Daily Tarot Guide February 5

February 5 its been a complicated Gemini Moon energy

Remember Mercury sextiles Uranus in Taurus

Moon enters CANCER February 5- 7 we want Mom, we want hugs. We want emotional safety and security. We want to stay home and eat comfort food and hang out with mom and our families.

Moon Squares Chiron in Aries old family childhood wounds my be open and raw. 

Nurture yourself.

Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus there are new ways to feel and do

Moon trines Neptune in Pisces

have compassion and pay attention to your oceanic dreams tonight.

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Moon enters Libra, finding balance

How’s that MARS blown out by the SUN treating you?  It is technically called CAZIMI and means “in the SUN’s beams” it’s AN ENERGY OVERLOAD. 

Feeling angry? Exhausted? Frustrated? Blowing your own horn loudly? 

REMEMBER we are already in the Mercury Retrograde Shadow period since July 24 when Mercury was at 28+ degrees LEO, the degree where the planet will stop and resume direct motion again on Sept. 5th. This means that things are already going slightly off kilter in the communications dept.

The Virgo Moon makes a bump at night with VENUS in GEMINI, make that two bumps of course and then goes Void-of Course at 2:31 am EDT/ 6:31 am GMT.

Sailor Moon planets Tara Greene

Sailor Moon Neptune Uranus Pluto

The Morning may be wonky with a Lunar inconjunct to Uranus very early. Expect chaos on the road. 

Moon opposes CHIRON in PISCES at 6:00 am PDT/9:00 am EDT 

When you get to work you will have to hurry up and fix it fast. The energy may feel rather Zombieish with people feeling like the walking wounded.

Moon enters LIBRA and things settle down nice and easy for the rest of the day.


Two of Swords of the Dreaming Way Tarot

by Rome Choi illustrations by Kwon Shina

This card symbolizes the Moon in LIBRA

Libra moon makes us want to breathe, to walk in balance, in beauty and harmony. 

Libra Moon sextiles MARS and the SUN in LEO

Some of that intense heat we’ve been feeling may be softened by Libra’s energetics. 

Friday’s outlook is a bit problematic in the romantic dreams and soul mates department as the Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in the afternoon. Balance those dreams and don’t go overboard. 

Moon conjuncts JUPITER on the 28th  PLAN A PARTY soiree, cocktails, a good socializing energy in the late afternoon and early evening. 

MOON squares PLUTO in the evening

Add intense business dinners, meetings with power players, formality, detachment, and power games to the mix. 

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7/7/17, Sextile words and inconjunctions, daily Tarot

July 7, 2017 is 7 7 2017 or 7/7/17. The numerical symbolism is The Major Arcana #7 THE CHARIOT, the sign of Cancer and #17 THE STAR sign of Aquarius. That means two chariots to hitch your star to.

A lovely sweet sexy sextile between Mercury in Leo and Venus in GEMINI today.  Mercury in Leo speaks from the heart with strength and courage.  Venus in Gemini may be very flirty and can’t decide how to respond. But go ahead and say what’s in your heart anyway.

Think of the higher purpose of your actions, free your mind, baby and think outside the box, as SAGITTARIUS MOON emanates from the COSMIC VAGINA, the GALACTIC CENTER at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS trines URANUS in ARIES. 

Your mind will be all on fire with new ideas, new options, optimism. Plan a wild adventure. 



That’s a 150-degree aspect between how you feel or not feel in this case, as Capricorn moon really doesn’t want to get emotional. The Goat moon is in full RAM mode, butting against the mind that can’t decide what it loves or wants -Venus in GEMINI, and the consciousness of pride, bling, selfishness, egotism, grandstanding and leaders.  A stubborn standoff in love and communications. 

We are feeling the powerful pull of the Rolling THUNDER MOON in Capricorn July8/9. 

Let’s do a Tarot card for guidance. 

Crowley Thoth Tarot deck The Aeon


The 20th Major Arcana Card is traditionally called Judgement. 

#20 Judgement Gilded Tarot Tara Greene

#20 Judgement, Gilded Tarot by  Ciro Marchetti

This card could very literally be seen as a wake-up call. Judgement Day is a Reference to the Book of Revelations written by John of Patmos from visions he received about the return of Christ and Judgement Day where all of the dead would rise again.

