Aries New Moon. Get angry for a good cause

Aries New Moon in the Warrior sign, Mars ruled, is the First real beginning of the natural year. Moon is fired up and raring to go into battle on some levels.

There’s now 5 “planets” in Aries -Vesta at 0  Aries, Chiron at 2, SUN and MOON joined at 15+ and ERIS the Troublemaker at 23. That’s hot headed, impatient and impulsive energy.  What are you going to do with all that Pumped up Testosterone fueled energy? 

Mars, ruler of this Lunation in Airy Gemini sextiles Vesta conjunct Chiron in Aries 

Mars, ruler of Aries is in Airy Gemini sextile Vesta conjunct Chiron in Aries. We’ll be debating with overly active minds and feeling a bit insecure about our smarts. Where to invest new energy into ourselves. Mars sextile Chiron helps us talk about where we hurt and new healing.

ancient antique armor armour

Photo by Maria Pop on

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is still in its shadow of leaving its Retrograde and in watery sensitive emotional PISCES conjunct NEPTUNE, the final dispositer of Mercury while its in Pisces and by 1 degree and conjunct to Venus too. It’s a very romantic, spiritual, idealistic, foggy, projecting kind of energy. Its feels very creative and may be awash, seasick, swamped, emotional, bogged down, unclear and overwhelming especially for very sensitive psychic types.




There’s a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS to bear at this new Cardinal Moon.

Saturn ruler of Capricorn at 20 degrees already is conjunct to the South Node of the Moon and to Pluto, they’re all 3 degrees apart. That’s a very tight tough squeeze, like an anaconda in a Business suit. They 3 toughies are opposite to the NOrth Node in Cancer, to the SUN/Moon Eris and opposed to Athena Asteroid Warrior Goddess and strategist.

There’s a battle going on between the Old Guard South Node patriarchy and the women;s movement and other new energy, forward moving energies. This is ARIES we’re starting a new cycle.  Cardinal Crosses are tense.

JUPITER the planet of expansion is in Sagittarius at 24 degrees about to go Retrograde on the 10/11th,  Jupiter is squaring Mercury in Pisces and Neptune. We want to expand out dreams, want to soar, fly, travel, learn and adventure. Jupiter opposes Juno the feminine form of Genius in Gemini too.  Jupiter-Juno is the divine couple in Greek Mythology. Zeus and Hera quite fitting they are in opposition. Neptune and Mercury ask to find empathy with each other. 

Jupiter is sextile LILITH in AQUARIUS this is harmonious energy. But the two form a formidable FINGER OF GOD to North Node in Cancer as Jupiter and Lilith are inconjunct to the North Node in Cancer which is traditional Mom and apple pie. Something’s not quite clicking.  Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to speak the truth and educate people. It’s philosophical and optimistic.  LILITH is electrifying and heating up the revolution, one of her symbols is also as a snake. The forces of higher learning of Aquarius and Sagittarius are pressuring the traditional patriarchal view of Motherhood. Witness the birth control limits trying to be put in place by regressive republicans in the U.S. and in Canada it’s happening in Ontario too. Lilith is not afraid to strike. Sagittarius is politics and truth if you don’t like whats going on get out there and protest.

CERES at 14 Sagittarius is squares VENUS NEPTUNE And Mercury

There’s a lot of feminine energy bubbling away behind the scenes of this Masculine battle ready Aries New Moon.  It’s an Amazon warrioress moon too.

The energy is moving fast this is the last few days until april 10 for All planets moving direct for this year. Make haste.

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Daily Horoscope, Astro-Tarot,

