Jupiter at last degree Pisces, World’s largest free standing Aquarium bursts

Ah, Astrology I love it, and it is so literal. I just came across this news item. In Berlin Germany a huge free-standing Aquarium, the largest in the world burst open, at 5:45 a.m. December 16, 2022. Around 1 million litres of water poured into the hotel and street area, together with the 1,500 fish hosted in it, devastating the interior of the hotel and causing a large-scale deployment of rescue workers.[9]

Vxla at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The AquaDom in the lobby of the Radisson Collection Hotel in Berlin, Germany. (10mm f/8.0 ISO-1250 0-EV) – View from a room on the sixth floor of the Radisson SAS

The poor fish and they were also lucky Jupiter is the lucky planet, that no one was injured seriously. Christmas is coming and Christ is identified with the fishes.

Jupiter is conjunct to the Fixed Star Beta Pegasi, also named Scheat, ia red giant star and the second brightest star (after Epsilon Pegasi) in the constellation Pegasus. It forms the upper right corner of the Great Square of Pegasus, a prominent rectangular asterism. It’s traditional name Scheat, had also been used for Delta Aquarii. Sheat was derived from the Arabic Al Sa’id “the upper arm”, or from Sa’d. Scheat is of the nature of Mars and Mercury according to Ptolemy,to Jupiter and Mars according to Fludd and Leowicz, and Saturn according to Julevno. Scheat causes severe misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning according to Robson. For Julio, there is a danger of death through water or suffocation.

-from https://www.astrotheme.com/transits_ephemerides_chart.php


Astrology December 6-12, Mercury Retrograde alert

Mars Retrograde in Gemini is slowing information down and bringing out old information and can be forcing the taking of sides.

Dec 5/6  MERCURY square JUPITER  revealing and hiding the truthELON MUSK must have an astrologer?

Dec. 6: MERCURY enters CAPRICORN until February 11, 2023

This is a very long time for Mercury to stay in one sign and it makes perfect sense in the patient plodding, a serious sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn.

It’s time to get your mind grounded. This is earthy, practical, concrete thinking, patient, relating to career, long-term goals and plans, staying sober, practical and hard-working.

Dec. 7 Sun inconjunct Uranus in Taurus

Computer snafus,unexpected Money and financial chaos in markets and in crypto.


Dec. 8 RARE MARS MOON OCCULTATION at 12:42 am EST/ 5:42 am GMT

this is a lunar ECLIPSE of MARS which happens once every 2 years. This one is rare as it occurs in synch with the full Moon and we will see it. See map below.

Mars Moon occultation December 7-8, 2022
Mars Moon occultation December 7-8, 2022

The ALCHEMICAL symbolism of the WHITE MOON and THe RED PLANET MARS which looks brighter in the sky because it is RETROGRADE is a powerful symbol of the Divine Feminine taking MARS deep into her bosom and womb and healing the masculine from a Peur immature masculine split-off state into a balance and wholeness living strong inhis own inner marriage in GEMINI to wholeness and in strength intelligence and in service to the Divine Feminine void. see article about full moon

Dec. 7 FULL MOON at 16 degrees 02’ at  8:08 pm PST/ 11:08 pm EST/

Dec. 8 FULL MOON at 4:08 am GMT


This is very powerful with Venus at the last, most critical degree of truth-loving SAGITTARIUS she is in hot pursuit of higher truths, justice, and international courts of Justice. We can see the TWITTER reveals of Elon MUSK of the real truth and the Sam Bankman Fried fiasco being given a further raking over the coals.This is a very good thing. On other levels there will be an expansion of long distant relationships, higher yearning for travel and education. Jupiter in PISCES is deception and as JUPITER finishes out its sojourn through its’ own sign PISCES, the Recent Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius have been helpful in pulling the truth out into the open.

This can be bad for debt of International trading partners. Jupiter in Pisces rules addictions, delusions, illusions, spiritual teachers, and self-sabotage.

What’s true and what’s an illusion is also a question you should be asking about everything.

Dec. 9: VENUS enters CAPRICORN

at 7:55 pm PST/ 10:55 pm EST until January 2 at 9:09 pm EST

With VENUS in CAPRICORN, love is cold hard practical and all business for almost a month. It’s good for meeting people you have karmically connected with anywhere and finding love at work or in any career-oriented space. Long-term love commitments, engagements and marriage is good with Venus in Capricorn.

December 12 SUN sextiles SATURN in AQUARIUS

Freedom of information, boundary issues, optimism, support for revolutions, political and international alliances can be forged.

Have a great week and I hope you get to see the Moon-Mars occultation.

