Venus in Gemini Retrograde Double Timing

Paris Bordone / Public domain, Venus in Gemini illustration

Venus in GEMINI  2020  

Venus is making a very long transit in Gemini the sign of Twins


from 21+ degrees GEMINI back to 5+ degrees Gemini

Before COVID-19 I had written that this was a NO-FLY ZONE  FOR WEDDINGS

GEMINI rules the LUNGS and while Venus is here our lungs will be prized and what we breathe and how will be precious during COVID-19.

Note also that the NORTH NODE will enter GEMINI on MAY 5 indicating our highest goal is to integrate GEMINI duality and “twin flames” aspects of ourselves until January 18, 2022

 VENUS RULES TAURUS AND LIBRA, they will feel the effects of the Retrograde along with Gemini’s the strongest.

SHADOW PERIODS -the track which the Retrograde planets goes through before and after The Actual RETROGRADE PERIOD already affects Venusian things-women, love, relationships, money and communications this begins months before and lasts months afterwards. From APRIL 8/9 @ 4:53 PM EDT @ 5 GEMINI 20’ VENUS ENTERS Rx SHADOW and until JULY 28/29 @ 1:14 AM EDT @ 21+ GEMINI VENUS LEAVES Rx SHADOW

The markets will have a very up and down period while VENUS is RETROGRADE. It is in this state already. Gemini flips in and out,

There will be more confusion and misinformation on the Net with more polarized views on what is going on in the media.

VENUS RETROGRADE in GEMINI will, of course, bring back old lovers and conversation into your head and also through social media.

An excellent time to Revist old writing projects, get back to the drawing board, communication revisions, and online learning, publishing, and speaking. 

Venus Retrograde will reveal issues you thought were left behind as curiosity is reignited into Gemini related things like children, child abuse, trafficking, misinformation, Pizzagate, pedophiles being revealed and a split in parties. 

VENUS was in her most famous RETROGRADE in GEMINI in JUNE 2012 where she crossed the SUN at 15 degrees GEMINI. Issues from that time, relationships may crop up again as Venus triggers the same point. She revisits the same degrees in her 8-year transit.  Read my old article about it here


JUNE 24/5@ 2:47 AM EDT @ 05 GEMINI 20’ VENUS TURNS STATIONARY DIRECT-very powerful

NOTE that MERCURY the planet that rules GEMINI enters TAURUS on APRIL 27 which is one of Venus’s home signs. The plant of communication and the LOVE planet of women, beauty and money will be in mutual reception until May 11.


MERCURY turns RETROGRADE JUNE 18 – JULY 12 from 14+ degrees CANCER conjunct the US SUN and SIRIUS back to 5+ degrees while VENUS is ALSO RETROGRADE increasing the releasing revisiting revamping energies.



May 4/5 SUN conjuncts MERCURY

May 11 Mercury enters GEMINI

May 20 SUN enters GEMINI






JULY 30/August 1 VENUS inconjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn


TWIN FLAMES and Venus in GEMINI energy
It’s flirty, fabulous, charming, sweet-talking LOVING time.

a TWIN-FLAME symbol,  the Messenger of Love {Mercury- Gemini’s ruler} wearing wings of desire, many people will be talking researching for theirs. 

Venus= love, relationships.  Gemini= choices, communications, analyzing, fickle, immature,

The Venus in GEMINI mantra; She/he loves me,   I love him/her. Or do I? I dunno. Am I this or am I that? People with Venus in Gemini can be described as Bi-polar or have learning disabilities too.

VENUS is symbolized by the Empress, Goddess,Trump #3 in the TAROT 
GEMINI is the sign of the LOVERS in the TAROT, TRUMPS #6 = Merkabah 

Venus in Gemini is ruled by MERCURY- The Magician #1 in the Tarot- BEWARE of SILVER-TONGUED DEVILS 

THE LOVERS in the Tarot

When I first started to study the tarot seriously many years ago, the connection of Gemini to the Lovers drove me crazy, I couldn’t get it at first. From studying Astrology, I knew Gemini as the most immature, ambiguous, curious, detached sign of all. Not what I would think of associated with the qualities of Love.

Libra ruled by VENUS would be the sign I would first associate with love and marriage. I won’t go into all the correspondences of the Tarot and the Tree of Life, in the Kabbalah suffice it to say the Lovers is in Tifferet the Sephiroth at the center of the Tree of Life.

The Lovers and Gemini are about opposites, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, up-down, Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil, right and wrong, us and them, Light and Dark etc.  Gemini symbolizes consciousness itself, and our dual-sided brains. 

 With Venus in Gemini we are exploring feelings and mental dichotomies, our own TWIN natures, there’s lots to explore in the nature of DUALITY.

Venus in Gemini wants the best of both worlds, to have her cake and to eat it too.

VENUS RETROGRADE is memorialized eternally in the ancient SUMERIAN MYTH of INANNA or ISHTAR descending into the Underworld for 40 days.


t’s is a sexy love affair with the imagination. Erotic love is very much in the mind. Everything you can image is possible. Thoughts do create our reality, so be very conscious of what your unconscious mind and your heart are doing. Gemini is curious and wants to explore.

VENUS is Love, beauty, the arts. Gemini Keywords: Flirty, Curiosity, Fast mover, fast-thinking, ultra chatty, detached, ambiguous, Two-timer, Peter Pan, naïve, irresponsible, detached, trickster, travelling salesman, footloose.

EXPECT lots of quick-changing love affairs, mucho yakkety yakking, comparison shopping, many breakups and makeups,  all online in 2020, two much indecision.