 November 3.
That big, proud, passionate, loud, heart-centered Leonine Moon is inconjunct to Neptune, Pluto and Chiron today.
This may be a painful day for those who are ego identified. If you are feeling defensive, vain, greedy, power hungry, selfish, upstaging others or whose heart is blocked. You may be disappointed, rejected and wounded.But that is the way through the pain. You are not your ego. Read Eckhart Tolle’s books. 
JUPITER in Virgo opposes CHIRON in PISCES at 1:56 pm PST/ 4:56 pm EST
Jupiter in Virgo rules the gut, the upper intestines, what we digest. Yes your guts may be acting up today as a result of all the tension held in. We are also not perfect, that is what Virgo longs for. We are but imperfect humans who need to have compassion for ourselves and for others. Love yourself and work humbly on correcting your illusions, delusions, addictions and denial. The healing balm is in feeling fully your most vulnerable hurt wounded places.
HEALING Card of the Day
5 of swords Tarot Tara Greene
5 of Swords Tarot of Metamorphosis
All of the number 5’s are challenging. The five of swords is usually too much mental/ Air / Mind which are swords indicating too many negative thoughts leading to mental defeat or too much mental overload which all this Virgo energy implies. Virgo is ruled by Mercury now in Scorpio. .
Learn to command your thoughts. This is like cognitive therapy. Your greatest power is to be able to choose what you think and how you communicate. Everything is consciousness. Mind comes first, then emotions, then physical. Choose your thoughts, be more disciplined. Dont cut your self to shreds because you think you are or have screwed up. It’s all a learning process.
WEDNESDAY the Moon is VOID OF COURSE for most of the day.
Chill and stay in the healing mode.
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Lucky strike, tantric sex, Neptune extended wishes

Nov 11 -15 astrology hi lites


Stop at 11 a.m. for a minute of silence for the fallen dead who gave up their lives in wars. Then continue till 11:11 and tune into the higher frequency messages around remembering. WHO YOU ARE and WHY you are here. Do this again at 11 pm – 11:11 pm. That’s 22 total minutes to tune in to your Higher SELF. If it feels rewarding to you, then you have already begun your practice of 22 minutes of sacred space every day- as a gift to yourself. Let me know what happens for you. 



The planet MERCURY is associated with being a trickster. You know how our minds can play tricks on us? Mercury, newly all feet forward is TRINING= 120 degrees is good- NEPTUNE in PISCES. Where the Trident wielding one rules. PISCES energy is water,  fantasy land, dreaming, illusion, delusion, creativity, spirituality, retreats, photography, Hollywood, the unconscious the 12th house, emotional karma, soul mates,tantric sex, twin flames and addictions.


This is an extended wish card in effect from Nov 9- exact today with Neptune still Rx. 

Can you go on a tantric sexual love-making retreat or totally spiritual creativity zone for lets say 3 days?

JUST DO IT. I will.

NEPTUNE GOES DIRECT Nov, 13 and boomerangs all your wishes out

move ahead with all those long distilled dreams. Since June 6th Neptune’s been in slumber land his own territory dreaming on the dreaming. ON NOvember 13 he awakens, and moves forwards with ACTUALIZING those dreams. Early PISCES peeps will slowly wake up from the fog. 


it’s still great even if Jupiter is RETROGRADE till March 2014.

It’s always about HOPE and FAITH


I’d send prayers to the poor people of the Philipines and to anyone else who needs healing with this energy too.

Do a good luck ritual,see instructions here

Do a wealth offering to Zambala the Buddhist God of wealth.

Zambala wealth Astrology

If it’s your birthday SCORPIO this indicates a very bountiful positive year for you.

Call upon JUPITER king of the Gods to be most beneficial to you. The way to any Cancer person or especially Jupiter in Cancer is through their stomach. You want to appease all the Gods so create a TRIPLE THREAT BOON special meal and set a plate of food out for three Gods- JUPITER,Saturn and Neptune.

Think about what you would do if the Queen were coming for dinner, or the President or a very wealthy person, Someone you admire. What would you make? 

THE Law of Attraction/GOLDEN RULE IS- give unto others as you would receive. 

VENUS IS ALSO Very active this week and I’ll write about that later.

 I’m feeling a bit under the weather.



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DREAM BABY DREAM Bruce Springsteen


Twin Peaks Moon MERCURIAL DAY Astrology

A MERCURIAL Runaway day Aug 28 as busy on the fly and as actively GEMINI, buzzing like a bumblebee day. Can you hear it? feel it?

Dual cam  Moon squares Neptune and the Virgo Sun- reality or the dream?

Are we thinking about twerking or Syria being bombed?
Gemy Moon quincunx’s Saturn+ Pluto -reality is a hard tough place,
+ squares Mercury in Virgo its ruling planet- reality is overshadowing the on the fly right now. Or is it?

