Weekly Horoscope September 14-20

This week’s major planetary aspects to help guide you. If you know your Moon and Rising sign please read the aspects affecting them too. 

Monday, Sept. 14 KEYWORD DRAMA

LEO MOON brings passion drama and big-hearted sparks and especially benefits good LEO, SAGITTARIUS and ARIES


The LEO Moon is a DANCING QUEEN today making a trines to Chiron, Conjunct VENUS in LEO- LOVE THOSE LEO’s- square URANUS in TAURUS-unexpected Drama, sextile Mercury in LIBRA, but you can talk about it. Then inconjunct JUPITER in Capricorn, Neptune n PISCES and Pluto in Capricorn this makes for dislocation, shattered projections and power struggles. Leo Moon always has to be the Boss.

SEPT. 15 MOON enters earthy VIRGO @ 11:37 am PDT/ 2:37 pm EDT/ 7:37 pm GMT



SEPT. 16 NICE EARTH TRINE  LEO MOON Inconjuncts Continue and

LEO MOON Trines MARS RETROGRADE-prepare to go back to where you once belonged. EARTH TRINES with URANUS in TAURUS and JUPITER in CAPRICORN bring nice grounded energy. WE enjoy the Garden of Eden. 

SEPT. 17- VIRGO NEW MOON AT 25+ VIRGO @ 4:00 am PDT/ 7:00 am EDT/12:00 pm GMT


  Jupiter newly Direct, points out how imbalanced things have gotten since the spring.

  Virgo MOON trines PLUTO and SATURN beneficial solidifying Moon for Virgo.


  battling over details, budgets, numbers, anger is mounting

  MOON ENTERS LIBRA 11:56 am PDT/2:56 pm EDT/7:56 pm GMT

this helps to bring detachment, focus on relationships, social interactions and attempts to make peace,


SEPT. 18 Lots of aspects today. LIBRA MOON opposes Chiron in ARIES trying to talk about the wounds. Moon inconjuncts URANUS in TAURUS and Neptune in PISCES, all inconjuncts are blindspots a dream or ideal is going off the rails.

Moon sextiles VENUS in LEO-romantic, dance it out;


REDRAW THE DREAMS, communications breakdown between what is real and what is an illusion or projection may rock your world.

Moon squares JUPITER and later PLUTO in CAPRICORN the square dance tension always pushes for evolutionary change. Moon conjunction to MERCURY in LIBRA brings out the best in social life. You can find someone you can really talk to. Beauty rains. 


Libra Moon squares PLUTO and SATURN in EDT and GMT. Tensions that push for expansive changes and growth.


Frustrating trying to get things down and anger is building. Peacemaking tools need to be sharpened up. 

MOON enters SCORPIO at 11:33 am PDT/ 2:33 pm EDT/7:33 pm GMT

this is the most intense emotional soul searching time of the month. The weekend can be intensely internal, emotional turmoil and anger will be high.


Scorpio MOON inconjuncts Chiron in ARIES

these 150-degree angles sneak up on us. Under a Scorpio moon, they can trounce us.


Scorpio MOON inconjuncts Chiron in ARIES in EDT and GMT

SCORPIO Moon opposes URANUS in TAURUS immovable forces butt heads, this turns some people on

Moon squares VENUS in LEO can be luscious for love

Moon sextile JUPITER in CAPRICORN-easy to focus on career goals

Moon trines NEPTUNE IN PISCES in the evening

this is excellent for meditation, visualization, Tantric sexuality, dreamwork and all creative expressions.

Mercury squares PLUTO in PDT

Relationship power struggles, arguments, intensely sexy too.

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Venus and Mars Lit days

Venus in LEO and Mars in ARIES is Hot Hot Hot and very sexy

the first posting of this went out in a jumbled up order. This is an edited one. Please ignore the first version. This is a MARS RETROGRADE SHADOW ENERGY.

Both these signs are highlighted now because 
VENUS is in LEO September 6-October 2
she brings firestarter LIT energy to both signs.
When the MOON is in a Fire sign Aries Leo and Sagittarius it brings good fiery TRINE energy benefit to both.
When the Moon is in TAURUS and LIBRA you both get Venus’ fire starter benefits.
When the Moon is in WATERY SCORPIO it juices up MARS in opposition in face-off.

