Critical Vesta, Lilith, dedication to the Goddess

There is some CRITICAL Cosmic DIVINE FEMININE energies we need to integrate NOW before we can move on.
VESTA Goddess, she who is devoted to the VIRGIN, meaning she is whole and complete unto herself, keeper of the sacred flame of spirit, passion, dedication and sexuality. The word inVESTment is part of her worship. How much has that word investment been shaped into only money and not spirituality.
Vesta/Hestia, Goddesses, tara Greene
We need to invest in ONESELF as the GODDESS.  Now at 29 degrees Taurus she is at the last, critical degree of the first Earth sign and is conjunct Fixed Star ALGOL or MEDUSA.
ALGOL traditionally is referred to as THE DEMON STAR, and has the worst reputation of all the Fixed Stars related to murders, poisons all manner of dire predictions historically. Algol also symbolizes Medusa the Gorgon in Greek mythology..
Before the Patriarchy, MEDUSA was the powerful queen of the Dark Moon. She ruled over sex death magic and all the original power that the Goddess had. She is the chrone aspect. She is wise, and she brings us to change, death, letting go to be reborn. originally she was a dreadlocks wearing, framed as snake haired, AMAZON warrioress from Libya who was a fierce foe. Her powers of “turning man into stone” was because she was so beautiful and fierce that she put fear and vulnerability into men, making them unable to react. She symbolize a women who cannot be tamed. Therefore the Patriarchy in their fear of a monstrous woman,  had to kill her.
Algol/Medusa/Saraswati, tara Greene psychic
She is also originally the star called Medha from which Medusa’s name derived, She is SARASWATI in India the one who brings culture language music science and the arts, She is one of the Trinity of Goddess with Lakshmi and Durga. see link below to listen to her Invocation and mantra. We need to reclaim the GODDESS’s original powers as positive, creative and necessary. We  in the last degree of the first earth sign.
29 TAUrus is also the location of the PLEIADES, the famed 7 sisters from which our ancestors came. They are also considered unfortunate in star lore. But we must override the new Patriarchal programming. The 7 sisters are beautiful Goddesses of LIGHT who protect and Guide us. Call upon them for help.
This is a wonderful time to Dedicate oneself to the EARTH, to the matter, Mother and be comfortable in your body, and in your material relationships with money and self-worth. All women had to serve as vestal virgins in ancient times. They were actually tantric sexual priestesses who embodied the Goddess and healed men who had been in wars.
Sit with a tree and ask its permission for you to release whatever toxic emotions are sapping your energy. Ask how you can be of service to yourself and the Goddess at his time. Ask to remember your time as a Vestal Virgin. Rededicate yourself now to the Goddess and to yourself being whole and complete. Make sure you touch the earth after or hug a tree in thanks and gratitude knowing that it will be.
VESTA will enter GEMINI May 16/17 and our focus will be more detached, airy, focussed on communicating clearly.
Lilith Tara Greene Horoscopes
Since late August 2015 Lilith has been attempting to create harmony, balance and peace and learn how to compromise in LIBRA.
Look back over this time period to see what you have learned about yourself in relationship to others. Lilith is always happier being alone than having to compromise. Have you faced your fears of being alone yet? If not as Lilith enters Scorpio May 20/21 she is much more at home in the Dark, in her own emotional power, in secret. Do not be afraid to be alone.
Reclaiming LILITH and the ALGOL/Medusa split we realise that they are all the same pattern and energy.
Reclaim the rejected, abused, denied, disempowered parts of yourself. As each woman wakes up and remothers herself, she Reclaims the denigrated, raped, dishonored part of not only her own personal story but also for the millions and millions of women throughout herstory and of the earth itself, for we are NOT separate. We are ONE.
The Great Mother in all of her aspects needs women to wake up now and to re-embody your Divine Feminine birthright. Men also contain parts of the Divine Feminine and they also need to heal the wound of cutting up and killing off their own feminine aspects and projecting that fear onto women and the earth.
This needs to  be womanifested ASAP we are in dire need.
all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

Healing the sex /love war, Astrology, Mothers day, Tara Greene


Introduced by a Serious SUN SATURN opposition- a once a year event on May 10. Saturn is RETROGRADE 20 degrees Taurus/Scorpio.

