Pray for Paris, Astrology of Terrorist attacks

A terribly tragic day, November 13, as eight terrorists in many locations killed over 150 people and seriously injured 80 in Paris. The City of Light is in mourning.  Seven of the attacks were by suicide bombers. People at restaurants were gunned down by baklava wearing men dressed all in black with machine guns. Explosions were set near a football match.  A group of young people watching a heavy metal concert were bombed near last years attacks.

Nous Sommes Francais. 

Police believed all of the gunmen were dead but it was unclear if any accomplices were still on the run after the string of near-simultaneous attacks. French President François Hollande declared a State of Emergency. Paris was under curfew for the first time since World War II and the country’s borders were closed.  President Obama came on the news to support the French. As has Canada. This is the 2nd time Paris had been under terrorist attack since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in early 2015. This is the French 9/11.

Eiffel Tower Paris, Tara Greene

The City of Light turned off the lights in the iconic Eiffel Tower to mourn its dead. Cities all over the world showed their solidarity by lighting up the red white and blue colors of the French flag on buildings in major cities. I saw Toronto’s CN Tower lit up in sympathy with France.

CN Tower #ParisAttacks Tara Greene

No official terrorist group, like ISIL, or AL Qaeda has yet come forward. Although there was a Tweet that all other major cities need to be on guard. The terrorists were very well co-ordinated and the French surveillance is amongst the best  on the planet which means its getting harder to trace this subterfuge. There have been increasing terrorist attacks over the last two weeks world-wide as Western forces continue to bomb Syria. The West also claimed it had killed Jihadi John, the media beheading British born terrorist earlier today. 

I send prayers for all of those people murdered, especially the very young people attending the rock concert and all their families whose lives were senselessly taken from them in this attack. It makes me cry. 

They were discussing on the news the possibility that  this attack was caused by young radicalized Muslim men who had gone to fight in Iran or Syria and who were then allowed back into France without detention!  Which is pure insanity! Is no one awake?  No one knows so far if that is true. 

As I predicted last year and continue to predict for 2016 that large scale detention camps will be set up in all major European cities and in the U.S. to detain Muslims and any suspected radical groups as a result of these acts of terror. Borders will be closed all over Europe. Astrologically Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces will be a huge wake up call for strong borders and to stop Sagittarius refugees and an end of the Pisces compassion that has been shown by allowing religious fanatics so much freedom. This then allows them to become Pisces martyrs and internal enemies {this is like cancer cells } and we also then become their martyrs. 

It seems very common sense to not allow radicalized Islamic fighters back into the country they left. In the near future any person who goes to fight in a foreign country as an enemy of freedom and who has foreign military training would never be allowed to set foot back into the country they left. They would automatically lose all rights of citizenship as enemies of the state. They will be labelled as treasonous and extradited. Their families would be detained or extradited as well. Saturn is the cosmic cop, teacher and taxman. Somehow it smacks of 1984 fighting a perpetual war against a hundred headed hydra of an enemy. Very sad. Yes people are sending love and praying for peace but the Terrorists only hate and want to destroy. 

Strangely earlier in the day, an ad came up and I never usually read them but this time I got engrossed. It was an Air Canada ad;  ” a dream come true, soak up the great food, the culture, walk around the City of Light.. ” this was around 3:00 pm. EST. Hmm, Paris I thought….

Lets look at the Astrology of the terrorist attacks. 

I’m using the founding of the 5th Republic of France on October 6 1958 at 6:30 pm. Others use a Oct 5 chart but Liz Greene and Nick Campion use these charts. This was when the seal was applied in Paris. 

France is of course Libran, with its Sun at 12 degrees, exactly square to the U.S. Sun. France has been under the Uranus Pluto Cardinal squares.  It has Mercury and Venus, in her rulership and the North Node in Libra.  

France’s Moon  at 21 degrees Cancer in the 4th house, its’ all about food. It’s so Feminine, home loving and all about nurturing,  very emotional and sentimental.  The French are not known to be fighters, but defenders.  

A fiery Aries torch light up their Ascendant with the South Node in Aries on the Ascendant.  They are passionate and aggressive.

Mars is at 2 degree of Gemini in its second house square Pluto in Virgo in the 6th house of servants. The Revolution was the revolt against the Plutocracy by peasants remember. This is a hard placement, the defences and aggression on the country are always shifting, there is a lot of  back and forth bargaining and a split-personality . Death and change is very much in the streets.  Virgo is neighbourhoods, communities and Paris is a city of arrondissements or communities.

 France has a what you would expect; a beautiful, creative, super romantic artistic combo of Jupiter and Neptune in the 7th house of relationships in Scorpio. Its sexy, erotic, intense, the home of 20th century art and there are mistresses and intrigue, Inspector Clousseau? Neptune rules photography and it was invented in France. 

Saturn is the highest elevated planet in France’s chart at 20 degrees Sagittarius and France will have its first round of its second Saturn return on Christmas Eve 2016. Saturn in Sagittarius is a  just society. Saturn in Sagittarius speaks honestly, is International, likes to have serious fun in life and will mature more now in its 2nd return. Saturn has only one hard aspect and that’s from its Moon in Cancer indicating that it is defensive and protective of its homeland

Chiron is in Aquarius opposite its Uranus in Leo.  France has its own way of operating. It is proud to have led the world in Revolution. 

The first reports of shootings came on November 13 at 10:05 pm CET.  Yes I had written don’t be afraid of November 13. A lot of terrible things happened in the world this day. Two Isis attacks in Lebanon, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up at a Baghdad funeral and there was a small tsunami in Japan.  This day and will be further attributed to it. 

Paris attacks Nov 13 2015, Tara Greene AstrologyThe two combined charts. 

