Venus,Mars, love push Horoscopes

Romantic Sparks fly when Venus and Mars square off at 90 degree angles in any sign. February 4 at 7:29 pm PST/ 10:29 pm EST/ February 5 at 3:30 pm GMT at 11+ degrees PISCES/ GEMINI.

These aspects hold until Valentines Day so set your intentions now for then. Only 9!or 10 days from today.

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The two flirt like mad in a very fun light hearted court and spark way with each other. They are both in MUTABLE signs, so there may be lots of hide and seek, role playing and CosPlay fun from this aspect.

Venus in Pisces is in her glory in the 12th sigh of spirituality, creativity karma, projection and endings where she’ is exalted. The Goddess of love,beauty harmony, sex money and war gets into a heated squaring off with her complimentary opposite polarity, macho heroic warrior trickster and travelling salesman MARS in a Gemini


Venus in Pisces wears rose coloured glasses. You know that old fashioned meme? She sees the perfected soul inside the narcissist, addicted, human and wants to fix them. Take note of how you keep setting yourself up to self sabotage and play the victim violin before and before. A great time to unravel Your karmic patterns in other words. Mars in Gemini can help you to mend that splinter in your own mind now.

Venus in Pisces signifies love addictions so be careful with Mars in Gemini which can charm the pants off anyone and be gone in the bat of a false eyelash and change their story so many times Venus head will swim.

Venus in Pisces is a Dream Girl, a shapeshifting enchantress. She can be any projection, fantasy woman any man’s or anyone’s desires. Gemini wants twin dream girls, or a threesome. You know how Gemini dual energy is.

Look to where 11+ degrees Gemini and Pisces are in your natal chart to see how these energies are affecting you personally.


Aries Rising, Sun sign, Mars Ruled, Mars in Aries

Venus in your 12 House of karma, shadows, addictions endings. A dream lover could appear. Be on the alert or you may miss them.

MARS, your ruler planet, heats up your solar 3rd house of thinking, analyzing communicating, and social media. Yes dating apps, connect online. This can feel like an instant karmic boom connection. Go for it. But you don’t have to fix or save anyone. Watch for dreams about meeting a significant other.

TAURUS Rising, Sun, Venus rules or in Taurus

Venus, your ruler in your 11th House of wishes hopes and dreams

house of dating apps,networking and freedom too,can radically shift your psychic attraction level.

MARS in your 2nd Solar house of self worth, earnings and resources can bring new love languages. Sensuality And intimacy. It can also be a connection coming with business partnerships too.

GEMINI Rising and Sun, Mars in Gemini

Venus is in your solar 10th House of career, can bring love spark flying from a job or public connection.

MARS in your 1st House of self identity since way back in fall of 2022, has brought passionate new drives and desires and has been breathing new life into your appearance, your ego and drives to be a brave warrior and to start new entrepreneurship ventures. Love and career wins.

CANCER Rising and Sun

Venus in your natal 9th house

is expanding your intuition, visions and dreams. Look for someone who shares the same vibe and visions. A passionate learning partner or teacher/ student relationship. This can be a long distance relationship, a school connection, or political and philosophical meeting of souls.

MARS in your 12th house is always a karmic past life connection. You will feel that OMG total attraction that is the karmic glue. Pay attention to your dreams and Ask to see your beloved and ask them to manifest in the physical fast.


Venus in your solar 8th house can bring a wealthy,powerful person into your life someone just like you. There’ll be big dramatic passions and heart strings play glorious Melodies. You may feel a heart & soul spirit merge. A mysterious bequeathing can come.

MARS in your 11th house of networking, radical change and higher consciousness can blow your mind! You’ve been forewarned.

VIRGO Rising and Sun

Venus in your solar 7th house of committed relationship can being that instant karmic attraction you crave. Learn to Trust your intuition instead of your astute logic. Love cannot be organized, neat and tidy. The heart can’t be controlled. The heart wants what it wants.

MARS in Gemini in your 10th house of public reputation and career can indicate a work related connection and mars can get you caught firmly in that split. And will get your head arguing back and forth about not trusting what your instincts tell you. Virgo has great gut instincts. Trust your Guardian angels are looking out for you. Can be a love and business partnership too. A dream come true.

LIBRA rIsing and Sun,Venus ruled

Venus,in your 6th house can bring a healer, spiritual or physical, a doctor, masseuse, body worker or an artist into your life. Venus loves art. She married a lame craftsman.

MARS in your solar 9th house is in harmony with your air sign. This will be a meeting of minds,politics, philosophy, a yoga or other type of teacher, someone who works internationally or travels a lot, it could also be long distance connection which can be a breath of fresh air. You need space.

SCORPIO Rising and Sun, Mars ruled

Venus in Pisces is in harmony with your watery soul. In your solar 5th house of relationships, creativity, and children. This could be a hot soul karmic merge. This person will help your soul grow, and vice versa. Be prepared for current relationship to end if your souls aren’t harmonious anymore.

MARS in Gemini in your 8th House brings a karmic soul transforming wealthy person into your life. Choose real soul love over power,wealth charisma and influence.

Sagittarius Rising and Sun

Venus in Pisces in your solar 4th House opens your deepest wellsprings of ancestral intuition. Creative energies rise. Listen to what your roots are telling you. Someone close to where you live can appear.

MARS in Gemini in your 7th House of committed relationships longs to fall madly deeply in passionate long lasting love. A significant other can enter your psychic space. Put your highest goals out there and have faith that your adventurous travelling companion and jokester compatriot will soon arrive.

CAPRICORN rising and Sun

Venus in your 3rd house of communication, analysis and short journeys can bring a love interest through a career or business connection that could be older and wiser than you. Someone you look up to.

MARS in Gemini in your 6th House of work community health and service can spark a flare with someone through these environs. This can be serious,choices will have to be made.

