Weekly Astrology June 27-July 3

A big week ahead Neptune turns Retrograde in Pisces from June 28 to December 3

June 27th Mars sextiles Saturn at 3:29 pm PDT/ 6:29 pm EDT/ 10:29 pm GMT

an easy supporting aspect between the planet of aggression defense and anger and the planet of limitations, obstacles and old karmic axes to grind. Taking responsibility for our anger and defences is important.

June 28th  Neptune stations Retrograde at 12:55 am PDT/ 3:55 am EDT/ 7:55 am GMT until December 3 DREAM RECALL, review, redemption and deja vu time.

I will do more in-depth readings for each sign and make videos when I am feeling better.

Sun squares Jupiter at 5:59 pm PDT/ 8:59 pm EDT/ JUNE 29 at 12:59 am GMT battle of wills

New Moon in Cancer at 7:52 pm PDT/ 10:52 pm EDT/ June 29 at 2:52 am GMT

a BIG FULL MOON with Moon exalted in its own sign IT WILL BE VERY EMOTIONAL and about wombs.

Venus in GEMINI sextiles Jupiter at 8:52 pm PT sexy expansion- lots of sexy ideas

July 1st Mars in ARIES squares Pluto at 7:14 pm PT This is CANADAS birthday! this means Canada will be undergoing protests, and fights for Corporate control. After the tyrannical Trudeau illegally locked down the Frigid North for the longest time of any country in the world, and froze bank accounts of working class trucker protestors he is being shamed rightly so on the world’s stage as being a puppet of China and Big Pharma. The year ahead will be rocky as new resistance arises to topple the Plutocrats.

July 2 Mercury trines Saturn at 3:39 am PT- good for new ideas being put into form

Mercury squares Neptune at 1:53 pm PDT/ 4:53 pm EDT/ 8:53 pm GMT integrate the dream and the ideas. The romantic and the dialectic

July 3rd MERCURY inconjunct PLUTO – Beware the shadow you didn’t integrate

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Happy June, Astrology and Tarot Horoscopes

Happy June! The month that honours Juno the feminine form of genius, Jupiter/Jove’s wife and better half although she’s is more ancient than Jupiter.

The Moon is in Cancer her home sign where we are happy to be connecting to family, our homes, comfort food, nurturing, and being nurtured, and feeling emotionally safe.

The Cancerian Moon brings up all the emotions and past memories from childhood. I am feeling it now as tears are welling up over a family issue. We get sentimental when the moon is in Cancer

The moon connects with Lilith the rebellious independent first woman and then with Ceres the Great Mother. This is a PowerFul rebirthing Of the death bringing aspect which Lilith symbolizes and life giving powers of the Divine Feminine.

Lilith and Ceres have been in close proximity for awhile in Cancer, which is reflected down on earth in abortion restrictions and backlash in the US.

Ceres also controls all the food that is grown. Ceres is the Latin root word for cereals, and grains, which we refer to as bread. She is the goddess of the sign of Virgo. If you eat Cereal for breakfast you are honoring Ceres.

Remember that Ceres/Demeter in Greek myth refuses to let anything grow when her beloved daughter Persephone disappears and she can’t find her/ is raped/goes voluntarily into Pluto/ Hades realm. Wheat shortages in Ukraine are manifesting now in alignment with Lilith Ceres in the breadbasket of Cancer.

Feel into all the feelings over the next three days while the moon is in Cancer until Friday the 3rd at 2:38 pm EDT

Watch The June astrology tarot video https://youtu.be/e_GXw5tVugQ?t=4

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May Astrology and Tarot Card Horoscope Guide

May 2-8 weekly aspects and more

May 2 MOON IN GEMINI from 11:05 am EDT to MAY 4 at 4:37 PM MOON IS VOID OF COURSE






May 4 MARS in PISCES sextile URANUS in TAURUS- 14+ DEGREES PSYCHIC CHAOTIC MESSAGES, wild intuitive hits,

MAY 5 SUN CONJUNCT URANUS-C 14+ TAURUS CHAOS, EARTHQUAKES, EXPLOSIVE, SHOCKING, NEWS, BREAKTHROUGHS, DANGER OF NUCLEAR ATTACKS, be careful around anything flammable or dangerous. Crazy drivers, be careful. expect the unexpected.





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The most intense Pisces energy ever is now.

