Scorpio Moon and Daily Astrology Tarot Guide

The Moon is in Scorpio December 10-12 the Most intensely emotionally in-depth time of the month.

Sagittarius Sun trines Mars in Aries

Mars, the planet which governs Scorpio, in a positive aspect with the Sagittarius SUN brings an upbeat optimism to the impulsive sign. Crack a few jokes see on the bright side. People will be impatient and angered easily too. Lies will be revealed. Anger at injustice will rise especially leading into December 14th Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse.

Please watch the video and Tarot card reading of the day with the Muse tarot.

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The Moon at home, and tarot cards

The Moon is at home in its sign of Cancer December 1st- 4th.

Cancer Moon time is yearnings for comfort food, cuddling and feeling safe and definitely long baths.

December 2

Moon Makes a square to Chiron in Aries in the morning, you or your family may be feeling touchy,

Expect unusual physical surprises as the Moon sextiles URANUS in Taurus

Moon inconjuncts the Sagittarius sun – NO ONE GETS the jokes,

and finally Moon trines Scorpio Venus in PST/December 3 in EST and GMT

we want to be held and comforted and made safe to be able to reveal our darker sides.

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2 trines and 2 oppositions

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Sagittarius Sunday, Daily Tarot card

The mood is optimistic and fun under a Sagittarius Moon. This is the SAGE moon, the mature fire with a passion for knowledge, teaching, passion, travelling, adventure and being candidly honest.

SAG Moon trines VENUS in ARIES in the morning 

Women will be forthright, needing to be in the great outdoors, the mood is casual, easy going, quite sporty with a desire to be around animals the great outdoors or wildlife.

SAG Moon trines NEPTUNE

This is good energy for dreaming of all kinds, its romantic and creative and good for drawing, coloring, painting, making music, meditating and visualization work and romantic too. You may want to catch up on some reading or movies or shoot some photography. 

SAG Moon trines MARS in ARIES

two fire trines today. Equal time for the masculine and feminine planets. You will be feeling the impatience and the ready to bolt energies in PST it happens on the 20th in EST and GMT.  A bit too much “hoof in mouth” stuff may get hit back with repercussions later.


3 of cups, wild unknown Tarot, Tara Greene

The 3 of CUPS The Wild Unkown TAROT 

This deck which has been sold through Urban Outfitters, a store for teens and younger millennials has made this deck extremely popular. I like the simple sparse inkwork. The artist appears to have based hers on traditional Tarot decks but with a very different graphic.

The introduction of the 3 black birds signifies three souls or free spirits. The birds appear to be conversing with each other and three silhouetted cups sit in the foreground. 

This card is always about allowing an easy flow of emotions and energies. The number three is associated with the Tarot Major #3 The EMPRESS, she is VENUS who is looming very bright in the skies now as she is getting ready to do her Retrograde stint a week from now on March 4th @ 13 degrees ARIES- more about that in more depth soon.

It’s a HOLIDAY WEEKEND in the U.S. I send blessings to my friends and family in L.A. and others in San Francisco area who are being inundated with pouring rains and floods and a damn about to burst. 

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Inspirational Daily Tarot Card reading

January 30, Daily  Tarot, one card reading

Interesting Numerology. On 30, a #3 card appears.

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The Good,the bad,and the miraculous Astrology

That fair-minded LIBRA moon keeps sailing along.

Did you have trouble sleeping last night?

Moon was inconjunct to NEPTUNE which can make for irritable sleep or strange dreams or both. Which was it?

MOON conjuncts benefic JUPITER TODAY

If it’s your birthday today you get this lovely benefit with perks galore.  Good day for socializing. There are lots of Halloween parties I have on my schedule today.

Moon sweetly sextiles VENUS libra’s ruler and SATURN in SAGITTARIUS too

i am sure that someone will get proposed to today. This is love and optimism., new friends, connections, adventures. 

Moon squares PLUTO this is a CARDINAL cross energy setting up here.


some major shit is about to go down. It felt like a tsunami of insanity for me. Really chaotic. Do be very very careful and aware wherever you are today. This is extremely aggressive and unconscious energy. 

