Total Eclipse of the Womb July 2

On July 2, a North Nodal Cancer Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 10 degrees 38 Minutes of the 4th sign of the Zodiac. 

Max eclipse: 12:16 pm PDT/ 3:16 pm EDT 7:16 pm GMT 

The 4th sign of the Zodiac, Cancer is the element of Water. It’s the sign of the Mother, emotions, nurturing, the child, the home, food, emotional safety and security, nursing, the Divine Feminine, the womb, rules the stomach, symbolizes the unconscious, roots, ancestors, and all bodies of water.

The eclipse will strongly impact Canada whose birthday is July 1st and also the U.S. whose birthday is July 4. Both countries will go through major changes affecting the people and homes, women’s issues, safety, health, children and food.

The womb chakra is the most sacred interdimensional portal in existence. Women are magnets who absorb 10 times more energy of all types than men. The 8th holy womb chakra is a place beyond the physical, where the soul is transduced down into the physical manifestation in the womb. Women need to wake up to this fact. It’s what I’m Co-leading a workshop the weekend before.

While we won’t see it in North America, Europe, or Asia it will only be visible in totality from the Southern Pacific Ocean East of New Zealand to the Coquimbo Region in Chile and Argentina at sunset, with the maximum of 4 minutes 32 seconds visible from the Pacific Ocean.

The area in the Totality shadow of eclipses are affected most directly affected. Just because we won’t see it doesn’t mean we won’t feel it especially in our own personal astrology charts.

Another total Solar Eclipse will cross this region again December 14, 2020, just 531 days later. Just before the climactic Jupiter Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020.                                          

Eclipse reoccur ever 18+ years at the same degree. Think back to where you were on June 21,2001.

This eclipse impacts us very personally in our emotional bodies and our tummies. Do be mindful of what you eat. You are what you eat.  Cancer issues are emotional security and safety, our homes, our families, ancestors, roots, our children, What we want to nurture and what nurtures and sustains us in all dimensions.                

 Check to see where 8-12+ degrees Cancer falls in your astrology chart.

CAPRICORN is affected strongest at those degrees by opposition to the Total eclipse conjunct Saturn and South Node- its time to let go of the past. ARIES and LIBRA, Cardinal signs are squaring off with this eclipse energy. The pressure is on. Caught between the past and future. The eclipse is a North Nodal one that’s the future direction.


The Cancer womb rules eclipse, indicates lots of changes for women, for family issues, children, home and security, and most especially the womb, which Cancer symbolizes. The womb is hugely being contested in the US in stringent restrictive laws. The patriarchy, symbolized by Capricorn and South Node is attempting to regress women’s status.

Major astrology aspects to the Sun and moon

The opposition of the Sun Moon and North Node to Saturn Retrograde and widely to Pluto Retrograde and the South Node. 

This highlights the ongoing tensions, blowback and resistance to evolutionary change which Pluto always brings. 

Uranus the planet of do it radically is sextiling the Sun and Moon at 5+ degrees of earthy resourceful sensuous Taurus. This supports the urge for freedom. We see the Hong Kong protests as one serious manifestation of these energies.

How are you feeling this?

But there’s a grand fire Trine of Ceres, Great Mother to Chiron in Aries and Mars, with Mercury about to turn Retrograde in Leo conjunct Juno, feminine genius.

Jupiter is inconjunct to the Sun MOON and the North Node

it may feel frustrating to not know what your highest direction is.

Jupiter and Neptune are in their square of expansion, deception, freedom, addictions, truth, denial, foreigners and self-sabotage. This can be beautiful magical energy or very self-destructive.

Venus is on the North Star in Gemini opposite Galactic Center

Venus is attracting a lot of attention. She is playing both sides, charming the pants off of everyone and being a stellar pole dancer. Venus can do her thing on that cosmic pole dance connected with the Galactic Black Hole, which is a womb chakra, a place for cosmic birth which women are just learning to access. and just do it, sister. I’m Co-leading a workshop on womb chakra teachings

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER SHAMAN in ARIES is squaring the Sun being totally eclipsed by the moon.  Your energy and tummy will be feeling vulnerable.

NOTE: Chiron will be turning Retrograde July 8/9th

Lilith @ 6 Pisces is square Ceres in Sagittarius the mother/white split needs to be spoken about honestly and not denied.

Effects of The eclipse last 6 months by that time it’ll be January 2020. Think about what you want to cleanse in your life using the eclipse charged waters to assist you.

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Weekly Horoscope March 11-17

Weekly horoscopes for all SUN signs, if you know your Moon and Rising/Ascendant Sign read up on that one too.