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ASTROLOGY November 28- December 4,High romance 



There’s a great week ahead with the SUN, MERCURY and VENUS all in upbeat, optimistic, honest to a fault, good-humoured SAGITTARIUS cheer all around


Neptune, the planet of dreams, psychic energy, projection, higher love, “soul mates” debt, inflation, big oil, glamour, addictions, mental illness, gurus, yoga retreats, institutions, self-sabotage and internalization, moves stationary DIRECt for the first time since June 28 on a NEW MOON in Cancer. 

It’s been five months of working in our unconscious behind the scenes, draining us, gaslighting, fog and mirrors, yes, inflation, delusions, illusions, and dreamscapes galore. Neptune rules PISCES and is the sign of endings. Whatever we’ve been incubating behind the scenes can slowly move forward now. 


It’s a powerful time to work with your ruling planet PISCES and all signs as NEPTUNE as its strength and potency are enhanced for intention setting and dreaming your dream forwards. NEPTUNE is considered to be the “higher octave” of Venus. 

Speaking of the love goddess, she is beginning to emerge from her sojourn behind the sun around December 3. 


VENUS, THE goddess OF LOVE, BEAUTY, HARMONY AND THE ARTS, is the most interactive planet this week.

November 28 VENUS quincunx’s quirky URANUS 

This aspect is a blind spot in your urge to be free, to change things up; your heart may be unconsciously longing to be free and to rebel. Rather than ignore it, work with that energy,

his aspect is a blind spot in your urge to be free, to change things up; your heart may be unconsciously longing to be free and to rebel. Rather than ignore it, work with that energy,




Sex out of the box, weird connections, attractions to colleagues and co-workers, good for networking, hooking up with mature independent people, its a brilliant and creative freedom-loving energy.




 A ROMANTIC SPIRITUAL DAY as VENUS AND HER HIGHER OCTAVE NEPTUNE square each other, there is psychic and spiritual tension, but this can create a pearl of great benefit.

OTHER ASPECTS of the week


MARS, your ruling planet, yes, RETROGRADE and Out of Bounds, is wreaking havoc with your mind and social networks and trying to get anything together. You may feel frustrated and short-tempered, but this dragging Mars-enervated energy can strengthen your martial will. 


A supportive aspect between the two malefics could be too much of a hard-ass thing or can be used to get shit done or learn something new online, suitable for networking and building a team, hooking ups with older people, sharing tips with colleagues.

Nov. 29/30


All oppositions can be just as that sounds, suggesting a tug of war and very literally a war of words. Be careful of people spouting off in anger after you thought the conversation or relationship was done.

It’s my birthday on November 29.




I hope you all have a great week,

sending you many blessings

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Jay Leno, Astrology of an accident

Jay Leno, the former Tonight Show talk host from 1992–2009, was seriously burned November 12th on his face and hands from a steam fire from a 1907 steam car he was working on in a garage where he keeps his cars in Burbank California. Leno is well known for being an avid collector of unique cars. I am sending him blessings and prayers for a speedy recovery as burns hurt like hell.

Leno has a YOUTUBE channel Jay Leno’s Garage https://www.youtube.com/c/jaylenosgarage/videos

JAY LENO is an earthy grounded sensous TAURUS SUN, a VIRGO MOON conjunct serious hardworking Saturn and a nit-picky Virgo with an innovative eccentric and detached AQUARIUS Rising sign.


Saturday November 12th, the day of the accident was within four days of a Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus.

MARS, the planet of action, force, men, aggression, danger and explosions is in Gemini which symbolizes fast cars and information highways. Mars is moving backwards and is not only Retrograde but also OUT OF BOUNDS at 24 degrees GEMINI meaning that the possibility of unexpected WILD CARD energies is very real.

MARS in Gemini is SQUARE to Jay’s NATAL MARS at 22 degrees VIRGO and OPPOSES his NATAL CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER in SAGITTARIUS at 21 degrees and OPPOSITE to his VENUS at 21 PISCES

MARS opposite CHIRON in Sagisttariurs

Mars rules fast and dangerous things.Mars. Chiron is where we are the most vulnerable and also where the greatest healing is, Sagittarius is a FIRE sign. MARS square MARS is a very difficult transit like two boxers in a ring and that square to Venus in PISCES rules gaseous things.

MARS is also conjunct to Jay’s Natal URANUS in CANCER at 1 degree. Uranus rules technological things, chaos, surprises and explosions. Cancer is the sign of home, nurturing,things we love, and emotional safety and the Moon for a noon chart is at the last anaretic or the max energy of Gemini at 29 degrees.

