Power drunk in love 4 planet sextile

Napoleon Brousseau painting surreal

Mr. Bitumen by Napoleon Brousseau Oil on canvas 

There are big small transits between two big planets JUPITER RETROGRADE in Scorpio and PLUTO in CAPRICORN and MARS in CAPRICORN sextile NEPTUNE April 14 the planets are getting along famously.

Re-scraping the shit that has accumulated is a JUPITER in SCORPIO RETRO theme This includes your own shadows sexual secrets other peoples money finances and power plays. Pluto continues to scrape the shit off the corporate and other higher power places of the world. Although it may be looking a bit muddy right now.

The sextile at 21+ degrees SCORPIO CAPRICORN affects the U.S. Natal chart quite strongly. 

Pluto Opposite U.S. Natal Mercury @ 24 Cancer the U.S. is blowing its power horn loudly

JUPITER is Squaring the U.S. Moon at 27 AQUARIUS

The Moon always represents the mood of the people. Some may see the recent political Facebook security issues and the Presidents actions as being further deplorable secretive and more reason to impeach him.

Conjunct The U.S. Natal Pluto is at 27 degrees CAPRICORN and is involved in this. Uranus has been squaring this for the last year.

The degree is the cusp of the U.S. 12th house of secret agendas hidden enemies self-sabotage and delusions. 

Jupiter is sextiling natal Neptune at 22 VIRGO- facts may be obscured.

MARS sextiles NEPTUNE @ 15 degrees CAPRICORN /PISCES

Mars is also at the mid-point of SATURN and PLUTO right now.

Mars is sexual passion and he is making sweet nothings with glamour illusions projections and mysticism. Note the recent everything is astrology yoga crystals tarot cards smudging etc. WHat is real? 

MARS sextile Neptune.= DRUNK IN LOVE

The pursuit of dreams illusions addictions photographs images art debt spirituality.

MARS sextile Neptune is sex with ghosts. 

this may be imagined sex too. Let your imagination run wild.

This increases the dopamine and opens our 3rd eyes. our 6th senses will be strong. Psychic shields need to be up. MARS is the warrior. We need healthy boundaries.

Mars sextile Neptune brings out the desire for soul to soul communion.

Use your power and passion to imagine what you wish to create. Make love to that vision. This is a lovely aspect for all artists dreamers romantics idealists musicians visionaries dancers singers sound healers yoga peeps snake charmers metaphysical peeps tantric practitioners snake oil salesman shabby shaman and soul mate seekers.

It may be hard to see straight or walk that line. This aspect also makes immune systems overly sensitive. build up your immune system. 

See everyone through the eyes of a mystic- we are all one.

Do be careful of doing any drugs or alcohol your judgment is off.

Seeking soul mates is the thing to do. Be clear that you want the whole thing the real deal and nothing fake – no cheaters scammers or false lovers. 

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October preview Horoscopes

OCTOBER has some of the best days of the year

Saturn, Mars hard aspects, Napoleon Brousseau

OCTOBER 2017 Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau


Oct. 3 One of the best days in the year VENUS Trine PLUTO VIRGO/CAPRICORN mark that one down. Good for love increasing self-esteem rewards for a job well done and concrete success in long-term plans. 

Oct. 4 SUN inconjunct NEPTUNE Libra/ Pisces 

This can be a bad romance day or frustrating spiritually and creatively.


Great for Virgo’s and a boon for all earth signs. This is a super romantic energy. IN VIRGO it is about loving the body and the earth and being humble servants. What have you started that needs to be examined in the full moon light? Always innovating under an Aries full moon. 


Hard to communicate but could be interesting for artists 


A serious day for commitments.  Good to make travel or education plans under. Good for details and cleaning up your act.Oct

Oct. 8 Sun conjuncts MERCURY in LIBRA

Good for socializing and being the gracious host or hostess.

Oct 9yh  SUN and MERCURY in LIBRA Squares PLUTO in CAPRICORN- 

An intense Cardinal Square which can knock relationships on their ass.

