Trine on Harvest moon

Taurus Moon makes only lovely harmonious aspects today.

Moon Trine Pluto tara Greene Astrology

Moon trine Pluto

Moon sextiles Neptune 

This is a very imaginative creative romantic dreamy day. Stay in that dreamy state and much of the unseen will be revealed to you through your gut feelings. 

Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn

This is an enriching experience. Pluto governs the soul and riches.

Moon opposes Jupiter in Scorpio

More soul riches. Dive deep. Don’t be afraid of the dark. Jupiter expands everything it touches.

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Healing wounds Harvest Full Moon

The Harvest Full Moon is exact September 24 at 7:52 pm PDT/ 10:52 pm EDT/ Sept. 24 @ 2:52 am GMT 7:52 p.m. PDT @ 1+ degree ARIES very tightly conjunct the 0 degree Aries beginning point of the Zodiac.

Chirong the wounded healer astrology Tara Greene

Eugène Delacroix [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Full Moon is a night of maximum reflected light in the night. It illuminates what is normally unseen in the dark. This is such an important Harvest Moon on the equinox and with Chiron, the Wounded Healer conjunct to the Moon and opposing the Sun, Mercury and Ceres in Libra in a T-square with Vesta the Goddess of investments and sacred sexuality also conjunct Saturn @ 2+ degrees Capricorn – very tight to the 0 degree “world point.”

An Aries Moon is a warrior and soldier trained to not feel, to withstand the pain and embody that heroic model. The feminine Moon is in full masculine armoured mode, impatient, confident, independent and protecting her wounds and vulnerable feminine feelings. This is a moon illuminating that our feeling nature has sold out to the Corporate Patriarchal model of being a man in a man’s world. 

Saturn in Capricorn’s karmic T-square indicates a difficult challenge to the staunch masculine warrior model. The old male archetype’s ugly underbelly of rape, pillage, pedophilia in the Catholic Church and sex trafficking is being revealed, exposed and to be healed.

This is hugely significant. Men are wounded and conscripted by Corporations to fight and be killed in wars and in society. Women are wounded by being forced into and buying into Patriarchy cultural models. Men wrote into their father projected god Bible their own right to rape and sexually abuse women and children and to use them and the animals and riches of the earth as trophies and chattel, literally and culturally. 

The karmic T-square indicates that there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide- remember that Martha and The Vandella’s song?  We cannot escape our vulnerabilities and wounds. The overly confident aggressive independent and isolated risk taker can be healed. We all need to allow our unconscious dissociation from feelings to be felt. The hero needs to allow his human fears to surface so they can be healed, 

Chiron The Wounded Healer at zero degrees ARIES retrograde gives him extra powers, Chiron in Aries heals by initiatory FIRE directly, fast and furiously, by spirit and its spontaneous sexual healing. Use this time to begin to understand true Tantric sexuality which is used for healing and divine union of equals which is what Lilith was originally seeking. 

Chiron at zero degrees Aries Retrogrades back into PISCES  less than 24 hours after the Full Moon on the 25th @ night and the 26th in  GMT. Chiron re-entering Pisces to take us through one last in 50 years cycle to dissolve our wounds in the Ocean of Bliss, forgiveness and compassion.

MARS is the ruler of the Aries Full Moon

the red planet is conjunct the South Node of the Moon, and Lilith the collective dark feminine shadow. Mars conjunct the South Node, our collective past karma for the 3rd time. The last conjunctions were June 7 and July 20- when Mars was moving Retrograde. Over this past 4 month period we’ve been dealing with deep karmic ideas and organizational structures {Aquarius} of patriarchal and masculine energies. The South Node is unconscious masculine explosive rage, anger, sexuality and fear of the collective – of being a drone, a machine, of being angry at the structures of power. 

The Full Moon, a place of maximum light in the night. Illuminates what is normally unseen in the dark. Patience, a Saturn quality -not one of Aries, is what we must learn. To slow down, to allow, to be receptive to, to nurture, to love, to treat as precious and worthy in order to allow our deepest feelings of worthlessness, shame, guilt and fear to arise and to be felt fully. That’s all it takes to heal. Awareness, receptivity, witnessing and acceptance.

