Weekly Astrology May 8-14 Uranus shocks, Mercury stations Direct

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Where’s the Moon? ALL TIMES IN EDT

Week starts with fiery optimistic honest SAGITTARIUS MOON

May 8 Moon enters earthy practical all business CAPRICORN at 7:33 pm EDT

May 10 MOON enters airy detached freedom loving AQUARIUS at 10:05 pm

May 12 MOON enters introverted psychic sensitive addictive PISCES at 9:39 pm PDT

May 13 Moon enters PISCES at 12:39 am EDT


This is an annual URANUS CAZIMI, it can bring SHOCKING REVELATIONS, EARTHQUAKES URANUS CAZIMI. It’s WILD energy for crypto, stock markets, and freedom fighters, rebellion innovation, hi-tech,


expect to hear from past loves, as predicted, a good time to meditate, dream and channeling. Creative revisiting of projects, and serious commitments to family.



A nice positive aspect between the Mother love and the paternal spiritual energies.


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mom’s. Birthing children is a divine gift of being born a woman. 99.99% of women are born with wombs, the womb is the most sacred of organs, A woman can use her womb’s energy to birth any type of creation and her own feminine form of enlightenment too.

With Venus and Mars in CANCER on mother’s day its especially emotional sentimental and food features. Have a big family celebration for mom. Apprciate how much mothers do for their children. Even if you have a difficult relationship with your mom, she still sacrificed her body to birth you. Your life is important. Ultimately the mother child bond is the strongest. We are our mothers. My old Guru taught.

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watch todays Short Astrology weather report https://youtu.be/LEiPvgx8RI0

Heart,mind, Love and justice, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius

Nov. 18

Mercury entered the last fire sign of Sagittarius yesterday and will remain in close proximity with the loved up planet until the two conjoin November 21 at 2:55 pm PST, 5:55 pm EST, 10:55 pm GMT. A marriage of heart and mind.

Cue the Joni Mitchell song

“Women of heart and mind”

This is a great planet combo of Venusian good looks, and honest communications, unpretentiousness, love of justice, demanding truth in politics, a love of freedom, travel, higher learning, philosophy, metaphysics, sports and animal Lovers.

Mercury in Sagittarius is sage intelligence but considered a detrimental placement of Mercurius because it’s opposite it’s rulership of Gemini.

I have a sage mercury and I know my mind is always and has always been multidimensional and easily distracted, always asking deep truth questions, it’s made more exaggerated by the plethora of info on the net.

Anytime Mercury and Venus come together in any sign it’s a winning combo of hearts and minds entwined.

This aspect should see a strong pursuit of justice in the recent FTX crypto Sam Bankman -Fried crypto scam of the century and other political issues such as woman fighting for freedom in Iran. I will look at Iran’s chart to see when the Ayatollah regime collapses.

Mercury Venus Sagittarius things to do

Love learning, love travelling, love adventure, love humour, Love honesty, love the great adventure of love and life, think about your faith and trust that the universe has your back, feel the unity of your hearts intelligence with your mind’s, both have brains..

think the truth,

Walk the truth,

quest for love, truth and justice

while these two personal planets link up until December 6/7 when Mercury enters Capricorn-and December 9/10 when Venus enters Capricorn.

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Watch Moon Mars conjunct October 14/ 15 Astrology

Astrology was originally about naked eye observation and making offerings talismans rituals and prayers to the Stars planets Gods and Goddesses.

Watch tonight October 14 at 9:08 PDT? October 15 at 12:08 am EDT and 5:08 am GMT as the Moon in Tropical GEMINI meets MARS at 23+ Gemini the song of the double-talking sign.

Moon Mars conjunction October 15,16 astrology and astronomy
Moon-Mars conjunction October 15,16 astrology and astronomy

Do you have MARS in GEMINI? Check out the vibes to feel what Mars in Gemini feels like as the Moon transmits those feels.

Mars the warrior in Gemini has lots of fighting words. Its easy to trigger someone in a verbal attack. A good time to look at if you are stuffing your anger or need to find out about anger management.

if you have any planets at 24 Gemini you will feel this amping up those talkative trickster social butterfly vibes.

Remember Mars is in the sign of the Twins for 7+ months and I predict that more twins will be conceived during this time. We’re all experiencing the apparent dualities and complementary opposites for the next 7 months.

Mars turns Retrograde on October 30 at 9:26 am EDT until January 11, 2023. Get ready to s-l-o-w down your overwrought mind. We need this time for dialogues and reviewing information, media and overhauling our actions. I’ll write more about it shortly.

Other aspects of the day Venus trine SAturn in effect as a serious open relationship vibe

Moon sextiles Chiron in Aries

At the start of the day which can make us feel defensive lobbying back with smart ass answers

Moon trines Saturn Venus and SUN a GRAND AIR TRINE – nice and airy.

Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

Can make your brain feel very tired. This is added to the ongoing Mars Neptune Square in effect. Meditate stay hydrated and let your creativity out.


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Sexy spontaneous mood tempers flare, June 22 astrology

Aries Moon conjuncts Mars this afternoon at 21° Aries, setting tempers and libido’s a flare. Be careful around anything potentially dangerous or sharp and explosive things.

Watch out for sudden outbursts, spontaneous fights, danger of shootings, explosions, eruptions, lightning strikes and impatience. Angry words can be exchanged which you may regret after.

Check out where 21° Aries is in your chart for the Hot Spot to see how the moon Mars energy can make your blood boil.

do try to Be careful of being too sexually spontaneous creating emotional damages you may regret. Try to think about the consequences before you act.