Mars was in Leno’s 4th house of home and the underneath” or “belowest” part of his chart and was in a 90-degree angle square to Jay’s natal perfectionist Mars at 22 Virgo. Mars rules the sign of Aries and the head. Leno was famous for his thick hair and prominent chin.

Transit of SATURN in AQUARIUS conjunct his AC or Rising Sign at 22 AQUARIUS

T. SATURN is the hard heavy planet of limitations, obstacles, testing and time, maturity and endings is in Leno’s 12th house of karma, endings and self-sabotage at 15 degrees AQUARIUS conjunct to his Ascendant which is his physical appearance.

SATURN and URANUS are both in a tight square and are both applying to Jay’s PLUTO in LEO.

Leno underwent surgery today November 16 for his extensive burns. https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/16/entertainment/jay-leno-recovery

SATURN on AC may alter Leno’s appearance using AQUARIAN new technology. They may do an amazing job of recreating his face and appearance if heavily damaged. Mr. Leno can afford the best doctors.

The SUN, in emotional transformational SCORPIO means deep changes is squaring Transiting Saturn in Aquarius and his Ascendant.

URANUS the shock and awe chaotic, explosive planet of change is at 16 degrees TAURUS and the NORTH NODE at 13 degrees TAURUS

squaring Jay’s Natal PLUTO Retrograde the symbol of the soul and deep soul transformation at 15 degrees LEO in his 6th house of health and widely square to his TAURUS SUN. The SOUTH NODE in SCORPIO is a release from the past and transformative in nature.

URANUS is also trine to Leno’s SATURN and MOON in Virgo in his 7th house of all others. Virgo is the sign of health.

NEPTUNE at 22 degrees PISCES the planet of actors, appearances, addictions, delusions, oil, glamour, shapeshifters, camouflage and endings,also ruler of the 12th Sign of PISCES of karmic endings, is exactly conjunct Leno’s

natal VENUS in PISCES at 21 degrees and opposite his MARS in VIRGO exact at 22 degrees.

JUPITER at 29 Pisces at the very last aneretic most karmic degree of the Zodiac is also in the same conjunction and opposition and Jupiter expands everything it touches. JUPITER is square to URANUS in LEO in his 5th house of creative self-expression and willpower, further underlying the shocking explosive energies.


opposes Natal NEPTUNE in LIBRA is all about appearances and balance relationships and beauty. NEPTUNE rules actors and Hollywood, gaseous substancses. This means that Jay would benefit from spiritual healing and visualizing his wounds healing and I heard he is in a Hyperbaric pressure holder to help ease his wound.

“The injury took place after a gasoline fire erupted in the legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host’s garage over the weekend. While he was working on his car, a clogged fuel line uncorked, spraying fuel in his face and a nearby spark ignited the gasoline. 

Leno underwent surgery for excision and grafting for second and third-degree burns and was slated for another procedure this week.” https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/health-wellness/2022/11/18/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy-explained/10726094002/

I wish CELEBRITIES and ordinary folks consulted professional astrologers for advice about what not to do and when to do things the way they look up the weather.

If I was Jay Leno’s astrologer I would surely have advised him of avoiding anything dangerous or explosive during this time period of Mars Retrograde and Out of Bounds in Gemini and the Saturn Uranus squares affecting him personally right up until January 12. Better to be safe than sorry.

SENDING JAY the best of healing Chirotic blessings


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Crypto Crash, Bloody Lunar Eclipse, FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried Astrology

hi Everyone, I hope you’re ok after the TAURUS Blood Moon at 16 degrees. I have been hit hard by this eclipse as it’s exactly on my DC/AC axis. So please bare with me.

The November 8 financial Blood Moon “Blood Bath” Lunar Eclipse as I called it- triggered and was synched in with the FTX fiasco in the crypto world November 9. The Taurus eclipse which governs money and assets, was conjunct chaotic shocking planet URANUS which governs Crypto itself as the modern ruler of the sign of Aquarius, squaring the heavy planet SATURN ruler of karma, limitations, and obstacles, and endings in AQUARIUS which rules Cryptocurrencies. Astrology is very literal. Eclipses were always foreboding events and Saturn is hard core reality.

Apparently, FTX may now have hacked its own site and drained $600 million out of its own coffers? Someone nuanced this on Twitter. This whole Sam Bankman-Fried scandal will give crypto a terrible rep and has already sunk Bitcoin etc. Scoffers will call it ripto currency

Besides the Blood Moon Blood bath in the Taurus bull market sign other transits apropos.

