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Fighting for your life Aries Hunter’s Full Moon Oct. 13

The Hunter’s traditional Name for this Full moon couldn’t be more apropos.

Exact October 13 @ 2:07 pm PDT/5:07 pm EDT/ 9:07 pm GMT @ 20+ degrees of initiating firey independent bossy, bullying Aries.

The two luminaries plus ERIS conjunct the Moon adding more chaos is exactly square Powerful Pluto in a death and rebirth show.

Who is tougher than Pluto Lord of death? Saturn aka the Grim Reaper. Saturn is giving Pluto a close shave. this Full Moon is a completion but also a new beginning. We are inevitably headed to January 12 2020 big bash where Saturn and Pluto give each other a High Five at 22+ degrees Capricorn. That degree is opposite the U.S. Mercury in Cancer at 24 degrees.

The Full Hunter Moon is exactly conjunct the U.S. Natal Chiron at 20 Aries the Wounded Masculine Toxic leaders are being hunted down.

The North Node, our highest spiritual goal is sitting on Sirius the brightest star in the sky  in Cancer also conjunct the U.S. SUN and very close to Canada’s Sun too, indicating new directions led by women, the feminine, the womb, as the South Node conjunct Saturn is the patriarchal old ways going gone.

Are you ready to feel the earth move?
Venus in Scorpio opposes stubborn Uranus in Taurus
This shakes things up, by your own will or by Uranian shock and chaos in your sex life and maybe your financial one too.

Mars in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries Retrograde

Love Hurts is the song to sing for this aspect.

NEPTUNE and LILITH are conjunct at 16 and 18 degrees PISCES sextile Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and forming an inconjunct or FINGER OF GOD OR A YOD formation to 14-20 degrees LEO watch out if you have anything at those degrees. 

issues of deceit denial, ghosting, projection of the Dark Feminine, mental illness, addictions, delusions, big secrets, martyrdom are all coming up in the collective psyche.

DONALD TRUMPS MARS/ PLUTO midpoint is at those degrees in LEO!

JUPITER conjunct CERES in SAGITTARIUS are bringing justice to the EARTH

Jane Fonda just got arrested in Washington for protesting this week is one example All court matters or new laws over environmental issues will move fast.


There are still many in denial, misogynists, Patriarchal Old Testament dominates the earth capitalists consumer addicted, blaming women, fearing women and their sexuality.  The shadow qualities are still coming up, But many intellectual genius women are rising to the top.


MERCURY in SCORPIO conjunct Athena the warrioress asteroid and strategist also in that trine to NEPTUNE + LILITH and the NORTH NODE IN CANCER

There is a deep shadow side to the firey impulsive Aries Warrior Hunter MOON.

Gun Law reformation and the unconscious programmed addiction to violence and against women and children is something the U.S. culture will have to deal with openly.

Its karmic comeuppance time.

I will be watching the Full Moonrise on the 13th from Sedona Arizona with astrologer Maurice Fernandez a fantastic astrologer Head of Organization of Professional Astrologers.

Wishing you all a happy holiday weekend

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Here are the Chandra Symbols  from John Sandbach 

Aries 22. A gentle, mild-mannered author who writes horror stories. (Omega Symbol)Interacting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: YEIAYEL (YAY-ah-YEL) Stop Fatal Attraction, Fame, Renown)

You have an innate understanding of the negativity and discord of the world, plus an ability to help others to see how these energies operate. As these dark forces are exposed they become weakened by the light of knowledge. Your sincerity can render you immune to many dangers, as you explore dark recesses for the sake of helping others.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Puppets coming alive at night.” We invent forms which we bring to life with our imagination. It is a way of encountering ourselves, meeting our depths, and especially of contacting our pain-body and releasing its traumas, so that WE can become even more alive. To master this art requires love and innocence.

Pleiadian Symbol: A Path into the forest dwindles then disappears.

Azoth Symbol: A teacher gives her students a vision of the structure of the universe.
Seed Degree: Sagittarius 13. Sitting for her portrait, Mona Lisa feels as if millions of people are watching her. (Omega Symbol). The awareness of our connection to all times and places allows us to exorcise our fears.

