Healing forToxic Masculinity, Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Chiron the Wounded Healer See page for author / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)


Healing for Toxic Masculinity, and especially toxic relationships especially in October, as Chiron goes Retrograde in Aries for the next 5 months from July 19 tp December 23, 2022 from 16 degrees 26 ‘Aries to 11 degrees 56 minutes turning stationary Direct NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS.

We must address and redress physically emotionally mentally and spiritually. It will take until April 16,2023 until Chiron trots ahead past his Retrograde Stationary degree.

During this period we can do the deepest healing of our wounds if we surrender to them. That is the only way to get healed. The ARIES major alert macho defense system does not heal, it is attempting to be heroically masculine.

The truest and strongest heroes must be able to also be vulnerable and lay down their arms and their shields and their guns.

The greatest strength is being vulnerable. There is no war except our internal split between matter and spirit. To keep defending ourselves against our own pain is futile.

Heroic Toxic masculinity started thousands of years ago. It was ratified in the Old Testament by declaring an inherent insecure position by trying to conquer and control the Great Mother, to split off from Mother Earth and natural instincts and intuition and man’s own Inner Divine Feminine. The warrior, Colonialism, capitalism and top down survival of the fittest, the illusion of the individual stems from the masculine biological competitive nature, but this is not all of what a man is. Hierarchies are woven into our culture so we think they are natural but they are not.

A true warrior knows when to be vulnerable and intimate and honor his own nurturing Divine Feminine and to honor it in women and to create real intimacy and joy in relationships.

CHIRON was a wise healer in Greek Mythology. Part centaur, part human, part immortal, in Greek mythology he was a revered figure and taught the human Asclepius the arts of healing. There were numerous healing temples in ancient Greece founded by Asclepius based on Chiron’s teachings. There temples healed using plant medicines and dreams.

Modern medicine honors Chiron and Asclepius by using the same symbol of healing, the Caduceus, a symbol with a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings while the Rod of Asclepius has a single snakeChiron is immortalized as the Constellation Centaurus. He was discovered November 1, 1977.

This time is also a Mini healing crisis and we may feel that salt is being rubbed into our wounds.

Chiron, Wounded Healer Centaur/Shaman turns Retrograde in ARIES

This 5 month period is a time to heal TOXIC MASCULINITY, and our anger in general which is intergenerational PTSD anger, our instinctive defences and any walls we have put up to being intimate within others and with ourselves. There is unconscious toxic anger and defence against being open and intimate. Men have been taught to be warriors strong silent loners independent and women have been taught to be vulnerable, dependent and weak. Venus was originally the Goddess of LOVE & WAR. Therefore MARS must also have a Strong warrior and A passionate lover and defender of Venus.


The SUN in LIBRA opposes CHIRON on October 1st with a 7-degree opposition.

It’s exact OCTOBER 7th and 8th.

VENUS in LIBRA her home sign opposes CHIRON in ARIES

Relationship wounds get unbandaged. October 7 exact on 9,10,11. but is in effect until October 16


Great time for therapy and talking about what hurts what is imbalanced and what can be done to address the issues From 16th exact on 19/20 and in effect until the 24th

This can indicate a painful and difficult time in love relationships of all kinds, and relationships imbalanced everywhere. Defenses and anger will be high. It’s a great opportunity to get counselling for yourself or couples counselling. The “I” versus “WE ARE” is on. Justice is a LIBRA trait and issues of injustice will be revisited with angry mobs screaming for heads to roll.

Anger is energy, there is righteous anger and justifiable defences. Use your righteous anger,as it is just energy and transmute it into fighting for just causes and defending the defenceless. Children, vulnerable women and men, the poor and elderly, those who have disabilities and any downtrodden cause, that you feel passionately about.

Chiron is transiting ARIES from February 18, 2019 until April 14, 2027.

That is an 8 year cycle, a large block of time to work on healing those old PATRIARCHAL, warrior, aggressive, competitivedefensive, instant fix energies. Aries is Fast Food, and cars, fast living, impulsive, macho, independent, dangerous, adventurous, competitive, overly aggressive, warpath, angerIt relates to modern capitalist consumer driven, massive consumption, corporation-driven culture.

Remember that all Retrograde planetary times are Good Medicine, as the Rx symbol signifies. Especially Chiron Retrograde. Everything that starts with the prefix Re is what the retrograde period is all about. Rest, renew, reflect, regenerate, release, revolutionize, revisit,  etc.

Chiron in ARIES will help us to heal our old wounds, so be willing to lay down your arms WARRIORS OF TOXIC MASCULINITY. This is an opportune time to open up. It’s killing you to be so tough too. Gangsta. 

Chiron the Wounded Healer has a 50-51 year orbit. At 25/26 is your Chiron opposition, a vulnerable year-long time in your life. Pay attention as Chiron turns Retro in Aries now. You would have Chiron in Libra and relationship hurts and wounds are where the healing is.

Take this time to look within. Do the healing work. Yes it will be painful, but ARIES can pull out all the stops and be courageous. If you go deeply into the wound

We can all feel wounded simply be being born into this human earthly realm. Aries is fire, memories of being burned at the stake may come up for the millions of women I know have chosen to reincarnate now. Especially with such intense backlash to women’s freedom for having full autonomy and sovereign rights over their own bodies,coming up as the Transhumanist forces are scared and trying their hardest to stay in control when Millions of women and people are waking up. WOMEN must bring in the Chirotic healing energy by balancing out their own unconscious self-sabotage in acting like men and fully embrace the strength in their own inherent vulnerable receptive relating nature

LOOK AT WHERE degrees 11-16 ARIES is in your chart. Those are the degrees Chiron is affecting directly but also any other Cardinal Signs with these degrees Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel the need to regress and redress old wounds.

Take this time to look within. Do the healing work. Yes it will be painful, but ARIES can pull out all the stops and be courageous and has the energy to push on. If you go deeply into the wound surrendering into it- you may fear it will kill you, but it won’t, You are much stronger than your ego thinks you are. You will come out of a deep healing crisis, more whole after this journey. You then earn your stripes as a WOUNDED HEALER/SHAMAN, support working or counsellor with wounded Veterans much like Prince Harry and his Invictus Games.

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please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

Home fire burning, Mars in Cancer

I am adding to this original article which is even more relevant now. Mars in Cancer controlling women’s wombs originally posted  

MARS IN CANCER April 23-June 11, 2021

Mars is Masculine energy, action, raw testosterone, the warrior, desire, sex, competition, rape, anger, aggression, initiator, Ruler of Aries and Scorpio. 

CANCER is the Mother, womb, Feminine, the Goddess, Mother Mary, Demeter, Gaia, Ceres, all Mother Goddesses, water, wells, nurturing, nourishment, emotions, security, home, children receptivity, Ruled by the Moon.

For this 7 week period, Mars in Cancer means we are ruled by our tummies, home cooking and comfort foods are a must. Donate to a food bank especially if you don’t have children or help older women or mothers in general. We desire emotional security and safety. A nest and home. We can also be very defensive emotionally too, stuffing our emotions and putting on a hard shell of armour, that infamous “stiff upper lip”.

Mars in Cancer symbolizes the Warrior returning to the home fire of the Great Mother to defend and protect her with all of his defences. He can take off his armour and nurture his wounds and feel the love and safety of home and family. Because of Covid many of us have lost loved ones, parents and children have lost mothers and parents. Many of us are isolated and alone and Mars in Cancer will make us feel rather helpless and weak. Mars is courage and initiative. We need to fight for our emotions and defend our feelings.