 That LIBRA MOON offers some balance. Be careful at parties ladies of spiked drinks. 

Be safe, be aware. This is major chaotic revolutionary, rug pulled out from under you energy.

IN NORTH DAKOTA where indigenous people are trying to protect the waters and their own lands against the DAP. This Happened! The sacred Buffalo appeared in a huge herd today to protect indigenous people. The buffalo or bison is held sacred and a sign of Abundance. Yes when you live by spirit miracles happen. Mother Nature is watching and she is helping out. This made me cry when I watched it. 

sacred Buffalo, totem animals Tara Greene

The buffalo or bison is held sacred and a sign of Abundance. Yes when you live by spirit miracles happen. Mother Nature is watching and she is helping out. This made me cry when I watched it. 

The following is an excerpt from Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews; the final italicized affirmation is from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

“To the plains Indians the American Buffalo (or bison) was a symbol of sacred life, abundance and manifestation.   Part of what the Buffalo teaches is that you do not have to struggle to survive if the right action is joined with the right prayer.  By uniting the mundane and the divine appropriately, all that is needed is available.  When we join the right action with the right prayer, the path is not difficult.  The path opens and flows easily.  The buffalo shows up to indicate that there are opportunities to manifest abundance in some area of your life.  This is not the time to push but to forgo struggle and follow the easiest path. 

The appearance of the buffalo also implies that the law of synchronicity is operating within your life.  Things will happen in the time, manner and means that is best for us if we allow it.  This doesn’t mean we should sit back and do nothing, but rather that we should do what we have to do and then let the events take their natural course.  Bison teaches how to work with this natural rhythm.

 Look for opportunities for abundance and increase.  Ask yourself some important questions.  Are you honoring that which you seek?  Are you remembering that the divine is essential to all things in the physical?  Are you remembering that your eternal partner is the Great Spirit?  Are you pushing yourself too fast in the physical world and keeping yourself from seeing the importance of reunion with the Source of all life?  Are you giving honor to yourself and to the efforts of others within your life?  Do you show gratitude for what you already have?  The quickest way to stop the flow of abundance is by failing to honor that which has already come to you.

Become Buffalo.  Feel the smoke of prayer and praise. Change your Buffalo robe to white so that you may be an answer to the prayers of world.”

It’s real.

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sacred spirit chants and dances of Native Americans I used to listen to this all the time in early 90’s




Presidential debate under 8 aspects of Gemini moon

So what do the Moon and stars portend for the last Presidential debate October 19?

Trump Clinton Astrology Tara Greene

The Trump and Hillary show by Napoleon Brousseau

Of course, the last debate takes place under a GEMINI Moon, a sign of double-talkers. LOL. The GEMINI Moon is very active today of course, and makes 8 aspects today. The number eight is very auspicious in Chinese numerology.

I love it, synchronicity stuff like this- you can’t make it up.

 Yes, do expect to see those infamous GEMINI qualities in double measure. 

Tune in to watch: Loads of immaturity, the inability to stick to one subject, blaming the other, avoiding taking responsibility, laughing off accusations, transforming oneself into something else, talking tricksters with loads of tricks up their sleeves.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of communications and thieves. The tricksters will be full frontal in both parties. The thing is Donald Trump is actually revealing many truths although he is a bloated, misogynist, narcissist. Hillary and Bill are also in a very sorry state.  I am so sorry that these are the only two options for you. 

The GEMINI Moon is very active today of course and makes 8 aspects today. 

II Moon trines Jupiter in the a.m.

Too much optimism is a good thing? or is it a bad thing?

II Moon squares Neptune in PISCES to give us divergent dreams.

to give us divergent dreams.

Moon conjunct PLUTO early in the a.m. PDT and EST

watch out for high alert anger this morning. 


Trick or truth? That is the question. Tricky Dick to Tricky Trump or Tricky Hillarity.

II Moon inconjuncts PLUTO 

Double the amount of power struggles.

II Moon inconjuncts MARS all talk, all defenses, all anger, War mongering.

all talk, all defenses, all anger, War mongering.


There will be double the amount of hurting words. Trust me.

