Mercury Retrograde Relationship deja vu conversations

MERCURY stations and turns Retrograde September 9 at 8:38 pm PDT/ 11:38 AM EDT/ September 10 at 3:38 am am GMT until October 2 @ 2:07 am PDT/ 5:07 am EDT/ 9 0:7 am GMT moving from 8 degrees 55″ LIBRA to 24 degree 22 ‘ of VIRGO where it station ending its Retrograde back in its home rulership sign.

MERCURY will take until October 17 to by pass its initial Retrograde degree and move forwards once again.

I know people tend to catastrophize Mercury Retrogrades but they are just rest and renewal, relaxation, time outs times for your brain.

Mercury Retrogrades are times to be mindful. Mercury retrograding through different signs has different effects as it transits the signs and is also personal for each individual.

Look at where Mercury will Retrograde in your astrology chart. Get out a red pencil and circle it. This will show Where, By house, and influence of it, where communication rethinking and reviews are happening and how they are affecting you by aspects Mercury makes as it backsteps.

Look back at last years’ Mercury Retrograde in LIBRA

With MERCURY Retrograde from LIBRA, RULED BY VENUS , Love, beauty and financial issues, communications, texts, love app hook ups and messages will be coming back to haunt you there.

Rethink what your values are in relationships of every type shape and kind. Everything is up to be re-evaluated, your job, your relationship to the world.

When Mercury re-enters VIRGO on September 23 the tone changes completely to much more pragmatic, detailed, work-oriented, inventory scrutiny. Review your community, health diet and lifestyle standards.

Virgo rules pets to there may be issues with your pets that require reviewing rations their health and diet too. Its time to be taking care of the business infinitesimals.

With Mercury Retrograding back into eagle eye perfectionist detail oriented VIRGO again, You will rehash, and nitpick over every word said in conversation, text or any means of communications endlessly picking things apart. This can be good for detective, writing, editing and legal cases.

All Retrogrades are good review times, and with Mercury Retro back to VIRGO we will have a Psychopomp holding a rear view psychological mirror up for us all.

We need to communicate with each other much more and relate in more direct ways. Mercury Retrograde takes us backtracking through old relationships, the same old thinking patterns, the same rebalancing acts, and helps us to rewrite the mental patterns and habits. See Annie Hopper

Mercury aspects

September 18 Mercury opposes Jupiter

September 22/ 23 Sun conjunct Mercury at 29 Libra trine Pluto in Capricorn

September 26 Mercury conjunct Love and money Goddess planet Venus in Virgo

September 27 Mercury trine Pluto

Good for reviewing wealth, budgets, investments, assets, power and health issues

Oct 2. Mercury in Virgo ♍️ Opposes Neptune as it Stations Direct.

This can be danger point in relationships as the hard facts cannot be denied. analyze where you are addicted to love, and self-abuse, where you are self-sabotaging and shooting your self in the foot. Gaslighting, ghosting, false hopes, and bursting bubbles materialize. Neptune in Pisces is spiritual, things that aren’t tangible and verifiable like cryptocurrency too. Mercury Virgo loves the details and the reality..relationships built on projection and false hopes or for ego inflation will falter. A Mercurial Virgo loves organization, so clean out the old crap, and get down to the practical spiritual work of humbly serving the collective and your community.

Use the Mercury Retrograde wisely. Rest, review, rethink,relax.

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Friday the 13th and Scorpio Eclipse Astrology Aspects, Mercury Retrograde

 Today Libra Moon strives for harmony and balance. Relationships have blind spots Friday the 13th. Don’t be superstitious, its a great day to honor the Lunar cycles as we head into the Scorpio Full flower Total Lunar Eclipse Moon May 15.

Libra moon loves to socialize but it quincunx’s Uranus in Taurus, Mars in Pisces, the Sun and Venus. The sex and love planets do not see eye to eye. Anything quirky may work. Try it on.

May 14 Moon will square Pluto later tonight intensifying power struggles and underlying shadow issues. This is the perfect lead in to working with your shadows which are the main focus of the Scorpio Total Full FLower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

MOON ENTERS SCORPIO at 3:34 am PDT/ 6:34 am EDT/ 11:34 am GMT to get us in the deep dark obsessive Scorpio Moon, Moon inconjuncts Jupiter and Retrograde Mercury in GEMINI which is a communications nightmare for today. 

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May 15 Scorpio Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

                                    May 15 Scorpio Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

May 15 MAJOR planetary aspects of this eclipse

SUN SQUARES SATURN at 25 degrees Taurus Aquarius

This is a tense karmic issue. Its a karmic turning point. Saturn in Aquarius is still Aquarius limited testing, setting karmic boundaries being the Big Daddy opposes to any innovation. 

TAURUS Sun sextiles Neptune in Pisces

A supportive dreamy realistic aspect. Taurus is always grounded stubborn and realistic this is a good solid foundation for those projections that have been activating a passionately desperately seeking my soul mate visions.  It’s good for noticing how your gut instincts work with your intuition and more psychic knowing. This is a healthy balance and brings much-needed boundaries into the picture.  Taurus demands physical proof of promises made while under the Neptunian spell. This is a very good thing.

May 15 Venus conjuncts Chiron in Aries   

Love is a warrior Goddess now. Love hurts, yes cue that song and all other COUNTRY love songs. Love is a wound, that is how spirit and healing get in. Venus the Love goddess is in battle mode now protecting her vulnerabilities. The greatest strength is in being vulnerable.

The eclipse is  at max 9:14 pm PDT at peak and May 16 at 12:14 am EDT and 5:14 am GMT 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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The most intense Pisces energy ever is now.

The most intense PISCES energy of projections, false gurus, fake news, inflation, high oil prices, glamour, debt, beauty, psychic, dreamy, addictive, Soul mate, psychic high, drugs,denial energy in our lives is right now. Pisces energy in your life is now.

Pluto at 28° Capricorn virtually standstill in the skies as it is about to turn retrograde on the 29th. Pluto is at the Virtual 29th last degree of the honey goat chairman of the board.

This aspect brings access to a wealth of underworld, soulful, secretive insights. Pluto is at his most powerful at these last degrees.

