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Galactic full moon in Pisces

The Pisces Full Harvest Moon and the Virgo Sun at 28+ degrees squares the Galactic Center at 26/27 Sagittarius.

Last night after being at my uncle’s funeral Sunday afternoon I was originally going to drop the live workshop and reschedule but then I was touched in such a raw deep place of grief and death that coincided with the emotional high tides of this full moon and with the world’s grief that I was feeling impelled to do a recording of it for you all.

My Uncle Elmer was a one of a kind guy, an Aquarius. They broke the mold when he was born. The eulogy was so beautiful and reminded me that what is important at the end of our lives is how much we give and care for others, with unconditional love with No expectations. My uncle only did that.

On the Pisces Full Moon think about what you can give to others unconditionally. And to ourselves.

If you have planets at 23-30 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius you will he impacted the most. If you have planets on The 4 angles this is also very powerful.

Tune into the Galactic Center under this direct access. It’s like a Marvel movie a key to go through the event horizon into other universes.

Your psychic energies will be off the charts. Make sure you have strong psychic shields up, like make sure they’re are made out of Saturnine lead. everyone has no boundaries under this full moon. PISCES needs to learn boundaries because they are inbounded by nature. Pisces knows they are part of source.

The moon is the people and at the last karmic degree of the zodiac we are completing our karmic debts so it’s important to do a life review as you would before you die.

I did record a Pisces full harvest karmic moon workshop. It has a PowerPoint, and a guided meditation which felt very powerful to me. It takes you through all your karmic emotions and timelines, and past emotional unfinished issues. Working with healing the inner child, allowing grief, anger, and all unfinished business to be brought up and cleansed. By allowing all the contents of the unconscious to come up from the shadowy depths clears space for a new reality. Kiss the past issues goodbye see the karmic debts stamped. Paid in full and the karmic Akashic ledger close.

Tuning into the GC brings amazing insights.

Make sure you put your crystals out in the full moon light even if you can’t see the full moon on the 22md.

Do practice lucid dream incubation tonight..

If you would like to buy the workshop to use for the full moon not just tonight but anytime it’s available for only $18.US. You can please pay with Paypal to my email Canadian can pay by e-transfer to the same email. Or but please email if you use the paypalme as I can’t access you paypal says.

Note There is no PDF but I explain the attributes for the full moon for that workshop. the recording is a PowerPoint, music, poetry, and the meditation.

Wishing you all the best we will be dreaming together.

Blessings, Tara

September 16 Wealth and Abundance on many levels

There’s a lot going on today. You can watch the video explaining it all here

The Moon is Moving Void Of Course until the Moon moves into Aquarius at 12:23 am EDT.

Sun inconjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius


A very wealthy healthy aspect. HEALTH IS WEALTH. Virgo rules health and Pluto in Capricorn rules Birth death and the body. Poverty consciousness versus wealth issues can have a breakthrough aspect with a positive trine.


11:15 pm PDT/ Sept. 17 at 2:15 am EDT/ 6:15 am GMT. This aspect can manifest in a number of ways. Venus in Scorpio rules rape and SATURN rules the father, Incest or family sexual abuse issue may be triggered under this aspect. If you are having a healing crisis do reach out to qualified counsellor. Venus in Scorpio can also be a good energy to make serious long term commitments to another person or working with a creative group.

Saturn is always related to depression. If you deny the deep suppressed feelings which Venus in Scorpio certainly can feel use them to break through your wall of coolness and detachment because you’re too afraid to open up that emotional rage. The only way to free yourself is to express the rage and pain and hurt openly and clearly not diverted through distorted sex games or bondage playing dominant or enjoying being abused and hurt.

Venus square Saturn is a love of responsibility, commitments, long term goals. This can be very transformative.

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Lilith conjunct North Node

Lilith at 5 degrees Gemini conjunct North Node today. Lilith is the worlds’ GPS. Lilith’s energy is in the air and we can sense her vibes.