# 1. Transiting Saturn is opposite France’s Natal MARS in Gemini and squaring Natal Pluto in VIRGO. Very difficult. 

The T. North Node and Mars were just conjunct at the zero degree of Libra on the 12th which is a huge explosive trigger point. The North Node is at 29 degrees Virgo which is also a critical point and trining the most awfully reputed Fixed Star in the Zodiac ALGOL, Medusa’s head. 

There is an asteroid called ISIS and even though it was named after Egyptian Goddess ISIS, and I don’t like the popular culture defaming the Goddess name, I’d rather call it IS, the media uses it.  I thought I’d put it on this chart to see how it fit  the French chart. 

The ASTEROID ISIS is at 20 degrees of LIBRA exactly conjunct the French SUN! and Mercury, communicating. It’s nearly on France’s Descendant where it interconnects with all “others.” I think that’s a strong clue as the Universe uses puns. 

Transiting Jupiter Chiron opposition is squaring France’s natal Saturn in Sagittarius. Which makes it more vulnerable now from Foreign { Sagittarius} religious {Sagittarius} killers- Saturn. 

Revolutionary chaotic explosive planet Uranus is transiting France’s 12th house of “self-undoing” shooting oneself in the foot, karma and hidden enemies. 

Uranus will cross Frances’ Ascendant and square its natal Moon in Cancer . France has its 2nd Saturn return in 2016. France will show a radically different face to the world. It will not be mothering foreigners anymore. Uranus ruled Technology will be used everywhere on everyone. If the French want to maintain freedom, a Uranian idea, they must have Saturn boundaries.  A Saturn border for a like-minded tribe { Aquarius}  people pledged to one common goal.  This is what the Dutch have done. Even though it appears racist it is not. Its about defining boundaries of a country’s ethics, identities,laws and freedoms and asking everyone who wants to live in a country to upholding those liberal goals that everyone is equal. Saturn in Sagittarius is a fight between foreign religious fanatics and secular societies. The modern Uranian way is secular . Aquarius is a human intellectual sign. We are all humans. The domination of science will become ever stronger when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023-2024.  

9/11 was triggered under a Saturn/ Pluto opposition.. Saturn was at 14+ degrees of Gemini and PLUTO was at 12+ degrees Sagittarius. Saturn will oppose that place and cross Pluto’s, half way round that terrible cycle during 2016.  The piper will have to be paid. Harder measures will be put into place to fight terrorism. Unfortunately Freedom may have to be curtailed in order to maintain freedom. 

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Get down and dirty, earthy year’s end

We are leaving 2014 in an earthy down and dirty practical way.

Yes, four planets are in Capricorn now the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in the 10th sign of worldly affairs, career success, long-term goals and planning, patience, REALITY itself, corporate structure, karma, seniority, struggles, obstacles, hard work, building. 

and early on Dec 30 the Moon enters Taurus making it a QUINTUPLY  EARTHY time.

That’s an earth PENTACLE, the symbol of Venus orbit cycle of 8 years

pentagram of earth Tara Greene

Moon stays and grazes in Taurean meadows till noonish EST January 1. 

Dec 30 Taurus moon is mellow, lazy, sensuous, stubborn moods.

There are 2 awkward quincunx’s; one from Moon to Saturn in Sagittarius.

that old fire and earth trick never works.

MERCURY quinunx Retrograde Jupiter in Leo

communications snafus and big ego’s with big snits.

Moon sextiles Netune early in the day so its very creative and romantic.

Its a good time to sit and review what the year 2014 brought you. Journal, write a diary of your experiences.

Moon Trines SUN later in the day – nice and earthy, take a mud bath, count your blessings.

Virgo’s get some brownie points in this one too.


The Moon Bosch Tarot Tara Greene

THE MOON Trump #18 Bosch TAROT 


The Moon is a very complex symbol, the unconscious memories, the womb, fantasy, illusion, delusion, escapism. addictions, self sabotage, insanity. The Moon is all emotional, feelings, sensations, pre-verbal, deeply known in the feminine, psychic,  mysteries of the Soul. 

The Moon is related to the sign of PISCES in the Tarot

It is the dark side of the Moon. The Tarot Trumps are in a progression. The Star { Aquarius} precedes the Moon the positive card of the SUN #19 The LIGHT SOURCE follows the Moon. 

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December Astrology overviewby Tara Greene

It’s December already and I’ve complied a quick cheat sheet over view. More Cardinal Crises on the way. Print it out and stick it to your wall or carry it with you for quick reference of where the planets are.

RED is for HOT DATES, Purple is for planets entering new signs, Full Moons are in light blue. 


Things get major hits on the next Uranus Pluto cardinal crisis the 6th one which opens your 3rd eye From Dec 14/15.  I’ll write in more details soon.

planets astrology Tara Greene

Dec 1 under an Aries Moon, ruler Mars sextiles Saturn

good for transforming old unconscious tyrannies

Dec 3 Saturn sesqui-quad URANUS @ 27 degrees Scorpio- 12 degrees Aries

this can prove to be a day of fingers on the chalkboard, a difficult day for the U.S. and anyone with mid degree Aries planets.

Dec 4 Under a Taurus MOON, ruler VENUS trines JUPITER in LEO at 22+ degrees Fire sign

Good for starring in your own production, attracting many lovers and being very dramatic dahlings. Aries too.

Sun Trine Uranus @ 12 + degrees of Aries

Good for radically new shining in the sun

Mars enters Aquarius @ 3:56 pm PST/6:56 pm EST -Jan 12/13 2015

Passion, drive and sex favors all things AQUARIAN, egalitarian,hi-tech, higher consciousness adventures.

Dec 5 Sun squares Chiron at 13 degrees Sagittarius/ Pisces

Feeling intellectually or spiritually vulnerable or naked today? Have a great idea to uplift and heal the world?

