Astrology now June 11-17

I’m feeling intuitively that a lot of shit is about to go down This week. New moon in Gemini on the 13th. There’s a Star Gate opening on the new moon.

Where’s  that Moon?

June 11-12

Taurus Moon Mood starts  the  week off with a grounded, earthy, surety. We’re focussed on sensuality, keeping things stable,and enjoying the finer things in life.Indulge your senses. People will dig in their hoofs.

June 12-14 Moon in mutable Air sign Gemini brings a flirty fast talking sales ability. Deciding what you want is a problem.

Donald Trump and North Korea Leader KIM Jong-Un have a historic meet up to try to create a new  partnership between the free West and North and South Korea.  Donald Trump and KIM Jomg-Un have a strong karmic connection. Remember Trump said he would know withi a few minutes that he would sense if They can work together. They will.                                                                    New/ Dark Moon on the 13th @ 22 Gemini focuses on open minded communications and choices.  The Moon  inconjuncts Pluto indicates divisions between feelings and being empowered. New Moon is always about new intention setting and sitting in ceremony to receive from the dark void of the womb of all creativity.

June14-16 Moon in water element,  super sensitive, emotional Cancer in its home sign. These days are full of  mood swings, sentimental, family-oriented fuzzies and all about home, women, children, nourishment and  nurturing, our stomachs rule whenever the moon is in Cancer.

June 16-Moon in Leo till Fathers Day

Leo fire moon is where the drama happens, everyone feels they are entitled and the stars of the show. Leo is strong willed, passionate, childlike willful and heartfelt.

Show Dad how much you care on Fathers Day.

Big planet aspects this week for all signs

June 11 Gemini Sun quincunx Pluto

Divisive communications and power struggles. Some shit is gonna go down around those in power  behind the scenes.manybpriole are trying to ditch their info and change their backstories.

June 12 Mercury enters Cancer

Our heads and our hearts work as one. Mind and feelings United. This is great to feel with the mind and think with the emotional body or heart. Speak from your feelings.

June 13 New Moon

Mercury in Cancer  sextiles Uranus in Taurus

this is great for compassionate conversations with allow for totally mewc out of the norm  solutions. Uranus in Taurus is new lands radical resources and literally revolutions on land and boundaries.,Radical stubbornness can get nurturing support.. This is the Trump Kim Jong-Un new open border peace talks which will bring a radical new beginning and partnership. Trump will be hailed as a great hero. I know you’ll hate me for saying that.

Venus enters Leo  June 13/14

Women, money, values, relationships are dramatic, passionate, over the top. Love loud. Be proud. Women need to love themselves. Be the star of your own show. There is danger of vanity, huge ego battles, and demanding the prima Donna treatment. Gold values go up.

June 14/15

Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus

Uh oh. This is a new Fixed square energy. Those who are used to being in power get a rude awakening. The status quote is getting changed. Ego battles and struggles to hold onto power. The one who has the most power battles with entrenched values and resources. It’s Donakd Trumps birthday. This energy signature is a hallmark of his year ahead. Values are being radically altered in ways most people would not expect. Financial markets may crash or hit all time highs.

June 15/16 Mercury opposes Saturn in Capricorn

This is another power struggle between corporate powers-the Plutocracy and  patriots. The US is all about “mom and family values.”  Women are voicing their concerns against patriarchal values worldwide.

June 16  Mercury in Cancer quincunx Mars in Aquarius

A quincunx or  inconjunct is a difficult, irritating aspect. The two planets can’t relate or see each other literally. How can we expect to communicate? Mars is slowing down and is in its shadow period now before Retrograding June 26/27. Be open to nurturing radical ideas and innovation in  communications. Re-arrange your home. Renovate or redecorate with a fresh modern style. This is also good energy to change your diet or lifestyle radically.

Please share widely all writing is copyrght  by Tara Greene.

note: The transiting north Node marks the collectIve consciousness GPS. “True North” is a spiritual symbol of higher direction. If  Your Sun, Moon,Ascendent or any other planets or angles are aligned with these degrees right now you will feel the synchronicity.  The South Node opposite the North is inAquarius and Mars is conjunct the South Node now. If you have planets or angles connected to   6-10 degrees Aquarius with Mars on South Node is vey important right now. It’s a powerful time to release anger, energy, and defences with collective values. Let go of feelings Likecan outsider and a renegade and to step bravely into your own uniqueness and discover your tribe. Go with your  heart and will with courage symbolized by the Leo North Node.

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New Year’s Astrology Bliss,The Magician

What’s the New Year’s energy look like? What do the planets have in store? We are still at the tail end of the Capricorn New Moon’s energies which last for three days. A very slight waxing crescent Moon may be visible in the sky on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s day depending on where you are in the world. A nice symbol to have a brand new moon in a brand new Year.

The Moon is in airy AQUARIUS which indicates what the mood in the world will feel like. The moon governs the people’s mood, as well as women, especially mothers, and the feminine intuitive energies. The mood is cool, modern, detached, full of social media, we are seeking innovation, revolutionary change, fresh ideas, and the sense that we are all one, on the same level playing field. 

JUPITER in LIBRA inconjunct Chiron in PISCES very early in the wee hours of Dec 31

This may make for difficult decisions in who to invite to the party. Ignore your intuition at your own peril. 


this conjunction happens @ 10:53 pm PST and is the very first planetary aspect for 2017 @ 1:53 am EST/ 6:53 am GMT which we could see as the capture of what to expect in 2017.

MARS and NEPTUNE conjunct PISCES at 9+ degrees BLISS OUT!

This is a super romantic idealistic, merging of souls energy. This can feel very blissful. There is a longing to feel merged a soul mate, a guru, the ocean of Bliss, being at one with the cosmos in the universe. This energy enhances all psychic, telepathic energy. Don’t be freaked out if you feel the invisible walls of separation part like the red sea. This would be a wonderful meditative spiritual energy to ride into the New Year. Instead of partying and carrying on the best thing would be to meditate with friends or alone or online under an Aquarius Moon. 

This is a powerful energy for visualization, imagining what you want your 2017 to be like. This energy is also good for all creative forms of expression and it would be beneficial to do this on New Year’s day as well. 

