Inspirational card for November 8 Election Day

I thought that because it is so tense that I would just pick one card for today to inspire you. I know it will be a stressful day for millions of people. 

Remember it’s an Aquarius Moon which is good for being emotionally detached and thinking about what is good for everyone. The Moon does go VOID-Of-Course at 5:54 a.m  PST/ 8:54 am EST until 1:45 pm PST/ 4:45 pm EST. so there is 4.5 hours early in the day of a kind of disconnectedness.  Usually this means that things may not turn out well. The Moon symbolizes the people’s mood and when its Void making no aspects in between changing signs it can make people feel confused and isolated. 

Then the MOON enters PISCES  and brings in compassion, sensitivity, martyrdom, delusional projections and  foggy energies. 

Mars enters AQUARIUS @ 9:51 pm PDT; new revolutionary energies are blowing in the wind at that time. We are going into the Future. 

Inspirational card


Rider-Waite Deck Card of STRENGTH #8 

The symbol of Tarot Arcana #8 the number of infinity which floats above the Goddesses or Anima or soul’s head means that ALL TIME IS NOW. So choose wisely and carefully. The Astrology sign is LEO. On 11/8 I chose #8. In the Tarot 8 and 11 are interchangeable. 

STRENGTH, courage, daring, will power, leadership, vanity, ego, Royalty,  creativity, passion, selfishness, childishness, Lust, these are all LEO energies associated with this card. Be strong.

The very literal message is that the woman, tames the LION, the wild beast with the mane of hair! Trump has a LEO ascendant with macho Mars on it. 

The strength card symbolizes Kundalini energy as it is also associated with the snake, the primordial FEMININE symbol. A venomous green snake was found on an airplane yesterday in Mexico. In the Thoth Tarot, Strength is called LUST.  It shows the Whore of Babylon– I know I can hear the comments already- taming the 7 headed beast which symbolizes the chakras. A lot of this imagery is related to tantric sexuality and the kundalini fire released which must be controlled or the person burns out.  It is not blatantly sexual at all. Like the temples in India with the naked gods and goddess engaged in intercourse, all thoughts of lust and earthly pleasure must be overcome before any great spiritual strength is attained. The means of sexual union can be used to get there.

You can interpret it how you will. I predicted Hillary Clinton winning in my 2016 predictions and then a great darkness or confusion. I also predicted a civil war breaking out. The year is not over yet. 

Be safe. Be strong. Remember all of this exhausting journey is part of the Divine Plan. No matter who wins, the U.S. is set on a breakdown course and a civil war. Jade Helm in 2015 was a practice run for the military to prepare for civil unrest because of this election. I do believe Trump is working for Clinton and that this is a NWO takeover set up. 

The really even more serious issue is the TTP, the biggest enslavement model ever in the world. Sorry to be such an alarmist but you must read about it and act. Any corporation can sue any country for not allowing it to rape, plunder and pillage whatever it wants to its heart’s discontent plus sue the country if it dares try to stop its machinations or if they don’t make their expected profits. It’s already happened.  What is happening at the Dakota Access Pipeline is a mere appetizer to what is coming down the pipe. No pun intended. We must act to stop and block the TTP.  I don’t believe Trump can do this either. He merely opposes whatever Hillary says. 


When I was 12 years old I had one of the most startling and powerful Remote Viewing experiences. I was suddenly the fly on the wall in a huge boardroom with about 12 or 13 very strong looking older men sitting at a gigantic, very expensive ornately carved wooden oval table.  One of the men was saying. “Ok, so now you, Germany will be our enemy for awhile, we’ll fight you and then we will rebuild you. There’ll be a lot of killing and we’ll all make a lot of money. Then Russia will be our enemy for awhile. Then it will be our friend. Then Japan, same thing, enemy, we’ll win then we’ll help put you back together. Everyone gets a turn.” And they all laughed and held up crystal glasses and saluted and drank together. It was the most real thing I have ever experienced. I knew then, in 1963 that these were the big boys who ran the world and all the leaders of the apparent free world and that’s the way it was. I totally trust this as it was my experience. 

