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Watch my 3-minute video. The Asteroid synchronicity is awesome.

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It’s complicated. Venus inconjunct Neptune.

VENUS, the planet of love, ruler of all things feminine, women, art, money, luxury, and relationships is The Golden Goddess in LEO. The Bling QUEEN, literally, Leo is ruled by the SUN, the Center of our Galaxy, life-giving, equated with GOLD, self-centred. Leo rules the Heart, equated with Love.

Venus in Leo demands to be center stage, Venus in Leo wants what she wants; when, how and where she wants it. She thinks she is superior.

She is STRENGTH in the TAROT, variously #8 or #11

Strength The Muse Tarot
Stre, The Muse Tarot

she is clearly the Woman holding the Lio’s mouth open or riding the Lion. Venus in LEO is courage, daring, fiery passion. Venus in Leo is dramatic, thirsty for power, glory, and often too egotistical in her tooth and claw. Venus in LEO is quincunx or inconjunct, a 150-degree aspect to Neptune, the “higher octave” of Venus in Pisces. Venus and Neptune have a super strong connection as Neptune is Venus’s human love in a higher frequency, of compassion and “soul mates.”

Think back on what was going on in your life July 21,2016 when I last wrote about this aspect.

Venus is the planet of personal love, human love, infallible, imperfect love. Neptune is perfect love, immaculate love, unmessy, no-laundry warts or farts, superhuman, unconditional, “soul mates”, Godly love which asks for nothing in return.

A quincunx, aka an inconjunct, is a fancy word for a 150-degree aspect between any two planets and they are always in different elemental modes, speaking two different languages without a translater. They literally do not see each other and the love languages are lost in translation.

Venus in Leo, in furs, is very passionate, demanding, heartfelt, strong, and courageous, “it’s all about me”, an egotistic, natural grandstanding leader.

Neptune in Pisces dissolves the ego, boundaries or sense of self, is connected with martyrs, shooting oneself in the foot, addictions, delusions, false gurus, it rules  film and photography, The Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF, false media, the collective psyche and endings.

Neptune in Pisces is spirituality, creativity, charity, compassion, psychic energy, ghosts, escapism through drugs, video games sex, consumerism, debt, projections, ascension, yoga, relationships, the gym or whatever your drug of choice is. 

This aspect spells a big disappointment, a bubble-bursting letdown. This can be bad in the stock markets or any big expectation or anything “too good to be true.” The illusion is out of the bag.

Venus in Leo inconjunct Neptune in Pisces is the female version of GHOSTBUSTERS!

On a more personal note. If you are driven by ego, selfishness, hungry for power your delusions, your self-aggrandizing pitch will fail. 

These are intense times. Many “New Age” pretend insight givers, channels, pseudo-astrologers and the like keep pitching, higher dimensions Ascension to the 9th Dimension or whatever, I could name names but I won’t. This is not the time for this anymore.

Saturn will enter Neptune’s sign of Pisces on March 7,2023 to May 24, 2025, then Retrograde back into Aquarius for a wee bit of tech tweaking then flow downstream again August 31, 2025, until Feb 13, 2026.

What do you think?

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Only Star sign that is a Woman, New Moon in Virgo

Virgo New Moon August 27 at 4+ earthy mutable Mercurial ruled 6th sign of work, intellect, organization, worriers, health conscious, nature lovers, harvesters, natural food and medicine people, health spas, pets, nit-picky, critical, accountants and anyone who loves all the details, OCD, super organized, budget conscious, humble, community involved sign. Virgo remembers every detail.

The ONLY astrology sign with a WOMAN, The Great Goddess Mother CERES/ Demetre, or any chthonic earth mother, Pachamama, the grower of food and ruler of the harvest, points us to what we are harvesting the consequences of our relationships to our body-mind connection.

This is a tense New Moon as the Sun squares MARS in GEMINI, helping us to focus on the Goddess Cere/Demeter the Great Earth Mother recognized as Pachamamma everywhere in the ancient world.

Virgo Sun-Mars conjunction is a practical, budget-conscious energy versus a rapid fire communications, debating energy.

Both Virgo Sun and hot-headed Mars in Gemini are both ruled By Mercury now at 1 degree LIBRA asking us to stay balanced and not buy into oppositional ideas. Mars in Gemini-where Mars will be for the next 7 months, is great for quick thinking, generating lots of questions and ideas, sales, debating, communications, changing sides, inability to commit, doing two things at once, partnerships and asking lots of questions.