2+0+1+7 = 1. We are starting a brand new 9-year cycle. 2016 was a #9 cycle The Hermit, it was a year of completion. I believe that is why so many famous people passed on in 2016. It would be good to finish up all of your 2016 issues and projects, but if you didn’t its OK as the Mercury Retrograde is in effect until Jan. 8 Use that first week of 2017 to really clean up all the old, that is what I will be doing.

THE MAGICIAN, the symbol of 2017

The Magician Tarot Astrology Tara Greene

Rider-Waite-Smith deck 

The energy of the Magician has been coming through to me very clearly in my meditations the last few days. Magic, witchcraft, Wiccan and pagan rituals and ceremonies are becoming hugely popular. The fastest growing spirituality/ lifetyle in America and the U.K. This is the year to really understand MAGIC. What it is, how to work it and to own it. You are a Magician, you create your own reality. Your magical wand can never be lost or stolen as it is your mind, and your consciousness itself. Magic is simply desire + intention which uses symbolic and physical elements such as crystals, herbs oils or candles, and astrology, the use of planetary hours to assist in the manifestation of you, the Magician’s desired reality. 

Magic is simply desire + will + intention which uses symbolic and physical elements such as crystals, herbs oils or candles, and astrology, the use of planetary hours to assist in the manifestation of you, the Magician’s desired reality. It is your natural ability and power as a human. 


The MAGICIAN is the planet Mercury, planet of communication, information, analysis and thinking. Mercury can be either Feminine, Quicksilver is silvery like the Moon, and also Masculine. Our brain has two halves, this is the dual aspects of Mercury/ The Magician. Mercury or HERMES in Roman mythology is a trickster, God of thieves and gamblers. We must be discerning that we are not fooling ourselves to believe what we want and also to be aware of other people’s mind games. 

Make magical intentions for your 2017 and the world. Do be very careful of what you imbibe and how much alcohol or drugs of any kind you intake on New Year’s as the MARS NEPTUNE energy can also be a recipe for a classic OD as you do not have grounded judgment. 

WATCH YOUR DRINKING and Drug intake very carefully

Mars/ Neptune is a dreamy off the deep end, spaced out energy. There may be many UFO sightings. You are wearing big Rose colored glasses and yes you may fall for the first person you desire. 

Be very careful to cut through the illusions.The recent media flurry about FAKE NEWS is also part of this Neptune energy which governs illusions, delusions, false gurus, false idols of all types, glamor, Hollywood, debt, self-undoing and martyrs. 

Further aspects: all easy.

AQUARIUS MOON sextiles URANUS recently direct, Dec 29

Let’s start the positive revolution NOW!


A very nice positive relationship Vibe. Meet with your tribe and those on the same balanced wavelength. We can change the world together, with balance, grace, with respect and listening to others points of view.

Moon sextiles Saturn in SAGITTARIUS 

Optimistic higher consciousness. Fire those arrows of intention to the loftiest heights. Trust wise mature teachers for guidance. Learn from past history.

Moon conjuncts VENUS in AQUARIUS

This is a clarion call for WOMEN to lead the revolution, to create, birth and nurture Feminine consciousness and values in the world using the tools of technology, and Be the change. The Goddess needs to be freed from Patriarchal oppression in every aspect of culture and organized religion. We all need to be free.  We begin to be, to embody the MAGIC as we create a new Aquarian balance of power and leadership that serves the greater good of the whole and which comes down from the Highest conscious awareness. This is a breakthrough time.  

We begin to be, to embody the MAGIC as we create a new Aquarian balance of power which serves the greater good of the whole and which comes down from the Highest conscious awareness. This is a breakthrough time.  

What will you create with your magical consciousness this year?




Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene


Magic by Coldplay

Magic by Pilot


Goddess Centered Capricorn New Moon 

New Moon in Capricorn 1:53 am EST/ 5:53 am GMT is conjunct Mercury Retrograde and we are rethinking, resting, reflecting, resifting through what happened in 2016. A lot! News that actress and mother of Carrie Fisher who just died yesterday  has also passed on just now is very sad but also is a symbol of he strength of the mother-child bond. 

Capricorn Full Moon Constellation Tara Greene

There’s that powerful cardinal T-square involving Jupiter in Libra, opposed to  Uranus conjunct  Ceres and Eris in Aries, although squaring Pluto in Capricorn, yes the fireworks have just begun.

Mars is conjunct Neptune and South  Node in Pisces impacting our need to let go of old karmic contracts now. 

Saturn the ruling planet of this Capricorn New Moon, which is a Feminine earth sign,  is conjunct Juno in Sagittarius @ 18 degrees Sagittarius.

A feminine genius is being brought into this Dark Moon phase as Saturn and JUNO trine with the AMAZONIAN tribe of  Uranus, Ceres, Eris conjunction.

Saturn sextiles Venus in Aquarius and sextiles Uranus + Ceres + Eris. It’s a good time to innovate.

 Venus trines  Jupiter in Libra 

That’s good for freeing up relationship have to’s and brings chaos into traditional love. Expect the unexpected hearts. 

Vesta, the goddess of focus and dedication to the heart-flame of purpose is in Leo and inconjunct this new moon. The work is on making sure your long term goals are dedicated to their task of guarding the Vestal heart flame. Vesta is investments, not just money to make more money but what are you are invested in in ever aspect? That is the major question. 

Use the three days of new moon to focus on your new beginnings for 2017. Remember that there was a full moon 4 years ago at this same degree in 2012, and 4 years before that.

  1. Plan where to put your energy. 
  2. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 
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Dreaming the Light

Aug 3    Moon inconjuncts Pluto early in the wee hours which can make you feel irritated and aggravated even in your sleep. The emotional and soul body need to be aligned. 

SUN inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

SUn inconjunct Neptune, art, Napoleon Brousseau

Golden Dreamer Painting by Napoleon Brousseau

The Sun in Leo illuminates everything. It is the Source and ruler of Leo. The Sun is the center of all life. The SUN live sin you too. This Inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces can throw light on the illusions projections and denial.

Sun inconjuncts Neptune throws light on our illusions, projections and addictions. This is good. In Photography, which Pisces rules,  Light is what exposes the negatives creating images on paper.  Ultimately we are all images, shadows of God of Creation,

This is a good thing. It’s a challenge to stop worshipping false gods, the traditional organized religions and others, consumerism, video game addiction, sex addiction, reality shows, eating, drugs, stoned addictions. Yoga worship, vegan addicts, escapism of all kinds.

