I will post old and new Testimonials,  praise, raves, reviews. Some are from private clients others from corporate clients.

The Testimonials are always real and I do not pay for them. They are heart gifts back to me and I share them with you. Some have been edited as per the clients request and to maintain privacy.

“5 years ago I meet Tara at a corporate function and she was doing Tarot Card readings.  She told me that I would go through a lot of trouble in my marriage and it would be up to me whether we stayed together or separated.  Unfortunately or Fortunately depending how you look at it, my marriage went through the ringer and just recently has my marriage gotten back on track, and we are together now because we want to be, and completely of our own free will…

I was hosting a corporate function this past weekend and hired Tarot Card readers as I always remembered the event I attended 5 years ago fondly, and in walks Tara, of course I had to get another reading from her, she was very consistent in what she told me in the reading 5 years later and she saw the past in my cards.

I would highly recommend Tara to anyone who would like to learn a little more about themselves and the mystical world we live in!”

Denise March 2012 CLOROX Corporation

Hi Tara,
I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you for coming to PROM 2013.  As always, you were both a huge hit with the guests.
Thanks again and until next time,
Keiko Okutsu
Senior Manager, Special Events
ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM ROM Governors   100 Queen’s Park   Toronto, ON  M5S 2C6 

Dear Tara,
Thank you so much for arranging my session so quickly and for being so caring, forthcoming and patient.  Your attention to detail and ability to explain things clearly are impressive.  Right away I felt a positive connection with you so I was quickly able to put aside my hesitation about having a phone reading and feel comfortable and relaxed.  What I appreciated most is how the reading is so fine-tuned and encompasses so many elements; you are able to examine more than one avenue to find the answers sought after.  Your compassion and humanity are very evident during the session and I felt that you went above and beyond what I had expected of the session. 
I would definitely like to do another session with you in the future.  I thank you so much again for being so wonderful and enlightening – and for giving me 30 minutes of absolute me time, away from all the daily noise and stressors which continually surround us.
I look forward to speaking with you again soon,
L.R.  – Toronto April 2013 
Tara, I am laughing to myself as I think of the emotional mess I was in when I first met you! I came to you feeling so frail and hopeless. The time i spent with you empowered me to move on with my life in the direction of promise…. 🙂 that first reading truly changed my life. I cant wait to meet with you soon to share with you how I used the information that you gave me and the impact it has had on my future! Forever grateful….Dionne
Hi Tara,

 Thank you very much for the guidance you gave. You were incredibly accurate and you have amazing intuition. A. and I left the sessions with renewed hope and optimism. 
You were right, I was feeling torn between staying in Canada and reuniting with my husband in Bangladesh. But receiving your encouragement and remembering the miraculous signs that reinforce my marriage have given me some clarity. I know that I am meant to be with him not only because I love him so much but because he dreamt of me when he was only seventeen, which was years before we met. After he awoke from the dream, he could only remember my eyes. He had a friend sketch the eyes. The first time he told me that he loved me, he presented me with the picture of the eyes. They are an exact match!  I have so much to be thankful for, I’ve been given a rare gift.
I am still young, I have so much more to learn in this life and I know I will be happy again. This will take some patience and hard work but I am willing. Thank you so much for helping me put all of this into perspective. I will always be grateful!
All the best,
S. P.  May 2013

6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Tara, thanks for reading the pages of my life with so much precision. For sifting out the good of my life; allowing me to see the blessings…now i look to new and fresh blossoming of my life going forward. Thanks and God Bless – Geoff


    • Tara is an exceptional psychic, astrologer and healer! I have received many astrology, tarot, and psychic readings in my life time. I even have a fluent understanding and practice astrology myself. What makes Tara stand out is that rather quickly she tunes into the energy and sees the bigger picture from a soul level. I got was so much more then a reading. Tara is a healer. Since my reading with Tara I can feel the healing process happening. If you are looking for support in making shifts, aligning with your purpose or healing from the past, then Tara is the reader for you. There are many astrologers, and psychics that can do predictions. What sets Tara apart is that she synthesizes her knowledge of the planetary influences, with her gifted psychic insight with her powerful healing abilities, and really creates a catalyst for change and healing in your life. I am truly grateful to have found her!


      • thank you Helene for this wonderful review. I am very happy to work with you especially as you yourself are knowledgable about astrology. My honor to connect with and help you find your own strengths and creativity. Blessings to you TARA


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