Mick Jagger, Carl Jung, Astrology Birthdays

July 26 Famous celebrity Birthdays today Lots of famous LEO’s born today.

Mick Jagger The Rolling Stones Jerzy Bednarski / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

Mick Jagger The Rolling Stones Jerzy Bednarski / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)












George Bernard Shaw playwright 1856

Carl Jung 1875 Psychologist 

George Grosz 1893 German Artist and cartoonist -see link below to this Political activist who tried to stop Hitler through art

Gracie Allen 1895 American Comedian George Burns Wife

Aldous Huxley British author 1894 

Salvador Allende 1908 Chilean leader

Vivienne Vance 1909 who played Ethel on I Love lucy

James Lovelock 1919 British scientist and environmentalist 

Stanley Kubrick Film Director 1928

MICK JAGGER 1943 stellar LEO 

Dame Helen Mirren 1945

Dorothy Hamill Figure Olympic Gold Medalist skater 1956

Sandra Bullock 1964

Kate Beckinsale 1973 actress

New Zealand P.M. Jacinda Ardern 1980

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READ ABOUT GEORGE GROSZ famous political cartoons he tried to stop HITLER.


Libra Mood time the power of music

Libra Sidney_Hall_-_Urania's_Mirror_-_Libra public domain Restoration by Adam Cuerden

Sidney_Hall_-_Urania’s_Mirror_-_Libra public domain Restoration by Adam Cuerden

July 25 MOON IN LIBRA A recent article in Science News on the power of music touches our emotions. Libra moon is very socializing energy. You may meet new contacts this weekend. As Moon stays in LIBRA until late July 26th evening in PDT. 

LIBRA Moon sextiles the LEO SUN- a nice positive mood,

Libra Moon opposes Chiron in ARIES-

balancing defences and being the go-between of opposing sides.

Libra Moon inconjuncts URANUS in TAURUS

socially the need to break away or buck the popular trend will show up.

Libra Moon squares Mercury in Cancer

this is nice for socializing with family, talking to your mother, grandmother or other relatives.

Libra Moon opposes MARS in ARIES

Needing to be in relationships or needing to be alone. That is the dichotomy.

Libra is ruled by VENUS which is the planet fo Creativity. The Music of the Spheres.

I came across this article


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Healing Ancestral Karma, Cancer Black Moon

July 20 The CANCER NEW MOON is a very powerful, tense and rather rare BLACK Dark MOON. That’s what a second New Moon in the same sign in one month is called and is a rare occurrence. A blue moon is two full moons in a month.

This Cancer Black Moon conjuncts VESTA the Tantric Priestess Goddess of focus and kundalini energy and features karmic Daddy SATURN Retrograde exactly opposite the Motherly SUN and MOON in her home proud sign at 28 degrees 26′  inconjunct the Nodes of FATE and square to ERIS the trouble maker in ARIES.

The New Moon is 10:32 am PDT/ 1:32 pm EDT and 6:32 PM GMT on the 20th

JUPITER and PLUTO in Capricorn at 21+ and 23+ respectively also opposes the MOON with deep earthly riches. Athena the Asteroid Goddess battle strategist also makes a wide opposition in the GOAT sign.

Mercury is also in Cancer at 8+ degrees bringing out mind and our emotions into the same energy field.

VENUS is at 14 GEMINI square Ceres Rx and NEPTUNE Rx in PISCES
Issues of communicating about love and projection which reflects a split within our own psyches, hearts and minds in relationships to NATURE, Mothers and daughters and the environment are important to recognize and heal now.
Chiron in ARIES cauterizes the wounded toxic masculine warrior energy which both men and women have as a result of 5,800 years of Patriarchal rule. Mars ACTIVATES and motivates the healing energy. 
LILITH refused to be dominated by ADAM in the Garden of Eden and she may be ready to heal now IF Juno, the asteroid of Feminine Genius is recognized as an equal to the Masculine warrior energy and treated as such so that new relationships between equals can be created. 
Uranus at 10 + degrees TAURUS sextile CERES in PISCES and YOD’d JUNO in LIBRA
A FINGER OF GOD or YOD is a powerful aspect. This is all about new tech to nurture the earth which DEMETER/ CERES rules over, and in PISCES the nurturing of our dreams and creative imagination. JUNO in LIBRA is about a genius balance and harmony on relationships.  This aspect is also about tuning into the Feminine Intuitive Genius to bring balance in love. URANUS is freedom-loving but needs time to make sure some form of stability is ensured.
Interesting synchronicity that COMET NEOWISE, a visiter from far-flung outer space appears in conjunction with this powerful axis of connection to the Galactic Black Hole Cosmic YONI. Get your COsmic downloads now



Healing Issues of old familial intergenerational trauma and ancestral karma is meant to come to the surface to be acknowledged, worked through, and released to cleanse the auric fields, DNA, genetic memories and miasms of the past. This is the time to do this work and free yourself for the upcoming new energies of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on December 21 2020.

