Think with your Heart

March 14 Mercury is Retrograde which if you hadn’t noticed took down Facebook and Instagram March 13.

This is a big day today,

Under a Gemini Moon which Mercury governs there’s lots of action

Moon inconjuncts Pluto in the wee hours 

This can make for disturbing dreams full of shadow monsters.

Moon opposes Jupiter in SAGITTARIUS Squares the SUN and MERCURY in PISCES.

Difficult overblown too honest communications you may be sorry you shot your mouth off for.


The two malefics are benefitting each other in a positive supportive ways.  A good time to make a stubborn tenacious plan for hard-working long-term career goals to climb to the top. Smell the roses, get a massage if you are a stressed out exec and definitely eat chocolate.

MOON enters its home sign of Cancer for the next 2 1/2 days 

We want comfort food, to talk to our mom’s, children and family members. We need comfort foods. We are feeling kind, emotional sentimental and caring. 

Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus
cook something completely weird and different today.

Moon squares Chiron in Aries

defenses will be up if you try to be overprotective or coddling,patronizing.

SUN conjunct MERCURY again @  6:49 pm ST/ 9:48 pm EST/ March 15 GMT

cosmic Heart Astrology Tara gReene

from the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona planetarium display, discovery place of Pluto in 1930

This is Known as MERCURY CAZIMI, I love that word- meaning in the Heart of the SUN. Any planet right in the Heart of Gold of the Sun is considered to be really positive and charged up.

The Sun, by virtue of its heat and light, and Source, makes this an Alchemical process, a melting, molding, transformation in the Sun’s heart. This is truly ALCHEMY, turning Lead or in this case- Mercury, that Trickster into Gold. In Aquarius, a natural Mind related Air sign, Our ideas, our thoughts, and communications can be transformed from Mercurial, tricksters into Words of Gold.

Mercury is the Trickster, the God of Merchants, the Great PSYCHOPOMP another word I dearly love, he is the God of Thieves, The Magical child, changeable, adaptable, he is our twin sided mind, and Messenger of the Gods. The fleet-footed winged sandal Mercury carried a special rod. 

As Mercury is RETROGRADE he is really tricky. He is a pompopsych. So pompopsyche yourself out today.

Mercury was just Cazimi going direct January 29 and 30th

read about it here

It’s Cazimi Shazam Shamanism at 24 degrees PISCES 11 minutes 

If you have planets at that exact degree you get the actual benefits. If you are born today you will have a very powerful year head.

I would also consider planets square at 24 11 degrees Gemini or Sagittarius and 24 degrees Virgo as well. 

Jupiter is still squaring the SUN as it did yesterday adding more dimension to this aspect.

Reconsider past intentions and review now. This would be a good day to reflect and review. When Mercury crosses this degree again on April 12/13th the energy to fully move forwards will be in full effect as JUPITER turns RETROGRADE at  22 degrees 21 minutes on April 10 and is also at its strongest point and hovers Retrograde Direct for about 5 days just before and after at that degree. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Mars Trine Saturn, fanning the fire

March 5

Gemini Moon is very active today as is its want. It’ a good day to run around and get a lot of little things done. Your mind and your mouth will be moving at excessive speeds.

Gemini Taurus capricorn Napoleon Brousseau

Painting by Napoleon Brousseau

Here’s a run down of all the lunar aspects in squares

  1. Moon square Neptune. 2, then Mercury 3. then the SUN and 4. Chiron in Pisces throughout the day.

It’s alternatively dreamy, focussed, positive but wishy-washy, or inspired by a new fantasy and lastly there will be wounds which you may choose not to feel and to gloss over as the Gemini moon just keeps on taking in more and more info.

The Twiner moon also sextiles a newly retro VENUS in ARIES

this gives easy access to reviewing your love life, your phone list, your go-to girls.


The need for practical long-term plans are still calling you.  You are too busy to pay attention most likely.


Fire Trines Astrology Tara Greene

This is a high energy aspect. You have extra energy to burn and it needs to be channeled properly because it’s very volatile and can erupt as sudden angry outbursts, violence, and raging arguments.  The most practical use of this aspect is to direct your impulses and anger at injustices and lies in politics.





which makes for a nice Sunday socializing, feeling peaceful, and perhaps looking through your closets and getting rid of old clothes you don’t wear anymore and donating them to Goodwill. This is a Venus RETRO influence on Jupiter in Libra now.

Moon sextiles URANUS in ARIES

Put on the thinking caps and set it to genius level. An AHA breakthrough is available.

Moon opposes SATURN in SAGITTARIUS in PST/ manana in am EST and GMT

Make serious plans for education, travel, getting a speech ready to confront injustice. A good energy to prepare any debates.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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More artworks by Napoleon Brousseau