The most intense PISCES energy of projections, false gurus, fake news, inflation, high oil prices, glamour, debt, beauty, psychic, dreamy, addictive, Soul mate, psychic high, drugs,denial energy in our lives is right now. Pisces energy in your life is now.

Pluto at 28° Capricorn virtually standstill in the skies as it is about to turn retrograde on the 29th. Pluto is at the Virtual 29th last degree of the honey goat chairman of the board.

This aspect brings access to a wealth of underworld, soulful, secretive insights. Pluto is at his most powerful at these last degrees.

Pluto Retrograde from April 28 until October 8/9th allows us to go deep into our own shadows, uprooted deeper levels of Denied aspects of ourselves,

As Pluto retro’s back from 28:36 degrees Capricorn back to 26:07 degrees the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, Death and Rebirth is sextile a 60 degree easy aspect to Neptune Lord of the emotional watery realms, where we can do very deep emotional work.

Mercury is in it’s pretty-shadow of its 2nd Retrograde period on May 10 at 4 degrees 51’ Gemini ♊️ in its home sign until 26 degrees 05’ Taurus on June 3. Expect more havoc on this retro as mercury moves between two different signs.

Pluto in Capricorn is in earth, our physical body realm and Neptune in the emotional depths. Together earth and water they hold the keys to our body and soul transformation.

Use Pluto Retrograde sextile Neptune again for the last time in over hundreds of years for intensive dream work, and emotional rebirth as Jupiter, co-ruler of Pisces moves out of that sign on May 10 to venture through fiery new beginnings Aries until October 20. Jupiter returns Pisces fir a last late night snack until December 20/21 when it re-enters Aries for much of 2023. We can take a fresh new inspired look into those bewildering powerful dreams we had while Jupiter was in Pisces ♓️

I will be setting up dream temple healings while Jupiter is in Aries and Pisces.

The Taurus Solar Eclipse April 30 has the last Venus Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in 13 years. Avery beautiful spiritual e compassionate dreamy day and night.. it’s energy is embedded into the eclipse signature. Venus rule Taurus ♉️

I’m creating a pre-recorded astrology magic workshop which you can use to work with the solar eclipse energies as one does not do any manifestation energies during all types of eclipses. Please email taragreenetarot@gmail.com to but this $11-$18 US or Ca.

I had oral surgery today so I may be offline the next few days.i had a back lower molar extracted and a bone graft prepping for two implants. Mercury Pluto is the perfect energy for this work.

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One of the best days of the Year is April 27 as VENUS and NEPTUNE conjunct exactly at 24+ degrees PISCES at 12:12 pm PDT/ 3:12 pm EDT. 7:12 pm GMT VENUS is exalted in PISCES, and these two are LOVE Birds of the highest and most human orders, Neptune is VENUS’s Higher Octave of Love.

The next best day of the year happens APRIL 30  as sensuous, seductive VENUS bonks JUIPTER at 27+ degrees PISCES.

Hollywood is governed by the planet NEPTUNE ruler of the sign of PISCES. Neptune rules all things visual, film photography, illusions, delusions, magic, high romance, drugs, addictions. It’s water, it’s the ocean, which L.A. is on. It is imagination, it’s spirituality, intuition, psychic energy dreams.  It is the source, our mother’s wombs, it symbolizes the end of all life, death, dissolution, egolessness, the 12th and last house.  

Hollywood is centered in LOS ANGELES and guess what the City of Los Angeles has a Venus NEPTUNE conjunction in LIBRA, not exact but within 3 degrees, close enough L.A. is LA LA LAND.

VENUS, the planet of women, romance, money, luxury, love, sex, art, and values, human love, meets up with NEPTUNE the planet of spiritual, cosmic soul mate love. Venus in Pisces is exalted, as she gets to bestow unconditional spiritual soul mate love now.

Mermaids, Unicorns, Fantasy lovers, unrequited love, martyrs,

Neptune shows us that we are all one, that we all feel the same, that we are all spirits temporarily in fleshy bodies, Venus represents human love.

no one is separated from the entire whole.  This aspect brings that knowing into our flesh and into our blood and bones. We can feel it,it is palpable. 