This is like a Universal rehab cleanse and that’s a good thing.

Leo Moon hotly trine Uranus and Eris

This helps us loose the bonds that bind us.

Leo moon inconjuncts Chiron in Pisces

Our ego identity can sabotage real healing. A conversation earlier today with a friend about Chiron and she said “If we could really understand Chiron’s meaning.”  Be vulnerable, where your heart on your sleeve. We are all wounded by virtue of being alive on this planet. But we are Not our wounds essentially, We are the Light,

Moon conjuncts VENUS in LEO

leo goddess astrology Tara Greene

Penelope Cruz Goddess 

Love Goddess-honoring time tonight. Venus in Leo is super powerful, a lioness in command of her environment. She is big-hearted and defends her loved ones, keep close company with the other lionesses in the pride. Do honor the Goddesses in your life. So strut your stuff. You  are a  leader, show off a bit But don’t take your ego too seriously.  Do what makes you purr. That is the bottom line.

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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More of Napoleon Brousseau’s work

This painting available as prints.




LEO, Go for the Gold

The SUN enters fiery passionate noble Leo July 22 @ 2:30 am PDT/ 5:30 am EDT/ 9:30 am GMT. The Sun God, Apollo, rides his golden chariot into his own HOME sign, where he is happiest to shine the brightest. The Sun is a Star.

“Every man and every woman is a Star. “-Aleister Crowley from the Book of the Law 1904.  We need to realise our own star stuff in the cosmic circle. 

LEO is the 5th sign, the KING and Queen of BEASTS. Female Lions really rule their prides.  LEO rules the HEART, love affairs, children, creative self- expression, will power, pride, courage, EGO, DRAMA, actors, leaders, the ROYALS, luxury, gold and red, orange, yellow, excess, strength, Bohemians, Damascus, Syria, the stage, heart attacks, brokers, movie theatres, government, the spine, bright yellow stones citrine, yellow diamonds, sapphires.

While the Sun is in LEO it is a very good time for love and romance especially with MERCURY in LEO-we are thinking like a LION,until July 30 and VENUS in LEO, big dramatic heart centered, until August 5th.  

This is the time for  going for the Gold!  The Olympics begin in RIO during LEO times. How synchronous. 

The 5th sign is akin to the ancient 5th element which is SPIRIT,  always symbolized by the SUN.  Ancient Egyptians and many indigenous cultures, the Inka in Peru, still worship the Sun God as Inti.

For the Leo month 10 things to ROAR about.

1. SHINE YOUR LIGHT.  You are the source, shine your light for all to see. You are the main player, the director and the star of your own life. Be Proud of who you are.

2. DRAMA:  Be aware of all the dramas you create or allow into your life.  Why do you need them? What does it feed in you? You have the will to change it.

3. BE THE STAR. Act like you are someone you admire and want to be like. Get your courage up and really GO FOR IT. Take charge of your  life. You have the will. 

4. HEART CENTERED: Stay in your heart, be in love with the world, and with yourself. POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM. Treat yourself well, healthy pride based on positive self- esteem is good. 

5. EGO: It is important to have a healthy ego. The banishing, torturing and negating the ego in many spiritual and Christian teachings is a twisted Patriarchal shadow. We need our egos as they are our identity but they must not be what we identify with, or all ow the ego to run our consciousness. The ego is really the little, fearful, mortal ” I” acting like he is a king. The Emperorer’s New Clothes is a fairytale teaching story about not letting your ego control you. Keep you ego in check like you would a stubborn dog. In an Age of vanity and superficial Selfies you need to be aware of how your Higher Self, your Soul Star is your real identity. The more selfless the healthier. The more you give to others, the happier you will be.

6. PLAY – your inner child needs to play all the time. When is the last time your did finger-painting, or made sand castles?  I know the world is pretty heavy, but you can still take it lightly. 

7. CHILDREN: Do something nice for an underprivileged child, so many are denied the most basic of life’s necessities while we mainly live like King’s and Queen’s here in the West. Good time to focus on the question, Do i want to have a child? Be a parent? Why yes or no? 

8. GET CREATIVE- It’s our natural state. Our ancestors always painted, danced, sang.  Be Happy. 

9.  STAY POSITIVE, Practice positive thoughts and affirmations. Banish negative thoughts. Bring down the Light. You have the power in your response to everything that is thrown at you.

10. BE CONSCIOUS of everything you do. The LIGHT symbolizes clarity of consciousness. We were all originally made from LIGHT, we are the LIGHT. You are the source of your life. No one has any real authority or power over you.  Spread your light.  This BIG LIGHT Of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

LEO is the Card of STRENGTH in the TAROT #11 or #8 

The card of STRENGTH traditionally has a woman opening the jaws of a lion. She has a LEMNISCATE or INFINITY symbol hovering over her head. There are thousands of variations on this symbol. Sometimes it is #8 or #11. Too complicated to get into now.

The Card symbolizes the will over the beastial, lower animal nature, greed, survival, vanity, jealousy, and everything which LOWERS one’s consciousness.

That ability of the Feminine- the Soul, LOVE to control the lower animal nature is a mind/heart/spirit focus which is called KUNDALINI energy.  

The highest SOLAR consciousness is available to us at this time. The  SOLAR LOGOS as Theososphist Alice Bailey referred to it, is the highest Light Master teachings available the same as Buddha, Christ etc.  