Pluto Retrograde from April 28 until October 8/9th allows us to go deep into our own shadows, uprooted deeper levels of Denied aspects of ourselves,

As Pluto retro’s back from 28:36 degrees Capricorn back to 26:07 degrees the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, Death and Rebirth is sextile a 60 degree easy aspect to Neptune Lord of the emotional watery realms, where we can do very deep emotional work.

Mercury is in it’s pretty-shadow of its 2nd Retrograde period on May 10 at 4 degrees 51’ Gemini ♊️ in its home sign until 26 degrees 05’ Taurus on June 3. Expect more havoc on this retro as mercury moves between two different signs.

Pluto in Capricorn is in earth, our physical body realm and Neptune in the emotional depths. Together earth and water they hold the keys to our body and soul transformation.

Use Pluto Retrograde sextile Neptune again for the last time in over hundreds of years for intensive dream work, and emotional rebirth as Jupiter, co-ruler of Pisces moves out of that sign on May 10 to venture through fiery new beginnings Aries until October 20. Jupiter returns Pisces fir a last late night snack until December 20/21 when it re-enters Aries for much of 2023. We can take a fresh new inspired look into those bewildering powerful dreams we had while Jupiter was in Pisces ♓️

I will be setting up dream temple healings while Jupiter is in Aries and Pisces.

The Taurus Solar Eclipse April 30 has the last Venus Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in 13 years. Avery beautiful spiritual e compassionate dreamy day and night.. it’s energy is embedded into the eclipse signature. Venus rule Taurus ♉️

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I had oral surgery today so I may be offline the next few days.i had a back lower molar extracted and a bone graft prepping for two implants. Mercury Pluto is the perfect energy for this work.

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One of the best days of the Year is April 27 as VENUS and NEPTUNE conjunct exactly at 24+ degrees PISCES at 12:12 pm PDT/ 3:12 pm EDT. 7:12 pm GMT VENUS is exalted in PISCES, and these two are LOVE Birds of the highest and most human orders, Neptune is VENUS’s Higher Octave of Love.

The next best day of the year happens APRIL 30  as sensuous, seductive VENUS bonks JUIPTER at 27+ degrees PISCES.

Hollywood is governed by the planet NEPTUNE ruler of the sign of PISCES. Neptune rules all things visual, film photography, illusions, delusions, magic, high romance, drugs, addictions. It’s water, it’s the ocean, which L.A. is on. It is imagination, it’s spirituality, intuition, psychic energy dreams.  It is the source, our mother’s wombs, it symbolizes the end of all life, death, dissolution, egolessness, the 12th and last house.  

Hollywood is centered in LOS ANGELES and guess what the City of Los Angeles has a Venus NEPTUNE conjunction in LIBRA, not exact but within 3 degrees, close enough L.A. is LA LA LAND.

VENUS, the planet of women, romance, money, luxury, love, sex, art, and values, human love, meets up with NEPTUNE the planet of spiritual, cosmic soul mate love. Venus in Pisces is exalted, as she gets to bestow unconditional spiritual soul mate love now.

Mermaids, Unicorns, Fantasy lovers, unrequited love, martyrs,

Neptune shows us that we are all one, that we all feel the same, that we are all spirits temporarily in fleshy bodies, Venus represents human love.

no one is separated from the entire whole.  This aspect brings that knowing into our flesh and into our blood and bones. We can feel it,it is palpable. 

ALL of this PISCES energy is also a sign of the GREAT ESCAPE or Great escapism,

the downside of Pisces. Denial, also debt, illusions, high oil, inflation, false gurus, water problems, addictions rehab., gaslighting, fake news, jails, mental illness, depression, lockdowns, endings, death, spiritual delusions,viruses,

 Be aware of what you are avoiding the most in your life. Success? Failure? Love? Intimacy?  Forgiveness? Sobriety?

Check into your natal chart to see which house and aspects Neptune Venus makes.

Where is 24 Pisces in your chart?


JAY-Z, rapper, producer, entrepreneur, Mr. Beyonce

PRINCE CHARLES, future King of the U.K?

MUHAMMAD, the Islamic Prophet


LEONARD COHEN, Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, novelist

DOSTOYEVSKY, Russian author,



TOM PETTY and the Heartbreakers singer-songwriter, Travelling Wilbury’s

AMELIA EARHART, American, first woman pilot, disappeared

LOUISE PASTEUR invented boiling milk to get rid of bacteria,

MARCELLO MASTRIANI, famed Italian film star

PAUL CEZANNE ,ARTIST, a friend of Vincent Van Gogh, Tahiti

MARC BOLAN OF T-REX, British Glam rock star

BARBARA WALTERS, News and interviewer,

JODIE FOSTER, actress and film director,

RICHARD GERE, American Actor, Tibetan Buddhist supporter

JOSEPHINE BAKER, famed Black American dancer, the toast of PARIS in 20s

VANESSA PARADIS, French baby momma to Johnny Depp’s two children, model

SOPHIA LOREN, beauteous Italian actress

TAYLOR LAUTNER, former werewolf in Twilight


Build an altar to VENUS- bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, get

bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, get yourself all made up like a Goddess, or a God. Venus’ metal is copper, she likes greens and blues. Gemstones in those colors would work well, aquamarine, or emeralds, lapiz lazuli, sodalite, aventurine, etc. Buy roses, the most feminine of all flowers, very fragrant. Get on your beautiful seductive aromatherapy oils.  Bring in symbols for Neptune, starfishes, shells, dolphins, whales, mermaids, cosmic symbols, mandalas. Lay it all out. Have cups of water, everything that symbolizes beauty.

It would be optimum to do a bathing ritual as well, alone or with your beloved. Put in rose petals and rose oil, or lavender. Imagine that you are VENUS risen from the sea foam; Desirable to all, the love goddess who attracts love everywhere she goes. Who spreads love everywhere. See your heart expanding and being the source for all love you wish to attract.

Neptune in PISCES is unconditional love. The more love you give away the more you receive. Help the unloved, the forgotten, the neglected, the more love returns to you. Do something charitable, do it anonymously, write a cheque, donate online, donate your time. Pay it forwards in a lineup, leave money somewhere for a stranger to find. Put prayers onto your money whenever it changes hands, the prayers and good intentions go with it. 