Oct 10th JUPITER ENTERS SCORPIO until Nov. 8, 2018

SCORPIO it is your year! This is a transformative intense powerful energy. Scorpio is the most soulful and obsessive sign. Scorpio is the sign of sex death and rebirth the psyche and its shadows. All about power control secrets and manipulation. It can be the best of years and the hardest of years. 

10th. VENUS opposes Chiron -Virgo/PISCES

Listen to your body today and it will tell you where you are storing the emotional and spiritual pain.

11th. MARS squares SATURN Virgo/ SAGITTARIUS

This is a RED LETTER DAY. The two most difficult planets square off. Perfectionist Mars in VIRGO and optimistic easy going Saturn in SAGITTARIUS just don’t see eye to eye. This can be a difficult day for all SAGITTARIUS and VIRGO peeps especially.

11th. VENUS in VIRGO inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES

All of these inconjuncts are two planets speaking totally different languages

14th. Venus enters her home sign of LIBRA-YAY

This is lovely for everyone as Venus in Libra brings out our most charming grace and peace-loving side. This can, of course, also bring out Libra’s inability to make up their minds stronger. Good for all LIBRA peeps and those with Venus in LIBRA. 


A good day for new relationships or revitalizing and breathing fresh air into new ones. Great for networking and connecting with your tribe.

15th. MARS opposes CHIRON in PISCES

A good day for spiritual creative and charity work.


The communications planet is taking us to get down into Scorpio’s psychological depths. Good for research; in-depth focus and deeply emotional soulful and sexual connections.

17th. MARS in VIRGO inconjunct URANUS in ARIES

Mars rules the sign of ARIES and these two hot-headed spontaneous planets are bumping heads or have an axe to grind at work.Be careful of spontaneous outbursts of anger. 

18th. MERCURY conjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO

Communicating from the deepest soulful and sexual parts of yourself. This is a profoundly cathartic energy. Have a good long conversation with another soul or souls. Nothing superficial. The real deal. 

19th NEW MOON in LIBRA @ 26 degrees

SUN opposes URANUS on this new moon

This will be a wild new ride. If you want to make changes in your life an all level this is the energy to do it on. Relationships may be chaotic.

Oct 22nd MARS enters LIBRA 

Mars is in VENUS’s sign and he is the peacemaking warrior. Mars in Libra loves beauty and harmony and wants everyone to think he is nice. Go out and buy art. See link below- There will be Much more indecisiveness going on. Have lovely dinner parties and soirees. A good time to meet new people and romance in general. 

SUN enters SCORPIO- 22nd PDT/ 23rd EDT and GMT

Iy’s the death and rebirth time. The season of the witch time. Get ready for an intensely obsessive month. Hood thing that Mars is in LIBRA this helps balance the intensity and the sexual energy out.

23rd. VENUS in LIBRA inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

The planet of women love and the arts and her “higher octave” are not in harmony today. Look deeper for the origins from spiritual imbalances for clues.


This is an intense inspiring spiritual creative emotional sexually intense energy. If you want to have a tantric sexual experience this would be an excellent time. Also, practice connecting with people through dreams through astral projection and visioning in general. What does your shadow need to transform it into the light?

Oct. 26 SUN conjunct JUPITER in SCORPIO

This is the best day of the year when the Source and the largest planet of optimism and benefits come together. Look at the lighter brighter side to Scorpio. It is the soul essence of the emotional body which transmutes all darkness fear and shadows into the LIGHT under this conjunction.


This is another very rich Cardinal square. Echoing the cardinal squares this one brings a life or death-rebirth in relationships. Significant karmic people can come into your life under this transit. It’s a good day for artists and creative people. If you want to make a powerful strong statement int he world this would be a good day. 

OCTOBER 1st I will be live on FACEBOOK TONIGHT in PDT and EDT

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Mars, Demon Star inconjunct Saturn

This aspect is exact on the 17th PDT and EDT: April 18 GMT.  But the effects last until the next planetary aspect on the 21st when SATURN and VENUS square off again as they did on April 8th. This time Venus is moving direct and only Saturn is Retrograde. Venus and Saturn had their first square on Jan 27 this year on a New Moon in Aquarius when both were moving direct @ 24+ degrees Pisces/Sagittarius.

