Scorchin Scorpio-Venus in Sagittarius, Royals horsey horoscopes

Oct 6 S.S.S.

Moon enters the underworld sign at 1:33 AM PDT

Moon Trines Neptune in the early a.m.

stay in bed late, dream sweet, sexy, deep, probing dreams.

Moon conjuncts Mercury in the morning .

Emotions and communications are ONE. Be careful of getting caught in a mesmerizing Scorpio fixed gaze mind control trap.
speaking of witch. Mercury in Scorpio also sextiles Pluto which can be pretty dangerous.

Moon makes a sextile to Pluto,

a Trine to Chiron, 

and a quincunx to Uranus.

All to be sung to the tune of A Partridge in a pear tree.

Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio –

Emotional needs for serious long-term commitment translates as

“If you like it then you shoulda’ put a ring on it.” – see below

Oct 7

Scorpio Moon Trines Jumpin Jupiter

so make super power wishes that fligh higher than a  m0*6.d….s.nnx677$$22


The Royals/HORSEY SET 

Cue the William Tell overture- used for the LONE RANGER TV show many years ago…..

Not “Skinny Love”  necessarily but GIDDY UP LOVE.  Sagittarius rules the thighs- are you a thigh man/woman?

 Venus in Sagittarius has the Goddess in blue jeans, or wearing riding jodphurs, or gypsy dress, sporty,  casual traveling clothes.

VEnus in Sagittarius Astrology Napoleon Brousseau drawing

Charcoal drawing to illustrate Venus in Sagittarius

Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau  @ Angell Gallery Toronto 

Venus in Sagittarius is very firey, speaks with HOOF IN MOUTH -always the truth. Cannot keep a secret.

She is gullible, naive, sometimes klutzy, Promises way more than she intends to deliver on.

Can love pontificators, and be one herself, philosophy professors, gurus, exotic foreigners, intrigue, the adventure, the chase. 

Kind of Thelma And Louise- hitting the road for freedom and adventure at the beginning but turns into a Scorpio/Pisces demise sort of plot.


There are bigger more exciting adventures than chasing dust bunnies worthy of her astute attention.

You will want to be IN THE KNOW, V. in S. will always tell you that they knew that, or anecdote your story.

Loves animals, signs petitions. Can be hypocrites,so be careful during this time.

Loves to laugh, needs a comedian in her life. When she’s happy she will be very fun to be around.

Gets bored and restless very easily. It’s not easy for them to commit.

Venus in Sagittarius can be loyal, but they do get wanderlust,

Give them space to wander on their own a bit they will always come back.

She is a cowgirl at heart, on the lone prairie and she likes it that way, some time.

She love to learn and reads, self educates, life is a total university.

Loves exotic things, gift them with these. Speak another language that turns them on.

She is  a natural teacher. V in S can be judgemental and hypocritical at the worst.

Venus in Sagittarius even Cowgirls get the blues, she is usually eternally optimistic but when let down, she gets very low and cynical but then she is  a red rubber ball, bouncing back.

Venus in Sagittarius is a fun lover, wants love to me more spiritual than sexual. 

She loves to travel, to learn, she is  not so impressed with feminine gifts, flowers or  jewellery.

Be adventuresome. Learn to fire- walk, cliff hang, bungee jump, go to a sweat lodge, yoga spa, detox together.

She can be competitive too. you’ll be on  your  toes/hoofs. 

speak of higher truths, ideals, break troughs in imagination are what turn Venus in Sagittarius on.

Buy a dog, go to animal shelters, go horse back riding, try archery, study mythology.

eat from a trough, no just kidding. They love International cuisine.

Famous Peeps with Venus in Sagittarius

The beautiful Tina Turner, Sinead O’Conner, Christina Aguilera, actress Jane Fonda, Kim Basinger, comedienne Whoopie Goldberg

Actors- Jude Law, Kevin Costner- Dances With Wolves is a very venus in Sagittarius type of film;  Ronerto Benigni-who wrote acted in and produced Life is beautiful one of the most optimistic film ever and  DAVID BOWIE; Frida Kahlo’s husband Diego Rivera, 


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