This is a day of massive forgiveness. Forgiveness can’t be forced. The ones we need to forgive most is ourselves.  Give yourself permission to forgive yourself for whatever it is you did. You can also get down on your knees and prostrate yourself to the Great Mystery, because it is good to be humble. 

This is a day to call in your BELOVED, the other half of you which is always part of you but seems to be existing in another person. That is the illusion, part of the Neptune trick. 

Yes, Forgive everyone, Republicans, Democrats, your “enemy,”- the Jews, gays, Muslim. Christians,  your ex-. Just send it out there.

Imagine that we are all one in one big ocean of BLISS.  As you imagine it, you create it. 

A big night to incubate dreams while the MOON is still in PISCES and to do visualizations.

Imagine the world at peace, in a cloud of unconditional love. Incubate the dream of the beloved before you go to sleep at night. WE REALLY NEED THIS COLLECTIVE FOCUS ON WORLD PEACE NOW.

We are the magic we are the love, we are the beauty, we are the cosmos, we are humans we are eternal, we are fragile, we Love. LOVE thyself, in a non-egotistic way. This is super important now. You are not who you think you are. You are much bigger than that. You dont need to boast or acquire or show off, or be arrogant or try to impress anyone else, or show anyone up, That is all nonsense ego games.  Be the soul you are. You are sexless, eternal, whole, enlightened, unattached, loving, giving, caring. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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I am getting a workshop together for the Taurus Solar Eclipse APRIL 30 but it will be pre-recorded as An eclipse is a quiet no manifesting energy. I am getting dental work done and may not be able to appear. Please get in touch with me about details.


Extended Weekly Horoscope April 18-24


April 18 Heavy emotional Moon in SCORPIO is VOID of Course at 4:55 pm PDT/ 7:55 pm EDT

April 18 Moon enters fiery optimistic SAGITTARIUS until 7:16 pm PDT/ 10:16 pm EDT

April 20 SAGITTARIUS Moon is Void of Course at 1:56 pm PDT/ 4:56 pm EDT

April 20 Moon enters earthy practical Capricorn at 8:52 pm PDT/ 10:52 pm EDT

April 22 Capricorn Moon is Void of Course At 8:53 pm PDT/ 11:53 pm EDT

April 22 Moon enters Airy AQUARIUS at 11:17 pm PDT

April 23 Moon enters Aquarius at 2:17 am EDT

Sensing heavy energy? There’s a false flag rumour flying around for April 18. Sun squares Pluto in CAPRICORN at 28+ degrees a major HARD Nuclear aspect. Danger of terrorist attack or red flag. This affects all CARDINAL signs born in the last 4 days of the sign of ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA, and CAPRICORN too.


April 18 Mercury conjunct Uranus in TAURUS at 12:51 am EDT

and Venus in PISCES sextile to the radical bull Uranus in Taurus at 3:15 am EDT is market & crypto chaos, explosive, terrorist, hacker attacks.  Stay safe.

April 18 Sun square PLUTO-at 8:14 am PDT/11:14 am EDT is a very tough aspect, sol/ SOUL pressure.

April 19 Sun enters TAURUS at 7:24 pm PDT/ 10:24 am EDT

Earthy stubborn sensual exalted Venus in PISCES is favouring you now.

April 23  Mercury conjoins North Node at 22+ TAURUS

Speak your truth and let go of old resentment with Mercury opposite to the SOUTH NODE. Pay attention if you have any planets AC etc. from 28-24 TAURUS/SCORPIO as it impacts you personally.

April 24 Mercury square SATURN in AQUARIUS at 6:50 am PDT/ 9:50 am EDT

Words have power, be careful and take responsibility for what you say. Put your money where your mouth and ideas are. Your ideas and communications will be tested. Conversations with your dad, responsibilities, and mentors.

April 24 Mercury in TAURUS sextile NEPTUNE

Dreamy idealistic, Taurus is throat chakra energy. Good day for sound healing, singing, connect to whale and dolphin vibrations.


If you know your Rising and Moon, Venus etc. use these to guide you

ARIES- Mars in PISCES affects you the most

You may be feeling like you’re in a float tank and overwhelmed with strange emotions and spiritual messages, powerful dreams and karmic information bubbling up from your unconscious. This is the time to do this kind of woo-woo work with your ruling planet Mars in Pisces and All that PISCES energy VENUS, JUPITER and NEPTUNE are in your SOLAR 12th house to boot. Angels in your booty.


On the 18-21st MARS is conjunct to Fixed Star Fomalhaut, at 3 degrees marking the Archangel Gabriel.  Ask him for Divine Intervention and help. Stay alert for his messages. This can be a time of lifting of dealing with many old karmic issues in your life, self-sabotage, regrets, fear of being limited and held back, mental illness, nightmares, fear of water, emotions, and addictions will raise their heads like a seven headed hydra. This is a time to settle old karmic debts. You may be feeling tired or wanting to retreat which is not like you. Martial arts or being by water will help, if you do finally feel exhausted, rest as much as you need, this too will pass.

TAURUS and Earth signs, VIRGO and CAPRICORN

Venus, Taurus and LIBRA’s ruling planet is in PISCES connecting with URANUS the planet of major change chaos, rebellion, and invention this week.

All that PISCES energy VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE are in your SOLAR 11th house of wishes, hopes and dreams, organizations, invention, freedom and radical issues, teamwork and bettering the world.

It’s TAURUS season as the SUN enters your sign on the 19th at 10:24 pm EDT

Celebrate being your beautiful stubborn, obstinate, lazy, but knows how to smell the roses, bullish on investments and stability, romantic, vain, good taste, musical, throaty, beefy self.

MERCURY, planet of communications in TAURUS will conjunct URANUS on the 18th then square Saturn in AQUARIUS the responsible mature testing planet in the rebellious scientific hi-Tech sign on the 24th and Mercury sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES is a very romantic, dreamy, idealistic, wearing rose colored glasses aspect. Be careful of being in love with love and feeling like you’re walking on a cloud in dreamland. Expect to have amazing dreams and insights, psychic conversations, woo-woo topics, synchronicity, sensual massages, telepathic messages, just listen to your gut instincts. Be careful about spending on a fantasy items, giant crystals, oud potions, sensuous fabrics, designer everything, which  you can’t afford. Pisces is debt.