Jupiter, the planet of excess, optimism and expansion re-entered PISCE’s October 28 the last sign of the Zodiac and traditionally the sign of Death, endings, ephemeral unsubstantial things, apparitions, ghosts, the sign of false gurus, projections, dreams, illusions, addictions endings, self-sabotage, hidden things and mental illness. That alone explains everything. Jupiter/Thor had a hammer, this is a double whammy bang bang Maxwell silver hammer of endings.

BREAKING: “FTX had a “backdoor” areas 12th House- built into its accounting software by SBF, which he used to move billions without triggering alerts to other staff, auditors etc” – Reuters

As of November 12 at 4:32 am EST this has happened

-FTX lost ~$10B -Alameda sex cult uncovered -FTX/Epstein rumors -FTX hacked for +$600m by SBF most likely and Snowden is tweeting excellent Tweets about this.

The destiny named Sam BANKMAN-Fried the disgraced CEO of FTX and its other branch ALAMEDA has just declared Bankruptcy announced on 11:11:22. Bankman lost the most money of anyone in history-so far- in one day with his fortune going from $16 billion to zero in 5 days.

I am very sorry that many people including the Ontario Teacher’s Union- who invested $85 million Canadian or US? in FTX lost millions. I do have some crypto investments and as we know Bitcoin tanked on the 10th to the lowest since 2017/2018 and continues to be at $16,000+.

I was curious to look at former billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, what name destiny Astrology chart. He is now destroyed but no wait -$600 million or more was just hacked out of FTZ’s coffers is he on a plane to another country?-No apparaently. The CEO, owner, scammer, trickster. FTX was a PONZI scheme as more info comes out. This may be worse than Bernie Maddoff.

SBF, born March 6,1992 Stanford Connecticut. He was called the next Warren Buffet and became a crypt billionaire in 5 years at 29, a first Saturn Return. His FTX US business was worth 26 Billion at peak in March now valued at $0.

Let’s look at his chart, a PIsces, impractical “false Guru” deceptor dreamer March 6, 1992 NBT I’ve used NOON for a public figure, Where are the red flags in Sam’s chart?

First,Sam is a shape-shifting PISCES, a visionary, shapeshifter, chameleonlike shamanic figure, a creative dreamer. His Sun is conjunct to JUNO, the multi-dimensional, multi-tasking Feminine form of Genius. Sam is super bright and looks like he has 8 fast-moving sleight-of-hands shell games going on, which fascinates everyone. Pisces are lovable beautiful souls but they can be extremely deceptive addicted, in denial and delusional. Pisces rules debt and glamour. Life seemed like one big video game playing with billions of intangible monies. Sam could be in denial or a very shrewd shape shifter.

PIsces Sun is opposite JUPITER, which expands the dreamer visionary PISCES nature and the expansive big storyteller in the perfectionist intelligent, numbers crunching, humble VIRGO. Sam may have problems with his health and his gut biome. He could definitely have ulcers after this if he actually has a conscience beyond saying “I’m sorry, I f* up.

The planet of communication, MERCURY and the MOON are in ARIES -A fiey fast moving, spontaneous danger loving sign. Aries are competitive, headstrong, Aries rules the head,they are entrepreneurs who “don’t take no orders from any kind of man.”-Trouble lyrics. They jumps in feet first without looking, a go-getter who does things rashly in spite of that Jupiter in VIRGO, nerdy meticulously detailed placement. Virgo;s love to make budgets add up. Sam didn’t really pay attention to what he was doing he said. Aries get bored very quickly and aren’t noted for finishing up in style. His thinking and feelings are the same -red hot, brash, live dangerously,die young warrior type.

SATURN and MARS, the two malefics are exactly conjunct at 13 AQUARIUS in the sign of hi-tech, inventors, pioneers, freedom lovers and quirky outside the box organizers and collaborators. The 13th degree in degree Astrology is ARIES ruled by MARS, Sam has a doubly Martial attacking, defending, bold, impulsive, boxer energy.

All MARS SATURN combo’s are a very difficult aspect as they signify karmic difficulties, anger, unconscious motivations and spontaneousness. Mars can be ruthless and manipulative, power-hungry, and never thinking of the consequences. The two baddies of the zodiac are also conjunct to VENUS planet of money. Plus LILITH the great dark feminine energy is also in Aquarius. I love Lilith but she does have her dark side too. She can seduce to destroy unconsciously. She walks away suddenly. This is an Aquarius HI tech inventive freedom-loving stellium. Made for cryptocurrency


That means DIRTY MONEY, undercover deals, money laundering, spying, and ruthless shadowy deals. Very obvious.

