Be kind, rewind. Neptune turns Retrograde

Astrology of the Day June 23

As NEPTUNE turns Stationary June 22-25th and then Retrogrades in PISCES for the next 5 months until November 28. Neptune only moves 2 degrees back from 20+ Pisces to 18+ Pisces we’re pulled back to where we were back on March 3rd just before the world went into major PAUSE/STANDBY due to Covid-19 QUARANTINE. I will write more about Neptune retrograde later today.

Neptune rules PISCES and they will be the people leading the backstep Moondance for the next 5 months, all eyes on them. 

In a pre-COVID 19 world, and our expectations for 2020 were that it was business as usual but a new decade unfolding. Most astrologers were trying to focus on all the lite and positives of heavy-duty Saturn and Pluto’s historic conjunction on January 12. So where were you and what were you planning to do that got thwarted back then?

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Aquarius chill benefits today

The living is easy for all of us February 5th as the planets are making NO MAJOR DISHARMONIOUS Aspects.

All of us on Planet Earth here deserves it. We are still in the New Moon of Aquarius energies too.

Aquarius is the Star in the Tarot # 17

All Aquarius Sun, Moon, Rising and all Aquarius planet placements on Feb 5 get the benefits as the Aquarius moon makes supportive energies conjunct Mercury, sextiles Mars, and Uranus, Aquarius ruling planet.

The energies are in general, airy, light, detached, a higher consciousness prevails. It’s an exciting inventive freewheeling time.

The need for independence is strong and this really affects Taurus, Leo and Scorpio- the other three Fixed signs.

The MOON enters soft dreamy spiritual psychic PISCES February 5 @ 6:02 pm PDT/ 9:02 pm EDT and Feb 6 @ 2:02 am GMT

Just when Trump gives his State of the Union Address

This is the best moon to dream under.  My dreams have been so intense for the past few weeks. DO pay attention to your dreams and do dream incubation. 

Moon sextiles Venus in Capricorn in PDT

Enjoy the breather. Tomorrow is even better,

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Lovely earthy dreamy Grand Trine energy

December 27 Virgo Constellation Astrology

Wow so close to the years end. A Virgo moon beams hard working focussed disciplined energy down.

Virgo moon is busy at work

Bouncing out of bed under a lunar Square to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Speak honestly, don’t be shy,

The day is framed by the Virgin Moon trine Saturn in AM and Pluto in Capricorn the PM making a powerful grounded sacred earth triangle.

Early in the day after the Saturn trine the Moon opposes Dreamy Neptune in Pisces

There’s magic in the ordinary, everyday little things. This is a split between budgeting and dreaming of what you want.

Moon squares Mercury in Sagittarius encouraging forthright honesty and optimism to go the distance.

Virgo moon sextiles Venus in Scorpio

This is a sexy sweet invitation to let your hair down Virgo.

This is a good day to set out your 2019 goals. Clean house organize and take care of things

Health is important under a Virgo moon. Pay strict attention to diet especially if you overindulged at Christmas.

Worry about finances, on the personal and works level may be bugging you.

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Your wounds are your truth. Galactic Sage Sun and Chiron

Dece. 19  The major aspect of the day is the Sagittarius Sun on the Galactic Center at 27 degrees squaring Chiron the Wounded healer at 27 degrees PISCES.

Galactic Center, wounds, astrology Tara Greene

“Your wounds are your truth”-Tara Greene
Sagittarius Sun on Galactic center squares Chiron in Pisces Dec. 19, 2018

This hard aspect will make us feel very vulnerable, wounded. This is not just our own vulnerability but a Cosmic vulnerability. I know, I’ve been feeling it for the last couple of days.

Chiron is the Constellation of Sagittarius as well making this aspect even more powerful. The Centaur squared by the Sun in His Sign amps up the energies especially with Jupiter in this sign which it rules too. 

But there is great hope and even humor as we can laugh at our long journey to wholeness as the Sagittarius Sun aims for higher truths, optimism, faith and the intrinsic spiritual knowing that all will be well.