All that PISCES energy VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE are in your SOLAR 10th house of career, reputation, and world fame. This is the time for you to move ahead on your career dreams, but be careful as it is also not very realistic or substantial. It’s good to imagine it all. It is particularly good to do charity work and help others to cope emotionally. It’s time to give back if you want to get ahead. You must do for others and with no expectation of what you are going to get back from it. Gossip, misinformation, and false accusations can also come up under this transit. Be mindful of what you say and the effect it has from the others’ point of view. It is over all a lucky transit but be careful of thinking you know it all and promising way more than you can deliver.

MERCURY, planet of communications in TAURUS conjuncts URANUS on the 18th then squares Saturn in AQUARIUS the responsible mature testing planet in the rebellious scientific hi-Tech sign on the 24th which is good for stabilizing your mind as well as brings on higher consciousness messages and inventive insights. Mercury sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES is a very romantic, dreamy, idealistic, wearing rose colored glasses aspect. Be careful of feeling like you’re walking on a cloud in La La Land.


Sun squares Pluto in CAPRICORN at 28+ degrees a major HARD toxic aspect. Be careful of attacks or arguments. All that PISCES energy VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE are in your SOLAR 9th house of higher education, inspiration, good humor, truth, and justice. It would be an enjoyable time to adopt a pet or rescue pet. You may want to volunteer to help immigrants or raise funds for Ukraine or other causes. The four PISCES planets are making you over the top emotional, especially on the Full moon on the 16th, overly sensitive, super psychic, and compassionate. Do volunteer at food banks, or send education materials, support teachers, or bring a positive light to those who are sick or down. You’re wanting to nurture and feed the world even more so. Explore creativity too and receive inspiration.


On the 18-21st MARS is conjunct to Fixed Star Fomalhaut, the Archangel Gabriel, ask him for Divine Intervention and help. Stay alert for his messages. You may be feeling intellectually tired or wanting to study more. Pay attention to synchronistic messages and follow the leads to guide you to new inspirations and positive energy.


All that PISCES wave of VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE are in your SOLAR 8th house of finances, emotional transformation, inheritance, taxes, death and letting go. If you’ve always had a dream of a perfect spiritual or creative retreat by the ocean, this is the time to go for it. If you have a brilliant creative idea this is the time to get seed money and backers. Be careful of believing in anything that is too good to be true though or you could lose a lot of money. Pride comes before a fall too. This is time to connect to your soul mate, and spirit guides. It’s wonderful for actors to make their mark, you can morph into being anyone under this aspect.

As the SUN your ruling planet enters TAURUS on the 19th /20th and is in your solar 10th House you will feel more grounded and be ready to push to be in the spotlight. This is a very romantic, idealistic, creative, time so make the most of it. Money and your self-worth are powerful but be careful of over confidence. A fun time for a humorous outlook on life.


All that PISCES energy VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE are in your SOLAR 7th HOUSE of RELATIONSHIPS! Are you ready to finally meet and merge with your soul mate? This is a highly creative mystical energy pulling you in a totally different direction. Go with that flow, it’s a tsunami. Turn off your mind relax, and float downstream should be your one and only song right now. Charity work and helping those with mental illness or addictions may be front and center.

MERCURY, planet of communications in TAURUS will conjunct URANUS on the 18th then square Saturn in square Saturn in AQUARIUS the responsible mature testing planet in the rebellious scientific hi-Tech sign on the 24th. This is a creative rebellious, free thinking, radical out of the box energy. This is good to offset the PISCES LA LA land energies. Mercury sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES is a very romantic, dreamy, idealistic, wearing rose colored glasses aspect. Be careful of projecting what you want to see onto the other. You will be feeling ungrounded and, in a fog. Expect to have amazing dreams and insights, psychic insights, and synchronicities. Listen to your gut instincts. Your diet may be vastly different right now. Be careful about believing what you want to see. Escapism, guru worship, addictions, OCD, and other mental issues can make you feel like you’ve been caught in an undertow and hauled out to sea. Your immune system is weak under this aspect, rest, stay hydrated and take natural supplements.


All that PISCES energy VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE are in your SOLAR 6th HOUSE of health work, service to others, pets, and community. Venus, your ruling planet in PISCES connects with URANUS the planet of major change chaos, rebellion, and invention on the 18th. Expect wild chaotic taste changes, friendship reshuffling, unexpected expenses, and feeling overwhelmed emotionally which can affect your health and energy levels directly. It’s a fun time to be creative and imaginative at work. You are feeling compassionate, and others feel that you really understand them thoroughly. Use this to your advantage. It’s a wonderful time to connect with your soul mate too. Artistic, creative and imaginative energies are at peak. Use this time to make a huge creative splash, socially, and in any medium you choose from gardening, to painting, singing, dancing, tantric sex, fashion, yoga, designing. Give back to your community and raise money for pets or other charities. You will be feeling happy, uplifted, on a cloud. Pay attention to your dreams and journal about them. You need to boost your immune system and as you are susceptible to viruses now. Rest more and drink lots of water. Invest in your health and spiritually uplifting things.


All that PISCES energy VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE in PISCES is in your Solar 5th HOUSE of Love, affairs, children creative willpower and self-expression. Fantasize to your hearts content about fame, fortune, lovers galore, and the hypnotic power to make anyone do anything you want. Mars and all the rest in Pisces are spiritual energy, this is an exciting time for Tantric Sexuality, to dream of finding a soul mate, or unlocking some deep unconscious power source, and for someone who will totally get you so you can fully express all your desires. You can meet someone you totally click with but be careful about projecting what you want to see onto them. Remember anything that seems too good to be true, is.


On the 18-21st MARS is conjunct to Fixed Star Fomalhaut, the Archangel Gabriel, ask him for Divine Intervention and help. Stay alert for his messages. This can be a time of exceptional creativity, divine inspiration, dream power, wealth accumulation, big fertility, connecting with others who you can meld with on a deep soul level. Angel Gabriel can be your beloved too. Use this time to express your soul and spirit in any creative way. Pay attention to dreams and nightmares.


