Last day, Mars into Aquarius

Well it’s almost finally over, I think everyone is so exhausted from watching this shoot out at the NOT O.K. Corral election in the U.S. 

Mercury inconjunct Uranus Nov 6/7

The FBI formally cleared Clinton again in the email scandal on the 6th. Uranus in Aries is FREEDOM, as Mercury was gearing up to exactly inconjunct Uranus.

Mercury Uranus inconjunct Tara Greene

from Deviant Art, don’t know who created this

 Expect messages and information to be quirky and unexpected. The planet of communications @ 22 degrees Scorpio touched close to the degree that MARS RETROGRADE turned Direct at on June28/29th, the 23rd degree.  Which Hillary was feeling she was getting. Old irritations and unfinished business with exes may pop up again. Tempers may be boiling over, the shadows cannot be contained. Expect a wildly chaotic last day of insults and people changing their minds about who to vote for.

Mercury inconjunct Uranus can produce some unexpected “notes from above.” 

Uranus symbolizes Higher consciousness, invention, pioneering, the Bigger picture. If we are very careful and watch what goes through our heads we may be able to tap into some incredible farseeing visions of the future with this energy. Don’t discard any strange insights that may pop into your head. 

 SUN PLUTO sextile @ the 15th MOST POWERFUL degree is the next major planetary aspect today. 

This is SOL and SOUL Power. What earthly heights does your soul really want to climb? Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes worldly power. Accessing that soul power in Scorpio, that intense obsessive “won’t quit till I get there”  energy , is what is required. We can see this operating as ruthlessness and hunger for power and control. You can use this energy to find your higher soul purpose or calling. 

The Light of the SUN in SCORPIO is source energy fueling your deepest passions and drives.  Capricorn was originally the Great Mother she is earth, GAIA ,she is governed by Saturn, reality, real physical 3D birth. She forms our bones. Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer, also the Mothering symbol, the waters of the womb, our pre-birth experience. Capricorn represents our physical birth into the world, she is called BINAH, on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, governed by SATURN the planet which rules Capricorn. Even though the world looks so bleak, we are also giving birth to a new world. 

ASTRONOMY- A huge CME a Coronal Mass Ejection Plasma Cloud left the sun on Nov 5th and will hit the earth on November 8th. It looks like this. 

CME Space Weather Nov. 8 Tara Greene

If these CME’s are strong enough they can knock out satellites. They do make me feel dizzy and very tired. My daughter gets headaches from them. If you have these symptoms just rest. Synchronicity or what? see link to Space weather below. 

VENUS in SAGITTARIUS Trines CERES in ARIES @ 24+ degrees

The fire, the passion, seeking the higher truth for the Great Mother, Gaia. I see this as the ongoing fight by Indigenous peoples to protect Mother Earth. If you have your sun or planets at 24 degrees + or – LEO this is a GRAND FIRE TRINE. Many Baby Boomers have Pluto in LEO here. They will be on the campaign trail fired up for Hillary. I know we think she is a liar but the aspect symbolizes a new beginning for women. 

What will you do to follow your truth to help the earth?

MARS will be at the 29th and most critical degree of Capricorn on the 7th/8th.

The force, the powers that be are moving every Plutocratic element they can to get what they want. They want Hillary. 

The Symbol for the 29th degree of Capricorn {30th degree} by John Sandbach

“A crystal made in a laboratory is buried in the ground. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: HAHAIAH (ha-HA-ee-YAH) Unconditional Love, Refuge, Shelter)

This degree combines the most sophisticated, elaborate and complicated ways of being and thinking with the simplest, most basic and earthly ones. There is always, though, a leaning toward the latter as taking precedence, with the former serving as supports and tools for them. This degree sees through much and is never seduced, deluded or confused by the complexities the human mind perpetrates. It has a way of finding everything useful, and of being able to cut through any confusion to the simple, real core of the soul’s purpose.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Blue morning glories growing up a tall trellis.” The roots of the morning glory are anchored in the ground, from whence they draw the sustenance needed to climb toward the sky. The morning glory cannot make this climb alone – it needs the support of the trellis. This degree is adept at finding the support it needs on this journey and knows that no outer support will be effective unless the inner support of belief in self is found first.