Remember that this is a once in 50-year cycle culminating today,

All the journeys, hardships, confines, guilt, fear, vulnerabilities, co-dependency and all of it for many many lifetimes of karma is up to the surface now to be seen brought into the healing light of the Sage Sun and cleansed. We have more knowledge now, we are the Sage warrior heart opened spiritual leaders of our own Crusades for wholeness.

This is great Galactic Healing energy. Chiron will be hovering around the Galactic Center until February 18/19 2019. The numerology is 2/19/ 2019 a very significant run of Numbers. Chiron starts a brand new “instant healing” fire walking initiation journey in Aries on that day in 2019, a brand new 50-year cycle.

For spiritual seekers and empaths If you have planets at 27 Sagittarius, 27 Gemini, 27 Virgo, or 27 Pisces you will be feeling the wounds of the world and the galaxy most. Understand you don’t have to heal the world but only yourself. 

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12/12 numerology keeping it Light

December 12TH 12/12 NUMEROLOGY

when numbers repeat in sequence they are referred to as Master numbers.

Many people notice 11:11 and 12;12 etc. These are pre-encoded memory triggers especially 11:11.

12 is half of a day. It is the 12 Zodiac signs, the 12 Apostles named after the Zodiac signs, the 12 tribes of Isreal the same thing too.

12 in the Tarot is the symbol of the Hanged Man, which has no astrological or planetary symbolism. It is a special mother letter in Hebrew and is akin to a spiritual emotional baptism.

The Hanged Man #12 is the Nordic God Odin voluntarily hanging himself by his ankle from the “World Tree’ or Tree of Life Yggdrasil in order to gain knowledge directly from the earth, not in a normal standing position. Odin channeled the Runic alphabet from this self-imposed spiritual quest.

coincidentally 2019 reduced to the larger number 12 then to 3.

To see 12:12 indicates to me a looking straight ahead as the clock hands look focussed and aligned North. The influence of the Hanged Man symbolism indicates a letting go of intellectual ways of seeing the world to tune into our intuition. The Hanged Man is also a scapegoat one who takes on everyone else’s shizz and is blamed and sent out of town to expiate the guilt of the sinners annually an old Custom. The #12 symbolizes surrendering one’s ego, giving it up to God or letting go of your ego attachment. It is an initiatory card.

December 21, 2012, was heralded as the Mayan End of Time popularly by many New age sights with thousands flocking to Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid. Some Indigenous Native Americans joined in on these teachings as there has long been a connection between Native Americans and Mayan culture. Many said that this was the end of the Mayan Long count a calendar thats stretches for millions of years.

My first cousin who is an Archeo-astronomer-mythologist, writer and tour guide at Palenque who studied Mayan hieroglyphs from Linda Schele who helped decipher them said it was only the end of a minor cycle. No big deal. Just the start of another 5,000 new cycles.

Jose Arguelles made the Time Wave Zero  13 month Mayan calendar popular and contributed a lot to the End of Time scenario. Many believe that we have entered a higher consciousness New Age since December 21 2012.

Its much quieter today on December 12. But nice light and easy

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Women, Kavanaugh and the Burning Path

October’s highlight is Venus Retrograde, of course, October 5-November 16 throwing old relationships, values, women’s issues and the economy into a tailspin. 

Venus Sun transit Tara Greene Toronto

                Venus transit of the Sun June 2012 Photo by Napoleon Brousseau 

October 5: Venus stations retrograde: 10 degrees 50 minutes Scorpio

Venus turns Retrograde squaring Mars and Lilith and the South Node in Aquarius 

This means: The revenge of angry women who have been denied their natural power for too long. If you’ve been watching the U.S. Supreme Court nominations you know what this is all about. The November elections are on November 6 when Venus is Retrograde back in Libra at that point.  This Retrograde will have much longer ramifications than just the 40 days. 

Lilith and Mars were exactly conjunct October 1st and will continue to be BFF’s in effect as one until Halloween when Venus moves back into Libra.