All that PISCES energy VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE in PISCES is in your Solar 4TH HOUSE

Of childhood, parents, home, self, endings, privacy, and emotional safety. Your usual exuberant JUPITER ruled sun may be feeling engulfed in your own unconscious feelings, memories and wanting to unravel old karmic issues big time right now. Listen to your ancestors speaking to you.  It’s an excellent time to write and journal, to let the unconscious energy flow, flow, flow. Dreams and intuition levels are at an all time high. You may also be feeling tired exhausted and wanting to stay safely curled up in a fetal position. Because this is such an emotionally fluid time your feeling will be fluxing and flowing especially around the full moon. Let your creative energy feed you now. Dreaming of a house to feel safe and secure in is big. Redecorate and beautify your surroundings. Jupiter is very benevolent, and this is a lucky time for you. Buy lottery tickets. Stay optimistic and do not drown in old karmic regrets. Be compassionate with yourself, Self-love is HUGE for you right now.


On the 18-21st MARS conjunct to Fixed Star Fomalhaut, the Archangel Gabriel, which Jupiter rules and ask him for Divine Intervention and help. Stay alert for his messages. This can be a time of exceptional creativity, divine inspiration, dream power, wealth accumulation, big fertility, if you want to conceive, and connecting with others who you can meld with on a deep soul level. Angel Gabriel can be your beloved too. Use this time to express your soul and spirit in any creative way. Pay attention to dreams and nightmares.


April 18 Sun squares Pluto in CAPRICORN at 28+ degrees a major HARD Nuclear aspect. If you’re born on the last 4 days of Capricorn you may feel this aspect as huge test.  Beware of angry accusations from colleagues, work, or family related issues.

All that PISCES energy VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE in PISCES is in your Solar 3rd HOUSE of communications, siblings, analysis, questioning and short travels. A very imaginative and creative compassionate and charitable energy can help you express hidden feelings.

MERCURY, planet of communications in TAURUS will conjunct URANUS on the 18th then square Saturn in AQUARIUS the responsible mature testing planet in the rebellious scientific hi-Tech sign on the 24th. This is a highly creative rebellious, free thinking, radical out of the box energy. This is good to offset the PISCES LA LA land energies. MERCURY in TAURUS is beneficial for you and investments in crypto NFT’s or any radically inventive company or startup.

Mercury sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES is a very romantic, dreamy, idealistic, wearing rose colored glasses aspect. Be careful of being deluded, seduced and projecting what you want to see onto others. You will be feeling ungrounded, lost, and foggy. Pay attention to the Synchronistic conversations for clues to put the pieces of the puzzles together. Watch your dreams and flashes of psychic inspiration.


The PISCES tsunami of energy of VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE in PISCES is in your Solar 2nd house of self-worth, resources, tools. Values. This is a time to reevaluate your usually cool detached scientific judgement and refine it with a creative, spiritual, much more imaginative approach. You may meet a partner who compliments your hi-tech knowledge with a creative approach. Being charitable as giving back needs to be a necessary part of what you do. Pay attention to synchronistic messages, and information that just appears out of nowhere. Trust it, don’t analyze it to death.

MERCURY, planet of communications in TAURUS will conjunct URANUS on the 18th then square Saturn in AQUARIUS the responsible mature testing planet in the rebellious scientific hi-Tech sign on the 24th. This is a highly creative rebellious, free thinking, radical, unique inventive energy. This is good to offset the PISCES outta this world energy. You may connect with ET’s and other unusual “conspiracy theory” info. Good for investing in Crypto, and the bull market more tangible assets, real estate etc.


All that PISCES energy VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and NEPTUNE in PISCES is in your SOLAR 1st house of SELF! It is your time to shine PISCES. Be creative, go with the flow, come out and show yourself you are a psychic, empath, medium, artist, secret actor, dancer, film maker, healer. You may be feeling overwhelmed with emotions because this is HUGE PSYCHIC overwhelm energy. Remember this is a once in 166-year conjunction of JUPITER and NEPTUNE. It is so rare. On the 18-21st MARS conjuncts the Fixed Star Fomalhaut, which is the Archangel Gabriel, at 3 degrees. Jupiter rules PISCES. Ask Archangel Gabriel for Divine Intervention. Stay alert for his messages. This can be a time of exceptional creativity, divine inspiration, dream power, but can also exacerbate addictions, mental illness, delusions illusions and projections. A great time to go to rehab, AA or whatever therapy you need to heal now. Be careful because you are wearing those rose-colored glasses and can’t see what is really going on. You need to connect with your soul tribe on a deep soul level. Angel Gabriel can be your beloved too. Use this time to express your soul and spirit in any creative way. Pay attention to dreams and nightmares. Pray. Do charity work.

Mercury sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES on the 24th is a day for romantic, dreamy, idealistic, ideas and communication. Be careful of being deluded, seduced and projecting what you want to see onto others. You will be feeling ungrounded, lost, and foggy. Pay attention to the Synchronistic conversations for clues to put the pieces of the puzzles together. Watch your dreams and flashes of psychic inspiration. Just meditate.

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Mars Juno, put a ring on it Aquarius

Mars and Juno are about to conjunct at 28° Aquarius ♒️ now.

Mars is a passion, action, drive. Meeting up with Juno, the goddess of marriage in Greek and Roman mythology can bring the dispassionate desire to put a ring on it. Especially as Aquarius is ruled by Saturn 🪐.

Aquarius is infamous for doing unconventional everything. Would not usually want to get married in a traditional way or at all.

Juno, is the original feminine or intuitive form of genius, which everyone however you identify can access. Juno/Jove is Jupiter’s wife. He is the head honcho on mount Olympus, she is his equal.

This aspect brings a passion for very smart women or to be that super smart woman yourself. Juno loves to pursue a multiplicity of options. So Mars/Juno may also want to break free of conventional relationships too now. Juno is our innate ability to multi task, to access multi-dimensional thinking and consciousness and choices.,

Aquarius ♒️ energy is about networking, organizations, freedom, revolution, thinking outside the box, higher consciousness.

This Mars Juno energy along with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction really amps up the ability to access multi dimensional consciousness, viewpoints, and tap into your own creative genius as well as the collectives.

If you are interested In learning more about juno. I have a workshop on her. That is available.

Note how this energy affects you.