ALL of this PISCES energy is also a sign of the GREAT ESCAPE or Great escapism,

the downside of Pisces. Denial, also debt, illusions, high oil, inflation, false gurus, water problems, addictions rehab., gaslighting, fake news, jails, mental illness, depression, lockdowns, endings, death, spiritual delusions,viruses,

 Be aware of what you are avoiding the most in your life. Success? Failure? Love? Intimacy?  Forgiveness? Sobriety?

Check into your natal chart to see which house and aspects Neptune Venus makes.

Where is 24 Pisces in your chart?


JAY-Z, rapper, producer, entrepreneur, Mr. Beyonce

PRINCE CHARLES, future King of the U.K?

MUHAMMAD, the Islamic Prophet


LEONARD COHEN, Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, novelist

DOSTOYEVSKY, Russian author,



TOM PETTY and the Heartbreakers singer-songwriter, Travelling Wilbury’s

AMELIA EARHART, American, first woman pilot, disappeared

LOUISE PASTEUR invented boiling milk to get rid of bacteria,

MARCELLO MASTRIANI, famed Italian film star

PAUL CEZANNE ,ARTIST, a friend of Vincent Van Gogh, Tahiti

MARC BOLAN OF T-REX, British Glam rock star

BARBARA WALTERS, News and interviewer,

JODIE FOSTER, actress and film director,

RICHARD GERE, American Actor, Tibetan Buddhist supporter

JOSEPHINE BAKER, famed Black American dancer, the toast of PARIS in 20s

VANESSA PARADIS, French baby momma to Johnny Depp’s two children, model

SOPHIA LOREN, beauteous Italian actress

TAYLOR LAUTNER, former werewolf in Twilight


Build an altar to VENUS- bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, get

bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, get yourself all made up like a Goddess, or a God. Venus’ metal is copper, she likes greens and blues. Gemstones in those colors would work well, aquamarine, or emeralds, lapiz lazuli, sodalite, aventurine, etc. Buy roses, the most feminine of all flowers, very fragrant. Get on your beautiful seductive aromatherapy oils.  Bring in symbols for Neptune, starfishes, shells, dolphins, whales, mermaids, cosmic symbols, mandalas. Lay it all out. Have cups of water, everything that symbolizes beauty.

It would be optimum to do a bathing ritual as well, alone or with your beloved. Put in rose petals and rose oil, or lavender. Imagine that you are VENUS risen from the sea foam; Desirable to all, the love goddess who attracts love everywhere she goes. Who spreads love everywhere. See your heart expanding and being the source for all love you wish to attract.

Neptune in PISCES is unconditional love. The more love you give away the more you receive. Help the unloved, the forgotten, the neglected, the more love returns to you. Do something charitable, do it anonymously, write a cheque, donate online, donate your time. Pay it forwards in a lineup, leave money somewhere for a stranger to find. Put prayers onto your money whenever it changes hands, the prayers and good intentions go with it. 

This is a day of massive forgiveness. Forgiveness can’t be forced. The ones we need to forgive most is ourselves.  Give yourself permission to forgive yourself for whatever it is you did. You can also get down on your knees and prostrate yourself to the Great Mystery, because it is good to be humble. 

This is a day to call in your BELOVED, the other half of you which is always part of you but seems to be existing in another person. That is the illusion, part of the Neptune trick. 

Yes, Forgive everyone, Republicans, Democrats, your “enemy,”- the Jews, gays, Muslim. Christians,  your ex-. Just send it out there.

Imagine that we are all one in one big ocean of BLISS.  As you imagine it, you create it. 

A big night to incubate dreams while the MOON is still in PISCES and to do visualizations.

Imagine the world at peace, in a cloud of unconditional love. Incubate the dream of the beloved before you go to sleep at night. WE REALLY NEED THIS COLLECTIVE FOCUS ON WORLD PEACE NOW.

We are the magic we are the love, we are the beauty, we are the cosmos, we are humans we are eternal, we are fragile, we Love. LOVE thyself, in a non-egotistic way. This is super important now. You are not who you think you are. You are much bigger than that. You dont need to boast or acquire or show off, or be arrogant or try to impress anyone else, or show anyone up, That is all nonsense ego games.  Be the soul you are. You are sexless, eternal, whole, enlightened, unattached, loving, giving, caring. 

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I am getting a workshop together for the Taurus Solar Eclipse APRIL 30 but it will be pre-recorded as An eclipse is a quiet no manifesting energy. I am getting dental work done and may not be able to appear. Please get in touch with me about details. taragreenetarot@gmail.com


Heads Up, the shot heard round the world April 4

Moon in Pisces Meets Jupiter and Neptune

Tonight March 30 and sextiles Pluto it’s a great night for lucid dreaming and remote viewing, creativity and meditation.

