Larry King, Astrology of Life and death

Larry King, famous broadcaster for six-decades passed away on January 23 in Los Angeles at 87. Larry was the King, with worldwide fame for conducting an estimated 50,000 interviews of political leaders and celebrities. Larry had an unusual knack for being open and honest with everyone he interviewed. He spent a lot of time on Twitter too.

King was married eight times to seven women and had five children. Two of his children died last year within weeks of each other, a daughter Chaia died of lung cancer and a son Andy of a heart attack in 2020 while King was under the Saturn Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn opposite his NATAL PLUTO in CANCER. He had been facing numerous health problems including heart attacks in the past few years.

Let us look at his birth chart. I have added Asteroid KING #2035

Larry King Astrology Life and death Tara Greene
Larry King Astrology Life and death Tara Greene

Larry King Astrology Life and death Tara Greene

This is a complex man, and his chart reflects it. Look at all those dotted green lines which are quincunxes.

SCORPIO SUN, MERCURY RETROGADE, and MIDHEAVEN the 10th House of career and world fame

King was very heavily driven obsessively driven to success and was destined to make it too. He was famous for asking deep probing questions, This key astro signature. He was ambitious and hungry for power, wealth, rooting his subjects out to the core, and control. SCORPIO, ruled by PLUTO the Lord of Wealth change, death and rebirth, the soul is in the 7th house of marriage. Asteroid JUNO known as Goddess of Marriage is conjunct King’s SUN. The Scorpio death and rebirth motif was born out in King being married 8 times to 7 women! Juno is also a feminine form of Genius, an 8 direction multi-tasking intelligence.

A man with a life long career as an interviewer on multiple media has MERCURY RETROGRADE and there you go for all of those who think Mercury is a bad thing. Those born with Mercury Retrograde are very creative out of the box unique thinkers and analyze things in entirely new ways.

ASTEROID EROS in CAPRICORN opposite PLUTO in the 7th House

square Scorpio SUN and MERCURY

“I am curious about everything and have plenty of thoughts. I think about serious things, funny things have ordinary things.” King was quoted.

Mercury is the planet of Communications, media, broadcasting, debating, communication, and King was the King. His career was his crowning achievement and he achieved great financial success the attributes of Scorpio.

MARS the planet of sex, drive, ambition, machismo at 0 Capricorn- the “world point” in the 12th house of karma, secrets, career ambition, spirituality, charity, selflessness, and self-sabotage, projections around sex. Mars on the World Point is a great ambition with long-lasting staying Top of the mountain power.

MOON at 24 SAGITTARIUS in the 11th house of information, groups, organizations, politics.

Sagittarius Moon gives off an easy-going personality which is charming, charismatic, friendly, honest, and happy. his Moon is conjunct the GALACTIC CENTER a black hole that sucks in all light and matter, the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. It is a powerful broadcasting point and place of higher intelligence. King was tuned in on a Higher Level. A lifelong learner, teacher, philosopher. Sagittarius rule politics, foreign connections, publishing, wisdom, good humour. All these hats King wore through his broadcasting shows.


Larry came from a poor background of newly emigrated Orthodox Jews. His father died of a heart attack when he was only nine years old. Capricorn’s serious mature Ascendant takes life on in a practical manner. Larry’s Venus in Capricorn in the 12th is a love of women and unconscious drive for luxury, fame, and fortune. Capricorn ascendant gives long life.

SATURN is the ruler of Capricorn AC and Venus also co-ruler of Aquarius is strong in its home sign in Larry’s first house of self-identity conjunct Asteroid KING. which is not his birth name which was Zeiger.

JUPITER in LIBRA in 9th square Venus and AC

Jupiter the planet of benefits is the highest elevated planet in his chart. Everyone liked Larry and he liked everyone he interviewed too. He treated all his guests fairly and fought for political justice. Larry oozed charm and appeared nice. Libra has social graces and can listen like no other sign. The quintessential go-between ambassador and counsellor. He loved women and hated being alone. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. The Jupiter Venus square indicates many marriages. Jupiter trines Saturn in Aquarius a nice balancing aspect.


A pioneering communicator, squaring Pluto n the 7th house of others. An independent entrepreneur who Did it his way.