AQUARIUS Rising and Sun

Venus in Pisces in your 2nd house of resources and tools makes you value love sensuality and tangible worth. A new love that helps you explore these things will show up.

MARS in your 5th house of love affairs, children, creativity and leadership can bring a true mirror. Exciting talks, stories and dancing will get this relationship going. Together you will lead the revolutions.

PISCES Rising and sun

Venus is Your 1st house of appearances, self identity and ego, for you this can be shapeshifting and creating a new ego identity which attracts a new type of lover. Imagine your beautiful soulmate and they will show up in your visions than manifest in reality.

MARS in Gemini in your 4th house can bring someone from your childhood or a familiar feeling connection instantly-you will know right away. Remember what family dynamics were like when growing up and disentangle that dysfunctional hot mess so you can attract the soul mate you so long for. Watch the synchronicity coming at you string and fast. Follow that thread. Be mindful of projecting too much too soon.

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Mars in Leo, action, fire, passion, war

Mars in Leo June 11 until July 29/30

MARS, the War God, the testosterone-driven red planet enters the FIxed Fire and 5th sign, of pride, leadership, fun loving, drama QUEENS, passionate LEO the Lion, and its Time to roar.

Temperatures will rise literally too, while Mars is in Leo so expect very hot early summer in the Northern Hemisphere and lost of fired.

Mars has been waterlogged and swimming to keep his head above water in Cancer since April 23 which seems like aeons ago. Have you learned to love your soft underbelly while Mars was in Cancer?  How has your tummy been? Mars does not do well in ultra nurturing Cancer, but he is the wounded warrior who came home to take off his armour and allow himself to be nurtured and to nurture just like Prince Harry was doing in his Mental Health special The Me You Don’t See with Oprah at the same time. Mars in Cancer is passive/aggressive. But that’s all over now.

The Macho planet of testosterone, war, passion and desire action and defensiveness is bringing sexy Leonine energy back. It’s courageous, loves to party and dance, wear red be the center of attention, daring, and bold. There will be lots of  drama, HOT passion, battles of wills, energy to burn, big-hearted, and LUSTY. 

Mars likes living dangerously. DO be extra carefull around BBQ’s campfires, and and dangerous flammable liquids. Not to mention guns or any sharp weapons, knives.

DANGER of explosions, volcanic ones, forest fires, bombings, knife attacks, angry crowds and general rage.

There is a danger of wars and battles being ignited during this time in the world. Venus enters LEO too June 27 to bring some peaceful balancing hopefully. The battles will be for love or war or both, some couples like fighting then making love.

LEO is #8 or #11 in the Tarot is STRENGTH/ LUST

In the Tarot the card #8 or #11 is STRENGTH and clearly LEO. The woman is always holding the jaws of the lion open controlling his animal instincts. In the Thoth tarot the card of Strength is called LUST and BABYLON the scarlet woman is riding the lion, she is one with and controls her passions and desires. A different take. Lust for power will be on full display. This is dangerous in the world right now. 

When Mars travels through a sign it ignites it. While Mars is in Leo It’s your time Leo’s with Mars in Leo everyone adores you even more than usual. YAY! Be the King and Queen.

All Leo Planets in your natal chart will demand the Royal Treatment.

LEO’s it’s your time to keep shining.  Everyone loves charismatic Leo’s.

ARIES and SCORPIO get to be center stage too with your ruling planet Mars in LEO.

NOTE VENUS follows mars into Leo June 26/27 and meets up with MARS in a SACRED MARRIAGE CEREMONY on JUNE 13 at 19+ LEO.

I am creating a ZOOM workshop  for July 11 at 7:30 pm MARK that date on your calendars and Stay tuned for that.

Drama Queens and Kings take your places on the stage. Sexy Queens and Kings.  Mars roaring through the “I WILL” heats up broils, bakes, BBQ’s your passions. 

Got to love those Regal Leo’s with their big manes, perfect white teeth, movie star good looks.  The Royal folks, to the manner born, have charisma to burn. Your self-esteem will be stronger, you need to embody that lion-like strut. The world is your stage.

Run and find where LEO is in your chart. That’s where you will be a Prima Donna or Primidone for the next few weeks.

The 5th sign and the natural 5th house is also where your inner child plays, so let that little kid out. Lighten up and Role PLAY. The 5th house is also the house of love affairs. Sex is an art form for Mars in Leo peeps, and they will treat you like a King or Queen and insist on being treated that way too.

Leo rules the Heart.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Be generous. Be creative, this is the self- expressive sign. Make art. Buy art.

The 2nd Fixed Sign Leo’s downside is pride, vanity, power games, big players.

Who has MARS IN LEO? some ridiculously hot celebrities?

George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Davis Duchovny, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame. ” A whole lotta love,” the Leo mane.  Paul McCartney, Harrison Ford, Donald Trump-wears an orange man rug. Patrick Stewart,  Robert Redford, James Dean, Gary Cooper, Frank Sinatra. 


Beyonce has Mars in Leo. Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Claudia Schiffer, Bridget Bardot, Sophia Loren, Cher,


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Venus conjunct Lilith fusion and Yods

Venus and Lilith have finally fused their energies March 23 at 25 Aquarius.

Kali, art, Napoleon Brousseau

Venus and Lilith conjunct in Aquarius is very Kali like

Lilith and golden turtleneck from a dream. painting by Napoleon Brousseau

Venus the goddess of love and Lilith, the archetype of the original woman who takes no shit whatsoever and is associated with asserting the need for equality in relationships and also with a death-bringing aspect. Later patriarchy turned her into a demon or vampire, because of their fear of her as primal Goddess and birth giver. All goddesses have both a nurturing loving aspect and a death-bringing aspect as Mother Nature.