President Obama, President Bill Clinton, Director James Cameron, Lucille Ball, Coco Chanel, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger


Amelia Earhart, Aldous Huxley, Stanley Kubrick, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Ford, Emily Bronte, Percy Schelley, Herman Melville, Andy Warhol, Alfred Hitchcock, Napoleon, Cecil B. Demille, Sri Aurobindo, Robert Graves, Madame Blavatsky,


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Critical Vesta, Lilith, dedication to the Goddess

There is some CRITICAL Cosmic DIVINE FEMININE energies we need to integrate NOW before we can move on.
VESTA Goddess, she who is devoted to the VIRGIN, meaning she is whole and complete unto herself, keeper of the sacred flame of spirit, passion, dedication and sexuality. The word inVESTment is part of her worship. How much has that word investment been shaped into only money and not spirituality.
Vesta/Hestia, Goddesses, tara Greene
We need to invest in ONESELF as the GODDESS.  Now at 29 degrees Taurus she is at the last, critical degree of the first Earth sign and is conjunct Fixed Star ALGOL or MEDUSA.
ALGOL traditionally is referred to as THE DEMON STAR, and has the worst reputation of all the Fixed Stars related to murders, poisons all manner of dire predictions historically. Algol also symbolizes Medusa the Gorgon in Greek mythology..
Before the Patriarchy, MEDUSA was the powerful queen of the Dark Moon. She ruled over sex death magic and all the original power that the Goddess had. She is the chrone aspect. She is wise, and she brings us to change, death, letting go to be reborn. originally she was a dreadlocks wearing, framed as snake haired, AMAZON warrioress from Libya who was a fierce foe. Her powers of “turning man into stone” was because she was so beautiful and fierce that she put fear and vulnerability into men, making them unable to react. She symbolize a women who cannot be tamed. Therefore the Patriarchy in their fear of a monstrous woman,  had to kill her.
Algol/Medusa/Saraswati, tara Greene psychic
She is also originally the star called Medha from which Medusa’s name derived, She is SARASWATI in India the one who brings culture language music science and the arts, She is one of the Trinity of Goddess with Lakshmi and Durga. see link below to listen to her Invocation and mantra. We need to reclaim the GODDESS’s original powers as positive, creative and necessary. We  in the last degree of the first earth sign.
29 TAUrus is also the location of the PLEIADES, the famed 7 sisters from which our ancestors came. They are also considered unfortunate in star lore. But we must override the new Patriarchal programming. The 7 sisters are beautiful Goddesses of LIGHT who protect and Guide us. Call upon them for help.
This is a wonderful time to Dedicate oneself to the EARTH, to the matter, Mother and be comfortable in your body, and in your material relationships with money and self-worth. All women had to serve as vestal virgins in ancient times. They were actually tantric sexual priestesses who embodied the Goddess and healed men who had been in wars.
Sit with a tree and ask its permission for you to release whatever toxic emotions are sapping your energy. Ask how you can be of service to yourself and the Goddess at his time. Ask to remember your time as a Vestal Virgin. Rededicate yourself now to the Goddess and to yourself being whole and complete. Make sure you touch the earth after or hug a tree in thanks and gratitude knowing that it will be.
VESTA will enter GEMINI May 16/17 and our focus will be more detached, airy, focussed on communicating clearly.
Lilith Tara Greene Horoscopes
Since late August 2015 Lilith has been attempting to create harmony, balance and peace and learn how to compromise in LIBRA.
Look back over this time period to see what you have learned about yourself in relationship to others. Lilith is always happier being alone than having to compromise. Have you faced your fears of being alone yet? If not as Lilith enters Scorpio May 20/21 she is much more at home in the Dark, in her own emotional power, in secret. Do not be afraid to be alone.
Reclaiming LILITH and the ALGOL/Medusa split we realise that they are all the same pattern and energy.
Reclaim the rejected, abused, denied, disempowered parts of yourself. As each woman wakes up and remothers herself, she Reclaims the denigrated, raped, dishonored part of not only her own personal story but also for the millions and millions of women throughout herstory and of the earth itself, for we are NOT separate. We are ONE.
The Great Mother in all of her aspects needs women to wake up now and to re-embody your Divine Feminine birthright. Men also contain parts of the Divine Feminine and they also need to heal the wound of cutting up and killing off their own feminine aspects and projecting that fear onto women and the earth.
This needs to  be womanifested ASAP we are in dire need.
all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

Love gets you higher, Astrology

SUN. MARCH 20 @ 10:44 am PDT/1:44 pm EDT/ 5:44 pm GMT 

Gorgeous Venus Neptune Conjunction at 10+ degrees PISCES brings you Super lovers, higher love.

sacred union.venus neptune astrology Tara Greene


it’s wonderful for everyone.  This aspect only happens every year and a half or so. It’s especially strong for those PISCES born Feb 28, 29 or March 1st you have this beautiful romantic ideal on your natal Sun. Or anyone with planets at 8-12 degrees Pisces and the other MUTABLE signs -Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Your inner and outer vision, your night and day dreams, your soul mate and ideal of love and beauty will be lit up with rainbows and unicorns and flashing lights and earth moving cosmic Bliss and orgasms and feelings of coming home to source.

But be careful and forewarned, this is also like getting struck with Cupid’s arrow and being in love with love. Falling for the projection of the ideal and not seeing what is really there in love and in all affairs- that Too good to be true- thing.

This is the ultimate SACRIFICIAL LAMB aspect as well. EASTER is just around the corner. PISCES is CHRIST’s symbol.  Be careful of too much sympathy, idealizing, and martyrdom. The unicorns and rainbows are all great but there is a huge shadow side to PISCES and this is where the real work of being able to experience a HIGHER LOVE reality comes from. 


This aspect is also pointing us to do our shadow work with love. The Light cannot fight the dark directly. The LIGHT of pure love can melt the fear, hardness,separation and defensiveness of the dark.  

There is so much projecting going on in the world. We can’t help but see it. Pisces is addictions, what are we addicted to most? As Eckhart Tolle and many spiritual masters have said as well, it is our identities and our egos which we are addicted to first. It is the me, me selfie, mine separation illusion.  It may be a time to be very honest with yourself and go to Rehab and get counselling.

Ask yourself what do I need to sacrifice to live my life from my PURE LOVE, from my HIGHER SELF, without EGO, to surrender to my higher calling? This is very important as we get hung up on our martyrdom and sadomasochism and other unconscious complexes, all in PISCES territory.


Check out where 10 degrees PISCES falls in your natal chart to see how these two planets activate and expand your telepathic, third eye, psychic energy and your ability to LUCID dream. SYNCHRONICITY will be very strong.  You may feel your pineal gland function to be buzzing.

GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS get the square to the conjunction at 10 degrees.

-Should we fall in love or…?

VIRGO gets the opposition with JUPITER opposite at 16 degrees VIRGO. This is very good but may be too much of a good thing, like a kid in a candy store with an uncontrollable sweet-tooth. Like the Good Ship Lollipop. You aren’t used to that.

CANCER and SCORPIO get the waterfall trine of love at 10 degrees of their signs. SIGH…. This play out differently if you are a cuddly nurturing Cancer who wants to comfort and make soups and babies or a fiercely sexual Scorpio who must have unending cosmic orgasms or else on their terms. 

