Johnny Depp,in depth Astrology,Tara Greene

Johnny Depp has always been one of my favourite actors. In the past 9 days his beloved Mother passed away May 20 in Los Angeles and his wife of 15 months the lovely Amber Heard has filed for divorce May 26 with a restraining order against Depp claiming that he physically assaulted her. They had no pre-nup agreement and Amber could stand to get 1/2 of his hundreds of millions. 

JOhnny Depp, Tara Greene astrology

Johnny also got into a kerfuffle with the OZ officials for trying to smuggle in their two little dogs,against the rules. 

Lets check out Johnny’s chart to see what the stars are doing 

JOhnny Depp Astrology Tara Greene

Johnny hasn’t been looking well since he married Herd actually. The handsome actor known for his gorgeous cheek-bones has put on weight, looks bloated and unkempt. He has had addictions problems in the past. So what’s going on with the very talented actor who’s Alice Through The Looking Glass premiered at the same time as the divorce announcement and his mo’s death all within a week’s time?

Born John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II on June 9, 1963 Johnny is a Versatile mutable GEMINI, with his SUN in the 11th house of the Rebel, the freedom fighter. With a Fiery passionate actor’s LEO Ascendant, Johnny loves drama. 

Johnny has his MOON in CAPRICORN representing his Mother, his moods, feelings, childhood and emotional security needs. His SOUTH NODE is also in CAPRICORN at 20 Degrees indicating that his Mother, and all women in his life are KARMIC connections for him. Johnny ay get unconscious and act from that past life karmic mood. The Moon and South Node are in his 6th house of work, and health, So all of these factors affect his physical body and his work output and his emotional state. 

Johnny has a MERCURY VENUS conjunction in sensuous TAURUS in his 10th HOUSE of FAME. Johnny’s career is Taurus and VENUS, the Goddess of love beauty and the arts has bestowed him with his good looks and charm. He is a sensuous man, driven by his physical desires for money,beautiful women, art, music, whatever touches his mind as well. He is a pragmatic thinker.

Johnny has MARS at 3 degrees VIRGO in his 1st house of self-identity conjunct URANUS The man is a born REBEL, he could never fit in everywhere. Depp has stated that his addictions stemmed from the fact that he “Never felt comfortable in his own skin.”  Spoken like a true Uranian in earth signs. The placement of the planet Uranus in all charts indicates the “alien aspect.”  Johnny’s energy may be very erratic, he is an electrifying lover, very much in touch with his own Kundalini energies. He is brilliant and his thoughts usually rise above the crowds. 

Johnny also has PLUTO in Virgo conjunct that already weird in the body stuff. So that’s a MARS URANUS PLUTO conjunction. The man is a born rebel rouser, inventor, freedom lover.

CERES, the Great Mother is also conjunct Depp’s natal Pluto indicating he has a very strong tie with his mother, maybe more unconsciously and the Asteroid JUNO, the traditional Greek Goddess of Marriage, the faithful wife image is conjunct to Ceres.  He is seeking a Mother and Wife deep down. 

CERES and JUNO are opposite Johnny’s CHIRON in PISCES in the 8th house

Any planets in Pisces have an unconscious, shadow like, self-undoing nature, In the 8th house especially, Johnny has ghosts, he may be very tormented deep down, feels very vulnerable. He must be careful that he isn’t manipulated and used for his money influence and power. He seeks healing from the mother/wife image. 


This is the aspect which makes Johnny such an incredible actor. The ability to morph into whatever character he is playing. He may have a dual personality as well. One which he keeps hidden, There are natural addictions issues with this aspect. Pisces can be brilliant or self-destructive and both too.

MARS conjunct PLUTO in ANY sign is a symbol of issues with power, control, sex, demons, big shadows, and violence potentially. Johnny also treats his work {Virgo} like an a attack dog. He totally embodies whatever character he is playing. His health can suffer if her gets out of touch with his own feelings and drives. 

Johnny has JUPITER in ARIES in the 9th house. He is spontaneous, quick to anger, energetic, trusting, naive at times, independent, strong-willed, competitive, needs to be the boss. 

SATURN is RETROGRADE at 23 AQUARIUS in his 7th house of Marriage. 