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Exalted Soul Mate Magic, Astrology Venus in Pisces

April 5, Venus enters Pisces at 11:17 am EDT until May 2/3 she is exalted in PIsces

Venus sails through the 12th sign of soul mates, karma, romantic love, creativity, projection, illusions, delusions, love addiction, seclusion, self-sabotage, toxic relationships, retreat, spas, and inner work from April 5 to May 2nd swimming like Esther Williams through the ocean of Bliss, illusions, spirituality and addictions. April 5, Venus enters Pisces 11:17 am EDT until May 2/3 she is exalted in PIsces. This is her best love language.

VENUS and JUPITER and NEPTUNE joining in PISCES makes this THE most exalted spiritual soul mate finding- especially your inner soul mate- MONTH in 166 years.

This is great for Pisces, and Taurus but Libra is in the inconjunct aspect, it may point to your love addictions illusions and delusions. Toxic love addicted co-dependent relationships may end for Libra now.

Beautiful spiritual energy, enhancing psychic intuitive energies and dreaming of your soul mate. Extremely sensitive, we are all psychic sponges right now. We can’t help feeling everyone else’s feelings. Be creative connect to your artistic side. Pisces is the last sign so it’s a time of endings, compassion for self and others. Understanding your self-sabotage. Be careful of love addictions, martyrdom, toxic relationships, viruses, self-sabotage, and projections. Illusions, delusions, false messiahs, inflation, problems with water, plumbing, flooding, and karmic paybacks need to be accounted for.

Venus is the erotic Love Goddess. When imbibing Pisces magical hookah she becomes the Goddess of Agape, unconditional love or also totally lost and addicted to love. She is hidden behind a veil of illusion but as High Priestess of Tantra, she reveals the secrets of Divine Love.
April 27 Venus Conjunct Jupiter at 27+ degrees PISCESher Higher Octave at 27+ degrees PISCES- her exalted degree to April 30 Venus conjoint JUPITER

April 30 VENUS conjunct JUPITER in PISCES is one of the best days of 2022

Ultimately we have to love ourselves unconditionally for the divine souls that we are enfleshed in the material world.

 Venus, born from Seafoam,  of Pisces oceanic Bliss as in Botticelli’s famous painting is considered to be exalted when in Pisces. 

Venus in Pisces would be the MOON card #18 in the Tarot

 This is a wonderful time for self-love without ego. So many of the New Age programs are all about loving yourself and self-congratulating, while people do need to build up confidence in shattered personalities and egos we also have to remember that the ego is real but an illusion, very much like Pisces energy. We can work with the ego and see it for the false self that it is. And let go of many false beliefs and assumptions about everything in the world for this next month. Disillusionment is also part of Venus in Pisces, many people are feeling that way during Trump’s inauguration.

PISCES the sign of self-sabotage:

 Venus allows us to love ourselves enough to let go of where we are sabotaging ourselves.This is also a great time to go to rehab, realize you have addictions to spending, fashion, yoga, gurus, relationships, avoidance in general and to let go of addictions.  


 PISCES is literally human heart and infinite soul combined. It’s a fantastic month for dreaming and meditating. A great time to explore your own unconscious, the realms of fantasy and illusion, for owning our own unconsciousness and praying for connection with Goddess.

This aspect can bring closure to many relationships as it symbolizes endings. We may either feel this energy as being more magically in love or becoming more deluded into a false projection of seeing the other as perfect as ideal. Venus in Pisces is not practical. 

Venus in Pisces is not practical. 

Do be careful when signing on the dotted line. Venus in Pisces makes us wear those rose-colored glasses. We see what we want to see and not necessarily what is really there. Best day for signing anything this month, when Venus squares Saturn, reality planet

Build an altar to the Goddess of love and beauty

So that you can connect to these aspects within yourself and to see BEAUTY in the world everywhere and for men to see their own inner Love nature, beauty and in all women. 

Pisces is the 12th house of the Unconscious, secrets, karma, Source, spirit, cosmic love, illusions, gurus, ashrams, self-undoing, martyrs, addictions, dreams, shamans, glamor. How many of us blindly fall in love with people who just use us? How many are addicted to love? How many of us have been martyrs in love, endlessly sacrificing ourselves in hopes that someone will love us unconditionally, finally.

VENUS, Goddess of all things Feminine, beauty, art, music, poetry, refinement, aesthetic pleasure, romance, money teaches us to find the love that we seek within our own hearts. Venus= love, she lives in every heart.

Venus in PISCES is the Tarot Trump # 3  THE EMPRESS 

The EMPRESS  in the Rumi Tarot

“Woman is a ray of the divine light.”

I love this RUMI deck and the quote is perfect for Venus in PISCES especially.

BE the EMPRESS, VENUS, BE the Goddess of Love. Be the change. Be the DIVINE GREEN LIGHT.

While Venus is in PISCES — Keywords

KNOW yourself as a vessel of Divine unconditional love, FEEL IT in your heart.


See BEAUTY everywhere. You may see orbs as you open to experience cosmic love and feel the angelic presences all around you. If you feel yourself being judgmental about yourself or someone else. STOP. Replace that script with forgiveness,love and acceptance. 


Go to art galleries, buy art, read poetry, keep fresh flowers in your home, garden, appreciate beautiful quality fabrics, fashion. I got my haircut and colored in Venus’s honor yesterday.  Make art, make love, write poetry, create songs or a new spiritual practice.

Create an altar to Venus,

You want to bring her into your life in reality.It can be simple, just a vase of flowers, some pink rose quartz, a poem, a beautiful arrangement of things you love. Every day stop and meditate with Venus and say a prayer to Venus the Goddess. You may see her as Kwan Yin, Mary, Tara, Isis, any manifestation. Allow Her divine presence to enter your emotional body and your unconscious. Spend 10 minutes a day at least praying at your altar, 20 minutes to half an hour is better. You may find that Venus had you enchanted under Her spell and you may find yourself sitting in reverie for much longer. Do this before bed and ask Venus to come into your dreams.  Ask to see your soul mate in your dreams.


These uplift your soul. Listen to Deva Premal and Miten 

Be charitable and selfless but Not a martyr. 

Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

Fall in LOVE WITH EVERYONE- really try this.

Tell people they are beautiful, they are a sacred mirror of your own inner beauty.

It will uplift your heart and soul. See loving positive movies -No violence, no video games, No porn. Pisces is film and photography.