An embalmer at work on a mummy. (Chandra Symbol). From the awareness that we need not resist change is born a desire to be free of mechanical and unconscious ways of being.

Fulfillment Degree: Capricorn 2. A painting which causes those who see it to become silent. (Omega Symbol). The exorcising of fear produces a profound and blissful emptiness.

A wisdom tooth that has been removed from someone’s mouth. It has been plated with gold. (Chandra Symbol). As we overcome our unconscious programming we let go of what we don’t need and see the meaning and purpose it once had for us.


At night he found himself in strange lands. They came to him by candlelight and he wrote of them. The dark has its own, invisible rainbows, a kingdom of unseen colors, colors of the lost, which return to haunt, and to hide, vaguely, in the colors which we know. He wanted others to see the hidden colors, so that seeing could return them to their origin, the pure light, where they would find the joy of emptiness.

and song lyrics 

Weekend Astrology Guide

October 5

with a Capricorn Moon the mood which the moon rules is all business. Cappy Moons are dry, cold and productive to get some real work down 

MERCURY in emotional transformative SCORPIO inconjuncts CHIRON the Wounded Healer in ARIES

Mercury in Scorpio meanings-Sex on the brain, Sex is all in the head and in soul/psyche. Time for deep transformative Tantric soul sex. The real deal. the one whose orgasms creates new worlds. If you’ve never experienced this you’ve never really had sex as it was intended.

You may come to this realization with your partner or within yourself now. 

You may be totally unaware of that “splinter in your mind.” Which will infuriate a Mercury in Scorpio which is intent on getting to the bottom of things, the bottom of the Psyche, the real dirt. 

Oct 6 Moon enters Airy Aquarius @ 8:42 pm PDT/ 11:42 pm EDT/ Oct. 7 @ 3:42 am GMT

to lighten things up. this is group revolutionary mind.


Big thinking outside the box. Revolutionary soul power

Uranus governs Aquarius our mind/souls which is Mercury in Scorpio 

The Mind may be pulled in 2 directions at once. But all opposition are opportunities to balance two opposing forces. All oppositions don’t have to be tugs of war,

Uranus gives the opportunity to see the big picture from a higher vantage point. While Mercury in Scorpio digs deep underground,

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How to change poverty mentality into soul wealth

There are two major aspects this weekend that are very soul enhancing and could potentially be life-altering.

Mercury in Virgo makes a trine with Pluto on the 15th. 

intention is everything

Painting by Tara Greene

Mercury in Virgo is poverty consciousness, as Virgo is traditionally the sign of servants. Virgo worries a lot. The easy aspect to Pluto, Lord of Riches and  Rebirth enables a fast track in consciousness to get to your inner jewels, your vault of gold, your true wealth manifesting powers in your soul and speak from that consciousness.

To transform poverty consciousness into wealth and abundance mind you can write out all the things that are your issues and stories. Then ask what the positive purpose or intention is and find out what the riches are in them. This is a process called Focusing which was a main part of my transformational Psychotherapy teachings.

This aspect benefits Taurus with planets at 18 + degrees. That’s my descendant and I will be doing prayers and setting intentions for myself and for all the children today as I have been doing for days now.

The second aspect which builds on the first is Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 16th

This adds more Scorpionic, transformational, soul wealth and depth to this energy. Virgo is earth, manifestation, reality, and Jupiter in Scorpio amps up the sexual, passionate, driven, willpower of this aspect. Jupiter always says GO FOR IT.

the Moon is in Sagittarius, one of the signs Jupiter governs.

Mine the wealth you already have. Converse with your inner dragon protecting your soul wealth treasure. Ask the dragon what its highest potential is. There may be more than one dragon. Turn that dragon into a friend and ally. Open the treasure chest within you and discover how wealthy you are.

Use Scorpio’s death and rebirth energy to transform your old mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks to your own magnificence.

Jupiter only has another 54 days left to spend in Scorpio.

This is the time to really work with your soul stuff. Use Divine Timing as it is always beneficial. This past year with Jupiter in Scorpio has been intense, we are closing it out. When Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8 there will be a huge optimistic, more truthful, fiery, inspired, good-humoured, mystical time.