It is here to teach others that outer authorities can be fallible, can even betray us, potentially, but that the inner authority – the higher self – the holy ghost – is not fallible, for all time is happening at once, and our higher self is that part of our being that has already reached enlightenment. We need only attune ourselves to it, as the blue of the morning glory is attuned to the blue of the sky.

Like the crystal buried in the ground in the Omega Symbol, this degree brings light to the earth.

Pleiadian Symbol: The planning of an angelic city.

Azoth Symbol: When consumed, waters from a spring which comes from a deep cave are causing drinkers to maintain eternal youth.

Seed degree: Pisces 28.A shy poet in hiding. (Omega symbol). When we protect ourselves from the discordant energies of the world of humans, we are able to create more freely and to more easily find ways to positively influence the world in which we live as well as ground ourselves in it.

Fulfillment degree: Pisces 25.On top of a high hill, a circle of standing stones. (Omega Symbol). To return to all that is simple and basic brings a unity and clarity to life, that helps us to remain centered.” – beautiful 

MARS enters AQUARIUS Nov. 8th @ 9:51 pm PST until December 19th

The voting polls will be closed. But this symbolizes a new beginning and angry revolts from the election outcome.  There will be lots of “get your guns” response and rebelliousness. There may be shoot outs, mass civil unrest and even martial law in the U.S. Certain states may want to leave the Union. It is a dangerous explosive energy. 

Mars in Aquarius is freedom fighters, inventors, and inventions, higher consciousness, radicals, anarchists, revolutionaries, organizers.  If Trump wins many Americans will pack up and leave the U.S. for Canada. If Clinton wins, the Republicans will be armed to the teeth and hopping mad. They may try to blow up Hillary or some major US. monument and this could be by terrorists as well. There’ll be 6 weeks of this angry rebellion. I’ll write a bit more about Mars in Aquarius soon.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. 

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For what its worth, Buffalo Springfield 1967



Honesty is the best aphrodisiac, Venus in Sagittarius

Oct. 18 The Moon is VOID of course from TAURUS
The morning may feel a bit odd under a Void Moon, Like ho-hum can’t get focussed.
Moon enters the Fabulous TWIN SIGN of GEMINI and gets our minds and moods hopping @ 10:29 AM.EDT until Thursday, Oct. 20th, at 11:28 AM EDT.

Venus enters SAGITTARIUS the 9th sign of fiery, optimistic, honest inspiring, good humor, traveling, judgemental, mystical, adventure, easy going, animal loving,philosophy, politics, and animal lovers, naive, gypsies until November 11th.

Venus in Sagittarius Tara Greene

VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS  Centaurfold’s are popular

That’s my SUN MOON and MERCURY’s Sign.
Where is Sagittarius in your natal chart? That’s where the exotic stranger, far distant travels or teachers enters your life now.

VENUS gallops into Sagittarius and we are Hot to trot. The horsey set.

The Love Goddess morphs into the form of a Centaur, half human from the waist up, all horsepower from the waist down. Love must have freedom, to have the winds blow through your mane every which way on the open plains. This goes for female and male Sagittarius peeps all the time. As a double Sagittarius myself – don’t fence me in. It’s a centaur fold type of love. Sagittarius loves humor. 

Sagittarius rules POLITICS a particularly hot topic these days. WOMEN in POLITICS are in favor right now according to my astrology charts here. Women want justice, they will speak their minds. 

Gotta love Sagittarius style. HONEST to a fault. That hook in mouth thn=ing they do superbly. Love is animalistic and instinctive. Yes they whinny when making love, kick up their hoofs and snort with laughter. GYPSY SOULS. Have you ever loved a SAGITTARIUS? Tell me about your love adventure.