Mars in Taurus may have you slowing down to smell the roses rather uncharacteristically these days. The 11th feels romantic, sensuous, indulgent and empowering. The 14th is a great day for career advancement, impressing your boss, Dad or anyone in authority. The 16th is good for being with family, beautifying your home and discovering you enjoy domestic things.


The 11th with Moon in your sign feels very satisfying. Others will be attracted to you. The 14th is good for money-making, career advancement, or signing up to buy a big-ticket item. You are feeling strong and mature. Early Taurus’s are feeling rather different these days. The weekend is good for being couch potatoes, homey things, and to just relax.


Your ruling planet Mercury is Retrograde in your solar 10th house of career. Do recheck all communications and do NOT start new deals or sign contracts this week. The Moon is in Gemini the 12-14th. The 13th is lucky for money and love and new connections. The 14/15th are excellent as Mercury conjuncts Sun. The15th brings bigger visions and expansiveness. This weekends, get in touch with your creative side and empathize with others. 


Wherever the Moon is you are there. The 14-16 is the time of the Month. You may be feeling vulnerable on the 14th and overloaded with responsibilities. Heavy aspects make you feeling tired and serious on the 15th-16th. There are creative vibes on the 15th. Watch your dreams for clues. There may be power struggles in the family on the 16th. You can’t fix every problem. Things do brighten up.


You feel tickled on the 11th. You will garner much applause and really stand out on the 13th. Your feeling optimistic and in good humor on the 13th/14th. There may be a new flirtation with a colleague or someone on the net. Rethink old ideas, its back to the drawing board right now is what the doctor ordered. Watch your dreams on the 14th to sense your deeper soulful feelings.


Mercury Retrograde affects you stronger than any other sign except for Gemini. When the Sun conjuncts Mercury again 14/15th – called Cazimi, it’s especially positive for you. The 15th feels very optimistic. You can be looking forward to a well-deserved trip or new studies. The 16th is a day for talking about what you really want. Stay in this weekend and start your pre-spring cleaning. 


Venus in Aquarius is chilling you out in the love department. You are choosing different values, lovers, friends. The 11th is positive, sensuous and serious. The 13th is good for organizing your team. The 14th can be a bit of a roller coaster with the 15th being quite challenging. Good thing you are in chill mode. Mercury is Retrograde meaning no buying, window shopping only, until it’s over. 


Mars in Taurus is dragging your feet through the mud. This is a nice balance for you. This is a slowing down appreciating the small things. Things may get very sexy on the 11th. The 13th can prove to be a day to get a gold star. The 14th could be hazardous in the communications department. The 14th is a good day for finances, impressing higher-ups and signing up for some serious business too.  Stay near home turf this weekend. 


You may feel irritable on the 11th. The 12-14th may make you feel indecisive. The 13th and 14th are positive expansive days as the SUN blesses you. Impress people with your humor. Sun conjuncts Retrograde Mercury on the 14th is very positive. The 15th is a good time to go back and review meditations, yoga or travel plans. The 15th is good for empathic listening. Do party on the 16th.


The 14-16 the Moon draws you out to feel more. The 11th is a great day for business and getting noticed by those who matter. The 13th is very empowering. Be careful when traveling during Mercury Retrograde. Conversations may be misinterpreted on the 14th. But you can be feeling very energized too. The 15/16th is time for being with family, and do whatever has to be taken care of.


Things may be getting rather solid for a lot of you. This is a good thing. The 14th is a great day to think about redecorating your pad, being creative with cooking and to support women’s independence. The 16th is a day to be proud of being different. When you go out on the weekend feel strong and proud. By Embracing your own uniqueness you inspire others.


The 11th is dreamy and romantic. 13th can be good for social media. Talk about your dreams on the 14th. The 15th feels happy with family or close friends. Recurring dreams or nightmares will be strong, write them down, work through them to find the hidden jewels. Be with those you love this weekend. You may have to help out a senior family member too. The 17th is a day to relax especially if you are Irish celebrate to your heart’s content. 

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A good day to land on Mars

Mars will get a new visitor Monday, November 26 if all goes well. NASA  InSight will spacecraft will attempt to land on the red planet after a six-month, 300 million-mile/480 million-kilometer journey collaborating with the European Space Agency and costing $1 billion. LIVE STREAMING at 2:00 pm ET

Earth’s success rate at Mars is only 40 percent which includes planetary flybys dating back to the early 1960s, and orbiters and landers. But that’s still better than anyone else.