If your birthday is today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONO of U2, my friend Sissel in Norway another friend Steve in Toronto etc. or NOVEMBER 13 SCORPIO’s

You will have on helluva serious karmic turning point this year. Whatever you started 7, 14, 21, 28 years ago has run its course.


LIBRA mOOn trines Mercury in GEMINI in the wee hours EDT for some nice info filled dreams.

Weird dreams, you know those naked dreams where you are embarrassed literally, bare assed- as Moon quincunx’s Neptune in PISCES also middle of the night.

VENUS opposes MARS at 5:27  am at 9 degrees+ ARIES/ LIBRA

card of the day



VENUS is in MARS bunker and MARS is in VENUS beautiful luxury digs, they are house swapping in mutual reception.

This is great- wearing each other’s shoes= stiletto’s vs combat boots.

If I were a boy- you know that BEYONCE song? Men in high heels.

What with the outrage of the BOKO HARUM stealing young girls and threatening to sell them as sex slaves,

we can clearly see how broken and out of balance the masculine/feminine relationship, the SACRED MARRIAGE BASKET really is.

this is a NATIVE American concept- symbolizing the wholeness of a sacred relationship between woman and man.

VENUS is CANOODLING with/conjunct the FIXED STAR ALGENIB at 9 degrees ARIES in the constellation of PEGASUS. 

Indicates a generous, proud, quick tempered, bad morals, evil habit woman an AMAZON WARRIORESS.

WOMEN must put on their warrioress armour and fight for their rights, to defend the MOTHER our earth and their children and all the mainly lost feminine values NOW..IT IS TIME. THE GODDESS IS ALIVE, the women remember.

MARS is conjunct the very INfamous STAR VINDEMIATRX- “she of the grape harvest” in the Sidereal constellation of VIRGO. 9 degrees LIBRA tropical. KNOWN AS THE WIDOW MAKER-

it is considered one of the darkest most evil stars. But it also has a more positive nature known as “THE ONE SENT FORTH” as in a apostle. The star in a natal chart frequently marks the death of one’s partner.

It figures strongly and regularly in deaths which are in some way dramatic, newsworthy or are resented in much more than the usual degree by those left behind (assassinations, common criminal murders, executions, airline disasters etc.).

It is very literal. Women are not afraid of being widows anymore. Each woman must be her own Champion.

With VENUS MARS poised in the KARMIC balance we must truly be able to recognize that we must have equality between the sexes to survive. In the old days from the beginning of time, up until only 5,000 years ago, the GODDESS was considered the basis of everything that existed. PAGAN’s still value the Goddess’s energy of love, nurturing, compassion, creation as central. She has a consort who devotes himself to protecting her and her values. He is her lover and is temporary. That is his place, he relates from his heart and reveres nature. He has his own strengths sexual, power, building, protecting which is honoured as well. They mutually respect each others roles.  We need to bring back this natural balance. MOTHER MARY is the Christian version of the Goddess, Kwan Yin in China, Durga, Shakti, or Tara, the goddess has thousands of names. EARTHING, natural birthing, women’s rights we need to embrace the Goddess within every one.

MOON conjuncts MARS and kicks off the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS on MOTHER’S DAY

 further energizing the karma for the MALE MISTREATMENT of women, the earth and Moon opposes VENUS in ARIES.

KARMIC JUSTICE is at hand.