I will be writing out new intentions and programs from Sedona here. It will be exciting.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Scorpio Moon 12 labors of Hercules

Hi just in case you are wondering what’s happened to me. I am so busy getting my daughter ready to go to University in Vancouver before the end of August and there are so many things to get together and I am swamped. And trying to organize flights places to stay making sure the University has everything under Mercury-Mars Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto and Chiron is like the 12 Labors of Hercules.

Scorpio moon Aug 16- 18th is always the most intensely emotional and cathartic. Its all about the biggies sex money power control.

Deep soul excavation work can be done.

Aug 16 Moon conjuncts Chiron in Aries

Your moods and energy may be unusual and quirky very erratic and up and down as Moon opposes Uranus Rx in Taurus.

Moon sweetley sextiles Saturn in Capricorn and some serious goals can be met or old issues dealt with.

Moons squares Retro Mercury- but not for long now in PDT

Aug 17 in EDT and GMT

Ego power struggles. This can be used positively to expand your leadership your heart and will power. 

I have to go if you don’t see me posting that much its because i am so busy getting my daughter ready to go to University in Vancouver. 

It’s all my 22nd Wedding anniversary on the 17th so I will post something early tonight

blessings to you and hope you will hang in there with me


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12 Labors of Hercules

Museo Nazionale Romano di Palazzo Altemps Blue pencil.svg Wikidata: Q1816007 Ground floor Accession number Inv. 8642 Credit line Ludovisi Collection Source / Photographer Marie-Lan Nguyen (September 2009), Twelve Labours Altemps Inv8642, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Rare Super sextile psychic dream day

We don’t get days like this very often. Under a soft gentle compassionate dreamy PISCES moon. There are 4 magical sexy sextiles from the Moon and the two most romantic planets connect and a psychic spiritual conjunction too. It doesn’t get much better than this. We all deserve a break. It’s been intense this crucible of Chirotic energy, hasn’t it?

The PISCES Moon is Balsamic today going into its last phase before New moon.

You can get high without any help. 

  1. Moon sextiles serious realistic SATURN 

Magicing up reality.

2.VENUS in Sensuous earthy Taurus sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES

These two planets Venus is exalted in PISCES and NEPTUNE is VENUS’s HIgher octave and modern ruler of the sign.So romantic soul mates high psychic vibes 

Trust your intuition all day today. Pay attention to your dreams and daydreams and do so again on the 12th. 

You will have stars in your eyes and be wearing those rose colored glasses. In love with love and in love with the dreaminess of it all.

3. Pisces moon sextiles Mars conjuncts Neptune and sextiles VENUS

wow this is like quadruple PISCES energy

this is what its like to be dead. in the higher dimensions in a dream in La La Land,

everything is a projection. 

You may be sensing and feeling other dimensions. Be careful of gambling- Neptune rules debt and addictions. Be very careful of take drugs or any meds today as you are super sensitive. Also, beware of germs make sure you wash your hands.. Neptune rules Viruses. 

Our feelings create what we see. Law of attraction – notice what goes on today.

STAY as grounded as you can. I’d recommend using Hematite black quartz black tourmaline and any other heavy grounding stones. Tie rocks to your shoes if you must. 

You will be feeling super psychic and picking p all the crazy energy in the world it might be a good idea to stay home and protect yourself.

Good psychic boundaries are necessary. 

Be with your beloved and stay in Nirvana. 

Watch your dreams today and tomorrow. The Moon will remain in PISCES until Friday the 13th evening.  Lucid dreaming on high alert.

Don’t be superstitious its VENUS the Goddess day.

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Deep dark dreams and sexy sextiles

The SCORPIO Moon trines DREAMY Neptune in the wee hours in PDT & EDT

If you wake from intense sexual dreams or dreams of shadow Nazi’s chasing you be sure to write them down or record them for future reference.