Twin Peaks Gemini Moon Tara Greene

& TwIn Peaks Moon squares Chiron in Pisces- it doesn’t look that way but

feelings are tender underneath the bravado and laughs.
and finally the dual moon trines Venus at days end. Twosome’s?
A day that would make any Gemini satisfied.


MERCURY,the  ruling planet of Virgo and the Moon’s ruling planet too,  gets into the act and TRINES PLUTO in Capricorn –

crowning glory for 5-14 degree of All EARTH SIGNS. Get those brilliant ideas and plans down now to a  T. Virgo time is good honest hard working organizing time. Back to school mode for everyone.


the final GEMINI AIR trine to Venus in LIBRA is a taste of fresh air in coversations, ideas and invoking listening to other’ points of view.

As usual Gemini Moon goes whooshing by  like Speedy Gonzales with the cheese and goes Void of course already!

Speedy gemini Astrology

AUG 29 

Mercury in VIRGO opposes CHIRON in PISCES -” You caught me crying in the Chapel.” – see link below

NIt Picky Mercury quincunx’s URANUS in Aries- “Screw the detail’s lets just bomb the heck out of them.” are words being echoed in the Pentagon.

Earthy SUN sextiles Saturn in Scorpio –

who knew that Virgo’s and Scorpio’s would make I am tongue-tied I don’t have the words to describe it- shocking bedfellows. Just a try.


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SPEEDY GONZALES- by Pat Boone 1962 

VENUS TRINE PLUTO and more plus trouble up ahead

YES VENUS in VIRGO TRine Pluto in Capricorn today July 30

VENUS Is love, luxury, values, beauty, relationships 

Pluto is sex and power, lust, S & M, rape, control, manipulation, that 50 shades stuff,all the shadows, obsession.

To have those 2 working well in trine aspect  means be careful of being seduced by an ideal of wealth and ease.

Gotta love those shadows, then pick them apart and analyze them.

Venus in Virgo is loving hard work, budgets, discipline,order, the PERFECTIONIST.  It would be like the HERMIT LOVER. ????

mystic tarot hermit Tara Greene

Secret biology, weirdness. Clean freaks and control freaks get together. Fetishes of French maids and sex with cleaning products.

Pluto in Capricorn’s dark side is “the man who sold the world.” like David Bowie’s song – see below

Pluto in Capricorn is like THE DEVIL in the TAROT. Double the devil, what’s real what’s an illusion, worldly power. The devil laughs at you.


Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in PISCES around dinner time PDT

Gemini’s may be absentmindedly walking the plank. Mental fog, you won’t feel grounded. You may spend it trying to make up your mind about which dream avenue/what shoes to wear. Hearing two voice in your head… Twins with foot fetishes.


That’s the 3rd leg of the MArs Pluto opposition falling into place.

that’s a terrorist attack symbol, tsunammi warning, earthquake, solar flare,  rape, women and power, heighten revolutions.

and the squares continue. 

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Soul Mate Love Alert, Pisces Moon, Mo Trines

Did you see the little Prince?

Did you see the Pic of the Earth from Saturn by Cassini?

Did you see the beautiful SUPER MOON?

and float through most of Tuesday on a Void of Course Moon?


REMEMBER 6 days to go to Grand SEXTILE

Moon enters PISCES @ a very New Age time of 11:22 am PST/2:22 pm EST

usually shy, the 12th house is this Moon’s home.

Pisces Moon is HOLLYWOOD. It’s all smoke and mirrors, illusion, delusion, PROJECTION TIME!!!!

You need PSYCHIC PROTECTION during a Pisces moon. Imagine a ring of White or amethyst purple fiery light around you.

Boundaries get BLURRY, dimensions open up, hard to stay grounded, watch out with drugs and alcohol…

The day is clearly a combo of Dreamy Reality with whipped cream on top

PISCES MOON is SO romantic! and a big psychic sponge,

Moon opposite VENUS at 1-2 degrees  for EARLY VIRGO’s  Cupid’s looking at you

Now you know that VENUS in Virgo is “plain Jane earthy pragmatic love”

3 hours later Pisces Moon conjuncts NEPTUNE = SOUL MATE UNCONDITIONAL DREAM LOVER, they conjunct 7:19 pm PDT- the arrow is shot!