When Mars is in Cancer it’s time to connect with your passion for nurturing, protecting and feeding the children. This means your inner child especially. But all children. Sex trafficking of children is a huge issue. Do something to support this.

MARS is considered weakened in such a feminine watery sign. Yet Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has Mars in Cancer but it also makes sense as he is a martial or warrior of water.

In 2021 Mars is moving OUT OF BOUNDS from March 21 to May 24.

When Mars is OUT-OF-BOUNDS or OOB it means that Martial energy is wild and uncontrollable. KT Boehrer who came up with the definition and declinations for OOB planets says Mars OOB is “a fighter, daring, energetic, curious, venturesome, often attracted to a career associated with an element of danger.” A negative Mars OOB is furious tempered, angry and violent.

This 2 month period will have us feeling angry and frustrated about being forced to stay home because of Covid. Mars in Cancer is repressed anger so watch out for when the pot boils over.

The war on woman’s wombs seems now seems to be more actively coming from results of women who have had Covid Vaccinations recently getting very heavy periods, hemorraghing and miscarrying and even for those living with those who have had the jab for Covid. This may not be being totally reported in the mainstream news.

The war on women’s wombs in Alabama passed the strictest abortion law ever from May 15, 2019. Mars in Cancer is a war and repressed rage against the power of the Birth giving Great Mother. We must defend the womb. Join my the WOMB TECHNOLOGY Group on FACEBOOK which i am a core member of https://www.facebook.com/groups/1367543886749548

IDEALLY, This is a time for Masculine cleansing and purification of TOXIC MASCULINITY, where the warrior takes off his armor and surrenders into the unconditionally loving arms of the Mother Goddess Archetype of his own Anima, his own soul or to a woman. The son comes home to the Mother, to his roots, his female ancestors, to be nurtured, nourished and held safe after being at War in the world and within himself for the last five thousand years. Men, in general, are always suffering from PTSD whether they have actually been in war or not. The workforce is a very competitive battlefield for men and women. 

For women Mars in Cancer helps them to raise their Power passion and be agressive strong Amazon warrior women. They can work with their own inner Animus, their inner warrior, who acts in the world on behalf of feminine desires. Most women are very masculine these days, they don’t know about being strong and Feminine at the same time especially if they have never had children.

Mars in Cancer is also repressed anger and rage. We are seeing this well up and spill over in the U.S. these days.

Mars is weak in Cancer, there can be fear to move, to act. The U.S. and Canada and many other countries are Cancer Suns, energy will be sluggish. We will retreat into our shells as crabs do. Positively Peace treaty time is one good aspect of this.  Use this time to reflect and be receptive and wait..like a pregnant woman. This is not the best time to make big moves. 

The Goddess energies are returning and the movement of men who embrace and serve the Goddess is getting stronger every day. Words from Jeff Brown from Apologies to the Divine Feminine from a warrior in the transition from 2010 – see link for full article below:

 “I am grateful for Grandmother, for no one saw my tenderness more clearly. I am grateful for Mother, for choosing to bring me into being and for nourishing my body until I could find my feet. I am grateful for Mother Earth, for grounding my expansion and enlivening my spirit. I am grateful for the Divine Mother, the real Mother of us all. I now feel her divine presence, so close. Fiercely compassionate, she was always right here, breathing life into me, holding me safe. I sit in her lap as she breathes me.”

The warriors need to lay down their arms and to surrender, like the

Hanged Man in the Tarot, TRUMP # 12  your Card of the DAY

Men need to become Knights in shining arm, defending and integrating Feminine values and this is what Mars in Cancer will teach them to do. Men need to defend  women, protect them, the children and FEMININE rights and have the freedom to express their own feelings fully. Yes, big boys Do cry. “I fight for beauty”- Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones.

 Mars in Cancer governs the stomach, so much desire to stuff those feelings. The battle of the bulge will be on.  Tummies will be ultra sensitive to any emotional and food upsets. Attract someone by cooking for them. The desire to reunite with family is also strong and favored.

Mars in CANCER –

Cancer governs the 4th house traditionally and that house/sign holds the key to your actual physical birth and pre-birth, to your relationship with your Mom, your early childhood, your roots, foundation, the Unconscious, your womb experiences. Any unconscious, shadow material will be activated by Mars in Cancer making you angry and lash out spontaneously. Perhaps it was your mother who was the aggressive, angry, repressed anger, dangerous one. This would be a great time to do some deep therapy work as Mars rules SCORPIO sign of psychotherapy. With Saturn at those fated last degrees of Scorpio, Mars adds ease and emphasis to accessing your ancient buried emotional treasure trove lying in your knotted up guts.

For many the idea of going home is scary as it was/is a battle zone. But this is the optimum time to heal those wounds. This may be a tumultuous time as Mars aggravates family feuds. Mars in Cancer is literally fire in water, so with the droughts in California and elsewhere, expect to see battles over water rights, and the oceans, also wetter weather.


Surrender your ego posturing, your defenses, you need to fight and be right. Let go and allow. Honor your Feminine side, your intuition and feelings which are always clear. Positive warrior battles will take the form of  being soldiers of Love, supporting women and children, cook-offs, eating contests. 

Where is the Sign of CANCER in your natal chart? That is where the action is. Remember we are all family.  A lot of water therapy is good, releasing in hot baths with Epsom salts. Drink lots of water. Sex in water is also favored. Have a water birth.

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Aries New Moon of Divine rage April 11/12

Aries New Moon 22+ degrees ARIES APRIL 11 at 7:30 pm PDT/ 10:30 pm EDT/ April 12 at 2:30 am GMT

With a rare 7 planets in ARIES providing DIVINE TIMING this is an amazing opportunity to burn off old karma and rage righteously for what has been done to your pure spirit.  By feeling the suppressed anger these old karmic debts are burned up and you are ready to ignite new passions, a new sense of self-identify of your spirit is all about and a new mission. We dont need anger management as much as feeling all the feelings and burning them off.

This major karmic burn off is the first real New Year’s Day of 2021 with Sun and Moon in Aries the 1st sign. A fire sign of initiation, life force ruled by the RED Planet MARS. Aries symbolizes spirit energy.

SUN and MOON at 22 degrees signifies a MASTER NUMBER. This indicates we need to Master, and we are the masters of this Super fired up spiritual energy.

22 is about being an old soul, like THE FOOL in the Tarot, open to new experience, ready to step off the cliff in true Aries daredevil fashion. 22 = #4 which is the KING/ EMPEROR and ARIES in the Tarot, two sides of the same coin.

ALL OF THE PLANETS bundled up in the 1st sign. If one uses whole house system, all 7 planets are in the 1st House and sign of ARIES of self-identity.


This is literally a “BURNING MAN” energy.

“Burning Man encourages Radical Self-reliance for an individual to discover, exercise and rely on their inner resources.” – from Burning Man.


7 planets in ARIES relates to each of the CHAKRAS, open each one through fire breathing.

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER is here to help heal TOXIC MASCULINE energy at 9 ARIES.

MERCURY, planet of communications at 14 Aries squares the Nodes of Fate.

Important conscious choices now.

CERES, the GREAT MOTHER is Aries to rebirth and nurture the wounded Masculine in all of us back to health and balance and being a righteous lover and supporter of the Divine Feminine. Ceres loves her children unconditionally.