Mercury Trines Uranus @ 12 degrees Sagittarius/ Aries

great for out of this world brilliant ideas, launch a new teaching plan or travels.

Dec 6 Mercury in Sagittarius Square Chiron in Pisces 

a more analytical repeat of yesterdays inquiry. Get those ideas down on paper.

Dec 6 Gemini FULL MOON at 4:26 am PST/ 7:26 am EST/ 12:26 pm GMT

Dec 8 Sun conjuncts Mercury @ 16 degrees Sagittarius @ 1:51 am PST/4:51 am EST

Blinding flashes of insights abound.

Dec 8 JUPITER TURNS RETROGRADE @ 22 degrees+ of LEO -April 8 2015 @ 12 degrees Leo

Get ready to pull back on your plans for starring on the stage, launching your travel, expansion, publishing or educational initiatives for awhile. 

Dec 10 VENUS enters Capricorn till January 3  2015

Love is all business, practical, hard working.

Dec 12 Mercury Trines Jupiter @ 22 degrees Sagittarius to LEO  @ 3:24 am PST/6:24 am EST

Planets are always the most powerful when they are changing direction. Great new ideas abound.

Dec 14 SUN TRINES JUPITER @ 22 degrees

this is a mist magical degree, illuminate what you failed to comprehend when you were too arrogant.

VENUS sextiles Neptune in Pisces @ 5 degrees earth Capcicorn to Pisces

super practical and romantic.

The 6th URANUS/PLUTO SQUARE occurs at 12+ degrees Aries/Capricorn @ 9:13 pm PST

Dec 15 @ 12:13 am EST/5:13 am GMT

I have written a long article about this which will be published shortly.

Dec 16

Venus in Capricorn sesqui-quadrate Jupiter 11 degrees Capricorn / 22 Degrees Leo Rx

The sweet business deal may require you to sell your soul to the devil. You may be rethinking this.

Dec 16 Mercury enters Capricorn @ 7:53 pm PST/ 10:52 pm EST

Communicating in all business terms, practical thoughts. Higher goals and long-term plans are a major focus.

Dec 19/20

Mercury Sextiles Neptune – very sweet energy, little sweet nothings, and spiritual dreams.

Dec 20 *****VENUS Squares Uranus 9:08 am PST and conjunct PLUTO  12 degrees @ 1:09 pm PST/4:09 pm EST 

WOMEN get into the CARDINAL CROSS ENERGY  here and shape the way the Revolution is happening.

Mars also sextiles Uranus in ARIES

there will be street fighting and women on the barricades. Money markets can fall. This is a dangerous day. But a good one for reshaping your life, relationships, values.

Dec 21 

Venus sextiles Chiron @ 2:02 am PDT

sexual healing time.

URANUS TURNS DIRECT @ 12 degrees 34 minutes of ARIES – since July 21 at 16 degrees + Aries @ 2:44 pm PST

WINTER SOLSTICE @ 3:03 pm PST/ 6:03 pm EST/11:03 pm GMT *****

Dec 21/ 22 NEW MOON at zero degrees+ Capricorn @ 5:35 pm PST/8:35 pm EST/ Dec 22 @ 1:35 am GMT.

Venus squares the North and South Nodes @ 16 degrees Capricorn

A very karmic aspect. fateful love decisions, money markets, women, artists. Will write more about this,


Saturn will preview his longer stay in Sagittarius now until June 14 2015. Saturn will Retrograde back into the final degrees of  Scorpio then will sojourn through the 9th sign of Truth from September 17 2015- 2017.

Serious obstacles, maturity, and testing of matters dealing with foreigners,  religious fundamentalism, restrictions in education, law, publishing, freedom will all be front and center. 

Dec 24 Christmas EVE ****** CARDINAL CROSS ENERGY with MERCURY 

Mercury squares Uranus @ 5:31 pm PST/ 8:31 pm EST/Dec 25 @ 1:31 am GMT

Moon conjuncts MARS @ 8:36 pm PST/ 11:36 pm EST

Mercury conjunct PLUTO @ 10:53 pm PST/ Dec 25 @ 1:53 am EST/6:53 am GMT

Dec. 25 Christmas Day Mercury sextiles Chiron in Pisces @ 8:29 am 

Dec 26 SUN sextiles Neptune in Pisces @ 7:10 pm PST/10:10 pm EST

Dreamy, creative, spiritually compassionate.

Dec 27 

VENUS quincunx Jupiter 22 Capricorn to Leo @ 9:51 pm/ Dec 28 @ 12:51 am EST

This aspect can play havoc with the money markets, your love life and ego.

Dec 30 

Mercury Quincunx Jupiter  21 degrees Capricorn to Leo Retrograde.

Thinking would be flummoxed and conflicting ideas about leadership.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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IF NOT FOR YOU- Olivia Newton-John. Bob Dylan 
















Divine balance, Autumn Equinox Astrology

The ingress of the Sun into Libra marks the end of summer and the Autumn Equinox on Sept 22 @ 7:29 pm PDT/ 10:29 pm EDT/ Sept 23 2:29 am GMT. Spring is beginning down under in the Southern part of the hemisphere. It is celebrated as MABON in Pagan spirituality. 

Sun in Libra brings our consciousness and the Light into focusing on being in balance, relationships, love, marriage, the fine arts, and choices.

Day and night are only equally twice a year. The SCALES of MAAT, is the symbol of the constellation LIBRA. The great Ancient Egyptian goddess weighs the hearts of the deceased to see if they are as light as her ostrich feather diadem or not. We are in the KARMIC balance and being judged.