This feminine duo create a powerful freedom flag for women, their rights to refuse to compromise and to all Outsiders, aliens, weirdos, outside the norm, anarchists, disenfranchised people to refuse to be treated as less than anyone else. The energy has been building and will continue to be in effect over the weekend.

Venus and Lilith square Mars at 24 Taurus.

In your Love life this is a raving banshee of a woman and a man who won’t back down or budge in his obstinacy. Big Battle of the sexes.  You can feel this internally as well. 

Yes people are angry, women especially. Freedom fighters, protesters, the ongoing yellow vests, disruptions in Venezuela. Israel have heightened again. This may be seen as earthquakes. Powerful wind or lightning storms, hurricanes and tornadoes in the world. Venus and Lilith are Sextile Eris, dwarf planet of Disturbia in-Aries you get that picture. Its very Kali like to me. 

And take a breath, Venus/Lilith is Quincunx to the North Node in Cancer.

Jupiter in Sagittarius at 23 degrees is Sextile Venus and Lilith adding intelligence, philosophy, humor, and international right is also inconjunct to The North Node in Motherly Cancer. These 3 Jupiter, Venus and Lilith create a Finger Of Goddess aspect to the North node, our highest collective goal.

Cancer North Node Sabian symbol

“A man and two women or a woman and two men castaway on a small island.”

The keyword is Inception, not the movie with Leonardo, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The crystal is rutilated Quartz to work with this energy.

The trinity or trio can be interpreted in different ways. The archetype atop the tree of life is 1 masculine 2 feminine. An island is separated and surrounded by water = emotions. Is there an isolated and abandoned part of ourselves that we need to turn to? Castaways infer needing to be resourceful in a strange or new environment. As we change our inner concepts we may feel that we are in a new land, castaway by the old norms and different than others. We may feel lost at sea but now we have found dry land and are not alone.

Ponder on these symbols,

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Sex love politics Venus square Jupiter

Feb.3 Under a VIRGO MOON you may have a restless sleep or be very hyped up as La LUNA is very busy in the wee hours interacting with Venus in AQUARIUS and URANUS in ARIES in “I’ll pretend you are not there aspects- quincunxes.

A nice aspect to Jupiter in SCORPIO  brings on sexual fantasies.

Old issues of fears phobias and OCD issues; karmic issues long forgotten; woundings and feelings of helplessness may come up through your dreams as the Moon opposes CHIRON IN PISCES. Be gentle with yourself as this is your psyche’s way of cleansing itself. 

SORAYAMA SEXY ROBOT #2 sexy robots Venus in Aquarius squares Jupiter in SCORPIO

Think Jane Fonda in Barbarella in the 60’s. The female astronauts the needy girl, the feminist, the tribal, freedom-loving babe, the researcher, the organizer for Big causes, the rebel, the quirky unusual outsider.

Literally, this symbolizes the first A1 computer Sophia who was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship recently.

Venus in a tense hard aSpect to JUPITER in sexy deep SCORPIO

Jupiter is Scorpio is expanding the secrets in everything-your own psyche and in The world-check out that declassified memo. Jupiter in Scorpio rules the canals of super wealth and finances.

Jupiter is Scorpio makes us want to explore the dark sides wild sides sex, exploring forbidden. Territories, our deepest shadows.

This aspect keens our sense of “x-ray” vision-the ability to see right through the pretenses. No one can Fool you when Jupiter in Scorpio taps into that energy, under this energy You may discover truths about yourself that you didn’t realize you had.

Jupiter in Scorpio is about Power- the insatiable obsession for it and the ruthless need to be in control.

Certain Scorpios are having their darkest sides exposed now or hunkering down deeper into their own cells.

Venus square Jupiter

Are two very personal planets dancing a dangerous electric dance of seduction, power, money laundering, prostitution, mercenaries, sexual politics, maneuvers of power, justice, espionage and politics are all front and center right now.

As Jupiter exists da everything it touches this is a golden time to find love on the net or in unusual unexpected places.

You need to connect with those on the same electric double wavelength that Aquarius symbolizes and go deeper in love and intimacy than ever before.

Venus in Aquarius loves to be cool detached and icy. Jupiter is Scorpio melts that ice queen down to a puddle. That is the fear and the desire. Scorpio is ego annihilation through the Power of sexuality.

That is the truth about sexuality. Sex death life birth is all part of the same cycle. That is what the “little death” is all about as the French aptly call the orgasm.

Venus in Aquarius pushed on by Jupiter opens any nerdy detached in their head virtual reality human into a soul with feelings. 

If you side with the Aquarians you will escape to your spacecraft in the sky or sexbot refusing to get down and dirty wet and messy with Jupiter in Scorpio.

MERCURY sextiles MARS today too

There is sexy communication going on any way you look at it. 

Moon enters gotta relate sign of LIBRA later in the afternoon

Libra Moon is always a good moon to socialize under. Good for parties and especially cultural and art openings- that’s where I will be Saturday night with my husband. 

The mood can get serious quite quickly if you meet someone new as Moon squares SATURN in CAPRICORN

This is excellent for meeting a silver fox or foxette. Also being attracted to older mature more worldly people. Combining a business with a social event is to do.

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5 ways to revolutionize your love life with Astrology

The “Do it big or go home” planet Jupiter in LIBRA, sign of relationships, love and marriage has its first opposition to the transpersonal planet of CHAOS, REVOLUTION, kinky weirdness and freedom URANUS for the first time on Boxing Day December 26.

JupiteroppositeUranus,Tara Greene, Astrology

Boxing Day literally. Think outside the box on all levels. There is in fact no box.

I love the synchronicity of the Boxing Day. The universe has a sense of humor, that is Jupiter’s territory. 

JUPITER the largest planet expands whatever it comes in contact with. Jupiter is in Libra the sign of go-betweens, indecision, relationships, superficiality, marriage, peace, and justice.