Lilith the first woman’s philosophy was treat me as the equals that we are or else I walk. Lilith was fiery and very straightforward. She would never be intimidated by anyone, even God. Truth is in bring uncompromising.

Grand Air Trine

Lilith and North Node trine Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra. A nice supportive mental detached energy to radically alter ideas, minds and revolutionize relationships. Freedom is key.

Meditate with Lilith and Tune into what Lilith is asking of you.

The sabian symbol for 6° Gemini is “Workmen drilling for oil.”

The desire to dig deep below the surface, to extract fuel, to resist friction or to move ahead. This is my Analysis.

Look at where 6° Gemini is on your natal chart and find out where and how Lilith is affecting you by house placement and aspects to other areas or planets.This is where you need to think clearly, straightforwardly and without fear. Lilith is never afraid to be alone.

Lilith and North Node are exactly opposite my Sagittarius Sun and square my North Node in Virgo. No wonder I’m feeling so feisty and telling it like it is.

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Mercury Retrograde in Libra Alert

August 29/30 in EDT/GMT Mercury enters LIBRA, Venus’s sign to stay for an extended time as MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE SEPTEMBER 26/27 at 25 degrees 26 minutes square PLUTO in CAPRICORN- fasten your seat belts travelling backwards until October 18 at 10 degrees 23 minutes.

Mercury remains in the sign of GOTTA BE IN A RELATIONSHIP and SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTED LIBRA until November 5th

MERCURY RETROGRADE SHADOW is when Mercury enters the degrees it will move backwards through before it does that called the Shadow. These dates are September 6 at 10 degrees Until November 3rd at 26 degrees.

Mercury, Mighty little messenger of gods, communicator, trickster, Lord of merchants and thieves, enters Libra, sign of Relationships and Justice, governed by VENUS, which is in LIBRA from August 16 until September 10. Both planets are in love minded state for that 10 day period.

Libra, the 7th sign is associated with marriage traditionally but includes all relationships with “others” as in selfie and others, including all social and business relationship interactions. It is a masculine Air sign, ruled by Goddess of Love Venus. So the focus will be on lots of chatting about our partners, fashion, beauty, social networking, media, culture, the arts, fashion, music, theatre, poetry, literature. and gossip. 

This is a good time to analyze our romantic patterns.  What is your pattern? Where do you need to balance your own inner masculine and feminine energies?


Sept. 3 VENUS inconjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES

the Human Love and the Soul mate aspects of love are blind to each other today. be ware of miss Communications


Good lofty, inspiring, inventive communications

Sept. 5/6 VENUS square PLUTO

desperate for Love, sex as power, love or power over which is it? devastating games of love.


Love is detachment, allowing, letting go, karmic luck in love,


talk about your fear and vulnerability, sharing creates intimacy, tear down the walls that hold you inside

Think about your own sense of aesthetics.  Mercury in Venus’s sign will certainly want everything to be NICE, friendly, diplomatic, concerned with social justice and connecting with others. 

We need DIPLOMACY and balance now in the World which has been made to become more polarized.

This is the time to seek BALANCE, LIBRA is not naturally peaceful but must find that still point. We may be cementing alliances, making social contacts and contracts and sparkling as the hostess or host with the mostest. Lots of wonderful soirees and parties if we can avoid more lockdowns. 

Where is the sign of LIBRA in your natal chart? Check out where Mercury is transiting and how it will impact your relationships. I have 4 planets in Libra myself.

Libra’s downside is indecision, caught between two opposing forces and wanting to please, Libra tends to lean on what others think and can become superficial and losing the sense of their own power and choices.  

The SCALES Of JUSTICE are Libra’s symbol. The Statue of Liberty is the modern version of Libra. Originally these were the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at’s scales. This is the time of the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, the balance of day and night, of the masculine and Feminine. We need a new balance in love, sexual politics, culture, wealth and the world. 

