Spiritual awakenings, information is power

As Mars, planet of desire, action, war and defences conjoined with Dwarf planet Ceres, the Great Mother Of nourishment and food in spiritual compassionate Pisces now we must feel, sense and intuit how the spirit of the Earth is the Nurturing Mother of all the children, creatures and all living beings on the planet.

Mars in Pisces Has some great teachings on boundaries as he is brings spiritual warrior strength, Psychic armouring and defence against the Dark Arts

Use this time to connect with Mother Earth by earthing, walking barefoot, laying on the earth, and by sending Her love and energy.

Appreciating your own body and self-love spiritual exercises to get you out of your head are beneficial.

Remember that physical 3D life is an illusion too.

Mars sextile Uranus in Taurus ♉️

Mars and Ceres are harmoniously connected with the Uranian planet of radical changes,new technologies, both good and bad, and waking up the masses through information. Expect resistance, and protests to oppressive measures to radical or non-conformist information, this includes protests in Hong Kong, and other parts of the world and on the net, YouTube, etc.

This alignment can also Create earthquakes. With the Moon in Cancer harmonizing with Uranus and trine Mars in Pisces we see these same aspects repeating today.

Mercury in Gemini Quincunx Pluto

Information is the name of the game. Mercury is in its strength in Gemini Mercury is sitting on the North Star broadcasting loudly. Information is power. The Trickster planet messages which is everyone’s consciousness is split and it’s difficult seeing eye to eye with the Plutocracy, government, and corporation’s motives. Power control and secrets are Pluto’s game. watch what you say in public.

Cancer Moon squares Chiron in Aries

The Wounded Healer is defensive and it can be harder to “lay down your arms” unless you are feeling emotionally safe. That’s not an easy place to get to these days. the Cancer moon wants you to soothe, purify, hydrate and be receptive. Be the best mom you could be for yourself.

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Re brand that dream Neptune Retrograde

June 21 as the Sun enters Cancer and Solstice begins we look forwards to summer here in the Northern hemisphere.

In that day The planet Neptune, bringer of dreams, creativity, spirituality, psychic energy, intuition, and soul mates turns Retrograde joining the parade of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

For the next 5 months June 21- November 29- which is my birthday.we will need to be in “Be Kind Rewind” mode. Did you see that movie? It’s a great little film. Starring Jack Black. Neptune rules Hollywood, film, photography, illusions, glamour, delusions.

Polish off and polish up some tarnished old films riot ideas, old lovers, re-evaluate your lust for bling, review your addictions, to conSumerism, debt, addictions, to denial, avoidance, and projections.

Rewind your dream-life-movie. Remember you are the director, actors, plot, and everything in your life movie.

Good times to do dream work, art therapy, dance, horses, pet, or charity work. Volunteer your time to help those less well off. This is a time of surrendering your ego, of being the #12 in theTarot The Hanged Man which is one of the Sun influences of-2019.

Sweet dreams, watch your debt, curb your spending, turn your enthusiasm inwards. Go on a vision quest, trust your intuition,

Don’t fall for every Tom, Dick and Harry shaman, be prepared to take some falls. Let go of your ego, work on healing the root cause of those addictions now.

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Big love and adventure day

Jupiter and amor Astrology tara Greene

Jupiter and Amor Herman van der Mijn [Public domain]

May 9 Cancer Moon is busy makihttps://www.grailsprings.com/calendar?sk=14ng every aspect there is. We may be feeling tossed around like a tiny boat on the ocean. Venus is Trine Jupiter a very very positive upbeat optimistic aspect…

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Indulge your senses Taurus Moon tea

Hi thisTaurus moon astrology

Taurus moon sensuous

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Beautiful energy today and daily card

Http://www.taratarot.comclose up of leaf
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com.                    
Enjoy this lovely Venus in Virgo  in touch with her higher self,      Neptune today via opppsition. 
Dream practical dreams 
plan beautiful projects
be chAritable to the world and learn to give to yourself. 
Make art,  love , meditate, make mandala  of  manifestation. 
Virgis may meet their  soul mates.
good for Gemini and Sagittarius too. 
Pay attention to your gut
instincts and your dreams.
gotta catch some myself., 
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Brainstorms and Lilith pain body speaks astrology

the big hits  just keep in coming.

An air and earth trine

Mars in Aquarius trine Gemini sun   bright ideas and sparkling conversations

this is the time for radical think tanks,  putting your heads together and brainstorm away. In tune conversations with your tribe about astroligy-ruled by Aquarius. I’m at s huge Astrology conference in Chicago with thousands of participants. It’s amazing in the Windy City soeaking of air signs.