The most nail-biting stressful tensest time for flight controllers in California is the 6 minutes from the time the spacecraft enters Mars atmosphere until touchdown. These scientists also have superstitions. They have jars of peanuts on hand a good luck thing dating back to the 1964 successful Ranger 7 Moon mission. I guess to work in NASA’s flight control room you have to ensure you have no peanut allergies.

Astrologically whats are the chances?

What are the odds Astrologically on the Best day of 2018? Who says NASA doesn’t secretly use Astrology Western or Sidereal? Sun and Jupiter are aligned in any system today by declination 20 degrees South.

Mars INsight Landing November 26 2018 astrology

the Planet Mars itself is in PISCES in the 12th house of hidden enemies. Maybe Martians will appear and attack the spacecraft. Mars in Pisces is the sign of dreamers, illusionists, addictions.

But because this is such a big positive day with Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius the sign of space travel good luck and benefits squaring Mars in Pisces, it looks like NASA consciously or unconsciously chose this date. Remember that the two “planets” are at the same declination. 20 degrees south.

MARS is the ruler of the Ascendant in Aries

We are focussed on the target.

Remember this is also a Mercury Retrograde. There will be communications snafu’s.

SATURN the planet of limitations obstacles and testing, however, is sitting right on the MC of the beginning of the Mars landing chart at 7 degrees Capricorn which is sextiling Mars that’s a good thing but also a bad thing. Saturn brings tests but also brings rewards for long hard work and its been 6 years since the last Mars landing so I believe they will succeed. technitians working on the project have spent 7 years working on this project which is Saturn’s magic number.

The Moon is in Cancer which governs the people in general astrologically and is the sign of the USA. The North Node of the Moon at 28 degrees Cancer, is the highest future intention or spiritual goal is conjunct with the Moon, which looks like many people are seeing Mars as their future home.

The Moon is the focus of a T-square between Uranus, the planet of space and revolution ruler of hi tech which is what this effort is based on n Aries at the last 29th-degree Retrograde opposite Venus in Libra which she rules the sign of balance squaring the moon and the North Node. This is a critically important Mars landing.


I guess Elon Musk may get his wish. Musk is a Cancer himself the sign of the home, and family of emotional security has his Natal Mars in Aquarius conjunct his North Node. Musk has his Saturn at 1 degree Gemini opposite Jupiter at 27 Scorpio conjunct Neptune at 1-degree Sagittarius,which means Musk is also benefitting from the lucky Sun Jupiter conjunction too.

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Serious love issues

Venus Mercury Uranus Neptune astrology Tara Greene

Aug. 9 The Moon is in Mothering nurturing need to be needed Cancer. Stomachs rule. Need to eat for emotional anxiety is strong always under Cancer Moon’s but what with Mercury-Mars Uranus Neptune Pluto and Chiron all Retrograde now until August 18th it’s totally understandable and opposed to Pluto the planet of control early in theA.M.

The Moon goes VOID-of-Course at 7:21 am all day in EDT and PDT. 

It’s A rough ride in relationships and achieving balance today. Under an already moody emotional Cancer Moon;
Love and relationships and all socializing may be very frustrating;
VENUS in LIBRA may feel helpless that she can’t be seen or heard as stubborn individualism Uranus in Taurus is contrary to her charm as she is inconjunct to URANUS in Taurus. This also comes down as technical difficulties quite literally.
MERCURY in LEO Retrogade us also inconjunct or quincunx to NEPTUNE in PISCES making arrogance selfishness and the downside of Leo prominent. Dreams and illusions may be shattered. Hearts may sink. Disappointment and disillusionment may set in.
VENUS Square SATURN in CAPRICORN and still opposed to CHIRON in ARIES
This can be a great day to make a long-term commitment in love or business. But also can mean serious breakup energy too. The love hurts or heartbreak hotel energy is a major theme of the upcoming Leo Solar Eclipse Aug. 11. I am so backlogged and bust having to take care of other things I haven’t been able to write about it yet in detail.
VENUS trine South Node + Mars Retrograde and Lilith
Women your freedom flag is flying now with Venus in Libra in trine to the South Node conjunct Mars Retrograde conjunct LILITH at 00 degrees AQUARIUS. Let go of the Patriarchal tyranny of man-made religious mythologies. Write your new freedom and equal rights now. The North Node will enter Cancer Sign of the Mother November 6.
This energy will also be significant in the Aug 11 Solar eclipse.
Look at where 00 degrees Aquarius and 00 Leo fall in your natal chart.
Moon enters Firey passionate I AM THE STAR LEO in the evening in PDT 
and opposes MARS also PDT making for high passion and repressed ego’s wanting to do battle.
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What a week! Astrology for July 23-29

Blood Moon Lunar eclipse tara Greene astrology

By Alfredo Garcia, Jr (Shared by photographer [1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The week ahead will be super intense as we are in Dramatic Leo season leading up to that  Full Moon Aquarius Lunar eclipse at 4+ degrees conjunct to Mars Moon and South Node. + Mercury Retrograde  July 25

July 23-29 Astrology tara Greene

A reboot the computer aspect on every level.