JUPITER in the TAROT is the WHEEL of FORTUNE- wheee!

wheel of fortune tarot reader Tara Greene

Spin that wheel, change your partners and do-si-do.

URANUS is the first of the outer transpersonal slower moving planets breaking through the limits and old boundaries and karmic contracts set by Saturn. Uranus is like Uranium. The outer planets Uranus Neptune and Pluto are not accounted for in the traditional Tarot. Uranus is considered to be the “Higher Octave” of Mercury, THE MAGICIAN #1 in the Tarot, like a SUPERCOMPUTER or Super Magician, which would be very synchronous as we are entering a #1 year in 2017. 

Magician Thoth Tara Tarot reader


Uranus would also be associated with the TOWER, a breakthrough consciousness.

Tower Tarot Tara Greene

This is a  H U G E aspect that will define 2017. 

December 27, 2016 @ 20 degrees ARIES/LIBRA
March 7, 2017 @ 22 degrees ARIES/LIBRA
September 27, 2017 @ 27 degrees  ARIES/LIBRA

First check out where these degrees are in your natal chart to see how they are affecting you personally and not just the entire world at large. If you need personal assistance, get a reading with me, link below.

Big sales on Boxing day. Watch out for violence and CRAZY behaviors.

URANUS governs liberation of the mind. Higher consciousness. The “WE” movement. It is detached, cool, all about technology. Cyberpower. URANUS blows things up. In Aries, that means Terrorist attacks, bombings, dangerous explosions, volcanoes.

JUPITER rules Sagittarius { and PISCES} and politics, foreigners, the law, travel.

JUPITER in LIBRA is an arts revolution in 2017,as Uranus and Jupiter in Libra push on each other. Lots of new techie innovations. Virtual reality arts and mainstream entertainment too.

If you want a big legal revolution to start these would be the two perfect planets to invite to start the proceedings with.  As we can see this event starting to burn now with impeachment, Russian involvement in U.S. Politics, legal changes to the election process, legal rights for immigrants, refugees etc. DIPLOMACY will look very different and many allies will change alliances. STRANGE BEDFELLOWS indeed. 

So hold onto your headphones. This energy on a more personal level brings on BIG freedom in relationships, marriage break ups, open marriages, more gender definitions than you can shake a stick at. URANUS likes weird, kinky off-beat things, people, events.  If you find yourself attracted to some strange other-worldly person, or falling in love with a nerd, alien or astronaut, you can blame that on these planetary influences.

But also Jupiter in Libra is all about people. So this can also bring the opposite energy, a move away from tech to socializing in real time, up close and sorta personal.

Everyone’s relationship need to be restructured, rebalanced, given a shot of new energy.So get ready for a wild ride. 

5 things to do, ask yourself

  1. BREATHE FRESH AIR INTO THE RELATIONSHIP    Where is your relationship stagnant?Look at where you have gotten bored, complacent, taking things for granted and do whatever it takes to work for the relationship. Do some deep yogic breathing together and stare into each others’ eyes This is guaranteed to change your relationship for the better. You need to do the deep breathing and sitting like this for at least 20 minutes. This will bring incredible intimacy intou your love life. You will see into the others’ soul and most likel past lives too.

2. Where do I need the most freedom in my life and career?

Your career is also a 7th house/Libra issue. If you are bored with that innovate, learn something new, change it up. Get a new job. Go back to school, you need to be up to date in the tech world as well. Do you snap chat? Tweet? Are you on Instagram?

3. Do everything completely the opposite of your normal routine in your sex/love life or at least at 90-degree angles from your normal routine. Think outside the box.  Did you know that planet Uranus rotates at a 90-degree angle. Earth rotates at a 23-degree angle. 

4. Open your mind about what love is, and try new ways to make love, new ways to communicate. It doesn’t always involve intercourse. try sending each other telepathic messages. Try being in each others dreams. If you have judgments about gays and LGBT people, just see that LOVE is love in any way shape or form. 

5. Take a break in your relationship, Take time out to reconsider what you are doing. If you really love and trust each other, this can be a time to refresh and renew that or not. Everything needs space to breathe and get fresh air flowing through it. 

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Love Roundup, January 2016

Venus enters Sagittarius Dec 29/30 until Jan. 23 2016.

This is time to sow some wild oats with a centaurific wild hoofed lover. 

Venus in Sagittarius shoots from the hip.

she is a shamanka, or shamaness, a white witch, and exotic spiritual purveyor of truth 

she is an independent, passionate, huntress who can be very competitive and have many male platonic friends,

she needs to be inspired and is inspiring, she is teacher, loves to learn and travel

She may be a lawyer, she can be judgemental and promise more than she can deliver.

She is totally honest to a fault, and naive.

She has faith but can be a procrastinator. 

She loves to learn, travel and  needs space in her relationships.

She is casual, easy going and likes to laugh, needs someone who makes her laugh.

She gets bored, she needs challenges, she is a philosopher, 

life and love needs to be an exhilarating adventure 

or she will wander.

Venus in Sagittarius check out where the 9th sign is in your chart. 


Venus makes you restless, so do book some travels and sign up for courses. Set your heights higher.Very charismatic.


Venus in your 8th house of soul mates and transformation. Get off the couch. You make beautiful animalistic lovers.


Venus in Sagittarius is squaring  you. You will have to make a choice to love and let others go. Tell the truth.


and Sagittarius don’t mix. You need to trust and leave your comfort zone. Adventure is the soup du jour. 


Venus is in your 5th house of LOVE AFFAIRS. Really sexy. Take center stage, passionate hearted one.


Venus in your 4th house. Homey love affairs. Decorate your crib. Lighten up, have fun and to adventure. Splurge.


Venus in your 3rd house makes for philosophical too honest discussions.You will have to loosen your etiquette needs.


Venus in Sag. in your 2nd house of money, self-worth. ask for a raise. Lighten up. Let go and trust, wear purple.