Warrior Mars conjuncts the NORTH NODE in LEO @24 LEO 

Mars planetary ruler of SCORPIO and the Moon tonight may also appear in our dreamscapes in a sexual mode or when you are out partying late Saturday night. Do the right thing be a hero. We need to feel our desires and our will power guide us to be on our own hero/heroine’s journeys and not just role-playing.

JUPITER and SATURN join in a supportive sextile at 21+ degrees LIBRA/ SAGITTARIUS

The expansive planet and the restrictive one balance each other out nicely today. Play hard/ work hard. Also good for those with planets at 21 degrees ARIES and GEMINI.

Scorpio MOON sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN

Another very Scorpionic but nicer energy. Deep penetrating emotional and psychological insights are easily available. This aspect helps you to build plans for having dominion over your own self. Be careful how you use your power. 

Scorpio MOON trines CERES in CANCER @ 19+ degrees

This is a very fertile pregnant aspect. Literally good for becoming pregnant. Connecting with your mother or the mothering nurturing principle can come naturally and easily and brings  Soulful connections with those you love. Deeper intimacy is possible now.


JUNO with her animal familiar the peacock

Retrograde Mercury in his home sign with JUNO helps us to refocus on many threads and goals at once. The perfectionist self-critical aspect of Virgo may be re-examined in a totally different light. Go back to your goals and plans and pick up lost stitches. Review where communications break down occurred and where information got redirected.

JUNO in Capricorn is a feminine form of genius in the boardroom and in corporate structure. Juno in Capricorn is women who are all business and yet can easily multitask. This is about bringing practical feminine intuitive and relationship genius into your career goals.

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Leo Moon, Sun conjunct Angel Michael

Angel Michael, Aldebaran, Tara Greene


The Gemini Sun is currently conjunct with ANGEL STAR ALDEBARAN or St. Michael in the Constellation TAURUS in the East. One of the 4 Royal Stars of Persia from May 29-June 1st. 

I had a major encounter with this Amazing star a year ago while I was in Sedona. I went out at night to watch the star. It was about 3:00 am. Sedona has official dark skies, there are very few lights.  I stood out behind the house and focussed on the star. I swear a pool of waterfall of red starlight came down from the Red Star and fell in a pool on the ground in front of me. It was amazing. I have never seen anything like it before. This reminded me of how the ancients were able to commune with the Stars to get all of their mystical info directly. We can still do it now obviously too. 

St. Michael is very powerful and protective. Call in his energies now if you need them. He brandishes a big fiery sword and kills the dragon of ego and pride and the lower reptilia brain. 

The fiery LEO Moon sextiles JUPITER in the wee hours.

Dragon, Leo Moon Tara Greene

That should bring some lovely dreams of adventure, travels, dragons, and exotic new romance. On a higher level, you could be meeting with spiritual teachers. What did you dream last night?

LEO Moon makes two inconjuncts with Neptune in PISCES and later PLUTO in CAPRICORN. The Moon is the FINGER OF GOD or YOD, a 150-degree aspect, to these two transpersonal Planets. These two dichotomous energies need the positive, LEO energies of open-hearted courageousness, will power and positive energy to resolve all conflicts which seem insurmountable.
Bring up your inner LION or LIONESS today and roar from your heart. Make Roar not war.


May 30 Leo Moon square Mercury in TAURUS. Two stubborn fixed signs face off. Is the bull stronger than the Lion? Watch out for big ego swagger.

Persepolis, lion and bull, Tara Greene, fixed signs

May 30 The BIG Aspect is Planets MARS the warrior in GEMINI where the media is mightier than the sword, and URANUS in ARIES the leader of the revolution, hi-tech, and chaos, in a nice smooth sextile with each other.  Use your words to change the world into a better place.

Leo MOON is the symbol in the Tarot of STRENGTH #11 or #8 and of the court card of the PRINCE OF WANDS 

Leo, Prince of Wands, Tara Greene

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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International Women’s Day strike,Lysistrata

Moon trines Chiron in PISCES:

to highlight women’s spiritual wounds. They have been demolished totally by all patriarchal religions world-wide. Even the ancient Hindu religion which still reveres many Goddesses is very patriarchal.  Women need financial, physical, cultural, and spiritual equality and safety. 