ERIS, MARS’ bloodthirsty sister, Goddess of righteous anger brings SACRED RAGE for us to use as a battle cry to burn through old beliefs at 24 Aries.

VENUS, Goddess of LOVE and WAR traditionally, is at 26 ARIES exactly SQUARE to PLUTO in CAPRICORN. Women and the Divine Feminine and Pluto are challenged to take down the old power structures in business and government and face the deepest shadow sides of the PATRIATCHY and in the Feminine too of total control, sexual manipulation, power over and secrets.

CERES, SUN, MOON, ERIS and VENUS are in a hard square aspect to PLUTO in CAPICORN Venus is in exact square. This is pressure to tear down old outworn structures even if we need to burn them all down.

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE by The Talking Heads would be appropriate.

JUNO, the Feminine Form of Genius at 24 SAGITTARIUS  conjuncts to the GALACTIC CENTER trines CERES, SUN MOON ERIS and VENUS.

This is a lovely FIRE TRINE bringing higher GALACTIC consciousness into the mix.

MARS, the ruler of ARIES is in Airy consciousness sign of opposites, GEMINI at 23 degrees Square to NEPTUNE in PISCES at 21.

It may be unclear as to which way to move forward from your head space. But don’t listen to the dualistic Them and us mind. Use MARS as an ACTION HERO, as DIVINE RAGE, like KALI the HINDU GODDESS of Sacred rage which destroys evil and negativity and is time and death personified.

LILITH who presides over all NEW MOON’s is in TAURUS at 19 Degrees squares SATURN and JUPITER in AQUARIUS.

She is pushing the edge, inventing new paradigms and ways of thinking as the old detritus is burned away so that a new Self-concept emerges from the flames of rage.

HINDU and TIBETAN GODDESS KALI rules this NEW MOON and I will work with her energy. She is the fearless Goddess of death and time.

Aries New Moon HOROSCOPES how it affects each sign based on natural House system. Aries = 1st house, Taurus 2nd etc.


The ARIES bonfires are in your 1st house of self-identity.

Burning down the house of your old identity is a total flashfire makeover. The old you, burned in a sacred fire of purification where you are smoked and reborn as a Phoenix rising from your own ashes. You have so much energy and power right now the only danger is in overdoing, being too aggressive competitive and head strong. Balance your energy with temperance.


The ARIES Bonfires are in your 12th house of the unconscious.

The Aries fires are in your 12th house in your nightmares, your unconscious and this is great because this is the storehouse of all karmic memories.  Let the unconscious rage from being burned at the stake or raped tortured or abused come up and let it out and purify yourself.


The ARIES bonfire in your 11th house of collectivity and revolution

The fire is lit in your mind and you will join forces with groups to liberate everyone on the planet. Your mind will work feverishly designing and debating new ideas and inventions. It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge.


The Aries bonfires in your 10th house of worldly fame and career

Keep the worldly fires lit and balance it with the home fires. You need to nurture the World and teach it about mothering, family and the values of feeding, caring for, and protecting all the children This means most people in the world and all living things on the earth as your children.


The ARIES bonfires are in your 9th house of philosophy truth and justice.

Your conversation with “the burning bush” helps you to righteously use your courage and daring leadership skills to reduce to ashes the justice system, to burn down untruths in religion, to burn off the dross in education and the legal system and to boldly protect the innocent with your big heart.


The ARIES bonfires are in your 8th house of death sex transformation.

Virgo’s just let it all burn down and let it go. Your transformation is about accepting imperfection as Holy, good and loveable including yourself. Your sexual energy is lit which gives you blazing health. What will you dedicate yourself in service to which matches your Holy earthy spiritual gifts?


The ARIES bonfires are in your 7th house of relationships to others.

The “unforgettable fire” is helping you to look at the spirit of others reflected in yourself which is your own shadow projection. What are your old karmic ties in relationships that have held you in bondage and not true love? Burn those now. Surrender to the fire of your own passion and find self-love. Find the lover within first and love you passionately.


The ARIES bonfires in your 6th house of work, health and service

MARS is your ruling planet to Scorpio. Burn down your old career, passionately embrace a new lifestyle change to benefit your health. Your focus is on dying and being reborn as someone who serves others in humility and let’s go of control, secrets, sex as power over and learns to burn for simplicity, purity and uncomplicated dedication to getting things done.


ARIES bonfires in your 5th house of love affairs, creativity leadership, will power, the heart itself.

This greatly expands joy, passion, desire, love, and your will to be empowered by the heart, to be a healed whole creative child, to express passion and courage, and be a beacon of light to others. Your firepower is charismatic and your devotion and fearless strength to protect the children attracts many who need your light.


The Aries bonfires are in your 4th house of self, home family.

The home fires are burning, liberating you from childhood wounds and fears. Let your feelings out, you can’t repress them anymore. Compassion and Passion for home, your family and you strengthen you. Your bond with your mother can be healed. Let go of what limited you from your childhood, watch it go up in smoke keeping only happy memories. Show those you love how much they mean to you.


The ARIES bonfires burn in the 3rd house of communications, siblings.  

Any anger or competition between you and siblings needs to be dealt with and released. Your cool nature may be afraid of feeling the heat, but you can deal with it. Burn up outworn ideas, learn to communicate and not dissect your feelings and desires to your greater happiness. Let your inner kid out to play.


ARIES bonfires burn in your 2nd house of self-worth, income and values.

Your martyrdom needs to be offered as a sacrifice to the Gods. Watch your self-undoing and victim routine go up in smoke. Burn with a passion for earning your weight in gold. You already have great spiritual wealth, match it on the physical plane. Your spiritual values soar in value and you are a commodity of great wealth. Wealth increases and sensuality.

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Aries New Moon. Get angry for a good cause

Aries New Moon in the Warrior sign, Mars ruled, is the First real beginning of the natural year. Moon is fired up and raring to go into battle on some levels.

There’s now 5 “planets” in Aries -Vesta at 0  Aries, Chiron at 2, SUN and MOON joined at 15+ and ERIS the Troublemaker at 23. That’s hot headed, impatient and impulsive energy.  What are you going to do with all that Pumped up Testosterone fueled energy? 

Mars, ruler of this Lunation in Airy Gemini sextiles Vesta conjunct Chiron in Aries 

Mars, ruler of Aries is in Airy Gemini sextile Vesta conjunct Chiron in Aries. We’ll be debating with overly active minds and feeling a bit insecure about our smarts. Where to invest new energy into ourselves. Mars sextile Chiron helps us talk about where we hurt and new healing.

ancient antique armor armour

Photo by Maria Pop on Pexels.com

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is still in its shadow of leaving its Retrograde and in watery sensitive emotional PISCES conjunct NEPTUNE, the final dispositer of Mercury while its in Pisces and by 1 degree and conjunct to Venus too. It’s a very romantic, spiritual, idealistic, foggy, projecting kind of energy. Its feels very creative and may be awash, seasick, swamped, emotional, bogged down, unclear and overwhelming especially for very sensitive psychic types.




There’s a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS to bear at this new Cardinal Moon.

Saturn ruler of Capricorn at 20 degrees already is conjunct to the South Node of the Moon and to Pluto, they’re all 3 degrees apart. That’s a very tight tough squeeze, like an anaconda in a Business suit. They 3 toughies are opposite to the NOrth Node in Cancer, to the SUN/Moon Eris and opposed to Athena Asteroid Warrior Goddess and strategist.