This could be INSTANT LOVE KARMA- for real!

NEPTUNE IS the HIGHER octave of VENUS- Unconditional pure soul Love. Venus, especially in Virgo is down to earth Love. You take the High Road and also the Low road. Instant Soul Mates, Twin flames.

“GIVE ME LOVE” like Ed Sheeran sings – see below

as Pisces MOON conjoin NEPTUNE Opposite Venus.

Then Moon Trines SATURN in SCORPIO later evening to sweeten the REAL DEAL Saturn is as real as real gets.

cASSINI photo of earth from Saturn

Historic Selfie Photo of Earth from Cassini at Saturn 1.5 billion kilometers  away

Saturn in Scorpio says- “if you like it then put a ring on it”  as Beyoncé sings.

Moon Trines Jupiter in Cancer 10:12 pm PDT-your family will love him/her

gotta wait till 1:12 am to get the 2nd Trine EDT’ers.

The 3rd Trine is Pisces Moon to MARS Thursday the 15 in the wee hours. Safety, at last

There’s more ! Moon sextiles Pluto which is tickling the lion.

Moon conjunct CHIRON- this is the part where you let them know how wounded you really are. That’s when real intimacy and trust begins.

Moon Trines Mercury in CANCER noonish- tell it like it is- then Moon is Void of Course again!  wow that moon is travelling very fast these days.

VENUS opposes NEPTUNE on Friday 5:08 am

this is the coup de grace- high romance with a touch of a hard work and a budget.

Venus sextiles Saturn in Scorpio keeping it real.

Enjoy the dreamy walking on air while you can.

Moon enters Aries Friday @ 2:29 pm PDT Mood is action defensive sexy

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Give Me Love Ed Sheeran

Put A Ring on It – Beyonce 

Venus in VIRGO, Dating tips, Love Astrology,Tara Greene

VIRGO which seems to be the most popular Astrology sign for some reason, you get to be the Loved One starting JULY 22- August 16.

Out with the VENUS in LEO drama and the passion, the power mongering, Royalty treatments. It’s all about ME attitude. We need a break from all that LEO drama.

Venus in Virgo, in the 6th house naturally, is in it’s “FALL.”  

Venus in Virgo’s  are “How can I help you” peeps.”

Virgo’s are not  generally  very emotional or passionate. This placement is very modest, earthy, the servants traditionally. The waiters and waitresses of the Zodiac. They are workaholics, perfectionists, intelligent, organized, budget conscious, worrier’s. Totally opposite to LEO.

NOTE VENUS is one of the planets involved in that Totally  AWESOME very RARE GRAND SEXTILE on July 29

So if you have planets at around 3-13, 8 being the EXact degree of VIRGO- pay attention.

VENUS is always about desire, money, creativity, relationships. The Grand Sextile makes it easy.

Virgo, symbolized by the Virgin Harvest Goddess, is a very ancient Constellation. Their Mode and Element is Mutable earth, they are in their bodies most definitely and they are  adaptable.

VENUS in Virgo

imparts VENUSian values- feminine, creative, relationships, values, to all things VIRGO.

Venus in Virgo peeps are the workaholics and perfectionists of the ZODIAC. Occasionally they appear messy but they’ve got it all organized in their heads. My Dad was a totally messy Virgo. They are sensitive and easily hurt.


Health is a huge issue for Virgo/Venus in Virgo as they do worry a lot and that affects their health. They often have underlying health issues. Their weakest body part is the Upper intestines and they should avoid drinking alcohol, greasy, heavy and spicy foods. They are very disciplined and health conscious so they are often working out, doing yoga, on special food diets.  They often work in the health care system, and can be doctor’s, dentists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, natural health practitioners, administrators or sales people with the health care system.

Naturally accountants or anyone who pays attention to details, statistics and the like. They are usually excellent money managers, and very tight with money, they  love budgets. They love “freebies”


women, love, values turn to

earthy practical, wearing brown, women dress more conservative, business suit, sensible pumps, blue jeans, jogging pants

very focussed, detail oriented, nitpicky, perfectionist, never satisfied,

workaholics -you will have to pry them away from their desks, as they are  married to their job’s

and they may avoid intimacy by adoring their cel phones,YouTube, books, etc.

