Jupiter Trines Pluto, Billionaire Astrology

Yes the universe is always blessing us.

On June 26 one of the luckiest most auspicious aspects of the Year occurs between two very big honcho planets/ brothers.  Jupiter, Lord of Luck, expansion and abundance and Pluto, Lord of power, souls, death and super riches are in a Trine, which is a very big beneficial thing.

You know that famous quote, don’t you?   “Millionaire’s don’t use Astrology. Billionaire’s do. “-  by J.P. Morgan, right?

Plus, their third brother NEPTUNE, King of the Oceans, and magical illusions is also in this meeting, sextiling Pluto from PISCES. The Moon is also in Pisces opposite Jupiter earlier in the day, sextiling Pluto.

Be very careful what you wish for and what your unconscious wants too.



Jupiter, Zeus, Lord of optimism, risk taking and trust, is the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT, Trump #10, King of the Upper world. Jupiter can be too much gambling, of a good thing…

Thoth wheel Tara Greene TArot

Pluto /Hades, Lord of the Underworld and incredible riches and power, the unconscious and the Soul, symbolized by the card of DEATH in the Tarot #13. Death is always change and change is good.

Tarot cards Death Tara Greene

Neptune, the modern ruler  of PISCES, Jupiter is the ancient co-ruler, is symbolized by The MOON card in the Tarot #18 which is the dark side of the Moon, the unseen, mysterious, unconscious formless feminine, spiritual source.

Moon, Astrology tarot tara Greene


BUT, all trines, and sextiles need to be worked. They make easy bedfellows and can take their prosperity and their entitlement for granted, as a bunch of EU people and PM David Cameron did- to their detriment. 

Jupiter @ 16+ degrees  VIRGO with the Fated North Node of the Moon and Pluto are both in very hard working earth signs, so the work is guaranteed to get done and stay real.

Neptune @ 15+ degrees Pisces is the ocean, and the ephemeral. Be careful that Neptunian wishful thinking doesn’t turn everything into fantasy based dreams with no substance, or mud, old unconscious self-undoing. Pluto wants power at any cost, be careful of not letting the dark side, your ego get you. Stay in the Pisces egoless nature.

This aspect may be a great opportunity to really examine your own addictions, your own unconscious Plutonic motivations. The combo between these two could also easily escalate out of control as Jupiter amplifies whatever it touches. All Planetary energies can be positive or negative.

If you have natal planets or angles at 10-20 degrees earth signs you will benefit from the Grand Earth trine.

At 16 degrees Taurus there is a Black Hole in Space named Eurydice, named after the Greek Myth of Orpheus.The Myth centers on Eurydice who was Orpheus’s wife, who was raped and dies. Orpheus, the minstrel, is desolate and vows to go to Hades, Pluto’s realm to win her back, something no mortal had ever done. Orpheus charms his way past Cerberus the three-headed dog and finally meets Pluto who is moved by Orpheus’s song. Pluto himself is guilty of the rape of Persephone and in a rare act of grace allows Orpheus his wish. There is one condition however. He can return to earth with Eurydice as long he does not look back to assure himself that his bride is following him. Of course Orpheus cannot resist and as he is almost at the top of the earth, he turns to see Eurydice fade to black and disappear forever. Moral of the story- TRUST, have faith and be careful what you wish for. 

The Moon also later Trines Mars in Scorpio to bring more desire into your wishes.

NOTE: Venus in Cancer will Trine NEPTUNE on June 27. 

This is a lower and higher octave or dimension of LOVE working in harmony.

It wold be great time for a world mediation for world peace on the 27th @ 6:53 am PDT/ 9:53 am EDT/ 1:53 pm GMT. 

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Billionaire’s wishes, Daily Inspiration by Tara Greene

This is a very auspicious day to for all signs to make BIG, BIG BILLIONAIRE’s Wishes.

Remember the Cancer Moon trines Venus and NEPTUNE in PISCES if you have planets at 8-12 degrees of WATER signs- Scorpio, You get romantic spiritual blessings with a GRAND WATER TRINE. 

JUPITER is TRINING PLUTO at 17 degrees EARTH, if you have planets at 15-19 degrees CAPRICORN you get a Grand Earth Trine.  The Billionaire’s transit. Make the most of it and ground those dreams. 

PLEASE share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene, I am working on the Spring Equinox article and next weeks LUNAR ECLIPSE in LIBRA. 

Inspirational Daily Card March 16

Initiating the BONEFIRE TAROT by Gabrielle West today.

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I want to be a Billionaire -Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars