Astrology now June 11-17

I’m feeling intuitively that a lot of shit is about to go down This week. New moon in Gemini on the 13th. There’s a Star Gate opening on the new moon.

Where’s  that Moon?

June 11-12

Taurus Moon Mood starts  the  week off with a grounded, earthy, surety. We’re focussed on sensuality, keeping things stable,and enjoying the finer things in life.Indulge your senses. People will dig in their hoofs.

June 12-14 Moon in mutable Air sign Gemini brings a flirty fast talking sales ability. Deciding what you want is a problem.

Donald Trump and North Korea Leader KIM Jong-Un have a historic meet up to try to create a new  partnership between the free West and North and South Korea.  Donald Trump and KIM Jomg-Un have a strong karmic connection. Remember Trump said he would know withi a few minutes that he would sense if They can work together. They will.                                                                    New/ Dark Moon on the 13th @ 22 Gemini focuses on open minded communications and choices.  The Moon  inconjuncts Pluto indicates divisions between feelings and being empowered. New Moon is always about new intention setting and sitting in ceremony to receive from the dark void of the womb of all creativity.

June14-16 Moon in water element,  super sensitive, emotional Cancer in its home sign. These days are full of  mood swings, sentimental, family-oriented fuzzies and all about home, women, children, nourishment and  nurturing, our stomachs rule whenever the moon is in Cancer.

June 16-Moon in Leo till Fathers Day

Leo fire moon is where the drama happens, everyone feels they are entitled and the stars of the show. Leo is strong willed, passionate, childlike willful and heartfelt.

Show Dad how much you care on Fathers Day.

Big planet aspects this week for all signs

June 11 Gemini Sun quincunx Pluto

Divisive communications and power struggles. Some shit is gonna go down around those in power  behind the scenes.manybpriole are trying to ditch their info and change their backstories.

June 12 Mercury enters Cancer

Our heads and our hearts work as one. Mind and feelings United. This is great to feel with the mind and think with the emotional body or heart. Speak from your feelings.

June 13 New Moon

Mercury in Cancer  sextiles Uranus in Taurus

this is great for compassionate conversations with allow for totally mewc out of the norm  solutions. Uranus in Taurus is new lands radical resources and literally revolutions on land and boundaries.,Radical stubbornness can get nurturing support.. This is the Trump Kim Jong-Un new open border peace talks which will bring a radical new beginning and partnership. Trump will be hailed as a great hero. I know you’ll hate me for saying that.

Venus enters Leo  June 13/14

Women, money, values, relationships are dramatic, passionate, over the top. Love loud. Be proud. Women need to love themselves. Be the star of your own show. There is danger of vanity, huge ego battles, and demanding the prima Donna treatment. Gold values go up.

June 14/15

Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus

Uh oh. This is a new Fixed square energy. Those who are used to being in power get a rude awakening. The status quote is getting changed. Ego battles and struggles to hold onto power. The one who has the most power battles with entrenched values and resources. It’s Donakd Trumps birthday. This energy signature is a hallmark of his year ahead. Values are being radically altered in ways most people would not expect. Financial markets may crash or hit all time highs.

June 15/16 Mercury opposes Saturn in Capricorn

This is another power struggle between corporate powers-the Plutocracy and  patriots. The US is all about “mom and family values.”  Women are voicing their concerns against patriarchal values worldwide.

June 16  Mercury in Cancer quincunx Mars in Aquarius

A quincunx or  inconjunct is a difficult, irritating aspect. The two planets can’t relate or see each other literally. How can we expect to communicate? Mars is slowing down and is in its shadow period now before Retrograding June 26/27. Be open to nurturing radical ideas and innovation in  communications. Re-arrange your home. Renovate or redecorate with a fresh modern style. This is also good energy to change your diet or lifestyle radically.

Please share widely all writing is copyrght  by Tara Greene.

note: The transiting north Node marks the collectIve consciousness GPS. “True North” is a spiritual symbol of higher direction. If  Your Sun, Moon,Ascendent or any other planets or angles are aligned with these degrees right now you will feel the synchronicity.  The South Node opposite the North is inAquarius and Mars is conjunct the South Node now. If you have planets or angles connected to   6-10 degrees Aquarius with Mars on South Node is vey important right now. It’s a powerful time to release anger, energy, and defences with collective values. Let go of feelings Likecan outsider and a renegade and to step bravely into your own uniqueness and discover your tribe. Go with your  heart and will with courage symbolized by the Leo North Node.