Use this Full Moon for the healing of deep masculine wounds buried so far down that we don’t even question them. Use this Full Moon to light a candle for the healing of your own soul which helps the collective.

Look at where the SUN MOON CHIRON And SATURN fall in that T-square in your Natal chart at 0-3 degrees Cardinal signs. 


I am open to fully feel my own vulnerabilities, weaknesses and heartfelt emotions which forges intimacy and gives me greater strength.

Allow for a new positive Goddess honouring, life-supporting and heart-led masculine energy that is aligned with Scorpio, Mars other sign of rulership where Venus’s presence here with Jupiter’s guarantees that love will light the way.

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How to change poverty mentality into soul wealth

There are two major aspects this weekend that are very soul enhancing and could potentially be life-altering.

Mercury in Virgo makes a trine with Pluto on the 15th. 

intention is everything

Painting by Tara Greene

Mercury in Virgo is poverty consciousness, as Virgo is traditionally the sign of servants. Virgo worries a lot. The easy aspect to Pluto, Lord of Riches and  Rebirth enables a fast track in consciousness to get to your inner jewels, your vault of gold, your true wealth manifesting powers in your soul and speak from that consciousness.

To transform poverty consciousness into wealth and abundance mind you can write out all the things that are your issues and stories. Then ask what the positive purpose or intention is and find out what the riches are in them. This is a process called Focusing which was a main part of my transformational Psychotherapy teachings.

This aspect benefits Taurus with planets at 18 + degrees. That’s my descendant and I will be doing prayers and setting intentions for myself and for all the children today as I have been doing for days now.

The second aspect which builds on the first is Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 16th

This adds more Scorpionic, transformational, soul wealth and depth to this energy. Virgo is earth, manifestation, reality, and Jupiter in Scorpio amps up the sexual, passionate, driven, willpower of this aspect. Jupiter always says GO FOR IT.

the Moon is in Sagittarius, one of the signs Jupiter governs.

Mine the wealth you already have. Converse with your inner dragon protecting your soul wealth treasure. Ask the dragon what its highest potential is. There may be more than one dragon. Turn that dragon into a friend and ally. Open the treasure chest within you and discover how wealthy you are.

Use Scorpio’s death and rebirth energy to transform your old mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks to your own magnificence.

Jupiter only has another 54 days left to spend in Scorpio.

This is the time to really work with your soul stuff. Use Divine Timing as it is always beneficial. This past year with Jupiter in Scorpio has been intense, we are closing it out. When Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8 there will be a huge optimistic, more truthful, fiery, inspired, good-humoured, mystical time.

I will be writing out new intentions and programs from Sedona here. It will be exciting.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Starry eyed but practical Sun opposite Neptune

The Sun opposes Neptune today an annual event. At the 15th and most powerful degrees of Virgo and Pisces, this aspects brings as many meanings and implications as there are dream interpretations.

Virgo Sun is earthy, always practical, grounded, hard-working, focused on getting the task at hand done on time and on budget. Virgo’s are doers not dreamers and here to serve others and community in a practical way.   

The current scandal of Sephora selling starter witchy kits with endangered white sage and who knows where it was sourced crystals is a Neptune Sun opposition. The bad press from Twitter has caused one company to shut down production.The fake witch styling did not pass muster as it is fake spirituality.

Virgo’s shadow side is Pisces and vice- versa.

PISCES is the last water sign, of spirituality, source consciousness, the end of the entire zodiac, completion, surrender, compassion, forgiveness, guilt, martyrdom, dreamers, illusionists, magicians, gurus, addictions,  karma, mental illness, jails, the psyche, psychic energy, mediumship, dreams, lucid dreaming, debt, glamour, Hollywood images, and projection and oil. All of that is Virgo’s shadow side. 

Pisces shadow side is Virgo, the incredibly critical, nitpick, detail oriented workaholic who never dares to dream, who feels unworthy, undeserving, is humble and penny-pinching.

This can be a brilliant Sunlit practical day to dream it into reality or a total spotlight onto the irrationality of that dream or illusion of love, or the greatest whatever the projection is. The hard light of reality may make that illusion poof in the daylight like vampires who can never be in the sunlight. 

All aspects have the possibility of going both ways. 