There’s a battle going on between the Old Guard South Node patriarchy and the women;s movement and other new energy, forward moving energies. This is ARIES we’re starting a new cycle.  Cardinal Crosses are tense.

JUPITER the planet of expansion is in Sagittarius at 24 degrees about to go Retrograde on the 10/11th,  Jupiter is squaring Mercury in Pisces and Neptune. We want to expand out dreams, want to soar, fly, travel, learn and adventure. Jupiter opposes Juno the feminine form of Genius in Gemini too.  Jupiter-Juno is the divine couple in Greek Mythology. Zeus and Hera quite fitting they are in opposition. Neptune and Mercury ask to find empathy with each other. 

Jupiter is sextile LILITH in AQUARIUS this is harmonious energy. But the two form a formidable FINGER OF GOD to North Node in Cancer as Jupiter and Lilith are inconjunct to the North Node in Cancer which is traditional Mom and apple pie. Something’s not quite clicking.  Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to speak the truth and educate people. It’s philosophical and optimistic.  LILITH is electrifying and heating up the revolution, one of her symbols is also as a snake. The forces of higher learning of Aquarius and Sagittarius are pressuring the traditional patriarchal view of Motherhood. Witness the birth control limits trying to be put in place by regressive republicans in the U.S. and in Canada it’s happening in Ontario too. Lilith is not afraid to strike. Sagittarius is politics and truth if you don’t like whats going on get out there and protest.

CERES at 14 Sagittarius is squares VENUS NEPTUNE And Mercury

There’s a lot of feminine energy bubbling away behind the scenes of this Masculine battle ready Aries New Moon.  It’s an Amazon warrioress moon too.

The energy is moving fast this is the last few days until april 10 for All planets moving direct for this year. Make haste.

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Inspirational Card of the Day,Moving on,The Tarot of emptying

Inspirational Card of the Day for May 14 

8 of cups

the Tarot of Truth, Tara Greene

the Tarot of Timeless Truth deck

Remember that the Tarot synchronizes the collective Unconscious’s emotions

Yesterday we had Tarot Trump #8 Justice/ Adjustment /Karma

today we also have another eight, the 8 of cups.

8’s are traditionally “difficult” complex numbers. Nearing the end of the journey of 9 which is completion.

the Thoth Tarot 8 of cups is  called INDOLENCE

8 of cups The Tarot

Its associated with SATURN in PISCES


Your hopes and dreams have turned sour, your pain comes from hanging on to something which is clearly no good for you. Stuck in the swamp. Martyrdom. Allowing others’ to steal your energy.

Lack of boundaries. Believing a projection, but you can’t ignore the harsh reality in the situation..

Toxic addictions,  trying to control others emotionally.  An abyss of despair.

THE MYTHIC TAROT says “The future cannot be manipulated. We go empty-handed into the unknown.”

Ye,s in Toronto the LEAF hockey fans are disappointed. 

The Moon is in Cancer today.  It’s OK to cry and move on.

I have had clients who totally mirror this card’s energy all day today. 

Until we able to let go of that which is not fulfilling our highest goals

we have no space to receive anything new.

There is always hope, trust that all has happened for your highest good. Learn the Karmic lesson and move on.

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Mental floss-Mercury and Uranus U-turn,HOT HOT astrology,mark your calendars!~ Tara Greene spiritual adviser

I can feel it starting already the proverbial Mercury Pre-retro mindf+ck  U know what to expect- the usual miscommunications, computer snafus and the like

Mercury rules GEMINI and VIRGO and the ordinary states of mind ,

 JUPITER & VENUS are presently rendezvousing  in the early mornings if you get up early you can see their beauty clearly.

 So Mercury going Retro July 14 –  Aug 8 will definitely exert that looking back in longing pull on the heart-strings from Venus and expansive Jupiter in AMBIGUOUS and already in twin states of double timing Gemini’s whilst caught in Mercury’s Retro Mental Floss net..

Mental Floss astrology Tara Greeneso think about that for a bit before it hits ya, don’t say I didn’t warn ya

URANUS precedes Mercury in RETROdom moving back on FRIDAY the 13th


Uranus is the higher perspective, octave or calling of Mercury.

What this means is the HIGHER MIND and LOWER MIND are both going AWOL at the same time. Interesting isn’t it?

Uranus rules Aquarius and there isnt much action directly in the Aquarian sector these days, so we’ll breathe a sigh of relief there. Dont feel left out Aquarians…

BUT review, call backs, recalls, give it a rest, Relax, chill, reconsider, review, relent, recapitulate, do all the RE-things on the higher conscious and lower conscious levels. Uranus will move Retrograde for a much longer period- till DEC 13th!

Uranus rules Technology inventions,radicalism, revolutions, freedom, managements, collective thinking, as all that will be in the RE-zone for most of the rest of 2012.

Mercury Retrogrades feel better to me these days. Yes there is the practical things to not do like buy new things,

but Mercury is actually more powerful when Retro-it is slower and brighter and closer to the earth. It is in the more feminine receptive phase.

So renew yourself, relax, But get your travel plans done soon.


I have been personally feeling so much anger being expelled in the world. Mars moving into Libra and conjuncting my Natal Mars at 2.59 of LIBRA n my 11th house was like being hit with a small bomb. I am super sensitive to energy and planetary fluctuations. It is good as long as no one is  injured in the fallout,

MARK THESE DATES on your calendar!!!

Mars moves into that EXACT SQUARE with PLUTO  JULY 17/18 and Uranus JULY 18/19

Heavily explosive situation!!!  Any countries, cities, people with NATAL planets at 7,8, or 9 degrees of ARIES born March 28-30 and CAPRICORN’s born Dec 29-31 and LIBRA’s Born September 30- Oct 2 get hit with this neutron bomb.

Here’s the list: ARIES COUNTRIES – Great Britain, Germany, Syria,Palestine, Israel

CAPRICORN COUNTRIES: Mexico, U.K. Afghanistan, India,Bosnia,

LIBRA COUNTRIES: Tibet, China, Japan, BUrma,

CANCER’s born June 29- July 1st-

Cancerian Countries: the U.S. Canada,  New Zealand, Holland  that group gets the T- square effect from 3 sides.

Get your fallout shelters ready now.   

Uranus Mercury retrograde astrology


This is an emotional action, soul level, freedom fight or die trying energy.

There are already news blackouts all over the regular news and on GOOGLE where there are 150,000 protester in Madrid, in Chile, in Mexico and more places which the media is blacking out. The revolution has definitely started and will increase in breadth and scope from here on in.

I AM HERE TO HELP YOU IN YOUR SAFE PASSAGE  Need immediate assistance BOOK a reading: http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

tell me how you’re handling the heat on all levels…..

The Red Green Show, Mars goes Direct, Friday 13th,Good Luck Astrology, Tara Greene

Mars direct Friday the 13th Red green show

                                                                                                                             click on chart to enlarge

Mars  goes direct on Friday the 13th @ 8:22 pm PST @ three degrees 42 mins of VIRGO 


Is it a bad luck omen for Mars to be going Direct on Friday the 13th?

Only if you’re Freddy Krueger, and it may be a Nightmare for Wall Street shortly.

I take all bad luck omens away from anyone ready this, gratis, for free.

                     Gala is my special black cat with the white 3rd eye. she is sending you good luck vibes for Friday the 13th just stare into her eyes.