Remember they are half-wild and only partly tame, so don’t try to teach them too many manners too quickly. Just try to bust that bronco. You’ll find out. She or he will leave you with horseshoe marks on your ass. Lots of outdoorsy sex.

centaurs astrology Tara Greene

The fiery mutable sign, is ruled by largest planet Jupiter. They do loom large. They love to travel, to learn, they are natural teachers, who  are often self-taught. Philosophy, history, the exotic, pageantry, higher learning, the law, judgemental are all Saggy type of things.

Venus in Sagittarius characteristics – totally optimistic idealists. Honest to a fault,easy to like, casual, what you see is what you get. Blissfully naive. They appear confident and open, hence their charm. They like to take risks, they can be gamblers. They love the great outdoors, camping and sports.

Love may be sometimes klutzy,while Venus is in the 9th sign.

Love and stuff can be hypocritical,you may make extravagant promises you won’t be able to deliver on. 

Have you been in love with a SAG before? tell me about it.


Sagittarius women like to have male friends who they can have intellectual relationships with. Sag. females are not naturally frilly girly girls. Brush up on your intellectual capacities.

SAGITTARIUS is the sign on Trump #14 called TEMPERANCE traditionally or ART/ALCHEMY  in the THOTH TAROT .

VEnus in Sagittarius Astrology Napoleon Brousseau drawing

Charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau

Venus in Sagittarius; even Cowgirls get the blues, she is usually eternally optimistic but when let down, she gets very low and cynical but then she is a red rubber ball, bouncing back.

Bouncing back may be a keyword right now as the election is Nov. 8th. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Speaking of exotic mystical adventures I am planning a sacred tour in Sedona in April. Drop me a line if interested. OK.

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Revolutionary Thanksgiving

Mercury is at the very last degrees of SCORPIO today Nov. 26 so communicating about all those dirty secrets of power and control are very much in the air.

Capricorn Moon conjunct Mars last night. People are still angry in Ferguson at the powers that be.

Nov. 26 MOON ENTERS AQUARIUS @ 11:23 am PST 2:23 pm EST for a NON TRADITIONAL Thanksgiving mood. 

The protests will continue.That is what this Uranian energy is all about. This is the Cardinal cross energy in the streets- Uranus square Pluto. Come to think of it, the first Thanksgiving was also a very revolutionary affair wasn’t it?

There will be more tofurkey and other alternatives to the Trad turkey for sure.

Be thankful everyday not just this one day. Do give to those who have little. This is an Aquarian Thanksgiving.

Make sure you serve WAVY GRAVY with your TURKEY it looks like the Aquarius symbol 

aquarius Tara Greene

and definitely serve WAVY GRAVY for the a la moode desert

Ben & Jerry's Astrology Tara Greene

The Mood will be egalitarian, detached, group minded, tribal, electric, weird, wild and eccentric for Thanksgiving.

Nov. 26 VENUS in Sagittarius TRINES URANUS in ARIES @ 4:22 pm PST/7:22 pm EST

GOTTA LOVE THE REVOLUTION! This energy is affecting Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Women, – Venus telling the truth -are at the head of the revolution. Jian Ghomeshi got arrested today in Canada. Bill Cosby keeps getting hit with more sexual abuse allegations.

Be careful of women and peoples values being very pissed off andall fired up, they might  burn down the house. Expect honest and wild philosophical discussions round the turkey. Lots of joking and horsing around. Mood is upbeat and offbeat. We are all one tribe and we have to get through this together.

Love your weird, wacky, chaotic, family. You come from them.  Individual freedoms, higher truth, justice, revolution-its happening in the streets and in your love life, pocket-book,values are changing as we can see.

SUN squares Neptune Nov. 26 

Addictions-sexual, drug, money, porn, are brought out into the light of day. Sorry for the retro news I was trying to write this earlier in the day and my day got very busy. 