PLUTO, Lord of Death and Rebirth turns DIRECT 2 hours before the Equinox at 11 degrees Capricorn. This is a very powerful SOUL station turnabout. Picture yourself swivelling on your souls’ toes. If you are born within 5 days of  Dec 31- Jan -7 you will feel the heaviness of this anchoring. Check out where the 11th degree of Capricorn falls in your natal chart. That is a soul “pull your socks up” to say the least. 

The equinox chart is a forecast of the next 3 months. It’s a karmicaly complex Equinox. 

autumn Equinox astrology Tara Greene

Lots of 6th house type of VIRGO action in this chart. The Moon and Venus are in Virgo. Sun, Mercury, the North Node plus Athena Goddess of Wisdom and the warrior Goddesses energy is in LIBRA. But here they are focused on Virgo/Hermit overview energies of hard work, service, health, discipline, organization, accountability, conservation, the harvest, the environment and worry.

Moon in Virgo means the people’s mood may be worried about scarcities, health and jobs.

MOON and VENUS are conjunct in VIRGO and VENUS rules the new-born Libra SUN.

This is an emotional time and points to being accountable in love, which also alludes to being fiscally responsible.

The Moon is the mood of the people and Venus is love. Together in Virgo they make for a romantic, earthy, money focused tightening of the belts. Women or anyone into weight loss will rejoice.  There will be Romance on the job. Do you love, love, love your work? How much in service are you?  This also indicates workaholics.

How much worrying do you do about

1. your health, 2 money 3. diet 4.finding love v.s. being a HERMIT?

Aren’t these the 4 main things that everyone worries about?

MOON VENUS is opposite CHIRON the wounded healer in PISCES which is square Mars at 6 degrees of Sagittarius.

Neptune in Pisces is  Square to Mars.

The feeling body, the mind/emotional connection which Venus and the Moon in Virgo represents may be feeling very vulnerable and wounded. Love hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? Bringing spiritual compassion and unconditional love into relationships with yourself and at work is important.  It may be hard to keep from flying off the handle and exiting for the road less travelled-square to Mars in Sagittarius.  Be careful not to be seduced by numbing out escapism to drugs, alcohol, workaholism, delusions, illusions and false prophets/False profits.

 There may be more sad news about mass shootings in the U.S.  because of antidepressants making people psychotic.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node in Libra, good for socializing, grace, balanced viewpoints, Fairness is important. 

JUPITER is at the 15th degree of Leo trine Uranus in Aries in a wide trine to Mars in Sagittarius.

It’s all about opening your heart to creative self-expression, childlike delight and passion which in itself sets the heart alight and revolutionizes actions to be free, to learn higher wisdom, knowledge and philosophy, in other words broadens ones perspective. Becoming a  Dharma Bum as Jack Kerouac would have put it.  Have you read that classic book?

Jupiter is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces, exact the next day.

Don’t try to hide the wounds behind braggadocio and partying too much.

Saturn is at 19 degrees Scorpio conjunct CERES the dwarf planet of the Earth, the Great Goddess called Demeter to the Greeks. Saturn is karma and our own survival is totally dependent on our right relationship with the earth Mother Herself. Vesta ancient goddess of sacred sexuality and focus is also conjunct Saturn. We must work on healing, integrating and Honoring the split between the Mother and the whore, in our culture, an ancient Patriarchal, SATURN, split. Sexuality is sacred. The treatment of women parallels the treatment of the earth herself and her children.  

Saturn is sextile to the Moon and Venus in Virgo and the three planets form a FINGER OF GOD or Yod aspect to Uranus conjunct the South Node in Aries. Quincunx’s are difficult aspects but ones which must be dealt with. Issues of accountability, renewal of resources, creating new technologies and freedoms for women {Moon and Venus} and children and agricultural resources is very important.The work force is going through huge upheavals, the use of high tech and who gets to use it and how we use it responsibly are crucial.  Uranus is the God of higher consciousness liberation and freedom. 

ASTRO CARTOGRAPHY of the Autumn Equinox

astro equinox Tara Greene

Pluto and the Sun cross in the middle of Australia.

Could be a nuclear waste dump or an  explosion.

Uranus and Pluto converge around Mexicali Mexico and in the ocean off of Baja.

This could signify a huge undersea earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. The big one.

Pluto and Uranus also cross each others paths off of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean 

Cool be HARP activity, another undersea earthquake and tsunami.

MARS and the Sun cross North of  Sapporo Japan.

Mars and Sun are a most difficult combo. Nuclear power issues. This is serious karmic testing in these areas to the degree to which cultural inheritance and unconscious urges have been suppressed. This could be another tsunami or undersea quake.

Saturn Neptune cross over Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

fighting over oil and resources and land rights. Religious opposition to China’s rule. This is ancient Buddhist country.

Mars Neptune cross in Southern Libya. and over northern waters of Malaysia. 

religious wars, Fighting over oil rights. Religious terrorists emerge about the downed Malaysian plane. 

Neptune Mars cross in Brasil in Central eastern areas.  Oil wars, 

Mars and PLuto cross in central ALASKA, 

Oil pipeline leaks or explosion. Native rights resistance and proclamations.

All the planets converge in the North West Territories in Canada indicating struggles with Indigenous Peoples over land rights, Keystone pipeline, etc. and who owns the polar waterways,

Neptune Mercury and Uranus overlap in Seattle and Boise Idaho down to Las Vegas.

This HOT SPOT indicates much chaos, addictions, delusions, crazy hostage taking, religious fanatics. Water rights issues.

The autumn Equinox is a time to harvest what you have sewn in the Spring of this year. Look back and see if you are satisfied with your growth. The energy is more fiery now for the last quarter of 2014 especially with Mars in Sagittarius.

There is a new moon Sept 23 at 1 degree Libra.

Jupiter Trines Uranus on Sept 25 during Rosh Hashanah 

Some unexpected freedoms granted for the imprisoned.