Time to bow down and ask for forgiveness from the Great GODDESS MAAT who weights the hearts of the deceased against her white feather. Many modern men are getting it. Canadian former lawyer, and writer Jeff Brown has written an apology to the DIVINE feminine which garnered him instant fame. I have clients who want to give their wives freedom in their relationships to be who they are and who do not see their wives as their property, chattel or own them. This is good. Some might think this is Crazy but the natural ways are only crazy from our totally insane modern societies of destruction, corruption, consumption, lies, ignorance,death and greed worship.


Farley Mowat just passed away. The Candian naturalist, had always written about respecting the wild. MOTHER NATURE is more powerful than any man made machine HAARP, chemtrails etc. WOE to those men who indulge in soul gutting pornography, denigrate women, sexually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually and those who rape and pillage mother earth’s resoures for oil, gas, gold, etc. without respect for her or for her creatures, the whales, wolves, bees and the sacred earth like Monsanto, BIG PHARMA etc. and all those men and women who support those causes, finance them in the stock markets etc.

It is already happening. Call it global warming, mother earth is a living spirit and she is mad as hell, as the Goddess mother has a right to be at her recalcitrant children. It’s tough  love time kiddoes. We will be shaken and stirred like a martini.


Trying to decide where to go with MOM? Things may be confusing, with much arguing back and forth. Write Mom a beautiful spiritual poem from your heart. She’ll love it. Get outa your head and into your heart and soul and worship the ground your mother walks on.


Moon squares PLUTO, opposes URANUS squares JUPITER – you know this dance routine already don’t you?


Who has the power? the old order is being overturned, justice must prevail, truth and balance for all.


and for some people this will be entirely over their heads. MOON in Libra keeps everything diplomatic and  appearing NICE. What will the neighbours think? Relies on appearances with no weight. All fluff, style and insecurity. Many moms, relationships, will be hurt by not being heard, felt, held at the deepest core of their souls.

REALLY folks – the messages I am getting loud and clear is there is no more time left.

if you can be in the moment fully then forget it. Be, live from you soul’s truth, from your depths, be real, honest. There is nothing to fear, honor the feminine, within yourself, your deepest feelings. Yes there is much hurt and wounding. see  past it.

VENUS/MARS opposition is getting to our ONENESS.

LIBRA energy is about lauding beauty and LOVE as the greatest causes.

What do you think?


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE





BONO of U2 and Pavarotti- ONE and Ave Maria






Sun,Jupiter on North Star,XTREME LUCK,find your divine purpose


The Sun our Star and Jupiter who expands whatever he touches are conjuncting  bringing us in alignment with our highest goals and cosmic direction on why we are here and what our higher purposes are and connecting this to the Bigger Picure as the Galactic Center is also involved. The SUN is the Sun #19 in the Tarot and Jupiter is #10 The Wheel of Fortune. 

Jupiter is about to conjunct the NORTH STAR, POLARIS at 28 degrees Of Gemini located in the tail of the Little Bear or Ursa Minor, one of the oldest known constellations in the skies, as well as Betelgeuse very close by at 28 degrees Gemini in the constellation of ORION.

Polaris confers spiritual powers and respect gained from using them. Gives good instincts, the ability to navigate, It was THE prominent star for sailors in the Northern hemisphere which was used to guide them at night. 

 Betelgeuse – the Main star of ORION- the prominent 3 belt stars in a row for which the pyramids of Egypt were built in exact alignment of the below, as above. Yes the same name as that comedy with Michael Keaton from the 80’s. Is also considered to be the most fortunate of fixed stars and is frequently seen prominently in the charts of those who have hit the top. Anyone born June 18- Sir Paul McCartney or the 19th Mackelmore, recently. Success, riches honors fame is associated with this star.

The SUN is very close to Jupiter they are within 2 degrees of each other, on June 16 and their exact conjunction is on June 19 at 9:1o am PDT/1:1o pm EDT at 28 degrees 32 minutes of Gemini. Opposite the Galactic Center as well!!!!



So You VERY lucky once in 12 years beginning for these GEMINI’s THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO SHINE!