The fact that SBF gave huge donations to Joe Biden and the Democrats is obvious lobbying and there’s new evidence that Gary Gensler is in this mess with SBFand the whole thing stinks of a plot to take down Crypto’s reputation.

As I don’t have a Birth time, i can’t comment on the AC or other angles. Let’s look at the transiting planets for triggers.


SUN MERCURY VENUS conjunct on his Natal PLUTO in SCORPIO and the blood moon really emphasized it all. Scorpio is Money big finances, inheritance, taxes, secrets.


Basically this is Sam’s Saturn, karmic, the buck stops here return Plus. The karmic TAXMAN planet of reality stops the crypto bucks. Saturn triggers the hard heavy serious natal aspect. Notice the new re-release of the Beatles Revolver album with TAXMAN being one of the main remastered tracks?

The SATURN-URANUS square is in effect too. URANUS and the North NODE of Fate are at 13 TAURUS are exactly to the degree square to SBF’s MARS SATURN conjunction in AQUARIUS which is why he was also the “crypto genius darling.”

Transiting PLUTO in CAPRICORN is sextile Natal Pluto in SCORPIO

sign of big money and shadows control secrets money laundering, and inconjunct to MARS RETROGRADE and OUT OF BOUNDS in GEMINI. This is so literal and obvious. Sam comes from a wealthy, connected family.

CHIRON the wounded healer is on Sam’s fighter MOON and square URANUS NEPTUNE in CAPRICORN in the 7th HOUSE of all “others” and business partners

This is an obvious one too, Chiron in Aries is all bravado, defensiveness but a big wounded curly-haired vulnerable guy underneath. Obviously Sam was hiding or delusional in his PSCES nature, he could have been used as a dupe. Uranus NEPTUNE are transpersonal planets that his generation all have to be tearing up the old corporate structures.

The plot is thickening we’ll see what happens to Sam. He will likely be prosecuted for losing Billions.

if you want to read a great article by Edward Snowden about how t this crypto scam could be affecting some US digital control crypto https://edwardsnowden.substack.com/p/cbdcs

Please share widely,all content is copyright of Tara Greene

What do you think?

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Saturn Direct October 23

Saturn, The Reality planet, old Father Time, karma, maturity and testing, tradition and the Old boys Colonizers Patriarchal club turns stationary DIRECT at 18° 35’ October 23 @9:07 pm October 22 in PDT: October 23 at 12:07 am EDT and 5:07 am GMT
NASA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Saturn’s been dragging his heavyweight Karmic Baggage around since June 4 where it stationed at 25 degrees 15 minutes Aquarius. Think back on what was going on in your life then, what were your obstacles, depressions, responsibilities or endings?

Saturn, The heavy Downer Planet has been slowing down to a snails pace since october 1st have you been feeling more tired than usual? I sure have been .

Check out where 18° Aquarius is in your natal chart. While Saturn sits stationary in the sky things can feel heavy, especially for those signs impacted by these degrees. for 3 days until actually moving Direct.

Saturn governs Karma and in the unconscious in the underworld, Saturn’s been counting your karmic debts

The frustrated rebellious Aquarius energy thats been sitting on that back burner is about to bust out. Battling any restrictive influences is Aquarius energy. Protests about job losses, inflation, an Air element thing will commence.

Saturn moving forwards in Aquarius will see New tech innovations as Elon Musk buys Twitter on October 28, Redoing a website, reworking collaborations, networking, innovative management, new contracts with organizations and meeting like minded Vibing people come together now. Issues with authorities, history, your dad, elders in general, time, restrictions, patience all under Saturn’s grinding force are unleashed. Saturn is the great teacher, tester, limiter, obstacle maker and also bestows great rewards

Saturn hits those with planets at 13-20° of all Fixed signs- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius of course and also effects Saturn ruled Capricorns.

Relationships that formed while Saturn was Retrograde can gather strength and endurance now.

Use this stationary time to redefine your goals, your career outlook, your long-term plans commitments and strategies.

Cryptocurrencies will start to rise again as Saturn turns direct

SATURN is elders, ancestors

Confer with the ancestors, those who are in spirit are very much connected to you and all you have to do is ask them to help guide you. They may be very different than your genetic ancestors. Give thanks to your ancestors for without their hard work and dedication you wouldn’t be here now.

 Saturn is the builder and architect of reality, Do physical things, build, work with clay, with your hands, be close to nature and the earth. 

Saturn rules foundations, this is so important because if you don’t plan well then the building won’t be strong. look at the footings of your career, relationships, life and house. Saturn is sitting close to my IC right now the roots or foundation of my chart and my house is literally being rebuilt at its foundation now.