This should lighten your mood. Serious romance proposals. Set a new course. Fall in love with your life. Teach.


Venus in your 12th. Secret love affairs. Unconscious secrets may be outed. Have Trust and faith.Travels are in order.


Venus in your 11th house. Tribal lovers. Telepathic communications, turn ons are honesty and shared philosophy.


Venus is in your 10th. Love or career? Your faith is a guiding light. Be willing to be noticed and received. 




Gotta love those Centaurs. Yes they whinny when making love, toss their beautiful manes, kick up their hoofs and snort with laughter.Remember they are half-wild,  especially sexually. they love sex in nature. don’t try to teach them too many manners too quickly. 

The fiery mutable sign,  feels like they are the center of attention. Ruled by Largest planet Jupiter, Sagittarius feels like they’re special. 

SAGITTARIUS is the sign on Trump #14 called TEMPERANCE traditionally or ART/ALCHEMY  in the THOTH TAROT 

Alchemy/Temperance Tarot Tara Greene


Ever loved a Sagittarius? Think about what you loved about them. They love adventure, don’t fence me in – they say.

Sagittarius is a Masculine Mutable fire sign which governs teachers,  aviation, philosophers, adventurers,politicians,  law makers, animal rights activists, comedians, those who inspire, metaphysicians, religious leaders.

Venus in Fiery Sagittarius is spontaneous ,flirts with whoever turns them on, then leaves town at high noon,leaving a trail of dust and your heart yearning for more.

Venus in Sagittarius honors  others right to be themselves, to come and go as they please,as they want to be treated.

Give your VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS beloved enough space. No need to tie them down, brand them and keep them corralled. Trust that they will come back and they probably will.

FAMOUS VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS peeps- It’s impressive,


















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Perfect lovers, Venus and Mars in Virgo

November 2 is a big day. This is the third and final lust match for Venus and Mars in 2015.

They are in VIRGO 24+ degrees to be precise and opposite CHIRON the Wounded Healer in Pisces. That means trouble in the city of the heart, in the passion pits of intimacy. There is a lot of heart healing to do and practical hard work to get there. 

This is also close to the Solar Eclipse degree of September 13th.  Solar Eclipses change the basis identity of Venus and Mars the he and she factors. 

Lets look back over Venus and Mars previous rendezvous this year. Think back on what has been going on, or not in your love life these past 10 months. 

1st. On 2/22 a magical number February 22 @   1° + Aries

This was a new fiery beginning for love in Aries. Mars was in his own sign. Aries women may have taken command. Cardinal signs, Cardinal, Libra and Capricorn were affected the most. This degree was also just eclipsed on the blood Moon of  September 27, indicating that there may still be a lot of emotional clearing to do.

2nd. September 1   14°  Leo

This was a very passionate affair with Venus RETROGRADE. This was a lover come back to me energy. Many relationships also broke up during this time period. The Fires signs felt it the most, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Aquarius was affected by opposition. The down side of Leo is pride, arrogance, vanity, too much show, too much drama. The Retrograde could have brought this out. Sounds familiar?

3rd. Third time should be lucky. November 2.    24° + Virgo. 

This event marks their last conjunction until October 5, 2017. 


Mars rules fire and water signs of Aries and Scorpio. Venus rules Taurus and Libra so she is more familiar with this very  humble hard-working perfectionist sign of Virgo than Mars is. 

VIRGO is the sign of perfection. The cultural fairy tale is seeking that “perfect lover.”

The Truth is there is no perfection, there is reality, there is working on it. Addiction to perfection is a serious psychological problem. We are bombarded with our cultures ideas of what perfection is, movie stars, money, lifestyles, perfect fitness. 

Virgos are not status seekers but do care about doing it right. The downside of Mars and Venus in Virgo is criticism. No one will ever measure up least of all yourself. So finding how to love and accept yourself or maybe just like  and accept yourself is a huge task. The Hermit is the sign associated with Virgo. This is  a good thing because you must learn to like your own company first before you can be comfortable and intimate with another. 

Mars is sex and so is Venus, In Virgo sex is work, and the work hard at it. 

VIRGO Love is very much about devoting yourselves to the other, to the Beloved. A Mars in Virgo man or woman may works with his/her hands,make something functional, be an accountant, writer, a doctor, chiropractor, midwife, professional organizer, or pharmacist. They can be nature lovers, working with the environment. Love is always demonstrated through something practical to show they love you.

VIRGO LOVERS  work together, communicate, are responsible, and serve the community. Love serves a purpose, it isn’t about flashy anything. It is conservative, natural and simple. Venus & Mars lovers share the same love of health, of taking care of their bodies, eating right, exercising.  They like to have practical tools and results.  They love to bike, run or be near nature. They love to camp.  Venus and Mars need to be intellectually compatible. They like stimulating conversations, books, reading and analyzing situations. They know they can count on each other. 

I know it doesn’t sound romantic, it isn’t about drama and ego-gooey stuff. It is clean, lean and efficient in all things. No wasting, very grounded. Virgo is the land’s harvest, food, it tends to wiccan, pagan and old-fashioned back-to-the-land philosophy. As lovers they remember what each other wants,and serves the others needs. 


You need to find out where this lovers conjunction is happening in your own natal chart. It will have a different effect in different houses. You need to know how it affects your natal Venus and Mars placements. And your Moon, and t your Natal Nodes and your Sun sign and your 5th, 7th and 8th houses.. Consult the Astrologer -see link below


This is a very diverse group. As Venus represents the anima, or inner muse of a man you would look to see if the nature of the creativity bears similar Virgoan attributes. Mars is the energy passion and drive. 

BRUNO MARS – the popular, talented singer, seems to embody this, he is a hard-working, old-fashioned perfectionist..

AMMA- the hugging saint. 