South Node in Leo rules the heart. Larry and his father had a record of heart attacks. Larry had already been a particularly important figure in a past life with a LEO SOUTH NODE through a marriage or other arranged affiliation. He knew how to handle power and wealth. He needed to evolve into doing things his own unique way as a trailblazer, an inventor, in communication, ideas and taking the high road.

Chiron in GEMINI opposite Sun square NODES

Gemini is the sign of communications, marketers, charm and never grow old types. Chiron is the Wounded Healer. It was King’s fate, the Nodes, and his desire to bring Scorpio depth, revelation, and psychological insights to communicating. King was obsessed with what was varied and ever-changing. Chiron in Gemini is lung issues, grief. He recently lost two of his children.

LARRY also had an incredibly unique signature of MOON, VENUS, and MARS Out of BOUNDS

This triple out of bounds planets made Larry a unique never tie me down individual.



This is an auspicious aspect which brings luck. Uranus in ARIES is a trailblazer very literally he was hot headed and deeply passionate.

Although there are many YODS or “Finger of God” in his chart the one that stands out for me is His SAGITTARIUS MOON to the NORTH NODE in AQUARIUS inconjunct PLUTO in CANCER. This signifies his need to marry and yet be a strong individual.


KING left three living children out of five, nine grandchildren, as well as four great-grandchildren. He was divorced from his last 7th wife. see Wikipedia.

King was under several powerful transits.

A once in a lifetime PLUTO opposition, a sure sign of death.

Venus was in Capricorn opposing PLUTO and Squaring his natal URANUS. King was just having his third Saturn return with Jupiter returning to his natal Aquarius for his 7th Jupiter return. A good death as they say.


The SOUTH NODE Is an exit fated point. The Moon represents the womb, the eternal round of womb, tomb. The SOUTH NODE triggers his natal YOD to Pluto and SOUTH NODE. Pluto in Cancer is a return to the family and traditions.

MERCURY planet of communications was conjunct to his ATHENA strategy goddess and his NORTH NODE of FATE. It was time.

URANUS conjunct MARS in TAURUS squaring Asteroid KING and SATURN Lord of death it was a sudden turn death even though King was 87 years old.

He has just had a Venus Return in Capricorn Venus us square his Natal Jupiter in LIBRA he was in good spirits.

The SUN was on Asteroid KING. A royal salute.

Larry Kings’ thousands of illuminating interviews will live on. He was Jewish and the saying is “may his memory be a blessing.”.

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

Johnny Depp,in depth Astrology,Tara Greene

Johnny Depp has always been one of my favourite actors. In the past 9 days his beloved Mother passed away May 20 in Los Angeles and his wife of 15 months the lovely Amber Heard has filed for divorce May 26 with a restraining order against Depp claiming that he physically assaulted her. They had no pre-nup agreement and Amber could stand to get 1/2 of his hundreds of millions. 

Johnny also got into a kerfuffle with the OZ officials for trying to smuggle in their two little dogs,against the rules. 

Let’s check out Johnny’s chart to see what the stars are doing 

JOhnny Depp Astrology Tara Greene

Johnny hasn’t been looking well since he married Herd actually. The handsome actor known for his gorgeous cheek-bones has put on weight, looks bloated and unkempt. He has had addictions problems in the past. So what’s going on with the very talented actor who’s Alice Through The Looking Glass premiered at the same time as the divorce announcement and his mo’s death all within a week’s time?

Born John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II on June 9, 1963 Johnny is a Versatile mutable GEMINI, with his SUN in the 11th house of the Rebel, the freedom fighter. With a Fiery passionate actor’s LEO Ascendant, Johnny loves drama. 

Johnny has his MOON in CAPRICORN representing his Mother, his moods, feelings, childhood and emotional security needs. His SOUTH NODE is also in CAPRICORN at 20 Degrees indicating that his Mother, and all women in his life are KARMIC connections for him. Johnny ay get unconscious and act from that past life karmic mood. The Moon and South Node are in his 6th house of work, and health, So all of these factors affect his physical body and his work output and his emotional state. 

Johnny has a MERCURY VENUS conjunction in sensuous TAURUS in his 10th HOUSE of FAME. Johnny’s career is Taurus and VENUS, the Goddess of love beauty and the arts has bestowed him with his good looks and charm. He is a sensuous man, driven by his physical desires for money,beautiful women, art, music, whatever touches his mind as well. He is a pragmatic thinker.