This is a very karmic indicator that his Father strongly affects his connections with the world. He will have more than one marriage and the brides will be ones he has married before. He will have unusual, or free marriages. It may be difficult for him to be faithful to one partner at a time. He needs a partner which he sees as a partner in arms, sharing the same wavelength.  URANUS is opposite to Saturn in Virgo indicating karmic relationships and unusual partners or erratic energies in the relationships. 

NEPTUNE is also RETROGRADE in SCORPIO in his 4th house of childhood, home, roots,foundation, his mother, and his unconscious, his most private house.  Johnny has very deep sexual and spiritual desires and addictions, which may be very closely guarded. Neptune is the planet that rules actors, artists, musicians and addicts. Neptune Retrograde makes it more difficult for people to drop their addictions as the causes are karmic and very deeply rooted. 

NEPTUNE SQUARES SATURN indicating the addictions may run in the family. Depp’s father may have been very controlling or a projection of young Depp onto an idealised Father image. 

Johnny’s NORTH NODE at 2o degrees CANCER

Depp has stated that his children have become everything to him. They weren’t planned. The North Node in the 12th house shows a deep unconscious desire for children, family, emotional and security needs. Johnny is meant to evolve into a protective nurturing father figure. He needs a lot of emotional support and could turn self- destructive if he doesn’t get it. He is deeply sentimental and governed by his Mother.


Johnny is in the cross-hairs of the MUTABLE GRAND CROSS this past few weeks. 

SATURN Lord of KARMA is EXACTLY squaring his Chiron in Pisces in the house of MARRIAGE and opposite his Gemini sun and squaring his Natal CERES, symbolizing his mother. I am sending Blessings to Johnny over the loss of his mother. This aspect has also brought on his deep wounds, emotional needs and a karmic ending to his marriage to Amber. 

JUPITER in VIRGO is also involved, also right on his Natal CERES, squaring his GEMINI SUN and opposite his Natal CHIRON in PISCES. His health is suffering most likely from drinking, he has fallen back into his old addictions. 

PLUTO in CAPRICORN is inconjunct to his Natal Gemini SUN and will continue to bring major-breakdowns in Johnny’s life over the next couple of years. I had an intuitive flash that he will commit suicide or is thinking about this as he is very depressed and should go to rehab or he may overdose. 

PLUTO is also conjunct to his SOUTH NODE in CAPRICORN indicating a fall from power, Johnny’s soul is unravelling, He needs to let go of his own self-image. Everything he built could be laid waste. Pluto is pushing his soul into his North Node, family, his children, nurturing himself. Rehab, the 12th house, seclusion, self-destruction, can be very creative if he navigates it well. His family may have to intervene to help him. 

URANUS has been squaring his Nodes for most of 2016 bringing erratic unusual behaviours into Johnny life. 

Mars Retrograde travelling through his 4th house will oppose his Natal Mercury Venus conjunction over the next month or so. He will move find a new place to live. MARS turns DIRECT June 29 at 23+ degrees Scorpio exactly square his Natal Saturn in AQUARIUS in the 7th house. It may be a fight in court ahead as Mars return to Sagittarius. There is an indication that his ex-Vanessa Paradise may come back into his life. He may need her and hich children’s love to help him through this transition. 

The SOLAR ECLIPSE at 18+ Pisces March 8 had a strong influence on his Natal SUN and CHIRON. It indicates a 19 year cycle in Depp’s life. 

JUPITER will enter LIBRA in SEPTEMBER and will oppose Johnny’s natal JUPITER and square his Moon in mid-November this can be a good thing for him. Jupiter in Libra rebalances relationship karma. Jupiter in LIbra is court justice. Telling the truth is very important. 

The transiting SOUTH NODE And NEPTUNE will be conjunct at 9+ degrees PISCES in November 2016 in his 8th house of resources, karma, death and rebirth. 

This releasing of past karma will happen right on Johnny’s CHIRON in PISCES in his 8th house of money and power death and resurrection. SATURN will also be squaring the NODES and NEPTUNE. Johnny will have his day in court. He may take a big hit on the financial level. He may go further down the rabbit hole into deeper addictions problems. Or this will be a huge wake up call for him. 

I do hope that Johnny finds a way to redeem himself. His children could be his true lifeline for him getting him self back on track. I am sending him blessings for his recovery.