Mercury in Taurus @ 22+ degrees trines Lilith and Pluto

her pain body is telling the truth of the thousands of years of tape abuse sexual and emotional abuse. Harvey Weinstrin being charged is the obvious manifestation  of this energy

Speak out of your own pain body. The body never lies. There are real pragmatism resources to work with.  Speak up against all abuses against the feminine it is rampant everywhere.

Lilith is also squaring Eris in Aries

there going to be more shit disturbed now from the thousands of years that women have had to suffer under the patriarchy.  Moon is in Libra. Try to stay Balanced.

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Monday Moonday

Monday is the Moon’s Day and the Moon moves from watery Cancer-did you cry yourself a river over the weekend?

Moon squares Uranus and trines Chiron in PISCES in the wee hours

Yes, I feel the intense weight of the heaviest emotions. Chiron is coming to his end in PISCES for now. next month.

MOON enters fiery passionate strong willed “I’m the greatest star” sign LEO in the a.m.

Moon takes no notice of an Out of Bounds Mars in Capricorn-

they do not see” I” toI”

Moon trines the SUN in ARIES

a happy positive expression.

we are headed for the BLUE MOON  on the 31st. will write more about that soon.

MOON also inconjuncts SATURN in CAPRICORN

This is the invisible squeaky wheel aspect. It’s irritating and you can’t figure out where the hell it’s coming from.

Gotta get some rest.

Has anyone else had their stats fall dramatically since the beginning of March?

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Wonder Woman, Venus Retrograde speaks

We had a lovely Equinox Ceremony and the energy felt very fluid. We planted many seeds and as always we send blessings to the world and all the children.

Solar Ingress into ARIES has us all fired up. Yesterdays EQUINOX CHART with zero degrees ARIES Ascendant as a guide for the next three months to a year.  Has:

SAGITTARIUS Moon conjunct SATURN at the Galactic Center. This is a call to our unconscious intuitive bodies to rise up to the truth, for justice, for inspiration, optimism, and higher spiritual laws. 

MOON advances to Zero degrees CAPRICORN the other zero point in a zero degrees Aries ascendant. 

This represents emotional resistance from the Corporate sector but a new earthier more grounded outlook.


Our progress will be slow and steady, Taurus like, 


This is more CARDINAL CRUNCH Cereal, we’re used to digesting this, aren’t we?

Mercury is @13 ARIES where VENUS turned RETROGRADE! Activating that turning point from March 4th. 


The next three moths at least until summer are going to be revision, release, repeal, rescind, redo, relegate, review, retreat, recap, reveal.  

Don’t expect to move forwards much and you will feel less pain and angst.  

Yes and lots of re-evaluating situations, lovers, friends, money,career, women, what luxury is. 

VENUS is RETROGRADING back from her independent Amazon Warrior status as


Wonder Woman, Venus Astrology Tara Greene

Venus as Wonder Woman

in ARIES to Watery mermaid, Venus in PISCES.  The fire and water don’t mix.  We will have to be “PATIENT” a word that does not exist in Aries vocab. 

VENUS re-enters ARIES April 28.That’s a month and a bit away and a whole emotional universe away from now.

Just SNAIL IT and SLOTH IT for the next few months. 

LILITH in SAGITTARIUS squares North and South Nodes and TRINES VENUS in ARIES

Lilith,Mars, Vesta Grand Trine Astrology Tara Greene

Lilith by Reecca Yanoskaya

Lilith’s @ 3 degrees SAGITTARIUS, Venus is at 7 degrees ARIES

Check out where Lilith and Venus are is in your natal chart.

Women will be on warpath, fiercely fighting back all this repressive anti woman anti-abortion, anti- rights even stronger. In Texas a bunch of women dressed in red “Handmaiden’s Tale” cloaks to protest anti-abortion lawa being put forth allowing doctor’s to lie to their patients about birth defects in foetuses which would result in abortions. They want women and families to have children that are damaged and a drain on the state forwever? 

VENUS Retrograde remembers her POWER. She remembers when the GODDESS was the one source of all that is She is the birth giver, the natural one to worship. Have you ever seen a young baby nursing at its mothers’ breast gaze into its mom’s face? That is a human witnessing the Goddess. She is real, warm, she feed us, nurtures us, comes when we cry, makes us feel safe. We come from within her, we know every cell of Her, we heard her heartbeat from the beginning of our own existence. Every human who has ever lived has experienced the Goddess! She is known as VENUS.
As the planet VENUS, known as Goddess of Love, Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Light bringer, Dawn star, Retrogrades back from Aries to PISCES April 2nd we will collectively be flushed with Her waters of remembrance.
Pisces is the most spiritual of all signs, it is the collective repository of all the Unconscious memories. It is easier to tune in now and hear the Goddess speak directly to you. She is speaking louder to me by the moment. Tune in now and open your heart and your womb and listen. Be the hOly Grail. Allow the love blood of the Goddess to fill you. The Divine Feminine grows stronger every moment. She is calling every one of her children to recall, reawaken, Be the Love.
Gotta go love  you all.
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Astrology healing for old emotional wounds

