Read between the lines Astrology

There are a couple of major major planetary aspects today an inconjunct and a conjunction. Plus two major planetary conjunctions on the 19th. Sorry i was late with this computers been acting up.

Today August 18

Moon enters CAPRICORN August 18 until August 20. Wherever the moon is it’s what everyone is feeling. Earth sign Capricorn is grounded, responsible, mature, long-term goal focussed, career-oriented and not expressing too much emotion.


is a double whammy of energy, passion, drive and Intellect trying to avoid the spiritual woundedness and vulnerability. Avoiding those punches. Watch what you deflect from.

MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS IN VIRGO at 12+ degrees at 8:28 pm PDT/11:28 pm EDT

Mercury in Virgo is in his element, Mars in Virgo is not so strong but not undignified. This is a razor sharp wit and criticism,

August 19 at 3:28 am GMT

It’s not hard to read between the lines today.

October 9: Mercury-Mars conjunction in Libra

Where you can talk about your relationships and all the sex forever. Mars is weak in Libra.

November 10: Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio

Where you can have incredible sexting and heady intellectual sexual encounters too.

Angry, irritable, impatient, perfectionism, nitpicky, nothing is good enough, and very bad tummy and digestive issues. I SURE FELT THAT.

It’s good energy to use to go over anything with a fine tooth comb. Accountants, editors, health professionals, dieticians, pharmaceuticals, all benefit from this energy.

MERCURY and MARS have two more conjunctions

October 9 With Mercury RETROGRADE in Libra at 16 degrees where Mars is weaker

November 10: Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio at 7 degrees and Mars rules Scorpio

A passionate idea or new work project started now will be back at the drawing board in October and more fully fleshed out in November ready to move forwards again in 3 months.

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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