The Goddess was all from the beginning before there was time. Only 5,000 years ago did the Patriarchal solar worshipping male god in the sky idea begin to demolished all traces of the triple Goddess. They replaced all of her myths with a male, they destroyed her sacred groves and temples, they built their own churches over Her sacred sites. They made women into chattel, barely able to contain a human soul. They raped and tortured women and the earth and continue to do so today. 

The resurgence of Harry POTTER magic, Game of Thrones dragons and all manner of mystical, magical, holistic, yoga, witches, tarot, astrology, is because it is tied to the Goddess, to the Divine Feminine.

The GODDESSES wholeness compassion and love are needed for us to survive this patriarchal insanity. It is not natural, it is suicidal, imbalanced and will kill everything. We are at the edge of the edge now. Only women will save the world. 


Women need to get their demands heard by the government. A massive strike world-wide today is the best and easiest way to show the men who run the world how necessary and important women are. I would add pull a LYSISTRATA on them too and refuse to have sex with men on I.W.D. 

Cancer moon squares MARS in ARIES

Xena- Venus transits TAra Greene astrology


YES Strike march, fight, be an AMAZON WARRIORESS. The warrior Goddess movement is huge.  Fight for your right to be free, take back the night, take back your self- respect. Honor the GODDESS within. 

Mon goes Void of course at 6:59 am PST 

Moon enters LEO at 8:45 am PST/ 11:45 am EST/ 4:45 pm GMT 


This is the TAROT CARD of STRENGTH #8 or 11 depending on which Tarot deck you use

Thoth Strength LUST -Tara Greene Tarot PSychic


Like the holy woman on the card, she commands the beast, the lower animal instincts through her passionate focus on her own womb filled with blood, The HOLY GRAIL. 

I love this card. Usually the woman holds the Lion’s jaws open and has an infinity sign over her head like the MAGICIAN.  Here’s a couple of other examples of Strength which I love.


STRENGTH tarot astrology Tara Greene


Here’s another variation on strength. LA FORCE

International Women's Day

I don’t know who to credit this image to, sorry

Have a great international women’s day. March strike, holler, invoke the Goddess. I will do a ritual here. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Sun joins NEPTUNE, annual wish morph event

The Sun conjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES today March 1. This is an annual event. 

Before we get to that there are the ARIES MOON cardinal cross energies to deal with which start early in the day and build. 

Many people are finding this energy to be very erratic and chaotic and affecting their tech like a Mercury retrograde would. I have been feeling very fiery myself. 

MAKE BIG WISHES TODAY at 6:4 4pm PST/ 9:44 pm EST/ March 2 @ 2:44 am GMT

Neptune and the Sun in PISCES is the most spiritual energy imaginable. The combo of the source of light and NEPTUNE, Pisces planetary ruler allows us to access otherwise unseen, metaphysical, dreamworld, shamanistic, mystical experiences.

Use this energy today to create bright dreams, soul visions, meditation, visualization and being able to shape-shift. Pisces is a chameleonlike energy, under this energy we can become shape-shifters, like shamans and witches who can morph into other forms. In Harry Potter they called wizards who could morph into animals like Regulus Black, who became a black dog, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew, an ANAMAGUS. Pisces is the sign of FAITH. Do you believe that this is possible? I know it is. 

Neptune rules Photography. I am finally taking this opportunity to show you a picture which i have had since September 2012 and finally publish it. I had been saving to post it before Stuart Wilde died in 2013. What am I waiting for?

The photograph was taken at the last Stuart Wilde public Workshop on labor day weekend in September 2012 in Henderson Nevada. Stuart Wilde was mainly doing hands on healings for about 800 people that weekend accompanied by his protege Khris Krepcik. 