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Lightning Strikes in Europe, Astrology connection

The ancients used to trust that the planetary aspects created everything here on earth. “As above, so below.” is the ancient Hermetic Maxim.

"as above, so below" Craig Bannerman 2011

As Above So Below
2011, acrylic on canvas, 48′ X 72′ in. by Craig Bannerman

JUPITER/ ZEUS/ THOR are all the same Gods from different cultures for the BIG PLANET JUPITER. All of these Gods wield THUNDER and LIGHTNING.

JUPITER is in a TIGHT, TIGHT GRAND MUTABLE CROSS in square to SATURN RETROGRADE in SAGITTARIUS, which rules high places. JUPITER is also opposite NEPTUNE in PISCES which rules Flooding, and there has been a lot of that in Texas lately and in Sri Lanka as well. I am sending blessings to the victims. 

Jupiter, Saturn Lord of Karma and Neptune in Pisces are also squaring the SUN in Gemini. 

Saturn is the only planet still moving Retrograde until August 12th, We are still re-visiting old political educational legal and foreign debts on all levels. 

We live in very interesting times.

Blessings to you all, 


please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Memorial Weekend Astrology updates by Tara Greene

Happy  Memorial Day weekend  in the U.S. 

Saturday is under as breezy “we’re all in this together” AQUARIUS MOON.

Moon sextiles URANUS for some unexpected high-flying turn of events.

Moon squares re-SCORPIOized MARS at that infamous 29th degree.

MOON ENTERS PISCES @ 2:06 pm PDT/ 5:06 pm EDT

The mood will be laid-back, languid, wanting to relax by the pool, bodies of water of any kind and hang with sympatico spiritually heart led people. DO BE CAREFUL of drinking too much under this holiday energy. Pisces Moons are prone to addictions and denial, getting lost in a fog or feelings which clouds paying attention to the details.It is a romantic, sentimental, merging emotional field to swim in.  Be carefull also of projections, martyrdom, victim games and the like especially with family. 


Moon squares VENUS and SUN in Gemini early in the a.m. 

this is a very much a find what brings you to the LIGHT spiritual EPHIPHANY kind of energy. PISCES MOON to Venus in hard aspect can make it easy to fall in love with love. Expect people to be flirty,chatty, up and easy-going, lots to talk about, but there is always that I love ’em and leave ’em Gemini energy.

Moon conjuncts Neptune in mid afternoon. 

Be careful you don’t lose your way, driving on highways, swimming in the ocean, drifting off into a pleasant blissout state. Can be very creative energy for musicians, artists, and all creativity Divine Inspiration. 


A good moon to travel under if you are visiting family, A walk in nature would be good, take a hike if you need some space. Be around animals, volunteer to help someone who has a good cause. Political conversations may be convoluted. 


If you are planning a big dinner this is the energy to do it under. With healthy proporationed plates, a romantic atmosphere, a casual dinner al fresco? 

Moon sextiles Mercury in TAURUS and PLUTO In CAPRICORN in the evening.

This is a nice grounding energy and you will need it, at 17 degrees PISCES TARUUS PLUTO.                                            If you have a planet at 17 degrees LEO you get a PISCES CAPRICORN PLUTONIC FINGER of GOd pointing in your face, This can feel like you are on the cosmic carpet. 

If you have planets at 17 degrees LIBRA you get a Mercurial finger wag from a  Bullish God which horrifies your “O my God what will they think of me” side. 

MAY 30 – doesn’t it feel like May has flown?

Moving from the water into the Fire as PISCES MOON Sextiles CHIRON in PISCES

Sextiles make it easy for us to access energies. The flow of the tears, of the over sensitivity, of the wound. All you really need is compassion, to give it or receive it. 


You may find yourself floating awash in old angry resentments, and other people dumping toxic waster in your emotional backyard. BOUNDARIES are what is needed. CAll in the authorities if people are freaking out too much. Very very dirty laundry can be seen to be floating  bloated on the surface. Skeletons of all types will be dancing like spectres. This can be a very difficult trine because of the energies involved. Dont play the same old scapegoat routine, this is also a time to stand up and back yourself up. Better to be alone than to put up with the refuse of everyone else who is manipulating you even if they are unconscious of it. 