TAURUS and CAPRICORN get sextiles- sounds pretty sexy to me. 

LEO and LIBRA get the inconjunct from this aspect, this is interesting as both signs are quite heart and relationship oriented. LEO you need to understand that as Carl Jung said there is only two emotions LOVE and FEAR.  If power is involved, which stems from fear,then that is NOT love.  

LIBRA- VENUS is your ruling Planet and here she is in the “sacred marriage” with her higher octave and you’re feel like your stylish nose is out of joint? Too hippie dippy for you? Too free form? You need to let go of your need to be needed in relationships and also to find out what you want not just what your “other” wants. 

We need to bring Heaven down to earth and luckily the Universe has it all at our backs.

The Moon enters VIRGO just before the Neptune Venus LOVE IN. This is a wonderful omen and sign. We all need to breathe in our common UNITY consciousness. Meditate on this day to feel the oneness with the waters.  On the 20th I would meditate on receiving enlightened consciousness, higher love for all the people, to create peace and Unity on the earth and with higher consciousness beings. Share the love. 

The Virgo grounded practical intelligent and humble lunar influence is repeated and strengthened as the MOON is opposed to Neptune and Venus on March 21 in the morning. This happens just as Mercury leaves Pisces at 8:19 pm EDT. The 21st is hugely positive earthy day.  I would see this as a two day ritual of calling down the Higher consciousness beings and then learning how to integrate this energy into your physical everyday fetch water carry wood, like the


The World #21 Tarot, Tara Greene

Sacred India Tarot The World with Yogini 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Give ME LOVE, Ed Sheeran 2012

Long conversation about art, consciousness, movies by Alejandro Jodorowsky

I am sharing this long interview with one of my favorite artists in the world. At 87 years old sharing this interview by Anthony Paletta for the

or read it here

An Eagle Fighting with Flies: An Interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky


A conversation about art, consciousness, the movie industry, and how to organize your life

Alejandro Jodorowsky, best known in the U.S. as a director, particularly for his psychedelic films El Topo and The Holy Mountain, has pursued a sixty-year career of astonishing variety. Born in Tocopilla, Chile, the son of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, his family moved to Santiago, Chile, where he met Pablo Neruda and Nicanor Parra and immersed himself in the city’s artistic community. In 1953, he moved to Paris, where he worked for Marcel Marceau and Maurice Chevalier, among others, before turning to filmmaking, a pursuit he continued in Mexico, where he attracted financial support from Allan Klein, John Lennon, and others. In the wake of Jodorowsky’s failed efforts to adapt Dune—the subject of a recent documentary—he took up writing comics and novels.

Most recently, Restless Books published Where the Bird Sings Best, a fantastical narrative of Jodorowsky’s ancestors, spanning from the expulsion of the Jews from Spain to his great-great-grandmother bedding Tsar Alexandar I of Russia; in June, it will publish Albina and the Dog-Men, in which an albino giantess with a taste for human flesh, a bearded lady, and a dwarf travel across rural Chile battling foes while searching for a magical cactus. Having turned eighty-seven in February, he’s currently at work on the second of a (hopeful) set of autobiographical films, Endless Poetry (following the first, The Dance of Reality, which was released in 2013). I recently spoke with him via Skype while he was at work editing Endless Poetry, which he filmed in Chile last summer and fall.
How is the movie coming along?

Well, it’s almost finished. The persons who see it, they’ve say it’s better than The Dance of Reality. They’ve say that and I am happy.

(I don’t speak English very well. I speak French, I speak Spanish, but I do what I can.)

This movie concerns the segment after The Dance of Reality—your time in Santiago, right?

Yes, I came to a street very far out of the city. It was a workers’ street, with thieves, criminals, drunkards, prostitutes. It was terrible! I discovered poetry there. I tell how I became poet and artist: That is history. How I fought with my father because my father believed only in business and I wanted to be an artist. My first love, my second love, and also the search for the meaning of life. Why do we live, no? Why do we need to die? Things like that.

Myself, I think movies are an art. I am not an industrial filmmaker. I understand a person’s needs to relax a little, have movies, have shows, have Superman. All those idiocies. But I believe in human beings—I really believe in that, after all these years. I think humanity is in danger now. The planet is in danger. We need to start to change the world. Not to change the world—it is impossible—but we need to start to change the world. To change the world we need to change ourselves. What will you do? I will give this richness, I will give everything I find to others—and that is art. Art is to show to others what they have, what they really have. Not to show to others, “You have an emotion, you drink something.” No.

The [film industry] created the star system, with a song to the ego. Myself, I think we have one ego, with an artificial pair of eyes created by the family, the culture, and the society. Then we have a real essence with a consciousness that is truly what we are. We need to go there to be what we really are. I don’t want to obey a lot of things. I want to be myself, like an artist. When I find this treasure inside of me I will show it to others. Everything I have others will have, that is what I am saying. I am searching for sublime. How you say in English, “sublime”?

That is what I am saying, sublime, sublimity—not about idiot feelings, ridiculous love. Love is something very important—it is not that that they are showing us. The stars are awful! Because it is the big ego exalted. We need to finish with that! It is not possible—it is an enormous industry that has made an invasion of all the world, the American movie industry. They are working for money, no? If a picture costs a lot of money, “Good!” If it makes a lot of money, then “it’s an Oscar!” All this history of price, you have a price and I fight for a price—why don’t I fight for the truth, why don’t I fight to make others better?

The fight in order to make a real art movie is enormous because everything is against that. It is an awakening of consciousness and all of the industry is against the awakening of consciousness. Then we are going to the end of the planet. We are going to the end of the world.

You returned to Tocopilla for the first time making The Dance of Reality. Had you been back to Santiago more recently? How was your experience there filming?

Santiago has changed because there is no poetry—every person is fighting to be a little United States, donc? They’re in business, and there is a big difference between rich and poor. Like all the world now. Poetry’s not there anymore. Only in young persons. The problem is the industry of books doesn’t want poetry because they don’t sell books—they are not a big success. Poetry is not a bestseller so then they cannot publish. A big bestseller of poetry is six hundred no more. But in my time to be poet was like being a doctor or being an architect. You were a professional. You were a poet!