Take responsibility for creating what you have in your life. Saturn is the great leveller. Saturn rules the Tarot Card #21 the World or Universe card.

Saturn rules maturity, old age and death. We need to acknowledge that we are manifested physical brings on the earth. That our spirits temporarily reside in the physical plane governed by Saturn. We must abide by the laws of 3D but we are also much more than that. Don’t get caught into the illusion of the material plane that Saturn rules. It’s not about money, wealth, bling, impressing others, fancy expensive cars or any of that ego material temporal stuff at all. That’s why one must also be able to laugh Saturn/Saturn the Devil in the face when you are asked to sell your soul to the devil for material gain.

Saturn will take until January 27, 2023 until Saturn by passes its Retrograde degree.

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October 22-30 Massive Cosmic changes ahead

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well.Between another family emergency and indulging in the best that the SUN And VENUS collusion in LIBRA has to offer the last 6 days which is definitely bolstering my spirit and getting a super clear download Wednesday afternoon that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and you are exactly where you are meant to be a very joyful optimistic Galactic download i am here to reassure you and to help you get ready for one of the HUGEST 8 days of massive cosmic change ahead.

  1. October 22 VENUS SUN conjunction at 29 degrees LIBRA RARE once in 150-year aspect { + square Pluto in Capricorn}

The VENUS STAR POINT at 29 LIBRA is a rare auspicious occurrence. Venus makes a star point every 9+months over an 8-year cycle.

This Venus STAR point echoes previous star turn points from October 2014 and 2018 which were in early degrees of Scorpio this is reflecting the SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON occurring October 25 at 2 degrees SCORPIO. You may want to look back at what was happening in your life back then. The synchronicity of the solar eclipse to these degrees in a totally new sign and element bode well for BIG changes ahead. Remember that eclipses repeat every 18+ and 19 year cycle at the same degrees.

VENUS square SUN exact October 19 and Venus square PLUTO exact October 20

But in effect at the SUN VENUS conjunction although waning.

LIBRA, ARIES, CANCER and CAPRICORN born the last 5 days of the sign are affected most by this star point directly, although all of us are affected.

SCORPIO, TAURUS, LEO and AQUARIUS born in the first 3 days of the fixed signs

are affected most by the star point and the SOLAR ECLIPSE of October 25 at 2 degrees Scorpio- eclipse orbs are notoriously tight-2 degrees at most.

SATURN the old devil turns DIRECT October 22 at 9:07 pm/ PDT 10/ 23 at 12:07 am EDT and October 23 at 5:07 am GMT

at 18 degrees 36′ of AQUARIUS after many months of retrogradation since June 4th now all of those heavy-weight future freedom plans can move forwards but it will take until Saturn once again reaches 25 degrees 15′ on January 27,2023 to by-pass its Retrograde point.

If you have planets,angles or nodes etc around 15-18 degrees AQUARIUS and the same degrees of TAURUS, SCORPIO and LEO you will feel the effects of Saturn moving forwards more directly.

SCORPIO season begins October 23 as SUN And VENUS enter the 8th sign hours apart.Venus enters SCORPIO at 3:52 am EDT and the SUN at 6:36 am EDT

The SUN and VENUS promptly inconjunct Jupiter.

JUPITER is now at 0 degrees Aries the WORLD INCEPTION POINT

even though Jupiter is Retrograde it is a reset of what was begun when Jupiter first crossed Aries back on May 10 as Mercury Turned Retrograde and it will pass the world starting point again on December 28th for the last time. What you began in May 10 will now finally be initiated. This is a wonderful day to initiate anything new. A brand new start a whole new world.

The Scorpio partial solar eclipse October 25 at 3:49 am PDT/ 6:49 am EDT/11:49 am GMT with Venus conjunct the Scorpio sun and Moon at 2 degrees 00 minutes

JOIN ME as I will be live Friday October 21 on the CIA main page on Facebook at 5:00 pm PDT. 8:00 pm EDT and October 22 at 1:00 am GMT discussing the SCORPIO SOLAR ECLIPSE which happens on October 25 at 2 degrees Scorpio with a rare SUN MOON VENUS conjunction. Ruled by MARS literally stationary about to turn Retrograde at 25+ degrees GEMINI on October 30 until January 11. I will also be pulling Tarot cards for each Rising Sun and Moon sign to help guide you through the eclipse window which lasts 6 months https://www.facebook.com/cosmic.intelligenceagency

MaRS turns Retrograde October 30 i will talk about that soon in a video

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I am going to my friend and colleague Maureen Walton’s retreat center in the country for the Venus Sun Cazimini and to do ceremony on Sunday October 23 to dedicate a granite stone to the Virgin Birth peacemakers who lived on the land near where the retreat center is. I will be there probably until Tuesday

This is all in perfect cosmic alignment. Sending you many blessings


Aries Full Moon, healing the war within

Aries Full Moon conjunct CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER,

This is a very powerful and complex Fiery passionate impulsive and defensive Full Moon about healing the wounds of the toxic masculine warriors, the Patriarchs and Misogynists just as the protests in Iran go on to hopefully protect women from being enslaved and murdered if they don’t follow state orders.  