Johnny has MARS at 3 degrees VIRGO in his 1st house of self-identity conjunct URANUS The man is a born REBEL, he could never fit in everywhere. Depp has stated that his addictions stemmed from the fact that he “Never felt comfortable in his own skin.”  Spoken like a true Uranian in earth signs. The placement of the planet Uranus in all charts indicates the “alien aspect.”  Johnny’s energy may be very erratic, he is an electrifying lover, very much in touch with his own Kundalini energies. He is brilliant and his thoughts usually rise above the crowds. 

Johnny also has PLUTO in Virgo conjunct that already weird in the body stuff. So that’s a MARS URANUS PLUTO conjunction. The man is a born rebel rouser, inventor, freedom lover.

CERES, the Great Mother is also conjunct Depp’s natal Pluto indicating he has a very strong tie with his mother, maybe more unconsciously and the Asteroid JUNO, the traditional Greek Goddess of Marriage, the faithful wife image is conjunct to Ceres.  He is seeking a Mother and Wife deep down. 

CERES and JUNO are opposite Johnny’s CHIRON in PISCES in the 8th house

Any planets in Pisces have an unconscious, shadow like, self-undoing nature, In the 8th house especially, Johnny has ghosts, he may be very tormented deep down, feels very vulnerable. He must be careful that he isn’t manipulated and used for his money influence and power. He seeks healing from the mother/wife image. 


This is the aspect which makes Johnny such an incredible actor. The ability to morph into whatever character he is playing. He may have a dual personality as well. One which he keeps hidden, There are natural addictions issues with this aspect. Pisces can be brilliant or self-destructive and both too.

MARS conjunct PLUTO in ANY sign is a symbol of issues with power, control, sex, demons, big shadows, and violence potentially. Johnny also treats his work {Virgo} like an a attack dog. He totally embodies whatever character he is playing. His health can suffer if her gets out of touch with his own feelings and drives. 

Johnny has JUPITER in ARIES in the 9th house. He is spontaneous, quick to anger, energetic, trusting, naive at times, independent, strong-willed, competitive, needs to be the boss. 

SATURN is RETROGRADE at 23 AQUARIUS in his 7th house of Marriage. 

This is a very karmic indicator that his Father strongly affects his connections with the world. He will have more than one marriage and the brides will be ones he has married before. He will have unusual, or free marriages. It may be difficult for him to be faithful to one partner at a time. He needs a partner which he sees as a partner in arms, sharing the same wavelength.  URANUS is opposite to Saturn in Virgo indicating karmic relationships and unusual partners or erratic energies in the relationships. 

NEPTUNE is also RETROGRADE in SCORPIO in his 4th house of childhood, home, roots,foundation, his mother, and his unconscious, his most private house.  Johnny has very deep sexual and spiritual desires and addictions, which may be very closely guarded. Neptune is the planet that rules actors, artists, musicians and addicts. Neptune Retrograde makes it more difficult for people to drop their addictions as the causes are karmic and very deeply rooted. 

NEPTUNE SQUARES SATURN indicating the addictions may run in the family. Depp’s father may have been very controlling or a projection of young Depp onto an idealised Father image. 

Johnny’s NORTH NODE at 20 degrees CANCER

Depp has stated that his children have become everything to him. They weren’t planned. The North Node in the 12th house shows a deep unconscious desire for children, family, emotional and security needs. Johnny is meant to evolve into a protective nurturing father figure. He needs a lot of emotional support and could turn self- destructive if he doesn’t get it. He is deeply sentimental and governed by his Mother.


Johnny is in the cross-hairs of the MUTABLE GRAND CROSS this past few weeks. 

SATURN Lord of KARMA is EXACTLY squaring his Chiron in Pisces in the house of MARRIAGE and opposite his Gemini sun and squaring his Natal CERES, symbolizing his mother. I am sending Blessings to Johnny over the loss of his mother. This aspect has also brought on his deep wounds, emotional needs and a karmic ending to his marriage to Amber. 

JUPITER in VIRGO is also involved, also right on his Natal CERES, squaring his GEMINI SUN and opposite his Natal CHIRON in PISCES. His health is suffering most likely from drinking, he has fallen back into his old addictions. 