MOON enters ARIES- 6:09 pm PDT 

The weekend ends on a new Hot note. As Mars Retrograde rules Aries and SCORPIO you may feel the angry red tide reverse its course and go from martyrdom to aggressive attacks, 

MERCURY TRINES PLUTO @ 8:09 pm PDT .11:09 pm EDT

This is a very grounded stubborn I refuse to back down energy. After such a lovely weekend expect tempers to flare, power struggles, fists to be raised. 

On a more creative note this energy is great to plan stable major career moves, broker a big deal for your career over a meeting, or just plain enjoy the Garden of Eden. 

Your feedback is very important to me.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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memorial day, Tara Greene astrology



mars regresses ,anger management

i wrote a blog here which disappeared, mars retrograde. i am standing in the calgary alberta airport having bern notified thAt the clight is 45 minutes late. calgary is a new place for me, it feels blah. considering how wealthy from dirty oil it is or was.
mars reenters scorpio and the intuitive advice i received was
prepare your fallout shelters.
if you are a boomer you’ll remember the cold war and that we were afraid to die i. nuclear war and tvere were thousands of bomb shelters built.
i videod a card of the dat for you too,
i feel like im in the teilight zone.
think about your liver, liverco trols anger in chinese medicine. think a out all the angerand resentment and revenge plans u always wanted to execute. think about how you wanted to kill your ex. all of that old ju k that you stuffed will atise with mars in scorpio. do tbe ashamed,honour your anger and let it out safely. it is degunk time,

May 26 Jupiter square Saturn, daily inspiration

Well I am packed it’s getting late I gotta get some shut-eye. I always go to my very Virgo South Node when I have to travel, I have to call and ask the shuttle, the airport, etc to make sure everything is O.K. 

I realized that I am flying on the BIG Jupiter Saturn Square, a MAJOR turning point.

Also I unconsciously chose a day when the Sun is almost opposite my Natal Sun at 6 degrees SAGITTARIUS. I didn’t consciously do that.

Moon enters AQUARIUS -a perfect flying sign.

Star Tarot Tara Greene tarot reading


This symbol brings Hope and wishing on the stars

AQUARIUS energy is rebellious and wants freedom for everyone.

It’s higher consciousness time and detaching from the messiness of the dramas. 

Moon sextiles Mars in Sagittarius – let your mind take flight. 


It is GEMINI’s time to shine! If you are early Gemini or early Mutable signs you will be feeling up and happy.

We havent had any AIR trines in a while so enjoy.

Yes get as DEATCHED from the MOVIE now because,

MARS rolls back into Hell/Hades/Scorpio May 27 @ 6:51 am PDT/9:51 am EDT/1:51 om GMT.

Feels like a break and enter, back to the scene of the crime.  This is such a deep topic I will wait to go into it further.We must go back to go through the much the dirt the deepest shadows, the refuse, garbage, crap, rapes,power tripping, control freaks, and secrets in the Big Money machine and on smaller  stages too.

SCORPIO is DEATH, I think of MEDUSA here.

It’s all about SEX and POWER versus Sex as SPIRITUAL LOVE. 

It will be an obsessive May 27- August 2nd when MARS re-enters Sagittarius on a NEW MOON in LEO. 

Don’t avoid the dirt, get down into the muck and roll around in it. I will be very intensely sexual in a different way. Tension, Mars retrograde is sexual energy held in on purpose -no orgasms. This is where men learn to hold back their biological imperative so they can get enlightened.  These are very ancient tantric teachings. Men’s sexual energy is not meant to be squandered.

So much negated NEW AGE anger is rising now and that is healthy. We are realizing we can’t negate our humanness. Women are finding their voices their strength and beauty again. And they will not TAKE IT anymore! 

MArs Retrograde means Mars is cowering he is in totally defensive mode.  He is desperately trying to protect what is his from prying eyes. 

The Patriarchy needs to take a break. They need to reexamine the state of the world and their own resources.

Reflect, reflex, relax, renegotiate, renege, renew, reframe, renew, review, rematch, rectify, reduce, refuse, regulate, rejuvenate, recollect, relish, remember,  repurpose, resuscitate, retell, reevaluate, rewind, 

Yes old lovers will return begging you to tail them back. All retrograde planetary times are karmic. 


During the Primaries. we are near the end, I heard Donald Trump is willing to debate with Bernie Sanders in California. 