Napoleon Brousseau

“Late Terminal Capitalism” 2015 Siberian charcoal and oil on paper  

 31 x 21   Angell Gallery Toronto

 Libra in the Tarot is Trump # 8  Justice is KARMA  or #11 in other decks

FAMOUS Mercury in Libra peeps

Leonardo di Caprio, Beyonce, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, Niall Horan {One Direction} Kendall Jenner, Bruno Mars, Sigourney Weaver, Gwen Steffani, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Zeta-Jones, 

Check out where LIBRA is in your astrology chart to find out which house and with which planets your social graces will be expanding, your friendships increasing, your social calendar filling and for some marriage commitments will be made. 

I have four planets in Libra myself in my 11th house. 

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 Napoleon Brousseau’s art 




Tarot card reading and Astrology

Moon leaves Taurus for Gemini at 12:42 pm EDT

Mercury at the last critical degree of VIRGO today in PDT on AUGUST 30 at 1:10 am EDT and 5:10 am GMT

Wrap up all the deets today. I’ll write about Mercury in LIBRA and upcoming Mercury Retrograde.

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MONDAY September 6 at 7:30 pm EDT

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Healing the double standards

Healing the sexual double Standard with Ceres Lilith Sun and North Node

                          Sun Square Lilith Ceres North Node

Healing the double standards in sexuality under these planetary aspects.

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Rebalance your relationships


Venus in LIBRA wants everyone to think they are nice. Lately they are getting a bad rap for this rep. This is a time of trying to balance out vulnerabilties in relationships and not being defensive about the pain. Held back memories and feelings can damage your health.
Don’t try to be so brave, Aries.

Chiron is an asteroid, a comet and a centaur designation in Astronomy. This aspects may make ARIES and firey types put their defensive shields up from the get go.

Remember that everyone is being forced into polarities, us and them, vaxxed and unvaxed, black and white, but polarities are our complimentary opposite side.

It takes Venusian charm, listenability, and desire to help balance things out to bring the much needed healing energies. Taurus benefits as Libra rules the sensually stubborn sign.

Libra, and Air signs Gemini and Aquarius, Benefits from Venus’s irresistible girdle of seduction now which mustn’t be used as a sexual weapon.

Listening is a great tool. A necessary one in any type of relationship. What do you have at 12° Cancer or Capricorn? These degrees are affected too plus and minus 4°.

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Grand air

Venus in Libra ♎️ at 9° trine Saturn in Aquarius ♒️ Rx at 8° trine the North node Ceres in exact conjunct at 6 degrees GEMINI ♊️ plus Lilith at 4°.

Time for Serious relationship discussions, mediation, counselling, boundaries and limits.

Ceres in Gemini conjunct North Node is our highest aspiration. Ceres is the Great Mother and is depicted in the constellation Virgo. Mercury in Virgo right now governs Gemini too. Ceres here points to nurturing, comfort and mental safety. “Feed your head” the 60’s White Rabbit song by Jefferson Airplane immediately comes to mind.

We need to nurture our minds and learn how our self talk and consciousness can nurture us rather than split your minds in two.

This points to needing to watch our internal and external communications.

New neural pathways, structured through Saturn in Aquarius, by repeating positive affirmations and mantras help create a new foundation for having balance in love and in how we communicate with all others in the world.

NLP and other neural pathway methods which nurture our minds would be great to learn now.

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Astrology August 24-26

August 24 Moon in PISCES

August 24-26 ARIES MOON at 2:57 pm EDT

August 24 Moon enters Taurus in PDT at 9:27 pm

There some Nice love energies at the beginning of this week. Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius Aug, 23 flying high on getting serious with someone you met on an app. Moon is in idealistic romantic PISCES. pay attention to your dreams. You’re synched into the vibe with Pisces Moon

Aug 24/25 MERCURY opposes Neptune in PISCES

Mercury Hendrik Goltzius, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Hendrik Goltzius, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Very detailed but romantic & spiritual conversations. Get practical dream budgets, details and organization down pat. Write down your dreams. A great energy to try to connect with spirits and do automatic writing. Pay attention to your dreams.

Watch the video astro forecast from August 24-26

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