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Mercury Retrogade conjunct Vesta and Hekate crossroads

MERCURY stations Retrograde August 12 and 13th in earthy VIRGO conjunct VESTA the Goddess of Investments and keeper of the sacred flame of spirit. The duo are opposite Neptune in PISCES.

This is a time to review your mind, body, spiritual wealth during this Retrograde. Review what you pay attention to, what you invest your time, work, and focus on. Review your diet and health routine. This would be an excellent time for a change in diet, or a cleanse as your discipline will be stronger. Also an excellent time for a mini vision quest, meditation retreat or re-visioning your goals. Virgo is the sign that traditionally rules “servants.” the Mercury Vesta conjunction opposition to Neptune points out needing to deal with addictions issues. Glamour, projections, shadow work addictions to sex, food gambling consumerism guru worship relationships and being overly rigid and perfectionist need to be dealt with.


Virgo is the sign that traditionally rules “servants.” the Mercury Vesta conjunction opposition to Neptune points out needing to deal with addictions issues. Glamour, projections, shadow work addictions to sex, food gambling consumerism guru worship relationships and being overly rigid and perfectionistic need to be dealt with.

CERES VENUS and HEKATE the Goddess of the crossroads form a triumvirate conjunct SIRIUS the resurrection Star in Cancer. Which is conjunct the U.S. Sun.

The triple goddess is sextile to Retro Mercury and Vesta

Hekate Blake Goddess Tara Greene


Use your emotions to feel out which direction is calling you.

HEKATE Asteroid #100 is an ancient Goddess who sees in all directions at once. She was called the Goddess of the three ways- Tri-via which has been reduced to the knowledge of trivial pursuits these days.  She travels with a flock of suicides and freshly killed souls that she used to make Daimones with. She is associated with owls as are all night visioned dream bringing oracular psychic Goddesses howling dogs and household rubbish. 

If you feel that you are at a crossroads- call on Hecate. She is known to be a midwife of major life changes and decisions. She is a Dark or Black Goddess associated with the Dark or New moon phase of reclusiveness and women’s bleeding times of deep wisdom. 

The word HEKA or Hekau meant “magical speech” in Egyptian and Hekate means “influence from afar” in Greek. 

She is a triple Goddess. she is a shamanic goddess traveling from upper to middle to lower worlds and she had power over all three realms. She had three faces and Goddess associated with her.
She is known as the Moon Selene governing the Upper World or Heavens.
She is Artemis/Diana the huntress on earth. All wild animals are sacred to her especially the dog, or wolves the snake, and lion. 
she is the destroyer working with the dead in the Underworld.  
Statues of Hekate depict her as three female figures or crowned with a triple-turreted headdress, or with three heads. 

She is a Goddess of magic and garbage poisons night boundaries the shadow in the unconscious and the crossroads. She is ambivalent and unconventional. She is a solitary Goddess also associated with Chrone wisdom a post menopausal woman.  


Black dogs horses sheep owls bats snakes and boars.


willow yew Blackthorn groves of trees belladonna and all poisonous plants

Herbs and spices

Cinnamon myrrh mugwort honey lime and lemon verbena or Queen of the Night 


Sapphire silver gold moonstone black onyx smoky quartz and any dark or luminous stones are sacred to Her. 

Inbetwixt the next total solar eclipse if you feel at a great crossroads and it seems we are in the world.

HEKATE @17 degrees CANCER is directly opposite Pluto and squaring Jupiter in LIBRA 

This describes the current nuclear { Pluto} threats between the U.S. and North Korea. Jupiter in Libra is the big peacekeeper or maker of more imbalances. 

We are Inbetwixt the next total solar eclipse. If you feel at a great crossroads and it seems we are in the world call upon HEKATE’s deep wisdom. Look for synchronous signs.  Ask her to enter your dreamscapes. 

Her connection to beautiful loving Venus in Cancer and  Ceres the Great Mother herself protectress of the earth and her children bodes well. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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