Hi Lites of this week

Sagittarius Moon 23-24 is upbeat optimistic good-humored and expansive sporty klutzy too honest and judgemental. 

July 24 Venus opposite Neptune. Practical grounded energy to manifest dreams

Neptune is the “Higher Octave” of Venus. The planet of conditional earthy love in Virgo and the planet of Soulmates and dreams opposite each other. Opposites attract. This can mean the soul mate of your life this week Virgo and Pisces. This can be a very grounded and spiritual day. Watch your diet. Great for meditation enhanced dreaming and making ideals real. Grounded spirituality is the focus July 24 as Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. Make a business plan with a budget to create your dreams. 

24-25 SUN trines Chiron in Aries

This is a positive bountiful strong energy to gain courage daring strength and feel a new sense of positive inspiring healing energy. The Sun is the strongest force in our Galaxy. Sing in the sunshine.Be proud of the healing work you have done to help yourself grow as a person. 


I hope that you have bought everything you needed especially computers cell phones hardware and software before Mercury put it into reverse. Mercury in Leo may have you eating your words or regurgitating them especially true for a very significant someone with strong Leo energy.

Mercury Retrogrades are good medicine and not to be feared at all. They re a much-needed brain rest time. Mercury in Leo combines the heart and the head which is very balanced and empowering. While Mercury is Retro you want to rethink things. The heart is really the organ that chooses wisely. In Tibetan Buddhism, the heart is the lead organ and the brain merely the organizer 


This aspect is information for two days but we have been feeling it build up all week and its effects will last until the beginning of August. This is gun violence as angry repressed Mars Retrograde energy acts out unexpectedly and spontaneously. We just felt this in Toronto a not so rare any more mass shooting July 22nd. Sending blessings to those killed and injured.  

This will also be trickled down to short tempers big ego flaring and unpredictable rash behaviors in general. This aspect is fully highlighted by the Luna eclipse as well. Early degrees of Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius will feel this pressure cooker the most. Exercise is recommended to burn off excess anger.  Stay cool and centered under the pressure. Be mindful not to provoke the bull the lion the snakes or the water bearers. Do not wear red.

July 26 Sun inconjuncts Saturn in Capricorn

ouch another wincing difficult aspect. Big egos and tough corporate leaders face off. 

There’s the Big Blood Moon super Moon Lunar eclipse south nodal mayhem too

I’ll write more in depth soon.

July 27 Venus trines PLUTO this is a marvelously wonderful balance to the eclipse energy. Virgo and Capricorn together make the stock markets go higher. Make for good working partners. The Plutocracy and the servants work together. Who serves whom?

Ok that’s enough for one week.

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Crazy frenetic energy betwixt eclipses

Have you been having as crazy a week as I’ve had? There’s been upsetting emotional family issues, frustrating institutional stuff, and a family funeral. We’re all feeling exhausted. Plus my daughter is getting ready to go to University in Vancouver so there’s all that to pull together before the end of August for September.

I am feeling the strong pull to re-orient myself my energy and my work. So bear with me as I go through this change. I’ve been feeling off balance but new energies are also starting to emerge. Please stay with me and your loyalty is appreciated. You can always recycle through the thousands of pages of articles I’ve written here.

It’s July 20th already, Scorpio Moon time is the most intensely emotional and cathartic. Mars conjuncts the South Node today @ 5 degrees Aquarius. This is a powerful day to let go of the past. The perfect time for releasing, releasing, releasing on the deepest levels, letting go and renewing. Go deep into your Unconscious shadows and emotions and bring in the higher consciousness of Aquarius to build a bridge to a new plane on a higher level. The Moon’s intersection with the planets supports all of this. Dive deep dive in swim free.