The answer: TRY EVERYTHING….Take it easy, keep your heart lite.

There will be an increase in online Astrology relationship and dating charts while Venus is in GEMINI. I specialize in these. 

Famous WOMEN born with VENUS IN GEMINI:

super double beautiful Goddesses. 

Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Gisele Bundchen,  Megan Fox, Cher, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson, Kylie Minogue, Sandra Bullock,  Isabelle Adjani, Heidi Klum, Carmen Electra, Isabella Rossellini, Naomi Campbell, Brooke Shields, Jacqui Kennedy, Bette Davis, Frida Kahlo- famous for having many lovers,


FAMOUS witty and charming MEN with VENUS IN GEMINI

President John F. Kennedy- a very charming, attractive amazingly charismatic speaker, famous Womanizer

Actors & Models : Robert Pattinson, Channing Tatum,

SINGERS: Bob Dylan, Enrique Iglesias, Trent Reznor, George Michael, Cat Stevens,

Krishna murti- Indian spiritual philosopher,

David Beckham, Sir Richard Branson, Colin Farrell, Russel Crowe, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson, Gregory Peck

Political Leader: Nelson Mandala

Comedian: Jerry Seinfeld


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Attract love in a radical new way

Venus squares URANUS Aug 24
This is another Cardinal Cross at 28+ degrees Cancer and Aries.
Venus rules women; female sexuality and romance; love and values. Venus rules money the arts and luxury.  
Cancer is the sign of the mother the womb itself; the unconscious; our homes and is the most traditional and biologically imperative role for women as being engaged in nurturing creating emotional safety; bonding feeding and creating and sustaining relationships.
the Venus square to URANUS in ARIES
Signifies radical change in our sexual loving and the role of the feminine.
VENUS sesquisquares NEPTUNE in PISCES today.
This 135-degree Minor aspect is a square and a semi-square. This puts additional pressure on changing the nature of romantic love and spiritual love.
Traditionally women waited for the men to make the first moves. Many women say they can’t find a  “good man.”  I feel that it is up to the women to attract and create the sexual loving and spiritual “ideal” relationships which they desire. It was always this way. The women teach the men. The women are the queen bee’s the ones with the honey. The men are dependent on the women biologically and naturally. But we live in such a patriarchal culture and roles have been so stereotyped and twisted for thousands of years from when women were revered as the source of all life. The return of Goddess spirituality; paganism; witches and feminism is all part of this return to balance and wholeness. These days most women are usually more open independent and aware than many men.
These days most women are usually more open independent and aware than many men although there are many younger men sharing childcare; stay at home husbands and women who earn more money than their male partners. Many men are on a conscious spiritual path as well spiritual warriors creative types healers teachers writers and artists. 
Venus square Uranus is radical love.
This isn’t just about falling in love with the evolution or radical people philosophies and ways of doing things. It is also about women being on the radical frontlines of change in our society very much so. I feel this is more to do with creating love in a radical new way. 
We have lost touch with the origins of the Divine Feminine and we must go back to that and reinvent that energy to suit the modern world. This makes this revolution much more complex. Uranus is about unique individuals who work collectively who support the group or hive mind. 
This aspect can be used to revolutionize and change your old relationships. First, you start with yourself.
Theoretically, I believe that you can fall in love with anyone. Ultimately “falling in love” is about women opening up to her own inner masculine her Beloved or animus which is spirit or her Higher self. That is the eternal intimate relationship that is always there for each person. This is symbolized by the 6 pointed star. The upwards pointing triangle is the masculine and the downwards pointing triangle is the feminine. The star or Merkaba symbolizes the sacred union of the Lovers wholeness and unity. In the Tarot the image of the LOVERS is the number 6. This is a 2=4 = 6 day.
love relationships merkaba Tara Geene
Merkaba or 6 pointed star symbolizing the sacred marriage 
Once a woman creates this inner marriage by first listening to her own intuition and feelings; to her own soul and dreams; to her own womb then her inner animus or inner masculine energy will act on her behalf to please her and help complete her and to co-create with her in the world.
Heaven on Earth, tara Greene astrology

                                                Radical lovers

Falling in love and attracting someone who really is a sacred mirror and partner for you happens after that. When you are feeling whole and complete and don’t need another person. You must be free
of that need. You may still desire
to experience a relationship with another on the physical plane outside of yourself. They are your mirror and it is the best way to grow spiritually. It isn’t always easy or a bed of roses either.
The person with the higher vibration will pull up the one with the lower.  Integrity honesty and boundaries are important. Two beings must be at the same soul level of growth for a real physical relationship to work to match each other at major points. 
Rumi Lovers Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

Lovers dont finally meet somewhere… Rumi

If you hold this inner sacred marriage then you will
attract someone who mirrors your own inner wholeness. That is radical. It is not just self-love. It is also self-awareness and self- acceptance. It takes work.  
The poet Rumi fell in love with Shams a traveling spiritual teacher and in him saw the Beloved. He wrote over 30000 poems from that contact during and after Shams was killed. Rumi saw God in this human person. But Shams was really a version of himself and his own inner connection to God. Shams merely was the spark.
Use this planetary energy to help you change the way you view and create relationships. For men, the reverse sexual polarity would work. Even if you are gay or trans or something in between there is always polarity at work to establish wholeness and balance. Our universe is based on polarity despite the modern liberal attempt to blur the boundaries.  You can’t mess with Nature.
What do you think? Your feedback is a necessity.
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