Beauty and the Zodiac, in-depth history

Beauty with Animal SIgns of the Zodiac, rabbit and rooster Japanese
English: thesandiegomuseumofartcollection, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

With Venus in her ruling of LIBRA August 15 to September 10.where she loves makeup and being extra beautiful and flirtatious, I am sure you will enjoy this incredibly detailed article about the history of zodiac inspired beauty. I was mentioned in it too, for being the astrology consultant for Bite Beauty’s astrology sign of lipsticks in 2018 and mentioned along with superstar Astrologer Susan Miller.

“As Aileen Ribeiro explains in Facing Beauty, “According to astrology, certain areas of the face were governed by the signs of the zodiac – Capricorn the chin, Aquarius the left eye, and so on – so that patches placed on the face could echo this respectable link, this time equating such sites with emotions related to love and sexual invitation; this game, perhaps not taken seriously by women at least, was played well into the eighteenth century.”

Rare Grand Cardinal turning

Astrologer S. J. Anderson coined this term recently and I saw his post on Twitter, He pointed out a very rare occurrence happening today.

All 4 planets which rule each Cardinal Sign are in their right places. CARDINAL signs are the initiating signs

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Arcimboldo Four Elements Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The moon is in Cancer ♋️ which it rules, making us want to nurture others, connect with family, feed our tummies and stay safe at home.

Venus in Libra ♎️ her sign where she brings Justice, beauty, love, relationships, and strives to hold the balance of the opposites.

Saturn in Capricorn his ruling sign where he’s been since 2018. Bringing us heavy duty serious mature patriarchal corporate business, testing, limitations and endings.

Mars in Aries, Retrograde in his own sign is making us exhausted, frustrated, impatient, tense as nothing is moving forwards until November 13 when Mars turns direct. Mars rules initiations, energy, testosterone, anger, fire, war, defences, guns, and explosions. We won’t be able to move forward untul November 13 when Mars turns direct

This is a rare event, when all 4 planets are in the Cardinal signs we are puled and focused in 4 directions. A Grand Cardinal Cross by signs. Take it as a sign. This is the sign of earthly matters reality. Are we hung up on the Cross? Are we martyrs like Jesus?

What is being initiated in all 4 Elements and Directions now?

How do we achieve balance in this chaos stew as every one is biting their nails about the election outcome? What is the new initiation all about?

Remember that our bodies are made up of the 4 elements.

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If you have planets in Cardinal signs and especially on the 4 angles of your chart you know what this feels like.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Kim Kardashian West at 40

Happy 40th birthday Kim. Life begins at 40, they used to say.

Happy 40th to Kim Kardashian, the Grandest Libra. What is life like at 40? check out her natal chart and predictions for the year ahead.
Kim Kardashian West, Natal Chart and Transits at 40

KIM K.  is the ULTIMATE BEAUTY QUEEN. She is a 21st Century VENUSIAN born with her LIBRA SUN at the 29th critical degree of the sign of BEAUTY, luxury, society, relationships, and fashion. Kim needs the approval of others constantly and especially her husband, lovers, partners. VENUS was known for having a famous girdle or corset which when she wore it she was so beautiful no man could resist her charms.

She has PLUTO the sign of the PLUTOCRATS, power, control, sex, obsession, wealth, the soul, psyche the shadow, ruthlessness, conjunct her SUN. That is big power, big money, big sex appeal, big influencer.

Kim also has the FORBIDDEN DARK GODDESS LILITH conjunct her LIBRA SUN and PLUTO. She is the very embodiment of the “Scarlet Woman” the Whore of Babylon” Lilith as dark, tempting, but nice, in LIBRA with a sex tape Goddess. She receives this projection from millions of men and women.

LIBRA is the scales of justice and her father famed Lawyer Robert Kardashian, who defended O.J. Simpson in what was the reality show televised trial of 1990’s. She is now following in her dad’s footsteps and studying to become a lawyer too.

LIBRA rules the BOOTY don’t you know?  I know you thought it was URANUS. But that’s a planet, which rules the sign of Aquarius which rules the INTERNET. Remember when Kim’s assets broke the Internet?

