Royal Love, Venus In Leo for 125 days and Retrograde

It’s time to party on! Leo’s love ot have fun and be the center of attention. Wear red, get some Louboutin shoes. Pile on the Bling, wear a Tiara, and show everyone how your feel. Its time to wear your heart on your sleeve and be big-hearted and generous too. Especially when its Leo season.   All the world’s a stage a Shakespeare said. 

Yes there will literally be more Royal drama with Prince Harry, Meghan and The King of England and the family.


The Lord of Death and the Innocent Virgin Daughter standoff. In this version of the story, Venus/Persephone stares down Hades/Pluto and is not raped. She owns her own Power, she stands firm in her sovereignty. She is the Queen of her own will. The more ancient stories, which were Pre-patriarchal said Persephone voluntarily went into the Underworld with Pluto, and the myth is about sexual first menstruation and sexual initiation.

Venus governs Money,Pluto is the Plutocrat’s big money banking face-offs today. Women versus the Power over rape society. Women are inherently stronger than men, they are designed to go through labour and birth. Venus was the Goddess of Love and War. Women must go to battle against those patriarchal corporations in power.

Any way you slice it it’s SHOW TIME! “Say what you have to say and say it hot” D. H. Lawrence. so you better get ready to take the throne and be sovereign.

 Everyone has LEO someowhere in their Natal chart. Even if its an empty Leo House, Venus will charge that area up in your life and attract all the love and attention-and the drana too.

80’s manes, cat fights and courageous acts are all Venus in LEO. SHE WANTS BLING, the BEST OF EVERYTHING, to make her purr with pleasure.


Leo is the 5th sign of creativity LOVE AFFAIRS creativity and children

Bright yellow, red, gold or deep purple, are Leo’s colors.

Venus in Leo wearing a  big cat skin, is a Jungle Queen, fearless Amazon, 

She is also Hindu Goddess DURGA riding her Lion into battle to kill all the ghouls and demonic forces when no other God can. QUEEN of DEMON KILLERS DURGA


Wear your heart on your sleeve. Love and romance are roaring with strength and joy. Shout out your passion, roar out your love, and you will know what to do, if it feels good, go for it.  Leo is known for the generosity of the heart, acts of loving kindness, Leos are fiercely loyal and giving to those they love.

Questions to ask:

WHAT makes my heart throb with passion? What do I love and desire the most? What makes me happiest?

Venus in Leo loves art and creativity- see link below-

WOMEN take center stage as leaders power movers and shakers, fearlessly fueled by love. “I am woman hear me roar.” the Helen Reddy song 

Leo rules billionaires, entrepreneurs, actors anyone who is center stage. Leo rules children, giving love, show children your support and love them courageously,


MICHAEL JACKSON    Daniel Radcliffe   Andy Warhol


Madonna  Pamela Anderson   Whitney Houston   Tori Amos     Nichole Kidman  

Jennifer Lawrence  Selena Gomez  Gwyneth Paltrow   Salma Hayek  Amy Winehouse Lindsay Lohan

George W. Bush   Tom Cruise

Niall Horan and Liam Payne from One Direction

Film Directors Tim Burton Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick

writer Paulo Coelho   singer Michael Buble

All writing is copyright of  Tara Greene

Do you have Venus in LEO? Your time to be center stage. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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Sagittarius Full Moon, Intense drama,

For an optimistic Sagittarius Full Moon June 3 at 11:42 pm EDT the energy feels incredibly heavy. SATURN, the leaden planet in PISCES is squaring the Sun and Moon at 12 degrees GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS holding down and testing Sagittarius’ gregarious optimism and testing our faith.

JUNO the Goddess of Marriage Childbirth, the month of JUNE is named after her conjunct the GEMINI SUN at 19 degrees. She is the feminine form of genius. Tap into her multi-dimensional wisdom.

The MOON trines dramatic MARS at 8 degrees LEO upping the love dramas. Full Moons always accentuate and draw on our emotions.

THE MOON is conjunct to THE GREAT ATTRACTOR a huge cosmic entity that draws everything to it. It is literally our ability to attract exactly what we want.

The SAGE moon ruled by JUPITER in TAURUS at 3 degrees still conjunct the NORTH NODE in that rare aspect bring us down to earth and into enjoying the sensuality of our bodies.

There’s a lot of tension in that FIXED GRAND CROSS of Mars in LEO, opposite PLUTO in AQUARIUS RETROGRADE at 0 degrees squaring the NORTH and SOUTH Nodes of Fate.

June’s Full Moon is the Honey Moon because Juno is named in honor of Goddess JUNO, wife of Jove/Zeus planet JUPITER ruler of June 3 Sagittarius Full Moon { and PIsces too}

VENUS at 28 degrees CANCER is triining NEPTUNE in PISCES still very dreamy and sextiles CERES the Dawrf planet GREAT MOTHER/DEMETRE at 26 VIRGO a positive supportive earthy romantic way.