In these days of fake news, conspiracy theories and deep state and climate change or solar minimum or science deniers this is a microcosmic aspect of what is going on.

Perhaps its time to see if your dream lover, project or another spiritual ideal, guru, or projection can stand up to the tests of reality and hold up.

That could be a very clarifying experience.

Use this time to visualize in clear sunlit detail every aspect of your dream. Make it shine bright, Balance the spiritual and the real. Flesh out the ideal lover, job, home, trip. 

The Sun is gold and Neptune is ephemeral, like smoke on the water.

Virgo sun is physical Neptune is not. 

Take a piece of paper and write down all of your dreams on one side. on the other make a list of what needs to be down what the budget is, a timeline, and end dates of completion in full detail.

Focus on imagining the dream from both these columns.

Be careful of feeling alternatively grounded then off balance. 

For Virgo’s this may bring you a soul mate a dream realized a big manifestation. 

For Pisces this can be a come down or up. 

For Scorpio and Cancer its a nice sextile from the Virgo Sun and a trine to Neptune at mid-degrees.

For Capricorn and Taurus it’s a Trine and sextile and too for those born at mid-degrees.

Sagittarius and Gemini this creates a T-Square for those born right in the middle of those signs. Feeling pushed and pulled between reality or an illusion may crack you in two like an exploding firecracker. 

A good day to pay attention to your body diet and health, be loving and generous to everyone in the world, be compassionate with yourself, Be grateful for all that life offers. Do something charitable today, give away something without expectation. 

Dare to dream in whatever situation you are in. If we don’t believe we cant make miracles happen.

I’m on gorgeous Bowen Island and had a wonderful time gazing at the stars under a cloudy sky but it was magnificent, no mosquitos lying on the solid rock surrounded by absolute quiet. Paradise. I am grateful.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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August Astrology

AUGUST HOROSCOPE  all signs Significant dates and PLANET ASPECTS

August horoscopes

We are in  the LION’S GATE July 26 to August 11

Leo Astrology Tara Greene

Adam Cuerden, restorationist

AUGUST 1 starts out with a BIG BANG

MARS Retrograde squares URANUS

The planet of surprises and revolutionary freedom URANUS. Don’t expect anything to be less than totally unpredictable and you won’t be disappointed. A cosmic firecracker lights your ass big time. Wake up to what you haven’t been seeing.


OY don’t even try to get anything done under this aspect. Take a digital detox day off. Really.


SUN is always the light the source the power and a tension producing square to Jupiter if you harness it gives you Apollo’s chariot to ride across the sky.


Lilith in Aquarius is the True Revolutionary independent woman. Lilith in Aquarius opens the collective’s mind and brings liberation freedom and diverse groups together to empower women’s equality.


Great for all Libra’s and for Taurus’s too. Love socializing relationships marriage and all nice things happen with Venus in LIBRA. We need to strive for some peace and balance its been intense.


 Re-invent yourself with Uranus retrograde or renovate something. Uranus leaves solid stable Taurus  Nov 6, 2018 and Retrogrades back into ARIES for one last fiery torch burning down the house session. URANUS turns DIRECT January 7, 2019 then revolutionizes TAURUS from MARCH 6, 2019.  

AUG.  8 The peak of the Lion’s Gate 8 8 2018 SIRIUS/ RISES again before the SUN this year on 8/8 the Lions’ Gate the SUN is at 15 degrees LEO the non-cardinal Fixed sign symbolizing Archangel Raphael. These 4 fixed signs are the gates of power.

The Lion’s Gate is connected to the heart and that chakra symbolic of feminine courage the Lioness, Leo creative self-expression and strength. As in the Tarot Card of Strength which is #8 sometimes 11.


Those darn quincunx’s there’s so many of them this month. Sudden change in the Ego and in soulful psychic subtle energies. Things may feel very off kilter. You may tune into new pulses or dimensions you haven’t experienced before. It’s difficult to predict what people will feel. Ego and soul are not aligned. The challenge is to make it so.

Venus opposes CHIRON in ARIES

A day of being very vulnerable and feeling wounded. There may be lots of tears. Be with your own vulnerability Tears are good cleansers of wounds. Be being open true intimacy develops.