II Moon squaring CHIRON in PISCES

yes this will be the nastiest battles of  insults, fantasy and illusions, and major projections.

II Moon Trines MERCURY in LIBRA at 6:59 pm PDT

The one who can embroider the prettiest words will balance the budget.

II Moon sextiles URANUS in ARIES 

Expect loads of unexpected twists and turns, chaos, shocking reveals, major threats, explosive expletives needing to be bleeped, initations of revolution, and Donald Trump’s face to be redder than ever, he may blow his toupee. It’ll be one super soap opera. 

It’ll be one wild night. 

Let’s ask the TAROT cards 

The Chariot Tarot Tara Greene

THE CHARIOT Tarot Arcana #7 by Emily Balivet, 2013.

Of course, THE CHARIOT perfectly illustrates the situation. The Chariot is the number 7 which  relates to the laws of cycles, there are 7 days in a week, 7 archetypal ages, 7 chakras, planets etc.  

The Chariots’ symbols are the Chariot and driver,  holding the reigns of the two horses, one black, one white indicating the polar opposites. Male/female, good/bad, them and us. 

The Chariot symbolizes the vehicle, the means that the soul or Higher Self uses to experience lessons. The Vehicle is the emotional body, the sign of Cancer. 

The Chariot is equated with the Sign of CANCER which is America’s Zodiac sign born July 4, 1776. Cancer is the symbol of the MOTHER, the Feminine, women. In this particular Chariot image there is a Female angel, driving the chariot. This symbolizes our guardian angels or Higher selves controlling our emotions. We need to drive by the dictates of our higher selves in order to have perfect balance.

Instead of being divided and having its energy go in two different directions we must have a driver or a unified mission to bring the two wild horses, or instincts under control.

We need to sit and reflect and be receptive, and balanced. Cancer the Chariot is a passive energy although it also symbolizes the Victory lap of the winner. How in synch is that?

Water, Cancer’s element is the universal solvent which dissolves all hardness. Pray for water, pray for fluidity, pray for receptivity to know we are centered and in the driver’s seat in our actions and not reacting or wildly emotionally out of control.

What do you think?

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I am temporarily blocked on FaceBook for publishing images of centaurs with breasts I think. So stupid. 

Yes I’m driving to Washington D.C. this Friday to be at the 1,000 Goddess Gathering on Saturday October 22nd from 11:00 am- 5:30 pm at the Constitution Gardens by the Washington Monument, I will be holding the energy at the Earth Altar and drumming and chanting there. I will also be presenting a song written by Nancy Ward called Women. I hope you will come and anchor the energy of the Divine Feminine.



“Crazy ‘Bout a Mercury” by Ry Cooder and David Lindley







Daily Inspiration Tarot

Just a quick card of the day today.

The 5 of Wands from the Mythic Tarot by Liz Greene

5 of wands Mythic Tarot Tara Greene

The 5’s in all Tarot pips is a challenge number. It is half way from 1-10 and always indicates obstacles, tests, roadblocks, difficulties, struggles, feeling caught in a bind.

In the Thoth Tarot it has Saturn in Leo as the associated planet and Sign and it is the fist Decan of LEO from July 22-August 1st.


I have this Mythic Tarot deck: According to the book it shows the Greek Myth of Jason’s battle with the dragon which guards the golden fleece.  Jason fights the beast with two flaming wands and he is assisted by his lover and helper the sorceress Medea, daughter of the King of Colchis who has been in possession of the magical fleece. Three carries three flaming wands.

The five of wands shows the struggle against the lower reptilian Draconic instincts of the brain as well as in the culture and society. They are powerful and horde their treasure. They are like the Bildenbergs, the Federal Reserve, Putin or any powerful country corporation or head of state. Dragons refuse to change.  They horde the jewels which in natural law must be in circulation to encourage growth. The hero or heroine must use their instincts, and Leo like will power and courage as well as the powers of the High Priestess or Sourceress to assist in outwitting the dragons who refuse to grow.  Dragons symbolize fear.