As above so below and as within, so without.

The Full Moon is exact at 1:54 pm PDT/ 5:54 pm EDT and 9:54 pm GMT

Known as The Hunter’s Moon, it will appear more orangy or red like the last Harvest Moon. the season of men shooting prey for food for the winter. Either do the hunting for your own power or be the hunted.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing spring and new life, erections, explosions, initiations, impulse, raw sexual energy, ego, defences, The Ram, breaking in, entrepreneurs, spontaneity, sharp tools, weapons, fire, competitiveness, war. soldiers, anger, rage, passion,

 The SUN and VENUS in her home sign of Libra where she is exceptionally beautiful and conjunct Asteroid of Love Psyche, which means the soul and Amor, which means love itself.

Venus and the SUN will light up your love life in Libra and they will remain tightly dancing cheek to cheek, getting closer and closer until Venus makes a historic Cazimi, one of her 5 Star Points in her 8-year cycle on October 22 at 29 degrees Libra. Literally, Venus will be lap dancing on the SUN.

The 29th and most critical anaretic degree of LIBRA is significant as Venus has not made a star point in Libra since 1871. More on that later and go to the Cosmic Intelligence agency site for more info on Venus and her cycles and how they affect you at birth too.

The Cosmic Message is clearly Choose LOVE; the collective relationships are hanging in the balance.

This can be a very romantic Full Moon culmination and a new brash Aries beginning in love. Heartaches must be attended to and healed.  Defensive wounds must be de-armoured and healed with loving kindness.

There is a danger of recklessness as well always with Aries. Too much fire, bravado, jumping into the fire. love pf speed and dangerous things, challenges and a fight without thinking impulsivity, etc.

Chiron always reminds me of the Story of Parsifal and the search for the Holy Grail and the wounded Fisher King. Percival after failing to attain the Holy Grail finally asks the Fisher King, what ails him? That simple question of human compassion and direct speaking magically transforms the King and Percival, and he is granted the long sought-after Holy Grail and the King is healed and the lands.

We must choose War or Peace.

The war is within us first.

Many aspects T-squares, Grans Air and Grand Water Trines in effect.

Watch the video where I break it all down. https://youtu.be/Q9sLzxU1yR4

FIXED STARS powerfully affect this lunation

Conjunct The  Full Moon in ARIES is a Fixed star at 16 Aries, Alpheratz

Fixed star Alpheratz gives independence, freedom, love, riches, honour, and a keen intellect. According to Ptolemy, it is of the nature of Jupiter and Venus.

  1. Jupiter-Venus: contented, happy disposition, honourable, philosophical mind, legal or ecclesiastical preferment, help through women. If rising or culminating, honour, and riches.
  2.  [1] Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.26, 101, 133.

Conjunct the Sun Fixed Star Seginus at 16 LIBRA and VENUS the sun conjuncts this star on October 10

Fixed star Seginus, gamma Boötis, is a white supergiant star in the left shoulder of the Herdsman, Bootes Constellation.

In Chinese astronomy, Gamma Boötis is called means Twinkling Indicator.-I love that description.

Fixed star Seginus is of the nature of Mercury and Saturn (subtle, studious, keen, and profound mind, often shameless liar, interested in occult or serious subjects.) It gives a subtle mind, shamelessness and loss through friends and companies. [1]

  1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.32, 107.

Aries 17. A man is riding a horse north as he searches for the Kingdom of the Fairies. Manifesting/Sensitive

Lets look at the Chandra and Omega symbols of John Sandbach for inspiration and guidance.

(Degree Angel: LAVIAH (LAH-vee-YAH) Great Escape, Revelation)

Others may think what you are doing is impractical, or even unintelligible, but there is definitely a a method in your madness. You are looking to connect with spiritual realms, whether you know it or not, and will only be fulfilled if you carry on your seeking regardless of the judgments and criticisms of others.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is A bodiless head asleep on the beach.” Far, far away is the Kingdom of the Fairies of which the bodiless head dreams. So silent and strangely passive an image for the sign Aries. But the sea is never still and dreams are afoot and the seeming stillness is an illusion. And we come to know, ultimately that the Kingdom of the Fairies is within and that all searches, no matter what their outer agendas, are quests to discover the self.