Even drunks were reciting Neruda and Parra in Chile back then?

Neruda was very intelligent; he was a big poet, but he realized he could find an enormous public and he became a communist. He became a communist, and he lost his poetry but he became famous in the country and in the world. He did what he needed to do. But I say to you, an eagle doesn’t fight flies. When enormously famous, the eagle starts to dance with the flies, and then he became a clown. He became a big businessman like Spielberg! The cineaste Spielberg, he has a lot of talent, really, but what he did with that? A big, big business. Now he’s an eagle who dances with flies!

Now Parra was my master. When Neruda was a poet, a romantic Communist, he was the anti-poet. He made real poetry, he was very funny. He was my master. I love him like a poet. When I was shooting Poésie Sans Fin, he had a hundred years. I went to see him. He is a hundred and one, cien. He is alive and very intelligent as always—only working a little bit with difficulty. But he is a human being, and I was speaking with him. In my picture, I play myself sometimes as an old man of a hundred years. I went to see him and I said, “What can a man of a hundred years say to me?”
To get old is not a humiliation. You lose your money, your sexual glory. Your search for money, your search for sex. You lose everything and you become a butterfly of light.
I put that in my picture, his message.

After this you still have Paris and Mexico to cover—your next films?

I make a series of pictures. There was The Dance of Reality and this is Endless Poetry. I will make Poésie Sans Fin in Paris—all my relations with panic and surrealism and mime and things like that. I will make number four in Mexico. And if I am alive, number five will be my love history with my wife. Because I met her when I was seventy-four and now eleven years we are together. She has forty-five years less than me, and then I will die. She will be a widow for forty-five years and we want to tell that history—how you can love when you know you will die before?

You draw upon a number of traditions in your books, in your films, and in your graphic novels, like puppetry, and circuses from your own familial history. Do you feel that some of these traditions are more alive than others or have others sort of reached a limit?

Our civilization in the twentieth century would make only one thing. A telephone was a telephone. And now it is this [holds up iPhone]. What is this? it is a telephone, a television, a radio, everything. Calculation, numbers, messages, writing. Vibration, BZZZZZZ. If I get excited, I will masturbate with the telephone! You can do anything. Later, you have mobile telephone like a phallus, like a penis. Masturbate the telephone while you are speaking! It is a lot of things. In the twenty-first century, it is a lot of things together and the brain is that. The brain is not a telephone, the brain is an iPad. This is the brain [holds up iPhone].

For me, a comic is big art like a picture. A picture is big art like a painting, like a dance. It’s different. I do everything myself. Now I am making Endless Poetry like a picture. I am “shooting” Son of El Topo now, but drawing it in a comic! Then I work like a director. This year will come Son of El Topo in July, the picture I always wanted to do—the continuation of El Topo, but I do it now as a comic, because I don’t have the big money.

In an interview, you once said, “Movies are movement, a comic is immobility.” That might have been a translation of your comment, but did that make sense?

Mobility of the eyes—the eyes look, but not the mind. In a picture, they give you all of the movement they need to give to you, then you receive the movement, and you do nothing. But the mind goes with the picture. In the comic—immobile images—no? But you move the image, in your mind you move the image.

I guess my question is, is writing a graphic novel different from writing a novel or a movie?

It is different. Every time is different because you know I work alone. When I make a comic, I work with the artist who makes the drawings and the colors, and the editor who will pay us to do that. We are three persons only. We can be more. I made The Incal with three persons: myself, the big genius who was Moebuis, and… comme-ce? Humanoids. When I am making Son of El Topo, it is me and Jose Ladronn, a Mexican artist, who is a genius. We two are doing that with an editor.

When I make a picture, it’s an army: hundreds and hundreds of people who are working in a picture. When I am shooting, I am making the picture, the music, the decor, the costumes, the editing. It’s enormous. It’s like you make a child—it’s almost nine months working every day. When you are writing, you are working alone. Only you. Poetry is only you. When you are painting also. When I was directing theatre, it was the most difficult art because you work with actors. You create the show. When the show opens, you lose the play and the actors take the play and you don’t exist any more. And when the show is over you don’t exist any more!

Every art has another place, another forum. It’s not the same, but it’s a marvelous adventure. Every art develops another sense in you. The brain is enormous, you can do everything. Not only one thing. Also I make therapy. Psychomagic. Psychomagic is a new kind of therapy. I also do tarot, which is a kind of spiritual search. I make a lot of things. I work with the public to liberate the consciousness because the consciousness is perfect in every brain. Consciousness is the same. It is a fantastic brain with limits. The country makes limits, society makes limits, family makes limits, history make limits. You need to [explosion gesture] to take out the limits in order to get the freedom of your consciousness. That you need to do, to be free in the mind.

Americans are unfamiliar with psychomagic or psychoshamanism, particularly as an influence on your own work. Could you speak about that a bit?

Listen, how old you are?

I’m thirty-two.

I had a son of twenty-four who died of an overdose, who died at a party. They gave him, I don’t know what drug, but he died. It was a very big crisis for me. For ten years, I stopped making art because I said, “Why am I making art?” I would give all of my art for only one year of the life of my child. The life of a human being, of a child or your son, or of your father, or of the person you love is greater than anything you have. If life is bigger than art, why am I making art? Then I said, “I am not making art to give fun to people—I am not a clown, I am not a businessman making money. I am a human being. I am making art to heal myself; that is what i am doing and when I will heal myself, then I will start to heal others.”

For me art is to heal, to take out all the illness that you have because it’s impossible to get through. Truth is to be. The universe is so incredibly enormous. In the universe, there is a sun who is, I don’t know, ten million times bigger than our sun. How can you know the truth of the universe? But we can know what thing: what is beautiful. Beauty. We can come to it with a beautiful life. That is happiness. We can live and die with happiness. That is the mission of art. To teach to you how you can love yourself. That is art, and that is to heal.

The big illness of the world is ugliness. War is ugly. Political campaigns are ugly. Horrible. Awful campaigns. I am ashamed to see the politicians who fight like that, that horrible way. Like big clowns, horrible, imbecilic clowns fighting to be president. What will they do when this clown is president? Ugliness. The Hollywood pictures are ugly because they are not helping to heal the ugliness. They are helping to make idiot consumers, which is ugly.