Since the beginning of 2012 MARS  has kept everyone waiting. It’s been a long but necessary incubation period. We’ve been like little kangas hanging out in mama roo’s pouch.  

MARS Rules men, guns, action, battles, aggression, defences, sex as a weapon, competition has been on hiatus, in chains so to speak, since Jan 23 when the red planet saw the writing on the wall going retro at 23 degree + Virgo the earthy, workaholic, perfectionistic analytical health conscious sign. 

I see the POSITIVE effects of the Mars retro in Virgo as a lot of backlashes against GMO Frankenfoods MONSANTO especially in Europe. Many countries outlawed Monsanto seeds outrigight. Good for them. Europe is way more eco-conscious on so many levels. 

MARS RETRO is  RetroTesto{sterone}  Flacid macho 

Yes there have been continuing conflagrations in Syria, in the Middle East, in Mali in Korea but generally it has been quieter. 

ON a personal level were you been feeling irritable, nitpicky? Tired? Experiencing probs with your upper intestines? Those are all MRTL, Mars retro for too long symptoms. Especially in VIRGO. 

It’s been harried, haggard,.. Harry and Hagrid? Feelings like fingernails scraping on the chalkboard, waiting to exhale… frustrating but important. All that held back machismo… Shows us where we are TOO tuned into the outer action figure, action hero, action, action for the sake of action world.  This Mars retro  had brought a wholesome stasis in the status quo as well. Me thinks people are learning to like slower, maybe not so affluent,maybe because they have to, but a bit more reflective time perhaps? It’s a good thing.I know I did take more time to see old friends in this first part of 2012 than I did in the last three years. 

Did this happen to you to? 

The actual moment of Mars Direct reveals the picture.   Mars is in a Mutable Grand CROSS 

Big X factors in the cross hairs

Opposite NEPTUNE at 2 degrees of Pisces

Square to the North Node at 5 degrees of Sagittarius {not indicated but there}

Squaring Asteroid JUNO whose glyph looks like a magic wand or a toilet brush depending on how you see women’s intrinsic worth.

Square to South Node at 5 degrees of Gemini {not shown but indicated}

Square to Venus at 9 degrees of Gemini.

If you’re Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars  orother planets, Ascendant, MC, IC or DC are at or within 5 degrees, YOU are in the cross hairs.

Mars = Men, drive, war, aggression, the driver’s seat, action

Venus = women, relationships, receptive, creatress, art, balance,

JUNO = a specific women’s brand of genius,

Neptune = spirit, dreams, illusions, addictions, oil, endings, karma, the oceans,

North Node = the Dragon’s head Rahu – fated degree, highest goal,

South Node = Dragon’s tail Ketu- the past, least resistance, karma, 

OK       Well it looks like we are in the big processs of sorting out a whole new species

In other words it’s MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.  There is a new Spiritual Feminine energy coming in to halt the Macho destruction. 

Mars direct indicates all that frustrated may have to blow its wad big time!

Syria, Iran, Israel can ignite now. It’ll take until June 20,the Summer Solstice for Mars to be back where it was in January and we can really get ahead. Mars rules Aries so new beginnings will now be rampant, an Aries pun word. 

So keep planning and keep moving ahead we are all waiting for the shoe to drop. But enjoy the ride. There are many beautiful planetary elements unfolding. 

Let’s not forget!   PLUTO SQUARE URANUS Is also starting to form.

This is a THE  BIG ONE folks!  These two outer transpersonal planets were in liase in Virgo in the 60’s they created the 60’s Cultural Revolution. And now they are gonna water those seeds as they square each other beginning in June and this is only the begining of the SQUEEZE. they will continue to square each other in early Aries and Capricorn till 2015..so get comfy.

The new is the new new.TM

It’s intense and exciting. The revolution is just getting going… OWS is one very obvious manifestation it occurred with Uranus at zero degrees of Aries. Better get used to the new soul of capitalism revolution and living surfer talk because nothing is gonna stay the same as it was.

“If you’re not busy being born you’re busy dyin’.” –Bob Dylan.

Thanks Bob, a Gemni born with Venus at 12 degrees of Gemini,and Mercury there too, 4 planets in Taurus, Mars in Pisces,North Node conjunct Neptune at 24 and 28 of Virgo. Dylan is the prophet of the 60’s and this generation too.   

There is a new Divine Feminine spiritual energy being reborn that will change things up big time. Had enuf of Retrogrades already? Well..

Venus will turn RETROGRADE MAY 15, at 23 degrees + of Gemini. Expect a lot of rehashing in relationships and the economy because

you know this by now, Venus rules money, arts, love, and women. 

The main event of 2012 is the June 5-6 Venus  ECLIPSE of the Sun at 15 degrees Gemini 44 minutes.

 This is Act 2 of the Goddess returning. The first stage was June 2004 and now tah dah!

 This is a once in a lifetime act! Get your tickets now. Only appearing again in 2017!

 Of course if you are a sextiilillionaire you may be alive to witness it again as you have had your body parts regrown from stem cells and all your organs transplanted. Whew that’s another whole scenario.

Let me know how it goes for you….NEED ASSISTANCE? Get a reading  NOW http://taratarot.com/id78.html


Astrology Updates by Tara Greene Mars Direct,New Moon in Pisces, Venus in Aries & more

Astrology Updates by Tara Greene c

How do you spell Relief? Mars Direct. Venus in Aries. NEW MOON in Pisces and BIG CHANGES coming

 Since December 20, 2009… didn’t that seem like aeons ago? Mars appeared to move backwards, going Retrograde from 19 degrees 42 minutes of Leo. That was one day before the winter solstice.   Mars Retrograding through Leo all this time dragged our hearts, pride and it’s fall, courage, dramas, entitled-ness, childish egos,  leadership, romances, children and bossiness, ass-backwards for all these months.

As for m’self, and I’ve spoken to lots and lots of people it’s been a very irritable, aggravating, frustrating time. Didn’t ya feel it?  Oy! Lugging all those tons of karmic bricks around, { not to mention Saturn’s Retrograde too now} it was taking triple the amount of willpower and energy to accomplish anything. Poor President Obama, and a whole lot of other failures and disasters of many magnitudes that occurred over these many months. My tired heart goes out to you all.

But the GOOD NEWS is that on March 10th Mars finally stopped the old Rx  and turned Direct at Zero degrees 18 minutes of Leo spelling Relief!

As Mars turned direct at the Zero point of Leo we all been re-set to have new beginnings in our hearts and new non ego lessons to learn.Hopefully we all dropped that old ego { like Yul Brynner in the King & I} show during the past few months. Mars will spend almost 8 moths in total in Leo  {rather than the usual few weeks in one sign} because of the long retro and recovery period Oct 16 2009 – June 6, 2010 and it’ll take until May 17th for Mars to overtake his Retro- turn degree. During this fiery, passionate, will full period we all get to learn a lot about being drama Queens and Kings and how much better it feels to be innocent like children once again.

VENUS IN ARIES,  AMAZON time March 7- March 31.