Kim’s MOON which is her MOMAGER Kris is at 28 PISCES on her IC 4th house cusp

Kim’s Mom Kris is the root and foundation of Kim’s life very literally and the foundation for her worldly success and career. At 28 PISCES this is at the last critical degree of Pisces. This position makes Kim very spiritual, creative, compassionate glamourous, dreamy, chameleonlike, intuitive and illusory. Kim’s Moon has no boundaries, she is incredibly sensitive and moody, intuitive, malleable, a giver. She is deep down a shy private person. She and her mom could be in a toxic co-dependent relationship which appears very different to the public. Her mom could be a false guru to her.

KIM also has great benefic JUPITER at 28 Virgo opposite to her Moon and on her MC

This is incredibly lucky, for career and fame. It is wealthy, organized, analytical, business and health-oriented. Virgo is the accountant, the workaholic, the humble servant, the earth worshipper the harvester.

JUPITER governs Kim’s Rising sign, her MARS and NEPTUNE in Sagittarius and her PISCES Moon and I.C. so it is very important. Kim is actually much smarter than the act she plays on TV.

JUPITER opposite PISCES charitable MOON squares NEPTUNE at 20 SAGITTARIUS in 1st House

Kim is a dreamer, a magician, who can be a great philanthropist, Neptune is the planet of Hollywood, alcoholics, addicts, wealth and glamour.

MERCURY in SCORPIO in 11th house conjunct URANUS square NODES opposite Chiron

What KIM communicates, sex appeal, wealth, obsession. The communications planet in sexy, SCORPIO conjunct to URANUS- O.K. take it literally. She is a rather unconventional communicator. She has been an innovator of reality TV. This is a fated thing for her. Kim is a radical independent woman. She is an unusual modern sex heroine.

SCORPIO- a sign of sex, power, manipulation in square to her natal North Node in LEO- where else? Her highest spiritual goal is to be a SEX QUEEN- ROYALTY, the goddess, worshipped, drama, big-hearted, in her 8th house of “other people’s money- which she is good at attracting by the millions. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and Kim had trouble in her pregnancies and almost died delivering her 2nd child Saint.

CHIRON in TAURUS in her 5th House opposite MERCURY and URANUS squaring her NODES of FATE. Kim has come to be a healer of the body, MERCURY URANUS have to do with freedom and Kim has petitioned prisoners who were wrongfully charged to be freed.

South NODE is in AQUARIUS, ruled by URANUS is in her 2nd house of Resources, the body- and communicating, breaking boundaries, revolutionary. That indicates her past lives, and storyline. Kim was a revolutionary freedom fighter, a radical thinker in a past life. Uranus also has to do with Hi-tech and IV fertilization. Kim had to have her two youngest children by surrogate mothers. That is a very Aquarian thing.

VENUS the ruler of her LIBRA SUN is at 19 VIRGO

In her 9th house of higher education, travel, teaching, optimism, good humour and adventure. Kim needs space in her relationships.Kim has a very practical side to her, This is an intellectual, neat, organized, detailed, perfectionist Venus. Kim’s taste is very minimal, if you have seen pictures of her home it is almost sterile and simple.


Her RISING or Ascendant at 13+ degrees is conjunct to the Great Attractor a huge outer space anomaly. Suffice it to say take it very literally. Kim can get whatever her heart desires. There is an honesty an interest in Justice, truth, International affairs, and naievete.

MARS in SAGITTARIUS in the 12th HOUSE at 6 degrees

Kim is driven in her unconscious with a great passion for adventure, Justice, truth, honesty. Mars represents the men in her life. The 12th house has to do with addictions, dreams, glamour, illusions, actresses, spirituality, mental illness, past lives, creativity. Kanye West Kim’s husband certainly fits that description.

SATURN at 3 LIBRA is her dad conjunct JUPITER in VIRGO in her MC

Her father was a famous lawyer onTV fighting for O.J. Simpson. his fame wealth and influence helped her. She is daddy’s girl and becoming a lawyer is certainly her way of carrying on his legacy.

Kim’s planets are all bunched up on the EASTERN hemisphere of her chart. I have noticed this pattern is in a lot of very famous people’s charts.

Love her, hate her, never watch KUWTK or not. KIM and her Mom and her sisters have become a cultural phenomena of sorts.


AT 40 KIM is having a VENUS return as VENUS is at 21 VIRGO on her birthday.

The Moon is in Capricorn indicating a year of hard work, maturity, business obstacles testing and sobriety. Her feelings are wrapped up in long term business plans.

Kim is under a beautiful VENUS PLUTO trine on her solar return more wealth, health, power.