Full moons are always notorious for a heightened crime drama . A Toronto restaurant had a coke crackhead break in, jump 20 feetoff a balcony, destroy 2 bathrooms and threaten a woman manager with a knife. A 30-person SWAT team called in, he’s a wanted escaped criminal. This was a report from my daughter’s friend who works at the restaurant she was threatened by the crack head with the knife- she is fine.

Watch the video where i explain every aspect

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The effects of a full moon last technically until the next phase, the 4th quarter

Moon on June 10 as PLuto gets ready to leave its first tour of AQUARIUS. Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene, Get a reading to see how the Full Moon continues to affect you.

June 2, Venus Trine Neptune, Scorpio Moon, emo day

The Moon is in deep dark Scorpio taking our emotions deep into the shadowlands and underworld of fears, shadows, riches, control issues.

June 2 Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces is a highly refined love language. Venus is human love. Neptune is a “higher octave,” a spiritual soul mate, and unconditional love. It’s Spiritual nurture time, music, art, and tantric love. At 27+ degrees all WATER signs. What do you have there?

This aspect is Spiritual ephemeral timeless, karmic, imaginary, creative. Bring me your higher love like Stevie Winwood sings.

You can experience a higher unconditional love than you have ever felt. Do this for yourself by connecting to spirit, whichever way you imagine it. This is very receptive emotional feminine energy.

Soul mates, compassion, Empathy, charity, the ocean, dreams, falling in love with love, wearing rose coloured glasses, projection, soul mates, addictions, denial, illusion, debt, Hollywood, drugs, viruses, the oil industry, institutions, mental illness, charity work, endings, rehab, unconscious, pre-birth, past life memories, and channeling are all part of this enhanced psychic energy.

Imagine and step into the flow of spiritual love of the world.You can project this out to the world to heal all the PTSD-wounded children as well as heal your own wounds.

You may feel emotionally and psychically overwhelmed as the Moon is in Scorpio and trines Venus at 8:51 pm before it enters SAGITTARIUS at 10:03 pm PDT

Use this time to go within and love your inner child unconditionally, make them feel safe, nurtured, comforted. Staying grounded is important and may be difficult as you may be floating high as kite illuminated with the downloads of spiritual love. Luckily the JUPITER NORTH NODE aspect is still in effect. VENUS rules Taurus. Make sure you stay grounded and have strong psychic shields up.

Do creative things, dance sing, paint, make love. Meditation, psychic insights, connecting with the ancestors and lucid dreaming are enhanced. Practice automatic writing, get in touch with spirit guides.Intend to lucid dream tonight

It’s a day to be with your emotions and water. Bathe or shower if you can’t get to a body of water. Remember being in the womb. Going into a flotation tank would be ideal

Illusions, delusions, projections self-sabotage and addictions also run high with these energies. If you start to feel triggered, call for help.

Notice that everything is love. Love yourself unconditionally first..

Do something charitable, give to a food bank or send money to a children’s charity. Feel divine love in your heart and through your body. Use this energy for family healing, with your mother, and compassion for her wounds..

The Chariot #7 and The Hanged Man #12 are the major Tarot cards exemplifying this energy. You may want to work with them.

Please share all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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June 1- 4, Jupiter North Node, Venus, Neptune, Sagittarius Full Moon

There are some major aspects all week!


read about that here

MARS in LEO inconjuncts SATURN in PISCES at 6 + degrees

difficult power struggles

June 4 MERCURY conjuncts URANUS in TAURUS at 20+ degrees

Think outside the box and unusual brilliant body wisdom insights. A good day for bodywork and trauma breakthroughs.

June 2 The major beautiful aspect is VENUS in Cancer Trines Neptune her higher octave in PISCES at 26+ degreeMAKE BIG WISHES, be creative, cook a great heavenly meal.

Check out where these degrees are in your natal chart to see how they affect you.



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Venus, Ceres and Neptune beauty, Love and Mother earth

May 31. Venus, the Goddess of LOVE, beauty harmony and the arts, reaches her maximum elongation 45° from the Sun this week before entering Leo on June 5th and opposing Pluto. Do we feel that LOVE is distant?

The Moon is still in Libra today. One of her ruling signs until 7:45 pm EDT.

Venus in Cancer in tropical astrology is a beautiful glowing evening star, now in this phase of her 8 year pentagram rose symbol motion in the sky. She is the WISHING STAR- as in When You Wish Upon a Star- sung by Jiminy Cricket in Disney’s Pinocchio and The Star Card #17 in the Tarot –

Venus sextiles Ceres in VIRGO at 25 degrees

Showing the need for nurturing the Earth, our bodies, children food supplies and beautifying our homes.

You will want to cook up a delicious organic, healthy meal and proudly serve it on a budget to family and friends in the community.

VENUS and NEPTUNE are forming a beautiful TRINE on JUNE 1 at 6:42 pm EDT

one of the most beautiful loving, psychic, soul matey creative dreamy projectionist aspect.

Please share widely, all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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Libra Moon,Pluto +Mars -power relationships

May 29 The Moon is in Libra for the next 2.5 days bringing our focus to relationships, establishing equilibrium and being go-betweens and ambassadors of grace.