Did you know I didn’t make a picture for twenty-two, twenty-three years because no producer wanted to give me money to make a picture? I economized for twenty-two years; I have two million dollars. I will take one million and make a picture. I will find two persons to give me one million dollars each to lose the money. I don’t want to make a picture to earn money, I will make a picture to lose money. I will lose the money! La Dansa de Realidad? I lose money because the cinema is full of thieves. Every person takes the money for themselves. The distributors, the owners of theaters. Every person is cheating you of the money. And then you, the artist, you make the product but you have nothing. That is the story.

Then I take the second million dollars I have and put in Endless Poetry. I will lose that money. I am happy to lose it, because I want to be the happiness—to help the world, to show the young person they can do whatever they want. It is a loss to want money for art. If God gives you sugar, you open the mouth—if my picture makes money, I will agree, because I will make more pictures. But I do not make pictures to make money. This is a creative position. Pictures are an art.

What do you want to know now?

Lately your work has been exploring your past, like in Where the Bird Sings Best…

I write it. It’s history. Metagenealogy. All my family. I discovered all this enormous adventure. It’s an enormous adventure. Enormous.

Like Tsar Alexander?

Yes, my name is Alexander, but Jewish. Not the Tsar Alexander, but from Alexander Magno, who was the old conqueror, who was very good with the Jews. They say in order to make you immortal, you will take your name and will give it to your descendant. They will call you Alejandro, the descendant. Alexander is a different sort of human being. Alejandro is andro—humanity. Ale is health—health to humanity, that is the meaning of Alejandro in Greek. I help the humanity. For that, I have this idea. Because my name is Alejandro. What can I do? A name is an influence on you.

So you’ve been turning your own past into myth. You seem to give your father a redemptive story that wasn’t in The Dance of Reality, I guess these more fantastical elements. The past—you can change this story in your head, if you could speak to that?

Listen, when you’re an artist, you do what you need to do and then you die. You go no farther. Maybe there is another life. Who knows? Maybe there is something. Who knows? When you are my age, because in three more years I will be ninety years old. When you are living for this space of time, you realize—the majority of my friends have died. Eighty, eighty-five, sixty. The person dies. And then you say, “Okay, what do you want? Why am I here? Why was I born with an artistic talent?” Because you can be a big footballer, you can be a genius businessman, be a big anything. All of us we have talent, but we are different. Myself, I have artistical talent. When I was four years old, I started with art. I am here in order to give to the world something, to help the world. To help to make the world spiritually more rich. That is my mission. I need to be here to help develop a spiritually liberative consciousness. If I have persons who follow that—good! But if nobody listens to me—good!

The triumph is not an Oscar—the goal is not a price. The goal is to do what you need to do and to die happy because you did what you needed to do. I am doing what I need to do. I am honest when I do an interview, because I say exactly what I think. I don’t say things in order to sell my books or to sell my pictures. Yes, I make promotions, but I make a good promotion because I am honest. I am not lying to you. I don’t know you. I don’t know where you will put that. How you will translate that, I don’t know. But I try to be honest. Not to be deceitful like the moviemakers. Not the artists, the producers—they are enemies of the art. They are terrible. We need the young persons to start to create their own way to make pictures, not to go to the theaters.

I was happy that they showed The Holy Mountain in the cemetery of Los Angeles at the grave of Rudolph Valentino. One thousand persons were there. That’s the thing. We need to escape the commercial ways in order to do something. Not for Oscars. Not for dollars. You need to do that in order to die happy. That idiocy.

That sounds great.

It’s true. I feel like that and I am doing that. With Endless Poetry, I will make another way to show the picture. I will not show the picture in the common way. If only ten persons see my picture, ten persons will see my picture. But if ten million see my picture, I will be happy also. It is the same. One person or ten million person is the same.

One more question. When is your next picture coming out?

Endless Poetry will go out in June. We will try to go out in the Cannes film festival. In Europe, in France, a picture can’t go into the world if they don’t show in Cannes. They show in Cannes! Then I have distribution with the best distributor, who loves my picture. And he’s very enthusiastic, he wants to show the picture. But I will open the picture the tenth of June in the Museo de Louvre.

I think that pictures are good for museums. That is the place I want to show my pictures. In the museum. Not because it’s serious, not because it’s famous, but because it’s art. And a good place for them is the museum. Why not! You show a painting, why not a picture? When you have a dream you need to dream something impossible—and then do it. You need to do what is impossible. I thought, “my next big picture I will show in the big museum of France,” and it happened. It was possible! You find where you want. And then you will open in a different way. We need to make things we never did. When you are depressed, change. Do something you never did, something new in another way. Yes?


I don’t know whether what I am saying is good. Maybe what I say when you write in your newspaper will make enemies.

Oh no I hope not.

I am happy you have my books and my comics. I am very happy because when I started to publish, I published in Spanish, but now they even publish me in Japanese, in a lot of languages. I had that dream when I was your age, and it took a long time. I needed to wait something like fifty years to make my dream, but I continue it. When I have a failure, I say, “Failure doesn’t exist.” You change the way, that is all. You cannot make a picture in the movies you make a comic. Then I started making comics, The Incal, all of that, what I cannot do in pictures.

Last question and we say goodbye.

Where you are? In New York?

I’m in New York. I… don’t have a last question.

Listen, what is your goal in life?

I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

But we are waiting!

I’m a writer right now? I think about this often, but I don’t quite know.

If you are a writer, what are you writing?

I write about culture some, I write about architecture often, I do a few different things. I’m …figuring out what I want to do most.

You know, in order to do something, you need to organize your time. It is very easy to do—you organize your time. You say, “One hour a day you will write. From this hour to this hour, I will write that. And even if I don’t have idea, one hour I write. Even a line. Even three words. But I write. Every day I write.” You organize your time and then you do whatever you want. You take your time like your friend and you don’t lose your friend. Because your time is your life and then you organize your life. I do that, everyday I do that.

When I finish with you now, I will start to write my new comic. It is a comic book about alchemy in the French Revolution. I will write that because I need to do that. Before I be with you, from 4PM to 8:30, I worked on the colors of my new picture. Post-production of the colors it is a big work, to pour the colors you want, like a painting. Then I run in a car, rented—very cheap because it is electrical—and I came to my house to make the interview with you. Then I will continue into the night to make comic. When I finish with my work, I will see a comic picture. You know what I will see?