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Billionaire’s Aspect Sun oppposte Jupiter and Pluto

The SUN at 22 Cancer opposes expansive JUPITER at 22+ Capricorn July 14 @ 12:58 am PDT/ 3:56 am EDT/ 8:56 am GMT
SUN opposes the great transforner PLUTO at 23+ Capricorn July15th @ 12:13 pm PDT/ 3:13 pm EDT/ 5:13 pm GMT
JUPITER is occulting PLUTO 
This is a balancing act of the “Billionaire’s Transit.” All oppositions are communications, conversations, and dialogues. All oppositions are tense.
The Cancer SUN is nurturing, nourishing, sensitive, empathic wants to feed all others. JUPITER is the Great benefactor, like Santa Claus handing out optimism, gifts, expansion, faith and hope. PLUTO is the Death Bringer, transformational changer upper, Lord of the Soul, toxic transformer and great wealth, Plutocrats are named after Pluton. JUPITER and PLUTO in conjunction is the Billionaire’s conjunction. Bill Gates has it natally in Leo. 
Sun opposing Jupiter expands and Pluto destroys.
This is an intense transit. The SUN shines the light of Jupiter’s truth on the wealth of secrets that PLUTO holds. You will see new light shed on old buried treasures. 
We had to put our beloved dog Jasper down suddenly July 12th

Sun is conjunct fixed star Pollux at 23+ Cancer. Ptolemy attributed Pollux with the nature of Mars, and Robson says it gives craftiness and boxing skills. Being like Mohammed Ali and float like a butterfly but sting like a bee would be a great skill to have right now what with these heavy Saturnine Capricorn skies.

Sun Opposite Jupiter and opposite PLUTO 

 Normally with Sun opposite optimistic Jupiter, everything would seem to fall in place with a kind of magical grace. But beware of overconfidence. Jupiter opposite the sun can be a huge sunburn.

they square 22 ARIES Stars ACAMAR at 23 Aries 16 ‘ and Baten KAITOS at 21 ARIES 57’

Both stars carry a direct line, to the Source of All Being.  Achernar is a very positive star. Unless severely afflicted by aspect, it indicates a show of ‘all’s well.” But JUPITER demands the truth so there is no hiding behind a facade. PLUTO will rout out any secrets revealing a rotten maggot filled core. 

Fixed star Baten Kaitos portends falls and ruin

Saturn like, this star relates to disgrace, ruin, calamity. Baten Kaitos in Belly of The Whale carries restrictive properties, inhibition, reserve, caution, solitude, and simplicity often are forced onto such people either by a mundane power or a higher power. Sound slike COVID-19 isolation. 

SQUARE 22 LIBRA conjunct famous star SPICA 23 Libra 50′ a BLUE GIANT STAR the ear of corn or grain

Note if you have planets conjunct 22-23 degrees CAPCIORN CANCER ARIES and LIBRA you will be feeling the oppositional energies and the squares very strongly in your life. 

PLUTO square Fixed star Spica to the end of 2020

Spica’s nature is of a rare Venus and Mars. This Star gives success, renown, riches, sweetness, love of art and science and unscrupulousness.

 Spica is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a bird, or a man laden with merchandise. It gives riches, overcomes contentions, and removes scarcity and mischief. Rules emerald, sage, trefoil, periwinkle, mugwort and mandrake root. [1]

Spica, as already said, is one of the truly great stars in the sky, the one which gave us our word ‘star’, and at least as important as the four archangel star.

Spica is also noted for its spiritual and religious qualities. Psychic awareness is above average for those with Spica in conjunction to the Moon, Venus, Neptune or Lilith are conjunct Spica. I have Venus and Neptune conjunct Spica.

As the star of the grain harvest, it is the provider of our material needs, We only reap a harvest if we have first sown the seed and cared for the fields, and what we reap must last us, and all who laboured in our fields, until the next harvest is ready. It is a very practical and very real karma.

SUN opposed to Jupiter and PLUTO and square SPICA

though beneficial with hard square from PLUTO shows up as Food shortages. Better to start stocking up early. 

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1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.66, 211, 235.

7/7 Numerology, Don’t avoid the void

numerology of 7/7 2020.

the 7’s are related to Saturn, the 7 classical planets, chakras, musical notes, colours of the rainbow, and cycles. This is a dually opening to all chakras day.