Also Turn the spotlight on your dreams. In the cold hard glare of reality and truth a Sagittarius Sun what is real and what is the smoke and mirrors fog show?

VENUS Squares Chiron in Pisces early Thanksgiving EDT

The aftermath will hurt.

Thanksgiving Horoscope

Its light and easy with a sextile from that Aquarius moon to Uranus and Venus which keeps activating – more of the above. 

MERCURY enters Sagittarius Thanksgiving night until Dec 16  

for a short 20 day mind gallop through HIGHER TRUTH and JUSTICE

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.  Joking about it helps.

Optimistic, happy, it’s cheery, positive and upbeat communications. Great for party season.

You can even joke around with your old ex’s and others you don’t like.

Jupiter, presently in fire sign of Leo and ruling planet is trining Sagittarius born in the last decan now.

There will be retrials in the justice system. Talk is focused on religion, religious fanatics, TALIBAN, ISIL, Boko HArum and what to do about them to bring them to justice. Higher education and philosophy are also hot topics.

The urge to roam, for space in your relationships is high, you wont feel lonely,

Book that exotic trip now, go on a vision quest, speak about animal rights,

You can trust people to be more honest or at least Sagittarius mystical intuitive nature will be able to spot the lies and call them out.

Think about your highest ideals and truths with Mercury in Sagittarius.

You are the hero/heroine on your own personal quest. 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Venus in Sagittarius, part 2, Truth, justice, gypsy soul Astrology

VENUS in Sagittarius. “I wanna rock your gypsy soul.” Oh the slings and arrows of love. THEY AIM HIGHER.

Gotta Love those Centaurs – half human, half horse. Sex and Love is  HONEST, animalistic and instinctive.


RENE MAGRITTE LE VIOL {RAPE} 1934 PAINTING – he has Venus in Sagittarius 

Yes they whinny when making love, toss their beautiful manes, kick up their hoofs and snort with laughter.

Remember they are half-wild,  and only partly tame, so don’t try to teach them too many manners too quickly. 

 Just try to bust that bronco. You’ll find out. She or he will leave you with horseshoe marks on your ass.

The firey mutable sign,  feels like they are the center of attention. Ruled by Largest planet Jupiter, Sagittarius feels like they’re special. Pun intended. After all the Galactic Center is in THEIR sign.

SAGITTARIUS is the sign on Trump #14 called TEMPERANCE traditionally or ART/ALCHEMY  in the THOTH TAROT 

Ever loved a Sagittarius? Think about what you loved about them. They love adventure, don’t fence me in – they say.

Venus will travel through the 9th sign of Sagittarius October 7 -till November 5, Guy Fawkes Day – You know, V for Victory. If you are a Sagittarius or have planets there well then you might find yourself being more of a magnet those days.

Venus in Sagittarius characteristics – totally optimistic idealists. Honest to a fault, easy to like, casual, with no mysterious smokescreens, what you see is what you get. Blissfully naive. They appear confident and open, hence their charm. They have a good sense of humor. They seem like they don’t care.  Gamblers, outdoorsy, sporty you’ll find them in the gym,  in competitive sports,rock climbing, bungee jumping, martial arts.

A Sagittarius will suggest that you travel together to find out if you are compatible.

Sagittarius is a Masculine Mutable fire sign which governs teachers,  aviation, philosophers, adventurers,politicians,  law makers, animal rights activists, comedians, those who inspire, metaphysicians, religious leaders.

Venus in Fiery Sagittarius is spontaneous ,flirts with whoever turns them on, then leaves town at high noon,

leaving a trail of dust and your heart yearning for more.

With Jupiter in Cancer now, where Jupiter is exalted. Venus and Jupiter are at odds with each other.

Venus in Sagittarius honors  others right to be themselves, to come and go as they please,as they want to be treated.

Give your VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS beloved enough space. No need to tie them down, brand them and keep them corralled. Trust that they will come back and they probably will.