Mars is conjunct to ALGOL, known as the Demon Star, Medusa

Medusa Caravaggio Tara Greene

This star with traditionally the evilest in the skies from the Greek myths. It’s associated with the myth of a  scary monster, the Gorgon Medusa. They said she was so scary looking that the sight of her would turn a man to stone. Perseus, a great hero often shown riding on Pegasus, the Flying Horse killed her. Algol was a Libyan Amazon historically who fought off the Patriarchal invading hordes. Her been killed off was a historical retelling of the destruction of female power, the Amazons, and the takeover by the Patriarchy.  Mars and Algol in a bad alignment with Saturn in Sagittarius

Mars and Algol in a bad alignment with Saturn in Sagittarius is more than a bad romance. It can promote evil in politics, and with those in positions of power. There are difficult obstacles to overcome in the pursuit of truth. 

Saturn, Mars hard aspects, Napoleon Brousseau

Saturn, Mars hard aspects. Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau  1991 India sketchbook

But there is a positive Feminine strength to ALGOL. She is the RESISTANCE.

Resist women's movement Tara Greene

Just like the current women’s movement in the U.S. against Trump, or any moment against oppressive Political ideals, patriarchal ideals or bullying by anyone, any group, or individuals, artistic movements, post-modernism, hipsters,  or political correctness or whatever oppresses you. RESIST. If it internal battle then get to understand your own inner war zones. 

Mars and ALGOL are also conjunct CERES the dwarf planet of the EARTH

This can also be seen as a warning of the dire situation the earth is in. Saturn in Sagittarius represents those who want to tell the truth. Educators and IInternational legislators 

Mars, ALGOL and CERES are a powerful Female energy with Mars in Venus’s sign

Mars in Taurus is not so strong and empowered as he is overrun by simple gluttony for sensual pleasure. Its’ easy to cover him in expensive oils, chocolates, massages, great sex, beautiful clothes and have Mars wrapped around your finger ladies. 

Mars in Taurus is bullishly stubborn like that bronze bull statue on Wall street. Mars in Taurus is so grounded into the earth plane and trying to preserve what it has,  it will defend its resources no matter what. Saturn in Sagittarius governs karmic laws, the truth, justice, optimism, teaching, philosophy, and dilettantes. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagely Sag. His influence brings on a higher sacred law influence, more easy going

Saturn in Sagittarius governs karmic laws, the truth, justice, optimism, teaching, philosophy, and dilettantes. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagely Sag. His influence brings on a higher sacred law influence, more easy going laisez-faire attitudes. Saturn in Sag can be a religious zealot and proselytizer, which can also be hypocritical. We are seeing much evidence of these things in politics these days.  

This is a dangerous game of chess, a push me-pull you. Mars and Saturn are the two malefics. Anytime they are in difficult aspects it is heavy and dense. Arguing between the material and the higher thought philosophical planes. 

The energy will shift on the 19th as the SUN enters TAURUS and  MERCURY conjuncts the SUN. 

We will be feeling much more grounded and level headed.Then Mars enters GEMINI on the 21st. Ego and identity in earthy stubborn -resistance to change mode- while the action is to divide, make choices, split hairs, share in partnerships and talk way too much. 

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March on, Daily Tarot Card Reflection