Venus square Uranus and opposes Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius-exact On August 28.

Venus in Leo is proud, big-hearted, dramatic, strong-willed. The Queen. The Uranus Square and opposition to Saturn effects both the Traditional ruler and Modern Ruler of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus.

Expect big Love shocks, strange meetings, chaotic connections, chance encounters, innovation, invention, freedom, revolutionary energy, breaking away versus doing the traditional thing. Ask your heart what to do.

Venus square Uranus

Is crypto chaos, real estate changes in markets, innovative ideas, big radical beauty and fashion and tastes in art.

Venus opposite Saturn

is Serious love tests. Karmic timing energy. Saturn rules fathers, elders, responsibility, seriousness, sobriety, bosses, maturity and love tests, SAturn in Aquarius rules bosses of organizations, management, networking.

Here is the Chandra and Pleidian symbols from Astrologer John Sandbach says about the 5th degree of Virgo. all symbols are rounded up to the next degree

Virgo 5. With a loud explosion, a tiny black hole collides with earth. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: LAUVIAH (LO-vee-YAH) Banishing the Remnants of Evil, Victory)

Sometimes when we look at negativity we think it could take a really long time to clean up. You have the ability, though, to zap it away, to kind of shock it so that it collapses on itself. You are immensely good at getting to the point, sometimes without even a word being spoken. You commit the right action and a situation can suddenly ignite and transmute. It all depends on what you and others are ready for.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A skull on a pole at the entrance to a dark wood.” When there are places you avoid going you need to ask yourself what is it that is repelling you from those places. The black hole of the Omega symbol threatens the very integrity of matter itself, just as the identity is threatened by anything which might threaten its structure. But it is the death of identity that allows identity to restructure at a higher, more expanded level, so that we may reflect more of the spiritual light.

Pleiadian Symbol: Waking, a man remembers attending a fairy celebration deep in the woods.

Azoth Symbol: A world erected by the minds of dreamers working together.

Seed degree: Taurus 24. A man cataloging thousands of different types of microbes. (Omega Symbol). Looking into many tiny and seemingly insignificant things, we are bound eventually to find among them something that is highly important and transforming.

A man with no mouth. (Chandra Symbol). When we enter the silence our consciousness is automatically drawn to those places which we may be afraid of but which we need to explore.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 13. An artist mixes various flower and gem elixirs into her paints. (Omega Symbol). Learning the power of focusing, we are then able to direct that focus in ways that will enhance all of life.

A lidless granite sarcophagus. It is empty. (Chandra Symbol). Entering those areas of ourselves where karma needs to be released we eventually experience a rebirth.


A network of holes, like stitches in a tapestry, provide needed connections between parallel universes. Just as light may manifest through fire, darkness too has its seeds, a black fire whose sparks travel the universe, and whose flames organize galaxies, each galaxy whirling around a dark fire, suns drawn to it like moths to a flame.

As shadows compact ever more closely, each drawn into and absorbed inevitably by the other’s nothingness, crushing into each other, their abrasions generate a heat of raging darkness, which sometimes in its wanderings will cross the path of a planet, falling into it as an illusion destroying speck.

Watch my YouTube video explaining the whole thing.

You have 2.5 days to work with NEW MOON intentions. Think about what you want to harvest and what you have harvested since last spring.

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Mercury in Libra, Love the balancing act

Marcello Bacciarelli -Allegory of Justice –Themis
Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

MERCURY moves into Venus’s loved-up Sign of LIBRA August 25 until October 10.

EARLY MERCURY RETROGRADE ALERT Just in time for start of school,

Mercury Retrogrades through two signs-LIBRA and VIRGO this time which makes things more complicated as Signs govern completely different things and are ruled by different planets.

Mercury turns RETROGRADE September 9 at 8:38 pm pm PDT/ 11:38 pm EDT/ 6:10 am/September 10 {on a FULL MOON in PISCES} at 3:38 am GMT at 8 degrees 55 Minutes LIBRA.

This is where old ex’s flames and legal issues may return. Breakups also happen on Mercury Retrograde in LIBRA. Es[ecially as Mercury Re-enters VIRGO any relationships where you don’t keep up your half of the expenses or bargain will likely fail.