This card always speaks of a new birth or rebirth.  The child on the card shows a return to original innocence, essence, trust, and wholeness. Let go of all judgments and limitations on yourself and others. This frees you up.

You may also need to make a final choice or decision in order to begin this new beginning. 

The Aeon Card shows the New Aeon after the old Patriarchal age is ended. This was a vision Aleister Crowley channeled in 1904. He foresaw the world wars coming and predicted the New Aeon where people learn to live in a state of higher consciousness, love and light after undergoing a harsh discipline and learning to perfectly control and balance the opposites within themselves and have full connection with and conversation with their Higher selves.  The previous card was the SUN #19 the Source of all light. We must be in touch with SOURCE energy with the spiritual light within to be born anew.

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Read more about Judgement day see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Judgment

Wild Crazy Full Moon Inspirational Daily Card

Yowza such intense energies. Oct. 15

SUN URANUS opposition is this morning- feeling restless under the full moon?

Expect the unexpected. My daughter had her backpack stolen last night.

ARIES MOON Squares its ruling planet MACHO WARLORD MARS 11 minutes later. 

You may not be able to sleep tonight and be very careful if you are out partying. The energy will be very aggressive.

Moon sparks up a fire trine with Sagely SATURN in SAGITTARIUS also early a.m. 

Turn to some elders for wisdom. 

Moon opposes MERCURY in LIBRA still as the rooster crows

Seek balance. 

Moon squares PLUTO in CAPRICORN 

cardinal crosses to bear again. The tension is on for mid- Capricorns and Aries born peeps. also CANCER and LIBRA too of course.

MERCURY in LIBRA SQUARES PLUTO  at night. in those mid-degrees. 

choose the middle ay the middle path, break up arguments, see both sides of the issues. 

Moon conjuncts URANUS at 11:11 pm EDT

Fly me to Uranus so I can get a higher consciousness perspective. Be careful of spiked drinks, dangerous short tempers, around any guns and be extra conscious of whats going on around you. 

Moon opposes SUN at 9:23 pm PDT The FULL MOON

then moon goes VOID until SUNDAY morning.

 I think we need to go straight to the oracle and divine.


the world, Tarot cards, Tara Greene

The WORLD #21 The Tarot of the Sephiroth

The Universe or WORLD card is the last card in the deck that brings us down to earth to the practical everyday, physical world of limitations, gravity, aging, “chop wood and carry water.” All the necessary everyday maintenance that is life. 

Governed by planet SATURN of course, King of REALITY, this is where our enlightenment hits the pavement. It must “grow corn” as indigenous people would say. Enlightenment must be in every step we take, every act we do,every word we utter. We must walk, or rather dance our talk. There are hundreds of variations on this image these days. I tend to favor the traditional image of the FEMALE dancing naked at the center of the YONIVERSE. The soul is considered feminine. In most traditional decks the four elements are also shown equivalent to the 4 fixed Stars or 4 archangels.

When we take responsibility for creating everything in our lives, we are free. When we own our own elf-generating consciousness of the Universe we live in, then we are free. We can dance naked because we see who the creatress is. Nothing to hide either. United with the One consciousness we understand our place in the universe. We are the cosmos and the cosmos is within us.

Use this energy to guide you in this turbulent energy.

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May 12 daily inspiration tarot cards astrology

Ah yes bless those Retrograde planets! I starts out having a wonderful day today,  met my old friend H.Who I have know. Since I first arrive in Sedona on spring equinox 1987,it’s the Saturn return! She mentioned being I touch with the very first woman I met here so we will plan to meet, I haven’t seen this woman since my son’s 5th birthday! Again 28 years ago!  

I had an amazing Jin Shin treatment which put me back together, then I walked home and found internet down for 2nd time in 6 days, very frustrating, key is to adapt, the kind property manager has given me access to her network.

May 11-12 Moon is in Leo, Venus made an awkward quincunx to lord of reality Saturn, exactly when I found out my internet went down, How do You like them sour apples?

La Luna Leo trines Mars in SAGittarius retro salsa tonight PDT/ May 12 ETD, old lovers quarrels? Hyper energy in reverse, repressed anger comes up!