A bright idea day when Sun and Mercury conjunct. The head and the heart are united.


Those darn quincunx’s there’s so many of them this month. Sudden change in relationships in people’s moods its hard to predict WTF anyone is going to do.


This is a majorly heavy aspect in love and in career matters. Venus in Libra needs to be in a relationship Saturn in Capricorn can indicate an older lover or a relationship with someone at work. It’s also very literally father issues Big Daddy or a big boss authority.  It’s a big karmic block which must be worked through.



Solar eclipse of August 11, 2018 Partial Solar  North America Greenland Northern Europe and North Eastern Asia.


This brings up ancient buried wounds and anger collectively as Lilith is all women for being rejected originally for being Herself an Independent  equal to Adam. She is ½ of God’s archetypal Feminine side the necessary death bringing aspect of Nature.


Nice earth trine of JUNO in TAURUS CERES in VIRGO and PLUTO in CAPRICORN

Grand earth trine of the Goddess of wisdom the Great Mother and Pluto. A little respect for the mothers and the earth and the food. Could be some major lobbying against GMO’s and Big Pharma. 


Back to the old Ball and chain or at least some old business that must be revisited with ex-‘s old buried anger issues. Falls off the mountain on the road to success. Can be anger issues with Dad very literally or the Boss whoever that boss is.

AUG 18/19 MERCURY stationary sextiles Venus in LIBRA

A nice ‘n easy aspect. Good for dating meetings social interactions of all kinds. Plan all future engagements now.


Ok start to get your mind together.

JUPITER TRINES NEPTUNE IN PISCES one of the most beautiful aspects

JUPITER amplifies everything it touches and a lovely beneficial trine to Neptune is like a magic carpet ride.


More inconjunct energy. Sun is at potent degree of LEO and very powerful interacting difficultly with MARS in Capricorn. Ego’s and power mongers are fighting. This segue is President Trump’s ascendant. He could seriously be under fire.


This inconjunct pits Venus as Human love against her Higher Octave Neptune. Craven social human needs for love and sacrificial unconditional spiritual “soul mates” needs don’t mix right now. Talk it through.

AUGUST 22/23  SUN enters VIRGO

Its earthy “back to school” get down to work and the hard work of the harvest to survive the winter in the northern hemisphere. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is adaptable humble and perfectionist.


All inconjuncts or QUINCUNX aspects are difficult. Each planet is 150 degrees apart and the planets are in elements that don’t relate to each other. Our Earthy ego’s in Virgo and our flaming wounds are disconnected. Be sure to pay attention to your upper digestion as it may be super sensitive.


A very powerful day to send energies to Pachamama wherever she needs it. Good for making a practical change for long term plans. Restless as Uranus wants to move and go and innovate and Saturn wants restriction.

AUG.  26 FULL MOONS at 3 degrees PISCES  MARS STATIONARY about to turn DIRECT

All planets are strongest when turning Stationary direct or retrograde. Anger will be intense at a Pisces super sensitive emotional Full Moon.

VENUS in LIBRA SQUARES PLUTO A very rich combo

This can be a very powerful soul connection which you just know. It can also indicate owning your own power through understanding your own psyche’s landscape. Pluto will always take the innocent down into his deep hidden psychological depths to grow


All inconjuncts are difficult aspects of 150 degrees. The planets are in elements that can’t relate to each other and literally can’t see each other.  Our minds hearts and spirits are out whack.


YAY! Full speed ahead. Innovate go for the goal.


An intense pressure to change and work with what your heart’s desire is and your ego. Deep insights into your dreams sexuality and other hidden parts.

Aug 29 MERCURY in LEO inconjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn

All inconjuncts are difficult aspects 150 degrees the planets are in elements that can’t relate to each other. Our minds hearts and souls are out of whack. Don’t let your ego run your soul.

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July 30 Psychic and sexy Pisces Moon- Jupiter

Daily horoscope Tara Greene astrology

The moon is in dreamy psychic PISCES today. Have you been paying attention to your dreams? A Pisces Moon always enhances 6th senses your night dreams and daydreaming too.  You may feel like you are in a fog and floating with your feet off the ground this Monday the day to honor the Moon. 