Mercury re-enters VIRGO September 23 at 5:04 am PDT/ 8:04 am EDT and Sept. 24 at 12:04 am GMT where Mercury is back home in its’ earthy analytical sign once again.

This is where the detailed budget breakdowns, inventory and reviews with a fine tooth comb take place. Also a good time for rewriting anything, redoing contracts, and looking for new jobs.

October 2 MERCURY turns DIRECT at 26′ degrees 24 Degrees 22′ VIRGO. The fruits of tour labors can move ahead now.

Re-enters LIBRA October 10 at 4:51 pm PDT/ 7:51 pm EDT/ 11:51 pm GMT.

We are going over old relationship issues. If exes returned while Mercury was Retrograde counselling is highly recommended. Legal issues for non payment of child support, or any money owing can move into courts or settled through mediators now.

MERCURY is in its shadow period from AUGUST 22 at 26 degrees + VIRGO. It will take MERCURY until October 17 to clear its Retrograde 8+ degree turnabout degree and things can move forwards again.


use this time to rebalance your relationships, your social connections, your media time, your luxury budgets, your significant others, your relationships in business too.

I know people tend to catastrophize Mercury Retrogrades but they are just rest and relax time for your social life, to reflect on your relationship choices, your friends, aquainences, to reblance and redress andy arguments or social faux pas, to address injustices, to redo your wardrobe, make up and hair beauty and balance the budgets too. Libra will always buy beauty items.

 Mercury retrograding hits differently for each individual.

Look at where Mercury will Retrograde in your astrology chart. That’s where-by house, you know the info and communication and rethinking review is happening and how it’s affecting you by aspects.

With MERCURY IN LIBRA, RULED BY VEUS, Love, beauty, connecting with others, counselling, listening and analyzing your love language needs will be prime time.

Mercury in VIRGO is ruled by MERCURY so when Mercury Revisits its home sign expect the more detailed budget, working and communication aspects to get into the nitty-gritty, Health, diet and work reviews are best done now. You may be called on the carpet or a former communications breakdown may be redressed and rebalanced.

In the Northern Hemisphere this is your last chance to do cleanses before Autumn Equinox.

While Mercury is RETROGRADE for  Rethink what your values are in relationships all kinds and types of relationships. Everything is up to be re-evaluated, your job, your relationship to the world. Rewrite creative projects, scripts, plans, partnerships. Renegotiate a business plan or deal.

If you were born with Mercury Retrograde you will see this by the little Rx next to it in red in the natal chart you can prep at it is beneficial to you but remember that the rest of the world doesn’t operate on Mercury retrograde timing,

Expect delays, misinformation, meeting mayhem scheduled starts, travel and any and all communications snafu’s. Just double and triple check everything.

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August 22-28 Astrology Aspects this Week

Hi everyone. I haven’t been posting every day because I just became a grandma over the weekend. My son Elijah and his partner Sabrina gave birth to a baby boy August 21 at 3:16 am. I am thrilled and got to see and hold my grandson yesterday, I am over the moon with this little Leo boy, Gemini Moon Cancer rising, Mom is a Cancer with some Leo planets and My son Eli has 4 planets in Gemini and Venus in Leo. They share Mars in Gemini too.

WHERE’s the MOON This week?


AUG. 22-24 watery Emotional Moody Cardinal CANCER MOON at home

AUG. 24 MOON enters Firey Fixed Dramatic sign LEO at 9:09 am EDT

AUG 26 Moon enters Mutable Earth hard-working sign VIRGO at 8:25 pm EDT

Aug. 22 Mercury Trines Pluto-budget cuts, worldwide health issues

This week is a HUGE change-up week and BIG for VIRGO!

August 22: It’s VIRGO time on August 22

Sun enters Virgo 8:15 pm PDT/11:15 pm EDT/Aug. 23 Sun enters VIRGO 3:15 am GMT

August 24: URANUS stations RETROGRADE 19° Taurus

this is THE degree of the Uranus North Node Mars conjunction at the beginning of the Month- revolutionary change has echoes.

Aug. 24 VENUS trines CHIRON in Aries at 15+ degrees

Defensive hearts can help heal be willing to be vulnerable and embrace your wounds with courage.

Aug. 24/25 MERCURY ENTERS LIBRA at 9:03 pm EDT

It’s all about relationships and your social life and chat about dating, beauty gossiping, social influencers and talking and texting endlessly. Mercury in LIBRA wants you to think they are nice, play fair, and have justice served beside a lovely tea set, great fashion sense and beauty products galore.