Mercury rules VIRGO’s we must always remember that. They are intellectual, info gatherers,

they will analyze your potential first.

VIRGO is the sign that is associated with THE HERMIT in the TAROT

You don’t have to splurge on an expensive date to impress a Virgo. Take them to a health conscious, organic nouvelle cuisine simplistic resto.  They love places that seem to offer good value, as they do not have expensive tastes necessarily. They like tasteful things and they love bargains. They like spas.

Virgo’s love to read and talk, they like Hi-brow culture, a good play,see a lectures, or alt movies.

Remember they are down to earth, nothing too fussy types. They love to and need to be in nature. Camping, hiking, bicycling, walk in the countryside.


John Lennon

Mick Jagger- started out studying economics,

Sting, Pink, Gwen Stefani- singer & fashionista


Eminem and Lil Wayne


J.K. Rowling- Harry Potter writer, the best-selling author in the world, ever


Robin Williams- comedian,  actor, Julia Roberts- earth momma at heart, Robert De Niro- known for being a perfectionist.

Robert Redford -living in the country in Utah, Catherine Zeta- Jones, Vin Diesel, Blake Lively,

Sean Penn, Mila Kunis- Ukranian born actress U.S. film star, Bridgitte Bardot French beauty and actress,

Kate Winslet -British actress, Patrick Swayze- American dancer and actor famous for Dirty Dancing and other films

Catherine Deneuve- famous French beauty and actress, Charlize Theron- South African, American actress

Antonia Banderas- Spanish actor famous for voice of Puss in Boots in Shrek movies


Roman Polanski- infamous Polish/French film director famous for making Rosemary’s Baby


Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher

Last but not least

Kim Kardashian-????

While Venus is in Virgo – do pay attention to your money flow, your diet and get your act together if your home is a mess.

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VENUS in BLUE JEANS – Jimmy Clanton 1962

Aquarius Super Full Moon,Leo primetime, Bazinga Astrology

July’s been a treasure trove of Grand Water Retro Trines, Mercury Retrograde, turning Direct July 20, Saturn Turned Direct, Uranus going Retrograde recently, Mars in Cancer…

JULY 22 The Zero degree Aquarius full Moon is preceded by

MARS CONJUNCT JUPITER @ 5 degrees 54 minutes of Cancer

This is assault by smother, FAMILY FEUD, being Soaked by a huge and dangerous wave, woman are armed and DANGEROUS.

family feud astrology

As Mars always indicates New Beginnings, even using WATER not FIRE to get things going this is a Big Wave being set into motion.

The degree is just 1 past the Grand Trines so in essence it activates those energies now.

QUICK get out your Natal Chart- which house contains 5 degrees Cancer? That’s where I would place my bets.  Also what aspects does 5 Cancer make to other planets, points or angles.

In my Natal chart that is in my 8th house, and exactly square to my Natal Jupiter at 4.59 degrees of Aries. A good day to launch a family project, initiate new home ventures, HAVE FUN in the water, be careful of drowning.

VENUS also changes SIGN leaving passionate “to the manner born” Leo and entering earthy, of the people, perfectionist Virgo

The Royal Grandbaby better be born before the 20th if it wants to retain good looks and  the regal tastes.  It will be interesting if this baby is born with Venus at Zero degrees Virgo.

Sun changes SIGNS today & enters PRIMETIME DRAMA STAR Leo @ 8:55 am PDT/11:55 am EDT

OK well if that Royal baby is born on that day then SHE or HE will be Queen or King.

Full SUPER MOON at ZERo degrees Aquarius  @ 11:17 am PDT/2:17 pm EDT

The Grand Trines are still there. Expanding and building and releasing and dreaming new dreams, working their magic.

CERES the DWARF PLANET, formerly the first Asteroid, named for DEMETER the EARTH Mother, at 13 degrees Leo closely squares the North and South NODES indicating a karmically dramatic, stand off. Ceres opposes Asteroid JUNO at 14 degrees Aquarius- Juno, another Asteroid, is the Feminine Genius, and TRINES URANUS in ARIES.