PLUTO in CAPRICORN is inconjunct to his Natal Gemini SUN and will continue to bring major-breakdowns in Johnny’s life over the next couple of years. I had an intuitive flash that he will commit suicide or is thinking about this as he is very depressed and should go to rehab.

PLUTO is also conjunct to his SOUTH NODE in CAPRICORN indicating a fall from power, Johnny’s soul is unravelling, He needs to let go of his own self-image. Everything he built could be laid waste. Pluto is pushing his soul into his North Node, family, his children, nurturing himself. Rehab, the 12th house, seclusion, self-destruction, can be very creative if he navigates it well. His family may have to intervene to help him. 

URANUS has been squaring his Nodes for most of 2016 bringing erratic unusual behaviours into Johnny life. 

Mars Retrograde travelling through his 4th house will oppose his Natal Mercury Venus conjunction over the next month or so. He will move find a new place to live. MARS turns DIRECT June 29 at 23+ degrees Scorpio exactly square his Natal Saturn in AQUARIUS in the 7th house. It may be a fight in court ahead as Mars return to Sagittarius. There is an indication that his ex-Vanessa Paradise may come back into his life. He may need her and his children’s love to help him through this transition. 

The SOLAR ECLIPSE at 18+ Pisces March 8 had a strong influence on his Natal SUN and CHIRON. It indicates a 19 year cycle in Depp’s life. 

JUPITER will enter LIBRA in SEPTEMBER and will oppose Johnny’s natal JUPITER and square his Moon in mid-November this can be a good thing for him. Jupiter in Libra rebalances relationship karma. Jupiter in LIbra is court justice. Telling the truth is very important. 

The transiting SOUTH NODE And NEPTUNE will be conjunct at 9+ degrees PISCES in November 2016 in his 8th house of resources, karma, death and rebirth. 

This releasing of past karma will happen right on Johnny’s CHIRON in PISCES in his 8th house of money and power death and resurrection. SATURN will also be squaring the NODES and NEPTUNE. Johnny will have his day in court. He may take a big hit on the financial level. He may go further down the rabbit hole into deeper addictions problems. Or this will be a huge wake up call for him. 

I do hope that Johnny finds a way to redeem himself. His children could be his true lifeline for him getting him self back on track. I am sending him blessings for his recovery.

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Inspirational Practical Numerology magic lucky Star weekend

Moon is in Capricorn now since the 16th- Do you feel more solid?

Weekend forecast is down to earth, practical, doesn’t want to feel those emotions.

It’s 8/17 today a magical Numerology day 8 is Good Luck Infinity, 17 is THE STAR, everyone’s favourite card in the Tarot.

Work with the numerology, in China 8 is the luckiest Number – symbolizes the Wheel of Karma/Dharma- all things.

the Star 8/17 Tara Greene Tarot

The Star #17 Thoth Tarot

I use it on my business cards

It’s my 17th Wedding Anniversary today. 

Also the Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence,one of the first higher consciousness world-wide meditations,26 years ago. I was in Sedona.  


It’s literally WISH ON A STAR so do it

See yourself as an open vessel of cosmic consciousness. Every man and woman is a Star and has their own individual Star watching over them and guiding them.

We have another Good Luck ritual opportunity today

Capricorn Moon conjuncts PLUTO and opposes Jupiter- this is the BIG WEALTH combo between 2:34 EDT-6:04 pm EDT

Like the rituals I have created before for you-see the rare 6 pointed Star meditation which includes   Jupiter Pluto

aligning with the cosmic Vibes is how all ancient magic was done.

Jupiter in Cancer expands and is a positive balm  for our emotional insecurities. Pluto in Capricorn is the soul’s wealth, the real treasure trove that is infinite, as vast as the entire cosmos yet in Capricorn needs to be embodied, made practical, part of our everyday lives.

Business as usual is soul business.-Tm Tara Greene

Check out where Capricorn and Cancer is in your Natal chart to see what aspects of practical deep wealth and Cancer nurturing and emotional security you need to work with personally. Capricorn is natural 10th house of wordly fame and Cancer is the 4th house of Mom ,nurturing.

and of course the third leg is the Moon square Uranus in Aries. We are getting a T-square from the Moon ever week now.

