This week’s Astrology by Tara Greene


Fir those of us in DAylight Savings Time our days will be longer. We are in the last 8 days before EQUINOX. Seasons are getting ready to end. “Seasons change and so do I. You need not wonder why.”

The seasonal signs – referred. To as Cardinal signs;

Cardinal FIRE 🔥 signs ARIES, Cardinal WATER 💧 sign CANCER

Cardinal AIR sign LIBRA

Cardinal EARTH 🌏 sign CAPRICORN are featured this week.

Two MUTABLE signs feature too-SAGITTARIUS and PISCES.

The New Moon is in PISCES on the 17th.

MARS Changes sign on the 17th entering CAPRICORN.

Moon enters AQUARIUS on March 12/13-15th

Pisces moon March 15-17th

12th Moon conjuncts Pluto

16th Moon conjuncts NEPTUNE

17 Moon conjuncts Sun & Chiron

Aspects of the week


Capricorn Moon is focused on scaling the career heights. Get you plans in Oder and go for it.

Moon makes easy sextile aspects to Pisces compassionate Sun, Jupiter in Scorpio now Retrograde and Chiron in Pisces.

March 13

The heaviest aspect of the week is


Saturn puts up roadblocks to Love. Saturn tests your heart and your values. The karmic planet can work two ways- it can either bring people into your life who you are meant to meet or bring long lasting serious relationships to an end. It depends on each individuals karma in that relationship.

Saturn brings hard lessons in love that teach us something if value.

Saturn matures you. Depending on how old you are Saturn’s hard lessons show how far you’ve come since the last Saturn square which is 7 years ago.

Saturn is respect, seniority and success in the world. This is the time for women-Venus, to step forward and assert feminine values into Saturn patriarchal corporate structure.

The lightest and most positive aspect this week

13/14 SUN trine JUPITER

PISCES Sun brings to light our unconscious feelings, hidden emotions, and shadows out into the light for easy access to the already full on intensity of JUPITER Rx. In SCORPIO. We need to review and receive the denied rejected, addictions and denials to be transformed with PISCES compassion.

Trines are positive so flow with the emotions until you have given the. Full throttle.

13/14th Mars in SAGITTARIUS squares CHIRON

Telling your truth helps in the healing. Your story matters.

17th The NEW MOON in Pisces

All New moons are new beginnings and this one is the in the last sign of Pisces. paradoxically this is the last moon of the season in the natural pagan cycle.

It’s a time of completion in the northern hemisphere as winter ends on March 20th and Spring begins in the Southern Hemisphere on the 21st.

Plan your next 3 month goals.

March 18/19

Pisces Sun conjunct Chiron

The healing continues to intensify,

Remember how important it is to fully let go of old baggage and unconscious patterns of behaviour.

CHIRON has been travelling through PISCES since 2010. We are now ending this transit of the 12th sign as well as concluding a 50 year cycle.

Chiron enters ARIES on APRIL 17 marking this new beginning.

CHIRON turns Retrograde at 2+ degrees ARIES on JULY 4th how synchronous this is the day of the greatest vulnerability.

Chiron will regress back into the ocean of the unconscious for one last baptism on September 26/ 27th remains in Pisces at 26+ degrees squaring the Galactic Center at years end.

We only have so much time to heal so many wounds. Remember this is a #11 year and we need to remember who we really are in all our magnificence.

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Horoscope’s for quadruple Pisces energy


Happy president’s day in the US.

The moon is on ARIES since last night. Always nice to have an Aries Moon on a Monday.

The energy is high. Impatience is the rule of the day.

Born off your anger impulsiveness by going to the gym. Hike walk or set your sites in a new adventure.


Remember we are very woozily under that 5 PISCES planets energy. I felt it made me feel exhausted and I have a lot of fire in my-birth chart.

Did you check out where the Pisces tsunami is in your natal chart?

Horoscope based on solar signs


The tsunami in your solar 12th house of privacy, creativity, spirituality and endings.

will affect your unconscious. Dream content will be vivid and perhaps disturbing. Old feelings will bubble up. Be alone. Create a vision board.


Spiritual energies in your 11th solar house of wishes hopes and dreams. Radical unconscious, changes are being awoken. This is a good sneak peak. You moodiness will be stronger. Be creative.


Your Career must flow and be something that helps others and feels emotionally and spiritually satisfying. Do something completely unconditional supportive for someone else. Stop denying your spiritual side.