Famous folks Born June 17  Venus Williams tennis star,Art Bell, commentator of the paranormal,Greg Kinnear actor

famously born June 18- Sir Paul Mccartney,Scooter Braun-Justin Beiber’s manager,Isabella Rosselini- actress,

Famously born June 19-Macklemore- of Thrift shop song fame, Paul Abdul,Salman Rushdie, author,

and if you’re NOT FAMOUS- yet- this is still a super HOT HAPPY megawatt year for you.

My son Elijah,turning 30 years old is born June 19.

If you know your chart if you have any planets,they will benefit immensely. The Sun is gold and Jupiter expands so

Get the gelt while you can. Any angles in your chart get the magic wand treatment as well.

Now this alignment also happens directly opposite the Galactic Center at 27-28 degrees Sagittarius. 

All the spiritual brou haha about Dec 21 2012 was about the Sun aligning with the Galactic Center, exactly at the middle degrees. The G.C. s actually very large in diameter, The Sun actually started to conjunct the G.C. in 1998, 2012 is the mid-point so it’ll be in that area till 2035.  So we can really download our life’ s mission plans. Our connection to the North Star which is a way shower. Jupiter The Sun and the North Star absorb the powerful electromagnetic energies coming from the G.C. we just have to tune into them.

So it feel to me like the real Dimensional Shift begins NOW. The BOOK REALLY OPEN NOW, Jupiter on the spiritual level is the Master Teacher. The ruler of Sacred Law and Divine dispensation. So this is a big “Top Gun” pow wow. The Star of our show, the Sun and Jupiter the biggest planet are having a conference. At the North Star, this is pivotal, literally.

4 day guided meditation for this RARE powerful transmission

I’m intuiting that one begins to tune in starting on June 16-20 with the Sun at the 29th degree of Gemini.

Jupiter is also at the 29th degree on June 24-25, He enters Cancer June 25 @ 6:39 pm PDT

Because Jupiter only crosses the North Pole star once in every 12 years it is very auspicious!


Crystals -you will need CITRINES, 4 candles, incense,

citrine for GEMINI

You need to create a space for a meditation that you will do for 5 days in a row.

You need first to smudge or use incense to cleanse your aura and make you space sacred before beginning. 

As always start in the East and light the 1st candle,call in FIRE/Spirit, the Sun, Light, the Source

move South-light 2nd candle- call in WATER, emotions, flow, cleansing,heart, protection, innocence Trust

next move West, light 3rd candle, call in EARTH, physical, reality, the Goddesses, death, intuition, change,

then move North, light 4th candle, call in AIR, thoughts, mind, wisdom, higher teachers breath, awareness

Then sit in center of your circle and call the Sun and Jupiter’s union to you, to expand, enlighten, empower, ever particle of your spirit, emotions, body and consciousness. You should feel radiant. Open your chakras slowly by breathing into them from the root – crown. Then breathe down from your root into the heart of Mother Earth, feel your groundedness. Then bring her earth energy into your root chakra and send it up your spine to  your 8th chakra about 1 foot above your head.

Then send out your energy to the NORTH STAR POLARIS,  and feel the anchoring of your highest purpose and the view! Spacious, cosmic, totally expansive.

Sense yourself right on the North Star with the Sun and Jupiter and ask yourself

1. why am I here on the earth at this time?

2. where do I come from? 

3. Where am I going?

4. What am I to do? What’s my cosmic purpose? 

5. How do I do this? practical, ideas.

Sit in the circle meditating each night starting June 16-20. 

Have a journal handy to write down your impressions, you mind will be speedy and full of ideas. I know it. Or use voice notes on your phone.  Spend as long as you want every day. If nothing seems to be happening dont worry. It is . Ask that you be conscious of what the directions are.

Many people  don’t know what their divine purpose is. This is the PERFECT  time to find out for yourself.

But lottery tickets at least,using your numerology.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY so  more people can benefit



SHINING STAR Earth, Wind and Fire