Addictive urges are very high under Pisces Moons check in with anyone who may be feeling down depressed or suicidal. Pisces Moon brings up feelings of both isolation and the desire to escape deny and return to Souce.

                                                                         Aspects of the Day 

Mermaids Venus conjunct Neptune Astrology Tara Greene

Moon makes easy sextiles which enhances the energies between the planets and the moon’s feeling function. Uranus the planet of revolution and Saturn the planet of conservatism and hard knocks both receive this easy aspect. Think about all your options.



Moon inconjuncts SUN

Moon and Sun inconjunct each other making Pisces more reticent and invisible than usual out lit by the SUN in LEO. It’s just temporary.

Lastly, but certainly not least -a beautiful Moon Jupiter in Scorpio sexy bountiful Grand Trine makes it easy fun and intensely sacred and sexy all in one.

It’s also a special HINDU celebration to honor the Lord Shiva. If you are into Yoga or just enhancing the spiritual energy just chant OHM Nama Shivaya.

We’re almost a months end already.

The PISCES MOON energy continues all day Tuesday too. Do pay attention to your dreams. Record them. I dreamed I was going to see David Byrne playing and he will be in Toronto later this week.

The BIG BIG ASPECT is MARS squaring URANUS a very crazy making energy. MARS retrograde may have us revisiting old unexpected chaotic leaps off of cliffs into the great unknown once again.

Tune in on Tuesday, July 31 at 5:00 pm PDT/8:00 pm EDT  midnight August 1 GMT on FACEBOOK for my LIVE monthly Cosmic Intelligence Agency August Tarot and Astrology preview

My time is severely limited these days; I am prepping to go out west to Vancouver in late August for a few weeks and will be unavailable for readings while I am on vacation helping my daughter get set up for university. I will arrange to have posts set up.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Sun-Mars Retrograde Opposition

July 26 Mercury is officially Retrograde in Leo until Aug.18-19. Give your ego a much-needed rest. Review your role on the world’s stage. Gather up energy for after this summer’s eclipse season.

The Capricorn Moon is sobering serious and unemotional as we feel the great eclipsing approach. The Moon makes nice positive aspects to Neptune enhancing night dreams and practical daydreams.

Moon and Pluto conjunct

bringing up needs for secrecy control issues and power struggles.

The Moon quincunx to Mercury Retro in Leo

Is a seriously messed up bad communications snafu day.

The Sun and Saturn also are inconjunct.

Your vitality maybe less than peppy and this aspect is also in effect during the lunar eclipse. Our egos and our duties maybe irritating AF. Decide which role you really want to command. You won’t want to be under anyone else’s thumb and Aquarius South nodal lunar Eclipse guarantees that on the 27th.

The Sun Opposes Mars exactly in PDT/on the 27th @ 1:13 am EDT/ 5:13 am GMT

The Big Red Face-off

Mars is the closest its been to the earth since 2003 making it appear very bright in the sky. If it is clear where you live go outside and do some Mars salutations. We will be staring down the red planet as it backs away from us Moving Retrograde.

Some people might assume this is a U.S. Putin Russia thing to- the Reds

Mars opposite the SUN is very feisty. Mars is baiting the Sun with a big red cape. We are stuck in the middle as referee. All oppositions involve one side pushing or baiting the other. Mars is doing a passive aggressive thing to Leo Sun’s royal assumption that he is the ultimate King. Aquarius the sign Uranus rules is not having any of it. Aquarius is about everyone having power and working together collectively. Divide and conquer may be losing ground.

ARIES And SCORPIO how are you doing as Mars your ruling planet turns back time?

Mars Retrograde the old angry resistance warrior ego battles with his detached “passing the buck” falling into line drone mentality. The aspect features in the Lunar eclipse on July 27th. This eclipse flushes all of that old warrior energy cog in the wheel worshipping science and hi-tech facelessness down the tubes. It’s Death of the old masculine “following orders” warrior. Now the new heart crowned divine masculine honors the divine feminine his own creative willpower and heart with courage as Uranus also squares the Nodes. This is a karmic battle of New World Order of who controls the internet, freedom of speech, freedom to express oneself as in taking a knee, listening to one’s own heart truth. And so much more.

Energy levels will be low today with Moon in Capricorn and all of these quincunx energies. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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