About Tara Ethical Psychic, intuitive tarot reader, Astrology, spiritual adviser.

I  bring 27 years of professional experience, integrity, honesty and all my innate skills as a psychic, astrologer, Tarot card reader, transformational therapist, Numerologist, intuitive and shamanic healer to your and every reading I do. 

My readings will focus on enlightening you about your SOUL, your purpose, knowing who you are, all your potentials, current, past and future opportunities, possibilities  and choices. The major purpose of your  reading is to bring awareness, to empower you to take karmic responsibility for everything you have created in your life.  This brings freedom from old patterns as well as healing and understanding. It is not always easy, but it is Truth and ultimately the most freeing.  I have consulted for 28,000+ individuals worldwide in person and through phone readings.

Readings are 1/2 hour minimum FEE is $88.00  Pay with PAY PAL-paste this into your address bar  http://www.taratarot.com

I have been involved in Tarot Cards, Divination, oracles, meditating, O.B.E. visions, clairvoyance, clairaudience, having miraculous metaphysical events happen to me all my life. I remember many past lives, I always knew I was what are now called Starseeds, not of this earth plane, but came here to be of assistance.

I am honoured to serve each person who connects with me. I have been fortunate to touch so many people in an in-depth  way, maybe more than they realise.

I have done extensive psychological and shamanic training for many years. One of the teachers I apprenticed to and worked with for many years is Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of the Invitation. I have worked with Peruvian and Native American shamans and studied their healing techniques.

I am trained and certified as a transformational psychotherapist, expressive arts therapy. I lead monthly moon circles, women’s dream circles and have led many women’s spirituality workshops in reclaiming the sacred Feminine, The Dark Goddess . I  lead communications workshops for business using the Tarot archetypes, numerology and Astrology. I lead workshops  at the  beautiful Grail Springs Spa in Bancroft Ontario throughout the year.

I love to do write about astrology, symbolism, archetypes. I enjoy dancing, singing, chanting, travelling, energy work, chakra balancing, create meditations,and ceremonies. I am a huge Feminist and Goddess advocate, especially of home birthing, moon lodge and rites of passage for young girls.

I offer workshops and Guided Meditations, rituals and ceremonies. I can come to your business and teach on stress reduction. Will be leading tours to Sedona and Italy and other sacred place in the world in 2013 and 2014. send me an email taragreene@sacredartscentre.com

I live and work from my home in the Leslieville/Beach area of downtown Toronto. I am married and have two children Elijah,  from my first marriage and Leah with my husband,artist Napoleon Brousseau. We have a German Sheppard, Jasper and 1 cat.

 I am very happy to be of service to you. Due to high demand please wait up to 48 hours for a response.

 I will need your birth info in advance  -Your date of birth, place and a time if you have an accurate one,

I can still work with it with out a  birth time but it adds to the exactness of timing.

Many Blessings You can also email me taragreene@taratarot.com

27 thoughts on “About Tara Ethical Psychic, intuitive tarot reader, Astrology, spiritual adviser.

    • Hi JAnice
      I dont think so I checked your email in mymailbox and didnt see anything. I have been confused with a total scam site called TAra Medium which I complained about.
      I am an authentic honest, dedicated highly ranked,intuitive spiritual coach and workshop leader. how can I help you?


    • no Tara- Medium is a total HOAX and a fraud a computer programme that uses astrology. everyone gets the same e-mail. Beware phony scams that promise good luck and removal of curses. The oldest lie to hook the naïve gullible and superstitious. IT is always about you and only you can choose to make yourself different. I can help guide you through my own psychic tools.
      thanks blessings TARA


  1. Hi Tara
    Hope you are the same Tara I have heard people talk about . They say you’ve predicted a lot for them and it has helped . Please inform me if you really are the fortune teller


    • well there is a total Hoax Tara- Medium. I am not that website. It isn’t actually a real person, only a fairly standard Astrology report generator and a hugely funded phishing site. There are many complaints about it. I am a real person, fairly well known. I use my intuitive and astrology skills to help empower people. I help you to be clearer to know and understand yourself better. We are all spiritual beings,temporarily in physical bodies, who are hear to live out our karma reveal our souls’ truth, to love.
      Blessings Tara