VESTA the asteroid of focus, and sexuality is also in Leo at 7 degrees bringing more passion, we need to seriously dry out for a bit here as do many waterlogged places in the world

There some fire & new breath of fresh air to balance out the soggy cosmos.

In Toronto it is so hot and humid here for a week now, it’s “Tarana” the sauna. Local slang.

MARS in CANCER, at 6 degrees, forms a VOLATILE T- square with Uranus Rx at 12 degrees ARIES and near opposition to PLUTO RX in Capricorn at 9 degrees.


Can be Tsunami’s,volcanic explosions, terrorist attacks, revolutionary  incendiary, rock the boat, CME’s- Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun which can prove devastating to all HI tech. I would NOT advise flying on this day.

As 2 planets are Retrograde- old, longstanding fights, wars disputes will be reignited.

THE HARD ASPECT will be approaching, till JULY 27 when it is EXACT @ 9 degrees @ 3:50 pm PDT.

Hard aspects also call for rituals and meditations. MEDIATION – we need to be Libran


Sometimes we need a trigger to activate these energies. It speaks to me of the psychopathic/Narcissistic  Patriarchal control of Corporations, church and state. Wow this is so clear to me right now. I always knew it was crazy but to call it what it truly is, sets you free.

AQUARIUS at ZERO degrees Highlights the RAD NEW EMOTIONAL BEGINNINGS in a Grand revolution as Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, the STAR card in the TAROT leads the revolutionary call for change with Pluto heading towards their next EXACT T- square, November 1ST.

Got planets at zero degrees of FIXED SIGNS? Taurus Leo Scorpio Aqaurius? U R nailed.

Aquarius is cool as a cucumber or a steely shiny hi tech probe. Remaining detached allows us to survey the damage and draw up new plans to reform.

This Rad Hip HI Tech Rev Up HD Moon is square to SATURN in Scorpio at 4 degrees and quincunx to Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer and Mars at 6. Sounds like nails on chalkboard to me and makes my teeth hurt just thinking of it.


It’s serious elimination time folks. Like I said the Cosmic Colonic. YEs do as much detoxing as you can. Life juices and raw organic foods. Eating a handful of raw organic cilantro a day will strip Mercury and Floride out of your body, this helps rebuild your pineal gland so that you can trust your own intuition much more clearly.

STEP into your own BAZINGA of emotional truth.

BAzinga Big Bang Astrology Tara Greene

AQUARIUS is the Major Arcana of THE STAR of the Tarot #17

U R the STAR of your own movie. IT’s HD. This is NOT a dress rehearsal. Show up in your life. Change the channel if you don’t like the present dramas.

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Here’s a great song for the REVolution

REV UP by the Revillo’s 1980

Grand Trines, reality check, shine bright Astrology

The VERY  Grand Trines are in effect now from the beginning of July
The first ones are in effect TODAY July 16 with a dash of hard reality thrown in
Scorpio Moon Trining MARS at 11:14 am PDT then Jupiter in Cancer @ 3:43 pm  PDT
GRAND TRINES are easy peasy gifts but you gotta open the present and you have to make the magic happen.
Trines are like pyramids, they focus energy 
pyramids Grand Trine Tara Greene
CANCER is all 4th house issues, your mom your unconscious, your roots, home, endings, birth.
As with all SCORPIO MOONs it’s still shadow work time
its not all a bed of roses, YET
The trines by the Scorpio Moon means that
the planets are handing us  easy shovels and pick axes to do the diamond mining.
To shine like a diamond
a piece of carbon must endure enormous pressure
which is the transformative process
and then you must be  polished.
The Seven dwarves in Snow White are the 7 deadly sins/chakras/planets in disguise.
They are miners for a heart of gold.
It’s all alchemy.
this is where you do ritual to ground the Grand Trine energy.
See my former article about water rituals.
will write about all the Grand Trines in another article
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Inspirational card of the day and Battle of the T squares

Inspirational Card of the day July 14


PRINCE OF CUPS the younger male energy of the court card of water

prince of cups

a nice version of the pRINCE OF cUPS, 

not an official Tarot card but I liked the energy

SCORPIO energy-

all about power, control, secrets, psyche, the unconscious, the shadow,

ruthless underhanded, users, psychopaths,  in the darkest part of the cups

the other side is watching the emotions not getting caught in the undertow.