The most obvious question is WHAT is what do I need to change for  me to feel wealthy, powerful and secure in myself?

That is where you call Jupiter the King of the Gods and Pluto/Hades his brother in to help you. They were the CEO’s of the Universe.

These are three powerful keys to unlock everything your heart desire’s.

It’s really very simple.

Aug 18 Moon opposes Mars in Cancer

so there could be some anger issues and family tension but it can also be used as having a family meeting and a resolution made between the two feuding sides.

Moon quincunx’s the Leo Kingly Sun- pride gets in the way

Moon enters Aquarius 9:07 pm PDT

We’re leading up to the Aquarius Angelic Full Moon on the 20th-

I’ll write about that one later its very special.

Always an awesome time ot get a reading as the Full Moon symbolizes completion of a cycle.


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STarlight Taylor Swift 

Trines, Neptune Retro,dream’s not over,Rehab, 5th degree, Gemini NEW MOON


Moon’s in Aries June 2-4

Venus entered CANCER June 2- “Home is where your heart is.” Tara Greene

MOON conjunct Uranus early in a.m.  for brilliant emotional flashes of insight

June 3

WATER TRINE’S begin  Monday with MERCURY in CANCER trine Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio

Grand Water Trine

The mind heart feelings connection touches the highest intuitive dreams and the deepest wells of your darkest desires.

BIG EMOTIONAL & communicating  HIGHS And LOWS.

WATER PEEPS with planets at the BIG 5 degrees get the blast of blessings.

VENUS in CANCER will do the same thing on June 7 at the same degree 5 of Cancer- REMEMBER the 5th DEGREE 

If you are born June 25, Feb 22 and November 26 you get the lucky high tides blessings. Give a day or two on either side.

June 4

Moon enters TAURUS in a.m. Emotions are earthy sensual slow practical, hands on

Makes nice sextiles to VENUS and NEPTUNE – the stars of the show this week

this is the reality part of those beautiful romantic dreams

Moon opposes SATURN in evening. Stubborn bull fighting.

June 5

TAURUS moon TRINES PLUTO – this is rich in every sense, rich deserts, feeling Great, knowing you got the goods, strut your stuff

JUNE 6  

SOME love inconjuncts means irritating, can’t understand each other as

VENUS in Cancer quincunx MARS in GEMINI= men are in GEmINI land and Woman are in homeland

Moon enters GEMINI which always lightens the emotional scope

or at least makes it possible for the guys to think up some excuse and get the hell outta there.