All this water makes you overflow in your 9th house. Check on Education and travel plans. learn about past lives and unconscious feelings. Yes do swim bathe be near water. Bloating May occur. Learn to receive.


In the sexiest most emotional transformative 8th house. This next 3 weeks of pure Pisces bliss will peel off your ego and show you the true nature of sacred sexuality. Loose that ego.


In your 7th house of relationships.your soul mate is looking for you. Be open and aware of this. Spiritual and creative pursuits help. Practice “not doing.” Tor hard work needs to help others.


In your6th solar house Your health, diet,and any addictions need to be cleansed. Make career needs adjustments. Your work, or community or pet needs more attention. Relate for Soul not for superficiality.


This is a creative, spiritual, love affair.if you want to get pregnant this is a great time. Remember conceiving a child is a spiritual contract.Be careful of projections. All may not be real. Be very careful about doing any psychotropic drugs.


You need to stop and return to the womb, and your early childhood memories. Nurture yourself. Fill up your own cup. Receive don’t act.your dreams will be vivid. Work with them. your parents may need forgiving.


Your communications must hold spiritual 🙏immaterial philanthropic goal. Worldly Success is nothing without spiritual giving. Talk to mentors you admire. Is this the dream you really want to build?


Your self esteem, values and resources are shape-shifting. Bring a higher spiritual consciousness into the mix. You will bond with those on your tribe in subtle telepathic ways. Science and spirit can coalesce.


Dream, dream, dream. You need boundaries to keep you from dissolving into the crazy mess of the world’s unconscious state of affairs. Meditate, create, and send prayers of protection. You will feel home, in touch with source energy. You must be the change act like the change.

Moon squares PLUTO

Power struggles appear. See them as mirrors or symbols of your own unresolved issues.

Moon trines Mars in Sagittarius

Blunt words may now be heard in the way you intended so be careful. The moon is in-conjuncts JUPITER.

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Aquarius, Scorpio Lucky day. Venus in Pisces

Big day today for 22+ degrees AQUARIUS and SCORPIO

As Sun squares Jupiter one of The bESt aspects you can get!

Big boost of emotional energy like a lightning bolt of life force energy bringing anyone back from the dead-Scorpio territory.

This is a get lucky, expansive over the top positive deeply seductive Power.

You always have to be careful of Jupiter In Scorpio, as the great expander of sex, secrets, money power, psychology, hidden, underworldly, shadows, control issues, foreigners, death, and rebirth is one heavy hombre.

Cool detached Aquarius won’t know what hit them. This energy could have any nerdy type falling for a very seductive woman or any heavily seductive pull to their shadow qualities-those aspects of ourselves that we hide from deny and project onto others.

Jupiter can bring big rewards for a research project, any organization or startup, an international project, hi-tech business deal or Cryptocurrency Expansion.

This is literally electrical energy from water or underground sources. Tsunami or volcanic eruptions may be high.

It’s all good but INTENSE as Jupiter makes everything feel like an emotional tsunami.

TAURUS and LEO @ 22 degrees also gets opposed or squared by these two Kings of planets and stars.

Whatever you do-do it big bold Leo proud, over the top, feel it fully.

Play your luck have trust and faith that as you dive deep into hidden and even forbidden territory that you can keep a cool head and a higher perspective.



Venus in Pisces Vaentine's Day- Astrology Tara Greene

The Birth of Venus -Alexandre Cabanel

Venus is moving out of the underworld and has become an evening star although she is still too close to the sun to be visible until March. she is called Venus Phosphorus when she is in her beautiful evening Star phase.

She enters Tropical Pisces where she is EXALTED meaning in her most beautiful form.

Exaltation are ancient Rulership attributes.

Venus in Pisces is a beautiful sexy mermaid. I know Pisces is all about unconditional love but Venus is always all about sexuality sensuality flirting seduction. She was born from the sea-foam. She is part of the unconscious truly feminine realm.

Venus is a dream girl

Ask the goddess of dreams to bring you a dream or spirit lover for Valentine’s Day if you are a singleton and feel lonely.

It’s a time for compassionate love. unconditional love, forgiveness, for making beautiful watercolors, arranging flowers, meditating, Long Soul cleansing ritual bathing, and consciously dreaming.

You’ll be wearing rose-colored glasses. This is a perfect position for Valentine’s Day.

Need a LOVE reading?

Feel your inner spiritual beauty that’s what Venus in Pisces is all about.