August 21 2017 Solar Eclipse

 We are in a triple eclipse portal. The Solar Eclipse of July 20 in Cancer opposed by Pluto they affect the electromagnetic energy fields on the earth and in our bodies. Watch your pets they are very sensitive to these energies they feel them more than we do. The effects of all eclipses last 9 months each. Next week’s eclipse July 27 is a supermoon- Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse-which will be the longest eclipse of this Century and then two weeks later another Solar eclipse August 11 in LEO. Each of these eclipses bring their own signature which re-occurs every 18+ years. Plus with Mars Retrograde on the South Node in Aquarius and Mercury about to go Retrograde on the 25/26th and Saturn Neptune Pluto all Retrograde…. you know.

My preview of the longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century a Super Moon South Nodal Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

July 27 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse features an intense push to release past life karma, anger, the defensive, detached, unemotional scientific hi-tech mask of the drone warrior and innovate a new technology which serves the earth rejuvenates and heals Her. We are being evolutionarily pushed to the North Node In Leo and The Sun, ruler of Leo. The only true power is Love. Live courageously and passionately. Dance every day. Defend and protect the children. Create, express your feelings, be embodied.Be the Change! Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces Retro. trine Sirius the U.S. Sun’s position.delusions, fake news, false flags, secrets will out, shocking revelations, deep detectives eyes work, things are not as they seem. Much change in religion, spirituality, addictions,sacred cows,the US economy as a whole, world debt, and our understanding of the soul. Shamanism must be grounded to the ancient traditions. Juno, the feminine form of genius,in Taurus, opposes Jupiter and squares Athena in Leo conjunct the North Node and Sun. This is another powerful T-square made to be a battering ram pushing us into new growth, new feminine leadership, wisdom and power. Look at where the lunar eclipse falls in your natal chart. At 4+ degrees Aquarius with mars Retro and South Node the old Macho gravy train will be derailed. A new new world based on Aquarian equality with passionate self-expression is being born. 

Keep the faith baby. I’ll write more sooner. 
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Ostara Equinox time of balance

Spring Equinox/ Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere and International Astrology Day arrives March 20 @ 9:15 am PDT/ 12:15 pm EDT and 4:15 pm GMT and March 21 further east. The one of two days of balance between the Light and Dark in the year. 

Spring Equinox is the beginning of the Natural New Year in the Northern Hemisphere which our ancient Anglo-Saxon pagans ancestors called OSTARA which was the origin of the word Easter.

The festival of Spring is a fertility festival celebrating the turn of the Wheel of Time and the promise of new life and growth celebrating the masculine Horned God {Pan} and the spring maiden the Goddess. Eggs and rabbits are main symbols of fertility and eternal life which are still used today. 

The Mayans of the Mexico and Central America celebrated Spring’s arrival on the  Equinox by the pyramid of El Castillo at Chichen Itza as the Sun casts a long shadow in the late afternoon as the serpent God Kukulkan makes his descent down 91 steps of the pyramid symbolizing the return of the Sun God.

The Chinese celebrate Spring by balancing eggs for good luck.

in Japan, Spring And Autumn equinox are marked by a celebration called Higan. This is a Buddhist tradition which literally means “the other shore.” These Equinox’s mark crossing over dates for the spirits of the dead who are able to reach Nirvana after crossing the river of life and death from the mortal world of suffering into the world of enlightenment of spirit.  

Spring is the beginning of ARIES season HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES and marks the first quarter of this year and begins a new 12-month cycle.  ARIES is initiatory energy- get rid of the old. Aries has lots of energy passion desire and drive to burn. All signs will be feeling it -especially Cardinal ones- Cancer Libra and Capricorn. 

This Equinox’s signature feature is NO PLANETS in AIR SIGNS. No Air is a serious condition we can’t live without breathing oxygen. We may literally feel like we can’t breathe are choking or gasping. Air symbolizes ideas and can indicate difficulties in communicating for the next three and 12-month cycle. We may feel like we can’t communicate or that our ideas are not getting across. We may feel at a crossroads and at a loss of new ideas. We spend way too much time thinking and analyzing in our heads. Perhaps this can be a good thing. 


The SUN and CHIRON in late PISCES are in conjunction. We have a lot of emotional healing to complete by burning up old karmic wounds suffering and victimization.Chiron the Wounded Healer is acting as a huge catalyst to let go and complete a major cycle.

MARS ARIES ruling planet runs the show from early earthy CAPRICORN squaring the Newborn Sun. Mars in Capricorn brings fire purpose and the stick with it determinism to finish what it starts. This brings in a stable fiery energy with grounded realistic drives leadership and new beginnings in government career and worldly things. 