Aug. 26/7 VENUS squares URANUS in TAURUS at 18+

with Uranus stationary, a big turning point freedom in Love, revolution by women, workers unionize, money revolutions in crypto and fiat, our values are changing,

Aug. 26/27  SUN square MARS in GEMINI at 3+ Virgo

Ask the right questions then organize it all into nice, neat packets.Angry words for being unable to make choices, show up on time or do the hard work.

Aug. 27 NEW MOON at 4 degrees VIRGO

This is a hard-hitting big radial change in values, cryptocurrencies and love. Get ready for a wild ride. I”ll shoot a video on this and will do a live event on YouTube.

Aug. 28 VENUS in LEO opposes SATURN in AQUARIUS at 20 Leo

Women take back their power and revolutionize being center stage. Things will be chaotic in your love life and maybe lots of family drama because of rebelling against the old Patriarchal systems. Following your heart or herd mentality? Take the blue or the red pill?

Check out where these degrees affect your chart. Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

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August 18 Venus Trine Jupiter, Big Heart, Lucky in Love


Henryk Siemiradzki, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

That’s super hot LIONESS love, proud, passionate, with raw energy, Jupiter in ARIES new passions, adventurous, exotic, dramatic, lucky, expansive, animalistic passion, long distance relationships, higher education, star power, fate favours the bold and the beautiful.

VENUS, the Goddess of love, beauty, money, values, the arts and Jupiter the Great benefactor expander, good luck maker, risk-taker and the #10 the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot. VENUS  rules Taurus and Libra. JUPITER rules Sagittarius and PISCES. They receive the most benefits as do LEO and ARIES of course.

This is beautifully romantic, gotta love those fire signs of Leo and ARIES and Sagittarius benefits too. It’s all is interlocked perfectly.

This is like being given the Golden Key to your Heart to open all doors of positive energy.

Use this energy well fabulous friends. Check out where 8 degrees LEO or Aries or SAGITTARIUS are in your natal chart.

I am ready to receive these positive benefits Jupiter is close to my Natal Jupiter in Aries by 4 degrees and Jupiter and Venus trine my Sun and MOON. Great

Check out the last time Venus Trine Jupiter On August 8, 2019 with Venus in LEO also but Jupiter in Sagittarius the sign it rules.

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Love Drama Venus in Leo

VENUS in LEO August 11-September 4/5

Venus in Leo is everything YOUR HEART DESIRES, Leo rules the heart, you want it, and you know how to get it because you know you deserve it. You are ROYAL. Pile on the Bling, wear a Tiara, show everyone how your feel, it’s big-hearted and generous too.

While the Sun remains in Leo until August 22/23 it amps up VENUS’s shine


Love gets hotter and desires soar.  Let your love light shine like the Sun. It’s also I am woman hear me roar time. As if things weren’t dramatic enough. Venus in Leo is ROYAL DRAMA!  Power struggles can get even more raw, inflamed, hot and passionate. Watch for more Prince Harry Meghan drama or the Queen.

Any way you slice it it’s SHOW TIME! 

“Say what you have to say and say it hot” D. H. Lawrence.

Venus the Goddess of LOVE Beauty, Relationships, +BLING, demands to be treated like A QUEEN or King, so you better get ready to take the throne and be sovereign.


This is a very positive aspect. It brings optimism, faith, fun, partying, good humour good fortune, lots of love, leadership power, women getting justice, new starts, women entrepreneurs, falling in love with an exotic foreigner, getting a scholarship, travel and romance.


This can be challenging for dating apps, Fall in love unexpectedly with someone totally different from your type. Unexpected kink, This is a heart and body sensuality signal. Pay attention or you might miss it. Can be unexpected breakups too. ALso challenging for cryptocurrency and stock market as well.

August 28 VENUS opposite SATURN in AQUARIUS

This can be good for serious commitments and business ventures. Confrontations with bosses, authorities and fathers. Women face off with the government to get free, restrictions in crypto markets, radical feminists, chaos in Governments, liberation movements, free your heart. Venus in Leo is heart-felt values,and Saturn is structure, loosen the old restrictions that have kept you from expressing what’s truly in your heart. Be bold, be strong, break free.