Mars the warrior planet, of action, drive anger, and Saturn the planet of maturity, restriction, fathers, and hard times are approaching a very tough conjunction April 4 on the 54th Anniversary of MLK’s murder.

At 22+ Aquarius. Mars Saturn conjunctions are like driving with the brakes on. Mars wants to move and Saturn wants to nail everything down. The two malefics indicate Cyber attacks, as Aquarius rules the internet and crypto hacks as well as restrictions, severing of networks and organizational ties.

They Inconjunct,a 150 degree angle, which are blind spots between the planets involved, to the US Natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo

which indicates food shortages, work restrictions, Covid virus restrictions endings, deep fake news, inflations, high gas prices, and they inconjunct natal Mercury Retrograde at 24 Cancer. This is difficulties with food, home shortages or military interventions. Restrictions on women, women’s rights, and freedoms, -abortion and anti-abortion fights.

Mars rules sports, athletes, competitions. The Mars Saturn conjunction in Cancer is Trans women competing in sports, which may be limited or restricted entirely.

Beware of heavy energies, people will be acting angry, and defensive. Look to where 18-25° Aquarius are in your natal chart for clues as to how angry and restricted you are feeling.

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Will Smith Astrology, Acting out at Academy Awards

Mercury In Aries- war of words, Academy Awards- Will Smith smacks Chris Rock over a joke at his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s expense.

WOw, the slap that was heard around the world. I’ve heard white people are not allowed to comment on this as it is between black men.

As an astrologer i want to help everyone understand themselves better and why certain things happen the way they do. Everyone was shocked but if you understand astrology it makes perfect sense and why now.

I understand that Pinkett-Smith has alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes her hair to fall out so she is embracing a bald look.

Chris Rock as an MC was making fun of couples at the Oscars, he said he loved Jada first, then said looking forwards to G.I. Jane 2 a reference to having a buzz cut. Will Smith laughed, Jada was obviously not pleased. Then Will gets up comes up to Chris and smacks him across the face. Chris is stunned and says Oh Wow Will Smith just smacked the shit out of it. Everyone in the audience is stunned and thinks this is a joke.

Smith is yelling at Rock to keep his wife’s name out of his expletive mouth. Rock defends with it was a G.I. Jane joke and Smith repeats the keep my wife’s name… Rock says OK dude I will. Then says OK. that was the most exciting Academy Awards ever and continues on totally professionally and gives out the nominees for documentaries.

Will Smith then wins an Academy Award for King Richard and goes on a tear-filled rather messianic speech, apologizing to the Academy saying Love makes you do crazy things but doesn’t apologize to Rock.

Chris Rock is a good few inches shorter than Smith but sure can take a slap in the face in stride. Born Feb 7, 1965, at 10:00 am Andrews, SC, Rock is a unique individual.

Chris Rock’s SUN at 18 Aquarius had a transit of MARS-planet of punches and anger sitting directly on it. Aries is Rising rules the head, ruled by Mars Retrograde at 27 Virgo. His Moon at 27 Aries, PLUTO is still squaring his MOON. Will and Chris share many similar aspects. 

I am just going to comment on Will Smith’s astrology and add in asteroid Academy for the awards and asteroid Rockn for Chis Rock. Let’s look at what’s going on with Will Smith.

Will Smith Astrology, Natal Chart , Academy Awards March 27, 2022, transits for The slap heard around the world.

Will Smith Astrology, Natal Chart , Academy Awards March 27, 2022, transits for The slap heard around the world.

Will Smith is a charming socially connective, needs to be in a relationship Libra born with some pretty touch aspects with the Sun conjunct his SOUTH NODE and  SATURN RETROGRADE in his 12th HOUSE opposite to his MERCURY and VENUS at the 29th degree of LIBRA in his 6th House of work and service. Offest by a lucky Jupiter Pluto conjunction + Uranus in his 5th House of creativity, WILL power, giving love and children. It’s still in VIRGO and relates to staying humble and hard work and perfectionism. Will has had an incredibly successful career as a musician, actor and producer. 