VENUS Retrogrades on the Burning Way or Via Combusta October 7-November 7

Via Combusta is Latin for “burning way” or “fiery way”  and is considered malefic or very bad according to ancient astrology by Al Biruni. Why? Because the Libra Sun is weak and in its fall in that sign {Sun is strongest in Aries}. Scorpio is the fall sign of the Moon which is strongest in opposite sign of Taurus. These two signs contain two malefic planets. Saturn which is exalted in Libra and Scorpio, ruled by Mars. 

The Via Combusta is an old Medieval Astrology tool describing the Zodiac between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio between October 7 and November 7 Yet this is the darkest and alchemically powerful time of the year. Halloween is Witches new year so the bad influence notation is from the church of course. Further Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio is also the Lord of death and rebirth. 

Venus Retrograde journey is told in astromyth as the tale of Queen Inanna going into the Underworld. It is the most ancient known poem in the world written between 3,500 -1,900 B.C. Inanna is an Ancient Sumerian Goddess of sex, fertility and war goes to be with her sister Ereshkigal whose husband has died. Inanna must be stripped of all her royal belongings down to being turned into a corpse and hung on a nail to rot by her revengeful sister. Read the whole story in the link below. The story is the basis for the myth of Persephone being raped into the Underworld by Pluto and this rings totally in synch with the current U.S. political situation. 

This further symbolizes women on fire and women burning down the house. 

Take your own astrology chart and map out where Venus retrograde path is.Go to its free to input your own birth chart.

Angry backlashes from both men and women are highly volatile during this time. Be careful of gaslighting.

Many relationships will be put to the test during this time, as Venus will be Retrograde until November 16 and in the Underworld.

This is a time to do some really fierce shadow work. To scourge our deepest wounds. These are the sexual abuse issues which have been perpetrated against women for the last 5,000 to 10,000 years. This is billions of women. This is every woman living today in a Patriarchal culture which sees women as chattel, second-class citizens as without the right to their own authority over their own bodies. This includes the millions destroyed in the witch trials. The millions of female infants murdered today simply for being valueless as females.

The Patriarchy pumping and posturing its flaccid muscle is over.

The PHALLOCENTRIC WAY IS A FALLACY. The Emperor has no power. 

I was an early feminist. I realized my life and freedom was over at 12 when I first got my period. I’ve been an active feminist since 1970. The Goddess is alive and she is returning. We do not want to create more hate. She is the Goddess of Love and Beauty and we need more beauty and Love in the world now. Women need to first right the wrongs. But we shouldn’t perpetuate fear and hatred. We need to create new balances and that’s why Venus is turning direct again in Libra.

Venus turns direct at 25 degrees Libra conjunct big beneficial Fixed stars 

SPICA at 23 degrees 50 minutes LIBRA tropical

Is a blue Giant Star in Constellation of Virgo. It is one of the most famous 15 Behenian Stars of ancient lore. This was the Goddess Ishtar or Ceres/Demeter. The Ear of Grain is a very good star. It brings spiritual qualities. and It gives riches, overcomes contentions. removes scarcity and mischief. Spica rules the stone emerald, sage, trefoil, mugwort, periwinkle and mandrake root.

When Venus conjuncts Spica in traditional star lore it means; “benefits from friends, social success, false friend of one’s own sex.{1} 

And ARCTURUS at 24 degrees 14 Libra Tropical 

in Alpha Bootes  {shake your Bootes} it is a famous spiritual star. It gives riches, honour, high renown, and self-determination. Its image is a horse, wolf or man dancing. This star deals with darker aspects. Arcturus has a reputation of achieving justice through power. Arcturus was seen as the protector of Spica or Ishtar be the ancient Arabs. It is associated with the stone jasper, and plantain.

When Venus is conjunct Arcturus it indicates popularity and gifts and favours from friends and some false friends of the same sex. {1} 

Arcturus rules two inches below the navel in the human body which is the Hara or will centre or 3rd chakra. It would be wise to hold your hand’s open in a yoni symbol around this area and meditate and breathe into and through your hara. 