Scorpio energy evolves from the SCORPION stage -the familiar STING

to rise above it all – Fly Like an EAGLE- the soul bird- see link below for song


rise above the current tumult of emotions, become a young master of the emotional planes


T- Square Astrology Tara Greene

Moon enters Libra, the AIR sign of the balance and RELATIONSHIPS, poise, grace.

Wherever the Moon is, is always the EMOTIONAL BAROMETER.

The Moon/moods change very quickly, advancing 1 degree every two hours.

the trick is HOW TO MAINTAIN the balance-It will be challenging to say the least TODAY

MARS just newly into GIRLY CAncer water territory since yesterday,

is drawn into a SQUARE DANCE with the Moon. So doh si doh, but this is shadow boxing

and tender feelings can be easily crushed.

Mars is considered weakened in Cancer but wherever Mars is,where the action is,

where the action is Tara Greene

Aggressive, war mongering, defenses, Duke Nuke Em kind of stuff. DEFENSES, hackles are high.

The diplomatic Libran Moon then squares off with reckless JUPITER 

KING of the Gods, so the ante is definitely upped and Jupiter loves to gamble.

That aspect alone is very good for family gatherings, great eats,etc.

BUT LILITH the SHe demoness, the Shadow Feminine,the ORIGINAL WOMAN is also conjunct Jupiter at 3 degrees Cancer

and the moon is squaring her too! Libra moon is loving all this socializing.

and you definitely have to be careful squaring Lilith because as the shadow aspect she can trigger

an adrenalin flight response and she plays by no ones rules but her own. 

Later in the day Moon then spices it up even more and squares PLUTO to at 7:12 pm PDT 

then the lid gets really ripped off, whatever repressed emotions, family skeletons etc have been swept under the carpet, the secrets will come out.

Emotional backlash, to say the least.

The Nice Libran moon who wants peace at any cost and to make sure everyone thinks they are NICE

feels mortified. GEts caught with her pants down. Gets hit with the crap.

Especially as Uranus gets drawn into this too, as The rebel planet is still in a T square with Pluto.

This is radioactive crap, some undercover secrets are sure to out, much to the chagrin of those in Top POwer Capricorn position corporations.

Expect to hear some rad news, about toxic spills, secrets, endings, plots, subterfuge, Monsanto.

It spells relationship squabbles to be sure on the personal front.

And all those luscious spiritual watery GRAND TRINES forming to be exact on Wednesday july 17 too.


the old Capricorn,guard is digging in its heals, the New World Order ‘s oppression is being strengthened with Hi Tech. I watched a Youtube Video the other night which scared the bejesus out of me. see link below

They are both ocuring at the same time. The Grand Trines of Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer are ushering in a fantastic new era for women, spirituality,compassion. It’s true but they are EASY aspects, lazy aspects, you cannot take them for granted. Yo gotta do the work. Not just bliss out but Saturn makes it real practical, Jupiter rules laws.

Also the stand-off with Pluto Uranus and Now JUPITER also ups the ante for change. Jupiter in Cancer is home, women, children, food, water, security. And yes that is becoming increasingly threatened and under hi tech surveillance. But PLUTO and URANUS also change up the old out worn structures. So take to the streets, wearing masks like in the occupy movement with V for Victory masks although they are now outlawed. Edward Snowden is our latest hero. Fight the good fight. Defend LILITH the original Goddess. She was the original WOman. She is nature herself. PLUTO AND URANUS AND NOW JUPITER king of the Higher law is here to help women re-atain their place as leaders. 

The energy continues into Monday

as Moon opposes URANUS in the wee hours

squares Mercury Still Retrograde and finally squares the Sun at the end of the day. 

Get used to it, it will happen every mont when the Moon is in Libra or Capricorn or Aries or Cancer now.

ANd if you are in your early 40’s you will begin to feel a very dramatic mid life crisis looming.

You definitely need a head’s up

I’ll write more about that soon.



FLY LIKE AN EAGLE- Steve Miller Band 

the lyrics mirror the  Grand Trines

you can watch it here