MOON in AQUARIUS brings tension as opposites attract VENUS in LEO, and squaring VENUS in LEO and TAURUS and SCORPIO signs.

Extra Piquant dates are when the Moon is a  FIXED SIGN- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio for VENUS as they bring tension producing squares.

When the Moon is in a Cardinal Sign -Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn they bring tension for MARS via SQUARE 

September 9th- November 13/14. MARS IS RETROGRADE ! This further amps up the MARS energies as the sexual tension is inwards and held back. Watch out for anger, rage, dealing with anything with fire or any dangerous flammable things.

Sept. 6th FIXED TAURUS MOON squares VENUS in LEO 

Sept. 13 CANCER MOON squares MARS in ARIES

Sept. 13/4 FIXED LEO MOON conjunct VENUS in LEO

Sept. 15 FIXED LEO MOON trines MARS 

Sept. 15 VENUS SQUARES URANUS a good day for unusual pairing INTERNET DATING

Sept. 17-19 CARDINAL MOON in LIBRA its good for VENUS. through CONJUNCTION you get friction like rubbing two sticks together and OPPOSITION too. 

SEPT. 19 LIBRA Moon opposition MARS on the 19th.

Sept 19- 21 SCORPIO MOON accentuates MARS energy SQUARES VENUS


SEPT. 20 VENUS inconjuncts JUPITER in CAPRICORN-watch out difficult situations

Sept. 22 SAGITTARIUS FIRE Moon trines VENUS 


Sept. 27/28  FIXED AQUARIUS Moon opposes VENUS-tension
Sept. 28 VENUS TRINE MARS RX  **** an extra auspicious day.
Sept. 29 
MARS SQUARE SATURN a tough tough day.
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September 3 Daily Tarot and Astrology

September 3rd Tarot Card reading with the Muse Tarot

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august 26 Astrology aspects

Upbeat Sagittarius Moon

Please watch the video. I am off to lead a women’s workshop over the next few days.  I will post short videos if i can.

sending you blessings


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What a difference, fine energy today

After the heavy MARS-SATURN square August 24
the energy shifts completely today. What a difference a day makes!

For the next few days August 25-August 29 there are some major harmonious aspects.

August 25 as Moon shifts to Sagittarius our mood is upbeat optimistic, honest, adventurous, good-humoured. We need space, Social Distancing, works well under a Sagittarius Moon ruled by expansive JUPITER.

VENUS in CANCER opposite JUPITER in CAPRICORN @ 17+ degrees

August 25 one of the finest days of the year as love and feel good solid vibes balance each other out.

VENUS the planet who is the Goddess of love, beauty, harmony, women, and creativity opposite JUPITER the expansive feel good, upbeat planet brings goodness, and blessings to women, relationships and points out the need to nurture yourself especially in your home and with your tummy.

This is a very fertile bountiful energy for women trying to get pregnant on. or for any business expansion. Jupiter in Capricorn after all. The Moon is in Sagittarius too making this energy stronger as we move towards a Full Moon September 1/2 in PISCES also ruled by Jupiter.

This expansive Jupiter opposite Cancer energy today is great to book a future flight to an oceanic family vacation too. I just had a flight voucher extended for another year for free with Sunwing airlines. This Sagittarius hopes to get travelling soon again.

JUPITER can be Too much of a good thing. But since we’ve all tightened our belts too much of a good indulgence in food, family or emotions may be just what the doctor ordered.

Check out where 12-22 degrees CANCER CAPRICORN ARIES and LIBRA are in your natal chart to access a more personal meaning for you.

How will you use this energy?

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Romance and sex, Power Weekend horoscope

August 21-23

The Libra ♎️ Moon brings romance and puts socializing front and center. Everyone wants to appear nice under Libra’s umbrella. Libra is a Cardinal initiatory Air sign which is all about relationships, seeking peace, Grace, counselling, justice and communicating.