NEPTUNE Goes RETRO  + 2nd GRAND TRINES of the week

THis means it’s a dreamy 5 + month time to RE-dream + SPIRITUALLY RE CHARGE.
And time to go to REHAB- yes! yes! yes! Do you hear that Rob Ford?
Artists, musicians, actors, all creative types. Time to dust of an unfinished or old piece. Perhaps update, re-configure or relaunch.
Old dreams that haven’t manifested need your attention now. Soul mates you haven’t seen or have not met may s…how up during this time period. Review your dreams, your debts both karmic and financial and what you’ve been in denial about.. Neptune rules debt, addictions and denial.Politically “OIL PIPELINES” and all issues relating to International oil will be reviewed and halted.
Retrogrades are the FEMININE energy. Neptune rules spiritual love, DIVINE love.
VENUS TRINES NEPTUNE 3 hours after Neptune Retro to put a beautiful loving kiss onto Neptune’s cheek as he goes back into the stellar ocean’s of unconsciousness. Neptune is the HIGHER OCTAVE of Venus. Ah a beautiful soul kiss, a deliscious aspect.
It’s a very busy day Moon conjunct MARS @ 4 degrees GEMINI early A.M. a busy hi energy day get started early.
Moon squares NEPTUNE- Neptune is getting primed here.
Moon quincunx Saturn before noon. Irritating difficult annoying why do we have to put up with so much hot air?
VENUS TRINES SATURN  – before noon.
Love and desire are necessary parts of  making those dreams come true. It’s ok to commit.
MERCURY in Cancer opposes PLUTO in Capricorn around dinner
THE FEMININE values of  family safety women children real values or PLUTOCRACY face off. Much revolutionary action.
ACTIONs ideas and dreams combine or clash. Don’t put down an idealist or a romantic dreamer.
GEMINI Moon quincunx’s PLUTO
the will of the people, new information of a shocking nature may be suppressed to come out later and reveal the hidden agendas of the
most sinister nefarious kind. WIKILEAKS, ANONYMOUS hackers put a huge dent in the system.
MARS in GEMINI quincunx SATURN in Scorpio
angry street fighting vs Black Ops, escalating battlefields.
June 8
Moon squares CHIRON at night watch for old wounded figures in dreamscape
GEMINI NEW MOON @ 18 01 degrees @ 8:58 am PDT/ 11:58 am EDT
FEATURES MERCURY + VENUS  between 6-11 degrees of CANCER square URANUS
We need to think from our hearts not from BIG BUCK CAPITALIST HIERARCHIES- There are radically new technologies, inspirations, creations, feminine centered ways of working together as family of like-minded beings. We ‘re all in this together.
This is a stressful aspect adding Mercury= IDEAS and COMMUNICATIONS and Venus -WOMEN’S VALUES  to the T-SQUARES of the outer planets.
NEPTUNE makes its 2nd of three EXACT TRINES to SATURN in SCORPIO- the 1st was on OCt 10 2012, and the last is on July 19 at 5 degrees.
and of course this NEW MOON features a WATER GRAND TRINE as described.
CHIRON the NORTH NODE and Mercury conjuncts Vesta in another GRAND TRINE
FOCUS ON WHERE THE PAIN IS and see it as the light that points the way out.
THE NEW MOON conjuncts the brightest STAR in the constellation of ORION, RIGEL.
a blue supergiant, 18 times more massive than our sun. Rigel is a navigation star and helps integrate spirit with in matter, like the myth
of the GEMINI twins, -or Cain and Abel the fighting twins is a myth in every culture of the world.
GEMINI is the LOVERS in the TAROT.
MERCURY SQUARES URANUS later in day to offer more inventive ideas abotu how to stop seeing women as mothers or whores.
For all you TWIHARDS-

something completely different, Aries Loco Motion Freaky Friday astrology

Brace yourself Friday MARCH 22  its TRULY A FREAKY FRIDAY   the ASTRO energetics are TOTALLY WEIRD BONKY off the event horizon

Uranus MArs Sun Venus


-let your freak flag fly  REBEL REBEL by David BOWIE

start the revolution

-coyote crazy wisdom

-swerve it  outta the box,  LOCO MOTION literally, C

+ MOON IN LEO TRINES SUN URANUS MARS- give all the outsiders a GOLD Medal TODAY

every on who was considered weird outcasts gets rewarded today!!!!!!!!

like on GLEE  where all the  “loser” kids are-the most creative unusual most interesting

ALL the REBELS, those who spoke before their time, REJECTED BY STATUS QUO- ITS YOUR DAY TO SHINE


all this occurs at 8-10 degrees ARIES GEMINI SCORPIO



on top of all the hot crazies all these quincunxes are like the TOWER OF BABEL

so there is deep healing, its painful but YOU CAN IGNORE THE WOUNDS THE BLOOD THE PUS Anymore,,,

Todd Browning's FREAKS

FREAKS from Todd Browning’s cult classic 1934


there’s a hard rub


take the first 2 letters of Scraped away, they are the first 2 letters of SCORPIO

its a poetic raped by orpio which sounds like ORPHEUS


the realm of the UNCONSCIOUS where all our deepest fears insecurities, unknotted parts live

to retrieve your dead gal/boy friend

negotiate with DEATH, make the bargain, get ready to leave BUT ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE ADMONISHMENT


BOB DYLAN, TEENAGE DREAM etc. sing about it

with all this MARS URANUS MAYHEM

OASIS classic song DON’t LOOK BACK IN ANGER  by Noel  GALLAGHER fits perfectly

“Slip inside the eye of your mind
Don’t you know you might find
A better place to play
You said that you’d never been
But all the things that you’ve seen
Will slowly fade away

So I start a revolution from my bed
‘Cos you said the brains I had went to my head.
Step outside, summertime’s in bloom
Stand up beside the fireplace
Take that look from off your face
You ain’t ever gonna burn my heart out

And so Sally can wait, she knows it’s too late as we’re walking on by
Her soul slides away, but don’t look back in anger I heard you say