MARS is RETROGRADE at 18 degrees ARIES in her 4th house of home family children, her mother and opposite PLUTO in LIBRA. There can be relationship issues and difficulties with KANYE WEST her husband, which most people are aware of as his issues with mental health and Manic-Depression.

SATURN PLUTO and JUPITER will be squaring her SUN now and up to December 21 2020 and beyond. These transits 99.9% of the time destroy marriages and elements of one’s life that do not suit your continued soul growth. KUWTK is about to end in 2021. PLUTO will continue to apply that obsessive deconstruction change death-rebirth and transformation in Kim’s life well into 2023/ 2024.

NEPTUNE in PISCES has been opposed to her VENUS in VIRGO for most of 2020 and lingers there and squares her NEPTUNE.

This is the early mid-life crisis transit where you fall in love with love or believe a too good to be true big illusion, lose lots of money and are generally in a big fog. I know she has millions but she must be careful of going into debt perhaps through her partner.


KIM could also start a spiritual-based business venture. She may be working with psychics, mediums, astrologers. I’d be happy to work with her. Kim will also be much more charitable and philanthropic and speak out for mental illness, women’s and prisoner’s rights.

Kim may be dealing with issues of self-sabotage, delusions, debt, and false promises. Someone knew could come into her life enabling her to leave Kanye.Kim also has to be careful of her health as Neptune rules viruses.

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Libra Equinox 2020 Master Numerology

The SUN enters LIBRA Sept 22 2012 @ 6:31 am PDT/ 9:31 am EDT/ 2:31 pm GMT marking AUTUMN in the Northern Hemisphere and SPRING in the Southern Hemisphere.

NOTE THE NUMEROLOGY of MASTER NUMBER 22 in 22 year. We are already enlightened. 22- THE FOOL in the Tarot. a nrand new round, staying fully in the moment, Trust innocence. 

It is the WESTERLY pole of the 2 days of complete Balance between day and night in the entire year.


LIbra the constellation was associated in Antiquity with the Egyptian Goddess of JUSTICE -MAAT


Weighs the heart against her ostrich feather in the Hall of Judgement After death

After death the heart of the deceased was weighed against her pure white ostrich feather diadem. If one’s heart was heavier than her feather, then the deceased would return to life on earth until one’s heart was light, balanced with no regrets.

I always loved that story.

BALANCE of day and night is EQUINOX

What was born at spring as a seed, an idea, has grown to fruition, seeded itself again and is ready to be harvested and then die to be returned to the earth for renewal, to feed new life next spring, and on and on.

LIBRA is the sign of relationships, the 7th house marriage traditionally in Astrology

LIBRA is ruled by the Goddess of LOVE VENUS of course

VENUS IS in LEO  conjunct VESTA at 17+ degrees LEO at the Equinox

A very fiery focused on love will heart and lighting your own fire. This is a major hot spot at the Equinox. I will be talking about this live on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency page.

Venus and VESTA are the FINGER OF GOD  point with JUPITER at 17 CAPRICORN and NEPTUNE at 19 PISCES 

This is a very interesting aspect. Jupiter rules PISCES as well as Sagittarius and it is a practical dreamy idealistic hopeful aspect. 

MARS RETROGRADE at 27 and Lilith at 26 are almost at exact conjunction and ERIS at 24 ARIES is beside them

A superheated powerhouse of rejected angry positive DARK Goddess energy and Eris brother MARS is defending them from behind the scenes.

The triple threat is trine the SOUTH NODE in SAGITTARIUS at 23 degrees. We will hear some big Galactic news which will shake the foundations about sex abuse, those who have been ignored, raped and pillaged financially sexually emotionally spiritually and physically

Where is VENUS in your natal chart? Where is the sign of LIBRA?  What does your 7th house of marriage/committed relationships hold or lack planetary energy?

is a power GATE, one of the 4 main CARDINAL gateways of the year.

 We are entering the Time of increasing DARK here in the NORTH. I will have to be a NORTHIST here and speak of the Northern Hemisphere which I am more familiar with.

AUTUMN EQUINOX marks the start of the darkest time of the year entering into the DEEP FEMININE dark and mysterious months.

LIBRA EQUINOX celebrates the marriage and equality of the polar complimentary opposites of feminine and masculine energies. 

