Last day, Mars into Aquarius

Well it’s almost finally over, I think everyone is so exhausted from watching this shoot out at the NOT O.K. Corral election in the U.S. 

Mercury inconjunct Uranus Nov 6/7

The FBI formally cleared Clinton again in the email scandal on the 6th. Uranus in Aries is FREEDOM, as Mercury was gearing up to exactly inconjunct Uranus.

Mercury Uranus inconjunct Tara Greene

from Deviant Art, don’t know who created this

 Expect messages and information to be quirky and unexpected. The planet of communications @ 22 degrees Scorpio touched close to the degree that MARS RETROGRADE turned Direct at on June28/29th, the 23rd degree.  Which Hillary was feeling she was getting. Old irritations and unfinished business with exes may pop up again. Tempers may be boiling over, the shadows cannot be contained. Expect a wildly chaotic last day of insults and people changing their minds about who to vote for.

Mercury inconjunct Uranus can produce some unexpected “notes from above.” 

Uranus symbolizes Higher consciousness, invention, pioneering, the Bigger picture. If we are very careful and watch what goes through our heads we may be able to tap into some incredible farseeing visions of the future with this energy. Don’t discard any strange insights that may pop into your head. 

 SUN PLUTO sextile @ the 15th MOST POWERFUL degree is the next major planetary aspect today. 

This is SOL and SOUL Power. What earthly heights does your soul really want to climb? Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes worldly power. Accessing that soul power in Scorpio, that intense obsessive “won’t quit till I get there”  energy , is what is required. We can see this operating as ruthlessness and hunger for power and control. You can use this energy to find your higher soul purpose or calling. 

The Light of the SUN in SCORPIO is source energy fueling your deepest passions and drives.  Capricorn was originally the Great Mother she is earth, GAIA ,she is governed by Saturn, reality, real physical 3D birth. She forms our bones. Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer, also the Mothering symbol, the waters of the womb, our pre-birth experience. Capricorn represents our physical birth into the world, she is called BINAH, on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, governed by SATURN the planet which rules Capricorn. Even though the world looks so bleak, we are also giving birth to a new world. 

ASTRONOMY- A huge CME a Coronal Mass Ejection Plasma Cloud left the sun on Nov 5th and will hit the earth on November 8th. It looks like this. 

CME Space Weather Nov. 8 Tara Greene

If these CME’s are strong enough they can knock out satellites. They do make me feel dizzy and very tired. My daughter gets headaches from them. If you have these symptoms just rest. Synchronicity or what? see link to Space weather below. 

VENUS in SAGITTARIUS Trines CERES in ARIES @ 24+ degrees

The fire, the passion, seeking the higher truth for the Great Mother, Gaia. I see this as the ongoing fight by Indigenous peoples to protect Mother Earth. If you have your sun or planets at 24 degrees + or – LEO this is a GRAND FIRE TRINE. Many Baby Boomers have Pluto in LEO here. They will be on the campaign trail fired up for Hillary. I know we think she is a liar but the aspect symbolizes a new beginning for women. 

What will you do to follow your truth to help the earth?

MARS will be at the 29th and most critical degree of Capricorn on the 7th/8th.

The force, the powers that be are moving every Plutocratic element they can to get what they want. They want Hillary. 

The Symbol for the 29th degree of Capricorn {30th degree} by John Sandbach

“A crystal made in a laboratory is buried in the ground. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: HAHAIAH (ha-HA-ee-YAH) Unconditional Love, Refuge, Shelter)

This degree combines the most sophisticated, elaborate and complicated ways of being and thinking with the simplest, most basic and earthly ones. There is always, though, a leaning toward the latter as taking precedence, with the former serving as supports and tools for them. This degree sees through much and is never seduced, deluded or confused by the complexities the human mind perpetrates. It has a way of finding everything useful, and of being able to cut through any confusion to the simple, real core of the soul’s purpose.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Blue morning glories growing up a tall trellis.” The roots of the morning glory are anchored in the ground, from whence they draw the sustenance needed to climb toward the sky. The morning glory cannot make this climb alone – it needs the support of the trellis. This degree is adept at finding the support it needs on this journey and knows that no outer support will be effective unless the inner support of belief in self is found first.

It is here to teach others that outer authorities can be fallible, can even betray us, potentially, but that the inner authority – the higher self – the holy ghost – is not fallible, for all time is happening at once, and our higher self is that part of our being that has already reached enlightenment. We need only attune ourselves to it, as the blue of the morning glory is attuned to the blue of the sky.

Like the crystal buried in the ground in the Omega Symbol, this degree brings light to the earth.

Pleiadian Symbol: The planning of an angelic city.

Azoth Symbol: When consumed, waters from a spring which comes from a deep cave are causing drinkers to maintain eternal youth.

Seed degree: Pisces 28.A shy poet in hiding. (Omega symbol). When we protect ourselves from the discordant energies of the world of humans, we are able to create more freely and to more easily find ways to positively influence the world in which we live as well as ground ourselves in it.

Fulfillment degree: Pisces 25.On top of a high hill, a circle of standing stones. (Omega Symbol). To return to all that is simple and basic brings a unity and clarity to life, that helps us to remain centered.” – beautiful 

MARS enters AQUARIUS Nov. 8th @ 9:51 pm PST until December 19th

The voting polls will be closed. But this symbolizes a new beginning and angry revolts from the election outcome.  There will be lots of “get your guns” response and rebelliousness. There may be shoot outs, mass civil unrest and even martial law in the U.S. Certain states may want to leave the Union. It is a dangerous explosive energy. 

Mars in Aquarius is freedom fighters, inventors, and inventions, higher consciousness, radicals, anarchists, revolutionaries, organizers.  If Trump wins many Americans will pack up and leave the U.S. for Canada. If Clinton wins, the Republicans will be armed to the teeth and hopping mad. They may try to blow up Hillary or some major US. monument and this could be by terrorists as well. There’ll be 6 weeks of this angry rebellion. I’ll write a bit more about Mars in Aquarius soon.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. 

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