Use this chant, its an adaptation of a Navaho prayer

In peace and beauty may I walk 

In peace and beauty wander the earth

In peace, in peace, may I wander

In Beauty, Beauty may I wander.

FEEl your connection to everything in the UNIVERSE, PISCES BLISSED OUT TIME. 

Venus in PISCES dissolves all hardness and all ego’s.

Do be careful about drinking and drugs during this time as you will be super susceptible and sensitive. Your usual grounded practicality is off. 

Try levitating and telepathically sending messages to your friend’s hearts and see if they notice.

Find that SOUL MATE, that TWIN FLAME, that everyone wants so much, and remembers. The soul mate is your own inner other- half. 

The only way to do it is to let go of your {illusion/delusion -that’s PISCES } own ego.

You are not separate that is impossible.  YOUR BELOVED IS WITHIN YOU ALREADY.

Venus in PISCES  -adore the Feminine,

get down on your knees and worship the DIVINE YONI, the Delta of VENUS, like Leonard Cohen says.

Appreciate women. Know that all things are born of woman, it is obvious that all creation comes from the Feminine. See the world from a nurturing standpoint of unconditional love produces a very different world than the one we know today.

It’s a fantastic month for dreaming and meditating.

A good time for owning our own unconsciousness and praying for connection with Goddess.

Please share widely.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Natasha Bedingfield – Soulmate

Academy Award’s Astrology “the slap heard around the world.”

March 28 under an Aquarian ♒️ moon 🌙

The Aquarius detached dual natures Airy Moon makes conjunctures with Mars, then Venus, Juno and Saturn 🪐 in a triple exact conjunction in AQUARIUS at 21+ degrees. A really beautiful romantic and serious love conjunction. t could be a great time for connecting with dating apps. But also tough because of the two malefics Mars and Saturn. Saturn can work for you and against you. If you have any planets here they will be feeling the virtual love hugs.

Everyone saw the “Slap that was heard around the world” at the Academy Awards last night when Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock across the face live for making a joke about his wife actress Jada Pinkett-Smith baldness. She has alopecia an auto immune disease which makes you go bald

This Major Conjunction aspect perfectly defines that Saturn protects and creates boundaries – “dont’ say my wife’s name in your mouth”- talk about Mercury in Aries i said -fighting words didn’t I? That’s what Will Smith was tearing up about in his acceptance speech for King Richard. Defending my Venus Juno wife. Also Will Smith’s chart is being heavily hit. I’ll do a video about that.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s chart b.September 18,1971 12:38 pm Baltimore

She has a stellium in VIRGO sign of health, perfectionism, and serving others. Transiting Jupiter in PISCES on her IC, her home roots and family and NEPTUNE = Hollywood at 25 PISCES is opposing her VIRGO SUN in her 10H. of PUBLIC FAME. This speaks of spirituality, delusion, projection, image, glamour, Messianic energy around her-her husband, Her Natal Pluto is conjunct her SUN at 29 VIRGO, and PLUTO is Trining her Pluto. This makes her Loom, large on the public stage and in the collective unconscious.

Transiting Mars at 16 Aquarius is conjunct her NORTH NODE at 14 and her Natal Mars at 12 Aquarius. Mars is her man Will Smith, fighting mad to defend his Venus Juno Wife.

Jupiter Beguiled by Juno on Mount Idea 1799 James Barry wikiart public domain

Mars is sandwiching Venus and Juno with Saturn

This is a difficult aspect as Mars and Saturn are malefics. Anger and Strife, war and limits, rage and death surround Venus and Juno, the leading Goddesses. Venus has been squeezed between these two since the first Venus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn at 15+ degrees in February and then Venus and Mars conjoined at 0 Aquarius on March 6 after today Venus pulls ahead.

Venus is virtual romantic love. In Aquarius this is non-traditional. Aquarius governs non-binary LGBTQ individuals.

Juno wants to put a ring on it, according to Greek mythology but Juno is the feminine form of multitasking genius that is essentially feminine and which anyone can access. Juno’s symbol is the beautiful all seeing eye’d peacock.

Saturn wants to make that Non-traditional commitment too.


“Juno – The Goddess of Feminine Genius, your personal Genie”

Juno, Asteroid #3, is not just the Goddess of Marriage and wife of Jove/ Jupiter/
Zeus as Hera. She was originally the Feminine Form of Genius or Genie. Her

symbol which looks like a magic wand illustrates the multi-tasking nature of
Feminine inspiration and creative powers that anyone can access and possess.

ONLY $15 US for non-members, $10 for members.

JOIN HERE wants to make that Non-traditional commitment too.

The Chandra And Omega symbals from John Sandbach for insights

Aquarius 22. A master healer is gradually restructuring someone’s body. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Lehahiah (Lay-HA-hee-YAH) Forget Thyself, Obedience)

The power of this degree is its understanding of how limitations can be changed gradually. To effect this change requires an understanding of the nature of those limitations and an intuitive sense of how to approach them, where their weaknesses are, and how to dialogue with any system. Here is the master negotiator who respects the integrity of whatever they are working with, and who can achieve far-reaching results by acknowledging what is and then working with it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman making lace.” Here we find patience as well as the ability to concentrate and to perceive the overall patterns of whatever we are dealing with. This degree is adept at carrying out delicate procedures and of keeping all the strands of its motives and needs straight. It is one who brings people and situations together in an attempt to produce something harmonious and beautiful – a degree of great refinement.

Pleiadian Symbol: Children playing amongst scattered and diverse toys.

Azoth Symbol: Through a wormhole a man views the movements of a vast beautiful nebula.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 23. Strange tools no one knows house to use. (Omega Symbol). Through experimenting with the tools we learn new modes of being and can restructure our whole existence.

A woman wearing many tiny bells. (Chandra Symbol). We wake up and shake off all stagnation to ready ourselves for the delicate and complex process of living and coming together with others.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 27.A group of fish at the edge of a pool. They are looking up at someone. (Omega Symbol). As we restructure ourselves in such a way that we can manifest more of who we truly are, deep understandings of many different sources rise to the surface of our subconscious. This is basically Pluto’s degree and the U.S. Pluto return degree,

A long mirrored hallway lit with candles. (Chandra Symbol). Coming to a finer understanding of all the knots and entanglements of our existence we can see ourselves more clearly in the process of transition.”