It’s  Sacred MARRIAGE time. The #14 card in the tarot called TEMPERANCE. Celebrate the integration of the Masculine into the Feminine and vice versa.

At Autumn Equinox we give thanks to the Sun and the EARTH and for the harvest of foods that will help us survive the long cold bare Winter months. We welcome the beautiful colors of leaves magically metamorphosing from green to orange, gold, yellow, red, brown. autumn. We frolic in the mounds of soft crunchy leaves. We honor change, life, death.  

We surrender what no longer serves us, we surrender to old age, to letting go, to facing death as a necessary part of life, another pregnancy. We face the unknown of the harsh months of winter coming. We pray that we and our loved ones will be kept safe and sound by the Love and Blessings of the Goddess, that we may survive to see the birth of the LIGHT at Winter Solstice Dec 21 2020.

Set new intentions now. It’s only Three months till Dec 21, 2020 big new SHEBANG of JUPITER  and SATURN at 0 AQUARIUS. 

Please join me live September 22 at 5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm EDT/ September 23 @ 1:00 am GMT for an EQUINOX guided meditation and a focus on the VENUS VESTA conjunction on the COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PAGE

Libra Season and weekly Astrology

Astrology September 21-27


MOON enters SAGITTARIUS September 21 @ 12:32 pm PDT/ 3:32 pm EDT/ 8:32 pm GMT 

MOON enters CAPRICORN September 23rd @ 4:16 pm PDT/ 7:16 pm EDT/ The 24th @ 12:16 am

Moon enters AQUARIUS September 25 @ 11:08 pm PDT/ Sept. 26 @ 2:08 am EDT/ 7:08 am GMT


-power struggle imbalances


Lilith hand beaded art by Roxanna Bikadoroff collection of Tara Greene

How heated the shadow of the Rejected Feminine is. Plus ERIS, the revenge Goddess, MARS’ sister is conjunct with these two as well. Ancient anger against the Patriarchy and colonialism is mirrored in the fires burning all up the West Coast of America. As Mars is Retrograde this is passive-aggressive behaviours. If you have personal planets, Moon, Rising and near to 21-30 degrees ARIES you will be on fire with eons of rage which you can’t totally express. Work this frustration and anger out in creative ways and be careful of sharp objects, anything flammable and accidents.

This aspect forms a TENSE T-SQUARE with MERCURY in LIBRA at 24 degrees attempting to hold the balance and bring justice and Saturn at 25 and PLUTO at 22 degrees CAPRICORN. Pluto is at the degree of the SATURN PLUTO Conjunction on January 12

SEPT. 21/22 VENUS IN LEO INCONJUNCTS JUPITER IN CAPRICORN-pride, overdoing things can lead to problems.

This is a day to complete tasks as the last day of the Virgo season. 








-talk about what you are angry about below the surface to attempt to balance things out. Power struggles with disagreements from the past brought out. Hardships in relationships.


LOVE AND POWER STRUGGLES. women fighting against governments, old power structures.


REGURGITATING OLD SEX ISSUES, MEN IN YOUR LIFE, FINANCIAL AND OTHER TRANSFORMATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES WHICH NEED TO BE RE-EXAMINED. A lot of intense talks about sex, power, secrets, control issues. Good time for research, and doing intensely focussed work. Read detective novels, write a murder mystery, do a pitch on one of these topics. Mercury in Scorpio also symbolizes money inheritance windfalls from others. Things are heating up.

At the end of this intense humanity testing time that SATURN, the Reality MASTER, the in the body God and PLUTO, Lord of death recycling, secrets, power, the Plutocracy and HIGHER MASTER TEACHER JUPITER, the expansive International philosopher who is not so strong in Capricorn BTW, are putting us all through what do you think we are all being marked on?
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EQUINOX MEDITATION and the focus of love with VENUS AND VESTA uniting in LEO  LIVE ON FACEBOOK 

TUESDAY  September 22 at 5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm EDT and WEDNESDAY Sept. 23 @ 1:00 AM GMT on the Cosmic Intelligence AGENCY PAGE

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Love Triangle Magic

Video of today’s ASTRO aspects.



That’s a GRAND AIR TRINE to open our hearts and minds.

Make the most of this lovely supportive higher consciousness energy.

Great for internet dating, higher idealism, group work, radicalness, open relationships, organization, management,

If you have planets at 8-14 degrees of all AIR SIGNS you get the uplifting detached love magic benefits blowing on you the strongest.