Will has CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER at 0 ARIES the first sign of the Zodiac opposite his I need you to like me sign of relationships, charm and social status. He is definitely much more vulnerable and defensive than he lets on. Obviously, his public life defensive wounds were seen around the world.  

Interestingly Will Smith’s birth numerology adds up #4 He is the King or Emperor and finally wins an Academy award for King Richard. 

Smith finally publically apologized to Chris Rock on March 28 for slapping him and saying how being violent is wrong i a world of love and that’s he’s a work in progress. The Academy and SAG will still have to weigh in on his behaviour.

With Asteroid Academia #829 conjunct Will Smith’s South natal Karmic Node of Fate it looks like he will be parting ways with the Academy.

watch the video of WIll’s natal chart and explanation of the aspects. https://youtu.be/9nX_AdjJD44

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Rare ocean hybrids, Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces

A. Thorburn, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As Jupiter and Neptune continue to swim together in the unconscious oceans of the ephemeral worlds and our dreams and expand our knowledge of the oceans and its great mysteries in the physical world too. Here’s a news story of a rare mutation that could appear as a result of the fertilizing aspect of Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces rare conjunction on April 12 at 23 degrees PISCES look to where that degree is in your natal chart.

How is your dreaming going?

please share widely. As i mentioned yesterday the family death was of our beautiful cat Gala at 18 years old. She passed away under a Scorpio Moon, I sat with her as she passed and sang to her, she was a PIsces cat and always loved me singing to her. She went out with a loud scream which shocked us. She was a fighter at the end but an incredibly skittish cat most of her life. She’s had a stroke a week ago. I’ve had many cats in my life and so has my husband and Gala was the best, smartest, took commands, loved music, ceremony and would come when i called her telepathically and would comfort me or my daughter who she was really closest to if she was upset. She was the most sensitive and unique cat I ever had. She would appear when good people came into the house. She will be missed. eighteen years is such a long time. She had to compete with our dog Jasper for 8 years. She was receiving all the attention for the last 20 months since he passed. Gala was a reincarnation of our previous cat, who I commanded to reappear. and I commanded Gala to return again to us.

Please bare with me its been exhausting all week as we were nursing her and putting out lots of energy to help her through this. We really thought she might recover, but she had a good long and healthy life. If you’ve lost a dearly beloved pet you know it really hurts your heart. I’ve never had a pet who lived so long, it just seemed like she would be with us forever. LIfe is so precious, even animals do not want to let go and die, enjoy every precious moment.

I was watching an interesting video last night by Mateus De Stefano talking about 9 dimensions. He began to remember and fully experience emotionally all of his past lives since he was 12 years old in Argentina. His explanations of what dimensions are are very simple and easy to understand. He relates to originating in Khem which was Egypt 12,000 years ago. He talks about God as being the SUN which is totally Egyptian Ra Sun God worship. He also talks about the Photons of light which we are, it reminded me of Barabara Hand Clow an astrologer and Pleiadian channeler who i worked a bit over with 25 years ago. She wrote a book about the 9 Dimensions years ago and Chiron and the Photon Band which was a book and energy on which my husband Napoleon and I re-met on, So interesting synchronicity. check it out,I haven’t seen all of it yet its very long. https://youtu.be/XTSvCHbd3_E

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Equinox tarot card horoscope readings

Happy Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn Equinox down under.

The Sun enters Aries the 1st sign of the zodiac March 20 at 8:33 am PDT, 11:33 an EDT/ 3:33 pm GMT starting the natural New Year in a pagan Mother Earth workshopping way.

This is only one of two days in the entire year when day and night, the active and receptive forces are equal. It is so important and necessary to remind us to balance our inner active and receptive polarities within so as to see then arise in the world.

It’s International Astrology Day as the 0° Aries point is the first degree of the zodiac. Happy international Astrology Day

I’ve pulled a tarot card for each sign from the Muse Tarot. If yo know your moon and rising signs you can use the cards representing each sign for guidance too. I’ve made a YouTube video which you can watch on my Channel https://youtu.be/29vvaDDsqdM

ARIES ♈️ The Sun #19

The Sun in your 1st house of self is highlighted. A positive optimistic time to shine your light to source from your soul essence. Joy, Happiness, charisma, energy, new starts, warmth, life giving. May 10 Jupiter enters Aries us a big deal for you.