I hope you get some sleep. Be strong. You are deciding your future America. I leave you with a positive and a truly prophetic warning song by the genius poet Leonard Cohen, who should also win the Nobel Prize for Literature next year may he live so long.  Blessings 


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You Gotta Be- Des’ree 1999

The FUTURE by Leonard Cohen 1992

Last day, Mars into Aquarius

Well it’s almost finally over, I think everyone is so exhausted from watching this shoot out at the NOT O.K. Corral election in the U.S. 

Mercury inconjunct Uranus Nov 6/7

The FBI formally cleared Clinton again in the email scandal on the 6th. Uranus in Aries is FREEDOM, as Mercury was gearing up to exactly inconjunct Uranus.

Mercury Uranus inconjunct Tara Greene

from Deviant Art, don’t know who created this

 Expect messages and information to be quirky and unexpected. The planet of communications @ 22 degrees Scorpio touched close to the degree that MARS RETROGRADE turned Direct at on June28/29th, the 23rd degree.  Which Hillary was feeling she was getting. Old irritations and unfinished business with exes may pop up again. Tempers may be boiling over, the shadows cannot be contained. Expect a wildly chaotic last day of insults and people changing their minds about who to vote for.

Mercury inconjunct Uranus can produce some unexpected “notes from above.” 

Uranus symbolizes Higher consciousness, invention, pioneering, the Bigger picture. If we are very careful and watch what goes through our heads we may be able to tap into some incredible farseeing visions of the future with this energy. Don’t discard any strange insights that may pop into your head. 

 SUN PLUTO sextile @ the 15th MOST POWERFUL degree is the next major planetary aspect today. 

This is SOL and SOUL Power. What earthly heights does your soul really want to climb? Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes worldly power. Accessing that soul power in Scorpio, that intense obsessive “won’t quit till I get there”  energy , is what is required. We can see this operating as ruthlessness and hunger for power and control. You can use this energy to find your higher soul purpose or calling. 

The Light of the SUN in SCORPIO is source energy fueling your deepest passions and drives.  Capricorn was originally the Great Mother she is earth, GAIA ,she is governed by Saturn, reality, real physical 3D birth. She forms our bones. Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer, also the Mothering symbol, the waters of the womb, our pre-birth experience. Capricorn represents our physical birth into the world, she is called BINAH, on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, governed by SATURN the planet which rules Capricorn. Even though the world looks so bleak, we are also giving birth to a new world. 

ASTRONOMY- A huge CME a Coronal Mass Ejection Plasma Cloud left the sun on Nov 5th and will hit the earth on November 8th. It looks like this. 

CME Space Weather Nov. 8 Tara Greene

If these CME’s are strong enough they can knock out satellites. They do make me feel dizzy and very tired. My daughter gets headaches from them. If you have these symptoms just rest. Synchronicity or what? see link to Space weather below. 

VENUS in SAGITTARIUS Trines CERES in ARIES @ 24+ degrees

The fire, the passion, seeking the higher truth for the Great Mother, Gaia. I see this as the ongoing fight by Indigenous peoples to protect Mother Earth. If you have your sun or planets at 24 degrees + or – LEO this is a GRAND FIRE TRINE. Many Baby Boomers have Pluto in LEO here. They will be on the campaign trail fired up for Hillary. I know we think she is a liar but the aspect symbolizes a new beginning for women. 

What will you do to follow your truth to help the earth?

MARS will be at the 29th and most critical degree of Capricorn on the 7th/8th.

The force, the powers that be are moving every Plutocratic element they can to get what they want. They want Hillary. 

The Symbol for the 29th degree of Capricorn {30th degree} by John Sandbach

“A crystal made in a laboratory is buried in the ground. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: HAHAIAH (ha-HA-ee-YAH) Unconditional Love, Refuge, Shelter)

This degree combines the most sophisticated, elaborate and complicated ways of being and thinking with the simplest, most basic and earthly ones. There is always, though, a leaning toward the latter as taking precedence, with the former serving as supports and tools for them. This degree sees through much and is never seduced, deluded or confused by the complexities the human mind perpetrates. It has a way of finding everything useful, and of being able to cut through any confusion to the simple, real core of the soul’s purpose.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Blue morning glories growing up a tall trellis.” The roots of the morning glory are anchored in the ground, from whence they draw the sustenance needed to climb toward the sky. The morning glory cannot make this climb alone – it needs the support of the trellis. This degree is adept at finding the support it needs on this journey and knows that no outer support will be effective unless the inner support of belief in self is found first.