Divination for the day

WAtch til the end. Yes its the perfect card for Mars RETROGRADING back into HELL/HADES.

YES you will need my help and guidance.

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World Tarot Day Earth trines

May 25th is World Tarot Day, created to honor the wisdom of the Tarot by Den Elder in 2002. I first heard about it in 2004. I got so excited I sent out emails to a bunch of Newspapers. Reporter Mike Strobel from The Toronto Sun came and interviewed me for a long time about the 2004 Federal Elections. The article was published in The Toronto Sun the next day. With a photo of me and a quote .”I always trust my cards.” I correctly predicted the Liberal win. 

I do hope that you work with the Tarot and delve into this amazing monumental fount of wisdom. There is so much scholarly and new research into the Tarot these days and an explosion in TAROT decks.


 I am currently collaborating with Gabi Angus-West, the creatress of the BONEFIRE Tarot. Which will be published in November. 

Bonefire Tarot

She is just beginning to produce the new Tarot Deck, called Blue House Tarot, loosely based on  a certain woman artist icon. I am feeling it in a much more archetypal sense. I am in idea stage and we are working together in cyberspace. I  am very honored and pumped to be working on this amazing project with her. 

Under a steadfast CAPRICORN Moon, with a GRAND EARTH TRINE between the Moon MERCURY and JUPITER. 

This is a god day to ground. Triangles are always magic trinities to work with. 

Moon is sextile Neptune last night- how were your dreams?

The Cardinal Crosses come up again. Moon conjuncts PLUTO and squares URANUS in ARIES. 

Mars Retrograde rules Aries so are things a bit slower? 

The Cappy Moon is setile Chiron in Pisces in PDT. sleep on the sensitive vulnerable parts of  you.


with Neptune at 11 degrees PISCES in the mix, 2 degrees away. 

VENUS in GEMINI and PLUTO in Cap make a difficult aspect today a sesquiquadrate a rather irritating 135 degree angle. Its a 90 degree square + a 45 degree semi-square. 

The angry dad trying to keep his flirty daughter under cover, is one theme that comes to mind. Control may be an issue, and there will be plenty of outrageous excuses made.

 Inspirational Card of the day

Princess of Wands, Tara Greene Tarot cards

COSMIC TRIBE  Princess of Wands

This is the ELEMENT or Root of FIRE, the Princesses in the Crowley System. This is the EARTH of FIRE

It is Venus in the Fire SIGNS. She is the daughter of Fire, she is fearless as is shewn on the Card, she is traditionally grabbing the tiger of fear by the tail.

She is HOT, passionate, explosive, burning, like LAVA GIRL, insatiable, hungry for life, fast, flaming, dragon like, powerful. She is not containable like a fire. She is lustful and seductive. She has great courage and inner light.

She is like DURGA the Hindu Goddess, who was called in when the world was about to be totally destroyed by all the demons. She rode in on her tiger and like the Strong Mother, quenched the demons and killed them all.

Durga, Hindu Goddess


She or a man with this as his ANIMA, can be lacking in warmth,  can be selfish and heartless. She/he can consume everything and everyone in their path. They can be as destructive as a volcanic explosion or a forest fire gone wild. They can be cold and numb, shut down, trapped and caught up in the dramas. They can be caught in a torrent of self-immolating flames which they themselves have lit.

I am going to have a quiet internal Tarot Day this year. As it is my last day in Sedona before I leave on Thursday. I have a to recollect and finish.

I will do a WORLD TAROT DAY SPECIALS offering on the 13th, befitting MARS RETROGRADE.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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DNC Election Fraud- U.S. is NOT a Monarchy

I am very concerned over the U.S. Election. If you don’t want the Donald to become the next President of the U.S. We need to ensue that democracy works and is free to work.