May 12 lioness moon is inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces – expect to be disappointed and it’s not that bad. Some big bold assholere may squash your sensitive dreams! But all isn’t lost.

Leo moon makes a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius,  up up and away to a new adventure. 

Earth trine Mercury Retro in Taurus trines retro Pluto 

This is good for reassessing your financial goals,your path to the top of your career, and taking stock ofyour body and all your resources. 

That fiery LEO moon squares  Venus and Mercury in Tairus and then inconjuncts Pluto. can you hear the snarling? 

Two fixed signs- Leo and Taurus and neither will back down. Cat fight and bull fight, both ancient feminine symbols.

Your heart and will,  your ability to keep your heart open will be tested. 

Inspirational Daily card 

The 7 of cups is a swamp of emotions. Don’t keep feeding the vampires and negative entities any more. If you are feeling exhausted, then rest. you need to see how you are agreeing to allow yourself to swim in this  fetid mess. Then you can free yourself. What do you get out of this?

The card is associated with Venus in Scorpio, where she is debilitated in a Mars ruled sins. It signifies loving theemotional  dark side. 

Venus is now in Taurus where she rules and Mercury and Venus will conjunction on Friday as well as Venus trine pluto, which is a very positive grounding aspect. 

You gotta clean out your personal septic tank there, this is the collective sewage of the world. 

That stink is your own crap and each one of us. Start bailing,


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Billionaire’s wishes, Daily Inspiration by Tara Greene

This is a very auspicious day to for all signs to make BIG, BIG BILLIONAIRE’s Wishes.

Remember the Cancer Moon trines Venus and NEPTUNE in PISCES if you have planets at 8-12 degrees of WATER signs- Scorpio, You get romantic spiritual blessings with a GRAND WATER TRINE. 

JUPITER is TRINING PLUTO at 17 degrees EARTH, if you have planets at 15-19 degrees CAPRICORN you get a Grand Earth Trine.  The Billionaire’s transit. Make the most of it and ground those dreams. 

PLEASE share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene, I am working on the Spring Equinox article and next weeks LUNAR ECLIPSE in LIBRA. 

Inspirational Daily Card March 16

Initiating the BONEFIRE TAROT by Gabrielle West today.

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I want to be a Billionaire -Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars 

Make wishes on falling stars, Leonid meteor showers

The Moon is in Aquarius. The Symbol of Aquarius in the Tarot is THE STAR #17.  

the star Tara Greene Tarot Astrology

The aspects are easy today.

Aquarius Moon trines Mars in Libra very early in the day. You’d think that your energy should feel lighter and more balanced. But Venus and then Mars has just crossed over the super-massive Black Hole, the SUPER GALACTIC CENTER, M87 which holds about 33 galaxies in place with it’s tremendously powerful gravitational pull. This degree is vast but marked as 2 degrees of Libra 16. It sucks up everything in sight and its needs are Karmic relationships.

The symbol of LIBRA is the scales of Ma’at’s JUSTICE # 8. we are in a #8 year.

Black Holes warp time and space. There may be a deep felt sense of DEJA VU. France has virtually just asked for the world to join it and start a world war against Islamic Terrorists to wipe them out in Syria, Afghanistan,wherever they are. Haven’t we done this before in Germany and Japan? In Libra the issue is, how do we make peace? How to reach balance when each side needs to annihilate the other to find “peace”? 

Sun conjuncts Mercury at 24 degrees Scorpio, also a very bright positive energy in Scorpio it continues the New Moon theme of death, rebirth, transformation.

Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius

indicating serious military action in Foreign countries. Lots of rah rah political speeches about maintaining democracy and asking for collaborative Aquarian efforts between nations.

Aquarius Moon trines Venus in LIBRA @ 9+ degrees at night.

This Air trine becomes Grand if you are a Gemini with planets around these degrees. 

This image is like a higher consciousness World wide government who gets together to wage peace. That is what the Trump #17 the STar symbolizes, wishes hopes dreams, collaboration.

Well we can imagine dream wish and hope can’t we? 