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Scorpio Moon and one of everything

Are you feeling the depths of your soul speaking to you? The intense Scorpio moon makes every aspect to the planets today. We will feel the shadows coming up within and outside of ourselves.

Moon and sun square off

This is tension between feelings and intellect.

Scorpio Moon sextiles PLUTO

Use this energy to focus on career and long term goals. You could impress the boss too.

Scorpio Moon conjuncts JUPITER

This is a 200% intensely soulful powerful confrontation. Deep sexual energy and seductive power is enhanced. Money finance and secret deals are going on behind the scenes. For later Scorpios this is a very positive aspect.

Moon inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES

Don’t push for change. You can also be resisting change. Irritability alert!

Moon trines CHIRON in PISCES in PDT

Deep healing availability is possible but the key is to be vulnerable. Something you hate and resist. But if you can surrender you can be transformed.

I’m feeling this intense Scorpio energy. It’s difficult when you feel you aren’t in control. It’s easy to be angered under this energy. Pay attention to your own internal moods and emotional states.

The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 8th in the morning

Pay attention to your dreamscape tonight. A good night for tantric sexual and meditative practices.

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Super LEO Lunar red blue Blood total Eclipse

In true LEO fashion this eclipse is being hyped as the rare bloody super blue red Moon purplest royal rare eclipse in 150 years. Astronomy sites are toting its Blue Moon status which is really meaningless. In Australia the eclipse is on Feb. 1-no blue Moon there.

Never the less All Lunar Eclipses are a peak full moon hidden shadow emotional realm reveal as the magnetic pull of the moon on our feelings and the oceans tides at fullness is temporarily blocked by the earths shadow. What we are in the dark about is what needs to be revealed and it will pull us in.

A total LEO eclipse aligns is with the heart and the archetype of creativity self expression and the divine inner golden child.

At 11+ degrees LEO the Moon is exactly conjunct CERES the Earth Mother Goddess of all life on earth indicating we need to face the shadow rejected neglected abandoned child within. We also need to face the shadow of the collective rape of the earth’s environment.

Be with and fiercely and ferociously Love and protect your Inner divine child who felt it’s innate soul was not seen heard felt or loved. This is the archetypal wound we all bring into the physical world.

VENUS in cool headed detached social media world of AQUARIUS is conjunct the SOUTH NODE and JUNO the archetype of the divine consort, pictured as the “trophy wife” who was originally the goddess of female genius. The South Node the dragons tail is what we need to shed and leave behind. The talking head detached from the heart “Stepford Wives” robot like female duty bound wife who defers to her masterful husband boss or worldly authoritarian and sacrifices her own innate genius is over. Gone caput.

The ruler of Leo is the SUN

We are at a critical stage in humanity’s development. The reality of AI is on the verge of taking over our world. What’s behind that is The shadow of Leo Moon -pride greed Power vanity gold lust the absolute power of kings or Queens the 1%. This is what we need to see in the dark -what is being hidden from the public at large. We can’t believe in all that glitters is gold and how robots will make our lives easier when it’s all a lie to entrap and account for every human in the planet. We can’t believe in the glamorous lies of wealth vanity selfies Kim Kardashian or Donald trumps golden toilet or all the other lies sold to everyone made to enhance our ego’s. Wealth is not the source. Love is.

jUPITER in SCORPIO is squaring the South Node Venus And JUNO

Sexual roles are being trashed and rebirthed as women refuse to behave in the tribe. women’s liberation is really going to release the indoctrination of thousands of years of domination by the head divorced from the heart. This will also free the men from the chains too.


Invest in your sacred sexuality as the ancient sacred priestesses did. This aspect allows us to tap into our cellular memories of living lives devoted to a benevolent immanent All accepting Goddess of Mercy.

This eclipse last occurred in 1999 at this degree. Think back to where you were then. What was stirring in your heart?

Look at which house the LEO eclipse falls in to see what courage and creativity is being conceived in the dark and how your newly risen heart of gold will Light the world.

Choose love and not lies. Choose love.

Lunar eclipse guide


In your 1st house of self-identity. Discover the hidden neglected child behind the arrogant show off. Love her or him fiercely until authentic creativity shines through which doesn’t need any outside approval or applause. Just be creative for creativity’s sake.


In your 12th house. Discover the inherent perfection within. Allow yourself to trust in the heart as it simply beats the rhythm. Pay attention to the monsters in your dreams. Transmute them through Love.