The Moon remains in TAURUS on Friday March 3.
Mars square Uranus Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene
Watercolor from India Sketchbook Napoleon Brousseau
Moon trines PLUTO early in the morning
Grand Earth Trine Astrology Tara Greene
which is a nice sensuous energy. You will feel good about being in your body, the earth plane and enjoying reveling in the 5 senses, the palpable beauty.
Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in Libra
You must move some mountains to get social justice. Get off your couch and use that stubbornness wisely.
Moon sextiles Chiron
Lending an easy aspect to feel the wounds, pain, and vulnerability that we carry in our bodies. If we listen to the bodies wisdom it will reveal what we should and shouldn’t be doing.
Moon inconjuncts SATURN in SAGITTARIUS
The body and the spirit are going in two different directions. The spirit wants to soar off into new adventures. The practical emotional mood is kinda lazy. It takes effort and practical consistency to follow those dreams.
Queen of Cups Tarot Tara Greene
“Queen of CUPS” by Noreen Mungo
The Queen of Cups is the most feminine card in the deck. Like the I Ching Hexagram # 2 The Receptive. This is a card of the utmost sensitivity and flow. It is all water, the water of water.
It is related to the sign of Cancer and the 4th house. The card of the day says. Be receptive, be open, listen to your intuition and your subtle feelings. You don’t have to do anything, wait. Feel.
This card depicts the WOMB itself, where we all originated. Woman as womb, as shelter, as home, as safe place, space. It is a card of retreat. It represents emotional safety and security.
Our need for it, and our ability to be it. 
Listen to the ocean’s roar, and the tide’s pulling in and out. The card is related to the moon. We could be in a pregnant state. Listen, be aware. REFLECT. 
I have been feeling the symbols whisper to me the last few days. Have you heard them too? I can feel the mystic calling. Venus Retrograde too. 
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Mercury, Moon’s Nodes square Lilith 

Mercury at zero degrees Pisces is conjunct to the South Node of the Moon at 3 degrees squaring Lilith at 1 degree Sagittarius.

The North Node of the Moon at 3 degrees Virgo is also in this 90 degree tense square aspect with Lilith.

I Lilith painting by Napoleon Brousseau http://www.napob.comNapoleon Brousseau

The nodes take 18+ years to complete a cycle. They are Karmic!

Lilith is the goddess of the dark or black moon. She symbolizes the most mysterious aspect of the moons phases. She is the moon that draws women’s blood from their wombs every month. She is the goddess of death of what might have been but wasn’t meant to be.

In Sagittarius, Lilith is the archetype of the fiery Sage fearless wild woman, the wise Chrone woman. She  is Seer, oracle, truth teller, gypsy, witch woman, healer, soothsayer, oracle. she is a diviner, a teacher, a visionary, an adventurous seeker of the highest meaning. she is a story teller, a history preserver. she uses humour and extremes to get her points across. She has been misunderstood and misrepresented throughout the patriarchal times. She is the original goddess. The death bringer, holy one, the wisest one who never compromises. She symbolizes one of the poles of the Laws of life.

Lilith lives in and through all women. In Sagittarius she is telling the truth now in totally uncompromising ways. Women must speak their truths. Truly it is they alone who have the right to sovereignty over their own bodies. Lilith very obviously relates to abortions and miscarriages. Sagittarius is the legal system which  Women are being challenged to free up through the nodes of the moon to be fearless in striking, in walking out of thepatriarchal  systems of bondage, also called religion. Which is another Sagittarius ruled item along with education which must be secular.

Women must refuse at every level of culture to co-operate with what amounts to their enemies right now. Any man or woman who does not back women’s right to total freedom is considered an enemy until balance can be restored. These are intense times, no pussyfooting around, no sugar coating, there is no time left to waste.

Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter governs this solar eclipse. Jupiter at present in Libra is trying to balance Us and them. Jupiter insists on truth and justice. In these grand cardinal crosses at present this issue of women’s rights and anyone considered an outsiders rights, is the major focus.

Women need to be the leaders the firebrands. The time is now. This solar eclipse pertaining to Lilith signifies a powerful time  in Lilith’s  redemption and integration back into the psyches of everyone. Original goddess, Virgin and complete unto herself she needs no man to create with.

Because this dark feminine has been repressed in the western psyche purposefully for 5,000 years her shadow has grown huge. We see it now projected by all men who try to repress women through religion, customs and culture.

The time has come to reclaim Lilith. The biggest taboo is menstrual blood. That is Lilith’s  power. First women must honor Lilith though their sacred monthly bleeding times as holy, a time to retreat like the dark moon.