You will not believe! Zoolander 2! I laugh a lot with these guys. It is so funny! I laugh and I contract myself. It is contrary to what I ever would do because it is big business! But is so fantastic!

Tomorrow morning, I wake at ten in the morning, not before, and I make fifteen tweets, because I have tweets, which is an art form for me. Every day I send fifteen tweets. I have a million and two hundred thousand followers now. Speaking about art, philosophy, therapy, only that. No personal issues. Only creation, poetical creation. It’s an art. I am giving an art. It’s a creation. Every day I do that. Why? Because I want to help humanity. Only for that. Nothing more. Organize your time and you are happy.
This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

Billionaire’s wishes, Daily Inspiration by Tara Greene

This is a very auspicious day to for all signs to make BIG, BIG BILLIONAIRE’s Wishes.

Remember the Cancer Moon trines Venus and NEPTUNE in PISCES if you have planets at 8-12 degrees of WATER signs- Scorpio, You get romantic spiritual blessings with a GRAND WATER TRINE. 

JUPITER is TRINING PLUTO at 17 degrees EARTH, if you have planets at 15-19 degrees CAPRICORN you get a Grand Earth Trine.  The Billionaire’s transit. Make the most of it and ground those dreams. 

PLEASE share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene, I am working on the Spring Equinox article and next weeks LUNAR ECLIPSE in LIBRA. 

Inspirational Daily Card March 16

Initiating the BONEFIRE TAROT by Gabrielle West today.


I want to be a Billionaire -Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars 

How to make magic, wish fulfilling gems

March 10 How are you feeling POST ECLIPSE?

I know many of you will be feeling the pain of the SUN CHIRON conjunction in Pisces which I wrote about yesterday. Vulnerability is compassionate.

“JUSTIN FEVER” in in Washington D.C. 

Our new, young, hip, tattooed, handsome, Feminist promoting, Liberal Prime Minster, yet another Justin from Canada, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, is virtually Canadian royalty. He is on his first State visit to the U.S. and arrived in Washington March 9 with his lovely wife and three adorable children where he will be given a state dinner by President Obama. Big party in Washington, with music by Toronto’s The Weeknd and very Canadian food served, think duck poutine, maple syrup and Canadian rye whiskey. 

Canada and our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is the total antithesis to Donald Trump and is much more like Bernie Sanders in his “socialist” outlook. We don’t think of it as socialism we think it’s a country duty to care for its citizens. We have has social medicine for over 50 years,  all citizens get a pension from the government. We just welcomed 25,ooo Syrian refugees. Mothers get a year of paid child care leave. Canada used to subsidize University education. It has gotten more expensive but is about 1/4 of what Americans pay to go to a top university. One of the provinces, Ontario, just announced free University tuition to any Canadian student whose family earns less than $50,000 a year. Yes we pay higher taxes but we grumble but we also feel good about it. 

I believe the synchronicity of Trudeau’s visit will further help Bernie Sanders in his climb to the top. 

Mercury in Pisces conjuncts NEPTUNE @ 10:01 pm PST/ March 11 1:01 am EST 


Do create strong intentions with your dreams.  State: I will be awake, in my dreams, I will remember my dreams. Be conscious of what you are thinking in the day-dream. All thoughts are amplified in the PISCES energy.  Draw out your dreams, create a dream board, write out what you wish.


Write a thank you letter of Gratitude to the Universe thanking it for the way you already feel about your fantastically beautiful relationship with your Beloved,

or your resilient perfect health, or beautiful children  or great life, or however you would feel if you were totally happy and affirm that as your reality RIGHT NOW, in the moment. 

All time is now so you affirming that feeling, that emotion now from your heart and BEING that joyful is what attracts that reality to you. You still have to work to make it happen but that is part of the “Law of attraction.”

The Wish Fulfilling Gems 

Pagans, witches, occultists, Kabbalistic, Buddhists, magicians and Hindu’s also use planetary hours, sigils, prayers, mantras, recite the 72 names of God, or recite Tibetan Buddhist mantras as means of making their wishes come true, by creating wish-fulfilling gems.

The wish-fulfilling gem is like Aladdin’s Lamp, or the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, it is one manifestation of these planetary energies . Plus VENUS enters PISCES March 12. 

This is an image of the Tibetan Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion Chrezig

– the two hands at his heart hold a wish-fulfilling gem. The right hand holds a rosary, a reminder to say his mantra – OM MANI PADME HUM – and the left hand holds a lotus, a symbol of purity.

Chnrezig, Buddha of compassion, Tara Greene

Chenrezig 4 armed Buddha Of compassion

“Every person whose heart is moved by love and compassion, who deeply and sincerely acts for the benefit of others without concern for fame, profit, social position, or recognition expresses the activity of Chenrezig.”

The Patron of Tibetan Buddhism, Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara is the earthly manifestation of the self born, eternal Buddha, Amitabha. He guards this world in the interval between the historical Sakyamuni Buddha, and the next Buddha of the Future Maitreya. The Chenrezig is compassionate to all beings. The idea is to act like an enlightened being. In popular language, “fake it till you make it.” and you will become one.  For Buddhists, the ultimate goal of spiritual practice is to awaken to ones own true nature, which is the nature of a fully enlightened Buddha.”

In the Kabbalah the Jewish tradition is to recite the 72 Holy names of G#d which act like a tuning fork into higher dimensions. see link below 

72 names of God, magic

The Chinese Buddhists worship a Bhodissatva as Kwan Yin the embodiment of compassion. 

Qwan Yin, Tara Greene

The Goddess Kwan Yin pouring out blessings, She is the pearl of wisdom herself. 

MAGIC is merely willing what you want, shape-shifting, using energy. Shamans do this. Imagine what your heart desires. Your desire must always be positive and harm none. That means there is never any manipulating anyone or anything against their will. 

Stay positive, think positive, speak positive, be compassionate to others, live from an open heart. That is how you become a wish-fulfilling gem 

Please share widely , all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. 

Get a compassionate reading with Tara 

I am happy to announce I am now a member of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. I have been tested and rank at #12 in the world for Lightworkers 2016. I am very happy and honored to be amongst the very best top ethical psychics. I got the word the day of the Pisces Solar eclipse.

72 names of God and now to pronounce them