigenous elders pray for rain, and pray to cleanse the waters you can join in your intentions and prayers wherever you are

PLEASE JOIN IN @ 3:00 pm your local time

Whatever your religious beliefs are, please add your prayers for the waters. If you can be near a  body of water, river, pond that’s great. You can simply use a glass of water. One drop is connected to all the drops. The ocean refuses no river.

MEDITATE on the water that you are made of. Give thanks for the rain and oceans.

Send your prayers from your heart to cleanse and purify and make abundant,the oceans lakes and rivers of the world, to your local water, the aquifers under the earth, the springs.  Also pray to the Sky and the air to be cleansed of pollution, so that the clouds bring rain.

There will be world-wide events all year from UNIFY.org

I will be joining in and offering a ceremony to heal the waters at Lake Ontario in Toronto and joining my prayers with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and the rest of the groups world wide.