It is here to teach others that outer authorities can be fallible, can even betray us, potentially, but that the inner authority – the higher self – the holy ghost – is not fallible, for all time is happening at once, and our higher self is that part of our being that has already reached enlightenment. We need only attune ourselves to it, as the blue of the morning glory is attuned to the blue of the sky.

Like the crystal buried in the ground in the Omega Symbol, this degree brings light to the earth.

Pleiadian Symbol: The planning of an angelic city.

Azoth Symbol: When consumed, waters from a spring which comes from a deep cave are causing drinkers to maintain eternal youth.

Seed degree: Pisces 28.A shy poet in hiding. (Omega symbol). When we protect ourselves from the discordant energies of the world of humans, we are able to create more freely and to more easily find ways to positively influence the world in which we live as well as ground ourselves in it.

Fulfillment degree: Pisces 25.On top of a high hill, a circle of standing stones. (Omega Symbol). To return to all that is simple and basic brings a unity and clarity to life, that helps us to remain centered.” – beautiful 

MARS enters AQUARIUS Nov. 8th @ 9:51 pm PST until December 19th

The voting polls will be closed. But this symbolizes a new beginning and angry revolts from the election outcome.  There will be lots of “get your guns” response and rebelliousness. There may be shoot outs, mass civil unrest and even martial law in the U.S. Certain states may want to leave the Union. It is a dangerous explosive energy. 

Mars in Aquarius is freedom fighters, inventors, and inventions, higher consciousness, radicals, anarchists, revolutionaries, organizers.  If Trump wins many Americans will pack up and leave the U.S. for Canada. If Clinton wins, the Republicans will be armed to the teeth and hopping mad. They may try to blow up Hillary or some major US. monument and this could be by terrorists as well. There’ll be 6 weeks of this angry rebellion. I’ll write a bit more about Mars in Aquarius soon.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. 

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For what its worth, Buffalo Springfield 1967



Pluto turns Direct, Free Soul Astrology

PLUTO, Lord of the soul, the Underworld, wealth, and the riches of the depths moves forwards finally after being RETROGRADE since APRIL 18. We can step into harmonizing our soul and physical incarnation now. If you want to stop to tune into Pluto’s station: it’s at  8:01 am PDT/ 11:01 am EDT/3:01 pm GMT. 

Stationing at 14+ degrees Capricorn, Pluto is very powerful and is retriggering the CARDINAL CROSS degrees from 2015. PLUTO is directly opposite to the U.S. NATAL Sun at 13+ degrees CANCER and squaring the U.S. NATAL SATURN at 14 degrees of LIBRA and the Fixed STAR SIRIUS too.

Jupiter will conjunct the U.S. Natal Saturn in LIBRA during November 8th, crazy ELECTION DAY, exact on November 19th while it also squares the U.S. Natal Sun and squares Transiting Pluto too. “May you live in interesting times.” 

Since APRIL we have been journeying through PLUTO’s realm, Hades,with Persephone his Queen. Yes we have been living in HELL. In Pluto’s home we have been able to deal with the refuse, the unconscious contents, the soul’s recordings, the garbage heap, the lotus mud bottom, the shadows of Black Lives Matter or the No DAP, of the mass shootings, bombings, broken peace treaties, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders being shot down, the refugee crises, Syria, and all the other shit in the world. We have connected with ours and the world’s past traumas, dealt with our own darkness, and the collective’s,  and have licked our soul’s wounds, listened to our dreams and nightmares. Many clients have been reporting the feeling of being attacked in their dreams lately to me. This is all part of that journey.  

We have been waiting, fasting, endure a healing journey on an unconscious level.  Waiting for this miracle.

PLUTO with Cerberus the three-headed hound of the Underworld

Now at this turning, we come back to the Upper World with your souls more intact and more conscious of our true paths and our nature as infinite being of LIGHT and LOVE.  With today’s synchronous, powerful, positive, conjunction of the SUN’s LIGHT to purify and JUPITER’s energies of trust, faith and optimism, know that ALL will be well. Know that you are well. That everything is being transformed like ALCHEMY into GOLD. 