Libra desperately needs others’ opinions and seeks social status. Libra rules the fashion and beauty industries, lawyers and social media. Traditionally Libra is associated with the sign of marriage and all committed relationships and all “others.” It’s easy to get lost in a romantic haze especially with Moon squaring Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn. The way to another’s heart is through their stomach.

Libra Moon makes us feel more indecisive. You will weigh out both options endlessly and think and talk about it until the cows come home. Peacekeeping and being a go-between in the Drama should come up at this time.

Plan a gathering, a small dinner party with social distancing of course because Libra can’t stand to be alone. If that’s not possible spend Saturday on Zoom, connecting with friends and family or on dating apps to meet up with a new significant other.

Aries ♈️ Cancer♋️ and Capricorn ♑️ get the biggest social boost along with ♎️ Libra.

Sun enters earthy Virgo ♍️August 22 @ 8:45 am PDT, 11:46 am EDT, 3:46 pm GMT

Virgo ♍️ it’s your time! It’s the beginning of the harvest! Virgo is the Goddess’s great mother Demeter/Ceres. It’s time to reap what you have sown. While official autumn is still a month away, on September 22 this year. Virgo gets us to put our thinking caps on, get organized, disciplined, accountable, working diligently and watching our diets and pocketbooks.

The Libra moon is Inconjunct Neptune in Pisces ♓️ skewing our idealism and

a very hard squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn and opposing Mars in Aries ♈️ and square Saturn in Capricorn

This is one of the most difficult challenging aspects to long term goals and impulsive rash actions. Falling in love, at first sight, can lead to big problems later.

Mars and Saturn have the rep for being the heardest of planets and they are each in their own signs. Libra can play it cool so maintain grace under pressure.

ARIES, SCORPIO ruled by Mars, and CAPRICORN AQUARIUS ruled by SATURN will feel this tension like driving with the brakes on fiercely.  Watch out for long-suppressed anger which can boil over out of control in an instant.

August 23

Moon into sexy Scorpio ♏️ @ 3:16 am PDT, 6:16 am EDT, 11:16 am GMT

This is the most intensely passionate sexual, obsessive power-hungry, secretive, turned on few days of the month

Scorpio brings up the deepest darkest shadows, unconscious jealousy, the need to control, anger and vindictiveness. Watch your dreams under a Scorpio moon for spotting your own shadows and doing the work.

Moon makes lovely sextiles to the Virgo hygiene crazy Sun and Mercury in Virgo. This amps up a Virgo/ Scorpio vibe connection.

Mercury in Virgo it’s home enhances crisp concise intellectual communication. Books and info are a turn on too.

Scorpio ♏️ Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus in PDT/ aug 24 EDT and GMT

This will put some kink into your routine for sure. Scorpios is all about the latest sex toys, robotic sex or what have you now. Expect the unexpected and you won’t be caught if guard. And of course, a Scorpio never is.

Use the intense Scorpio desire energy on any way you want.

Capricorn and Virgo get East benefits from the moon.

Fixed signs Taurus, Leo Scorpio and Aquarius get pushed to act out their desires or keep them secreted away, turned on in the private phantasy world of the psyche.

Writing, doing a Marie Kondo obsessive cleaning or focusing on what your soul really wants is a good use of Scorpio energy. It’s a mop of transformation.

Arguments tend to boil over under Scorpio moon, be careful of who you trigger.

Remember that others are a mirror of your own inner self too.

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Mercurial changes and Uranus Retrograde

NASA Hubble / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

converted Khoros VIFF image NASA Hubble / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

It’s going to be a very Mercurial weekend because of lots of planetary actions and reactions too. That’s good for conversation, quick changes, fast track connections and interesting information.

MERCURY is the MAGICIAN in the Tarot #1

The MOON is in CANCER  mainly all weekend, making everything very moody and sensitive. Its time for comfort food, being in the water, hanging with family and staying gladly home.

AUG 15

MOON conjuncts VENUS  which is a lovely expression of love. Connect with your mother, women and your tummy. Its definitely romantic and hugs are needed. 

MOon squares CHIRON to make us feel vulnerable which helps establish intimacy.