Mars Trines Uranus Oct 4/5 on Yom Kippur

This can re-ignite an already totally incendiary situation in the Middle east.


Mars Trines Jupiter in Leo and this eclipse hugely exposes hidden agendas and brings in the Grand Cardinal Cross energy. Venus in Libra also Squares Pluto- big money secret agendas will out.  More later.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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MABON by Lisa Thiel 

John Michel Jarre Equinox part 5 1978  

Trigger happy wild weekend Astrology by Tara Greene

I am running around today as I have a big deadlines. August has started in an august way.

AUGUST is LAMMAS a pagan cross quarter day. We are 1/2 way to AUTUMN already. A time of thanks for what is blossoming in your life and to keep tending your garden and pulling weeds.

It’s a HOLIDAY WEEKEND IN CANADA – so have a safe happy long weekend

MY FREUDIAN SLIP of the day: I wrote deadlies as in deadly’s or dead lies. 

WHAT DEAD LIES do you keep repeating to yourself or others? IT’s a good question i think. Do you?

 August 1- all weekend VENUS in Cancer is very active -square Uranus in Aries on Aug 1 August Waters

LOVE the one you’re with. Sit down, get comfy, allow yourself to be taken care of rushing around Aries restless flaming hearts.

Venus trine Saturn and Chiron in Pisces. I wrote about this previously. HEALING TRINE Venus in CANCER retools Love in the deepest darkest remotest part of your Unconscious and with Chiron brings incredible compassion and healing – see link below 

LIBRA MOON squares PLUTO- Always has a big soul impact

with Moon in Libra – everything will  be NICE! NOPE! YIKES!

MARS in SCORPIO SQUARES JUPITER in LEO @ 6:46 pm @ 3+ degrees.


SUPER INFLATED EGO’s during the  Dog days Mars in Scorpio will ignite and unleash old stuck emotional garbage,


EGO’s will be super inflated, can be laughable.

jeff koons astrology art tara greene

Moon square Pluto will do that too

Moon opposes Uranus quincunx Chiron CRAZY ON YOU

emotional buried minefields.

Watch out for rampaging impatient Ariens, they are very similar to bulls.Unexpected lashing tongues and the similar

Libra Moon squares VENUS in Cancer at the end of the day it will all be OK maybe but what a journey It’s kind of  a rotor rooter day.


CONSCIOUSNESS dawns, you begin to comprende.Think with the HEART not your head. 

MERCURY squares MARS in Scorpio dueling witicisms, and deep cuts to the core issue. TOUCHE!

Moon enters Scorpio Aug @ 7:57 pm PDT/ 10:57 pm EDT

things will get darker and deeper and more intense.

Sunday is a DOOZIE! I’ll do my August preview later today. I promise.


having a secret interview I can’t reveal, hence the secretive Scorpio nature

I will try to keep writing from the Grail


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Pisces Pre- Mid Summer nights’ dream, repeat

Moon is still in PISCES folks pamper your tootsies, meditate, swim, create, meditate, be by the water- lake, ocean, river, pool, take an epsom salts bath to purify,practice forgiveness, do some charity work, imagine, dream, day dream, be in soul mate mood.

Walk barefoot – PISCES rules the feet, the Soles of your feet have sensitive points acupressure points which REFLEXOLOGY uses.

Reflexology astrology Tara Greene

Try REFLEXOLOGY on yourself

Also try BAREFOOT shoes- created by Sue Kenney a Pilgrim of the Camino, author, tour guide, storyteller. See link below

June 18-19

very dreamy Wednesday- I am having trouble focussing, I just want to day dream.

VENUS in Taurus has SEXtiled Jupiter in Cancer in the the wee hours today

did you have sweet succulent dreams?

Moon trines Saturn today- good for SCORPIO and CANCER’s at 15-18 degrees

Moon conjuncts Chiron later this evening- a great time to practice forgiveness,

June 19

MOON TRINES JUPITER in the early a.m. 

also good to wake up early and greet the lengthening days- only 2 more days to go of expanding light.

Moon sextiles Venus in TAURUS , sweet lovings, sensual whispers.

Moon squares Sun- we are half way to next New Moon June 27 at 5 degrees CANCER.

Moon squares RETRO Mercury at noon PDT/ 3:05 pm EDT then goes Void of course

there’s a couple of hours of void time n which its great to meditate on where you’ve been over the last month.

MOON enters ARIES 2:26 pm PDT It’s all new again.


Do look back. Where and when did your consciousness shine the brightest?

The Sun’s last conjunction with Mercury was on April 26  at 5 degrees TAURUS direct.  Previously it was February 15th at 27 degrees of Aquarius Retrograde. Think about what was going on for you. Sun symbolizes life force, charisma, power.

If your birthday is JUNE 19  of any year-

I know one person whose it is. The next year will be a year of re-doing and looking back over conversations and communications, reviewing, re-strategizing your ideas and take on things. This could be a great thing as it slows down GEMINI’s usual whizzingly fast thought processes. 


“Lord what fools these mortals be”- Puck 

This evening, the night before the Summer Solstice is the Famous one Shakespeare wrote about. A day of sexual frolicking in the fields. The SUN reached his PEAK in the sky and begins to slowly wain and die.  He surrenders his power to the GODDESS the Queen of SUMMER and fertility who makes the plants grow to feed her children and to ensure new life. 

CHIRON goes RETROGRADE JUNE 20- November 23

there’s no way to avoid the wounds. Like Leonard Cohen and Rumi say

“Don’t turn away.

keep your gaze 

on the bandaged place.