Julia Child- famous chef 

Magic Johnson- Basketball star

Wiz Khalifa- rapper 

Kevin Spacey- Academy Award winning actor and stage director

Shelley Von Strunckel – Astrologer 

Evan Rachel Wood- actress 

Gene Kelly- dancer, director, singer 

Emily Bronte- Wuthering Heights writer 

Rosanna Arquette-actress 

Marina and the Diamonds- pop singer and song writter

Guillaume Apollinaire- French poet,playwright, novelist, early Surrealist, coined the term Cubism for art 

Pierre Elliot Trudeau-former Prime Minster of Canada for 16 years and father of  the designate Prime Minister of Canada in 2015. 

Hank Williams -country singer

Cheech Marin-comedian

John Mellencamp-singer songwriter, 

Peter Weir- Australian film maker- Dead Poet’s Society, The Truman Show, Picnic at Hanging Rock,

Dorris Lessing, British writer, Nobel Prize winner, The Four Gated City, the Canopus in Argos Science Fiction series

Guy Laliberte- C0-Founder of Cirque du Soleil, poker player, space tourist.

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Quirky Libra New Moon Horoscope with Unicorns

We are getting up close and personal with quirky, brilliant, rebellious, planet Uranus October 11 @ 11:49 pm EDT/ 8:49 pm PDT/  October 12 @ 3:49 am UT/GMT/. Uranus is closest to the earth and opposing the Sun, This is an important  annual transit.

Mercury, the Messenger  is a SUN WHISPERER at perihelion October 12 where he is closest to the Sun.

Libra Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn @ 13 degrees @ 4:20 am PDT/ 7:20 am EDT/11:20 am UT/GMT.
Moon opposes Uranus @ 18+ degrees @ 3:21 pm PDT/ 6:21 pm EDT/@ 10:21 pm GMT/
The Libra New Moon is at 19+ degrees Libra @ 5:06 pm PDT/ 8:06 pm EDT/
October 13 @ 12:06 am GMT.
NEW MOON’s are intention setting times.  Libra is the symbol of balance and relationships. Your sex life needs some revolutionary fresh air. This can be a time more open marriages or relationships becoming the norm. We must make peace with the balance of the evolutionary consciousness of Uranus who breaks down old worn out, historical, patriarchal Saturnine structures { Senators} and creates freedom, space, new ideas and inventions and liberates us now.
The Sun and Moon in Libra are all about being NICE. Libra at its most superficial stays in relationships because of the social benefits, the friends in high places, the beautiful fashions, style, art, money and grace.  Uranus in Aries wants none of it. He says Fuck all that Bullshit, tear down the invisible prisons of pseudo-choice and be really free. 
Mercury in conjunct to the North Node at 1 degrees Libra.
I go by the True Node and it will not change signs until November 11 which I also considered to be more important because of the symbolism of 11:11.  The North Node is our collective spiritual compass our G.P.S.  Mercury is intelligence and balancing both sides of the brain, the intellectual rational with the feminine intuitive creative side. 
This NEW MOON resurrects the Cardinal Cross energies. We, like Christ still have this T-cross to bare. 
Jupiter in Virgo is conjunct to Mars by 2 degrees  
There is energy to organize and keep things  orderly and functioning. These two are opposing Chiron the Wounded Healer in Pisces. We must pay attention to what our pain bodies are telling us. We must honor our bodies, and attend to the practical every day realities’ demands. Your guts may be acting up during this time. Do be careful about what you eat.
Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune -exact on October 16 
Venus governs Libra, so she is the final dispositer here.  Venus in Virgo’s idea of romance and true love, as a friend of mine once said was her husband organizing her filing cabinet for her. Venus in Virgo is extremely health conscious, eating organic foods, religiously does yoga,  walks in nature, hugs trees, she cleans up her community and rescues stray animals. She budgets before she buys anything. No credit cards for her. She is a workaholic perfectionist, who is pretty uptight and worries a lot. She is intelligent and well read. A down to earth gal.
How tidy is your love life? Your bank account? Your diet and health regime? 
These are the essential things of life that must be balanced now.
With Uranus in the mix we must think outside the box. Venus in Virgo likes simplicity, she doesn’t need 4,500 square foot homes, she doesn’t need to impress anyone. She knows intelligence and common sense are more important assets.
The CHANDRA Symbol for 20 degrees Libra, from John Sandbach
“In a lush, dark forest a unicorn prancing.” 
Unicorns Horoscopes Tara Greene

“A magic purity that lives in its own hidden realm is felt by anyone who contacts this degree. The perception of truth is clarified and deepened and the wonder of the universe is accessed. How enriching this is, even though the one enriched may not be aware of the source of this eternal, mystical energy. The only goal is to let it be its wonderful self as much as you can.

This degree signifies the power of the imagination, and the truth that whatever our inner vision projects we eventually manifest – and will inevitably share with others.

Imagination can be a very passive thing, at worst falling prey to any negative thought forms it takes in. And so this degree has to be careful to maintain the purity that is symbolized by the unicorn, for the force of its imagination will most definitely have a powerful effect on others, for good or for ill, all depending on where the focus is placed. “

Well that is certainly a beautiful symbol. The Unicorn is a mythological creature who symbolizes the masculine single-pointed, awakened 3rd eye, or 6th sense, psyhic, pineal gland being open. The Unicorn is pure and can only be captured by a Virgin. She is also a symbol of purification, dedication, focus, renewal. 
The sign of the Virgin  is VIRGO
Hence we are back to Venus being totally synchronistically placed at this important New Moon. 
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Venus and Mars,lovers reunite, drama


This is the second meeting of Venus and Mars this year. Venus and Mars usually meet only once around every two years. But every 18 years Venus and Mars meet and conjoin three times a year and this year is one of those auspicious years.  