FAMOUS VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS peeps- It’s impressive,


















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” I want to rock your gypsy soul “- 

Healing sexual abuse, Goddess Astrology

Sunday ended on a serious SCORPIO note as the Moon conjunct Saturn. A karmic note.
Energy shifts on Monday with a bountiful, optimistic Scorpion Moon trine Jupiter in Cancer at 18 degrees. Also good for PISCES peeps with planets and stuff around those degrees. 

Make BIG WISHES for deep, powerful, fertility and expansion of your home.

It also coincides with The 9 day HINDU Festival of Navaratri on now from Oct 5- 13

navaratri Astrology

see my article on

But the real energy to use for this Trine is for very powerful womb cleansing for all the women and girls who are the living embodiment of the Divine FEMININE in the World and the Oceans {water signs} now in dire straights because of the Fukushima leak which is still destroying the Pacific ocean. We are 70% water, water is the carrier of sound, it dissolves  solidity and hardness. 

Which is very real and a metaphor for the state of the Divine womb in the world and the billions of women who are suffering and who have suffered from being raped and abused now and for the last 5,000 years on every level.

Use this Trine to cleanse and release any  stagnant emotional /sexual abuse from your past. The Trine happens at 10:33 am PDT/1:33 pm EDT.   Even at your office spend a few moments to Meditate . Put your left hand, the intuitive psychic side, over your womb, and the right hand, the active side,  on your heart.


Breathe  slowly and deeply and relax and sense into your womb, see and feel what it is feeling. You will notice how it is clogged and hurting.

 Your womb is  toxic with shame, from the hurt of your being raped or sexually molested or insulted or betrayed or hurt in any way, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. All women are empathic and we feel each other’s pain.  So if you have been fortunate enough to have escaped rape and sexual abuse, then it is important for you to do this ritual and meditate for your sisters’ healing as well as the oceans.

Women used to honour their wombs and their menstrual blood, the book the Red Tent, made this ancient way popular again. The sign of Scorpio is the sign most associated with sexuality and reproduction. If you have tried to get pregnant this is  a necessary step to help facilitate  that. 

If you get PMS then you should do this meditation of tuning into your womb every month. Menstrual blood is sacred, healing, magical Holy. Honor your Moon time, it is a 3 day time out for every women to commune with the Lunar cycles and her own inner wisdom and dreaming.

You don’t need to go into a huge recollection of all the pain and suffering now, that is another entire workshop of sexual cleansing I will do soon, on my CD’s.

 The acknowledgement alone to your womb is enough to shift the energy. Ask the great benefic planet Jupiter and the Moon who rules the wombs of all women to cleanse and renew and purify your womb  and to help bring cleansing to all the bodies of water on the earth that are also suffering. 

Mercury in Scorpio will Trine Chiron in Pisces the wounded healer later tonight 

Venus enters Sagittarius to shift the energy into a more positive uplifting tell it like it is state of affairs.

Moon squares Mars in Leo late PDT 

Your drive energy and passion will rise up to the surface as you have freed your blocked energy.

 feel how good this feels,

Moon goes void of course after 9:54 pm aspect occurs Tuesday early am. 

Moon enters SAGITTARIUS Tuesday at 5:21 am PDT

Moon and Venus will conjunct at ZERO degrees SAGITTARIUS. 


A whole new emotional cycle for women and fun in love, relationships, foreigners, learning, higher truths,  generally lightening things up.

I’m a Sagittarius and of course I am headed up to Northern Ontario  known as the GREAT WHITE NORTH for some work

which I can’t speak about now. I will be away for three days- so will try my best to keep posting.


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Jaya Aadya Shakti 

Scorchin Scorpio-Venus in Sagittarius, Royals horsey horoscopes

Oct 6 S.S.S.

Moon enters the underworld sign at 1:33 AM PDT

Moon Trines Neptune in the early a.m.

stay in bed late, dream sweet, sexy, deep, probing dreams.

Moon conjuncts Mercury in the morning .