 The “two malefics can bring one-two punches and difficult tests as initiations.  This can indicate fires volcanic explosions terrorist attacks gun issues and major anger at government leaders or those in power. Aries and all Cardinal signs will feel this more intensely. Ultimately these Saturn-Mars tests are a trial by fire. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The MOON is the unconscious mood and feelings of the people especially women. In stable sensuous fixed TAURUS symbolizes that our emotional safety must be in our bodies; rooted in nature; in beauty sensuality and in trusting our gut feelings and instincts and in speaking our truth to create the new.

SATURN in CAPRICORN Trines the Moon at 8 degrees 

Saturn brings stability and maturity to our emotional wellbeing. Find safety in nature and following the tried true and traditional while the new is being conceived and born. Patience is a virtue.

MERCURY and VENUS in conjunct in ARIES

These two very beautifully visible in the night skies these days symbolize the marriage of the heart and mind. A very beautiful revelation. Venus is in Mars’s sign lending a strong Wonder Woman Amazon fearless feminine energy. Write and re-write; speak and spread the word about women’s roles in creating equality between the sexes in a new world.

MERCURY-VENUS Trine the North Node in LEO

Trust your instincts passion and heart. Indulge in beauty creativity and self-expression. You’re the star of your own show.


Lilith means business right now. She amps up the power of the Mercury-Venus conjunction to tell it like it is and to shout down and refuse to compromise to any Patriarchal government structure rules or laws. This goes for any issue-gun laws immigrants rights women or indigenous rights. 

MERCURY turns Retrograde March 22 until April 15th

The Retrogade is so close to the Equinox it indicates a “slow burn.” Make sure you review your options first and wait. I know this is really difficult for Mercury in Aries- this is part of the Mars- Saturn test.  Your mantra until April 15th is “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”


This is a beautiful healing aspect which was initiated and intensified at the New Moon in Pisces March 17th. Continue to shed let go and cry. Grieving is very important to go deeper into soul retreival to transform and to rise like the Phoenix.


These two are still in a square further inducing the birth of new revolutionary government and corporate change.The squares of 2012-2015 are manifesting more obviously now.


Enjoy springing into the new energies of this quarter. Many Blessings Tara

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Tarot Astrology Readings for Pisces New Moon

I’m at the beautiful Grail Springs Spa nourishing myself and teaching a workshop.

I’ve tried to upload the photo I took but the server here is very slow and it won’t upload-MERCURY is going Retrograde so I’ll just write them down and you can look up or refer to your own tarot deck whichever one you use.

Here are short tarot scopes for each sign for the PISCES NEW MOON of MARCH 17 with an overload of PISCES and MARS going into CAPRICORN and OUT OF BOUNDS! Which affects Cardinal Signs much more- Aries Cancer Libra CAPRICORN

ARIES – The 10 of CUPS

This is about receiving to the fullest. Your cups are running over. That could be a good thing or maybe too much of a good thing.are you leaking or is there’s flooding all over the place? The New Moon is in your 12th house of the unconscious. Pay attention to what you are trying to hide or suppress in yourself emotionally.


This card relates to relationships and balance as it is the sign Libra- which your ruling planet VENUS also governs. You may have to cut some ties and karmic chords with people or situations which ain’t doing you no good. The New Moon is in your 11th house of “wishes hopes and dreams.” dream up some new ones.


Gemini get your divided ass into the driver’s seat emotionally. The PISCES New Moon is in your 10th house of career. That’s where you need to release yourself from bondage and self-sabotage. This Card relates to doing a Victory lap as well. What will it take for you to get there? Surrender to your own success.


This New Moon is extremely lucky for you. Jupiter is the planet of this card and in Retrograde in Scorpio right now he is stripping away any unnecessary sexual emotional psychological issues which have overreached their past due date. Go with the flow. Resistance makes the pain last longer. Trust and have faith that better times are head.


This is the most earthy of emotional cards. You need to get grounded into your feelings you attention grabbing leaders. The New Moon is in your 8th house- Scorpio natured water/emotional house of sex money power and transformation. Get clear about what you really want deep down in that big old Lionheart of yours. You know you can get it.


This is a beautiful symbol. It has the word LOVE on it. The New Moon is opposed to your earthy practical perfectionists sign. PISCES New Moon and this card emphasize that you need to have that balance of practical and spiritual to be whole and happy.Love yourself and accept your human imperfections.


This card indicates the New Moon can be very prosperous for you.It does occur in your natural 6th house of Work and service and health. As this card is earthy and sensuous pay attention and listen to your body. Focus on material success wealth and health.


This card is associated  VENUS in SCORPIO and shows the dark side of his energy.The PISCES New Moon is one of cleansing of incorporating the positive qualities of water- adaptability releasing and dissolving hard objects and situations. Get outta whatever swamp you are in.