TAURUS ♉️ 2 of Inspiration Fire 🔥/Wands

In your solar 12th house, the Aries sun highlight looking into your shadows and dreams. Look at two equal balanced inspiring ways to begin new projects, and spiritual matters.. what new inspirations are there for you to explore?

Gemini ♊️. #8 STRENGTH

Sun in your solar 11th house highlights organizing management and networking. The major arcana brings fun, drama courage, strength, will power, heart and the ability to hunt and roar. Follow your heart, time to step up to a leadership role, shine , be the king or Queen of your movie.

CANCER ♋️ Knight of Materials, earth, coins

The Sun in your solar 10th house of career is an opportunity to shine in public. Gathering up your inner emotional and financial resources, going after material things that enhance beauty. Needing to free your instincts. Travel, moving, resourcefulness.

LEO ♌️ 3 of Materials, discs, coins, earth

Twisting, plaiting or braiding, new creative ways to advance. Put your heart soul and spirit together. Creative collaborations, a triplicity of abundance. Go for the gold.

VIRGO ♍️ 6 of Materials, earth, coins

The Sun in your solar 8th house illuminates new changes, resources,financial wealth, inheritances., A wealth and Balance symbol, bringing love beauty and harmony into your life. Rewards for hard work. Love, beauty and harmony. Spend some money on something beautiful.


The Aries sun in your solar 7th house brings abundance in relationships. Trust, take chances, have faith, good humor and optimism. You are in luck, The Wheel of Fortune is like planet Jupiter. The universe has your back.

SCORPIO ♏️ 4 of Emotions, cups, water

Aries Sun of new beginnings is in your solar 6th house of work service health community and worries. Start a diet lifestyle change as needed. Circulate your emotions through your heart, Remember to use the four elements in everything. Relationships require acknowledgement mirroring and shadow work, Scorpios love this.


Aries fire friendly energy sparks your 5th solar house of creativity, love affairs, children, will power, leadership and big heartedness. Feeling overwhelmed emotionally, especially with Jupiter in Pisces your ruling planet right now. Step back to reflect, a good time to meditate dream and visualize. You get to choose the emotions you want to feel.

CAPRICORN ♑️ 2 of Emotions, water, cups

Aries sun in your solar 4th house of privacy, home, family, ancestors, roots, emotional safety and nurturing. The opposite of career. Balance your emotional and career lives, let your feelings flow. This is a very playful dive into the unconscious waters. Listen to your night and day dreams.


Aries sun is new beginnings in your solar 3rd house of communications. You need to be awake, aware and enabled to lead others into free thinking radical frontiers. Be the non conformist. Especially with Vesta, Mars, Venus, Juno and Saturn 🪐 in your sign, at equinox the planets are helping you ground and stabilize. Be the change.

PISCES #7 The CHARIOT Cancer ♋️ energy

Aries Sun in your 2nd solar house, awakens you to your resources and tools. The Chariot alerts you to proper timing of cycles. Yo emotional ups and downs and the need to be protected and in the drivers seat emotionally. With Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune impacting you making you overwhelmed psychically, you need to feel and savour the victory Lap of your emotional body. Cancer rules emotional safety, home, mothering nurturing, emotional security. Watch what you eat. You are in control of your emotions.

Use these cards to guide you through the next 3 months of the season. They can also be referenced throughout the year.

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Venus Mars Meet up workshop


World Powers use Astrology, synchronicity

Mars-Pluto conjunction at 3:43 am EST Were you dreaming you were angry or about war, fighting or manipulation? I was fuming angry in my dream. That is when you know you are feeling the planetary energies. What were you dreaming of last night?

Thursday is expansive Jupiter’s day. Jupiter is at 15th power degree of Pisces. The 15th mid-degree in any sign is always the most powerful like the crest of a wave, the top of the mountain or peak experience or epiphany of thought.

Sabian symbol. “AN OFFICER INSTRUCTING HIS MEN BEFORE A SIMULATED ASSAULT UNDER A BARRAGE OF LIVE SHELLS.” wait there are more-world powers Definitely use astrology-#proof

KEYNOTE: The need for thorough rehearsing before any complex and inherently dangerous social ritual in which power is used or evoked.” Dane Ruhdyar http://www.mindfire.ca/An%20Astrological%20Mandala/An%20Astrological%20Mandala%20-%20Pisces%201-15.htm

PROOF that world leaders use Astrology.

There are lingering effects to these major events.




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