Do you have planets in the Via Combusta?

As with all retrogrades do not buy things especially things related to Venus- all women’s or feminine things, makeup clothes, shoes, art, and avoid socializing.

This will be a very interesting Halloween as Venus will transition from Scorpio to Libra on that day. October 8 is a Libra NEW Moon @ 15 DEGREES right on the beginning of that Via Combusta.

Venus Rules the Taurus Full Moon and is conjunct the Sun on it too

The Scorpio New Moon is November 7 with Venus in Libra and Jupiter on the 29th degree of Scorpio – more on that later.

These lunations will be extremely powerful 3 in a row.  will write more about that later.

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[5] The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology (p 317). [Al Birurii, circa 1029 a.d.] The Wessex Astrologer []

{1} Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p. 66, 211, 235 


Real honesty soul communicating Astrology

An upbeat optimistic moon energy.

Mercury in Virgo sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio

Mercury sextiles Jupiter it’s a great day to communicate your deepest feelings, and to listen to your soul. This is where we are very real and honest. Don’t lie to anyone, Don’t lie to yourself.  Tell the truth from your soul. Listen. You already have all the answers,

It’s idealistic, romantic, dreamy, honest, intense and you can be obsessive. Get your long-range plans and adventure into form. Good for a budget for school or publishing or any financial undertaking.

Moon in Sagittarius squares Mercury in Virgo

The Sagittarius Moon amplifies all of this truth of your soul energy.

Optimistic honest, lighthearted, crack jokes about this funny detailed, maintenance experience programme we call Life.

Moon squares SUN

We are halfway to the next Full Moon. Our feelings and sense of self-are pressured.

Gotta go I’m hiking to Oak Creek with a bunch of wolf-like dogs this morning in Sedona.

Happy SUNDAY its the day to honour the SUN that is the Church to go to .

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Daily Astro advice

daily astrology tara Greene

I am off to my beloved second home of Sedona Sept. 10 I will let you know when I am offering readings from Sedona. I may do a live broadcast on Facebook and will start doing youtube videos too.

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Numerology 8:18:18

More of that good luck INFINITY Numerology Today with 8:18:18

The Moon had left the Scorpio building just now 12:45 pm EDT


Napoleon Brousseau Artist 1983

Painting by Napoleon Brousseau “Martyr” 1983

which is a nice little possible return or reviewing old flames or romantic conversation or just try to get things balanced out in relationships.

Mercury STATIONARY is a very karmic turning point be very conscious of what you say now

Nice anyways as MERCURY is very powerful as it turns DIRECT tonight @ 9:24 pm in PDT

Aug 19 @ 12:25 am EDT/ 4:25 am GMT 

things can move ahead once Mercury clears its Retrograde but will take until Sept 2 when it crosses its Retrograde degree of  23 Leo 27 minutes.

MOON enters SAGITTARIUS and truth justice politics and freedom are important

Sagittarius Moon trines Chiron

Its easier to speak about the truth of our pain

Moon inconjuncts URANUS in TAURUS

stubbornness and sensuality doesn’t grok Sagittarius seeking adventure higher learning and traveling.


Aug 19 @ 12:25 am EDT/ 4:25 am GMT 

things can move ahead once Mercury clears its Retrograde but will take until Sept 2 when it crosses its Retrograde degree of  23 Leo 27 minutes.

I’ve got so much to do. 

Tattoos hurt a lot. 

I’ve had to delete a bunch of photos from my Site. Now I’ve got Google telling me I have too many 404 errors and Fix errors on your AMP pages

Does anyone have some advice for me on how to do that?

Blessings to you. please share widely

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Meghan’s Year ahead Astrology

Happy Birthday HRH Meghan 37 today August 4, 2018

I’m quite fascinated with Duchess Meghan as an archetypal symbol for feminists for women for POC and for the Royals 

So let’s look at Meghan’s first birthday as a Royal. Included in her natal chart is Asteroid Henry which is Harry’s birth name to see how he fits into her natal chart. 