So Sally can wait
She knows it’s too late as she’s walking on by
My soul slides away
But don’t look back in anger
Don’t look back in anger
I heard you say”



get out your ya ya’s, dance your crazies out, shout stomp scream your frustrations and your bondage away



Watch OASIS sing

Whole lotta’ luck, Sagittarians,Gemini,Pisces.Twin flame + Sun Mercury smooch,Astrology

La Luna

                                                                                                                       Monday is THE MOON’S DAY 

Moon in Sagittarius and that means TRUTH TELLING DAYS 

March 4 WHOLE lotta luck for Sagittarius  and  Gemini  

Sagittarius Moon is opposite Jupiter in Gemini, early in the morning

YAY!  I have my Natal Moon in Sagittarius with my Sun and Mercury and I always feel best


If you know where your Sun and Moon is you can track your own monthly returns these are like Full and new moons for you personaly

but you gotta abe an early bird it happens at 6:00 am EST

Jupiter in Gemini is like the BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS, can’t you hear her cheap?

always feel good, a bit too good, like  Santa Claus, abundant, good cheer, buy a lottery ticket, smile at everyone,

,you are totally charming today Sagittarius and GEM’s. 

so do Tell your truth

and a few jokes, ask the boss for a raise and  charm the pants off that  person you got your eye on.

Book that vacation to Sedona, with me.-see below-  Sign up for a yoga class, language or prat falls class.

say prayers to JOVE,but be ware not too over indulge. WHAT ME WORRY?

Hot to trot Moon in Sagittarius squares VENUS in PISCES then later CHIRON + MERCURY & the SUN

VIRGO’s take  a licking  from being squared by the dynamic duo.

so maybe hide your head in the sand or your accounting books today,

 wear a hat, because the SUN and Mercury your RULING PLANET and GEMINI’s too, kiss today.

It’s  traditionally considered CHARRED for Mercury,

as in BURNT OUT,  COMBUST is the traditional term.

You, your car or any equipment may burn out today, dear Virgo’s or Gemini’s please let me know if this does happen


another awesome aspect. Tis is a lovely BODHISATVA aspect. 

Bodhisattva astrologyBodhisattva 

Bodhisattva’s are Buddhist Enlightened beings who gain Enlightenment but come back to earth out of compassion to help others who are still suffering in ignorance and samsara- the illusion, the glamour.

Yes You could find and fall massively in love with your TWIN FLAME today!

This aspect perfectly describes it,

twin flames, makes a BIG T- with the Sag. Moon. 

Last but not least MOON & Sun square off  its definitely a MUTABLE KIND A DAY

with Virgo’s left out. Your time  will come.


Tuesday is MAR’s Day

and the MOON and MARS in PISCES now square off-

tempers will fly, many hoofs in mouths will leave battered feelings

VENUS conjunct CHIRON-

get out the hankies

do something positive with this- go help out at a foodbank

 become aware of the devastation of the oceans, cry your sensitive little heart out 

Moon enters CAPRICORN @ 4:14 pm

back on solid ground, emotions go underground, we’ll believe it because it has a $ sign attached to it

Moon and Neptune make a lovely sextile

WEDNESDAY is JAM PACKED all star day with 13 aspects !!!

should be an ASTROLOGY parody of you know what 

Moon conjuncts PLUTO is always the most POTENT! at 10-11 degrees CAPRICORN. 11:15 am PST 



MERCURY CONJUNCTS VENUS- I’ll create a ritual for this one @ 8:54 pm PST



the communiques you never said, wrote, conveyed can be said now, MERCURY is RETRO

a huge clearing day -will writer more manana



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Revolution # 9 Astrology Numerology -do you know where your planets are?

9th degree master of the templesynchronicity # 9the 9th degree  is highlighted Jan 6 2013

Just noticed this interesting  synchronicity of 5 planets at the 9th degree- this is quite rare

9 is the end of all numbers, symbolizes completion, perfection.

The planets speak in symbols like dreams- the Nth degree is the 9th- to the last, the finish,

what do you have to finish complete and perfect NOW? 

 Many popular phrases relate to the number 9

there is that infamous Beatles song Revolution Number 9, with the hypnotic repeating Number 9, Number 9,

and the Beatles were prophets of the 60’s and the Age of Aquarius is just being birthed now.