Pleiadian Symbol: An ancient crone and her shadow talking to each other.

Azoth Symbol: An ancient culture is transporting gigantic stones.

Seed degree: Libra 13. As he matures, a man’s paintings become simpler and simpler. (Omega Symbol). An increasing purity and potency of self-expression impels one to yearn toward brighter, lighter frequencies.

Men and women in white towels in a steam bath talking and sweating profusely. (Chandra Symbol). When we release so much that is pent up we come to a point of relaxed, meditative silence.

Fulfillment degree: Leo 2. On the surface of water, flecks of dust floating. (Omega Symbol). The Kingdom of the Fairies is found. All becomes light and floating.

A horn of brass to be used as a hearing aid. (Chandra Symbol). In the meditative silence by the sea all voices of the universe become magnified.


The terrain is becoming more and more desolate and rocky. And the voice of the stream along which the man is riding his horse seems increasingly crystalline. The man feels he can hear directions in its voice, telling him that, yes, he is on the right track. The stream becomes smaller and smaller dwindling to nearly nothing until the man sees that it is being wept from a tiny pearl of incredible beauty that lies on the ground. Swallow me, whispers the voice, and I shall take you to the land you seek.

Take time out at the Full Moon and seek balance harmony and love within yourself first. Take time out to do a ritual which reflects this lunations message. Make a list of anyone who has hurt you- family, lovers, friends colleagues neighbours, who have hurt you and because of these-not your fault-actions has made you naturally defensive to protect your inner child. Now speak with your inner child with passion and direct emotion and ask them what Ails them? Listen to the inner child, see your inner child pick her up soother her or him she may be anywhere from a tiny baby to a big child.

Soothe your inner Golden child who is such a beautiful survivor and so strong because they know deep in their hearts and souls that they are absolutely loved unconditionally no matter what anyone did to them on any level physically emotionally to mentally which harmed scared or made them distrust.

Burn the list of perpetrators and breathe deeply and release all the pent-up emotions rage shame and fear. Scream dance around, punch things but don’t hurt yourself.

Do this for as long as you need until you feel emptied and allow the jy and freedom to rise up from deep within your heart and soul. Dance with your inner child. Howl like a wolf on the Hunter full Moon.

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The sun is going Crazy

The sun has been putting out major Solar flares and eruptions, and CME’s creating solar storms, radio and power blackouts -and amazingly beautiful northern lights displays further South than normal. If you are sensitive you feel the effects of these Solar Flares as they charge the magnetosphere of the earth abs our bodies. Your pets and animals respond more directly to these blasts of solar winds and charged particles. If you feel exhausted, get headaches and for me it’s vertigo, these are all signs that you are feeling those sunspots. Rest drink lots of water and stay grounded. Feel how our star is affecting the earth and your body directly. You know you are in direct contact with the stars thus way. Everything is interconnected. See the ultra violet influx as charging up your energy fields. Watch the video . youtube.com/watch

October 1 Lucky in love Venus opposite Jupiter

October starts out on a high vibe note under a Sagittarius Moon bringing optimism Fiery sage wisdom, good humor and east going energy.

Big aspect Venus opposite Jupiter at 2/3 °Libra/Aries

Even Retrograde it’s a big expansive Wheel of Fortunate benevolent aspect in balancing relationships, in grace, peacemaking, co-operation, Venus us in her prime in her element. Reviewing old relationship convos and be honest so that trust can be re-established is the modus operative of the day. Big parties are also on the menu.

If you have planets at the first 5 degrees of All Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you feel these benefits the most. I have Mars at 2° Libra and Jupiter natataly at 5 degrees Aries

The Sage moon is active, as would be expected making 6 aspects throughout the day.

Sage moon Trine Chiron in Aries ♈️

Is good for what ails you. Defensiveness won’t allow you to be vulnerable where the healing is.

moon Inconjunct Uranus in Taurus ♉️

A disconnect of inspiring higher sourced feelings and stubbornness. Holding one’s ground defensive doesn’t allow for more open greener pastures

Sage moon Sextile Saturn in Aquarius ♒️

Easy to take the high road

Sage moon Opposing Mars in Gemini ♊️

this can be a big debate which can be fun and meant for win-win if played correctly

Sage Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces ♓️

A dreamy aspect hood for meditating, visualizing and all creative projects.Love those mutable signs

Sage Moon squares Mercury in Virgo virtually station turning direct October 3

Thus is a challenge to say what you mean precisely in detail and to make sure that communications are honest and transparent.

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