Neptune is Venus’s “higher octave” the form of unconditional love, Here the two are blind to each others needs, expressions, or psychic energy fields. A frustrating day of feeling shut down or exhausted psychically. Artists; block. Its best to be near water, meditate and let go.

September 1/2 VENUS inconjunct PLUTO

Similar to the Venus Neptune inconjunct, VENUS to PLUTO is being blindsided by the government, a boss, or a power broker. Hearts can be broken. This can indicate a breakdown in financial markets, money laundering or human, organ or sex trafficking could be revealed. Something secret is seen out of the corners of your eyes if you pay attention.

LEO is STRENGTH in the Tarot #11 or 8

Leo governs leaders actors role-playing vanity, competition, pride, showing off, vanity will power, with big ego power

 80’s manes, cat fights and courageous acts are all Venus in LEO. SHE WANTS BLING, the BEST OF EVERYTHING, to make her purr with pleasure.


Leo is the 5th sign of creativity LOVE AFFAIRS creativity and children

Bright yellow, red, gold or deep purple, are Leo’s colors.

Venus in Leo wearing a  big cat skin, is a Jungle Queen, fearless Amazon, 

She is also Hindu Goddess DURGA riding her Lion into battle to kill all the ghouls and demonic forces when no other God can. QUEEN of DEMON KILLERS DURGA


Wear your heart on your sleeve. Love and romance are roaring with strength and joy. Shout out your passion, roar out your love, and you will know what to do, if it feels good, go for it.  Leo is known for the generosity of the heart, acts of loving kindness, Leos are fiercely loyal and giving to those they love.

Questions to ask:

WHAT makes my heart throb with passion? What do I love and desire the most? What makes me happiest?

Venus in Leo loves art and creativity- see link below-

WOMEN take center stage as leaders power movers and shakers, fearlessly fueled by love. “I am woman hear me roar.” the Helen Reddy song 

Leo rules billionaires, entrepreneurs, actors anyone who is center stage. Leo rules children, giving love, show children your support and love them courageously,


MICHAEL JACKSON    Daniel Radcliffe   Andy Warhol


Madonna  Pamela Anderson   Whitney Houston   Tori Amos     Nichole Kidman  

Jennifer Lawrence  Selena Gomez  Gwyneth Paltrow   Salma Hayek  Amy Winehouse Lindsay Lohan

George W. Bush   Tom Cruise

Niall Horan and Liam Payne from One Direction

Film Directors Tim Burton Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick

writer Paulo Coelho   singer Michael Buble

Enjoy Venus in LEO- get out and dance the tango, be generous, enjoy the drama keep it fueled with positive passion.


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Higher love and Tough Times August 7

August 7 It was the best of times it was the worst of times today.

Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 25 degrees at 12:43 pm EDT. This is A very beautiful romantic idealistic creative compassionate energy. This aspect last occurred on June 21,2021 two degrees earlier.

Venus is human love. Neptune is a “higher octave” of love. Spiritual ephemeral timeless, karmic, imaginary, creative. Bring me your higher love like Stevie Winwood sings.

You can Experience a higher unconditional love than you have ever felt. Do this for yourself by connecting to spirit whichever way you imagine it. This is receptive energy step into the flow of spiritual love of the world..You can project this out to the world to heal all the PTSD wounded children. As well as heal your own wounds.

You may feel overwhelmed emotionally and psychically as the Moon is in Scorpio and also trines Venus and Neptune, a double water blessing. Use this time to go within and love your inner child unconditionally, make them feel safe, nurtured, comforted. Staying grounded is important and may be difficult as you will be feeling like you’re on drugs.

Do something creative, dance sing, paint, make love,

Meditation, psychic insights and lucid dreaming are enhanced. Intend to lucid dream tonight

It’s a day to be with your emotions and water. Bathe or shower if you can’t get to a body of water. Remember being in the womb. Going into a flotation tank would be ideal

Illusions, delusions, projections self sabotage and addictions also run high with these energies. If you start to feel triggered call for help.

Ask to unite with your soul mate if you are single.

Practice automatic writing, get in touch with spirit guides.

See the beauty in nature and the Deva’s of plants. Notice that everything is alive.

Do something charitable, give to a food bank or send money to a child charity. Feel divine love in your heart and through your body.

The other hard aspect is Mars square Saturn -see yesterdays article.