During the Democratic Primary race one thing is obvious.. Bernie Sanders is dominating. He has won every online poll, Alan Grayson’s (D-Florida) super delegate poll, and has received the most individual campaign contributions as well as the largest rallies American politics has ever seen.. There is no way that Hillary Clinton (who has some of the worst polling data in regards to trustworthiness and one of the lowest senate approval ratings on either side) is winning by the margins she is statistically. We have substantial evidence and reason to believe that Hillary and her campaign are cheating. There are numerous videos showing caucus fraud, along with cases of polling stations hiding ballots and lying to voters as well as discrepancies in vote tallies .. not to mention the fiasco that happened before the convention with the DNC’s database vendor… This is not democracy.. Please sign and pass this petition on!
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Bill Cosby sexual predator astrology predictions

The sexual abuse allegations against Bill Crosby now has 10 women revealing their stories some of which happened 40 years ago. so who is Bill Cosby? Once one of America’s most popular ente…

Source: Bill Cosby horoscope of a sexual predator

Venus in Gemini, Love sparks

Venus enters AIRY, LIGHT sign of the TWINS –  GEMINI May 24- June 17
It’s flirty, fabulous, charming, sweet talking LOVING time.

Venus and Mars are opposite each other at Zero degrees Gemini/Sagittarius there will be lots of new beginning in relationships. Women will be more open, and will take the lead. Mars in Sagittarius like adventure, philosophy, travelling, exotica, sports, animals, honesty above all. Venus in Gemini is two-timing. we’ll see how this works out.

There will be lots of attractions. Venus in Gemini needs to be stimulated with words, ideas and fun. 

Mars is RETROGRADE so many past lovers will be reappearing on the scene during Mars Retrograde back in to Scorpio May 27th.

VENUS in GEMINI  is a TWIN FLAME symbol,  the Messenger of Love {Mercury- Gemini’s ruler} wearing wings of desire,

Venus= love, relationships.  Gemini= choices, communications, analyzing, fickle, immature, LITE.

The Venus in GEMINI mantra; She/he loves me,   I love him/her. Or do I? I dunno.

VENUS is symbolized by the Empress, Goddess ,Trump #3 in the TAROT 

Empress Tarot cards Tara GreeneGEMINI is the sign of the LOVERS in the TAROT, TRUMPS #6 = Merkaba 

Unconditional Lovers Tara Greene

Venus in Gemini is ruled by MERCURY- The Magician #1 in the Tarot- BEWARE of SILVER TONGUED DEVILS 


The Lovers and Gemini are about  opposites, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, up down, Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil, right and wrong, us and them,Light and Dark etc.

Gemini symbolizes consciousness itself, and our dual sided brains. 

 With Venus in Gemini we are exploring feelings and mental dichotomies, our own TWIN natures, there’s lots to explore in the nature of DUALITY.

Venus in Gemini wants the best of both worlds, wants her cake and to eat it too.

Venus in Gemini is a sexy love affair with the imagination. Erotic love is very much in the mind. Everything you can image is possible. Thoughts do create our reality, so be very  conscious of what your unconscious mind and your heart are doing.

VENUS is Love, beauty, the arts. Gemini Keywords: Flirty, Curiosity, Fast mover, fast thinking, ultra chatty, detached, ambiguous, Two-timer, Peter Pan, naïve, irresponsible, detached, trickster, travelling salesman, footloose.

EXPECT lots of quick changing love affairs, mucho yakkety yakking, comparison shopping, many break ups and make ups,  two much of a many splendoured thing.

Famous WOMEN born with VENUS IN GEMINI: Some super double beautiful Goddesses.

Megan Fox astrology Tara Greene

Note Megan’s tat- We will all laugh at gilded  butterflies

Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Gisele Bundchen,  Megan Fox, Cher, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson, Kylie Minogue, Sandra Bullock,  Isabelle Adjani, Heidi Klum, Carmen Electra, Isabella Rossellini, Naomi Campbell, Brooke Shields, Jacqui Kennedy, Bette Davis, Frida Kahlo- famous for having many lovers,


FAMOUS witty and charming MEN with VENUS IN GEMINI

President John F. Kennedy- a very charming, attractive amazingly charismatic speaker,famous Womanizer

Actors & Models : Robert Pattinson, Channing Tatum,

Channing Tatum Venus in Gemini Tara Greene

Charming Channing Tatum

SINGERS: Bob Dylan, Enrique Iglesias, Trent Rezner,George Michael, Cat Stevens

J. Krishnamurti- Indian spiritual philosopher,

David Beckham, Sir Richard Branson,

Colin Farrell, Russel Crowe, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson, Gregory Peck

Political Leader: Nelson Mandala

Comedian: Jerry Seinfeld


ALl writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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