ARIES, LEO, and SAGITTARIUS get sextiles from all the airy planets and asteroids that easy supportive energy too. If you have planets at all 8-14 degrees of these signs you will have a 6 pointed star appear in your natal chart that is sUPER BENEFICIAL

EARTH SIGNS get squared that’s a hard aspect


 if you have all planets, rising or other objects at 8-14 degrees of ALL earth signs. you can still use this beneficially, the squares pressure you to open your heart and mind


are not directly affected although everyone can benefit from the overall energies.

Traditionally if you create a triangle, it is a place of power. You can draw a triangle or use three crystals to hold the boundaries. Put the person or persons you wish to connect with in a beneficial loving way in the triangle with your mind or with photos or momentos or something that represents them and blow love over them. NO NEGATIVE HEXING WHATSOEVER. THIS IS FOR LOVE AND BEAUTY AND HARMONY. You can also place images of the children of the world, and the people you want to see uplifted in consciousness and positive symbols or energies of peace, prosperity, love, equality, equal rights, freedom. That’s all there is to it.

Air is what we breathe and these signs rule the lungs, it’s important to think about thein breathe, the pause between the breath where enlightenment occurs and the outbreath.

I implore you to see COVID-19 as a higher perspective PAUSE bringing a great new higher level of consciousness great optimism and radical change in our lives.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Astrology Tarot Reading Today

Hi I hope you had a safe happy Easter weekend.

The Majo aspects of this week

April 14  Aries Sun square Pluto  a BIG ASPECT- new powers and wealth

APRIL 14/15 Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries- dont be too defensive

April 15  Aries Sun square Jupiter in Capricorn BIG EXPANSIVE POSITIVE Aspect this week the mood will be upbeat. 

April 18/19 Mercury in ARIES sextile Venus in GEMINI- words of love
April 18/19  Mercury sextile Mars in AQUARIUS  think outside the box

April 19 SUN ENTERS sensuous earthy TAURUS

Watch tarot and Astrology video  

Tarot Card from the Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

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July Astrology and Tarot card Guidance vlog

July Astrology and Tarot Card guidance

Live Facebook video from July 1, 2019 

The beginning lists all of the planetary aspects. I missed mentioning the July 16 Lunar eclipse in Capricorn at 24+ degrees Capricorn. How could I have missed that? Lol. a very powerful eclipse which reveals hidden feelings, Venus conjuncts North Node and the Cancer Sun, opposing Moon Pluto South Node and Saturn. Intense. Heavy. The Opposite of She Ain’t Heavy. The Moon also symbolizes women, cycles, our homes, emotional and homeland security and the people in general. I’ll write about this separately. 

I pull 1 Major Arcana from each sign with the Thoth Tarot deck. 

Please share widely.

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Libra Cardinal Tension today

Libra cardinal tension today 

Libra moon in stressful aspects today. Moon will be Void-of-Course all day from 8:15 a PDT/ 11:15 am EDT/ 3:12 pm GMT

MOON ENTERS SCORPIO @  9:02 pm PDT June 13 @ 12:02 am EDT/ 4:02 am GMT 

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Chiron Big vulnerability Healing times

December 28  Mars in Pisces conjunct Chiron today @ 28+ degrees PISCES


this translates as the last critical 29th degree, the very last degree of the Zodiac, the karmic fulfillment point. This aspect has been building up for a while now and I am sure you have felt it. Mars in Pisces since November 15th, leaves on December 31 which is excellent timing for a new year.

This is the most acute point of vulnerability now as Mars’s is a spiritual warrior.

For all empaths, psychics, intuitive’s and energy healers I know that many of us have been feeling sick, exhausted and overwhelmed by this karmic world soul wound healing releasing process energy. Everyone is feeling it.

Spiritual Healing is what this aspect is all about. Remember that you are an infinite spiritual being. Take this time to work with your spirit guides, guardian angels and other invisible helpers. The only way to heal is through vulnerability, fully experiencing and accepting your wounds, that’s when the healing begins.

This is very much like A.A. The addict must admit their addiction, helplessness, wound and pain before they can begin on the healing path. Unconsciously we are addicted to pain. But its more than that this. It’s spiritual soul healing so that we integrate, accept, and fully feel our pain so that we may transcend it and become enlightened and that’s exactly what the 29th and last degree of the Zodiac is all about. This is what our soul’s came to earth to do.