Moon sextiles URANUS in TAURUS

use this energy to redecorate or recycle things in your house.

Mercury the Trickster Messenger in LEO SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD

Mercury inconjuncts/quincunx {150 degree squeaky wheel aspect} Jupiter Neptune and Pluto in Capricorn and then trines {120 degree good aspect} MARS in ARIES with new ideas on how to handle the hot mess.

AUG 15

MERCURY in LEO quincunx Neptune in PISCES

this quixotic energy, in the night, may come through in dreams, Watch for the Dream ego and the deeper unconscious images.

SUN inconjuncts PLUTO at 23+ LEO 

the ego and unconscious are not cohesive.

Aug 15 LEO SUN inconjuncts PLUTO in CAPRICORN at 23+  
The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, was at 28+ Leo and which also had MARS at 20 LEO and the NORTH NODE at 23 degrees LEO.
EVENTS from that SOLAR ECLIPSE which affected the entire U.S. will be retriggered. Solar eclipses change consciousness, essence and the soul/sol. Think back about what was going on in your life at that time. 
The upcoming New Moon in LEO AUGUST 18/19 is at 26+ Leo

The EGO is strong in LEO, lots of passion, wanting to be center stage, and the unconscious shadow is conflicting but you cant see it. This can be projected out as other people’s issues.

URANUS TURNS RETROGRADE until January 14, /2021

 at 10 degrees 41 Minutes back to 6 Taurus

Whatever progress, innovations, revolutionary energies, the freedom you’ve found and the collective had created it will have to be revised and gone over with a fine-tooth comb. I know its only 4 degrees return but think about all that’s happened since mid-April and the quarantine of Covid-19, BLM. We have to step back before we can move forwards in 2021 when things will be looking much more airy and AQUARIAN. 

I know people dont like to have to go back but it can be important to retool, reconfigure, reinvent and get a makeover. Look at what you vaues are. Taurus rules values, resources, tools, self-esteem, and body image.

While Uranus is Retrograde in the bovine sign from Aug 15 for the next 5 months renew your skill sets, re-evaluate what’s important to you. Reinvigorate yourself, review your self-image.

CHECK out where 6-10 degrees TAURUS are in your chart to see how and what aspects and in what houses URANUS will renovate your values through. 

Aug 16

Mercury in LEO  inconjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn

dealing with ego and the id, this can appear as kerfluffle with others, power struggles and unconscious desires running the show which could cause problems.


This is a nice positive heartfelt energized passionate proud energy boost.

If you have planets from 19-29 ARIES and LEO have a party! If you have planets at the same degrees of SAGITTARIUS its a grand trine for you.


This brings an emphasis on communicating from the heart.  Say it loud and proud. Display your heart on more than your sleeve, run it proudly up a flagpole for all to see. 

 the CANCER moon is very busy Sunday but I’ll leave that till later

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Venus in Cancer,emotional safety time

Venus goes home transits Cancer August 7 -September 6

Venus 1024px-Birth_of_VenusSandro Botticelli [Public domain]

Venus in Cancer,water-born, Botticelli Sandro Botticelli [Public domain]

Since most everyone in the world has been forced to be home during Covid-19 Venus in Cancer is more of the same but in a really loving and enjoying home, family, finding emotional safety and security and nurturing oneself.

Love needs emotional security now like never before. Being in isolation helps us to appreciate what we used to take for granted not that many months ago. Being separated from family, especially mothers has been very hard.  Everyone has been on Zoom connecting but Cancer is sentimental and there must be tears of sadness, loss and regret. 

And the Goddess of love enters a traditional Mothering nurturing, nourishing caring for others, foodie time, eat comfort food, be with family and your mom and help others who are still struggling. I know we’ve all been home baking sourdough bread, making crafts with the kids or working from home but we still need to love where we live. 

The Goddess of LOVE  is Home in the waters of CANCER, the ocean, the origins of life, the protective womb, from whence Venus and we all are born. The way to anyone’s heart with Venus in Cancer is literally through their stomach’s, feed ’em fabulous nourishing food.   Cancer rules the tummy and FOOD and Venus highlights our need to protect our food from destructive GMOs and protecting our food supplies. This is the perfect time for a water birth or for a rebirthing session in the water with a  tranquillity tank session which takes you back to your mother’s womb, 

Venus in CANCER will let you cry yourself a river. 