 Later that night I sat with Khris Krepcik, and his Hooded Sage students and some of the powerful women healers that he and Stuart worked with outside on the patio of the hotel. We were standing in a protecting circle as Khris worked with one person after another so that the hotel management couldn’t see what was going on. I had witnessed Khris doing these healings at other times. As I can see energy I could see that his hands and parts of the patient’s  bodies would disappear and reappear in “the ALUNA” as Stuart and Khris referred to it. Multi-dimensional fractal code healing is what they call it. Then I was called into the circle and Khris and these women healers did some energy shifting and clearing on me.   Khris claimed that it was the women who really did the best healings. I remember that the moment he touched me and I instantly heated up to 140 degrees. I started sweating profusely. He said that i really knew how to raise the energy. He did some manipulations with his fingers over my body and told me I had “Tortoise wisdom, very ancient teachings.” He then handed me to three women who proceeded to further cleanse my energy field. I felt fantastic. 

We continued to sit around and talk and the atmosphere was very relaxed and casual.  Khris was there with his Irish girlfriend and then Wendy Datta a British woman who was also working with Stuart Wilde joined us on the patio. I had met Wendy earlier that day and had helped her with some minor tech issue she was having. Wendy has also worked with Stuart doing energy clearings on people. Stuart described her as an excellent Shamaness who worked in the Aluna.  Wendy is most well known for working with animals. 

Shamans can shape-shift at will. Wendy had been talking about a dog. Then she sneezed. I took this photo of her and at first thought it was too dark to see what was going on. But on further examination, Wendy is not wearing a mask. She is captured in an in-between state of being in the world and morphing into a dog. That is Khris and his girlfriend looking at their cell phone.

This is an actual unretouched photograph of WENDY as she is morphing into a dog.

shape shifting, morphing, Stuart Wilde, tara Greene




  Wendy Datta of Pegasus Healing 

“Wendy was taught by the late mystical author Stuart Wilde to “see” the codes via inner sight. The healing work referred to in pegasus-animal-healing.com the official website of Wendy Datta, was encouraged and inspired by him. Wendy was subsequently trained by Khris Krepcik, the etheric healer and metaphysical teacher to develop her own natural healing abilities, she can provide remote clearing from any physical distance.

“So what looks like a miraculous healing is in fact totally logical, it’s a simple rearrangement of of mathematical formulas.” – Stuart Wilde”

What do you think? The camera does not lie. I am glad I am finally putting this photo out to the world. I have others from the series where Wendy looks normal and then here she is morphing. She is an Animagus. 

What do you think? Have you ever seen anything like this?

Wendy Datta website: https://www.pegasus-animal-healing.com/about/

Stuart Wilde- from that weekend http://www.stuartwilde.com/2012/09/purple-light-vision/

Khris Krepcik The Hooded Sage – http://www.thehoodedsage.com/

How to become an animagus by J.K. Rowling  http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/1582201/how-to-become-an-animagus-according-to-jk-rowling

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Sagittarius Moon, truth, justice, optimism

The Women’s March is a great movement, and an advancement of the Divine Feminine taking back her power. We have not lived in ana era of balanced masculine and feminine energies for maybe thousands of years. The memories live in our cellular consciousness, though. We can access them through meditation.
We have to march every day, we have to demand our rights everyday, at work, in our relationships, in the culture, in what we buy, support, the way we live our lives. The way we raise our children, in the kind of world we want to live in. We are creating it now.
The Dalai Lana said “western women will change the world.” It’s up to us to be the leaders, the changers.
Women have always had the power to change society because they control 51% of the purchasing power in the world.
In Poland recently when a right-wing government tried to stop abortion, every woman in the country walked off work to protest.
If we do it together we can create those changes.
Do not support Patriarchal institutions which are embedded into the culture everywhere. This is a revolution being birthed. You are one of the mothers birthing it.

I got very sick last night. I have bronchitis now. I could hardly sleep because I couldn’t breathe. So I need to rest and to take care of myself. I have problems with my lungs because I was born so premature. Send your healing vibes to me please.

I feel totally stoned from this cold whatever it is. I wrote this article once then it disappeared.

Moon is in Sag today Jan 22-24

mood is optimistic, honest, easy going.

Moon sextiles Sun 

we are feeling happy and positive.

Moon squares Neptune in Pisces at night Pst/ Tomorrow in wee hours EST and GMT

Good for visualization, meditation, all creativity and dream work. Set your spiritual growth intention at high. program your dreams to experience Lucid Dreaming.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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