HENRY IS AT 8 degrees of Sagittarius in her natal 5th house of love affairs creativity and children and is squaring her Natal Venus in Virgo. her own love and beauty and hard working self.  Henry in 2018 Solar Return chart is where? At 13 degrees Leo exactly conjunct to her Natal Sun. Ahh dont you love astrology synchronicity?

To figure out what anyone’s year ahead is going to be one astrology technique is to look at your Solar Return chart which is the chart which shows the planets and the sun when it returns to exactly where it was when you were born that’s not necessarily on your calendar birthday. It is a new chart compared to your birth chart and if you have moved from your place of birth that needs to be configured into that Solar Return chart too.

So let’s investigate what Meghan’s year ahead is.

The first thing we look at is Meghan’s Moon. The Moon is the fastest moving planet and advances 1 degree a month as you calculate what the emotional needs home and fertility of what her next year is going to be. The Moon is the feminine planet food and nurturing.

Meghan’s Moon is at 7 degrees of Taurus in her 10th house of worldly fame. Obviously, she is the archetype of the modern woman and an emotional fulfillment object of the world who are feasting on her in the public’s constant eye. Her Moon in Taurus is very sensuous enjoying the finest things in life. Emotionally Meghan has stability strength and rich resources she is very grounded and is using her voice a Taurus ruled thing as one of her greatest resources.

Meghan’s SR Moon is squaring her natal Mercury in LEO and her North Node in her first house. The North Node is the highest spiritual goal. Meghan can and cannot speak out as she formerly did freely before she belonged to the Firm. This can be quite frustrating for her. She just spoke out in favor of abortion which has been recently voted in Ireland which has been a very old-fashioned Catholic repressive country for women’s rights when she recently visited. 

Pregnancy?  Meghan is expected to get pregnant right away from the tabloids and is under constant pressure to fit the archetypal traditional nurturing fertile woman and mother. The Moon is fertility and in Taurus Venus’s sign, it is quite strong and fertile but also stubborn and Meghan will do it her way on her own time.

Her voice and message

Meghan may be feeling the strain of not being able to speak out freely from her heart in public because Mercury planet of communications is Retrograde at 25 degrees Leo in her 2nd house of her assets resources and voice.  Meghan’s psyche is going through a huge upheaval in how she thinks; her self-image and how she can creatively express herself as Mercury is sextile Meghan’s Pluto in Libra in her 4th house of privacy home and foundation which is all entirely knew. Pluto is death and rebirth the old Meghan’s identity is gone and a new one is being born.


Meghan’s VENUS – her love quotient her values her wealth and beauty creativity and taste. Venus is at 27 degrees of VIRGO in her natal 3rd house of communications. Meghan is being watched by the world for her outfits and fashion sense every moment. She is being lauded and criticized. Venus in Virgo is a hard working focused perfectionist energy. She needs to make sure she watches her health and diet carefully. Venus in Virgo is also a symbol of embodying love and beauty as her job. She is an icon on the world’s stage. The 3rd house has to do with siblings and she is being criticized by her seeming narcissistic father Thomas and her crazy half-sister too.


Jupiter the planet of expansion fertility change and travel is in Scorpio at 14 degrees in Meghan’s 4th house of home mothering fertility and emotional security. Jupiter is squaring Meghan’s Leo Sun. She was born to be royal as are all Leo’s and Jupiter is and has been expanding her ego and identity. This is fertile and brings a death and rebirth to Mehan’s old identity.  Jupiter will be moving into Meghan’s fifth house of children shortly and into Sagittarius in November indicating lots of International travel. Jupiter will also oppose Meghan’s Chiron in Taurus her wounds and vulnerability and in Scorpio, she may discover some deep dark secrets about her own family as well as the big wealthy family she has married into. 