Dressed to the Nines, up on cloud 9, the whole nine yards, Love Potion Number 9, a pop song from the 60’s

9 is  a superlative number- the 9 Hathors from Ancient Egypt

There were 9 worthies drawn from pagan and Jewish biblical sources which were used as examples of dignity magnanymous people in Medieval times they were -Hector, Alexander, Julius Caesar, Joshua, David, Judas Maccabaeus, King Arthur, Charlemagne, and Godfrey of Bouillon.

and the  classical mythology had 9 Muses of art and learning  amongst them

-Calliope -epic poetry, Clio- history, Erato-love poetry, Terpsichore- dance, Thalia- Comedy and Urania- Astronomy/Astrology            


 get your astrology chart out and see where you have planets at the 9th degree of any signs but especially

Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius get the exact hit conjunction! the most power packed,-I have nothing here but my husband has his Capricorn Sun.

Aries, Libra, for the square from Capricorn the next intense

and Cancer 9 degrees, Taurus 9 degrees, Leo 9 degrees- they are opposition points and squares

all the other points are already included.


Gemini a 9 degrees gets the quincunx from Pluto Mercury  and to Saturn in Scorpio

Virgo at 9 degrees gets the quincunx to Mars in Aquarius 

very intense days jan 6 and 7th – HOW TO WORK THIS-

depending on which planet or planets are involved, think about and

ASK  the quality of each planet to communicate with you about what is ending, completing

Sun is vigor, self, identity;

 Moon is emotions, instincts, memories,

Mercury is thinking and communications

Venus is love and creativity relatrionships,

Mars is action, defneses,masculine energy

Jupiter is learning,optimism,knowldege,

Saturn is discipline, career, structure, limits, kjarma

Uranus is change,freedom,group actions;

Neptune is dreaming,spirituality, addictions,compassion and forgiveness

Pluto is soul, death, power,riches, transformation, sex,control

be the HERMIT in the Tarot Cards He is # 9 GO within,

listen to your own inner wisdom

let me know

Blessings TARA

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revolution #9 backwards Beatles

Love Potion #9 by the Searchers early 60’s

9/9/2011 Tara greene Tele-conference Grail Springs Spa Global Village

Due to Hurricane Irene’s major power outages on the East Coast my scheduled tele-conference of Aug 29 is taking place LIVE Friday Sept 9 at NOON EDT.


Grail Global Village

on- line community for conscious health, growth,spirtual manifestation


 The New moon energies are still symbolically and alchemically pertinent for Soul Harvest and Renewal.

JOIN the Grail Springs Global Village NOW

The New Moon in Virgo Aug 28-29, 2011– Like a Virgin

Every New Moon is a new beginning, a new cycle, a rebirth in the Great Round of the year. As the Moon travels through each sign and element and makes connections to the other planets and stars the Moon is a cosmic mirror transmuting the energies and vibrations of Universal consciousness. We unconsciously know and instinctively feel deeply connected to the Moon’s movements which raise the ocean’s tides and our feelings on the Full Moons and as she disappears on the New.

The 13 Lunation’s each year both New and Full reflect back to us, through the Ancient Hermetic Maxim “As Above, so below” where we are at. The more we know about these energies, their symbolic meanings, the more knowledge and power we have to grow in our own lives in live in harmony with the cosmos. Timing is everything, everything is a symbol and knowledge is power.

The Astrology Sign of Virgo is the Constellation of the Virgin Goddess

This Virgo New Moon symbolizes for me, a return to your essence, your true and virginal Self, and seeing your Self, and the World through renewed eyes. And of course the renewed eyes are spiritual eyes, the eyes of the heart.

Astrology specifics of the Virgo New Moon, Not just for women only

This is the last New Moon this year before the Autumn Equinox and it carries an element of harvesting. The symbol of Virgo shows the Virgin goddess holding a wheat sheaf. Virgo is known for being analytical. We will take account of how far we’ve travelled since Summer Solstice.


Tuning into the Now of this New Moon Tara will take you on a meditative journey to connect with the energies to become renewed, Virgin, whole and complete once again! We will form clear intentions of what, we as whole renewed Virgins are birthing in many aspects in our lives. This is a supreme Virgin Harvest time for Soul renewal.