This New Moon squares or challenges your Sun sign. The Card is Leo like fiery and positive. Have courage and strength stay very focused on your goal. Let the New Moon wash away everything that has stood in your way. Let it go with gratitude and joy. Get clear about what you want.


The PISCES New Moon is in your solar 3rd house relating to communicating analysis and thinking. This card shows a gridlock of ideas conflicting goals and feeling unhead or unable to get out of this mental traffic jam. The antidote is to simple let go at this New moon. Change direction- abandon whatever is not working and start fresh. 


This is the card relating to this exact PLace and time. She symbolizes the last degrees of PISCES and the first degrees of Aries energy. You are in synchronicity. This is great. Trust your instincts. Be ready to jump in to the new season. Be strong that your out of the box thinking and way of being is exactly what is needed.


This card has the word STRENGTH on it. It relates to the Sun in Sagittarius. Speak your truth trust your instincts and connections to your Higher Self and your Guardian Angels. Focus on the teaching leading and inspiring others in what is you so inherently know is spiritually true in your nature. Trust the present and the future.

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Water into fire. Mercury Retrograde alert

I don’t know about you but as MERCURY entered ARIES on the 6th. VENUS was at the last and most karmic degree in the zodiac-the very last one. My husband and I are very connected energetically and he has a scary dream about our daughter and I had trouble sleeping too. Our daughter also had a bad dream. We all felt totally exhausted and I could barely do anything. It was an energetic drawing of the emotional karmic pool.

Mercury and Venus in Aries Tara Greene

VENUS entered ARIES later in the day on the 6th.

MOON is in SCORPIO and sextiles PLUTO a powerful aspect for deep transformation.

As MERCURIUS and VENUS travel through ARIES, Mercury will turn Retrograde in ARIES on March the 22nd until April 15th. Mercury Lord of merch and Tricksters stays in the sign of new beginnings, competition, energy, initiation, action and the Masculine until MAY 15 spending over 10 weeks on ARIES allowing us much more time to start new initiatives and projects.

VENUS sails through Aries only until the 30/31st. Venus sails through MARS’ -her beloved’s sign where she is considered weakened by traditional astrology assignation.

These days overturning the old clearly patriarchal astrology assignments means that VENUS absorbs MARS as her own inner masculine active competitive initiatives to Light Her own and All women’s passions and desires to act as they wish- to command their own lives to answer to no one. Life is not a battle. From VENUS’S point of view, she puts on her AMAZON warrior garb and goes into the good fight for women’s rights, and equality. VENUS can be angry at the patriarchal 5000 year put down to control women and their sexuality and justifiably so.

MARS is already in a fire sign, SAGITTARIUS which brings honesty, adventure, fun, International flare, exotica, higher learning and justice.

In the tarot ARIES is symbolized by Tarot Card #4 THE EMPEROR or KING

VENUS in ARIES is fiery, impatient and won’t back down.

The Teens #marchforOurlives happens on March 24 under a Mercury Retrograde indicating that we will need to go back and restart the conversation.

The backlash of Mercury in ARiES will be fierce around the NRA and gun rights rules by MARS.

There will be lots of new Love relationships starting under these energies.

MERCURY in ARIES brings new conversations, ideas and initiatives for all signs.

After all the emotional shit we’ve been through with that Pisces overload, the turning of the two personal planets into a fire sign begins to let us dry our feelings out.

For all ARIES CANCER LIBRA and CAPRICORN signs you will feel the force of the flames stronger than the other signs. So run with it.

Sun enters ARIES on the 20th further increasing the heat. MARS enters CAPRICORN on the 17th on a NEW MOON.

Are you ready to feel the heat? Let’s go.

Please share widely All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Retrograde Gemini Super Moonwalk

Retrograde FULL SUPER COLD MOON DEC 3rd @ 11+ degrees GEMINI

Gemini Full Moon Astrology Tara Greene

MERCURY is Gemini’s ruling planet and the trickster has just turned RETROGRADE at the 29th most critical degree of Sagittarius where Mercury is already decimated. The traditional term is debilitated.

I know that many of you have already been feeling the pre-show of Mercury Actual retro moonwalk. I sure have.

Gemini is a light wordy heady curious sign. Mercury governs all types of communications the items we communicate through as well as merchants and thieves. GEMINI is known for being the Peur Eternus or Peter Pan of the Zodiac. 

This Super Gemini Full Moon- the last one of 2017 is in effect the swan song of this year is a reflection back at WTF has gone on in 2017!