If you are bleeding during the next three days honor yourself, thank your blood, and Lilith for you are at the height of your psychic power.  Menopausal women are considered to be the wisest as they hold their wise blood inside to nourish themselves.

Offer your sacred blood to the new moon, offer it to the Mother Earth, for her renewal. Offer your menstrual blood to the waters.

In this way you will remember. Blood is the sacred fluid of life and carrier of all memories in the DNA.

As you honour yourself as Lilith and your period as s sacred receptive emptying time you become one with your womb and the power of the divine feminine.

Start now at this new moon. A karmic time of new beginnings and endings. Pisces is the most spiritual sign. Open your 6th senses  to listen to Lilith speaking to you.

Disobey, resist, strike. The patriarchal system is at its end, the genii is out of the bottle. Lilith’s name is being spoken across the land again.

It is her time, women’s time. You can choose to be in relationship with a man who respects you as an equal. But if a man or culture attempts to put you down then bring on the death bringer, she who holds nothing back. Her rage knows no limits. She is raging to bring balance. That is what could have been put into place originally but now we must be the ones who bring it.

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Moon Goddess by Tara Greene detail of sacred drum

Dreaming the Light

Aug 3    Moon inconjuncts Pluto early in the wee hours which can make you feel irritated and aggravated even in your sleep. The emotional and soul body need to be aligned. 

SUN inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

SUn inconjunct Neptune, art, Napoleon Brousseau

Golden Dreamer Painting by Napoleon Brousseau

The Sun in Leo illuminates everything. It is the Source and ruler of Leo. The Sun is the center of all life. The SUN live sin you too. This Inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces can throw light on the illusions projections and denial.

Sun inconjuncts Neptune throws light on our illusions, projections and addictions. This is good. In Photography, which Pisces rules,  Light is what exposes the negatives creating images on paper.  Ultimately we are all images, shadows of God of Creation,

This is a good thing. It’s a challenge to stop worshipping false gods, the traditional organized religions and others, consumerism, video game addiction, sex addiction, reality shows, eating, drugs, stoned addictions. Yoga worship, vegan addicts, escapism of all kinds.

This is like a Universal rehab cleanse and that’s a good thing.

Leo Moon hotly trine Uranus and Eris

This helps us loose the bonds that bind us.

Leo moon inconjuncts Chiron in Pisces

Our ego identity can sabotage real healing. A conversation earlier today with a friend about Chiron and she said “If we could really understand Chiron’s meaning.”  Be vulnerable, where your heart on your sleeve. We are all wounded by virtue of being alive on this planet. But we are Not our wounds essentially, We are the Light,

Moon conjuncts VENUS in LEO

leo goddess astrology Tara Greene

Penelope Cruz Goddess 

Love Goddess-honoring time tonight. Venus in Leo is super powerful, a lioness in command of her environment. She is big-hearted and defends her loved ones, keep close company with the other lionesses in the pride. Do honor the Goddesses in your life. So strut your stuff. You  are a  leader, show off a bit But don’t take your ego too seriously.  Do what makes you purr. That is the bottom line.

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Friday Gemini Tarot Astrology Vlog

October 2, It is taking me awhile to get more acclimatized. I did have to go out the night I arrived and work at an event for PVH which represents Tommy Hilfiger etc. it was fun and LOUD.

Our daughter Leah has been sick at home with stomach flu. I have been sleeping like crazy and still on Arizona time now.

I had to also accompany my husband Napoleon today to meet a wonderful Italian Art liaison. The woman is a real Italian Art lover and connoisseur of all things of beauty. She had an amazingly evocative and large Enzo Cucchi drawing on her living room wall. She mentioned she was good friends with Guilietta Masina the “female Chaplin” and wonderful actress wife and muse of Italian maestro Frederico Fellini one of my fave film makers.

Giulietta Masina The Fool Tara Greene

Giulietta Masina as “The Fool”

Moon is in Gemini today and quite active as befits a Gemini Airy two-faced moon. 

Watch the Video. I explain the planetary aspects and choose one card of the day. 

DO you like the VLOG format?

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October 2 Tarot and Astrology VLOG