Celebrate PLUTO, celebrate your soul’s riches. Celebrate what has been recycled and composted in your soul’s journey. Remember no experience ever goes to waste. What has been worked on over the past 5 months will be strengthened and shown in broad daylight. Issues of women’s rights, the land’s, political abuses of power and control issues will be dealt with stronger than ever before. 

I am most certainly feeling this energy of my soul’s strength of purpose and my power since yesterday to be more powerfully embodied than I ever have in my entire life. Do you feel it too? 

This is such a super positive day the best of the year with PLUTO along for the ride in Apollo’s chariot. Zeus is throwing lightning bolts for fireworks and there are rainbow blessings appearing for the work the collective unconscious has done to heal itself on all levels. Celebrate your soul’s freedom. It’s a stoned soul picnic.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Historic Election Day 2012 Mercury Goes RETROGRADE-astrology predictions-ROMNEY

ON ELECTION DAY for the first time in US. history-EVER

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE November 6 @3:04 pm PST/ 6:04 pm EST

Mercury goes Retrograde during Election Day. Expect all kinds of ballot box snafus, recounts, etc and some might shady shenanigans to boot. BE watchful of Republican bullies stopping blacks, gays, the old the young from voting.

Just like in the 2000 election where Mercury was Retrograde and stationed Direct and look how that election turned out. Al Gore a Democrat was clearly elected and George Bush was manipulated by a jury into winning the election.

POLITICS have not been kosher my friends South of the 49th obviously since 2000 but the corporatization and homogenization and dumbing down of America for Corporate profit has been going on since Regan was elected with the Iran hostages.

Weeks before the election as Mercury slows down he is in what is called the “Storm” period. Mercury will be at 4 degrees 14 minutes of Sagittarius on ELECTION DAY. Sagittarius is the sign of foreigners, religious fanaticism, sign of the Law, in 2000 Mercury turned direct in LIBRA also the scales of “justice.”  So there will be lots of chaos and religious foment, perhaps another U.S. staged terrorist attack or war on Iran created to change the actual election.

It’s going to be crazy wild under the Uranus Pluto square and whoever gets elected almost doesn’t matter at this point.

As a long time Feminist though, I see Romney as a dangerous back step if he is elected. Whatever happens my hope is that the Revolution keeps going and takes down all the falsehoods and corporate institutions, which run the Presidency these days. The Presidency is just a title controlled by the Federal Reserve and huge military industrial institutions drug companies and multinationals. I wish the ordinary person would stop watching honey doo doo and wake up, but your intelligence has been purposefully erased by eaten microwaved food, fast food, GMO’d food. Romney works for MONSANTO.

Poor ordinary American person, your intelligence has been erased by fluoridated water, chemtrails, vaccinations, being told endlessly what to buy do and believe. You are formed in the image of the God’s of Hollywood’s dictates, by violence.

All intelligence speakers’ thinkers and philosophers have been silenced and removed from the public agora. The lowest common denominator is what rules. People according to Gurdjieff and OSHO you don’t even have a soul yet. You must earn one. I am starting to think that is true.


RETro Mercury @ 4 degrees Sagittarius in Mitt’s 7th house of  “others” square to his Mars in Pisces. His aggressive, chameleon like super religious fanaticism is not what communicates.

Mercury itself is Squared by CHIRON the Wounded Healer and Neptune.

Mercury in Sagittarius is THE TRUTH and only THE TRUTH, and Retrograde indicating that Anyone’s lies will get them in trouble. OR contrarily the Retrograde can be used to obfuscate matters, making it very difficult to discern what is real, from the illusion, the lies the smoke and mirrors show.  This is true for the overall day of the election. And who can tell what is real or fantasy these days?

Jupiter also RETROGRADE and the ruler of Sagittarius is at 14 degrees GEMINI is close to the Venus Sun eclipse on June 5/6 exactly 5 months before. MY sense is that WOMEN will change the outcome of the election and vote for OBAMA so they can preserve their freedom over their bodies.  Romney is such a religious fanatic and Jupiter rules religion and it is Retrograde. Not going forwards.