Since March 7th, one day before International Women’s Day Venus enters the 1st fiery sign of the Zodiac Aries. No more hesitation or 2nd guessing with Venus in Aries. I like it, buy it now! Stock market up? Venus in Aries. Fall in love in less than 458 seconds, Venus In Aries. Venus wears an Amazon cloak and the Love Goddess is also a very sexy siren in a slinky fire engine red dress.  Venus in Aries is fearless, demonstrative, impulsive, angry, independent, bossy, initiating, wearing her heart on her hardhat, or crown. The Empress is seated on the Emperor’s throne. She is dazzling, daring, provocative, and sexy.  She knows what she wants and maybe jumps in often over her flaming red-hot head. But there’s not much she can’t handle or cat fight her way out of.

Mars rules Aries so she is in Mars’ territory. Gender switch-ups and women taking more leadership roles will be noticeable.  Remember that fools fall in love where angels fear to tread. Venus will be firing through Aries until March 31. The day before April Fools Day she enters her home sign of Taurus.


 Yep that’s five, count ‘en planets in Pisces on this New Moon. Just in case you might of missed it with four planets… There’s Jupiter at 13 degrees of the Fishes, Moon & Sun at 25 degrees + , Mercury the Messenger at 26 degrees of, a mere 3 seconds from URANUS. Sounds kind of like the message is up yours but really it  isn’t. Five is the sacred number of the Goddess. Slice open an apple and witness her sacred Pentagram therein.

Pisces keywords: dreamy, spiritual, compassionate, retreats, water, oceanic, Bliss, endings, releasing, illusions, delusions, soul mates, chameleon-like, under-dog, karmic, secret enemies, self-undoing, source, sensitivity.

The Pisces New Moon falls  @ 2:02 pm PDT/ 5:02 pm EDT/ 9:02 pm GMT

This is the last New MOON before the Spring Equinox which in Wicca is the agricultural beginning of the New year. Equinox, the day of yin/yang balance falls March 20 @ 10:33 am PDT/ 1:33 pm EDT

So be sure to do your last out-breathing, letting go, and  emotional releasing on this New Moon. You’ll have renewed vigour with Mars direct now.


As the consciousness of time and energy all speed up, integrate, coalesce, and instant karma is so much more real, and acknowledged by the collective, as we sense our inter- connections more and more and feel just how we all do co-create this galaxy, this life, these situations, dramas and karmas. We can also wake up, let go, stop playing the scapegoats and martyrs, we can acknowledge and release ourselves from our voluntary prisons of one form or another be they, poverty, fear, trust, abandonment, bad romances, addictions, negativity, ignorance, tyrannies of one kind or another. Our delusions around organized religious doctrines sexism, racism, fascism, separationism, reality, etc. can also be gently allowed to float merrily downstream.

All New Moons are new beginnings, new opportunities to turn the tide. This one should indeed have a tidal force wave towards Novelty, towards the xpanded consciousness that is effortlessly advancing us towards time wave Zero- Dec. 21, 2012.

Surf your own personal emotional tidal wave. Have a major release party. Let go; Let it be, forgive, finally! Be engulfed in the emotional resonance of the Bliss of the ALL.  We are all in he cosmic Soup together. We are the soup and the nuts. We are also energetically transitioning from the Age of Pisces, begun at Christ’s birth 2010 years ago approximately, moving in to the Aquarian Age of Humanity, electric thinking, the Big Picture, the cosmic connection, consciousness Itself..

Carl Jung the famous Psychologist, Freud’s renegade, said there are only two emotions Love and Fear.  It is time to collapse the duality, we are the event horizon, we are only love love and love. Love by any other name…

Uranus exactly conjuncts Mercury within an hr of this New moon so innovative ideas and electrical waves of Bliss ride your neural pathways at that time.

 Use the New Moon to reflect on how far you’ve grown emotionally; let old baggage simply drift away. We are entering a brave new world of our own devise. Pisces is the sign of Miracles. If ya don’t expect ‘em to show up, knocking at your door, they won’t.

A little digression here, that is relevant.

Sat March 13  there is a Moon Neptune, Chiron conjunction in Aquarius and later this day Moon enters Pisces. And speaking of Pisces and dreaming…I woke up this morning March 13th from a deep dream of carnivals, craft shows. A friend of mine Derra was in the dream saying she wished she had brought her paintings to show.

There was also a message as I woke up. The message said, “If we don’t heal our pain we can never heal the world. The world’s pain and anguish go away as our own personal pain is resolved.

It felt like I’d heard that sort of message before but until it becomes personal, experienced, felt in our own way, in a way in which we can really hear the message we may as well be deaf, tuned out, zombie-like, distracted, harried or otherwise karmically missing the boat.  This New Moon is the boat. So All aboard the Pisces Peace and Bliss Boat now. Sail on.

Leo Full Moon JAn 29-jan 30 Let Your Love Light Shine by Tara Greene

Temperance Tarot CArd Trump # 14 aka Art

Balance of Opposites, infinity symbol cosmic symbolism

LEO FULL MOON Jan 29- Jan 30 2010

LET YOUR LOVE LIGHT SHINE copyright Tara Greene

 Very unique configuration Balance of the Lovers

 SUN conjunct Venus in Aquarius / Moon conjunct Mars in Leo

Jan 29 @ 10 degrees + Aquarius/Leo 10:18 pm PST Jan 30  @ 1:18 am EST / Jan 30 @ 6:18 am GMT

 When I first saw this configuration I went wow it’s a perfect eternity loop and dance of the balance of opposites in perfect harmony in opposing signs.  This is as symbol and pointer of the Alchemical Sacred Marriage of the Masculine and Feminine aligning, holding the tension of the opposites.

It’s a perfect Cosmic symbol of the Tarot  TRUMP # 14 TEMPERANCE aka ART in the Thoth Tarot, which I use.

 With the Sun,the symbol of Divine Light, Life, daylight consciousness, the ego, identity in Aquarius the sign opposite Leo which it rules, the Sun is partaking of Aquarius Airy non-ego, group consciousness, individual identity, freedom, revolutionary thought,  tech, inventions, new style of leadership. Witness the President of the US with an Aquarius ascendant he is a Leo.

 The Sun is with Venus the Goddess of Love 4 degrees+ away from the Sun. That’s close. Venus brings Values and Love feminine grace, feelings and beauty to Aquarian detachment. Venus in Aquarius brings higher consciousness in partnership, Freedom in relationships { are Brangelina splitting now?} romance, love of our fellow humans, group co-operation which is being shown large on the world stage with help for the poor Haitians.

 So it’s a symbol of the Feminine the Goddess energy merging  with the centre of Life and Light, taking center stage with the Sun.  As Divine partners, the Light of the Feminine is rising on this Leo Full Moon with Passion, pizzazz, regal ness,

Courage, daring, leadership, power, heart, for the children. Leo rules the child, with willpower, the power of LOVE AND LIGHT is the most powerful source there is. It is a divine symbol of ALL THAT IS. THE LIGHT IS LOVE, LOVE IS THE SOURCE.


 Opposite the Sun and Venus is the Moon at 10 degrees of Leo and Mars at 9 degrees. Even hotter. Mars is the ruler of Aries the first fiery passionate sign, so Mars works well in Leo’s fires but he is still Retrograde remember? How could we forget?

Old lovers, old macho attitudes, old defences wearing away slowly? Everything taking sooo long to get anything done?

The Macho is going into a looking backwards view of itself which is being reflected by the Moon’s silvery mirror.

Mars in Leo shows the old kings falling from their lofty self-centered ego- thrones. Moon is reflecting her feminine mirror through Leo’s ego stance. Moon in Leo is authentic self-expression, drama, flourish, will power, determination, action, courage, and the child.