    • No that Tara-Medium is a TOTAL HOAX,send to the TRASH. Those emails are phishing by a fake HOAX computer programme called Tara- Medium or a number of other pseudonyms offering “FREE READINGS.” I complained about this in 2010 on complaintsboard.com along with hundreds of other people who get sent the same hokey ” your lucky future.” or I will do something FOR YOU blah blah, Only the supremely naive and unfortunately the most desperate get taken in by this Fake Gypsy thing. ALso any spell casters,Make your boyfriend/girlfriend come back, They can control your getting jobs etc. I consider unethical, fake and to be avoided at all costs- your wallet. As an authentic psychic, intuitive,tarot reader, astrologer I am a counsellor, adviser who is actually a transformational psychotherapist who will assist you to make better choices, to understand yourself,to empower yourself. Tarot is an amzing tool for transformation and enlightenment. If you are clear, a good reading will mirror back to you that you are on the right path.


      • Thanks for that. Tarot is an amazing tool and despite me being only two months into it I have noticed an amazing change in my life. Once we get past all the myths and rubbish about where Taro came from and what it’s for then it becomes a wonderful too for self discovery.


      • hi D.
        thanks for your insights. The Tarot is a deep spiritual Archetypal journey. It is gaining respect in the world now thanks to much serious scholarly writing.
        Keep delving into it. I was hooked years ago. It has everything you need. Kabbalah, Astrology, angels, numerology, deep wisdom.


    • Hi Kay
      Meditation and binaural beats are all good. Meditation can take years and years of practice. The problem can be purely physical;the 3rd eye is the pineal gland. It is usually shrunken and calcified these days especially if you live in an area where the water is fluoridated, have Mercury fillings in your teeth, use commercial brands of toothpaste. I believe micro-waved foods also does the same thing and I believe the purpose of the governments who use FLUORIDE as “cavity fighting” is purely for the intention of closing off our own inner sight and ability to experience our own natural clairvoyance and ability to sense SPIRIT as immanent. There are herbs which help GOTU KOLA, and eating organic cilantro daily- a large handful detoxes the pineal gland. You must also sleep in total darkness. Opening the 3rd eye requires trust and quieting the mind, also there are good natural supplements to calm the mind, green tea sis very good. Certain times of day help, most holy people awake at 3:30-4:00 am because of the angle of the Sun to the earth. Are you meditating with clear intention? cleansing and purification of yourself your environment also help. Let me know
      Blessings TARA


  2. tara, i didn’t know that you are a feminist. i absolutely loathe that ideology. i believe in scientific studies and magic. i’m also a medium, but i support both the male gods( odin) and female goddesses. feminism has crippled our society greatly.


    • I am and always have been an earth worshipper, a GODDESS worshipper, a pagan. I never said I was a Feminist so this is your projection and your definition of what “FEMINISM” is. All I said was that women have bought into the PATRIARCHAL corporate role model values which they must re-evaluate. Scientific studies and magic are usually considered to be two polar opposites. I support male Gods as well. The Goddesses always had male consorts. I don’t know why you say Feminism has crippled out society? Do you know of EVE ENSLOR’s work? She wrote THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES and is creating One million rising to support women and girls world wide. Women need to have equal rights which they haven’t had in 5,000 years. Nice that you are a medium. We are each entitled to respect and listen to other’s points of view.


  3. tara, did you hear about a woman named glass, who recieved death threats from other deranged women calling themselves feminist. she bashed stay at home moms. you know what, the womens movement is nothing more that another hate movement. a female friend of mine had so many problems with feminist, simply because she did not agree with them.


  4. hai my name is tarun jha, i am indian, my date of birth is 18-09-1980 and my birth time is 11.05 p.m, birth place is naugachia,district—katihar, state—bihar, mem can u plz send my my daily horoscope in my mail id. my mail id is jhatarun82@gmail.com ur trually—Tarun.


  5. Happy New Year Beloved Tara! We met last year at the Drunvalo-Blue school workshop and you took two pictures of me which had blue light surrounding me. I am grateful for our encounter and think of you in peace. Much blessings for the new year!

    Angela Graham


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