That’s where

the light enters you.” – Rumi

“Ring the bells that still can ring, 

Forget your perfect offering

There is crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in. “- Leonard Cohen

Which made me wonder if RUMI my all time favourite poet, and Leonard Cohen, one of my favourite singers, poet and songwriters was Rumi in a past life. Which is a project I may undertake .

As CHIRON RETROGRADE IN PISCES  until Nov. 23 from 17 + degrees PIsces = 13+ Pisces

we can receive, review, RECAPITULATE, renew, relive, reinvent, reprogramme those wounds for the next 5 months.

Mid summer’s night is full of that CARDINAL CROSS energy- Moon square to Pluto, opposite Mars conjunct URANUS.

grumpy, ornery, fidgety, testy. 

ARIES Moon quincunxes SATURN at 9:06 pm PDT

Be careful of being too impulsive or you may regret it.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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ANTHEM – Leonard Cohen


Bill Clinton weighs in on Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ |

Bill Clinton weighs in on Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ |

I was watching Kimmel last night.  Its was quite amazing to see former President Clinton, himself no stranger to scandal, say that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ” has absolutely destroyed all stereotypes about Canadians.”  Thanks Rob. What can we do to repay you? All PR is not necessarily good PR.

Are tourists thronging to Toronto looking for crack pipes in every alley now?

I predicted that Mayor Rob Ford {who I absolutely detested from before the time he was elected mayor}  will  be arrested, busted and put in jail and not be around for re-election as Toronto mayor later in 2014.

I am not Patriotic but thanks Rob for ruining Canada’s squeaky clean, NICE folks of the world reputation. I was kinda proud of that in an aw shucks Canadian sorta back bacon way.

You aren’t a real Canuck anyway Rob Ford -you never say SORRY, or eh.

Between your renegade druggy, swearing, poor white trash in rich fatness persona and Conservative Right wing PM Stephen Harper, Canada’s reputation has gone down the tubes as fast as the Alberta Tar Sands has tarnished our ecological and peace maker  status.

Well so it goes as old Kurt Vonnegut used to say.

Clinton was in fine form. I have always admired his persona and his totally symmetrical face. He looks better now than he used to, he’s become a vegan.

I live in this embarrassing town now. It’s actually quite a great city in a lot of ways. As for name destiny. Toronto, or TRAWNA as the natives say, is nicknamed Hogtown. And Rob Ford sure looks like the literal mayor of hogtown. So be careful what you refer to yourself as.

And be careful what you wish for to.


Conscious Uncoupling, Gwyneth Paltrow, Astrology from Tara Greene


BETTER CONSCIOUS Uncoupling than Unconscious Uncoupling I always say.

Thousands criticized Gwyneth for BLURRED LINES by crossing the professional and personal “NO GO ” by announcing her breaking up softly with Chris Martin of Coldplay after 11 years of marriage which crashed her web site.

Gwyneth Paltrow Chris martin

They are very cute vegetarians together. 

I think C.U. is a great keyword of the GRAND CARDINAL CLIMAX.  Or one of them anyways.

Pluto is the UNCONSCIOUS also soul consciousness,Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are uncoupling the system. Jupiter in Cancer is feeling the fallout in families, homes, children.

My motto is HOLLYWOOD is always prescient or creating the future. 

So why not a HOLLYWOOD actress and Musician, two very Piscean professions symbolize the archetypes for the rest of us

of what is going on AS ABOVE so BELOW.

Better to be conscious about everything. I always say.

I haven’t read the psychotherapist who coined this term. Or who is now selling courses on line and Certifying teachers of her BRAND of methodology. I would say it sounds like Jungian based wisdom to me.

So why now? They’ve been trying to keep it together for the past year with two fine children.


Gwyneth, the perfect tall, thin, talented New Agey Hollywood pedigree Academy Awarded actress and singer was born September 27 1972 in L.A.

Gwyneth is a LIBRA of course with lots of 7 house planets, she NEEDS to be in relationships.

Her MERCURY is at 11 degrees LIBRA with CERES at 12 degrees LIBRA in the 7th. THEY ARE IN THE CROSS HAIRS of the G.C.C.

Her Ascendant is 7 degrees PISCES and she has Neptune at 3 degrees Sagittarius in the 9th house. She loves foreigners, teaching.

She has the MOON at 11 and SATURN at 2o degrees GEMINI straddling her IC or home, roots, family.In spite of her seeming perfection she is plagued with difficulty in relationships with a GEMINI Moon conjunct Saturn. She may always look young and be charming. But she is maturely immature, a split emotional personality and a non-committer deep down. Saturn conjunct MOON tells reams about karma with men. She was also very close to her father and grandfather.

Wheres her VENUS? in LEO of course, she is the QUEEN BEE in the 6th house yet. Love is work to her.

Her CHIRON is at 15 degrees of ARIES late in her 1st house of self and of course GRAND CARDINAL CROSS is wounding her deeply.

Transitting URANUS on her CHIRON is nearing her URANUS Opposition. This is the foreshadowing of her mid-life crisis. She isn’t quite there yet. Just wait for the younger boy toy to enter.

Neptune is squaring her natal Neptune at 3 degrees so she must do everything with NEW AGE spiritual higher consciousness now which is a good thing.


means she may have fallen in love with her own projection and there may be a new man in her life she sees as her TRUE SOULMATE now. Always a very dangerous transit for this type of thing for everyone. Are you going through it?

EVERYONE GETS THIS TRANSIT AT AROUND 42 its another form of your mid-life crisis. You need objective advise.

NEPTUNE will also cross her Ascendant in the next few months, so expect to see Gwyneth totally morph into something  or someone new. She may become the NEW AGE QUEEN of the world.

JUPITER will triumphantly cross her natal VENUS In LEO  in November of this year in her 6th house of work. So she will most likely have a very public new man lover King in her life then. Also throwing herself into a big perhaps historical movie which she will star in royally.