VIRGO you will also feel Mercury’s retro very strong as it is your ruling planet as well.

SERIOUS HEAVEY SATURN is conjoined with MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS known for having “hoof in mouth” disease. Saturn makes every word; every e-mail- text- snap chat– Instagram- tweet super heavy and ponderous. Your every word will be weighted in SATURN’s  Karmic scales of JUSTICE.

BE SUPER CAREFUL of anything you say it will be held against you until proven innocent. Think of Mercury Retrograde as Recycling words. 

SATURN and MERCURY are conjunct at the Galactic Center until December 9th. Reviewing some karmic lessons, are we?  The Mars in LIBRA- Uranus up your anus in ARIES opposition is still in effect. Notice that REPUB TAX BILL rammed through on December 1st at 2:00 am? 

This may be a GEMINI SUPER MOON unlike any other. Hasn’t this year been off the wall enough? 

THAT WALKING on the clouds JUPITER in SCORPIO NEPTUNE TRINE is giving this moon a dreamy heavenly glow. But be careful of being roofied as Jupiter in Scorpio is unscrupulous sex cunning underworld stuff and Neptune in PISCES is being drugged. Too much of a good thing as well.

NEPTUNE exactly squares the SUN and MOON

This will be a very dreamy spaced out Gemini Super Moon. A good time to see our shadows and begin to talk about the split within ourselves and in the world.

Neptune in PISCES on its highest spiritual side helps us to see that we are all one and whole. The illusion is the split. This can be very psychic and creative. Many people will feel the strong pull of the moon and be extremely psychic sensitive and overloaded. Many people may feel split. Don’t self-medicate or run to your addictions. Reach out for help at this time. A great time for meditation yoga dreaming and learning more spirituality.

MARS in LIBRA sextiles SATURN + MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS inconjunct ALGOL at 26 degrees TAURUS

The medical term Algology means the study of pain. “You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror or brush it aside.” – Diana Rosenberg.  ALGOL is the ARABIC name for ALCOHOL which is forbidden for Muslims.  Alcohol is an addiction a demonic urge to escape truth pain your God self and creativity. One of the most powerful aspects of this Full Moon is this sense of with Neptune squaring the SUN and MOON and this “Finger of God.”

MARS is male sexual energy which is imbalanced. SATURN and MERCURY are truth karma and communicating a higher message of freedom to the world. Sexual and power abuses and addictions have been very newsworthy, and they will continue to flow like a dam bursting with feelings so long held in check they seem to be flooding the world with their pain.

This is a very potent aspect to bring to LIGHT now. MEDUSA was considered the great demon star and the patriarchal telling of her story is that she is MEDUSA a monster who turns men into stone. Perseus the hero of the story cuts off her head. The original story was that MEDUSA was a beautiful Goddess from real AMAZON tribes from Libya which the patriarchs were killing to destroy the Goddess worshippers. You know that look? Medusa can now be honored again, and her AMAZONIAN powers returned. The Wonder Woman film 2 is being made right now.

NEPTUNE and PLUTO are moving into a sextile {60 degrees apart} with each other which is close now but which officially begins from May to late October 2018. 

THE NORTH NODE our highest spiritual evolutionary GPS and CERES the Great Mother are exactly conjunct at 17 degrees LEO.  Love the earth Gaia, we need to protect and stand up for her. The two are also inconjunct to PLUTO in CAPRICORN at 17 degrees. 

This can spell environmental rape and disaster. Keystone Pipeline is being built; the DAPL has already spilled oil. The Middle East will be heating up with new wars supposedly because of oil. 

The news about sexual predators Toxic PATRIARCHY is in the news as a real thing and also as a metaphor for the Rape of the earth. 

” What have they done to the earth?

What have they done to our fair sister?

Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her

Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn

And tied her with fences and dragged her down. “

– Jim Morrison The Doors 1967

Venus is at 2 degrees Sagittarius squaring TRANSPLUTO {aka Goddess ISIS} at 2 degrees VIRGO. Transpluto is PERSEPHONE is CERES/Demeter in GREEK- daughter. She is the Feminine Form of PLUTO.  Women sex power the earth it all symbolizes the same thing. 

LILITH is also at 2 degrees Capricorn trining Transpluto. TP is PERSEPHONE- Raped. LILITH and TRANSPLUTO will come out raging shortly from the Underworld underground. This will be felt as earthquakes volcanic eruptions and other terrestrial events. 

Reflect rewind and recollect rekindle some old conversation on this Gemini Full Moon. 

Wishing you all the best. SOLSTICE is up next.

please share widely all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE.

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