Her Karmic Debts

Saturn at 3 degrees Capricorn the planet of Karma maturity testing and heaviness is in Meghan’s 6th house of work service health discipline perfection and worry focussing on the issue as her duty now. Saturn is restrictions and she may be feeling her duties to be quite a heavy load. Saturn is her father- and obviously, if you have been reading the news you know what that’s all about. Saturn is also elders and the Queen has certainly been her close mentor showing her the ropes. Meghan and the Queen have a lot in common and they genuinely like each other. Meghan was born on the Queen Mother’s birthday as well making her a sentimental favorite.apricorn is also fathers and Prince Charles and Meghan have forged a close bond. 

Saturn will oppose Meghan’s natal Mars in Cancer at the end of this year. Mars in Cancer is a defensive protective family stance. Mars in Cancer is actively pursuing motherhood and pregnancy and she could get pregnant very fast.

Yes she will get pregnant soon, in fact, within the next month or so as Saturn squares her natal Moon Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Libra which is extremely fertile and spells becoming a mother at an older age under the luckiest of circumstances.  Saturn is karma and maturity. To get pregnant at 37 Meghan is in her fourth 7 year Saturn cycle for fertility and it becomes a bit harder to get pregnant past 35. Saturn by transit is also squaring her Natal Moon-fertility home and emotional security; her natal Saturn-karma and maturity and Jupiter-expansion and joy in Libra in her Natal 3rd house of communications and ideas. 

MARS Retrograde is at 2 degrees Aquarius conjunct to her South Node which is in Meghan’s 7th house of marriage. She is actively releasing karma from her past lives. She is revolutionizing her past- she isn’t speaking to anyone in her family except for her mother. Mars is opposite to Meghan’s North Node in Leo in her first house. This also drives her energy into her North Node her highest spiritual goal. Mars retrograde is also suppressed anger she could be privately quite frustrated about not being able to be the Aquarian free spirit that she always was. 

The North Node will be conjunct to Meghan’s Natal North Node in late October which is a karmic connection to your spiritual GPS that only happens once every 18 years.The NN is also sextiling her Jupiter and Saturn right now and soon Meghan’s Moon again another karmic pregnancy indicator.

Lilith is at 29 degrees Capricorn conjunct Retrograde Mars. Meghan is changing the way she shows her independence and refusal to compromise in her marriage and in her relationships with all other. 

Uranus the planet of revolutionary change chaos and freedom at 2 degrees Taurus is squaring Meghan’s North Node indicating the radical shift her life has become She can use her position of power to change the world by leading groups and organizations which work to help others. Uranus will Retrograde back to late Aries and oppose Meghan’s natal Juno her Feminine form of genius in her 4th house of home in late 2018. Meghan will be a fiery brand of women’s genius changing the rules of the royal game. 

Neptune the planet of spirituality compassion and soul mates has been opposing Meghan’s Natal Venus in Virgo for quite some time since she met Harry in fact in 2016. Neptune is moving up to square her natal Neptune later this year and into 2019. Its a very beautiful transit.

Pluto almost on her Descendant and opposite her Ascendant changing and transforming her persona in the world. Pluto is squaring her Natal Pluto in LIBRA the sign of equality and marriage in the 4th house of her home. Meghan’s soul has been utterly transformed. Pluto represents the Collective Unconscious. To step into history and a world role means that Meghan has taken on an archetypal role. People projected that Princess Diana and Prince Charles were a storybook fairy tale but it wasn’t so The new Cinderella fairytale love story has a new twist embodied by Meghan and Harry who have changed the rule books. You can see how absolutely in love they are and this gives the world great hope Meghan is smart beautiful self- made millionaire and has always been a feminist since she was 11. As an actress, she never posed nude or flaunted herself sexually. She still insisted she was not defined by her relationship with a man. Meghan will be an iconic model of equality in marriage and relationships for the world.

In her Solar Return chart her Ascendant- her persona is at 12 degrees Libra is all about her marriage and holding the balance by being a beautiful intelligent woman is exactly lined up with her natal IC her roots and her core and her MC her highest fame in the world. Her descendant her interactions with all others and her 7th house of marriage is her natal MC she has married into the fame she always was meant to have.

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Meghan Markle birthday 2018