Her SOUTH NODE at 23 degrees of Cancer in the 5th house of love affairs, children, will be crossed by Jupiter in June. Her children are very important to her and she and her soon to be ex- will probably always be in close proximity to co-parent their kids.

Now her husband Chris Martin,lead singer  of Coldplay is a 12 degrees PISCES with his Sun right on his DESCENDANT- house of marriage.

His Sun is squaring her MOON and SATURN. = KARMA

He has his Moon @ 4 degrees Leo also conjunct SATURN @ 11 degrees RETROGRADE in LEO in his 11th house opposite his Mars at 16 degrees AQUARIUS in his 5th house of children love affairs. Chris was also meant to be karmically involved with women in his life. They mirror each other’s fates here. His MC or public career is 6 degrees GEMINI which Gwyneth’s moon and Saturn wraps their arms around.


BTW Chris’s s great great grandfather invented daylight savings time. Saturn is FATHER TIME, Retrograde is time moving backwards, get it.

He has PLUTO at 13 degrees LIBRA in his 2nd house of resources. GRAND CARDINAL CROSS  CASUALTY.

he is having PLUTO SQUARE PLUTO as is everyone else in his age group.

PLUS URANUS opposite his PLUTO-Freedom of die. 

SATURN RETROGRADE is opposite his natal JUPITER LILITH Conjunction in Taurus. Chris has a Fascination  with the dark Feminine. She does what she does and bows to no man. Saturn Retrograde has had her in the form of Gwyneth turn and walk away.

PLUS JUPITER in CANCER-in his 1oth house of worldly fame.  A private PISCES guy has a very public break up, Quelle Horrors.

CHIRON the wounded healer at 14 degrees of PISCES  has just crossed his SUn and is squaring his NEPTUNE romantic soul mate  idealism exactly. Could turn out to be very creative for him, as Neptune rules his sensitive imaginative Pisces SUN. Watch for The uncoupling album.

Chris’s NORTH NODE IS @ 25 degrees LIBRA which RETROGRADE MARS has just marched backwards over. Somehow this split up figures as an action for his highest good. Although he is probably not feeling it that way. This is an undone deal.

Their synsastry charts

This is where you put the two peoples chart’s together. We have accurate birth times for both of them. They show major connectivity. 

Gwyneth Paltrow Coldplay Astrology Tara Greene


I wish both of them well. It’s always hard when any marriage breaks up. Better to break up consciously when you have kids.

Being famous doesn’t protect you from Planetary Transits – no one is immune. She is actually a very good singer Gwyneth and it would be nice to see her and Chris sing a duet together. Breaking up isn’t  hard to do. 

PLease share widely

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VIVA LA VIDA- Coldplay

LANDSLIDE – Gwyneth Paltrow




Loving the Grand Cardinal CLIMAX from Tara Greene

Yes the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS CLIMAX is a coming on  April 22/23 2014. YOu can feel it, I know.

This will be the 5th of SEVEN Uranus Pluto Squares + more involved now.

THE NUMBER 7 is a very esoteric number and symbolizes the ancients view of 7 planets, 7 chakras, days of the week, musical notes all of which is based on the Heavenly planets themselves.

What began with the RENEGADE REVOLUTIONARY Planet Uranus in NEW Life/war lord  sign of ARIES

Squaring Lord of Death, Power, Secrets, Sex, Transformation Pluto in CAPRICORN is now at its 5th stage of unfoldment.

These two transpersonal planets make major long-term cycles of conjunctions, squares and oppositions lasting 500 years which affect the world at large and create specific historical periods of growth and collapse, innovation and endings.

Uranus takes about 84 years to complete one revolution, 7 years through each zodiac sign. Pluto  takes about 248 years to make one revolution.

Let’s think of each of these seven squares as difficult and hellish as they may seem to be as SACRED INITIATIONS into a MYSTIC ASCENSION,  the Dance of the 7 veils, the 7 HEAVENS, and are associated with the 7 chakras. 

chakra Tara Greene psychic healing

# 1 the Root- foundation, power, survival, at bottom of spine. Color RED

# 2 SEXUAL CREATIVE. Fertility, emotion, creation, sex. Womb, or sexual organs. Color ORANGE

# 3. The navel -Will,  power, Source energy.. Color YELLOW

#4 The Heart- Love, self-love peace, beauty, Nature. Color GREEN

#5 the Throat- power, communication, THE WORD. Color indigo BLUE

#6 the 3rd eye, inner Vision, telepathy. Color ULTRAVIOLET.

# 7 Crown- spiritual connection, Bliss, cosmic consciousness. WHITE. 

Let’s look at the chakra initiations we’ve had and what’s to come.

1. June 24 2012 Pluto was Retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn, Uranus was direct at 8+ degrees Aries.

2. September 19, 2012 Uranus was Retrograde at 6+ degrees Aries, Pluto was direct at 6 + degrees Capricorn.

3. May 20 2013 Uranus was Direct at 11 degrees Aries, Pluto was Retrograde at 11 + Capricorn

4. Nov. 1, 2013 Uranus was Retro at  9+ degrees Aries, Pluto was Direct @ 9 degrees Capricorn, the Moon in a T- square at 12 degrees Libra.

5.  April 20-23  2014 on April 21 Uranus squares Pluto at 13+ degrees, Pluto is Retrograde at 13 Capricorn,

 April 20 Jupiter squares Uranus and opposes Pluto on the 20th  at 13 degrees Cancer.

April 22 MARS squares Jupiter, opposes Uranus

April 23 Mars squares PLuto from 13 degrees LIBRA RETROGRADE.

This is the MOST INTENSE phase as it has 2 t-squares.