March 7 Oh so much water. I’m feeling that heavy emotional intensity are you?  A lot of old emotional sewage and unprocessed material is coming up from the depths. Pisces governs the unconscious, so what has been repressed is coming out into the light of day where we can see it. These shadows appear to be nasty, violent defensive and angry because they are wounded parts of ourselves.  These can be old emotions which are present and also past life karmic patterns coming up. I am feeling this energy strongly myself. It feels difficult, we can be feeling angry, projecting our own issues onto others, we can be feeling self-destructive and helpless. Allow these emotions to express themselves safely. You are not those emotions you are watching them appear to inform you of what still needs your attention. A wounded inner child, feelings of shame. Ancient, ancient patterns of rejection. 

Under a nurturing but very emotional Cancer Moon there is:

Water trine from Cancer Moon to Neptune Sun and Mercury and Chiron in Pisces

water trine astrology Tara Greene

Then there are the CARDINAL CRISES with Moon squaring VENUS RETRO in ARIES, opposing PLUTO in Capricorn squaring  Jupiter in LIBRA and URANUS in ARIES. 

grid tara greene

flower grid 


The mercurial trickster in PISCES whispers sweetly into PLUTO’s Corporate ears in PST

March 8 in EST/GMT 

Listen to the whispers of your soul.. it will speak very subtly as will your guardian angels. Just be silent, stop the mind chatter listen. 

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Put on your revolutionary thinking caps and shoes

Mercury is in Aquarius for a short spin February 7-25. The messenger will be raising our minds capacity for innovation, invention and seeing the higher perspective. Put on your winged hats and shoes and let’s think fast and inclusive.

Adidas, running shoes, astrology







SEE THE BIG PICTURE with detachment.


MERCURY will be Squaring VENUS and MARS dancing very close together. We need to bring together our minds and our sexuality into one unified field. The Age of Aquarius is noted for being a gender neutral time. This is the age of information new technology and inventions. The time for revolution and freedom.

MERCURY is the planet that governs 2017 as the MAGICIAN. TAROT Major Arcana symbol #1

Mercury is an airy element, it brings detachment which is useful to defuse the emotional charge. This aspect allows us to organize our thoughts and actions, it gets us to reach out for allies and form support groups. It brings us HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Everything that happens in the world and in our personal lives is a mirror of our own selves. Mercury rules perception, consciousness itself. While Mercury is in AQUARIUS we can see that actually we are all ONE big consciousness of the God source. There are no enemies we fight aspects of ourselves that have not being integrated. 

Trump is us. That’s why most spiritual teachers are saying Trump is a huge teacher for us, he is what indigenous peoples call a TYRANT teacher. A friend of mine keeps producing these I love Trump videos and tweeting them and she is the most liberal person. It is not really about petty politics, although Republicans and alt-right peoples seem to be gaining strength in the world right now as a backlash to being forced to be too liberal. It is all very complex. If we don’t integrate our own shadows, what we fear, what we deny, what we try to wall off and keep out those shadows only grow stronger.

AQUARIUS energy is all about WE, not ME. 

The revolutionary fervor for inclusivism, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, immigrant’s rights and a more tolerant open accepting society will gain strength now. 

MERCURY/HERMES is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, and poetry, messages, communication, including divination, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery, and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld, PLuto’s realm.  In Egypt he was known as the great scribe THOTH, whose thrice, three times wisdom brought the Emerald Tablets and HERMETIC wisdom- ” as above so below.” 

In Egypt he was known as the great scribe THOTH, whose thrice, three times wisdom brought the Emerals Tablets and HERMETIC wisdom- ” as above so below.” 

In Celtic areas, Mercury was sometimes portrayed with three heads or faces, and at Tongeren, Belgium, a statuette of Mercury with three phalluses was found, with the extra two protruding from his head and replacing his nose; this was probably because the number 3 was considered magical. His image is related to fertility charms. The Romans made many statues of Mercury, drawing from the ancient Greek tradition of herms or erect phalluses.

Mercury did have his own major festival date on May 15 the Mercuralia. Water from sacred wells was sprinkled on heads. 

Mercury was often accompanied by a rooster or cock which is also the Chinese Zodiac animal of this year. Rams or goats, symbolizing fertility, and a tortoise, referring to Mercury’s legendary invention of the lyre, an ancient harp, from a tortoise shell. Tortoises are long considered symbols of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

DNA Tortoise painting by Napoleon Brousseau


Gives us the ability to think outside the box. We can see things in entirely new ways.  Put on your Mercurial thinking cap and your sandals and download those universal consciousness ideas. 

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