Emotions and communications are ONE. Be careful of getting caught in a mesmerizing Scorpio fixed gaze mind control trap.
speaking of witch. Mercury in Scorpio also sextiles Pluto which can be pretty dangerous.

Moon makes a sextile to Pluto,

a Trine to Chiron, 

and a quincunx to Uranus.

All to be sung to the tune of A Partridge in a pear tree.

Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio –

Emotional needs for serious long-term commitment translates as

“If you like it then you shoulda’ put a ring on it.” – see below

Oct 7

Scorpio Moon Trines Jumpin Jupiter

so make super power wishes that fligh higher than a  m0*6.d….s.nnx677$$22


The Royals/HORSEY SET 

Cue the William Tell overture- used for the LONE RANGER TV show many years ago…..

Not “Skinny Love”  necessarily but GIDDY UP LOVE.  Sagittarius rules the thighs- are you a thigh man/woman?

 Venus in Sagittarius has the Goddess in blue jeans, or wearing riding jodphurs, or gypsy dress, sporty,  casual traveling clothes.

VEnus in Sagittarius Astrology Napoleon Brousseau drawing

Charcoal drawing to illustrate Venus in Sagittarius

Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau  @ Angell Gallery Toronto 

Venus in Sagittarius is very firey, speaks with HOOF IN MOUTH -always the truth. Cannot keep a secret.

She is gullible, naive, sometimes klutzy, Promises way more than she intends to deliver on.

Can love pontificators, and be one herself, philosophy professors, gurus, exotic foreigners, intrigue, the adventure, the chase. 

Kind of Thelma And Louise- hitting the road for freedom and adventure at the beginning but turns into a Scorpio/Pisces demise sort of plot.


There are bigger more exciting adventures than chasing dust bunnies worthy of her astute attention.

You will want to be IN THE KNOW, V. in S. will always tell you that they knew that, or anecdote your story.

Loves animals, signs petitions. Can be hypocrites,so be careful during this time.

Loves to laugh, needs a comedian in her life. When she’s happy she will be very fun to be around.

Gets bored and restless very easily. It’s not easy for them to commit.

Venus in Sagittarius can be loyal, but they do get wanderlust,

Give them space to wander on their own a bit they will always come back.

She is a cowgirl at heart, on the lone prairie and she likes it that way, some time.

She love to learn and reads, self educates, life is a total university.

Loves exotic things, gift them with these. Speak another language that turns them on.

She is  a natural teacher. V in S can be judgemental and hypocritical at the worst.

Venus in Sagittarius even Cowgirls get the blues, she is usually eternally optimistic but when let down, she gets very low and cynical but then she is  a red rubber ball, bouncing back.

Venus in Sagittarius is a fun lover, wants love to me more spiritual than sexual. 

She loves to travel, to learn, she is  not so impressed with feminine gifts, flowers or  jewellery.

Be adventuresome. Learn to fire- walk, cliff hang, bungee jump, go to a sweat lodge, yoga spa, detox together.

She can be competitive too. you’ll be on  your  toes/hoofs. 

speak of higher truths, ideals, break troughs in imagination are what turn Venus in Sagittarius on.

Buy a dog, go to animal shelters, go horse back riding, try archery, study mythology.

eat from a trough, no just kidding. They love International cuisine.

Famous Peeps with Venus in Sagittarius

The beautiful Tina Turner, Sinead O’Conner, Christina Aguilera, actress Jane Fonda, Kim Basinger, comedienne Whoopie Goldberg

Actors- Jude Law, Kevin Costner- Dances With Wolves is a very venus in Sagittarius type of film;  Ronerto Benigni-who wrote acted in and produced Life is beautiful one of the most optimistic film ever and  DAVID BOWIE; Frida Kahlo’s husband Diego Rivera, 


 All writing is copyright of Tara Greene. You may reproduce if original source material is clearly attributed 

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All the Single Ladies- Beyonce  

Venus in Blue Jeans- Jimmy Clanton