One of the best days all year is this week

In spite of all the RETROGRADE BLUES which is a HOLY REDIRECT you know, there are some High points too.  One of those is this weekend.

Astrology art tara greene

Astrology paiting by Brigid Marlin

There are only two dates in the entire year when the SUN, SOL, the source, the Light, the most powerful STAR of all in our Galaxy who is the KING, God, Zeus, Helios, Apollo, by any other names, and the planet JUPITER, the biggest planet, also known for being a great benefactor, optimistic, confident, risk-taking, blessings giver, aka THOR, Yahweh, etc, connect with each other.

In Astrology in order of importance and power, the aspects rank as 1. Conjunctions, 2. oppositions and then 3. squares as major aspects. 


Thoth wheel Tara Greene TArot


The conjunction is the most powerful and happens only once a year. This year it is on OCTOBER 26 at 3 degrees SCORPIO.  A very big year for you if you are born on that day. But it is beneficial for everyone. Mark it down in your calendars.

This Friday APRIL 7th is the next biggest most positive aspect and that is an exact opposition between the SUN and JUPITER, still very good. I advised a client of mine to launch a project on this date. This would have been my mother’s birthday as well.

If you are an ARIES born on this day or a LIBRA and you have planets at 18+ degrees of either Cardinal SIGN, plus CANCER and CAPRICORN’s and anyone with other planets 5 degrees plus or minus you get benefits and perks too. 

Remember that PLUTO is also involved in this, on the 8th, the SUN squares PLUTO.

The combo of SUN, JUPITER, AND PLUTO  is characterized as SUPERICH, as it symbolizes, the Gold of the SUN, soul power, generative faculties, light, fire, source energy, the original spark of life, wealth, the SOL and SOUL. This is the upper world and the lower world riches of the CONSCIOUS of masculine light and the dark, earthy, moist Feminine UNCONSCIOUS  which is PLUTO or HADES realm.

THE SUN is worshiped everywhere in INDIA, the SUN is called Surya and doing SUN salutations is a regular everyday occurrence. See link below for mantras and yoga instructions.  The Sun is also worshiped by indigenous peoples in North America and Peru.

JUPITER is also worshiped.

“We call to the master of the planets, the wisest of the wise, the most famous master of religion, the master of priests! Hear us! Help us! Sit with us now.

Deathless Lord of the Vastness [Jupiter], the gods learn from you how to participate in holy ceremonies. As the light of the Sun creates the rays of the Moon, you create all religion. Chase away the gloom and hatred. Mount your chariot, which destroys foes, slays demons, frees the needy and finds the light….” – Vic DiCara astrology from prayers to Jupiter.


JUPITER and PLUTO in combo bring great gifts of optimism and wealth with depth. Pluto represents death, rebirth and resurrection. Jupiter represents taking risks of faith with the awareness of how precious life is. 

This combination brings great trust and faith that all of these planets and the Star reflect.

This is an indomitable connection. I would certainly use this weekend, leading up to the  Full Moon on the 10th when the LIBRA MOON reflects again the CARDINAL cross of JUPITER PLUTO and SUN at 21 degrees LIBRA to bring on the positive magic. Wow that’s exactly on my natal NEPTUNE VENUS conjunction! 

The SUN’s metal is gold, Jupiter’s is tin, Pluto’s metal is Plutonium, which is highly radioactive and can’t be gotten anyways. I would use a drawing of PLUTO if you are doing ritual. The balance of the upper world and lower world deities with JUPITER in LIBRA as the sacred balance seems awesomely positive to me. 

Yes VENUS is still Retrograde almost still at 27 degrees PISCES { turning Direct on the 15th at 26 degrees and very powerful} Venus is squaring a newly Retrograde Saturn at the Galactic center { 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS, on the 5th/6th. VENUS rules or disposits JUPITER in LIBRA.

MERCURY turns RETROGRADE on the 9th/10th and this adds to the delayed reactions. Intentions created now may take some time for results to appear. This is a SATURNINE test of Jupiterian Maximus Faith being applied by the universe to us all.  That is all good. 

Be in good faith, stay optimistic, follow the SUN, keep your sense of humor, it is vital. I will be doing ritual over the weekend.  If you would like me to add you or someone you know needs help or healing please email me 

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April Fool,Numerology, the Tarot’s wisest card

 April 1st is April Fool’s day.  The FOOL is the most powerful card in the Tarot!

The Fool, Tarot, April 1, Tara Greene

Rider-Waite Fool #0 / #22

The Fool or Jester, is number 0 and also #22. It is the beginning and end of everything. The Fool is the symbol of the Divine Child, the idiot savant, the foolish one, unafraid to take risks. 


On a spiritual level the Fool symbolizes the soul itself, and the traditional Tarot Fool young boy with a little bundle over his shoulder ready to step off the cliff into the unknown symbolizes our souls after drinking the “cup of forgetfulness ready to come back to earth to reincarnate again. The Fool is simply here to experiences. The Fool is enlightened and already knows everything.

The Fool Thoth, Tara Greene

The Fool, in the Thoth Tarot deck


If you are born with your birthday adding up to #22/4 Then you are naturally enlightened and the FOOL.  How do you figure this out?

If you are born December 31, 1950, for example. You add up 12 + 31 + 1950 vertically.

it adds up to 1993 And if you add each number individually it is 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 22.

Numerology of the number 22, it is considered to be the most powerful of all numbers, the Master Builder. Number 22 people can turn their most ambitious dreams into reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers.Sir Richard Branson is a #22. 

Have a great April Fool’s Day the moon is appropriately in GEMINI a young foolish energy, a Gemini is always ready for a new adventure. 

A bit of everything lunar wise.  A sextile to the sun in the early morning is cheery. A square to Neptune may make it feel like your beloved wants to go their own way, or one dream just split into two, 


In the evening. This is a fun socializing energy. A gab fest, it’s very flirty. Good for speed dating and comedy club dates. Jupiter is JOVIAL.


The lightweight Gemini Moon is weighed down by the PLUTOCRATS demands and attempts to control them. The Gemini emotion is straight out the door infuriating any power monger anywhere. A slippery wicket, news dodgers, deferers, excuse makers and such.

You can tell tall tails and stories today to your hearts content. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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