Work out heavily, do martial arts, dance and listen to flamenco or Katak Indian staccato music to work out these energies.

Watch the short video on my YouTube channel and please subscribe I still need to get to 1,000 followers before I can monetize my videos if that’s even a thing these days

June 22 Astrology https://youtu.be/c3G9D3r9Gqc

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Read between the lines Astrology

There are a couple of major major planetary aspects today an inconjunct and a conjunction. Plus two major planetary conjunctions on the 19th. Sorry i was late with this computers been acting up.

Today August 18

Moon enters CAPRICORN August 18 until August 20. Wherever the moon is it’s what everyone is feeling. Earth sign Capricorn is grounded, responsible, mature, long-term goal focussed, career-oriented and not expressing too much emotion.


is a double whammy of energy, passion, drive and Intellect trying to avoid the spiritual woundedness and vulnerability. Avoiding those punches. Watch what you deflect from.

MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS IN VIRGO at 12+ degrees at 8:28 pm PDT/11:28 pm EDT

Mercury in Virgo is in his element, Mars in Virgo is not so strong but not undignified. This is a razor sharp wit and criticism,

August 19 at 3:28 am GMT

It’s not hard to read between the lines today.

October 9: Mercury-Mars conjunction in Libra

Where you can talk about your relationships and all the sex forever. Mars is weak in Libra.

November 10: Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio

Where you can have incredible sexting and heady intellectual sexual encounters too.

Angry, irritable, impatient, perfectionism, nitpicky, nothing is good enough, and very bad tummy and digestive issues. I SURE FELT THAT.

It’s good energy to use to go over anything with a fine tooth comb. Accountants, editors, health professionals, dieticians, pharmaceuticals, all benefit from this energy.

MERCURY and MARS have two more conjunctions

October 9 With Mercury RETROGRADE in Libra at 16 degrees where Mars is weaker

November 10: Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio at 7 degrees and Mars rules Scorpio

A passionate idea or new work project started now will be back at the drawing board in October and more fully fleshed out in November ready to move forwards again in 3 months.

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Trump Accepts Defeat

Trump accepts defeat after VP Pence announced that Biden and Harris would be the Next President and Vice President. Trump conceded that there would be a peaceful transition of power on the 7th at 3:40 am

We can see Mars at 0 Taurus and the Moon at the last anaretic degree of Libra, the scales of Justice. With Venus on the Galactic Center. Neptune in Pisces is squaring the Fated Nodes of the Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius and Opposes Vesta in Virgo which has to do with investing in the earth. Jupiter and Saturn in early Aquarius square Uranus Aquarius modern ruler and Lilith.

Juno at 6 degrees Sagittarius is inconjunct to Uranus at 6 degrees TAURUS and Lilith at 8. Juno is sitting right on my Sage Sun makeing me realize Uranus has been quincunx my SUN for the last while which explains why I have been feeling the way I have. If you have planets at 6 degrees you will feel the uranian and Juno energy. I am preparing to do a workshop on Juno for the Cosmic INtelligence agency in February stat tuned.

please watch the Astrology aspects of the day

Moon enters Scorpio at 3:53 am EST

and opposes MARS just into Taurus

after the storming of the Capitol building on the 6TH TRUMP supporters will not back down even if Trump has conceded that there will be a peaceful transition of power. Watch for continued violence and protests in the U.S.

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Finding balance

September 18  Moon is in LIBRA we are finding balance

 under a pretty busy Moon. 

Major aspect MERCURY the MESSENGER inconjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES

Its the Jewish Holiday of the New Year 

Happy New Year to family, friends and everyone.

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Today’s Tarot and Astrology guidance

Tarot card of the Day August 19 from the MUSE TAROT 

the 8 of Materials/Eart/Coins/Pentacles

and watch the video with today’s astrology too.

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Black Holes, Billionaires, 5D higher Dimensions

My intuition always guides to me to what I need. I am referring back to my old hand made copy of Alex Miller-Mignone’s The Black Hole Book, self-published in 1995.

The Black Hole Book by Alex Miller-Mignone

He names a number of Black Holes and Quasars from his own intuitive download of connecting to the Black Holes themselves 

The recent Jupiter Pluto conjunction

Black Hole connections to JUPITER PLUTO conjunction at 24 Capricorn to BH Hades/Pluto at 24 ARIES and BH Kali at 28 CANCER and BH Pele Hawaii Volcano Goddess at 28/29 LIBRA. BH’s are interdimensional time-shifting portals.

THINk about these multi-dimensional portals affecting us under the billionaire’s transit of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Are you feeling it?

Watch April 15th astrology transits

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Money, Beauty, power, sex, death, rebirth


Venus Trines Jupiter and Pluto. The Goddess of LOVE and Sex enchants the brothers JUPITER the HEAD God on Mount Olympus and PLUTO LORD of the Underworld with her magic girdle which makes her irresistible. This is all about money, beauty, sex, death, power, rebirth. And healing from sexual abuse as well.

VENUS as Love the Divine feminine the heart and relationships is the bridge between the Masculine Patriarchal As above, so below.

these are very big aspects. There is also great healing energy for WOMEN as it points to VENUS, women healing from sexual abuse which Jupiter the philandering rapist and Pluto another rapist symbolize.

Use Venus in Her home sign Taurus where she is very strong to do healing rituals tonight. Love your body and send LOVE to heal your womb. You are in quarantine and it is a spiritual Hermitage on one level.

watch the vlog.

I work with many women who have had sexual abuse issues and helo them to heal.

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