PISCES- born March 15-20th you are feeling Chiron and Mars right on your Sun and being hit the most by this impact. Do your own healing now and be gentle with yourself. no guilt or remorse or regrets or hiding from your pain. Go to rehab, find a great healer, get community support. Heal yourself first. By healing yourself you help heal all others. You know you can trust spirit to hold you through this and help you return to source.

ARIES born March 21-25th

You are also in the impact zone of Mars your ruling planet and Chiron the Wounded healer’s energy right now. Mars in Pisces has had you feeling submerged and very vulnerable. I hope you have been using your retreat time to let the ocean or the Great Mother lick and heal your wounds. Soon you will be back in full fighting form December 31. Heal your wounds by crying and feeling the pain. All PTSD needs deep healing. Chiron will be in ARIES until 2027.

GEMINI born June 15-20th  + CANCER born June 21- July 4th

You get the Square hard aspects of Chiron/Mars. Don’t avoid, cover up, hide from or minimize your wounds. Be curious about them,Gemini, ask your wound what it needs?

CANCER -You get the Square hard aspects of Chiron/Mars. Don’t avoid, cover up, deny or project your wounds onto others. You need to learn to accept help from others.  Feed yourself chicken soup for a change. 

SAGITTARIUS- December 15-20th 

you get the Square hard aspects of Chiron Mars in Pisces wounding. Don’t avoid, cover up, hide from or minimize your wounds. Be brave Sagittarius you have the courage and optimism to know you can get through the pain. See it as a learning experience, you will be fine and fiery again soon.

CAPRICORN born December 21-December 25

You get the Square hard aspects of Chiron Mars in Pisces wounding. Don’t avoid, or cover up the wounding through career or worldly status acclaim. The wound is felt at the physical level but originates from an ancient spiritual wounding. Saturn in your sign gives you the patience and persistence to go the distance to get healed. You have so much you have to accomplish this is the one primary obstacle standing in your way. 

VIRGO born September 15-20 you get the opposition of Mars Chiron in Pisces. You may be feeling especially pulled towards your workaholic addiction. Being vulnerable is human. You don’t have to be perfect. If you are a healer, stop and Heal thyself first. Everything isn’t physical. Everything comes from spirit first. Integrate your own spiritual healing.

LIBRA Born September 21-25

You are getting the opposition of Mars  Chiron in Pisces. You may be feeling especially pulled apart right now. Do not avoid your vulnerability be escaping into being social, having to look nice, perfect or acceptable. Don’t hide behind your relationship. Feeling vulnerable and talking about it builds intimacy the thing you crave the most.

Look to January 28th

when Chiron is back at the actual last degree the 29th degree of Pisces for the very last chance to release it all. Chiron leaves Pisces on February 18, 2019, for good for the next 50 years.

John Sandbach and his Chandra and Omega symbols 

Pisces 29. A book of healing mantras. (Omega Symbol)Transforming/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Haiyael (HA-ee-ya-EL) Prophecy and Parallel Universes, Divine Warrior/Weaponry)

At its highest, this degree senses what is needed in every situation. It realizes that where the focus of attention is placed is where energy will be magnified. We become what we focus on. There is a feeling here for the symbols that recur to us, the ideas that flow through us in repetitive fashion – and the ability to use these as keys to greater understanding and a way off the wheel of karma.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Balinese dancers wearing elaborate gold costumes.” To make everything beautiful, everything important – golden and shining – is the power and the art of this degree. The dancers tell many stories through their movements, but in each story they all wear the same gold costumes, just as in life no matter what role we play we may always bring to it a spiritually elevated, cosmic element. In whatever this degree does there can be a sublime grace and elegance. The need here is to realize that gift and through focusing on it, to magnify it as much as possible.

Pleiadian Symbol: The shifting and modulating of light frequencies creating messages in color.

White lilies blooming alone in the shade. (Chandra Symbol). From a cool, clear purity evolves beautiful rituals through which cosmic meaning is expressed.

A large pool filled with white water lilies in bloom. To envision the grace and beauty shining forth from everything brings to the world an emotional peace and clarity that one desires to share with others.

Watch this remarkable video a true story of Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander’s return from death and his remarkable experience of the Afterlife in his Book “Proof of Heaven”

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene except where indicated. John Sandbach

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