In your 11th house of wishes hopes dreams. What do you really feel you need to connect with others? Face your fear of being alone, face your fear of being rejected and love that part of you.


In your 10th house of worldly fame and glory. What are you most afraid of being revealed? What is your deepest sexual emotional Shame? Love that rejected shadow into lightness. Expose your darkest parts to the light,


In your 9th house of true Sagittarius honesty adventure teaching learning and inspiration. What emotional heartbreak are your pretending isn’t hampering your upbeat pose? What is your biggest fear of being entrapped by? Look at your own hypocrisy first and vow to have the courage to trot your talk.


In your natal 8th house of sex money Power and transformation. Look deep into your own lusty animal Soul. What beast lurks there behind your responsible corporate buildings facade? Facing your fear of your own feelings and emotions gives you the most power in the world.


On your natal 7th house of marriage relationships and “others.” Face your fear of being a human with emotions and not an automaton. Let yourself be messy imperfect and loveable. Let yourself connect with others with hear and passion.


In your 6th house of work service and health. Your shadow is feeling worthy. Let this eclipse bring forth your ability to have boundaries. Examine your shadow of cleanliness perfection and addictions. Act like a sovereign not a slave.


In your natal 5th house of children love affairs the heart and self will. Why was your inner child so defensive? What was she/he protecting against? Examine the inner child who needs others with all their hearts and allow yourself to be vulnerable.


In your 4th house of self roots childhood emotional security. The eclipse will open your need for safety at bottom of your acquisitionary needs. Play like a child. Reveal your innate vulnerability which is so. Beautiful.


In your natal 3rd house which is naturally you. The Peter Pan why is she/he so terrified to grow up? What was the trick life cruelly played on you which prevents you from commuting? If you fail what’s so terrible? Heal that now.


In your 2nd house of self-esteem resources and money. What emotional desires can never be fulfilled no matter how much money you had? Your shadow of being unable to receive keeps you from solidifying your needs for emotional safety.

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Chaos mind Mercury square Uranus

Mercury in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries @24+ degrees.

Ayahuasca vision, twin flames, astrology

Another major cardinal cross to open our minds radically.

Mercury in Capricorn is a stable serious mature old boys networking of ideas. Now wham bam thank you ma’am Uranus in Aries comes along to rattle the brains and old structures and blow them up. Trump in some ways symbolizes Uranus energy. Remember that Eris the uninvinted goddess or guests causes a lot of trouble and trump embodies this energy. He is the shit disturber.

Those born in 82-84 are feeling the effects of this energy strongly through their own relationship which could be stressed over careers issues and feel off-kilter. There also career pressures and needing to keep pace with the rapid rate of change of so much inflicted flow. In the world of social media everything changes week to week.

This radical energy affects the U. S. Natal Mercury at 24 degrees Cancer in the Sibley chart. Mercury is in America’s natal 2nd house of resources land and finances, Uranus in Aries in its 4th house of Home land security and its natal Mercury-a toxic alchemical trickster metal in its 8th house of taxes transformation emotional depths secrets investigations and spies. This energy will rock anyone’s worldview and destabilize financial markets.

Changing in chaotic times requires staying open. New ideas are coming in. people are communicating with different parameters.

Open your mind Uranus brings higher consciousness energies. Take the high road.

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Pillow talk Daily tarot astrology

Under a sensuous Taurus Moon. Thursday is Thor’s Day ruled by Jupiter.

There are lovely soft sextiles and helpful trines today and an opposition to Good Luck planet Jupiter

Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter in SCORPIO in the wee hours bringing us sexy dreams and stimulating erotic conversations.

Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces in the Munich’s mystic hours to make this an extra rare dream Night, it’s grand for meditation channeling, tuning in to the higher realms,and receiving intuitive messages from your angels and higher guides. Great inspiration for musicians artists and all creative activities. This stimulates our compassionate nature.

The easiest enlightenment practice is just do good practice loving kindness.

Moon trines lord of Soul Pluto

So bring it on deep. The body is the temple of the soul.

Moon opposes Jupiter in evening

A really great romantic sexy date night or time to get more intimate with anyone’s secret desires. Plumb the depths of your own or investigate the mysteries of sex death and rebirth.

Lastly Moon trines Mercurius

Find the words to describe your physical experiences. This is good for building new vocabularies reading poetry or inspiring words by those you admire.

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