Feb 22 @ 1+ degrees ARIES fire element- beginnings

Aug 31/Sept. 1 @ 14 + LEO – Fire element with Venus Retrograde in the Underworld -re-evaluating

@ 10:04 pm PDT/ Sept. 1 @ 1:04 a.m. 

November 3 @ 14 + degrees Virgo – Earth element 

Venus is spending a hell of a long time in Leo this year from June 5 until July 18.  July 31 she re-entered Leo Retrograde and stays in Leo until October 9. That’s four months of pride, passion, who is the boss struggles and HIGH DRAMA. “You’re fired” may be the most oft heard comment.

Many relationships are going through great ordeals and turmoil, choices, recalls and recalibrations now with Venus Retrograde from July 25 at zero degrees Virgo until September 6 at 14 degrees Leo. 

Venus in Leo is definitely Venus as the Queen Bee, in furs, The Golden Goddess of passion, leadership, wealth, and power, the heart and strength of will. Mars joins her now and she is symbolically in another place they are like ships passing in the night on the great ocean of pride, love, unconsciousness, beauty, money, luxury, excess, vanity, gluttony, courage. 

Mars is also the King Bee and ditto for all those attributes. He is testosterone, drive, anger, defensive, sex and passion and he rules signs Aries and Scorpio. Venus is love and relationship and she rules sign s Taurus and Libra.  Note the pair rules opposite signs in both their feminine and masculine ruler ships. 

But Venus is also sexual and erotic. Known as Aphrodite to the Greeks, the word Aphrodisiac comes from Venus’s root. Traditionally Men are from Mars and women from Venus and while those gender stereotypes do have their validity, each one of us has both Mars and Venus within us whether we are genetically Male or Female. 

It will definitely be a hot passionate erotic day. August 31 under a fiery Aries Moon on new beginnings. A very spiritual soul mate connecting Sun Neptune Opposition! Moon square Pluto on the 31st- how do we spell INTENSE?  

Be careful of falling in love with love instantly on this energy. 

September 1. Moon trines Venus and Mars and the love In continues. 

Moon conjoins Uranus at days end to keep it spontaneous. 

Venus just recently conjoined with the Sun on August 15 during her Retrograde where she was engulfed by the Light of Source, her ego has been burned up and purified while she is symbolically in the Underworld. Venus was invisible to us until the last week.  How are you to know what you really want now? With Venus in Leo, the issue of ego immolation is the NUMERU UNO mantra. Is my ego in the way of me being able to give and receive love? What heart defences to I have which keep me from loving freely? 

Venus has been making her regular sojourn into the Underworld where she embodied one of the oldest myths of the world that of Inanna, Great Mother, Goddess of All. The myth symbolically represents Venus moving from an Evening Star to a Morning Star. Inanna/Venus goes into the Underworld to help her sister, on the way,  she is stripped of all her royal accoutrements, seven vestments of power, { the 7 chakras and planets} and left to die and rot like a piece of meat on a hook. Her helpers come to rescue her and after 40 days she returns to the upper world restored. She had left her paramour Dumuzi on the throne and he had taken over in her absence. She sends the arrogant bastard on his way and once again ascends the Throne as the Morning Star Venus. 

Mars joins her now and she is symbolically in another place they are like ships passing in the night. Wait until Venus is over her Retrograde and into Virgo until you can sense things from a more grounded practical place in Virgo. 


It is important to find what house in your natal chart the conjunction occurs and the aspects 15 degrees Leo makes to any other planets in your chart.  Here’s a quickie diagnostic using solar natural houses with Aries as the 1st sign.


Venus and Mars canoodle in your 5th house of Love affairs, passion, the creative self- expression will power, sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, the natural Leo house. Show off your love. Have a happening and make love on stage! Paint your lover a painting, write a poem, and make a public declaration of your love. What does your heart really want? Having a family is also part of this equation if you unconsciously want a child it can happen now. 


Venus Mars do the beast with two-backs in your 4th house, at home, privately, sensually, very tenderly. Cook your lover a wonderful sensuous erotic meal. Build her something beautiful like Vulcan, not like Mr. Spock, Venus’s husband, he was lame and ugly but made such beautiful things he won her heart, for a while. Make lots of money and buy her lavish diamond rings and golden faucets. Make her/him feel safe that’s the most important thing. Love is the best and safest resource. 


Venus Mars are in your 3rd house of communications of course. So tell her/him/them how much you love them. Talk about it, discuss, dissect, write it, debate it, and rap it. Of course there is a million questions in your mind and heart to figure out. This may not be the best time for you with Venus Retrograde because it delays making decisions which you already are terrified to commit to anyways. Wait. Something else you are not naturally inclined to do. 


Venus Mars make a love shack up in your 2nd house of resources. How much do you value your relationship and yourself? Is your relationship in the black or in the red? For you love means emotional security and safety. Grandstanding and power shows don’t work for you. You need the real open hearted merge. You need a commitment. You want a family. If they don’t want the same things then set them free.


Leo you are the hottest, most passionate, on stage, powerful King or Queen on the block right now. Your heart is full of strength, giving and joy. A lot depends on which sign you have given your loyalty too. Don’t ignore any doubts or shadows in your heart. It must be real and not a show. No acting or fakery no matter how good they are. Pride must go.


Venus Mars meet up in the 12th house, the most secret darkest hidden rendezvous for you. This can mean a secret affair or it can be a secret fantasy. This love affair is in your own unconscious. Is this the love that dares not speak its name or see the light of day? No one is perfect. Stop being a martyr. Stop worrying. Wait until after Venus moves out of Leo to see what is going on behind the scenes. Jupiter is in your sign this year and it’s time for you to harvest the rewards.


Venus Mars in your 11th house. New relationships may start through groups, or political or pleasure oriented organizations. You are push pulled between revealing yourself and hiding behind your oh so cool persona. Don’t deny the fire. You need it, rebellion is high, and freedom is beckoning. You need to embrace chaos and change. Love the one you’re with.