The dragon represents the fear of change, the flat-earthers, the right wingers, the Tea-Partiers of the world, the Republicans, Donald Trump, the Patriarchy, the blind faithful religious followers, all religious groups who obey an outside authority of any type of  Church, based on antiquated ideas,  a Luddite, insular, racist, sexist, resistant to change person or group. We as the heroes and heroines must overcome these anti-life parts of ourselves and in the outside world.

We can all see how valid this particular card is in relationship to the world. Game of Thrones is partly so popular because of the magical appeal of dragons. If the dragon can be tamed rather than killed, its powers are really magnificent. Dragons lend us the ability to fly, breathe fire, they are the masters of many elements and worlds. They are ancient archetypes, dinosaurs, reptiles, they symbolize our own biological evolution of consciousness on the planet earth.

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World Tarot Day Earth trines

May 25th is World Tarot Day, created to honor the wisdom of the Tarot by Den Elder in 2002. I first heard about it in 2004. I got so excited I sent out emails to a bunch of Newspapers. Reporter Mike Strobel from The Toronto Sun came and interviewed me for a long time about the 2004 Federal Elections. The article was published in The Toronto Sun the next day. With a photo of me and a quote .”I always trust my cards.” I correctly predicted the Liberal win. 

I do hope that you work with the Tarot and delve into this amazing monumental fount of wisdom. There is so much scholarly and new research into the Tarot these days and an explosion in TAROT decks.


 I am currently collaborating with Gabi Angus-West, the creatress of the BONEFIRE Tarot. Which will be published in November. 

Bonefire Tarot

She is just beginning to produce the new Tarot Deck, called Blue House Tarot, loosely based on  a certain woman artist icon. I am feeling it in a much more archetypal sense. I am in idea stage and we are working together in cyberspace. I  am very honored and pumped to be working on this amazing project with her. 

Under a steadfast CAPRICORN Moon, with a GRAND EARTH TRINE between the Moon MERCURY and JUPITER. 

This is a god day to ground. Triangles are always magic trinities to work with. 

Moon is sextile Neptune last night- how were your dreams?

The Cardinal Crosses come up again. Moon conjuncts PLUTO and squares URANUS in ARIES. 

Mars Retrograde rules Aries so are things a bit slower? 

The Cappy Moon is setile Chiron in Pisces in PDT. sleep on the sensitive vulnerable parts of  you.


with Neptune at 11 degrees PISCES in the mix, 2 degrees away. 

VENUS in GEMINI and PLUTO in Cap make a difficult aspect today a sesquiquadrate a rather irritating 135 degree angle. Its a 90 degree square + a 45 degree semi-square. 

The angry dad trying to keep his flirty daughter under cover, is one theme that comes to mind. Control may be an issue, and there will be plenty of outrageous excuses made.

 Inspirational Card of the day

Princess of Wands, Tara Greene Tarot cards

COSMIC TRIBE  Princess of Wands

This is the ELEMENT or Root of FIRE, the Princesses in the Crowley System. This is the EARTH of FIRE

It is Venus in the Fire SIGNS. She is the daughter of Fire, she is fearless as is shewn on the Card, she is traditionally grabbing the tiger of fear by the tail.

She is HOT, passionate, explosive, burning, like LAVA GIRL, insatiable, hungry for life, fast, flaming, dragon like, powerful. She is not containable like a fire. She is lustful and seductive. She has great courage and inner light.

She is like DURGA the Hindu Goddess, who was called in when the world was about to be totally destroyed by all the demons. She rode in on her tiger and like the Strong Mother, quenched the demons and killed them all.

Durga, Hindu Goddess


She or a man with this as his ANIMA, can be lacking in warmth,  can be selfish and heartless. She/he can consume everything and everyone in their path. They can be as destructive as a volcanic explosion or a forest fire gone wild. They can be cold and numb, shut down, trapped and caught up in the dramas. They can be caught in a torrent of self-immolating flames which they themselves have lit.

I am going to have a quiet internal Tarot Day this year. As it is my last day in Sedona before I leave on Thursday. I have a to recollect and finish.

I will do a WORLD TAROT DAY SPECIALS offering on the 13th, befitting MARS RETROGRADE.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

The specials will be $66 for a half hour: I’ll put up a special button on my website tomorrow.