Feelings and instincts {the Moon} will feel more defensive and raw during this Lunation are we can also tune in more subtly and be more sensitive to, the child within.

Full Moons bring Light to the shadow the opposition of Dark and Light, Masculine and feminine the Grand duality Illusion of yin and yang. The magnetic force which attracts and keeps all things moving in the divine dance of Love .


Saturn and Pluto aka Father Time and Lord of the Underworld move into the 2nd of 3 exact squares in Libra-Capricorn. It’s a karmic balancing act for the Plutocrats of the world. High noon.

The first exact square was on Nov 15 2009 at 1 degree 42 minutes, the 2nd is on the 31st @ 4 degrees 21 minutes Libra Capricorn and the 3rd will be Aug 21st 2010 at 2 degrees 55 mins.

 All early CARDINAL SIGNS Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn are feeling the push pull of new structure, death, rebirth, crisis in consciousness, building new beginnings in partnerships, business, relationships.  Father Time and Pluto is pushing us to let go of the old so we can evolve.  Saturn in Libra stresses co-operation, and the re-balancing of the opposites as we clearly see in this Lunation.

 The lemniscate or eternity symbol, the dorje in Tibetan symbolism, the lightning bolt of wisdom, all figure symbolically as cosmic portents in the sky on this Full MOON.

Use it to feel a sense of completion, review past actions, dramas, temper tantrums, ego desires {Mars in Leo retro} and create harmonious body movements with Sun and Venus together. Bring out your creative side from the closet, let your LOVELIGHT SHINE.

We are moving very quickly towards a new event horizon in consiousness.


 Jupiter, King of the Gods newly in Pisces the sign he rules, expands endings, spirituality, compassion, foreigners, higher education, dreaming, compassion, forgiveness, legal matters, creativity, soul merging, fantasy, illusion, delusion, addictions, water, flooding emotions, and feet, so walk a mile in someone else’s shoes is a big theme this year as Jupiter speeds through Pisces and moves at lightning speed into Aries where we get a preview of the New Life, then backs into Pisces again. A time to feel the presence of spirit within moving through you, to get back to nature, walk in the woods, commune like st. Francis with the animals, to soak your feet in Epsom salts baths, to walk along vast stretches of untouched beaches, to swim and commune with the dolphins. To watch the waters rise. Pisces is the last sign, Jupiter  in Pisces relates to the Year of the {Metal} Tiger, The end to most major religious orthodoxy but also entrenchment of religious delusions and mucho fanaticism.

JUPITER IN PISCES says BE EXTRAVAGANT  TO YOUR FEET, THANK THEM and Bless them for the dear Soles they are. They ground spirit ground your body. I predict a banner year for podiatrists,  reflexologists, and pedicures. 

Born today? are things slowing down too much? blame it on MArs from Psychic Tara Greene, Toronto

November 29 Birthdays in History – November 29 Events

IT”S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! and a whole bunch of other people too>

and Mars if you haven’t noticed is retrograde and don’t things seem to be taking longer to get done?