And speaking of wishes…

Leonid Meteor shower Tara Greene

The Leonid Meteor showers peak this week NOv. 17 and 18th. These meteor are the fastest shooting stars, hitting Earth’s atmosphere at about 162,000 mph (261,000 km per hour), according to Space.com.  These annual meteor showers pass through the constellation of Leo.

Shooting stars are magical. Who doesn’t have their breath taken away when they catch a falling star at night and make a wish? These cosmic showers are  uplifting and remind us of our own cosmic origins from the stars. We are made up of the same elements, the same cosmic space dust as the meteorites flashing by in the night sky. We are also hurtling through vast space on our beautiful small blue planet, around the sun at approximately 70,000 MPH.  Their annual appearance also reminds us of the continuous cyclic and spiral nature of life and the galaxies.

Looking up gives up a wider perspective. Things have been heavy with the Terrorist attacks in Paris and it appear like the real World War on Terror is about to start.  Go into your heart and feel your connection with everyone else on this planet. Know in your cellular memory that we are all born from the Feminine, we all have the same Mother, the Earth, Pachamama,and are in essence cosmic dust. 

This years meteor show may be dampened a bit even though we are at first quarter moon. Check to see what time the Moon sets in your area, so the sky will be dark and clearest.  The Leonids result when Earth plows through a trail of debris shed by Comet Tempel-Tuttle. The comet is now about as far from the sun as it gets during its roughly 33-year orbit, so there’s not a lot of debris for Earth to hit,  (The highest concentrations of shed dust and gas tend to be near the comet as it orbits the sun.)  Although some previous Leonid showers have produced tens of thousands of meteors per hour (in breathtaking events known as “meteor storms”), viewers should expect at most 10 to 20 per hour this year.

Another renowned meteor display is just around the corner: The Geminids, one of the most reliable and productive of the annual showers, will peak overnight on Dec. 13 to Dec. 14.

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We Are Stardust- {Woodstock} live rare version Joni Mtchell  

Void Moon,Inconvenient energy, Daily Card

November 4 the Moon is Void of Course all day. A good day to meditate and take care of mundane things. The Moon enters Virgo  @ 6:22 pm PST/ 9:22 pm EST.

The healing energies are still in the air from yesterdays Jupiter- Chiron opposition.

Jupiter in Virgo is approaching an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries on the 5th

An inconjunct is like the inconvenient truth, two parties who simply realize they are totally incompatible. We need to learn to be the translator.

This Virgo energy makes us feel like no matter how hard we work we never get ahead. Uranus in Aries wants total change yesterday, no patience. Then we feel frustrated, angry and need to blow off some steam. Heads may role from the top down,. Even though Jupiter in Virgo has some gumption, he is not standing in his fave sign and acts humble which also doesn’t befit him. 

Card of the day 

king of Pentacles Tara Greene tarot

King of Pentacles/Coins/Disks  from Decadent Dream Tarot 

oh the synchronicity. This card governs  over 20 degrees Leo up until 20 degrees of Virgo. That is where Jupiter is right now. 

This is a card about wealth masterminding. Mastering the physical world in all its aspects, money, responsibility, your body. The Kings are mature and wise. Jupiter is the king of the Planets. How well are you managing you shit? Literally. Your daily routine, your bowels? your savings? These are all Virgo issues which Jupiters’ presence magnifies. 

This card is about worldly success and abundance.How much of this do you have in your life? What do you need to do in order to manifest it? It takes discipline and hard work to govern the material world.

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july 19 feed your soul

It’s a rather quiet Sunday with the planets.

There was a  late night Mercury Uranus square last night which may have fed intriguing unusual conversations and unexpected fiery reactions. The Moon is in receptive hard-working practical VIRGO.

Mercury trines Chiron in Pisces

Moon opposes Neptune

Moon Trines Pluto in Capricorn PDT in wee hours/July 20 EDT

A day of feminine earth and water, is both practical and emotional. 

Feed your soul, dream practical dreams, take steps to manifest a  dream.

 Inspirational Tarot Card of the day July 19

July 20 heads up at mid-day as Moon and Uranus face-off. 

Virgo moon makes sextiles to Mars in Cancer and Mercury and opposes Chiron in Pisces

Expressing how you feel in fundamental terms is easier and facilitates healing communications.


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