Unless the people choose to go backwards in time, in freedoms, in tolerance.  Mormons the religious right are crazy, believing in the rapture, Judgement Day, that only THEY will be saved. Talk about the “Chosen People” and they will back Israel so they can hasten Armageddon too. The Mormons and all the Christian fundamentalists are equal to Muslim Fundamentalists.

Jupiter and Mercury are in Mutual reception with each other, in the others’ ruling signs where they work well together but their specific roles become blurred and reversed. Communication mix ups, its Mitt -its Obama back and forth, its up and down.

URANUS And PLUTO the evolutionary forces of revolution are squared to Mitt’s Neptune is religious fanatic ideal and his illusions. the evolutionary forces of change need to tear down old structures, 

VENUS is on his Neptune, trining his Natal VENUS and his URANUS, which is expect the unexpected, and revolution from WOMEN.  Women will be the deciding factor in the election for ROMNEY.

SATURN planet of karma is at 3 degrees Scorpio making many aspects. Saturn is Squaring Mitt’s Retrograde natal Saturn the IC roots of his chart, the MC, his world standing, and is close to his CHIRON the wounded healer. Saturn his quincunx to Romney’s North Node indicating he is out of tune with the karmic forces at work.

Saturn {the devil} is also in sextile to his LILLITH- where he hates and fears women.

Saturn the devil is considered by that Patriarchal God fearing man in the sky group to be LILLITH’s mate. So Saturn is on Lillith’s side here.

The MOON representing the PEOPLE is in LEO and on Mitt’s natal RETROGRADE SATURN. The old devil himself. THE Moon is at the bottom of his chart conjunct his Pluto and opposite his MC and VENUS. Again this feels like a repeat karmic loss for his Natal Saturn Retrograde- his DAD lost too! AN unconscious repeat!

 The North Node has just crossed Mitt’s Jupiter Moon conjunction in SCORPIO. The north Node usually represents the popular line. Scorpio is death; rebirth, recycling and North node also squares Romney’s Mars in PISCES. People do not want religion to govern the state.

 Mars at 21 degrees Sagittarius is square to Romney’s Sun. That can put him in the action or kick his butt.

 NEPTUNE at 1 degree PISCES is exactly SQUARE to ROMNEY’S Ascendant Descendant. This means illusions, delusion, fantasy, unreal, smoke and mirrors, fog. This puts Romney’s image as unreal, unstable, psychopathic.

CHIRON the wounded Healer is exactly on Mitt’s Mars at 5 degrees Pisces. He gets a big kick in the balls. Which also kicks his Big Jupiter Moon in Scorpio in the balls too.

HIS direction leading up to the election will be seen as overly devouring, hungry for power and control, has nothing to do with any of his forked tongue, snake oil salesman pitch.

And last but not Least LILLITH will have the last word here, as she is crossing MITT’S North Node in GEMINI, directly opposite his SOUTH NODE in Sagittarius, opposite that Mercury Retrograde, and squaring Chiron, Neptune and his MARS.

Mitt’s male supremacy trip, that uber male posturing, hiding behind the lamb’s clothing of organized religion that will save you BS will land him in the hell that hath no fury like a woman spurned!

My hope is that LILLITH will enter every woman’s heart and SHE will rise up in the millions against this toxic wave of old white boy’s racist, separatist, supremacy power tripping BS once and for all.



2011 Ontario Provincial Elections – Beyond the bafflegab

2011 Provincial Elections – Beyond the bafflegab.

I was asked by Toronto City Post Magazines for my psychic intuitive take on the 4 main candidates for the upcoming Ontario Provincial elections. Describe their characters make some predictions is what I was asked to do in about 3 sentences.

I used the candidates birthdates to create their Birth charts which I use to tune in on an intuitive level and also to read each candidates characteristics, temperament, strength and weakness. Astrology also gives me the added edge of knowing how the current planetary transits will be Liking or unfavouriting each  candidate on Election Day.

My colleague Elaine Charal did the handwriting analyis. A face reader and a body language reader also prognosticated.

Interesting as an alternative take on what each one projects from four different viewpoints as ways of sizing someone up. There were many similarities in our analysis. 

Check it out.

If  you are interested in anyone’s character Analysis I would suggest using my Intuitive and Astrology Edge dectective work.