The lunar trine to FIXED Signs Pluto Retrograde at 0 AQUARIUS and sextile Mars in LEO today is power lunches, meetings in high places, deal-making on the highest echelons-debt ceiling deal. This aspect empowers your heart and will to win and be fair in relationships.

We’re in the rare JUPITER, North Node conjunction at 3°TAURUS, which plays into a fixed Grand cross to MARS in LEO and PLUTO in AQUARIUS and South Node in SCORPIO. I’ll write more about the rare north node Jupiter conjunction shaping up to June 1.

All writing is copyright ©️ of Tara Greene

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Venus in Cancer, sextile Uranus, cook up something unique

May 26 a bit of a unique mood today as the Moon is also Void, Of Course, all day from 2:38 am until 11:05 pm EDT. so just chill out. Dont start new things on a Void Moon, because “nothing will come of it,”

Void of Course Moon means that the Leo Moon-in this case- has made its last aspect to one of the seven classical planets and is floundering around wildly in the skies desperately seeking a party, some drama, to let off steam to wildly play a part before petering out of energy and dialling it down to enter earthy humble Virgo.

just chill today and have a NICE SAFE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND


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May 25 WORLD TAROT DAY, Live Free Tarot Card readings 

The Fool, 0 The Muse Tarot

The Fool, 0 The Muse Tarot

A woman named Den Elder , a Tarot reader and lover of Tarot started WTD.  I started to honor it in 2004 as a day when I offered free readings to enlighten people about how fabulous the wisdom of the Tarot is. I sent out a Press Release which was picked up by Toronto Sun newspaper reported Mike Strobel who interviewed me about the Federal Liberal Election results. That interviews was published and my predictions were correct. Liberal Paul Martin won the Election and became Prime Minister.

“I always trust my cards.” says Tara, to Toronto Sun Columnist, Mike Strobel on May 26th, 2004 for “World Tarot Day”

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Venus Square Chiron, inner child and female woundedness

VENUS in Cancer squares CHIRON in ARIES at 18 degrees at 4:39 pm PDT/7:39 pm EDT/ May 25 at 12:39 am GMT

Venus in Chiron is a deep heartaches now which stem from old childhood family issues coming up to be healed. You will be feeling doubly sensitive and sentimental with the Moon in CANCER. If you need to cry yourself a river, do so it’s very healing. This aspect happens regularly while Chiron is in Aries for 4.5 years per sign on average.

With Mars in LEO right now. Its influence on any planets in ARIES makes us feel things more dramatically. It’s a good time to do psychodrama and safely feel and act out your childhood rage, unprocessed anger and hurt in a harmless way to yourself and others. Think of it as acting out roles.

Heartbreaks that need to be revisited and mended also need your attention now. If you take a too-fiery Aries approach and don’t tend to these old wounds they will never completely heal and it will stand in the way of you finding true love.
Aries is a fiery spirit, like the burning bush or kundalini energies.

Chiron in Aries,may feel like your passion has been cauterized and you are out of touch with what moves you to action. You must find the spark of your own desires buried under the pain and abuses.

For example you can be attracted to those who are emotionally unavailable to you. This is a trauma response or an unconscious repeat wounding. You deserve to be loved and cherished unconditionally. This is the time to heal it. Discover your own blinders.

Be gentle with yourself, nurturing and loving yourself is important. Venus in Cancer always needs to be needed. Wash your wounds in ritual baths, with rose petals, or a few drops of oil, rose quartz, and Himalayan or Epsom salts. Honour your wounds for they are great teachers.

Chiron got his reputation using dream healing too. Practice meditating with your feelings and breathing with them and intending healing dreams before you go to sleep at night.

Check  where you have any planets, points, rising or Nodes at 16-19 degrees of Aries and Cancer are in your charts to find where the pulse points of your wounds are.

sending you many blessings

please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Cancer moon,most emotional days, stay home.

Happy moon day. It’s a holiday Monday in Canada we’re celebrating Victoria Day yes we’re still honouring Queen Victoria. Canada should become independent of UK and King Charles.

Moon is in Cancer until the 24th and that means the most moody emotional days of the month.

Cancer is all about Family, food, mothers. nurturing, staying home, cuddles, loving your kids and your inner child, craving emotional safety, cooking, eating and being in the water. You will cry easy and feel sentimental.


Moon Inconjunct Pluto after midnight, Can make for sleeplessness and nightmares

Then it’s clear sailing all day moon sextiles Jupiter in Taurus and later Mercury too.

The Sun sextiles Mars, you’ll want to throw a family party. There will be family drama as well.

The Moon trines Saturn in Pisces it’s dreamy, nostalgic,creative, speak to your dad and your dear departed ancestors. Make a dream meal. All is good until..

MARS SQUARE JUPITER at 10:13 pm PDT this can be a positive good luck aspect but mars in Leo can be bossy self centered and condescending creating Friction and is a red flag for the Taurus bull aspect us Tuesday May 23 at 1:13 am EDT.

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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