The higher love beautiful aspect balances out some of the tougher Mars Saturn but the latter will last until August 20 in effect.

watch the video

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August Astrology Guide

This is the biggest most radical start to any month in about 2,000 years. As Uranus the North Node and Mars unite at a fated degree. This bucking bronco of Astrology aspect is the wildest ride in your lifetime. see

Full Moon is August 11/12 at , 19°21′ Aquarius

New Moon is August 27 at 4°03′ Virgo

MERCURY changes signs twice into Virgo Aug. 4 and Libra  Aug. 25

Venus enters LEO Aug. 11 o a Full Aquarius Moon

Mars enters GEMINI Aug 20 for the next 8 months  until March 2023

Uranus turns Retrograde  Aug. 24

August 1: Mars conjunct Uranus  and NORTH NODE at 18+° Taurus

August 3/4 Mercury goes home to Virgo

Aug 5 Venus in Cancer inconjuncts Saturn Rx in Aquarius

Aug. 6 Grand Water Trine of Scorpio Moon Venus in Cancer Neptune in Pisces

Aug. 7 VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE very romantic spiritual, compassionate and creative

Aug/ 7 MARS SQUARE SATURN red letter day at 22 degrees Taurus/ Aquarius

Aug. 8 SUN TRINES CHIRON- big hearted healing energy

Aug. 8/9 VENUS opposes PLUTO- women against corporate, finances, real estate

Aug. 9 MERCURY in VIRGO quincunx JUPITER in ARIES at 8+ degrees

August 11 SUN Square URANUS- big protests

Aug, 11 Venus enters Leo, Queen of Hearts, pride, big love drama,

Aug.11 Mars sextile URANUS- amp up the changes

Aug 14 SUN opposes SATURN- karmic drama, chaos, inventions of the heart freedom or restriction in matters of the heart

Aug. 14. MARS trines PLUTO- very Scorpio like major financial changes-dangerous, explosive,

Aug.16 Mercury Trine Uranus-the budget for the revolution, invention or getting backers for a new hi-tech launch

Aug. 17 Sun inconjunct NEPTUNE- a beautiful love affair has a blind spot

Aug. 18 VENUS trine JUPITER in TAURUS 8 degrees– luck love, buy lottery 

Aug. 18 MERCURY inconjunct SATURN in AQUARIUS-budget issues, health worries

Aug. 19 SUN quincunx PLUTO- big leaders may be seen for what they are, a leader will fall from his position

August 20: Mars into Gemini – FOR 8 MONTHS until March 2023

August 21: MERCURY opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES the practical dream can be real. – believe

Aug 21 Vesta Retrograde back into Aquarius

Aug. 22 Mercury Trines Pluto-budget cuts, worldwide health issues

August 22: Sun enters Virgo at 8:15 pm PDT/11:15 pm EDT

Aug. 23 Sun enters VIRGO in GMT

August 24: Uranus stations Retrograde 19° Taurus this is THE degree of the Uranus North Node Mars conjunction at the beginning of the Month- revolutionary change has echoes.

Aug. 24 Venus trines Chiron in Aries-defensive hearts can help heal be willing to be vulnerable and embrace your wounds with courage.

Aug. 24/25 MERCURY goes home to Virgo- just in time for back to school, thinking about saving money, harvesting, decluttering and health

Aug. 26 VENUS squares URANUS in TAURUS with Uranus stationary a big turning point freedom in Love, revolution by women, workers unionize, money revolutions in crypto and fiat, our values are changing,

Aug. 27/28  SUN square MARS in GEMINI ask the questions then organize it all into nice, neat packets.

Aug. 27 NEW MOON at 4 degrees VIRGO

Aug. 28 VENUS opposes SATURN in AQUARIUS-women take back their power and revolutionize being center stage. Things will be chaotic in your love life and lots of family drama rebelling against the old Patriarchal systems

Aug. 30 SUN inconjuncts JUPITER in ARIES- we may not see a blind spot because we jumped ahead too hastily

Aug. 31 VENUS inconjuncts NEPTUNE- all that glitters is not gold, the bubble bursts in those relationship projections, debt, oil prices, addictions issues, fake news, money laundering, leaders are exposed for being fake

August 31: Sedna in Taurus stations Retrograde at 29° Taurus conjunct ALGOL

Have a wonderful healthy August. Let me know what you think,.

please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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