The Aquarius Moon is VOID, of COURSE, all day.

Have a VOID day. Don’t initiate. just be 


The MUSE TAROT is the deck.

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You are the magic

Card of the Day June 9 YOU ARE The MAGIC from the Muse Tarot

the Magician #1 Arcana in the Tarot is the go to card of the day.

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Awaken from the dream

may 23 today’s tarot and astrology vlog, we’re still in Gemini New moon energies. Moon and Venus Retrograde kiss.

The Major Arcana #20 give us advice today. 

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Health, rewiring and rebellion Gemini New Moon

Gemini dualism art by Napoleon Brousseau

Artwork by Napoleon Brousseau http://www.napob.com

A Gemini NEW MOON at 2 + degrees at 10:38 am PDT, 1:38 pm EDT and 6:38 pm GMT has a multiplicity of planets and markers plus the SUN and MOON. 

The Gemini New Moon has 7 Gemini Placements with Hygeia, Vesta Mercury and Venus Retrograde in a tight squeeze, Gemini rules the lungs. A perfect synchronicity of the current Covid-19 world attention-grabbing situation.

Gemini New Moon May 22 2020

Gemini New Moon May 22 2020

MERCURY and VENUS RETROGRADE are in exact conjunction 9 hours before the NEW MOON. The ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury and Venus the planet of love indicates a reconnection or rewiring of our brains our hearts and our thinking. We may see things differently and speak about them in new ways,

VESTA the Asteroid Goddes of  INVESTMENTS and HYGEIA the Asteroid of HYGIENE or HEALTH are conjunct at 23 and 24 degrees and conjunct to the North NODE at 29 GEMINI.  The topics of health are very much in the air. COVID-19 is a lung disease and GEMINI rules the lungs. VENUS RETROGRADE helps us to focus on the simple act of being mindful of our breathing, 

That’s 7 placements in GEMINI. Get the message?

The influence is on using our intuition, mothering it, nurturing, feeding our spirits and our souls with MARS in PISCES at 6 degrees conjunct CERES, the Great Mother Dwarf planet at 7 and both squaring the NEW MOON. Pay attention to your dreams. 

This is a rebellious NEW MOON as SATURN at 1 degree RETROGRADE in AQUARIUS trines the SUN and MOON

many people are getting restless from being quarantined and want answers, you will see rebellions and protests escalate over the next month. Saturn is conjunct ATHENA at 0 AQUARIUS also trine the NEW DARK MOON, we need a strategy a battle plan of action. All new moons are new beginning re-write it now. 

There’s  a GRAND AIR TRINE from JUNO in LIBRA to the NEW MOON and SATURN

JUNO, the Goddess asteroid who symbolizes Jupiter’s wife and for whom the month of June is named in honour of, is spreading her feminine genius into the airwaves, feminine genius is not like masculine logical genius it is multi-dimensional.

Chiron in ARIES is sextile the New Moon indicating a vulnerability woundedness tiredness and boredom being accentuated.

NEPTUNE in PISCES at 20+ degrees widely squares the NODES putting the emphasis on listening to our inner psychic source, staying in a retreat mode as a way of cleansing. Using beauty and uplifting ideals to help bolster our moods. Meditation yoga, art dancing, singing, painting, tantra, and charity work all help bring benefits. 

Uranus at 8 degrees TAURUS widely squares SATURN

The radically changing toposphere needs us to let go of the past rigidity. Change, adaptability and chaos are the name of the game. It isn’t easy to get stability now. Use MARS and CERES in PISCES sextile to URANUS to soothe your bruised souls and others as well.

Check out which house all that GEMIN mental distraction is going on in your personal chart. It’s mainly in my 8th house

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One of the best days of 2020

Daily Tarot and astrology reading vlog. May 15 is one of the most positive days of 2020 so far. tarot wisdom from the Muse Tarot 

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Yesterday and today

I seem to have lost a day here on Cinco de Mayo so here is yesterday’s  blog and today May 6th

I was busy on a radio show and then catching up with old friends from the Dream Star Lodge, a group of women who I did much spiritual work with in the ’90s with our shamanic teacher Oriah Mountain Dreamer who wrote the Invitation. I’ve been feeling very tired and rather unmotivated picking up on the world’s ennui. Our dog wouldn’t eat today and I spend about an hour a day coaxing him to eat. He is better but not still 100%. My allergies have been awful for the last few days as the trees bud and my eyes are tearing up so bad I can’t spend that much time on the computer so I am running behind.

The Tarot deck is the MUSE TAROT by Chris-Anne 

Blessings to you

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