Venus Mars in your 10th Solar House. Are you in love with someone rich famous and powerful or lusting after this yourself? This aspect certainly gives your extreme charisma and puts you in the spotlight, for better or for worse. Be careful how you use power. Be an enlightened Scorpio and feel all that heat passion power control, dirty secrets and don’t let it control you. Are you doing what you love to do in your career?


Venus Mars in your solar 9th house make you want to travel, to learn, to fall in love with exotic strangers and romantic places all over the world. If you can set this in motion with your lover or to find yours it’s one of the best ways to figure out if you two can survive. You are redefining your love philosophy, your sense of right and wrong. You yearn to be with someone who gives you space while you search for teachers, gurus, the Promised Land, truth. Love is a path to enlightenment. That’s what Rumi wrote about.


Venus Mars in your solar 8th house of transformation, Scorpionic passion, the “sacred marriage” house. This is a pretty hot house for you to find yourself. You may be feeling overwhelmed, and possessive, needing to define what resources you have to give and share. Love is not like a business. It is messy, emotionally intense, spontaneous, doesn’t always pay dividend. Yes sign the pre-nup if you must but take the plunge.


Venus Mars in your 7th house of marriage and all “others.” You are definitely feeling attractive these days. Newfound passion is heating up your desire to commit. There is power in a duo besides an entire group of friends and colleagues. You need to share the same desires for reform, to create your own type of relationship, to free the world by your own example. Boundaries and limitations are meant to be broken together.


Venus Mars in your 6th house of work and service. Love is not a chore, you don’t need to work to prove you are worthy of love. Love needn’t debilitate you or make you sick. Just be the beautiful soul that you are. Love is a powerful form of spiritual service to each other and the world.  Of course there may be new relationships at work, although mixing office and love may be tricky. Your down to earth soul mate is coming, keep the faith.

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New cycles of desire,Mars conjunct Sun

I took a well deserved day off June 14 as I have been super busy. Yes Saturn is now Retrograde in SCORPIO  June 14 @ 8:35 pm EDT.  I want to sit with the energy for a few days before I announce our SHADOW DANCING  support group . Saturn will make us, the collective, deal with all of our unconscious shadows for the next three months. I strongly suggest you face this ponderous SOUL task now or wait 29 years.  email if you are interested. This will be a teleconferencing teaching and mutual support group. email

The heavens give all the signs. MARS, Scorpio’s  traditional ruler, and only ruler in Indian Vedic Astrology joins up with the Sun June 14 to bring Light to our dark and heroic journey.

Sun and Mars conjunct in Gemini at @23 + degrees June 14.  

The passion of the mind and the Soul of Light ignite in balance. Gemini is the element of Air and the mind, it is a dual human sign and Sol/the Sun is soul’s symbol, the Light.

Mercury is finally direct, although still in its shadow period until June 27th. The Sun in Gemini illuminates, clarifies, expands and energizes our minds and our mental desires and actions.  

Mars rules SEX, passion, energy, desire, the masculine, war, aggression and defenses.  Mars affects both men and women who also have testosterone in their bodies. We all have passions, drives, aggressive and powerful sexual desires. Each of us has both masculine and feminine energies. That is why GEMINI is the symbol of the Lovers in the Tarot.

GEMINI in the TAROT is symbolized by the LOVERS Trump #6

the Lovers Gemini Tara Greene Alex Gray

“Kissing” painting by Alex Grey 

Mars conjunct the Sun symbolizes a return, a birthday, a completion of a heroic journey which began April 18, 2013.  Think back on what was going on in your life then. What were you creating, passion about, doing then? Is that passion still alive?  Has it changed? How and why? What was driving and motivating you then has come full circle. Sun conjunct Mars in Gemini reminds me of the story of Icarus flying too close to the Sun. 

Mars is anger which can also be channeled in a positive way and used as a positive guide. If you need courage, strength, determination, power, “the big guns” ambition, confidence, machismo, then Mars benefits you with these gifts. Fight the good fight, run for charity, stir up positive passion in others. Use Mars to protest against greed, lies, avarice, war. Mars is pure fire it ignites whatever it touches.  Mars in Gemini is talk, talk, information, questions, debates. 

Today begins a new action cycle START ME UP and LIGHT MY FIRE which reaches its 1/2 way point May 22, 2016 with Mars at 2+ degrees of Sagittarius and ends on July 29 with Mars at 5 degrees of Leo 2017.

Begin to plan now. Feel your desire rising for where you want to be. Let your libido and your passions ignite and guide you. Get a notebook or start a special page on your devices. 

Where is 23 degrees Gemini in your natal chart.?This implies a new beginning from that specific house and its attendant meanings. 

NOTE: GEMINI peeps born  June 13- 19th this transit really affects you strongly.


June 13: Actor Chris Evans, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kat Dennings

June 14: Donald Trump, Boy George

June 15: Neil Patrick Harris, Helen Hunt, Courtney Cox, Ice Cube

June 17: Venus Williams, Barry Manilow

June 18: Sir Paul McCartney, Blake Shelton

June 19: Macklemore, Zoe Saldana, Paula Abdul, 

Plus all the MUTABLE SIGNS -VIRGO born September 15-19, PISCES born March 21-16 and SAGITTARIUS born Dec 14- 19 you will also feel this energy very powerfully. You dont have to be born under a Mutable sign to feel it motivate you. If you have planets at 21-25 degrees of these signs it powers you up. 

Call on the planet Mars to guide you in a meditation.  You may want to sit with this energy until New Moon June 16 when the Moon joins Sun and Mars they are all conjunct. I’ll write about that separately.

Here’s the astrology chart which you should print and keep as your starting map over the next two years.  

Sun conjunct Mars astrology Tara Greene


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