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Astrology Tarot May 23-28 by Tara Greene

The big highlight of this week is the last of three exact squares between  JUPITER in VIRGO and SATURN in SAGITTARIUS Retrograde @ 13+ degrees. These two major movers of the personal planets only contact each other in exact conjunctions only once every 20 years and that meeting is the theme of that twenty year cycle. That last great synodic cycle was May­ 28 2000 was at 23­-24° Taurus. We are in the last square before the next great conjunction occurs on December 21, 2020 at Zero Aquarius! The Aquarian Age will really begin to unfold from 2020-2040. I remember an old spiritual friend who had studied Alice Bailey, the great metaphysical Astrologer and the White Brotherhood telling me that humans would not have bodies by 2050 or 60.

Jupiter, Astrology, Psychic tara Greene

JUPITER King of the Gods

Jupiter and Saturn on the other hand govern very real substantial affairs. Commerce finances, expansion, foreign business, trade, politics, education. The bust came right after the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction then.

Jupiter and Saturn have been forming aspects in this cycle- check back where you were at in these previous aspects.

The current Jupiter- Saturn Square

Aug/ 3 2015 @ 28+ Leo/Scorpio   March 23 2016 @ 16+ Virgo/ Sagittarius    MAY 26 2016 @ 13+ Virgo/ Sagittarius 

Jupiter Saturn Opposition;  3 alignments

May 22 2010 @ 27+degrees Pisces/Virgo August 16 2010 @ 2+ Aries/ Libra March 28 2011 @ 14+ Aries/ 14+ Libra


Dec. 16 2005 @ 10+ SCORPIO /Leo   June 22 2006   @9+ SCORPIO/ 9+LEO  Oct.25 2006  @ 23+ Scorpio/ 23Leo 

 JUPITER is the Positive optimistic the glass is half- full and SATURN is the pessimistic the glass is half-empty karmic cosmic cop. 

ALL MUTABLE Signs get the exact bang GEMINI VIRGO SAGITTARIUS and PISCES at mid-degrees. 

We will all feel it. 

It’s important that you set your sights on where you want to be FOUR years from now.

NOW at this square is where you set the timer to go off at that next great conjunction at ZERO AQUARIUS.

What you want to harvest with JUPITER in VIRGO? What do you have faith in on a day to day basis? Jupiter in Virgo expands all the Virgo practicality, the nitpicky perfectionism, the organization and the ability to be of service through your work. Are you happy with your work? If there was no money involved would you still get up and do it? This is a bottom line.

YOUR HEALTH is also important that you do get your diet and health in order now no matter what age you are. Saturn in Sagittarius also rules discipline in yoga or Tai Chi, martial arts. 

Saturn, Steiner, tara Greene astrology

Saturn the grim-reaper

Saturn in Sagittarius, the karmic cop tests if your ideals are real. Do they have weight and substance? Ideally they should be as heavy as Lead.  The great Realist and architect asks you: What are your educational goals? What do you need ot have under your belt to further your career goals? Where do you want to travel? Are there legal issues that you need to get in order?  Examine how honest you are being with yourself and your “tribe.” Your religious, philosophical and ideals will be tested. 

Saturn in Sagittarius bring maturity with humour. Life is a big cosmic joke. Stay happy be positive The universe has your back. Have pronoia. It’s a big wide wild universe. 

SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS is walk your talk time. Jupiter the ruler of Sag. often promises more than he can deliver and operates on trust. Get into liking the humdrum, boredom of routine, of maintenance, Jupiter is too restless and wants life to be a great adventure. 

So these two planets are harmonious and can really help you build ling term goals based on your ideals and working with like-minded people to pursue your truth and  justice. We need to work together cooperatively. 

Venus enters Gemini MAy 24-JUne 17

MARS MARCHES RETROGRADE back into SCORPIO on May 27 turns Direct on JUNE 29 and leaves Scorpio August 2.

I’ll write about that separately.

Inspirational Card of the Day 

Can you guess which card it will be? No peaking…. Just testing your intuitive abilities. You have one out of 78 chances to get it right.



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