Venus in CANCER wants to take care of others but also needs to learn to be taken care of. Cancer’s homes are their castles, like the Crab symbol. They need safe harbour.  How at home do you feel in your own skin?  Your home/ CANCER  is you. How safe, beautiful, artful is your home? How peaceful is it? Decorate your home, buy art and beautiful objects which Venus loves.

Investigate the quality of the water that you drink,

NEVER DRINK BOTTLED WATER its a sham, and Nestle’s robs countries worldwide and creates a pollution nightmare of plastic bottles. Invest in a really good water filtration system. You need at least something as solid as the types which come in modern  fridges or an under the sink one which removes fluoride and chlorine. We use a BURKEY it filters out everything but you need to keep filling it up unless you get one that is installed. 

Cancer’s show their feelings, they can’t help it. Vulnerability is a great strength.  Family is not just blood. It is your friends who can be more like a family to you. Let them know how much they mean to you.

VENUS is the #3 the EMPRESS in the Tarot

CANCER is the sign associated with the CHARIOT #7

If you are thinking about getting pregnant or birthing any kind of Creativity Venus in Cancer is favourable especially when VENUS opposes JUPITER August 25


-one of the most romantic days of the year.

and VENUS opposing PLUTO Aug. 30 

VENUS opposes SATURN on a Full Moon in PISCES Sept. 2 is a serious soul mate commitment

Venus squares MARS Sept. 4 is a spicy romance.

 Cancer is the 4th Sign and house naturally. Where is the sign of Cancer in your chart? Check for which house Venus is transiting. That’s where to receive the love and give it. The 4th house/Cancer is your Mother, your childhood,your unconscious memories. Revisit your childhood. Love that Inner Child. Play with her/him.

ALL WATER and Earth signs benefit the most from Venus in CANCER She is a challenge to Cardinal signs, Aries, Libra and Capricorn.

Venus in Cancer can indicate a high risk of flooding.


ARIES- VENUS is in your Solar 4th House. This is the natural home of Cancer. The warrior returns home. Bring your lover home to meet the family. You may find love in your own backyard. Venus may rekindle an old flame or contact with someone from your youth. Go home if you haven’t been in a while. See you mom, make peace with her and your family, take off your armour.

TAURUS- Venus in your Solar 3rd House.

Venus is your ruling planet, in the house of communications, Venus opens your heart, stomach and your words. Taurus rules the throat so do declare your love. Put your heart into your words and express how you feel. Do go see art to feed Venus. Sing, enjoy music, make your garden beautiful. Do something nice for your neighbours.

GEMINI- Venus in your Solar 2nd House.

The house of resources, money. Your heart is the biggest resource there is. So explore it and open it wide and give everyone you care about something nice. Cook them dinner. Venus loves luxury, so dish out for some expensive or rich looking beautiful things to adorn your sacred space. Put your money where your heart is. Your capacity to communicate is a rich resource for you. Venus gets you out of your head. Interested in adopting a child? Also being a big brother or sister would be beneficial.

CANCER- VENUS in your solar 1st house

Well, Cancer’s it is YOUR TIME to swim. Positive, loving happy times. Family, helping, nurturing, protecting the children that’s what it’s all about. FOOD, get involved in the anti-MONSANTO rallies. Food is your holy Grail and it needs to be protected. Beautify your home. Have the big family gathering of course. Celebrate yourself and your origins. Feed others, but learn to receive nurturing.  

LEO- Venus in your Natal 12th house

This is SECRET LOVERS. Unconscious love, illusory love. Is it real or a dream lover? What does your heart secretly yearn for? Put your heart and will into discovering and uncovering that now. You need to beautify your den, young lions. Could be a narcissistic or fearful family skeleton from your childhood.  Your dreams may be particularly sexual and lustful during this time. Volunteer to help the homeless, or other charity work. Give from your heart as if everyone was your family.