You will see the planets conjunct in the sky tonight. Go outside and get a naked eye view. Offer the planet’s food or salutations. Remember this is a huge manifesting time.

21 Aquarius ♒️ is conjunct the BITCOIN Genesis chart Neptune at 22 Aquarius ♒️ this is one reason why bitcoin has gone up and regained all it last losses today.

Jupiter is also conjuncts bitcoin’s Uranus the planet that governs Uranus’s wild, chaotic, non-conformists, digital cryptocurrency ways in secretive idealistic creative, Pisces at 19° too.

How is the triple conjunction aspecting you? It’s in my 3rd house.

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New healing strategies for heartbreak with Chiron, Athena, Eros

This brings new healing strategies to old heartbreak and wounds. The importance of Athena’s battles strategies with an erotic addition should not be underestimated.

Chiron the Wounded Healer and Pallas Athena who was originally a parthenogenesis Goddess, at 11 degrees + ARIES wears a golden helmet and breastplate and has a wise owl on her shoulder indicating her psychic dream healing nature. She is a defender of war not a bloodthirsty warrioress. Eros or Cupid Venus LOVE CHILD with Mercury is at 7-9 degrees ARIES in close conjunction.
Especially if you have planets angles, nodes etc within 5 degrees of these you are feeling the full effects. If you have planets etc square to this at 5-12 degrees Cancer/CAPRICORN and opposite at 5-12 CAPRICORN. you are feeling the heat too.

Athena/Minerva in Roman is the Goddess of Goddess of poetry, medicine, strategic warfare, commerce, weaving, the crafts, wisdom, courage, inspiration, victory, war, law, civilization, bravery, heroism, protection, city-state, family, justice, mathematics, science, technology, strength, strategy, the arts, and skill. She was a goddess of healing at BATH England called SULIS and associated with Medicine and the Asclepius.

Minerva is thought to have invented the flute by piercing holes into boxwood. She enjoyed the music, but became embarrassed by how it made her face look when her cheeks puffed out to play. Because of this she threw it away and it landed on a riverbank where it was found by a satyr

The Romans celebrated her festival from March 19 to March 23 during the day which is called, in the neuter plural, Quinquatria, the fifth day after the Ides of March, the nineteenth, an artisans’ holiday. This festival was of the deepest importance to artists and craftsmen as she was the patron goddess of crafting and arts.[13

ATHENA/ MINERVA is prominent today The Seal of California depicts the Goddess Minerva. Her birth fully grown parallels California becoming a state without first being a territory.

The U.S Military Medal of Honor for the Army, Navy/Marine Corps, and Coast Guard depicts Minerva in the center of it. 

A statue of Minerva stands in the entrance to Main Building at Wells College in Aurora, NY. On the last day of spring semester classes, graduating seniors kiss Minerva’s feet for luck and lifelong wisdom. Minerva was the only statue that survived the 1888 fire of the old Main Building.[3]

Use new strategies for healing resistance to vulnerability abound. Get erotic about it. please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene get a reading

Your love life now future/ past Venus Mars Meetups

I had a powerful meditation for myVENUS MARS radical Love-in workshop. I led a guided meditation which takes participants into the real nano-particle integrtaion of Vensu and MARS conjoining at 0 degrees AQUARIUS. The work in the visualiation that were received are a foundation for the next 2 years until the next Venus/Mars, Venus Conjunct Mars Dates

July 12/3, 2021

VENUS conjunct MARS at 19 degrees LEO

  This is a major once in 2-year occurrence. The Sacred Marriage aspect of the divine opposites coming together in a very hot passionate union. This makes us proud of our love and who we love. This brings courage in love, to speak out against your family who may want you to do the old traditions. There will be love drama galore.I

I led a workshop for that one too. It is available for purchase.
February 16, 2022, VENUS/MARS met at 15+ Capricorn

All 15 degrees of all signs are the peak middle, a crest of a waveform. 0 degrees is always new cycles and beginnings.

March 6, 2022 at 0+ Aquarius

0 Aquarius was also the degree that Jupiter and Saturn met at on Dec. 21, 2021 igniting a brand new 20 year and a much longer meeting of these two balancers of the Zodiac. in a much longer 200-year cycle of only meeting in AIR signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

One important thing to remember is that PLUTO will activate this 0-degree AQUARIUS when Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023, retrogrades back into Capricorn on June 11th, 2023, and then back in Aquarius on January 21s, 2024. Pluto is a destructive transformative aspect. I will write more on this soon.



KEYNOTE: The power inherent in all great human works endures far beyond the workers’ life spans.

The works and spirit of the Spanish priests who directed the building of the California missions have had a lasting influence on the development of this land; these remain as a monument to the men who were able to make their mark upon this alien environment. While the zodiacal sign Capricorn begins with a symbol of socio-political power, Aquarius at its start presents a more spiritualized and idealistic or creative picture of the social forces at work. Moreover, it stresses the enduring character of human achievements ensouled by a great vision. At least within the frame of reference of our Western civilization, the symbol speaks of the projection of a noble ideal into concrete forms of beauty and significance, thus of the radiation of a “civilizing” power into an institution offering to primitive men the opportunity to reach a higher, more organized, and productive, level of activity.

This is the first stage in the sixty-first five-fold sequence. It speaks to us of THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL. This also implies the “immortalization” of an individual within a great collective and cultural enterprise.

QUESTIONS for reflection before the VENUS/MARS conjunction

What are my past patterns in love and relationships? Which personality traits do I keep attracting in my partners?? This is reflected in your own Inner Masculine and feminine your personal VENUS and MARS placements.

         Is my heart open to love or closed?  If my heart is closed what do I need to work through to heal my heart to be ready to receive and give love and find the Beloved within?

What does your Inner Divine Feminine look like? What does she like? What does she love? How does she want to be loved, appreciated and respected?

What does your inner Divine masculine look like? What does he like? What does he love? How does he love you? How does he want to be loved, appreciated and respected?


Feb 22, 2024, at 6+ AQUARIUS 

January 7/8, 2026 at 18+ Capricorn this is similar to Feb, 16  meeting at 15+ Capricorn

November 24, 2027
June 14, 2028
September 7, 2028
November 23, 2029

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