6. DECEMBER 15, 2014 Uranus is RETROGRADE at 12 degrees ARIES, Pluto is Direct at 12 degree Capricorn,

The SOUTH NODE is conjunct Uranus at 16 degrees 49 minutes of Aries and the NORTH NODE is conjunct Pluto at 16 49 Capricorn.

7. MARCH 17, 2015 URANUS is DIRECT @ 15 degrees 18 minutes of ARIES, PLUTO is DIRECT @ 15 degrees 18 minutes of  Capricorn.

AWAKENING and REBIRTH are the two keywords for Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

MEDITATE on LOVING the Grand Cardinal Crosses by doing this:

If you are not familiar with chakras. They are actual energy centers, which spin clockwise and counterclockwise alternatively in the body and in opposite directions for men and woman. They have been compared to lotuses or open flowers. They have colors, sounds, crystals and sacred sounds and symbols associated with each one.

Think back about where you were on and after the exact squares and how it has affected your life, your relationships, your career, your growth, your fear levels, your health and consciousness and those around you.

If you know about the chakras then just focus on, and breathe into and resonate with how each alignment is symbolizing the AWAKENING REBIRTH of each chakra in your life.

Focus on these chakras, starting from # 1 to 4 which we have experienced so far.

Set aside some time to sit quietly as in a meditation. Breathe centre. Focus on breathing into and opening each chakra. 

The body knows, the body is the physical density in 3D of all that is on all the dimensions. 

Spend as much time as you can, listening to your own body wisdom. it’s connected to all that is.

It’s all cosmic, magical, alchemy, life/death. You are the SOURCERER and SOURCERES whose purpose comes from the SOURCE of all LIGHT.

I will talk about these COSMIC Alignments more in upcoming articles and teleseminars.

DO LET ME KNOW how it feels to you.

PLease share widely

all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE.








Jupiter goes Direct, go with the flow Astrology

JUPITER turns DIRECT March 6 2014 @ 10 degrees +of CANCER ending a Retrograde journey which began November  6,2013 @ 20 degrees  30 ‘ of Cancer.

If you’ve been feeling that your lucky mojo wasn’t working now it will be as Jupiter will turn on the LUCKY CHARM. Wear PURPLE, Jupiter’s color.

Now we can go with the FLOW. 

Jupiter in Cancer is the Unconditional Milk of Mother’s love and kindness flowing heartily. You are the babe being held, nurtured and suckled by the Great Mother.

We’ve been re-educating ourselves and telling the truth about our old family stories, mom stuff, childhood feelings and unconscious memories which may have  left us tongue- tied, insecure, with butterflies in our tummies. We  have been exploring and expanding our sense of what we need to feel emotionally secure. What we need to nurture ourselves with? Is it home,  food, expressing our feelings, companionship, women’s support? 

Jupiter turning direct allows energy to move while we are under MARS and SATURN retrograde. I noticed right away how the energy had gone underground within hours of MARS and SATURN changing direction. Did you feel it?

Jupiter direct is perfect timing. Go straight to Vegas. But don’t bet the house.

Jupiter expands everything he touches. Optimistic, Jupiter rules religion and also Faith as he rules Pisces. Jupiter is the Master Teacher, and teachers esoterically of enlightened  Spiritual gurus. Jupiter is telling the truth, inspiration, the higher vision. Jupiter is Trust, optimism, but can be reckless gambling.

In the Tarot this energy is symbolized by TRUMP # x The WHEEL OF FORTUNE


Jupiter rules Sagittarius, is exalted in CANCER, also rules PISCES traditionally.

So all you SAGITTARIUS peeps- get on your horses and start riding, swimming, truthing.

The Wheel of Fortune is ROTA, or TAROT, the wheel of KARMA. What goes up must come down, round and round it goes.  Life is a roulette wheel, if you don’t play you can’t win.

The lesson of the Wheel of Fortune is that the only constants in life are death and change. We are powerless with both but our philosophy, affects our life and our luck. We are all revolving on the meat wheel. Even when things are down, the wheel of Fate can change things for the better quickly. Street urchins find magic lamps with genii’s in them, frogs turn into princes, kingdoms sink, new ones are born. Everything that is, exist with its opposite. Fear is the only enemy. Love is the answer and trust. 

So pick up speed and optimistically follow this big green light. Jupiter loves traveling, sports, go snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, be by water and wide open spaces, learn, have fun, be in good humor, philosophy, history, school, knowing the right people, tells big honest stories. Jupiter does exagerate. 

Jupiter in Cancer rules the home and children, so while Jupiter is in Cancer this is  prime fertility time. Start planting those seeds on all levels. Moving, renovating, expanding your base is what to do.

Jupiter is moving into the locked grid of the Cardinal Cross on April 15-23.  Emotional expansion is at hand. The more you can feel and imagine, the vaster your possibilities.

Step into unimagined lands and explore. 


Australia, Chile, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain.

and cities- Budapest, Naples, Stuttgart and 

Toronto, which has been in the news because of Mayor Rob Ford.

What did you think of Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel?

Famous Jupiter in Cancer peeps-

Bruce Willis- set to have another child,

TAYLOR SWIFT- also a SAgittarius- gets pregnant?

KRISTEN STEWART!!!!= new relationship coming up

JENNIFER LAWRENCE- how much hotter can she get?



ANGELA MERKEL Germany’s leader

ADAM LEVINE-already the sexiest man in 2013 and 2014?

SALMA HEYEK- could her voluptuous breasts- Jupiter in Cancer get any larger?

HALLE BARRY- just had a 2nd child

JAMES FRANCO- we will see more of him this year again

JOHN MAYER- just broke up AGAIN with KAty Perry

WARREN BUFFETT- making more millions


BENICIO DEL TORO- busy film maker


LIAM HEMSWORTH- wants to get married and start a family


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE.

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