VIRGO- Venus in your Natal 11th House

Love with people who are very different from you. Open your mind to accepting other people’s points of view. Stop being so critical and denying love and allow yourself to be imperfectly loved.  You need to take your pragmatic skill set to the street in protest to protect women from rape, children from exploitation. Organize and help out the homeless. Be open to receiving help and love from others. Love may blossom with a colleague. Allow your service to be in reception to being nurtured, loved and appreciated.

LIBRA- VENUS in your natal 10th HOUSE

Family, relationships and friends are your career and highest goal in life. This is the PUBLIC honouring your creative social gifts. A new love with a prominent powerful person. You may be chosen as an example of fair play and humanitarian idealism. Have wonderful dinner parties. Celebrate your family. Do you love your work? Are you surrounded by people who support you or not? Beautify your home workspace. Create a social event to enable co-workers to feel safer with each other.

SCORPIO- Venus in your Natal 9th HOUSE

Venus in Cancer. You can learn to trust, you can feel familiar with your lover. You can tell them your deepest darkest shadows and kinky secrets. This transit brings out your softer side.  Let yourself be vulnerable. You may want to learn to cook and decorate.

SAGITTARIUS- Venus in your Natal 8th house

You can’t always be a gypsy traveller. A place to call home to rest and renew is calling. You need to be in nature by a lake or ocean and reflect. Home can be mysterious and intriguing too. Allow yourself to be taught to be taken care of. Go to ancestry.com and check out who your ancestors were if you haven’t. Swim with dolphins. Get a new pet. Start teaching what you  love as a way of nurturing others.

CAPRICORN- Venus in your Natal 7th House

Venus is opposite your Sun sign. Marriage and commitments are the order. Work or family- you MUST give to your family now. Make it your religion for this three-week period. Take a family trip together or visit family. Capricorn’s don’t like emotions, but you are meant to open to learning to feel. You will feel healed, refreshed. The deepest motivation for work is to protect your family but not just through making money. You need to commit your feelings and be present to them emotionally. 

AQUARIUS- Venus in your Natal 6th house

Get outa your head for a bit about changing the world and allow yourself to feel your feelings and body. I know you usually feel like a space cadet. But pretend you are an ordinary human for a short while. What have you done for your self lately?  Get a massage, treat yourself to a great meal, not just fast food. You can’t be of service to others if you can’t receive it. Love may spark at work or with someone in your nearby community. Do something to beautiful your area.

PISCES – Venus in your Natal 5th House

Oh, this is sweet. Neptune is in early Pisces, the 5th house is the house of LOVE AFFAIRS, giving love, children will power and creativity. You are dreaming of emotional safety and security and being creatively stronger. Allow yourself to be courted or do the courting, it’s romantic, old-fashioned. You may be swept off your feet dramatically and meet that soul mate now.

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Daily Tarot Card reading

Daily Tarot reading July 27 

HI sorry, I  haven’t been posting these daily Tarot readings as having my dog pass away quite suddenly and very dramatically has left me feeling quite depressed as I miss him as we all do and am in mourning still.

I would use other Tarot decks in these readings except that most of them are all copyrighted and I have permission to use the Muse Tarot from the Creator Chris-Anne. 

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Libra Mood time the power of music

July 25 MOON IN LIBRA A recent article in Science News on the power of music touches our emotions. Libra moon is very socializing energy. You may meet new contacts this weekend. As Moon stays in LIBRA until late July 26th evening in PDT. 

LIBRA Moon sextiles the LEO SUN- a nice positive mood,

Libra Moon opposes Chiron in ARIES-

balancing defences and being the go-between of opposing sides.

Libra Moon inconjuncts URANUS in TAURUS

socially the need to break away or buck the popular trend will show up.

Libra Moon squares Mercury in Cancer

this is nice for socializing with family, talking to your mother, grandmother or other relatives.

Libra Moon opposes MARS in ARIES

Needing to be in relationships or needing to be alone. That is the dichotomy.

Libra is ruled by VENUS which is the planet fo Creativity. The Music of the Spheres.

I came across this article


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