Nov. 29, 1990 Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit, actor, Full House
November 29, 1990 Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, actor, Full House
November 29, 1982 Lucas Black, actor, Sling Blade
November 29, 1974 Pavol Demitra, Dubnica Slo, NHL right wing, Ottawa Senators, Blues
November 29, 1973 Craig Glassock, cricketer, NSW wicket-keeper 1994-95
November 29, 1973 Dick van Burik, soccer player, Ajax/NAC
November 29, 1973 Duane Butler, safety for the Minnesota Vikings
November 29, 1972 Artis Houston, WLAF cornerback for the Rhein Fire
November 29, 1972 Jamal Mashburn, NBA forward, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks
November 29, 1972 Larry Williams, WLAF defensive tackle for the Scotland Claymores
November 29, 1971 Amy Peterson, Maplewood, Minnesota, short track skater 1994 Olympics
November 29, 1971 Bernadette Przybycien, Miss Illinois USA 1996
November 29, 1971 Brad May, Toronto, NHL left wing for the Buffalo Sabres
November 29, 1971 Gena Lee Nolin, actress/model, Baywatch
November 29, 1970 David Beinhoff, mayor
November 29, 1970 Guy Hill, Atlanta Georgia, Canadian Tour golfer, 1993 NCAA-3rd
November 29, 1970 Lamar Smith, NFL running back for the Seattle Seahawks
November 29, 1970 Tonya Gill, LPGA golfer, 1995 Ping/Welch-14th
November 29, 1969 Ben Iroha, soccer player, Vitesse
November 29, 1969 Craig Evans, cricketer, Zimbabwe batsman 1996 World Cup
November 29, 1969 J-Me Carney, cyclist 1996 Olympics
November 29, 1969 John Knight, rocker
November 29, 1969 Mariano Rivera, Panama City Panama, pitcher, New York Yankees
November 29, 1969 Pierre van Hooijdonk, Dutch soccer player, NAC, Celtic
November 29, 1968 Dee Brown, NBA guard for the Boston Celtics
November 29, 1968 Jiri Veber, Kladno CZE, hockey, Team Czech Rep
November 29, 1968 Jonathan Raleigh Knight, Massachusetts, rocker, New Kids-Hangin’ Tough
November 29, 1968 Pedro A Martinez, Villa Mella, Dominican Republic, pitcher for the New York Mets
November 29, 1968 Peter Gross-Pass, WLAF defensive linebacker for the Rhein Fire
November 29, 1968 T J Rubley, WLAF quarterback for the Rhein Fire
November 29, 1967 Marcus Muler, WLAF adm asst for the Amsterdam Admirals
November 29, 1967 Sean Carlin, Australian hammer thrower, Olympics-8-1992, 96
November 29, 1965 Ellen Cleghorne, comedienne, Saturday Night Live
November 29, 1965 Neill Barry, New York City, actor, Old Enough, Heat
November 29, 1964 Don Cheadle, actor, Boogie Nights
November 29, 1964 Kris Kamm, Evanston, Illinois, actor, Stuart Rosebrock-Coach
November 29, 1964 Perry Parker, South Laguna Beach California, golfer, 1992 Xerox BC Open
November 29, 1962 Andrew McCarthy, New York City, actor, St. Elmo’s Fire, Class
November 29, 1962 Sadanand Viswanath, Indian cricket wicket-keeper, v Sri Lanka 1985-86
November 29, 1961 Kim Delaney, Philadelphia, actress, All My Children, Tour of Duty, New YorkPD Blue
November 29, 1960 Cathy Moriarty, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Raging Bull, Bless This House
November 29, 1959 Charles Grant, Winston Salem, North Carolina, actor, Another World
November 29, 1959 Neal Broten, Roseau Canada, NHL center for the New Jersey Devils
November 29, 1959 Rich Camarillo, NFL punter for the Houston Oilers
November 29, 1958 Pamela Prati, Rome, Italy, Million $ Cap, 1984, /actress
November 29, 1957 Charles Grant, actor, Evan Frame-Another World, Bold and Beautiful
November 29, 1957 Janet Napolitano, American Politician
November 29, 1955 Howie Mandel, born in Toronto, Canada, comedian, Dr. Wayne Fiscus-St. Elsewhere
November 29, 1954 Joel Coen, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actor/dir, Spies Like Us, Barton Fink
November 29, 1953 Alex Grey, American Artist
November 29, 1952 Christine Pascal, actress/director, Smile, Nothing But Lies, Elsa
November 29, 1952 Dusty Hare, English rugby player
November 29, 1951 Barry Doudreau, born in Boston, Massachusetts, rock guitarist, Boston
November 29, 1951 Jonathan Zeitlyn, artist
November 29, 1950 Kevin O’Donnell, Jr., U.S., sci-fi author, Caverns, Reefs, Lava
November 29, 1949 Garry Shandling, Arizona, comedian, Garry Shandling, Larry Sanders Show
November 29, 1949 Kenneth D Cameron, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Lt Col USMC/astronaut, STS 37, 56, 74
November 29, 1949 Petra Kelly, German peace activist/MP, Green
November 29, 1946 Suzy Chaffee, U.S., skier/chapstick user 1968 Olympics
November 29, 1945 Roger Bambuck, Guadeloupe, French 4X100 runner 1968 Olympics bronze
November 29, 1944 Felix Cavaliere, Pelham, New York, rock keyboardist, Rascals-Lonely too Long
November 29, 1941 Dennis Doherty, Halifax Canada, rocker, Mamas and The Papas
November 29, 1941 Ronald D Coleman, Rep-D-TX, 1983-
November 29, 1940 Chuck Mangione, born in Rochester, New York, jazz hornist, Chasing the Clouds Away
November 29, 1939 Gennadiy Volnov, U.S.S.R., basketball player, Olympics gold 1972
November 29, 1939 Meco, rocker
November 29, 1937 Johan J Holst, Norwegian minister of Defense/Foreign affairs
November 29, 1936 Davide Anzagai, composer
November 29, 1936 Gerti Tetzner, writer
November 29, 1934 Willie Morris, American Writer
November 29, 1933 David Reuben, author, Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex
November 29, 1933 John Mayall, MacClesfield England, pop musician, Don’t Washed Me Time
November 29, 1932 Antoine Tisne, composer
November 29, 1932 Diane Ladd, Meridian Mississippi, actress, Wild Angels, Wild at Heart
November 29, 1932 John Gary, Watertown, New York, singer
November 29, 1932 Jacques Chirac, French Statesman
November 29, 1931 Frank T Mdlalose, KwaZulu minister of Internal minister
November 29, 1929 Don January, pro golfer, 1976 Vardon Trophy
November 29, 1928 Paul Simon, Sen-D-IL
November 29, 1927 Rubert Crosse, New York City, actor, Det Robinson-The Partners
November 29, 1927 Vin[ce] Scully, sportscaster, NBC Baseball Game of the Week
November 29, 1926 Dagmar, Huntington, West Virginia, actress, Broadway’s Open House
November 29, 1923 Frank Reynolds, E Chicago, Indiana, news anchor, ABC Evening News
November 29, 1922 Benjamin Smit, Curaeaos architect, St. Elizabeth Hospital
November 29, 1919 Pearl Primus, dancer
November 29, 1918 Herb Shriner, Toledo Ohio, host/humorist, Herb Shriner Show
November 29, 1918 Madeleine L’Engle, [Franklin], U.S., sci-fi author, Ilsa, Love Letters
November 29, 1916 Valentino Bucchi, composer
November 29, 1915 Earl W. Sutherland, U.S. pharmacologist, Nobel 1971
November 29, 1915 Billy Strayhorn, American Composer
November 29, 1914 Edith Tilton Penrose, economist
November 29, 1914 Taisen Deshimaru, Saga City Japan, found several Zen centers in France
November 29, 1911 Klaus EJ Fuchs, German/British atomic physicist/spy
November 29, 1910 Louis Levy, Jr., music publisher
November 29, 1909 Rupert Davies, methodist Scholar
November 29, 1908 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Rep-D-NY, /minister
November 29, 1907 Merle Travis, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, country singer, 16 Tons
November 29, 1906 Luis Van Rooten, Mexico City Mexico, actor, One Man’s Family
November 29, 1905 Mowbray Henry Gordon Howard, 6th Earl of Effingham
November 29, 1904 Kay Johnson, Mt Vernon, New York, actress, Real Glory, Of Human Bondage
November 29, 1904 Piet Ketting, pianist/conductor/composer, Glorify Kokila
November 29, 1902 Carlo Levi, Italy, painter/novelist, Of Fear and Freedom
November 29, 1902 Georges Poulet, French/Belgian critic, Temps Humain
November 29, 1901 Genevieve Tobin, actress, Zaza, Great Gambini, Uncertain Lady
November 29, 1901 Mildred Harris, Cheyenne, Wyoming, actress, No No Nannette
November 29, 1899 Gustave Reese, composer
November 29, 1898 C[live] S[taples] Lewis, UK, sci-fi author, Silver Chair
November 29, 1898 Rod La Rocque, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Our Modern Maidens
November 29, 1898 C. S. Lewis, English Author
November 29, 1897 Emiel van Hemeldonck, Belgian writer, Little Emperor
November 29, 1896 Philip L Carret, Lynn Massachusetts, CEO, Pioneer Fund
November 29, 1896 Rod, erique, La Rocque, La Tour, western actor, Beau Bandit
November 29, 1895 Busby Berkeley, born in Los Angeles, California, choreographer
November 29, 1895 Lodovico Rocca, composer
November 29, 1895 William V S Tubman, Whig, 17th Liberian president, 1943-70
November 29, 1894 Yakima Canutt, [Enos Edward], Colfax, Washington, actor/dir, Texas Terror
November 29, 1891 Julius Raab, Austrian union chancellor, 1953-61
November 29, 1891 Richard Frank Donovan, composer
November 29, 1874 Antonio Egas Moniz, Portugal, lobotomist, Nobel 1949
November 29, 1872 Anna Bahr-von Mildenburg, Austrian soprano/director
November 29, 1870 Andre Lichtenberger, French sociologist/writer, Le petit roi
November 29, 1870 Harry Graham, cricketer, 107 on Test debut Aust vs. Eng 1893
November 29, 1866 Waldemar von Baussnern, composer
November 29, 1863 Spyridon Filiskos Samaras, composer
November 29, 1863 S˜fert H Koorders, Dutch botanist, Java
November 29, 1862 Friedrich Klose, composer
November 29, 1860 Hans Haym, composer
November 29, 1856 Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, German Chancellor/premier Prussia
November 29, 1852 Paul Joseph Guillaume Hillemacher, composer
November 29, 1849 Ambrose Fleming, inventor, diode
November 29, 1839 Ludwig Anzengruber, Austrian playwright, Der Schandfleck
November 29, 1838 Aeneas Mackay, Baron/Dutch minister of interior/Colonies
November 29, 1834 Thomas Edward Greenfield Ransom, Bvt Major General Union volunteers
November 29, 1833 Louis Douglass Watkins, Brig General Union volunteers, died in 1868
November 29, 1832 Louisa May Alcott, Germantown, Pennsylvania, author, Little Women
November 29, 1818 George Brown, Canada, publisher, Toronto Globe, PM, L, 1858
November 29, 1816 Carl Binder, composer
November 29, 1815 Stephen Augustus Hurlbut, Mjr Gen Union volunteers, died in 1882
November 29, 1811 Wendell Phillips, women’s suffrage/antislavery/prison reformer
November 29, 1803 Christian Doppler, Austrian physicist, Doppler effect
November 29, 1802 Wilhelm Hauff, writer
November 29, 1799 Amos Bronson Alcott, U.S. educator/poet, Concord Days
November 29, 1797 Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti, composer